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Autos / Peugeot 307 2008 Manual For Hire Purchase by Gideonaigbe(m): 7:28am On Apr 05
So I just bought this very clean and sound 307 and I intend to give it out on hire purchase, 08033023247 Abuja residents only pls.
Car Talk / Re: Tokunbo 2003 Corolla Available For Hire Purchase by Gideonaigbe(m): 6:20am On Sep 02, 2020

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: . by Gideonaigbe(m): 11:13am On Aug 09, 2020
Business / Re: Taxify/uber Partners And Drivers by Gideonaigbe(m): 5:05pm On Jul 12, 2020
Pls add me 08033023247
Religion / Re: Could It Be Spirit Husband Or My Ex After My Life? by Gideonaigbe(m): 5:50am On Jun 10, 2020
I fell sick six months ago and almost died. I was taken to some places but got worst. So later I was taken to church where they did deliverance for me. Then I got better. I didn't get better totally but gradually. Till date I still experience the sickness but not like before.

But I remembered when I was still very sick, my sister told me a pastor explained to her that the attack is coming from a guy who is angry with
isan post=90502034:
me and I have to make amends. I didn't really bother about it since I was getting better.

I broke up with my ex around last year when we quarreled. When I found out he is a cultist. I told him never to call me anymore. We were planning to get married next year but when I found out he is a cultist I ended it and it caused a lot of confusion btw our families but at the end they respected my decision and we part ways. Weeks later he called me and said he was really hurt bla bla...

Fast forward to when I was sick. I discovered when I was sick and recovering... I dream about him a lot even without thinking about him but I didn't take it as anything.

Then recently I decided to go to MFM church for a week deliverance to be totally free from this affliction... I fasted for a week and prayed but on the last day, the prayer was about spirit husband and behold I fell and started screaming "No No"... I was rolling up and down scattering everything.. A lot of pastors came to my side praying but I was still screaming" no no" "she belongs to me".

Then when I came back to my senses "the pastor called me and told me I still need much fasting and deliverance session because there must have been a strong covenant for him to say no" . Then he asked me about my past lifestyle. I told him I was worldly then and the only boyfriend I had that lasted long I broke up with him. Then he started praying for me and telling me to say I break every covenant with that guy and behold I was feeling very uncomfortable and shaking then I stopped.

.. After that he prayed for me and told me when the church reopens I should come back for the deliverance cuz the church is currently locked because of the corona issue.....

When I went back home I decided to pray about this guy again but I was still feeling very uncomfortable like I was going to faint then I stopped but then I began to recall everything about my ex.. I could remember he told me we should have a covenant then but I refused ... Then he told me to promise him I won't ever leave him.. I did and he also promised and that was all. Again I remembered he called when I was very sick, he greeted me fine and asked if the sickness caused some spots on my body I said no and then the day the pastor told me to pray about breaking covenant with him, my ex called me that very day to ask me how am doing.

But now am really confused right now. Have prayed about witches and wizards to leave me alone but still am not totally free and now am beginning to think towards my ex direction...

Could he be responsible for this and what about the spirit husband stuff cuz during the time I was sick I dreamt about someone having sex with me and me breastfeeding a baby in the dream.

And when the pastor called me again he said he saw a stretch on my life and he doesn't know where it is coming from that I really need to pray and gave me some prayer books.

Then I called the pastor my sister went to and asked him. He told me the attack is coming from a guy that he is very angry and because a covenant was made and I need to make amends cuz I was ungrateful to him. I was totally confused.

Am so confused and tired of everything right now how is my ex anyway connected to spirit husband.

Hello dear,
From my little experience and reading about the spirit husband is; a pie it wide or husband will never want to hurt or make u sick except u try to have an affair with another person.
Don’t misquote me,it might actually be your spirit husband maybe you have done something to trigger his anger or there about ,but one of the signs of having a spirit husband is bailed marriage and relationship friendship especially from the opposite sex,
Take care
Foreign Affairs / Re: George Floyd Protests: Trump Deploys US Military In Washington by Gideonaigbe(m): 8:12am On Jun 02, 2020
Trump is indirectly calling for a civil war

His haters are indirectly fighting him


Technology Market / Re: All Humans To Be Chipped By 2030 by Gideonaigbe(m): 9:14am On May 10, 2020
The thing is humans are already chipped
But not in the way everyone thinks

Technology will be the next virus to overwhelm the human race in the coming years. It has started many decades ago and its growing.

Look around you, everybody is tied to one technology or the other. There are devices been created everyday.

Are we really in pace with the type of technology we create.

Everybody is holding a device, a phone, ear piece, computers control everything.

Go to companies, robots are taking over, some cars are computer controlled.

The irony of it all is that HUMANS are responsible for creating the technology (virus) that will consume its race.

At a later time in the future, humans will fight back and not allow the same technology they built to consume them but they wont win the fight.

All we gotta do is compromise and form a partnership and accept what is killing us.

Humans will become a hybrid and HOMO SAPIEN will be no more.

There would be another name for us.

By then humans will no longer have feelings or have control over their feelings
It will be controlled by chips and chip will be controlled by an idiot trying to take over the world
Technology Market / Re: All Humans To Be Chipped By 2030 by Gideonaigbe(m): 9:13am On May 10, 2020
yes now. u never hear plantain chips

Which one be plaintain chips again for this one kwa
Technology Market / Re: Sold!!! by Gideonaigbe(m): 9:02am On May 10, 2020
Swap with iPhone 6?
Technology Market / Re: Iphone 7 32GB Already Unlocked With Chip by Gideonaigbe(m): 8:54am On May 10, 2020
Can I swap with an iPhone 6
Technology Market / Re: Sold by Gideonaigbe(m): 8:44am On May 10, 2020
Pic pls
Technology Market / All Humans To Be Chipped By 2030 by Gideonaigbe(m): 9:27am On May 09, 2020
Doing your own research have a way of opening your eye to things,
The news alone don’t help u cos most things there were uploaded by someone
Here is something I believe we should ponder about.


Romance / Re: She Said She Can't Marry Me Because I Am A Tailor by Gideonaigbe(m): 4:28am On Apr 29, 2020
There is this lady I like so much, even my friends know that I like her so much and will love to spend the rest of my life with her.

One day, I saw her with my friend and I later asked her why she is so close to my friend. She said they are dating each other, that she cannot marry me simply because I am tailor.

My friend is a yahoo boy, he doesn't have any work. The only way he eats is via internet scam. To be honest I was so pained, moreover she is not the only lady to have done this to me. Have met several ladies that told me that they can't marry a tailor and they end up dating yahoo Boys for my street.

They always tell me to leave my tailoring job and go hustle like my frnds to make cool money.

Guys, I am tired.. Should I leave the tailoring job and join my friends to do the yahoo stuff?

Girls keep rejecting me up and down and I am fed up.

Pls advise me
Try to work on your looks
Investment / Re: How To Make Unlimited Free Calls, Send Unlimited Free Sms On Mtn Cug by Gideonaigbe(m): 11:43am On Apr 07, 2020
Hello there,
You didn’t indicate a means to reach out to you...pls do reach out to me 08033023247 whatsapp or call
Investment / Re: ..closed by Gideonaigbe(m): 11:40am On Apr 07, 2020
Family / Re: I’m Pregnant For My Sister's Brother-In-Law. I’m Scared To Tell My Sister by Gideonaigbe(m): 4:13pm On Mar 24, 2020
I don’t know how to start, am very scared right now. I don’t know what to do about this pregnancy.

Actually I stay with my sister, her husband, her baby and her husband's brother who is a year younger than me. We have been sleeping together for sometimes now. Am now 8 weeks pregnant.

I told him he said I should abort before people find out. We went to the hospital together to remove it but the money they are asking us is too much. We are students depending on my sister and brother in law. We are both stuck and confused. Am scared if my sister comes to find, out she will send me back to the village. I don’t want to go back.

I need help please on what to do about it. The pregnancy is only 8 weeks, please no insult.
My advise for u is to just open up to your sis
Even if someone gives a remedy to remove the baby your will find out eventually and then evil thoughts start penetrating your mind like commiting suicide and all.
Business / Re: Tomatoes Supplier Urgently Needed. by Gideonaigbe(m): 6:19am On Feb 03, 2020
I am in Makurdi 08033023247
Investment / Re: Guaranteed steady winnings(winnings updated daily) by Gideonaigbe(m): 6:44pm On Feb 06, 2019
pls add 08033023247
Autos / Re: I Have Two Registered 05 Corollas For Sale!!! by Gideonaigbe(m): 12:26pm On Jan 27, 2019
If your interested kindly whatsapp me or call 07037593078 thanks �.

Serious buyers only.
where is your location sir.
Autos / Re: Toyota Camry 2009 Registered Location Jakande Gate Isolo Price N1.4m by Gideonaigbe(m): 8:04am On Jan 27, 2019
pm me sir
Sports / 10 Footballers And Managers Who Have Been To The University. by Gideonaigbe(m): 9:14pm On Jan 20, 2019
Top 10 Footballers (and Managers) Who Have Been To University
It's fair to say that footballers aren't usually regarded as the sharpest tools in the box. In their defence, when you're blessed with natural athleticism and two extraordinarily well coordinated feet, and get paid millions of pounds to play the game you love, it's easy to see how school can become less of a priority. Nonetheless, there are some footballers (and managers) who have found time to combine sporting success with academic excellence. Here's our list of the Top 10 footballers and managers who either have degrees or are currently studying for one:

10. Duncan Watmore{England}(first-class in Economics from Newcastle University

9. Glen Johnson{England}(Mathematics-open university)

8. Simon mignolet{Belgium}, (Political science-KU Leuven)

7. Edwin Van der sar{Holland}
Sports and brand management-johan Cruyff institute.

6. Vincent Kompany{Belgium}
MBA-Manchester Business school

5. Slaven Billic (Croatia)

4. Manuel pellegrinni(Chile)
Civil Engineering

3. Dennis Bergkamp
Mechanical Engineering-University of Bath

2. Juan Marketing and sport science

1. Arsene Wenger
Masters in Economics.

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by Gideonaigbe(m): 5:15pm On Dec 22, 2018
I applies for the UK Tier 5 religious worker visa and my application was denied by the entry officer whow claims that the salary I was offered does not meet up with the UK minimum wage regulation system...but it was part of the immif ration law that ant body that works with a charity body, religious organization or community is to be exempted from the UK minimum wage.I have documents that states that my enployer is a charity organization they even wrote a letter along with my employment letter clearly statung all this ...I see no reason my application should be unfairly treated. ..meanwhile the application of my colleagues that we were both offered the same job, we're given the same document and we're to resume the same day was approved and grant entry. Please I'm so confused I don't know what to do
My opinion is
you dint include home tie
If you apply again referencing to the law you stated above... u might be granted
Romance / Re: Experience with my girlfriend by Gideonaigbe(m): 1:33am On Dec 22, 2018

OP, this guy said it all. I have been there before. I left them for each other. Later they came separately to beg cause they realized life was useless without me, or rather I was their fuel to fire their silly "friendship".

Life is short. Anyone that makes you feel bad or less than your self, just leave them alone and move on to better things. There are so many other nice Nigerian girls out there. Don't die on top someone that doesn't value you or realize what she is doing is hurting you.

As for the guy, I know their type. Just ignore him totally. The fellow is vane and empty. You don't need such energy around you.
I totally agree with this....
the Samuel Guy even if he isn't doing anything.. his trying to f**k Ur babe

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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 3 by Gideonaigbe(m): 3:49pm On Dec 21, 2018
Dear All,

I have a two-year visa which will expire 2020. I already bought my travel ticket for 26th December and just realised my passport will be expiring February 2019.... I will be back in Nigeria by mid January. I just want to check if this is going to be a problem at Heathrow. I can't get a new passport between now and Wednesday
you can get a passport the same day....if you have the money

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