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Politics / Re: Lies We Have Believed That Enslaves Nigerians by gerald09(m): 11:11am On Jun 09, 2018
Until the Middle belt take power for dem own life and stop the "North Central" Slavery they will keep being seen as Minority in them own country.


Politics / Re: The Politics Of Majority And Minority Cultures In Nigeria by gerald09(m): 7:07pm On Jun 02, 2018
It's the Middle belt that suffer that discrimination, with the label "North Central" They have lost their sense of belonging, a region that practically have the best weather, land and environment for Agriculture and Agro-based business to feed the Nation has be reduced to Minority just cos dey still hang on to that label "North Central".


Politics / Re: APC Congress: Reno Omokri, Mocks Ruling Party Over Parallel Congresses by gerald09(m): 5:20pm On May 20, 2018
APC: In disery PDP: In Desperation SDP: Dumping Ground APGA: 2023 Dreamers OTHER PARTIES: Clueless NIGERIA: In Arnarcy OUR FUTURE: Not Looking good
Politics / Re: Saraki, IGP Face-off: Falana, Others Disagree On Suspects’ Transfer by gerald09(m): 7:19pm On May 19, 2018
Nigeria going back to the dark ages. this is to every Activists, Freedom fighters and falling Soldiers that has bleed to bring us out of the "dark ages". Due to our Tribalism, Bigotry and hate we have elected an old man who has taking us back to the "the dark ages" for that we are sorry. this are beginning to feel like it felt during the military ages, where brut, impunity, Human rights violations was the statue quo. Its sad that not to long ago we where almost at a point where we could brag about being a country of true democracy. A wiseman told us long ago that the next world war will be a religious one, we know Nigeria is the fuel, I wonder what the match stick will be, I just wonder. (in Olu Jacob's voice)
Politics / Re: Chime, Nnamani, Others Escape Attack As Violence Mars Enugu APC Congress by gerald09(m): 7:05pm On May 19, 2018
I wonder why these folks haven't gotten thin into dem old lazy heads, APC can't unit cos it's made up of Angry, Greedy Politicians looking for relevance by all means. CPC, AD, NPDP ANPP Part APGA, etc. these are parties with different ingredients fighting to be at the top recipe. APC is a typical example of Nigeria as a fail union. Without a structured system APC (Nigeria) will always see violence. Politic 101 states that, All political system MOST have one ideology, one voice, one goal and one structure, which make a better union.

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Politics / Re: Caption This Photo Of Plateau State Governor & His Commissioner Of Information by gerald09(m): 8:50am On May 13, 2018
THE MOVIE: Straight Outta Plateau
Politics / Re: Gov. Gaduje Inspecting His 'empowerment Items' He Gave To Kano Youths by gerald09(m): 4:16pm On May 06, 2018
The Black mind, unburdened by genius. 1 Bread, 1 tiny butter and tea for empowerment. THE FORCE IS REALLY STRONG.


Politics / Re: 2019: Why Nigeria Must Be Restructured Before General Elections – Iwuanyanwu by gerald09(m): 9:00pm On May 03, 2018
Until the Yorubas & Igbos realizes that the destiny of this contraption lies in their ability to speak with ONE VOICE, the northerners with continue to dig this country into a bottomless pit with the hoe the colonial master gave to them at independence...

If not for the bitter envy & petty benefit few of their elites get from this bad system, who doesn't know that this system don't work? But I still pray for the day they will all come to their senses and unanimously call for the restructure of Nigeria.... cry

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Politics / Re: Nigeria Faces Major Food Crisis Over Herdsmen Attacks – Soyinka by gerald09(m): 9:40am On Apr 21, 2018
Now is the best time to implement the soil less Planting (Hydroponics Agriculture). No need to follow herdsmen quarrel, you can plant Pepper inside you bedroom.
Politics / Re: Buhari Loves Ndigbo And Igbos Should Pay Him Back In 2019 - Orji Kalu Explodes by gerald09(m): 9:20am On Apr 21, 2018
Well let him love them from Kastina.

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Politics / Re: PDP Accuse APC And INEC Of Plans Tp Rig 2019 Elections by gerald09(m): 9:16am On Apr 21, 2018
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Really how can that happen, Na una write the Book now. for the past 16 years all other parties said this to una. Karma is definitely a B*****.
Politics / Re: What Snatching Of Senate Mace By Thugs Has Done To Nigeria – Ekweremadu by gerald09(m): 9:11am On Apr 21, 2018
OGA what will not happen again? mace stealing or quack security heads. Sir this is what you get when "Undeserving" Men and Women are put in sensitive positions, From the NIA, DIA, SARS and Local Security heads. Remember the "OGA at the top dude" HE was the head of a sensitive security outfit (Probably still is). I am afraid of Nigeria, Not cos of Kidnapping, Assassinations and all that, NO, I Am afraid cos our leaders (Old Lazy men) keep digging Graves with their lack of Patriotism. Every, go eventually end in gist, (swept away) Like every other Nigerian problem, so in 10 year into the future another (Old man) will say "Nigerian Youths are not Deciplined". Remember sir History will Ask where u were "When there was a country" and you answer will be "I Just sat at the head of its senate and did nothing"
Politics / Re: Why Femi Adesina Must Be Stoned In Public For Always Insulting Nigerians. by gerald09(m): 8:13am On Apr 15, 2018
Some Nigerians (wailers) not all Nigerians. Isn't it intellectual laziness on their part to always seek to twist the president's statement. There are better ways to play opposition politics than doing all that....
I agree but he is not being paid by some Nigerians(non wailers) as u say. Tax is collected from both wailers N non so when you call "Some" of your employers "Intellectually Lazy it's still insulting. There also many way he would have expressed his thoughts without the insult. But it in "some" of our DNA to insult without passing any information. Look at NL as example, 2 op arguing and by the tym the argument is done, they both will have cursed both their families, religion, tribe and educational level and the argument was about BBNaija.
Politics / Re: In A Move To Placate Govs, National Assembly Revises Order Of Elections by gerald09(m): 7:42am On Apr 15, 2018
[quote autfhor=junbi post=66720074]I really don't understand this reordering stuff undecided

How does reordering favour the senators and not the presidency, can anyone help

Infact which of the orders favours the masses

if you permit me I'll guess, if the governorship cum first (phrasing) it will indirectly affect federal houses cos some state governors influences that and that in turn influence the presidency. So am think the masses now need to get their states ryt den we watch the ripple effects.

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Politics / Re: Who Will Save Some Nigerians From Intellectual Laziness? - Femi Adesina by gerald09(m): 9:25pm On Apr 13, 2018
I have realised the Nigerian get insulted by our employees. Imagine person we Nigerian pay with our tax dey call us Intellectually Lazy.

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Politics / Re: No E-voting In 2019 – INEC by gerald09(m): 8:44am On Apr 13, 2018
wow see strategy!

NASS: Guy we won change Election timetable This old man no fit win Again
Buhari: I no gree, I no go sign
NASS: oya now we go Vito you
Buhari: INEC over to you
INEC: No E-vote
Buhari: Correct now those underage people fit vote nw, make I see how NASS go Vito this 1 (Checkmate)
NASS: ??

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Politics / Re: Next List Of Looters Will Shock Nigerians - Lai Mohammed by gerald09(m): 8:16am On Apr 09, 2018
COMING SOON: The fast and the Furious 10; The looters drift. the heat, is hon!!!.

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Politics / Re: EXCLUSIVE: EFCC Set To Commence Mass Prosecution Of PDP ‘looters’ by gerald09(m): 9:56pm On Apr 05, 2018
This is Super Storrry!!!! ���
Science/Technology / Re: See The Owl Killed In My Office This Morning by gerald09(m): 12:37pm On Apr 04, 2018
Make sure you burn that bird cause it looks spiritual sad
WOW!!! gurl you blow my mind. REALLY!!!
Politics / Re: "Evil Bird" Monitoring A Man's Destiny Killed In Benin by gerald09(m): 1:05am On Apr 01, 2018
U don't need an evil bird to monitor your destiny (the Devil gave up on Nigeria way back) being born in Nigeria is already a destiny destroyer our leaders are the evil bird monitoring our destiny.
Politics / Re: Kenneth Okonkwo For Enugu Governor Billboard Spotted Ahead Of 2019 by gerald09(m): 7:39pm On Mar 30, 2018
I don get it, am not a religious person but I tot it was suppose to be "when God says yes?" No respect sef he could even put Jesus Christ sef, dem know say Jesus na ordinary name without the "Christ" in it.

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Politics / Re: We’ve Adopted ‘negotiation Option’ For Dapchi, Chibok Girls –buhari by gerald09(m): 7:44pm On Mar 12, 2018
we all know what this kidnapping was about, they take innocent souls hostage just to justify funding themselves. $1 billion loan for kidnapping and "other" reasons will be used to negotiate and not only will BH be smiling to the bank, the Governor, both house representative from the constituency, local government, village elder, powerful state men of the state, police commissioner, Military head will all benefits also. And I'll bet you Buhari will not even be aware. that shows lack of intelligence of our government, they never hesitate to use money to cover a problem rather than solve it. he showed up to Benue only to tell us he has no idea the IG of police defiled his order. BUHARI WHO IS RUNNING NIGERIA?


Politics / Re: Dasukigate: EFCC Grills Ihejirika by gerald09(m): 9:52am On Feb 22, 2018
that is not possible, EFCC cannot do that, the military takes care of its own. any corruption charges will be carried out and investigated by the military. So this story get K leg. the only reason Dasuki is harassed it's because a Military man is involved (Gen Buhari RTD). EFCC drill who? dem never finish with a common civilian of Olisa Mehtu na General for Army dem won drill. Story for the Ancestors!
Romance / Re: How To Rebuild Your Relationship With Your Partner After Cheating by gerald09(m): 1:10pm On Feb 14, 2018
correct but why
Some1 once said "it's easy for a woman to hide in d shadow of a man, than shine on her own" in our world today women hide in d shadow 9f men especially if he is rich. dats y they forgive. If she leaves who's shadow will she hide?
Politics / Re: IBB: SERAP Condemns ‘harassment Of Kassim Afegbua’ by gerald09(m): 9:55am On Feb 06, 2018
when asked on channel's TV the spoke person of the NPF said he was declared wanted due to defermation, and causing violence and security. Now IBB son MB said his father never said anything against Buhari. Looking at both cases, both can cause security problems, why didn't they declared MB wanted too, cos the IGP has not investigated weather or not IBB said either. These government staffs think they are gods and dey can say and declare anything with out consequences. Go and get your PVC after we remove Buhari then we deal with our other employees that think they can insult our God given rights. (Animals won dash me human right) #felathegreat
Politics / Re: IBB: SERAP Condemns ‘harassment Of Kassim Afegbua’ by gerald09(m): 9:02am On Feb 06, 2018
Imagine! they claimed he made false statement and yet IBB has accepted the statement. I Ask will he still be wanted if he had praised Buhari on IBB's behalf. IGP thinks he will be IGP for life.

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Politics / Re: ‘Herdsmen Debacle Mischievously Invented By CAN' – JNI by gerald09(m): 7:53am On Jan 22, 2018
the divide and conquer strategy is about to play out.


Politics / Re: Cattle Colonies In Nigeria: 16 States Ready by gerald09(m): 9:00am On Jan 21, 2018
this is what happens when u bring an old man to make 21 century decisions. colonies! This is to all our so called decision makers, "Your fathers were cowards, no ethics, no common sense" thatz what we will tell you generation unborn when dey ask "who waz our fathers?, before they destroyed the country".


Politics / Re: Nigeria Security Must Stop Killings Our Youths In Rivers/middle Belt – IPOB by gerald09(m): 12:14pm On Jan 10, 2018
This has never been the best time for all to Start the campaign for restructuring of the Countries political way.
Politics / Re: Obiano Warns Herdsmen Against Carrying Weapons In Anambra by gerald09(m): 11:15am On Jan 09, 2018

you would have ignored the miserable doornob

He has no issue with fashola deporting people in their own country...siiily hypocritts
My fellow Nigerian do you really know what hypocrisy is? Ur hate for the yoruba Tribe Probably why you think am from Yoruba tribe. Stop the hate so you could grow. You call me miserable. Reading both our quotes who is miserable more. well I don't hate you I love my brothers and sisters in Nigeria. Evil prevails when good fail to act. Make Love not Hate, it's good for you.
Politics / Re: Obiano Warns Herdsmen Against Carrying Weapons In Anambra by gerald09(m): 8:08am On Jan 09, 2018
why is it OK for an igbo man to go up North and should be seen as A Nigerian living in Nigeria and a fulani man living down east should be seen as a visitor, visiting Nigeria it's not as if he/she was giving a visiting visa or papers. But Statements like this coming from a sitting governor is why the "dividing agitation" will continue. the fulani in Anambra state so far have been peaceful (Thank God) it won't be fair to classify all fulani as Herdsmen. we have some doing other businesses in onitcha, Ekwulobia, Nnewi and Awka. So Why the "Our visitors" statement. Are other part of Nigeria not allowed to live in any part of Nigeria as Nigerian anymore. Cos I didn't get dat memo. We have to Learn as leaders that our words are our true self. If these leaders want division great is they want unity great but they have to "speak the speak".

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