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Politics / Re: Speculators Undermine Measures To Stabilize Foreign Exchange Market – Ribadu by Godfullsam(m): 4:38am

Interesting. So if I have leftover $s and I am catching a flight to Lagos, I should throw those $s in a trash can at the airport before boarding? Seriously, most Nigerians need information on how things work. I'll tell you what; the US doesn't give a s**t about how much foreign currency you bring into the country. Most of them can't compete with the $ anyway. Just declare it's value in $s. Beyond a certain limit, justify possession and explain why you need so much. The same with taking out $s. Any amount above $10,000 will require that you declare it in a form to be filled out by you for the same reason. Valuable currencies don't need protection.

If you have left over $s go and deposit it in the bank. It will immediately be converted to it's naira equivalent and you can go and withdraw in dollar when ever you need it.

No one should be allowed to hoard the dollar for whatever reason.

Desperate situations require desperate measures.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Admitted To Me He Had No Blueprints On How To Govern Nigeria — Naja'atu by Godfullsam(m): 9:57pm On Feb 20
Emilokan is a selfish and personal ambition!


Politics / Re: Speculators Undermine Measures To Stabilize Foreign Exchange Market – Ribadu by Godfullsam(m): 7:32pm On Feb 20
If the issue fx scarcity must end, the president has to be ready to step on toes.

Most bank officials, government officials, law makers, governors and the president himself are hoarding dollars in their various homes.

No body has the right to own dollars at all, it is not our legal tender.
Government should go after these dollar slaves, ransack their homes and jail anyone found with any foreign currency.

The government should end the activities of bureau de change with immediate effect and convert every dollar accounts in various banks to naira equivalents.
Government impose 300% tax on importation of luxury goods also.

Government should take the fight against corruption and economic saboteur serious .

Trials, prosecution and possible execution of these criminals should be done on live television for all to see and learn.
Government should include subjects that has to do with patriotism into school curriculum.

Our current leaders are a product of the society.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Are The Cause Of Economic Hardship Not Tinubu Says:- Sowunmi by Godfullsam(m): 3:19pm On Feb 20
you just removed everyone that stood a chance to win in the last election...was I supposed to vote for myself or you that didn't contest?

These guys have nothing to offer the masses.

Their faces, names, tribes and political parties may be different but their mind sets and aims are the same .

Yes, they are the the 3 major candidates likely to win the election and that is why we are bound to be where we are today.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Are The Cause Of Economic Hardship Not Tinubu Says:- Sowunmi by Godfullsam(m): 1:55pm On Feb 20
But did Nigerians really vote for APC(Tinubu)...majority of the enlightened South-westerners voted obi, almost all southerners voted obi, all easterners apart from a few voted obi... majority from the middle belt voted obi...How Tinubu won the last election is a miracle that can only happen in Nigeria

If you claim to be enlightened and decide to vote either Tinubu, obi or Atiku.
It means you are not enlightened at all. You are just deceiving yourself.
Career / Re: Share Your Interview Experience In The Comments by Godfullsam(m): 1:43pm On Feb 20
They asked me to go that I would hear from them. This is over 10 Years ago.
I am yet to hear from them.
The truth is that 70% of jobs people do today comes with no interview. Someone would just introduce you and you have got a job.


Na connection sure pass


Career / Re: Share Your Interview Experience In The Comments by Godfullsam(m): 1:28pm On Feb 20
I went for a job interview in maitama some yrs back, it was a small organisation (looks like a start up).

I was referred to them by a friend. The HR saw me and asked if I was the owner of the car parked outside, I said yes.

He requested for my original document, perused them for few minutes, returned them to me and told me they gonna get back to me.

I didn't hear from them till date. I already knew I won't hear from them sha undecided

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Politics / Re: Hardship: APC Workers Mull Protest by Godfullsam(m): 1:24pm On Feb 20
I know what to tell them, they are MUMUUUUU

Hahahahahaha, please take a look at the above statement. grin

See ehn, E better make person born Thief than to born MUMU. (especially the one wey grow up to support APC)

The statement from Felix Morka tells you that they don't care about their supporters, infact, they see them as Maàlu. What they care about is using them as slaves to win elections and not their welfare.

If you are here still supporting APC, kai..... I don't know what to tell you. grin
Politics / Re: Lagos Was Built By Gowon And Fashola by Godfullsam(m): 4:50pm On Feb 19
Please for the records, Lagos was built by Gowon and Fashola.

The Lagos Island, the military barracks, the general Lagos landscape (Gowon)

and later the likes of Lekki Peninsula and Lagos Mainland road expansions (Fashola).

Stop calling any miscreant in between. Soludo built the Banking sector.

Yorubas don't know Governance. They cannot work with people outside "yoruba ni" circle.

Reason Tinubu is appointing yorubas. Not necessarily nepotism.

God bless Igbos and Nigerian Catholics.

Lagos was built by igbos the developers.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Should Introduce Per Hour Minimum Wage by Godfullsam(m): 4:48pm On Feb 19

We still dey!

I'm just wondering how they are going to be calculating my wage on an hourly basis.

I don hit jackpot be dat now!

Keeping me from 8am to 4pm will be at government 's disadvantage big time.

By @op's estimation that will be 40 dollars/day or 200k daily.

This one na die!

This means you will have to work your ass off for every hour spent.

No room for laziness. It also means the civil servants will be downsized because many of them are unproductive.
Politics / Re: Tinubu: I Honestly Don’t Know Why The Southeast Is Quiet - Professor Usman Yusuf by Godfullsam(m): 1:57pm On Feb 18
There is bo ebi pa wa noise in the SE.

Crying because of hunger...SW
Dying because of hunger....SW
Fainting becausr of hunger....SW

Still they are teaching Igbo a lesson.

Worthless and useless sophisticated idiots.

The yorubas are special breeds.

Majority of them actually supported Tinubu and many supported obi too.
If they supported you and you failed them, they will be the first to come out and criticize you. That is why you see that the criticism is louder in the SW.

It is not because they are the only region that is feeling the heat of tinubu's maladministration. The suffering is everywhere except you want to deceive yourself.
When things were getting bad during Obasanjo's regime , it was the yorubas that first came out to criticize him.

The yorubas are not like the hausas/fulanis and igbos who will shield and support incompetent leaders because he came from their region.


Politics / Re: Naira Floating by Tinubu was Ill-advised-Atiku by Godfullsam(m): 1:45pm On Feb 18
Any leader that does not include restructuring, constitutional revenue and state policing in his agenda should not be taken serious.

All Atiku said is very good on paper but he will turn around and do the direct opposite once he comes to power.

Even buhari and the current balablu were talking like people with functioning brains but look at where they have brought us.

If you listed to obi's interview, you will think he is the next Messiah. All na wash!
They don't have genuine plan for you and me.


Politics / Re: Naira Floating by Tinubu was Ill-advised-Atiku by Godfullsam(m): 1:35pm On Feb 18
I firmly believe that if and when the Government is ready to open itself to sound counsels, as well as control internal bleedings occasioned by corruption and poorly negotiated foreign loans, the Nigerian economy would begin to find a footing again. -AA

It will be easy for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for tinubu to fight the bolded.
Most of his backers and praise singers are swimming in it and this is where the problem lies today.

Corruption can not fight corruption. Until we have a leader who can fight corruption head-on, we will just be beating around the bush.

The root cause of all our problems can be traced to corruption.

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Politics / Re: Naira Floating by Tinubu was Ill-advised-Atiku by Godfullsam(m): 1:32pm On Feb 18

Was surprised at the sound argument canvassed .
AA really serious this time around unlike in the past when he will just run to Dubai

Unfortunately, the 3 of them; Atiku, obi and balablu have nothing to offer.

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Politics / Re: Okonjo Iweala Should Be Invited To Help Nigeria by Godfullsam(m): 9:34pm On Feb 17

Millions of Nigerians will vote massively for a woman to rule. The problem is Yorubas and Yoruba Muslims

Your brother Seunmsg is now hiding in shame because of the monumental failure of the drug lord. The guy is a 🤡

Don't allow the issue of Yoruba Muslims to go you high blood pressure o.

If you are jealous of their religion, why don't you join the head slammers. You seem to blame virtually everything on them.
I can tell you for free that there are lots of Yoruba Muslims that actually voted for obi but hatred and jealous won't let you know.
You make say you didn't jealous them but you comments claim otherwise.

Obi's fate have already been sealed the moment he left PDP, even if all the Yoruba Muslims voted for him, it won't change anything.
Health / Re: Traders Rally Round Widow Who Fainted Due To Hunger by Godfullsam(m): 8:27pm On Feb 17
Nothing concern me but E dey mind

She voted for APC
Let her feel the heat

Now tell me, how did you know she voted for APC ?

Because she is Yoruba?

So you know how many million yorubas for against APC ?

If because she is a Yoruba is the only reason why you concluded that she voted for APC, you are all men the most miserable.
Business / Re: Lagos Govt To Relocate Computer Village To Kantangowa, Abule Egba by Godfullsam(m): 8:12pm On Feb 17

You will collect sarcastic insults.... no worry grin

I was speaking the minds of my blodas from da oza side grin

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Business / Re: Lagos Govt To Relocate Computer Village To Kantangowa, Abule Egba by Godfullsam(m): 6:31pm On Feb 17
Sanwo olu hate we igbos 2 much grin.

He is envious of our progress grin

He should not push us to the wall because if we decide to move our businesses out of Lagos, eko will become the shadow of itself grin.


Many people here don't even know when a comment is sarcastic grin

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Politics / Re: Okonjo Iweala Should Be Invited To Help Nigeria by Godfullsam(m): 12:13pm On Feb 17
Ngozi is not a fool. She was part of the Jonathan government destroyed by yoruba propaganda
She is a world class economist. She definitely must know better than working and trusting the children of the fallen demon.

Don't take it personal boy.

The topic is just an opinion , no body said she has been invited to help Nigeria economy.

Here is the bitter truth boy, no economist anywhere in the world can clean up the current mess in our economy within a short period.
Politics / Re: Okonjo Iweala Should Be Invited To Help Nigeria by Godfullsam(m): 11:55am On Feb 17
Few months before the end of Mr Jonathan's era, the federal government in which she was coordinating minister for the economy started borrowing to pay salaries despite the government having consistently received the largest crude oil revenues in the history of Nigeria.

Under her watch the money was all squandered or stolen by the likes of Deziani and other GEJ/PDP larkies.

Her excuse was that she advised the government to save but that it didn't. Absolute tosh. Why didn't she resign? People should stop trying to re-write history.

Also, she never faced an economic situation as tough and complex as we have today so we simply don't know if she would have been any better than those performing similar role now.

It's easy to be a finance minister when the government is making record revenues from oil revenues and bandits are not disrupting farming on such scale as we have presently.

The truth is, she was never really tested in the sort of economic conditions and circumstances as we have now. Any suggestion that she would have handled the current situation better is pure speculation. We simply don't know.

You are 💯% correct.

The economy was stable and revenue generated through crude oil sales were at All Time High.
There was massive corruption when she was around but Nigeria was also generating enough 💰 from crude sales, so the effect of corruption was very minimal.
Everything is complicated right now, there is massive corruption, low revenue generated through crude sales, high debt servicing and insecurities.
Bringing her at this critical period will only expose are weak points and flaws for the world to see.

The likes of Edu and Cardoso will most likely look like a guru if they were in charge when madam Ngozi was in charge.


Politics / Re: FG Summons Dangote, BUA Over Rising Cost Of Cement by Godfullsam(m): 11:23am On Feb 17
Allow other investors in the cement industry for competitions, and watch demand and supply determine the cost.

Government has never denied other investors from investing in the cement industry.

Government only stopped the importation because the natural resources needed for the production is readily available in Nigeria.

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Travel / Re: Pictures Of Circular Roads Along Ife-ibadan Been Done By Seyi Makinde Govt(pics) by Godfullsam(m): 11:18am On Feb 17
correct it, It was not done by Makonde it was done by Oyo state government.

He didn’t use his money he uses the government money

You are right.

But he initiated the project na.

And he, not the oyo state government would have been blamed if the project was not done.

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Crime / Re: Househelp Arrested For Stealing Employer’s $51,000 After 3 Days Of Employment by Godfullsam(m): 11:05am On Feb 17

Oga relax 51k Usd is nothing to most folks. They earn in dollars and many of them have large investments that pay in dollars. Abi u think say lekki or ikoyi residence dey play

They should take it to the bank.

Deposit your dollars in the bank and receive the equivalent amount in naira.
We don't spend dollars in Nigeria and no body has the right to hoard a currency that is not tenable in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government is not serious and are equally corrupt, that is why they are treating this issue of currency racketeering with kid glove.

A government that is slave to dollars can not implement laws to end dollar scarcity.
Properties / Re: This Apartment Is An Example Of ‘Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover’ (Pix, Video) by Godfullsam(m): 8:52am On Feb 17

It's about comfortability....as e never get funds to build his own won't he make himself comfortable so that he will be able to reason and think straight each time he get home...
Abi you want him to dey regret or feel sober anytime he is going home due to the disreputable state of his rented apartment.....so how is he going to dream and reason big on such a shacked apartment if he doesn't gift it a facelift......or what are you insinuating

You see all these people always insulting poor people online?

1. They are equally very poor and frustrated.
2. They are very myopic even more than the people they are insulting.
3. Their wealth only exists in their imagination.

Don't take them serious


Crime / Re: Househelp Arrested For Stealing Employer’s $51,000 After 3 Days Of Employment by Godfullsam(m): 8:44am On Feb 17
Yorubas should stop employing these obidients as housemaids.

They are just too covetous.

Shut up bigot.
Crime / Re: Househelp Arrested For Stealing Employer’s $51,000 After 3 Days Of Employment by Godfullsam(m): 8:36am On Feb 17
The owner of the money should be arrested and prosecuted for hoarding foreign currency .

His source(s) of income should be thoroughly investigated too.

The Nigerian government should prosecute anyone keeping large amounts of naira in the house talk more of foreign scare currency.

Proper implementation of cashless policy is needed ASAP!

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Politics / Re: LP: Abure Surrounded By Thugs, Forced Me To Sign Docs - Ex-acting Chair, Lebeke by Godfullsam(m): 9:28pm On Feb 16
APC Urchins rejoicing over LP internal issues while Balablu burns the country to the ground via inflation...

Are you an APC urchin?

I asked because you seem to be the only person rejoicing over LP internal issues here


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