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Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson & Husband Tease Each Other As They Play Ludo by Freksy(m): 2:13pm On Oct 27, 2021
Why is she always trying to show us anytime they play games at home.By d way ,who is snapping d pics?If truly u happy n playing games d way u always showing us ...u wont be giving househelp phone to snap u guys in ur private moments do u can post online.Those who are truly happy do not post private moments all d time.Its like u trying very hard for make bliev....anyway truth shall prevail

You seem somewhat disappointed
Politics / Re: Northwest Demands Lion Share Of Revenue Allocation To States, LGAs by Freksy(m): 9:32am On Oct 26, 2021
yes my noise can change anything. But I need more people to add their voice to the noise. After all last year our noise ended SARS!

What do you mean would the north allow it? Is the north God?

If more southerners start to make noise about restructuring Nigeria, can the north stop it?

You have a defeatist mentality.

Who are the southerners? Selfish and over-politically ambitious southern politicians? Wake up!!!
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina Replies Nnamdi Kanu On Buhari Being ‘jubril Of Sudan’ by Freksy(m): 6:16am On Oct 16, 2021
Is it difficult to help ‘Jubril’ to identify anyone and say whatever he want to the fellow?

Who witnessed it?

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Politics / Re: Salihu Lukman: APC Members Are Angry About Femi Fani-Kayode’s Defection To APC by Freksy(m): 1:10pm On Sep 20, 2021
Political prostitution!
Politics / Re: No Electronic Authentication, No Voting In Anambra, INEC Insists by Freksy(m): 8:22am On Sep 07, 2021
Something they'll still rig.

Well, for your UK used and new smart TV set and soundbars, check my signature

Please do you know where I can buy Nigerian used TV set in UK?


Politics / Re: Gov. Akeredolu To Sign Anti-Open Grazing Bill Today by Freksy(m): 8:33am On Aug 31, 2021
You can't compare benue with ondo state.

What do you mean by ‘you can’t compare’ when he has already completed?

Tell us why he shouldn’t compare.

Which governor is better than Benue’s in this fight?
Education / Re: Senate Passes Bill Abolishing HND/BSc Dichotomy by Freksy(m): 2:58pm On Jun 02, 2021

In my humble opinion, the national assembly should not have passed anything with regards the issue because no matter how they try, HND is not equivalent to Bachelors. The curriculum is not the same and the employment industries is also not the same if employment opportunities are readily available.

COREN will still not admit HND holders to Engineers register until they add a PGD. A Bachelors degree gets you on the Engineers register, HND gets you on the Technologist Register, OND gets you to the Technician register, and NABTEB, WASSC etc gets you on the craftsman register.

That's a system that the National assembly should not be interfering with. It is the responsibility of the ministry of education.

If both Bachelors and HND gets you to the Engineers register who then becomes a technologist.

Meanwhile, HND by training is designed to be employed as a technologist while the Bachelors is trained as an engineer. The best thing if they really wish to end the dichotomy is to abolish the HND and by implication the OND too. That is another complication arising.

They could have ended the dichotomy too by abolishing the Bsc. True or false?


Education / Re: Senate Passes Bill Abolishing HND/BSc Dichotomy by Freksy(m): 2:33pm On Jun 02, 2021
It's very selfish to compare an HND to a Bsc
One who's supposed to be an assistant Lecturer in university is an HOD in the politechnic.
Universities lecture politechnic lecturers
Politechnic is a dumping ground for below average intellectual students
Politechnic admission process is more like that of a secondary schools

In many companies, employees from polytechnics perform far better than those from the universities. They work with more confidence, and with little or no supervisions on technical jobs. Graduates from universities are found to be fairly better when it comes to paper works. It’s rather very selfish to say the dichotomy shouldn’t be removed.
Education / Re: Senate Passes Bill Abolishing HND/BSc Dichotomy by Freksy(m): 2:18pm On Jun 02, 2021
There should be an hierarchy in the system.. Bsc and Hnd..
Are they using same syllabus.

Yes, there should be hierarchy. The H N D should be HIGHER

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Education / Re: Senate Passes Bill Abolishing HND/BSc Dichotomy by Freksy(m): 2:11pm On Jun 02, 2021


It will need strong enforcement for implementation, especially, in the private sector.
Agriculture / Re: Unity Continental Farms Enterprises by Freksy(m): 5:34pm On May 15, 2021

We offer the following :



*MOP .




1. Magnesium sulphate 50kg .
2. Maxi CalMag 1kg
3. Maxi Magnesium Potassium 25kg .
4.Maxi k(potassium nitrate)25kg
5. Maxi k 1kg
6.Maxi Cal(calcium nitrate)





*Harvest Plus.
*DI Grow(Green and Red).
*Fruit Bloom.
* SUPERGROW (5 ltrs)




* Neem Oil (per litre)


*East West Seeds.(Thailand).
*Lion Seed (Thailand)
*Continental seeds(Kenya )
*Sakata Seed(France)
*Amiran Seeds (Kenyan)
*Technisem Seeds (France) and more....


Garden eggs,Cauliflower,ParsleyKale ,Brocolli,Butternut squash, cabbage, carrot,Cucumber,Okro,Chinese cabbage,sweet corn, Lectuce,African leaves,Tomatoes,
Mint seeds, Stevia ,Dwarf Indonesia paw paw seeds,Ugu seeds,Yam seeds, Ewedu seeds, Shoko seeds, Tete seeds, E.t.c.


* Cocoa peats for nursery.

*Seed trays 128 cells/holes ,98 cells,54 cells/holes.


*Roll Weeders.
*Multipurpose tiller machine.
*Seed planters(Single and double compartments)
*Power Sprayer (Knapsack)
*Seedlings transplanters. e.t.c.


* Drip Irrigation.
* Sprinkler Irrigation.
* Rain Guns.


1.Citrus (Sweet Orange, grape, lemon, Tangerine e.tc.
2.Cashew (Brazil, Jumbo)
3.Mango (Cherry, Peter, Kenny, Kent e.t.c varieties )
4. Coconut (4 varieties)
5. Cocoa hybrid.
6. Sour sop .
7. Jumbo Guava .
8.Avocado pear
9. Pawpaw seeds (Indonesian dwarf)
10. Ogbono
11. Avenger
12. Kola nut
13. Bitter kola
14.Oil Palm tree (Tenera and Supergene)
15. Date palm
16. Pine apple suckers.
17.All Apples
18. Moringa
20.Passion fruit.
21.Plantain suckers.
22. Banana suckers.
23. Olive tree .
24. Fig tree .
25. Jack fruit .
26. Bread fruit .



For further enquiries or purchase , pls call/WhatsApp Mr Unity Okoro 08163472629, 07016699829 or Email : unityokoro887@gmail.com
Nairaland / General / Re: Python Snake Killed After Devouring Goat. by Freksy(m): 11:08pm On May 13, 2021
More pics.
Food / Re: See 200 Naira Tomatoes In Kano by Freksy(m): 10:33pm On Mar 03, 2021
una bitterness towards the north go make una kill una sef..
truth is the small unity the south is enjoying currently is because they have a common enemy (North)
the day we shout enough is enough here, that day people go answer their papa name..

You sound like south is the majority and are more United. Stop deceiving yourself.
Career / Re: Lady Sacked On Her First Day Of Work After Asking Her Boss This by Freksy(m): 6:53pm On Feb 23, 2021
We Nigerian girls are useless!!! All of us!

Except my mother, wife and daughter.
Politics / Re: Senate To Regulate Bleaching Cream And Cosmetics by Freksy(m): 2:44pm On Feb 17, 2021
Nigeria is just wasting the space on the map of the world...

I would have called them nitwits and Pillocks but I won't because I'm a child of God.

if this is said by a Whiteman, you'll abuse and call him, racist!
Romance / Re: I Engaged My Girlfriend, Now I Am Thinking Of Calling Off The Engagement by Freksy(m): 9:49pm On Jan 15, 2021
Fake story, fake story!!
Seun fake story.

I was scrolling tirelessly for comments from our sisters. I have given up!
Education / Re: Edo Schools Remain Closed Till February 1 – Obaseki by Freksy(m): 9:41pm On Jan 15, 2021
Corona is a virus in every other part of the world.
But our politicians see it as an avenue for a massive cashout system.

Keep playing politics with covid.
Na watch we dey watch

Tell us what better thing you feel he should have done.

The truth is, we complain about virtually everything

Citizens of states whose administrators ok schools reopening are equally complaining.
Investment / Re: How To Retrieve Your Unclaimed Dividends by Freksy(m): 12:01pm On Jan 14, 2021
It was in the news some days ago that: “The Federal Government Is Planning To Borrow Dormant Account Balances And Unclaimed Dividends” (https://www.nairaland.com/6349423/fg-borrow-dormant-account-balances).
It was also in the news some days ago that: “SERAP Asks Buhari To Drop Plans To Borrow Dormant Account Balances And Unclaimed Dividends” (https://www.nairaland.com/6355484/serap-asks-buhari-drop-plan)
But in the meantime, we the citizens can prevent our hard earned funds that were abandoned for some period now - from being used and then being finally looted and cornered into private pockets on the long run.
Mostly to be affected funds are those Dormant Accounts that belonged to deceased persons, for which it would involve some rigorous processes in order to retrieve.
Then, another most likely to be affected funds are Unclaimed Dividends. This one could heavily affect both living and deceased persons.
And the Federal Government is actually targeting these funds.
The Unclaimed dividends increased from ₦109.1 billion in Devember 2016 to ₦130 billion in December 2019, and it continues to increase.

Here below are the steps to follow in retrieving unclaimed dividends.

Step 1: Input your first name and last name into the Official “Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)” Search link: https://sec.gov.ng/non-mandated/ in order to get a list of all your shares from the SEC.
This will give you a screenshot of all the companies you have shares in, and the registrars in charge.

Note: if you have changed your name due to marriage or other reasons, search with your previous name and also try different format of name e.g those with prefixes e.g 'Olu', 'Oluwa' etc

Step 2: Take note of your registrar’s name and your Shareholders Account Number for each of the companies you have shares in - This Is Very Necessary. (Note: A Registrar, is a company that keeps the shareholder’s details for other companies.)

Step 3: Click on the Registrar’s name beside the Company's name, then download and fill your registrar’s E-mandate form.

Step 4: Submit your form by mailing the filled forms to the Office of the Registrars, or by submitting it at your bank, or by searching out for the official email address of the Registrars and Uploading the filled form to them through their email. (Note: some companies may require you to go to your bank and get a bankers confirmation, so they can initiate the e-dividend form for you.)

Once this is done, your account will be credited automatically with the e-dividend going forward.
It is best to go to the official website of the Registrars as well as that of the company itself, before proceeding to download and fill the forms. This is because, there might had been lots of changes since the last time you abandoned shares.
For instance, the company's name or registrar’s name might have changed, or maybe the company might have changed their old registrar to a new one. In some cases, the Shareholders Account Number may not be available on the SEC search site, in that case, you have to send an email to the registrars of such Company in order to have your Shareholders Account Number sent to you through email.
Family / Re: Women, DNA Testing Is Not A Home Breaker: It Can Vindicate You (opinion) by Freksy(m): 11:25pm On Jan 06, 2021
Many of us are clicking and commenting about this new social anomaly that has come to the fore because of the recent saga with late Mr Tunde, his estranged wife, Mrs Moyo and the former FCMB MD, Adam Nuhu, as well as other cases we've read on the cyber spaces regarding infidelity.

Opinions are diverse but the question remains, what solution does paternity testing offers in a union?

1. It unearth fraudulent women and their deceitful ways: any man, out of choice and/or suspicion that something isn't right can get a test done to ascertain whether he has any direct biological relationship with his wife's birth. This will help put him in the know as to how to manage situations arising and/or linked to a situation of infidelity, betrayal of trust, fraud by his wife, or a possible scenario of baby swapping.

Solution: When you must have failed to ascertain for sure that the kid is yours, men, please remain calm and try again somewhere else. The probability of a misinformed lab technologist handling your case may eventually cause you to break your home. Revalidate that outcome in separate centres.

2. Run maternity tests too to ascertain for sure the child belongs to your spouse: paternity fraud and testing is a very sensitive issue, therefore, as a man who wants to know the truth, don't take a fraction of what exist as truth by conducting only a DNA test for yourself and then exclude the woman who birthed that child. Once you have established that your spouse is the mother but you're not the father, she has a clear case to answer and that is where next-to-confirmation of cheating and adultery may come in.

Solution: don't hastily conclude, gather impeccable proof that you're not the father but your spouse is the mother. There you have trapped her and telling you the truth will become easier.

3. When both paternity and maternity tests fails, then you have the hospital and delivery team to answer as to why you or your spouse share no direct biological relationship with the child: there are plenty reasons why a paternity test may fail, and cheating may not be directly the cause, so watch your handling of the issue and investigate properly before making unwarranted and provocative accusations.

Solution: paternity tests seeks to unravel the truth and the truth is a very complicated thing to understand. We know of baby factories where people go to buy babies in Nigeria, we also know that the tendencies for people to buy children based on their sexes are other forms of premeditated crimes in Nigeria. Therefore, seek the truth, and the total truth which can also be found in cases where nurses engage in switching babies of opposite sexes and then collecting money for thee illicit endeavour.

4. Paternity fraud vindicates or allay fears of the unknown: we all know that not all cheating women authenticate their infidelity with a child, but where you can genuinely prove that the children belongs to you and your spouse, your mind should as quickly as possible return to your marriage, to work on your insecurities and other marital issues in other not to give room for eventually problems.

Solution: sue that institution that out of their negligence has put you and your wife under intense financial drain, emotionally traumatizing endeavour and get justice for those who went home without verifying the biological identity of their offspring. Also, to unearth the criminal culprits perpetrating these crimes.

Therefore, men and women, do not stand against paternity/maternity tests if you know you've not committed any marital infractions, rather stand down and let the suspecting spouse carry own with his/her investigation, you never can tell, you may not be at fault but someone has explanations to give to you and this may be another experience altogether.

For the women, it hurts when you are seen as someone who had done the worst thing on earth, if you love that child, or any child in your union, please always do the right thing. Don't cheat when you're cheated up, rather be bold enough to walk away. Cheating out of revenge will eventually bring more problems than your intended revenge seeking. And also, please women, terminate every thread connecting you to any ex no matter what. Focus on your new life no matter how challenging and do not listen to friends who may come with good revelations buy bad intentions towards your marital life.

For men, please, stop legitimizing infidelity in marriages, whether in private or social media, you expose yourself to horrors and pain when you do.

Stand against infidelity and kick at it with all sincerity to help allay the fears that you may one day join them.

Please, kindly note that these are my personal takes on this trending issue and may be subject to readers evaluation and scrutiny.
Politics / Re: DJ Switch Begs ICC To Probe Lekki Shooting by Freksy(m): 7:34pm On Dec 17, 2020
Is there anytime Nigeria has not been sitting on keg of gunpowder? We sit nothing Dey happen
Crime / Re: Dad-of-2 Who Had Sex With Chickens And His Own Dog Jailed In England by Freksy(m): 9:33pm On Nov 21, 2020
Education / Re: 3 University Of Ibadan Postgraduate Students Graduate With Perfect CGPA Of 7.0 by Freksy(m): 10:04pm On Nov 16, 2020
Fine guys, and a beautiful lady with good brains


Politics / Re: 4 Ways Joe Biden As United States President Will Affect Nigeria by Freksy(m): 10:18am On Nov 06, 2020
dont forget that the masses can be wrong

.Let me tell you something, if you have a parent who allows you do whatever you want, allows you make decisions without guiding you on right and wrong or a parent that does the opposite, who would you appreciate more?

Trump is rude, arrogant, unapologetically blunt, smart, tough, stubborn, his approach to success is different from the methods of Obama and Co.

Trump loves and cherishes America, he boasts about his country and is quick to criticize countries that are failing.

Trump called Nigeria a shit hole, was he lying? He said “Nigeria the giant of Africa imports every thing including match stick, did he lie?

Trump would rather tell you straight in the face that “what you said is the most stupid thing I have ever heard” instead of saying “I’m sorry what you said is not the right thing to say”
He is blunt and it’s natural of him to be, if you can’t deal with truth then avoid trump

Trump Has Never Been A Perfect person And No Motherfvcker on Earth Is Perfect.

But Trump Is Far Better Than Biden... America Wants To Make The Same Foolish Mistake Nigerians Made By Voting In Buhari

Trump Is Better Than Obama...

Every person criticizing Trump will not do better if given a chance at the seat of power.

If the problems of a country are put before you as a leader you might lose your sanity.

Trump has done everything thing possible to make his country and the world a peace place but there are too many enemies against him. His method and bluntness of ruling is what people don’t like. Trump his bitterly honest, he doesn’t care if you like it or not, all he knows is that he has got to do that which is right.

Any Fvcking Nigerian Who Says Trump His Racist Should Have Their Tongue Cut Off, show Me A Nigerian Who Is Not Tribalistic, motherfvckin hypocrites

Trump Is A Straight Up Man compared To The Likes Of Obama who Has Other Motives.

Trump Rules Like A Father Or King, if Americans Want Something if He Sees Its Not Right for Them And Could Be Against God or Have Tough Consequences then He Wouldnt Give It. Its Like Refuse To Let You Teenage Child date A Guy, she Will Hate You For It Today But Love You for It Tomorrow

Trump stood against abortion and people attacked him, well Bleep you. Abortion is murder, deal with the truth

Everybody blaming trump for corona virus, you surely didn’t expect trump to magically stop millions from dying, nobody even knows for sure when the virus entered the country because anyone could have the virus and no machine can detect it quick enough. The virus entering the country was not trump’s fault. But the democrats want to eat his brains because of it

I Am Sure Americans That Still Have Brains In Their head Could See That. The Democrats Used That Virus Strongly Against Him To Make Him look Foolish.

At Least I Know The Foolish Ones now.

Whether Trump Wins Or Loses Trump Is Far more smarter.

Trump Loves America More Than The Democrats do

Trump successfully negotiated peace between two countries of different religions, he did it twice, would Obama do that?

If they want Biden then Good Luck to them
Politics / Re: 4 Ways Joe Biden As United States President Will Affect Nigeria by Freksy(m): 10:18am On Nov 06, 2020
The US presidential election is as tight as tight can be, and though there's no ruling out the hope that a miracle could occur that would give President Trump the win, it is clear that Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate, will win the elections and become the new president of the US.
Without further ado let's begin.

1) Nigerian Immigrants to the United States.
When Donald Trump was in office, he was famous for his love for anti-immigration. His major campaign promise in 2016 was to build a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico. He was even quoted once as using racist words against African countries (something President Buhari should have addressed when he visited Donald Trump in the White House), calling them sh*thole. With Joe Biden, I guess we will see a more relaxed policy on immigration. Maybe Nigerians would get visa on arrival to the US! (Just kidding).

2) I really don't know how Joe Biden plans to aid Africa like China is doing right now. China has contributed billions to the development of Africa (and Nigeria) with loans and grants, and it pales in comparison to what America has been giving. Joe has not been clear on his stance there.

3) Joe Biden's policies on the economy might be described as a little bit socialistic in nature. In fact, an analysis (and I think they got it wrong) shows that his policies will increase the US national debt by at least $5.6 trillion, when it stands at $20 trillion at the moment. Joe will increases taxes in the US in order to generate income, but he also advocates massive federal spending because of the coronavirus pandemic, to aid SMEs. How would this affect Nigeria? Simple! I foresee a dollar collapse due to his policies (I don't have the time to explain deeply), and it would affect the Nigerian economy in a negative way.

4) Joe plans to expand on his former boss, Barack Obama's policies like Obamacare. Maybe that means he would also expand on Obama's Africa policies too, like Power For Africa. Maybe he can rescue Power For Africa from the failure that it became.

I know that whatever happens in the United States will one way or another, affect every country in the world, so I couldn't help wonder how a Biden presidency would affect Nigeria. Although Joe Biden has never been president before, he has held the Vice Presidential office during the tenure of former President Barack Obama. Maybe the policies of his former boss would give us a clue to what he would have in store for Africa in general, and Nigeria in particular.
Politics / Re: AU Chair, Ramaphosa, Thanks WTO For Transparent Process. Okonjo-Iweala Reacts by Freksy(m): 8:22pm On Nov 05, 2020
The only good thing Buhari has done in his life is withdrawing Nigeria’s former nominee and replacing it with this woman Ngozi Iwealla. Though I do not like her a single bit, but I have to support a fellow Nigerian against the world, when we get back home, we continue our roforofo fight. Congrats puff puff cheeked world bank fraudster and now WTO DG. Let’s see what she does in WTO


You like her no be small.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump: "A Parade For Me In Nigeria, A Great Honor!" by Freksy(m): 9:40pm On Nov 03, 2020
This one we Nigerians carry the matter for head pass Americans...hope you'll grant most wishes if you're re-elected
Family / Re: My Husband Nearly Beat Me To Death Because I Denied Him Sex - Happiness Omonogor by Freksy(m): 11:11pm On Oct 26, 2020
But ladies are heartless o.
U can imagine a man going to serious stress and debt just to pay your brideprice and now em don put u for house, u are denying him his food.
If na me, i swear i will pursue u out of my house. Assuming, ur mama deny ur papa dat thing, shey u for exists for dis life.

Guy, though you sound like men of old but I am sure of one thing, and that is: You are still single.
Family / Re: My Husband Nearly Beat Me To Death Because I Denied Him Sex - Happiness Omonogor by Freksy(m): 10:57pm On Oct 26, 2020
Is well.

Nothing is well about this. It’s rather sad and unfortunate.
Family / Re: My Husband Nearly Beat Me To Death Because I Denied Him Sex - Happiness Omonogor by Freksy(m): 10:53pm On Oct 26, 2020
What is the essence of the marriage madam?

Marriage is not all about sex.

Why come online to wash your dirty linen in the public?
At your age, i believed you should know better than wanting unsolicited "sorry" from us.
Most men are selfish when it comes to sex. Women like sex too but very few truly enjoy it in their relationship. Only God knows what the woman has been putting up with for years.

I believed your husband has family and kinsmen you can report as well as you, rather you chooses to come and throw pity party here, expecting cheap show of popularity.

It depends on who they are.
Politics / Re: I Went Out After The Destruction In Lagos (pics, Video) by Freksy(m): 9:20pm On Oct 26, 2020
There was no destruction. Those things were video-shopped.

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Politics / Re: COVID-19 Palliatives Were Not Hoarded - Nigerian Governors' Forum by Freksy(m): 9:15pm On Oct 26, 2020
The Carrying is not looting - Nigeria Youth Forum

Yes, it was not looting but rearrangement of the palliatives by Patriotic Nigerian Youths.
Source: Nigerian Youth Forum - NYF
Politics / Re: "You Can Now Write Petition Against SARS, Lekki Shooting"-Sanwo-Olu To Lagosians by Freksy(m): 2:47pm On Oct 24, 2020
"You Can Now Write Petition Against SARS, Lekki Shooting" - Sanwo-Olu To Lagosians

Lagos state residents who have been abused by the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) can now write petition against the police unit.

Also, Lagosions can now claim compensation from the government if their complaints warrant it. To achieve this, Lagos state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has set up Judicial Panel to investigate brutality and rights violation by the officers.

IgbereTV reports that the governor has mandated the panel headed by Justice Doris Okuwobi to invetigate all of the issues that happened at the Toll Plaza. Going further, he revealed that the panel will start sitting on Monday, October 26, at the Lagos Court of Arbitration International Centre in Lekki.

Sanwo-Olu wrote on Twitter:


“They will be receiving petitions from Monday. If you need to send the petition via email, their address is judicialpanelonSARS@lagos.gov.ng.

“We will expect everyone that has a case or petition or something to pass unto this panel. They have been empowered extensively to determine how they run and conduct themselves at the panel,” the governor stated.

Going further, the governor said the panel will sit for six months.


Isn’t this a subtle way of exonerating the military from Lekki shooting?

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