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Technology Market / Where To Buy Styrofoam / Polystyrene In Ibadan? by Golden6(m): 1:05pm On Mar 31
Please where can I get styrofoam / polystyrene sheets to buy in Ibadan
Technology Market / Does Anyone Have Ddr2 Ram 4gb Or 8gb In Ibadan? by Golden6(m): 1:43pm On Feb 10
Does anyone have DDr2 ram 4gb or 8gb in Ibadan?
Education / Re: Federal Government Scholarship 2020 Thread | FSB Scholarship by Golden6(m): 7:11pm On Jan 29
Please check the date of your screenshot.. I don't remember when I applied again


Oh sorry.

I just happened to screenshot mine the time I applied

Investment / Re: Zuckerberg Loses $7 Billion In Hours As Facebook Plunges by Golden6(m): 5:22pm On Oct 05, 2021
Damnnn niggarrrr
Hahha.....he pain am for chest
Very good....make him feel the pain way boys dey feel for the streets

After you don suffer open face book and edit finish....within seconds him go bring am down

If them like them come back ......if them like make them nor come back

After all Facebook and Instagram nor dey green allow boys huzzle

If na wechat crash na....ehnnnn...my mind go dey....he go pain me for chest

Abeg we chat still dey work?

I don try dey login since yesterday e no dey go.. went on vpn but then said suspicious
Nairaland / General / Giveaway by Golden6(m): 9:06pm On Sep 12, 2021
Education / Re: Nnpc/snepco And Seplat Scholarship Discussion Thread 2020. by Golden6(m): 5:02pm On Apr 25, 2021
is there anyone that received a mail requesting LG certificate for Snepco scholarship on 2 march and didn't get mail the request of bank details recently

They sent a mail in March?

Please share the screenshot
Religion / Re: For Atheists. by Golden6(m): 8:48am On Mar 23, 2021

Are you sure you don't mean, "All the Genocides in the bible God allegedly commanded"?

Yeahh.. like I said I didn't re-read it.. just wanted to throw it out.. thank you.
Religion / Re: How Can The Atheist Me Be Happily Married To My Christian Wife? See My REPLY by Golden6(m): 11:46pm On Mar 22, 2021
The fact the op says so little is exactly all op had to say in this thread.

Rather than allow satan into his home, he very wisely resisted temptation like a person with God in their life ought to do.

And rather than raise mindless religious sheep, he will raise powerful use their God given mind children who will be fishers of humans to the Glory of the Lord God Almighty, though many religious people here will not see them as such.

Sorry, I don't actually understand this,
It's actually the wife that is a Christian
Religion / For Atheists. by Golden6(m): 11:29pm On Mar 22, 2021
.. good morning.
Religion / Re: How Can The Atheist Me Be Happily Married To My Christian Wife? See My REPLY by Golden6(m): 11:04pm On Mar 22, 2021
This thread is doing numbers ��, and I guess this is meant to be a question.. because if this was actually a true post, whoever would be posting it would have whole lot more to say than rice and beans, it's a whole lot moreeeeee complicated than that.

I wouldn't advise if actually.

Sadly, christians believe in the premise that one is bound to burn forever.
I'm sorry, but if she truly loves you, the strength of her love, would only increase the strength of her worry for you. Bacause no one know the future.

Also. You would have problems raising children. Unless you're comfortable having children who believe in a mirage.

Generally just even raising children in Nigeria. I really hope we'll be able to raise successful and happy children, considering the fact that they'll be the exception. Everyone else would be part of a religious social clique. Except for them.
Crime / Re: Scam Scammer Thief Alert by Golden6(m): 11:53pm On Mar 04, 2021
3. Photo contest

Crime / Re: Scam Scammer Thief Alert by Golden6(m): 11:48pm On Mar 04, 2021
2. Photo contest

Crime / Re: Scam Scammer Thief Alert by Golden6(m): 11:47pm On Mar 04, 2021

Crime / Re: Scam Scammer Thief Alert by Golden6(m): 11:46pm On Mar 04, 2021
Crime / Scam Scammer Thief Alert by Golden6(m): 11:32pm On Mar 04, 2021
Hello, if you come across this, it is a scam.

Robert Emmanuel Peter

Link to page
Kindly report.
Family / Re: What Is Your Opinion On Adoption?. by Golden6(m): 4:44pm On Jan 05, 2021
I'm just looking to learn people's opinion on it.
I don't need a survey to make an observation. From discussions I've had and/ observed, people are usually of the opinion that they won't adopt. Unless as a last resort. I'll just want to know more ni. Thanks.

"Landites" was just said on a lighter note�
Family / What Is Your Opinion On Adoption?. by Golden6(m): 8:49pm On Jan 04, 2021
Good Evening Landites!!

I'll actually just love to know your opinion on adoption?.

I observe it appears majority of people won't be in support of it, and I'll really love to know why.
Religion / Re: God Heals Cancer. by Golden6(m): 6:56pm On Dec 20, 2020
Mo ya look away ..lol

Religion / Re: God Heals Cancer. by Golden6(m): 9:53pm On Dec 19, 2020
I think I can conclude this better

"My point, this could infact have been as a result of a yet undiscovered scientific phenomenom.
I don't accept the belief that a God Did it. Thanks."

It is infact a belief, that his prayer and fasting, lead to this.
This infact, can be a possibility,

But unless there is a way to generate evidence, that this is infact, the exact thing responsible for his healing.
Then I simply cannot accept it as the truth.
Religion / Re: God Heals Cancer. by Golden6(m): 9:43pm On Dec 19, 2020
Okay, this is also on Wikipedia

Spontaneous remission, also called spontaneous healing or spontaneous regression, is an unexpected improvement or cure from a disease that usually progresses. These terms are commonly used for unexpected transient or final improvements in cancer.
Religion / Re: God Heals Cancer. by Golden6(m): 9:30pm On Dec 19, 2020
... peace
Religion / Re: God Heals Cancer. by Golden6(m): 9:29pm On Dec 19, 2020
Now, we must first acknowledge;

1. Word of mouth, is not necessarily credible evidence. Whoever is speaking can be lieing, speaking a modified version of the truth, or speaking a truth he is falsely informed about.
(E.g The government official who claimed only 10 students(#kankara) were kidnapped, then later blamed this on false information).

2. Pictures can infact be manipulated as well.

Assuming they aren't manipulated, the picture's only indicate;
This individual had an abnormality in the mouth,
The abnormality is gone.

The remaining context, is provided by word of mouth.
The abnormality is Cancer.
The abnormality is stage four cancer (hence untreatable).
The healing was as a result of his prayer and fasting only.
No surgery was performed

#No medications administered.

-This was not said by this individual, but I am including it, because
If the case is otherwise, we might not have any problem believing this post. We'll simply attribute the healing to the medications(and other scientific possibilities), while you'll attribute it to Majorly the prayer and fasting (God's Intervention), but also to the medications as well(as vehicles of his intervention).

Now, there is every possibility that ANY of these claims might be untrue, and such,

Some people choose to believe each and every one of them.
Some others doubt some of them.

I would be talking about my take(and some atheists. Not all) on these issues. As like I said, you can't generalise.

So firstly, there is that this might be false;
Manipulated images, or there is an untruth, or omission, to the message he passed across.

There is also that this might be true.
He Only Prayed and Fasted, and was suddenly healed.

Now, the difference between you and I, is that while you say God did it. I say I do not have an explanation for it. Period.

It could be an undiscovered scientific phenomenom.

The placebo effect E
A patient showing signs of recovery, based on belief he/she is getting better.
A patient feeling effects of a drug despite being administered water or other blanks.

If this phenomenom, was just attributed to Faith, and Religion. We would not have made progress.
But no, they scientifically studied it, and realised it affect everyone, regardless of religion or something else.

My point, this could infact have been as a result of a yet undiscovered scientific phenomenom.
I don't accept the belief that a God Did it. Thanks.

My posts are usually long shaa..
We'll, I'm going to attend service(not by choice) for two hours tomorrow, so this time is negligible in comparison.

Then other stuff like
Just by the way
1. Which God did it?. Why is a prayer to Vishnu also being allegedly answered right now somewhere in India, and probably also one to Allah somewhere in Saudi Arabia?

2. Why is healing diseases even something to be praised? Who created the diseases in the first place?

3. Why was this guys disease healed, but yet over 8 million people die annually from cancer, and over 1.65 million people have died from Covid. (Simply, why were other Prayers not answered).
Religion / Re: God Heals Cancer. by Golden6(m): 9:28pm On Dec 19, 2020

Religion / Re: God Heals Cancer. by Golden6(m): 9:28pm On Dec 19, 2020

Religion / God Heals Cancer. by Golden6(m): 9:26pm On Dec 19, 2020
Well I think I'll begin this post with a few statements.

1. There are highly intelligent people on both sides of the equation.
Both Christians, Muslims, Other Religious Followers, and Atheist are Doctors, Teachers, Scientists, E.T.C... it is absolutely wrong to assume a person to be foolish, based on their religious beliefs only.

(Some believe in being bang, some don't.
Some believe in evolution some don't.
Some believe religion is entirely bad, some don't.
Some believe jesus lived(and was not God) some believe he didn't live at all,
The same way some are Manchester United fans and some are not.)
(Those who don't believe in big bang, or evolution, simply believe there is some other theory yet unknown. So they do not know yet.)

3. There is a God.
There is no God.
These statements are not mutually Exclusive. One must be wrong.
If we are going to argue at all. You need to create a room to accept the possibility that whichever opinion you in fact hold, Might be the wrong one.
Please just ignore the post if you can't do that. There is no point trying to convince someone, who has no room to accept that he/she might be wrong.
So now the post.
Religion / Re: Thoughts by Golden6(m): 9:58pm On Dec 15, 2020

First, I know and understand The Law, which is, if you plant yam, you harvest yam; if you plant elephant grass, you Must harvest elephant grass, and not plantain.

God has been warning us that we like Wickedness and evil too much, we should and must Stop it. He also Promised us that if we stopped it, he would Heal our lands and all will be Good again.

Which means that the evil we do is Killing our land also.

But men did not listen rather they even did worse and worse things.

Thus, men have planted evil instead of good, so now men are only harvesting the evil they planted earlier which is seen in the chibok girls, tanker explosions, killings of wives/husbands, suicides, rape-murders, destruction of properties, all manners of diverse wickednesses.

Therefore, the land is dead or at least dying.

All these because men think they know better than God, so He has allowed man to do the better than God that he can do, the result of which, is what you see.

God has removed His Hand from men!

But the evil does not just affect grown adults.
Why do children and babies also "reap" the evil sewn by other people.
Religion / Re: Thoughts by Golden6(m): 8:16pm On Dec 15, 2020

Yes sir, I did! One issue at a time not multiple issues!


I'm guessing you're saying if he can let this pain(crucification) happen to his son (well himself) , why should it not happen to someone else?

We'll personally, I don't understand how physical pain is significant to God. Like, I don't understand it at all.

And humans have actually suffered worse pains than crucifiction. Some have even been caused by the church. I don't know if you've heard of the inquisition. Soo really the "Pain" story.. to someone supernaturally powerful.. doesn't really gather up any much sympathy/appreciation from me.

Also, only one of the questions came from the angle of why did God let someone suffer. And that was 3. What happened to the late Miss Vera Uwaila.

What exactly is your belief on what God did in that case?
Religion / Re: Thoughts by Golden6(m): 7:02pm On Dec 15, 2020

Your House, Your Laws!

When you were in your father's house you had to abide by his laws, which you did.

Now, if you think God was unjust or unfair in His Rule of this House called World, like your father, lay down your grievance, one after the other, let us examine and see if you or anyone has done Just is up to that which the Lord Endured till He was Full and see whether you would not fall silent or insult me because you Could Not Rebut the Truth!

Sorry please, what I understand from this response is; I should lay down my grievance of any conceived unjust ruling, so we would examine and see if it was up to what the Lord was said to have endured on the cross.

Is that what you said?
Religion / Thoughts by Golden6(m): 3:56pm On Dec 15, 2020
Atilo Atidee oo��.
Home again. Shiloh Again. Thenigerianpoliticianactorinmehasressurected ��
There are two clear in my future.
Continued Pretence or Explanations/Arguments.

Let me shaaa post these here.
How Is He Good?
Hell can never be just.
Everyone is the best version of themselves.
Hitler doesn't deserve to burn forever. (#DoNotKill)
Ayo who stole garri to eat, then was lynched, doesn't deserve to burn forever. (#DoNotSteal)

Who exactly determines what is sin?.

All the alleged Genocides in the bible God commanded. Simply because the people were en path to the "Promised land", and not Saved.
(I'm specifically referring to all conquests en route to canaan).

What is wrong.
Is right and wrong fixed in stone?.
Is murder wrong? Are our entire armed forces destined for death.

Who exactly defines the conditions for right and wrong?.
That is, what is the right or wrong reason for a sin?.

Can I take life to protect Life?
Can I take life to protect Money?
Can I take life to protect property?
Who determines what reason is good enough?

Life, sounds like a good reason.

But Money can mean life. If I have money, I need to use for an operation. Maybe heart transplant?

Property can mean life. Food, a donated Organ, Nuclear Fuels.

Does to save life automatically make any decision good?
Can I Rob Jeff Bezos, to use the money for a life saving surgery?.

Context. You have a knife.
Kill your son, kill 3 strangers, or I kill you all.
What is the right decision?.

He watched Vera Get Raped, and Murdered in his Church. How is that Good?

4. Other Evil in the World.
The devil can only do what God allows. I won't blame Your dog for biting me when it's you who didn't chain it.
Also, He Allegedly made Plasmodium so, I don't see why the Devil is generously given blame for Diseases.

Not Credible
No real Proof.

Unplausible Jargons
Noah's Ark. Jonah. Sun Stopping. Creation.

No Personal Experience

Attributed to every single God alive. Someone is praising hydrogen and helium(the sun) somewhere for birthing a son.

All Terribilities in the world.
A girl gets rape-killed in a church, but he was busy giving her free will, while healing someone's Catarhh elsewhere.

I sincerely can't get these thoughts out of my head at home ��. It is just how it is.
Programming / Re: The Most Financially Rewarding Areas In Programing. by Golden6(m): 1:04pm On Nov 23, 2020

You're starting with the wrong mindset. You won't last in the business. Ask me why

Programming / Re: The Most Financially Rewarding Areas In Programing. by Golden6(m): 10:09pm On Nov 11, 2020
I am a mobile developer, I develop for both Android and ios, I work with a software company, So far, I have made a little bit of millions from my end...am sort of living the company by the end of this year to create my own Company... Well Programming can be rewarding as long you know what you are doing and you know how to do it well... Seriously Just create an app service, or web service or any service, Then advertise your service,, when I mean Service I mean something like Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Emilydates, Jumia, nairaland, reddict, Opay, something people can keep coming back to, do that and see your self become a millionaire...

Thank you very much


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