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Phones / Re: MTN Reveals How Users Can Check Compensation Data, Airtime by Flytime: 7:20am On Oct 18
I got 2gb
Phones / Re: MTN Nigeria Compensates Subscribers For Network Downtime by Flytime: 12:32am On Oct 18
I think it depend on your data plan

Because I got 2gb compensation
Because my data grew an extra 2gb since the last time I checked
Politics / Re: Explosion Rocks Calabar, Army Claims Responsibility by Flytime: 7:46pm On Oct 15

And that had to be done within the city?
What happened to forest unhabitated?
I see no problem with that as long as it was done within the barracks plus doing it in the forest would just destroy the habitats of some animals

I only feel there should be sites for things like that

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Phones / Re: Teenagers In Nigeria Bought Iphone 13 Pro Max Worth ₦6,000,000 by Flytime: 6:58pm On Oct 14
Me waiting for the next 3 years to buy the same 13pro max
No fd for 260
With Face id 300k
Money comes and goes 6m go change person life ooo e plenty to buy phone wey fit fall for ground
By the way the person that posted this thing is not correct about the price angry
6m no fit be the price sad sad
exactly,it’s worth less than a million naira except they are talking of the prices of the 13 pro max(s) combined together besides it’s obvious how they got their money and people like them only buy phones and over priced clothes with the money they got and do nothing meaningful with the money

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Romance / Re: How Old Do You Have To Be Before You Know What Is Going On? (pics) by Flytime: 2:53am On Oct 13
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Warships Fire Missiles Near Japan ( Pics, Video) by Flytime: 4:48pm On Oct 12
I feel Russo should lead the islands for Japan,those islands are to close and connected to Japan for Russia to take over
I’m pretty sure the only reason why they want to keep the island is so that they have control over the sea bordering the islands

It’s just like Benin republic claiming Lagos island
Politics / Re: Bandits Now Demand Cooked Food As Ransom Because Of Hunger In Kaduna — Resident by Flytime: 5:49pm On Oct 11

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Phones / Re: Pixel Watch And Pixel Tab Tipped To Arrive On October 19 Alongside The Pixel 6, by Flytime: 6:33pm On Oct 07
The tab and the watch looks good but as usual the phone has a terrible design,google needs to change the design team for the pixel phone
Travel / Re: Help Me Make A Decision by Flytime: 8:52pm On Oct 06
In my opinion Lagos is better, ogun state has the opportunity to be better but they refuse to take that chance But if you’re like me who doesn’t like over population then ogun state is the place for you
Although Lagos has more opportunities
Wayy better road in-fact on a road trip you’ll know you’re in ogun state once you notice how bad the road has suddenly become and Alamo Lagos has better infrastructures
But I believe if starting a business in ogun state is easier because of less competition although less customers because of lagos population

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Phones / Re: Specifications: TECNO Camon 18 Will Offer Triple Camera And 5x Optical Zoom by Flytime: 7:56pm On Oct 05
Who noticed the improvement in the design grin
It doesn't even look like a TECNO phone at all. Nice one.
looks more like a vivo or huawei phone
Phones / Re: iPhone 13 trash and Why You Should Wait For The Google Pixel 6 by Flytime: 7:34pm On Oct 05

The pixel would be good at denge-posing for phones like Samsung and Tecno…Android siblings.

Truly. It is a good start, if they can maintain the tempo and maybe when google starts shipping out other system aligned parts then might they come close.

For example, I started responding to this page on my MacBook, went to the living room and continued on my iPhone without having to do any other thing than pick up the phone.

When i take notes on my ipad, it is already on my MacBook .

I use my ipad as a second display without having to install another software. And the MacBook cursor works on the iPad.

When i put on my phone hotspot, my ipad connects to it if there is no other hotspot Available.

When a call comes to my phone which is in the room and I am in the living room with the ipad or MacBook, i can pick the call on these devices without having to go pick on the main device as long as they all are on the same WiFi

If I buy a new phone and I put it on beside the old phone, it will automatically detect the new phone and ask if I want to use my existing phone to set it up.

I won’t start with the airpods and the Apple Watch as that is another level.

Hope you are getting the drift?

It’s all about the overall user experience and not just how good the processor is or the camera or the screen.

This is what google needs to do….baked into the os, baked into the hardwares deployed.
google already has google buds and chrome book

Although their ecosystem is not as strong as apples, they're getting there
Phones / Re: Vote Of Thanks To The Entire Nairaland Management by Flytime: 5:04pm On Oct 05
Good for you,that’s one of the advantages of nairaland


Politics / Re: 2023: Osinbajo Decries Money Politics by Flytime: 10:30am On Oct 05
Be like say he wan contest but he no too get the funds

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Warns 'war With Israel Has Already Begun ( Pics) by Flytime: 7:48pm On Oct 01

The US had lost wars in the past, Afghan being the most recent. Does that mean you'd go head on with the US?
actually the Soviet’s also lost the war in Afghanistan

In my opinion the only reason why the USA is world power today was because of Spain, world war 2 and their location

The Spanish royals helped them gain independence only for them to turn their back on them when they needed them and also they weren’t involved in ww2 for the most of it

When all European countries were already weak and exhausted from the war the Americans came along fresh with a lot of resources in reserve and claiming a kind of ww2 savior

If the USA did not interfere hitler wouldn’t have lost the war outrightly I said that because them invading the Soviet Union without preparing for winter was a mistake
Although hitler made mistakes like provoking the USA when you know you are not in your best which made them join the war plus he did a lot of bad things during his regime, killing millions of people mostly Jews

Like hitlers head of the military said,USA is a lucky country isolated from the world
I mean no country in North America can challenge them plus it would be hard reaching them from other continents,if they were in Europe that wouldn’t be the case


Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Warns 'war With Israel Has Already Begun ( Pics) by Flytime: 7:37pm On Oct 01
I don’t like Isreal for one thing, and that’s fact that they bully Palestine funny thing is that after world war 2 the British army shipped the Jews to Palestine and they later started claiming lands and now they are bullying the people that helped them when the whole world rejected them
I mean Jews still remains the group that has been through the most in the past because everywhere they went they were being killed and kicked out of the countries especially in Europe

they also most likely have small nuclear war heads even though they are denying it but they don’t want Iran to gain nuclear power although nuclear power in the hands of Iran might be dangerous


Politics / Re: Happy Independence Day Nigerians! by Flytime: 4:09am On Oct 01
Your moniker is saying otherwise
smiling and suffering wink

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Romance / Re: Turning Off Read Recipts by Flytime: 4:05am On Oct 01
I'm posting this here, in this section because of the background of the matter.

Me, I just want to ask, does it make you a bad person to decide to turn off read receipts on all IM apps?
there is nothing wrong with it,I do it and only turn it on when I want someone to know I’ve read his or her message or viewed his or her status

I hate the feeling of mistakenly opening a message and having to reply even if I don’t want to but I have too since it has shown I’ve read the text
Foreign Affairs / Re: WTO: Okonjo-Iweala May Resign If There Is No Headway On Critical Issues by Flytime: 11:05pm On Sep 30
I won't be surprised if the WTO is dominated by racial jingoists just as we have here frustrating any efforts to make the body stronger and impactful during her reign.

Madam carry go, no weapon fashioned to frustrate you out of the system shall prosper.
change that nigerian flag to usa flag because she's representing the usa as a citizen not nigeria
Phones / Re: Help!!! Which Samsung Or Iphone Device Can I Buy With A Budget Of 120k by Flytime: 7:14pm On Sep 30
can I get Samsung s10 within that price range
yes you can get the s10e 6gb 128gb for that price.. fairly used of course

You could also get the 8plus for that price or and iphone x that lacks face id
Phones / Re: Here Is How I Got Scammed Of 320k Yesterday At Computer Village by Flytime: 3:08am On Sep 30
Mr Speaker, please permit me to laugh hard first at these two quotes:

I couldn't stop laughing at this story. You don make my day finally. You are lucky dem no package fufu give you.

But it is still worthy to ask why your brother didn't follow you there. You know, it could have saved you the stress.

And I guess, the charisma of the man shut you out. You were carried away too by what your brain called “humility” by his apologies even when you knew the police couldn't help you.

I tell you for free: that alert of so and so was to his second shop account. Lol.

For a truth, most seemingly new phones in Computer Village are actually refurbished or secondhand value.

It depends on the level of refurbishment and secondhand tho. Grade One secondhand value iPhones are actually the ones used by the Whites for not so long...and repackaged in their cartons for resell. It does still look like new.

I think there's a number to recognise them kindof. I know about it and would update this post when I remember.

Many who buy “new iPhones” are actually buying those sorts at the same amount for a new one. That is how the sellers make their gains.

Of course, I do not mean that there aren't those who sell new ones. If you must get a new one, I strongly suggest you visit trusted outlets (celebs following their page doesn't mean they are trustworthy; celebs can do anything for paid ads).

The truth is that it oughts to depreciate in Nigeria...but you and I know that a lot of things of no value abroad comes in here and appreciate. Lol. A failed system here, yeah?

Let say they bought for ₦200k a phone of ₦350k, maybe via Ali Express (because they buy it in large quantities...maybe via partnership with other sellers), they will have to sell for ₦345k to make their gains too.


A lot of Nigerians cannot recognise new phones. A lot are also using refurbished phones or secondhand phones bought for the price of new phones.

You see these places — St Michaels for Aba, Computer Village for Ikeja, One market near Wurukum for Benue, Alaba for Lagos, one market like that for Biu, Borno ehh, you gat wise up or dem go bobo you. Lol.

When I came to Abia newly as per Lag boy, I enter St Michaels... lol, I carry Phone Casing go house. How dem swap am was too fast I didn't realise. Na phone wey I press check some things o. I return there with army, no bi the people dey there. It happens bro. You gats just know your onions well.

I am sorry for your predicament sha but honestly, you cracked me up real hard.
tell us your story make we laugh
Phones / Re: Can A Call Conversation Be Retrieved From MTN by Flytime: 11:38pm On Sep 29
I don't think so and even if they can I doubt they'll give you access because it would be illegal for them to record our conversations and could get them in trouble,but call logs of course you could get that
Phones / Re: Nigeria’s Internet Amongst World’s Slowest, Most Expensive - Surfshark DQL Study by Flytime: 7:11pm On Sep 29
I was watching one video on YouTube and the guy was downloading a 4gb file omo the download speed shock me lipsrsealed within 1 minute the file don't download and it wasn't even fast forward.
i remember the day I was downloading a 4gb file just this month on mtn I spent about 3 hours and it was with fear that it would stop in the process and restart again


Phones / Re: Google Pixel Is The Best Phone. by Flytime: 5:04pm On Sep 28

Sorry I meant 108
Because my present Xiaomi has got a 108 megapixel camera & I can't go below that.
I'm interested in Google Pixel.
It's Body looks cool...
Just browsed and saw the 5a pixel.
Looks stunning
it's not all about the mega pixels
Get yourself any of the pixel 4 series or the cheapest the pixel 4a,the camera is wayy better than the xaiomi and it gets better with each update,they provide update to their cameras
Business / Re: How Do You Cope With This Much Charges From The Bank by Flytime: 1:00pm On Sep 27

He likely removed 45m from his account this month so 45k charge is no big deal for him.
it has to be ,I was wondering why he hasn't gone to report in their office because I can't imagine sitting down and getting this monthly bills if I'm not rich
Business / Re: How Do You Cope With This Much Charges From The Bank by Flytime: 3:08am On Sep 27
Account maintenance fee...

What are they maintening...

What type of oil and oil filter are they changing in my account per month...

I Taya for Nigerian Banks

no tell me say na 45k dem Dey remove from your account per month

Imagine waking up to that kind of alert ..from 50k in your account to 4k last card with the situation of things in this country

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Phones / Re: iOS 15: Share Your Experience After the Update by Flytime: 2:20pm On Sep 25

Switch off the phone and check if it’s there.

If it’s not there, reset the phone and check if it’s there.

or better still
Deanolamide update your phone through itunes
Family / Re: How I Survive In Nigeria Earning #300,000 Per Month by Flytime: 4:11am On Sep 25
Somehow I ended up in your thread searching for something else but to be honest that was a nice read
Phones / Re: iOS 15: Share Your Experience After the Update by Flytime: 1:19am On Sep 24

Seriously? Can you screenshot? Does that mean that the new OS do detect genuine screen?
actually iphone could detect fake screens for a while now,it has nothing to do with the is update but with the phone version, iphone 11 upwards I think
Maybe his source of purchase wasn't genuine or it's a glitch
Phones / Re: iOS 15: Share Your Experience After the Update by Flytime: 11:55am On Sep 23

Bro Don't say what you don't know
this is My Gallery App
nice,I didn't know it was now available there
But that's probably because you're using the Google photos app,every other gallery app doesn't support it,just like that of samsung but hey it's a google feature so it's not bad if its for their system photos app only somewhere it won't be available for other photo apps on the app store
I do love the Google lens translate feature though and but you can get a that if you download their all on the app store

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