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Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 3:42am On Nov 26, 2019
Due to the increase in Mini Importation on Nairaland and Nigeria, PRINKIPAS hereby introduce our Easy and Affordable Procurement & Logistics Service to assist importers buying from eBay, Amazon & Alibaba using our personal and reliable Procurement / Shipping agents to help other importers and micro businesses around Nigeria buy and ship their goods to them. We are simply FAST, AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE give us a try Today!

Procurement Orders can be placed on our Website at

>>>> https://socheap.com.ng/pre-order-form <<<

Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 5:54am On Nov 22, 2019
so it means we are going to pay for adverts on Facebook even when we don't have the product we are advertising. So how will you deal with people who are interested in the product?

Yeah ... This is because you wanna know two or more products that will do well in the market, and keep selling same products for the next 2 or 3 months since already you test to confirm that their demand rate in the market is high and prompt.

You don't wanna buy any product and be stressing yourself looking for buyers even haven wasted money on Ads. This is why anyone that wanna go far in profit through mini importation must adhere to product testing before importing any product.

It's advantage is that if you test some products and confirm they have encouraging and prompt response rate in the market, they'll be fetching you huge and continues profit for a long time.

You can either ignore people that needs it or give them a specified time to wait until the product arrives.
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 10:45am On Nov 21, 2019
Wow is the product testing on Facebook or going to physical outlets ?

On Facebook. Facebook is your market. And the positive response you get can be applied to other market places.
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 1:10am On Nov 21, 2019
Whao shocked

Thank goodness someone came out to tell us what exactly is going on in the paid class

I've got 70 participants on the paid group and I'm still adding ... 2 persons lamenting here have barely successfully completed the 1st stage of my training, probably pride won't let them ask questions ...

If you request that I teach you 1 on 1 on how to run Facebook Ads and you can't do it yourself haven't given my login details to watch the video in my Udemy account, I'll stipulate a time I can be chanced to teach you everything with screenshot and you get everything to your tip. This is because you requested for it, you've got the right to do so cos you've paid for it ...

But amidst the whole tutorial I sent these 2 complaining, how will I capture the area they've got issues if they don't hint me?

Product testing alone is another work .. Like me I do product testing for at least 2 weeks in the market to check out customers' response or feedback about a product before I import it; cos I'm sure It'll do well in the market, not just importing a product and stock them with you, but I do ask my students to do 3 to 4 days product testing, check out customers' reaction before importing. I'm sure the ones complaining here haven't gone through the product testing phase of the tutorial which is very necessary, yet they're complaining ... not to talk of the Facebook product research assignment I gave them ...


This is why I always commend Linda Ikeji. Like she started from grass, and I can vividly recall that writing isn't easy to come by at all - I mean fabricating stories from occurred scene, but she created a multimillion naira brand with writing.

Our president Buhari once said; "Our young chaps joke with success, they don't know what is means to contest for the presidential position 3 times and end up in supreme court 3 times, and still contest again" ... If you've been in supreme court just ones couple with the unfruitful wasted funds, you'll know what he's talking about. Now he's exactly what he saw himself as in his dreams, because he believe he can become it.

PS: What you don't believe in, won't work for you.
Success is never a chance .. It's always a choice

Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 8:19pm On Nov 20, 2019

Call you on the phone? That sounds like some ass-licking way of soliciting for something and I would never do that for anything! I would rather go somewhere else in the stead of paying money and yet be "pursuing and disturbing" you with phone calls even after paying you! For what reason? I paid for the class to avoid being addressed anyhow (even though you did this many times but I decided to ignore those nasty and negative words you said to me) and to receive services from you without any ish. I think someone who is busy shouldn't have mentioned having a paid class as you must know that people will surely ask you questions. I see that you really do know this but do not forget there are those who know this more than you do, so anyone who isn't ready for questions should not bother to talk about any paid class or whatever. Nobody is less-busy, my brother! So, being busy isn't an excuse. Besides, why talking about a paid class when you know you're always busy? Does that seem right?

I got time but you didn't pay for the whole of my time in a day ...

If you're busy to learn, you should taught of it and never decide to pay ...

When you enroll for the class, I'll give you what is needed to start the business and also give you product research and Facebook Ads testing practicals to do, it doesn't mean I gave out everything required to be successful in the business. When you call to tell me your challenges, I'll then tell you - "ok, I'll reply you on WhatsApp", then give you instant reply. If you don't hint me, how should I know you have issues?

When you talk of licking Ass, it shouldn't be my ass; probably that of Buhari. Because currently we're all licking his ass right?? undecided

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Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 6:10pm On Nov 20, 2019

I personally appreciate the tone and manner you use in narrating your ordeal, this patient when explaining is something I do not have most especially when stuff like this eats me up I end up being too angered even when I type...

Maybe you may or may not have read my comments here and it's a very similar situation I found my self leading me to doubt the authenticity of everything the Op claimed here... All the same I believe dragging and name calling is all in the past now... but oga OP I take God beg you, just do the needful and try as much as possible to answer to persons need when they arrive not necessarily you judging who is serious and who isn't, for someone to read this thread from page 1 - 50 and still go on to pay you for more training isn't seriousness then what is? Am not begging for me now but for others like this guy I quoted, help out the much or little you can to help dem achieve the aim of contacting you in the first place

You can pull out of the business if you doubt what ive taught on this thread about mini importation. There are other businesses you can start and also make profit. it's no crime for you to give up on this one..

But then, people that knows the right thing to do are making sales even as I type this ...
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 6:03pm On Nov 20, 2019
thank you Mr gideon for the good job you do
You said we can use sponsored video ads right?
So i saw a vid ads of vitamin c serum and wanted to download it on fbdown.com
It said that the video maybe private and couldn't download...... I later use savefrom.net
The thing now is can I still use the ad video for my adds please op I need answers.

Go to play store and download Nova Downloader, copy the link of the Facebook Ads sponsored post and paste it in Nova Downloaded, play the video and click on the red button to download it.
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 5:58pm On Nov 20, 2019

Disturb you so you can tell me what I need to know even after making the payment (though as little as 5k,but it's something)? I think this statement should not be. It's not in my nature to disturb you for anything once you know the right thing. BTW, remember I chatted with you for up to 1+ week before I was able to raise the 5k and sent to you, and before I made the payment, you said it was after I make the payment you'll send me everything and also put me through hook, line, and sinker... Didn't you assure me that way? How come you now expect me to "pressure and disturb" you before rendering the services I paid for? Anyways, it's gone sha. I can say the little I know from your side is by asking the other group members (sometimes, chatting them up). Most times, you'd see my messages and would never reply. I even had to complain about that and you said I am impatient and immature (isn't that funny?). Anyways, all is well.

How many times have you called me on phone. Those calling me, aren't they human like you?

I have a guy that have called me up to 20 times today and he paid 10k, is he not human like you??

Most times I'm busy attending to those who gave me Facebook Ads and Store design contract to finish up within a specified period. So calling to air out your challenges will gear your my attention to you..

If you wanna tell better, you confirm that you won't blindly import any product but you'll do so because you're sure the product will sell... This is the most important thing you learn in my training which I didn't touch in this thread and getting exposed to others with more experience to the business where your questions or challenges is attend to in my absence is another thing you gain cos I won't by any mistake add you on the group to learn from others if you didn't pay.

I believe even now you're still on the group. So I'll suggest you don't wish for salt while licking sugar.
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 11:40am On Nov 20, 2019
Well, my observation as a participant in OP's paid class is that... the reality of this is somehow slightly different from the things taught here. Also, I told the OP initially I didn't have a PC, he said no problem, he ended up telling me to go and get a PC or go to a cyber café (there's none, here) before I can pay for Facebook Ads (I was disappointed by that statement, TBH). I was totally left on my own to do it. The Udemy Videos, Umnnnn, even if you subscribe for 5GB data, my dear, you may not be able to cover it all. Even as per the procurement, most, if not all, of the procurement agents the OP recommended on the Group are very poor, some, slow, in procurement and customer's attendance. I'm very happy now because I placed my first order yesterday and the procurement agent is the one being used by my friend (not in OP's class) who has been into mini importation sometimes around last year. How I wish I contacted him directly for all I need to know about mini importation as this would have prevented me from enrolling into this. TBH, I must confess, I wasn't satisfied with the way I was treated by the OP to the extent that I initially lost interest in the whole thing from the onset. I was called immature, annoying, impatient, etc. just because I was trying to have my curiosity satisfied by my "teacher". Anyways, what doesn't kill one makes one strong, I believe. If you want to join this class, be ready to row your own boat by yourself with little or no guidance from the OP. Mini importation is very good and rewarding, be ready to act strongly, be ready to be persistent. Thank you Mr Gideon for "teaching" me how to paddle my own canoe.

Since you've been on my group haven't you noticed your colleagues sharing sales testimonies on the group??

The same Facebook Ads videos that's difficult for you to buy data or use WiFi and watch, I've watched it more than 10 times and it's now at my tip. Meaning I'm eager to learn more and more everyday which is contrary to you.

Another thing is that some paid for the course and went and relax thinking I'm entitled to serve them because they sent me money; How will you perfect you're skills in the business if you don't disturb me??

My students that are doing well now, don't give me breathing space: they'll DM me and if I I don't reply, they call me on phone, so long as they don't come up with any insulting statements, I'm very much OK with their disturbance and I make sure I reply them.

How will I know you have challenges if you don't just pay and keep mute; you won't disturb me to let me know you have lapses?

If I'm disturbed something will prompt me that this person is serious and I'll give all. As a matter of fact, my best student on the group; I taught her free not for a Favour but because she was always disturbing me and I can't recall why I gave her everything I know for free. This is because I DON'T JOKE WITH SERIOUS PEOPLE.

Anybody that's serious about something benefits from it that's why I'll take my time to help anyone that's serious to learn mini importation benefit from it too

Thank God at least you now know the DO's and DON'Ts in mini importation so you've got chances to scale high in the business.
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 8:00am On Nov 20, 2019
A very good day Mr gideon, please is the training class still available? Am interested

Yeah .. Always available.

Check page 1 for my contact details
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 12:00am On Nov 20, 2019
Thank you Mr gideon, but sir pls give us list of procurement agents that are reliable and also fast.pls dont put Tugrow because i already try them, they failed me, Tugrow is just blabbing here, is a toothless dog over 25 days no delivery na Corpse i ask u to import?

Chat up Cathy on WhatsApp +8613826428539 my Chinese partner for procurement. She'll connect you to shipping and waybill agents that'll get the goods to your state.

Just wait on her if she doesn't reply you instantly cos their time is 7 hours ahead of us ...

Use their express shipping so that your goods will arrive at least 3 days after making payment for procurement on 1688.

But I'll advise again and again that you should always do product research and Ads testing before importing any product so it won't stay with you for a long time without sales ... Though I didn't touch that on this thread.


Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 4:56pm On Nov 19, 2019
I asked this sh!thead one question he read and never replied, that was when i realized he has so much pride and arrogance in him, thats how i bounced away jeje, i wanted to buy his stupid course but i learnt it free of charge and got my goods three weeks back.

HMMM .. shocked shocked. Is he now selling mini importation course??

Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 10:24pm On Nov 18, 2019

Lolz... You made serious point but my guy let's call a spade a spade! if someone could come online claim to be trained by the Op and post buying a product for N400 then selling 5,000 and went on to declare N4,600 profit isn't canvassing then what is? No procurement charges, clearing of goods charges or even FB ads charges?
this is black and white deception and it pisses me off big time!

read Tru the thread and see the only people who claim to be student are post such deception and this will convince the gullible to go pay for materials that are basically not worth it...

not here to knock anybodys hustle... if the Op did justice with the training no one will come with fake success story and by now this thread will be filled with huge testimonies instead am stuck here reading the young man show off!

Am done here

My training group will live FOREVER and I won't run away from my students FOREVER TOO


Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 9:53pm On Nov 18, 2019

so you finally got the guts to show face here again?
so what you showed here is all that transpired?

don't worry I'll refresh your memory!
Is there anything about you that will make me want to drag you here unless you're unnecessarily extorting from people?

for your info, your Udemy video training is utterly useless plus the whatsapp groups are dead with little or no communication there! what are people paying for?

the fact that am bold enough to speak out here should actually sent a strong signal to everyone else about paying for that crap you call training...

all these several brag about what you do are merely noise to deceive unsuspecting NLer here and if they fall prey then ok

I don't even want to talk about me here, why can't we seem to find any student here who has completed at least 10% and gone far with your lame training?
unless the hired noise makers with little or no proof to keep the deception strong

someone who can't do or show someone how to do image search from his teachings is claiming to be an importer... I know your kind!

Proving to you that I'm an importer and I make genuine money with it.

My several failures and experience made me see encouraging results, I DIDN'T GIVE UP WHEN IVE NOT STARTED NOR BECAUSE I FAILED MORE THAN 10 TIMES.

So I'm ganna do image search now with screenshots ...

Follow the steps;;

Step 1; Screenshot the image you wanna search, let say I wanna search for the image in the first screenshot below;

Step 2: with your mobile phone, set your chrome browser to desktop view and go to www. 1688 .com (remove space), you'll see a camera icon beside the search bar, as shown in the second screenshot ...

Step 3. Click on the camera icon and select the image you're trying to search from your phone. Then allow the page to load after selecting, you should get a result looking like the last screenshot ...

I did it to prove that I know it ...

It's not every business that'll work for everyone, and no business is easy to come by.

So if mini importation will add to your frustration, quit and move to something else.

We have levels in this business and I've grown to a level where I no longer know those who buy from my website on daily basis ... PERSISTENCY made it work. 1ST: I believed It works, I'll work for me and it worked.

So giving up isn't a crime!

As I said earlier; I'll love to see you in person ...


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Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 9:04pm On Nov 18, 2019
seriously before anybody quotes me wrongly again pls don't get it twisted at all

am so sorry if I hurt you feelings in anyway but y'all with time will come to understand what my argument here is...
I don't care about the 5k to be honest it's not the issue at all! I really believed the Op and I was disappointed but it's nothing personal... I just don't want anybody else to feel wasted on this.....

I keep saying it and I'll say again, thank you OP the 5k is for the payment of the stuff I read here, it went a long way thanks... consider it that I was never a student and didn't contact you at all... Content here is so much powerful and I don't regret paying the money... You deserve it.

But for you canvassers, if you don't know what you're doing is deception then fine, live with it...

if you're reading this, know one thing, knowledge is powerful and in this thread, there is plenty to gain for FREE

For this; I wish to see you in person so you'll know who you're dealing with.

But if that isn't possible, I know how to fetch people like you. It isn't everyone you touch and go scout free..



Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 7:13am On Nov 18, 2019

Thank you. I always want to warn unsuspecting buyers when I see all these advertisement of imported products on Facebook. Most of it don't do nada. Their efficacy is not tested but then I don't want to ruin another man's hustle. There's a reason it sold for #500. .
If you're going to sell a product, let it be a quality 1. Imagine paying for something and not getting result. Most of the claims on Chinese products are deceitful.

Meaning you're ready to test all the products before selling them. You can go for other non-facial products. We have many of them.
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 6:57pm On Nov 17, 2019
Bro always advise people to learn how to test the efficacy of any product like this before selling with huge profit .

No be profit matters cus she has gotten her money tru the ads but cant confirm if it will work or not.

I already saw this R to R products (They have different types of skin product) and i imported just 3 to test it with the SCAR am having,this the third week am using it and the scar never comot..If the thing no remove my scar,i will never sell it to someone.

I bought the stretch mark cream too n gave some who is having it for a test.

It's for stretch marks alone not scar and only 1 can't completely remove stretch mark, it has to in continues use ...
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 6:08pm On Nov 17, 2019
Here's the proof for all the thomas'

She's one of my students (WITHOUT UNNECESSARY PRIDE)

If you check from the screen below; she bought each product from 1688 for less than N500 and selling it for N7000 and someone already purchase two from her in less than 24 hours (on pay before delivery).

The result is coupled with what I taught her, her persistence and hard work.


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Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 5:51pm On Nov 17, 2019

look closely this is utter bullsh*t
pathetic information marketing and this person was tactically placed to help promote payments from unsuspecting people out here... notice how non of those making these profit hasn't bothered to drop a screenshot or hint towards actually realism of what they may be doing? I mean for real, people will gladly show off on such life changing opportunities and to think....

wait, you did not pay for procurement? waited for weeks or days? the product is N400 and it flew down to naija for u to start selling at N5k for a profit of N4,600?

Am not going to waste time on this... a word is enough for the smart...

drag me here at your own peril

Don't communicate your frustration to others. You're the only one frustrated - FACE IT YOURSELF

So as you said; you finally came here?

This guy here actually enrolled for my training. Normally; if you enroll for my training (which i'm not forcing anyone to do so) i'll send you the tutorial messages for the training before sending you links to the 2 groups. And i hinted that they should read the messages at least 3 times before asking me questions, cause if you don't pay attention to the messages, you'll ask me what ive touched in the message.

Haven't sent him the tutorial messages of which i knew he hasn't tried laying hands on them, he started asking me questions of which i need to answer him with screenshots. I asked him to wait that ive got lots of guys here to attend to and i'll get back to him in due cause; he was busy telling me that i don't know who he is, and he can't lick my ass nor I be his Boss to learn the business. I started thinking why all the shits is coming out from his mouth; i never abused him in anyway, then i realised THIS YOUNG MAN HAVE GOT PRIDE. He continued that I should wait for him on my thread ... Meaning what?

And finally here he is ...

If I may ask, have you imported any product as regards the lectures I sent you; you'll say no .. then what will you sell to confirm how the business works and build your own experience?

I have told you that i'm a Reservior Engineer and the 5k you paid won't amount to a drop of water to my figures, i'm into other businesses and mini Importation without knowing those who purchase my products in a day.

Going ahead to tell others to join you and give up because you've given up when you haven't made your 1st step won't profit you anything worthy ...

The training covers the following:

1. Product research

2. Product Ads response Testing

3. Procurement, shipping and waybill agents
4. Professional Selling with Ads (directing audience from Facebook to WhatsApp chat)
5. Delivery agents Nationwide (Nigeria and Ghana only)
6. Product packing
7. Single Product Website design and optimization
8. Email Marketing

I gave you a practical work to do on product research and FB Ads testing but you were unable to attempt it, yet you've got guts to make noise ...

An arrogant and boastful fellow can't be a learner no matter how he/she is forced.

So keep building your pride and fail alone, don't call others to join you.

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Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 5:25pm On Nov 17, 2019
Good evening everyone ...

Happy Sunday to you all ..

It's been long I came here; solely because my account is no longer controlled by me, I just tried logging in today and it worked.

I'm happy to be among you guys again ...


Politics / Re: FG To Regulate Social Media - Lai Mohammed by gideon286(m): 12:15am On Oct 30, 2019
Nawaoo Nigeria social media no be the problem. The problem na ona
Romance / Re: My Dilemma: My Girlfriend's Confessions. by gideon286(m): 2:05pm On Oct 29, 2019
Good day house.

I meet my girlfriend recently in school, she's an undergraduate student while I'm a post graduate student.

She is a very beautiful girl and well endowed. For the few months we've dated she's one of a kind. She has a good heart, buys me stuffs even though I'm not poor, cleans my house and relates well with my sister to mention a few.

However she told me about her ex, she loved him and supported him financially because he was a student and broke.

We have been going smooth until this night she decided to tell me her past without me asking. She said I am too special but I have to know who she truly is.

She started by saying she's had two abortions for her ex, that she slept with many guys for money which she eventually spent on her ex. I was dumbfounded and I'm in a dilemma now. She just said I should forgive her that I don't deserve her.

I don't know how to tackle this majorly because she confessed without me asking and she did all these before I meet her.

Dude all these relationship stuffs is just overrated ...

Ask her .. what she wants you guys to do (either breakup or continue), if she says she'll love you guys to continue, keep her and treat her well; but don't fall in too much love with her... Just watch out her character and verify if she is loyal and behaves like she wanna settle with you. And don't try to investigate out her flaws because sometimes what you'll find might not be pleasant.

If she behaves like she has seen her man and does everything to make you happy, never let her go; marry her.

Some girls change tremendously and decide to have a good family even when they've indulge in bad deeds before. THIS IS A WOMAN NATURE FOR YOU.
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 8:08am On Oct 27, 2019
Good morning everyone

Happy Sunday You All

All procurement/ Shipping issues should be solved with EMCA Logistics. Follow their directives and get your goods shipped to Lagos in 24 to 48 hours with express shipping. They can also do waybill to any state in Nigeria;

+86 135 6018 9674

EMCA logistics, China


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Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 10:23pm On Oct 26, 2019

gideon286 how can I reach you? Your number has been off for days now.

This is my call line bro: 0-8-1-0-2-6-3-0-3-7-6
Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 9:49pm On Oct 26, 2019
Thank You Mr Gideon
I ordered for waist trainer(10pieces ) at a cost of 1200 each from 1688..Procurement and express shipping took 14 days...
The total money I spent on the goods,procurement ,shipping and ads was 30000
Am selling each waist trainer for the cost of 7500(reasonable price ooo)..I made 3 sales today and am still delivering 5 waist trainers on Monday
I will be having a profit of 45k after selling all

This business really pays..

Special thanks to the OP

Congrats on your first sale dear ...

Her passion for the business made me revealed everything to her unknownly ...

Right now, I'm celebrating her new brand


Business / Re: How To Ship Goods From 1688 To Nigeria,sell Online Without Physically Seeing It by gideon286(m): 9:44pm On Oct 26, 2019
Good evening everyone ...

Ive got my account back.

Congrats on recent sales from my students ...
Business / Re: RAGP (recharge And Get Paid ) Is A Very Big Scam by gideon286(m): 9:51am On Oct 23, 2019
I don't kw what u are saying my friend was award 500k last week are you ok?


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