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Politics / Re: Media, Supporters Barred As Igboho’s Cotonou Trial Resumes Behind Closed Doors by GoodMuyis(m): 8:36pm On Jul 26
This nwanimo self undecided
I dey feel say na Nwamaikpe dey control that monicker
Back to the topic
IDGAF if the trial is held behind closed or open doors what matters most is justice should be served .
If you ask me I can't point out a single offence Igboho or KANU committed

Causing trouble in a democratic setting to a democratically elected president.

If they had done noth wrong, why are they running?

Sowore was locked up and was later released because he did nothing wrong.
Politics / Re: Britain & Bindmans Seek Nnamdi Kanu’s Consent To Take Over Case by GoodMuyis(m): 5:21pm On Jul 16

If the House of Parliament gets involved which it will, it may force the hand of the government to take action against Nigeria.

Nigeria is a sovereign nation, so Britain can not gag Nigeria to do anything. What they can do best is diplomatic dialog which would fail considering case surrounding kanu himself.

Meanwhile, binds an is only collecting money from kanu to engage in mere legal exercise. Of course no lawyer will tell you he can't win a case
Politics / Re: NAF Fighter Jets Eliminate 120 Zamfara Bandits In Airstrikes At Sububu Forest by GoodMuyis(m): 6:59pm On Jul 15

But you will agree with me that there was no limit to publishing, when they posted dead bodies of people killed in the East nd tagged terrorists?

It is easier for the press to obtain photos from the police in the city than going into the bush to obtain images for breaking news. Also, the army beareucracy is another thi9
Politics / Re: NAF Fighter Jets Eliminate 120 Zamfara Bandits In Airstrikes At Sububu Forest by GoodMuyis(m): 10:35pm On Jul 13
Lori iro cheesy

I was hoping to see pictures of the dead bandits but alas! There's none.

This sort of news coming a day after a police officer made some expository claims that they were told not to go after bandits, can't be a coincidence.

Who is fooling who?

There is a limit to publishing of gory war images on media by the army. It is only newspapers that does that.
Politics / Re: New Improved NIN Charges: What Is The Government's Endgame? by GoodMuyis(m): 8:11pm On Jul 09
This would have been good if it came from the NHIS. It would make a whole lot of sense to purchase health packs that can cover dependents, mostly family members, but no, an ORDINARY IDENTITY COMMISSION that is tasked with handling citizens' identities and providing FREE NATIONAL ID cards is creating subscription packs and class-oriented ID cards. The other day, they need N25b to buy servers in order to enrol 43 million Nigerians.

The foolishness of this very government is why history should be resuscitated and taught in Nigerian schools. We shouldn't forget this in a hurry.

One word for all your questions

Religion / Re: Muslim Tagging On Nairaland. This Must Be Stopped! by GoodMuyis(m): 6:44pm On Jul 09

We wouldn't have advocated for a separate forum for Christians if he hadn't created one for the abdools. I don't get what point(s) you're trying to make with this tho. If he's an atheist as he has always claimed then he should have been unbiased in dealing with both faiths. Why should the Muslims be a sacred cow? Why should any group be free from criticism? Whatever thus protected group is needed to be investigated.

The reason why he refused to create might be connected to his laziness, not wanting to spend the time to code.
Education / Re: Akwa Ibom Bans Pupils Older Than 12 Years From Admission Into Secondary Schools by GoodMuyis(m): 6:38pm On Jul 09
It's an unfortunate situation, cultism in secondary schools, that shows how rotten the system is, our leaders have failed miserably.
This is parenting failure
Religion / Re: Muslim Tagging On Nairaland. This Must Be Stopped! by GoodMuyis(m): 6:24am On Jul 09

What has his uncle's webinar got to do with the special treatment that isalmists are getting on the forum?

we all know where his allegiance lies.

The above is are your own words. If digest my last paragraph, it also addresses your comment.

We [a lot of us] have advocate for separate forum for Christians but he declined to act on it.
Religion / Re: Muslim Tagging On Nairaland. This Must Be Stopped! by GoodMuyis(m): 7:41pm On Jul 08
Even though seun always claim to be atheist, we all know where his allegiance lies. This is the only forum where some cult are protected. Islam is scourge on humanity but Seun is ready to protect it. Where is so-called freedom of expression? Nobody is free to make comments on Islamic threads but Muslims are free to spam on other people's religious posts


This is not true, last month he promoted his elder brother's or uncle's zoom webinar on marriage and it is Christian themed webinar

When he implemented that protocol it was due to uncontrollable argument. His fault was not doing same for Christian
Religion / Re: Muslim Tagging On Nairaland. This Must Be Stopped! by GoodMuyis(m): 7:32pm On Jul 08
Muslims are weak. No Muslim can allow a cordial and responsible debate without insulting their opponents

Good day Anas09, it's been a while, but I trust God you are doing well. I just remembered that sometimes ago you were planning something for young people. I don't know how much progress you have made.

What drop into mind was that, there has never been a good time to bring the young people to God than now.
Food / Re: Do It Yourself Training - How To Make Tomato Paste by GoodMuyis(m): 9:56pm On Nov 23, 2020
Food / Do It Yourself Training - How To Make Tomato Paste by GoodMuyis(m): 8:17pm On Nov 22, 2020

Tomato market in Nigeria and the process of preserving it into tomato paste
Nigeria is the 16th country on the global tomato production scale. Entrepreneurs earn millions on tomatoes! You can become one of them! Read this tomato production guide and find the most successful state to start your business in Nigeria!

Tomato products are cultivated in most states in Nigeria. There are even leaders in tomato production industry! It includes states like:
– Kano
– Taraba
– Gombe
– Bauchi
– Kaduna
– Sokoto
– Zamfara
– Katsina
– Jigawa

All these states produce about 80% of all tomatoes in the country. Kano is the most successful region in this area. Nigeria also provides about 2% of total world tomatoes production. Still, the country does not get about 45 percent of the tomatoes due to the poor food supply chain.

Every year Nigeria loses about 750 thousand tons of tomatoes due to the bad food supply chain. It costs millions of Naira. It also leads to the lack of tomatoes in the country. Only in 2009, the Federal Government had to buy tomato paste worth about 16 billion Naira to support the inner demand of the country.

The majority of tomatoes grow in the northern part of the country. They grow in the temperature range between 25 and 34 degree Celsius. Tomatoes are also very sensible to humidity and rain. The highest yield of tomatoes is provided by states like Jigawa, Delta, Kwara, Oyo, Borno, Bauchi, and Plateau. The planting tomato season in these areas is from August to September.

The highest yield of tomato in the history of Nigeria was recorded in 2010. The overall value of this highest yield was $687, 610, 000. Still, it couldn`t satisfy Nigerians. The national demand for fresh tomatoes in Nigeria is about 2-3 million tons every year. Due to the poor production chain, Nigerians waste from 750 000 to 1, 350, 000 tons of tomatoes.

How can you help with these tomato wastes? Some of us do not ask these questions but just take a chance. Consider the following two examples for the profitability of tomato production in Nigeria!



MATERIALS: Pot, Bowls, Gas cooker, stove or any source of heat, Sieve

=> Pick out the unripe and rotten tomatoes
=> Wash your tomatoes
=> Chop tomatoes into quarters.
=> Grind the tomatoes using blender or grinding machine and ensure you do not add water while grinding, if necessary add very little.
=> Transfer the grinded tomatoes into your pot and parboil it for 10-15 minutes depending on the quantity of the tomatoes you’re using.
=> After parboiling, let it cool down, after cooling down sieve the tomatoes to remove excess water, then transfer it into bottlesand cover it.
=> Bottles should submersed in water bath when sterilizing
=> Transfer these bottles into larger pot, add little water to the pot and boil for 25-20 minutes.
=> After heating, remove your bottles from the pot and keep
=> Your tomatoes paste is ready and can stand for a year if not opened.

These training materials are provided by NafFarm Food headed by AbdulLateef Olaosebikan for further coaching, and further training for commercial productions, the in and out of the business, kindly reach out to us via: 07069655569 or info@idixcover.com and we shall connect you with them and also offer technical assistance to assist you in starting your business as soon as possible
Celebrities / Re: The Hunt For Funmi Adams: Dead Or Alive? by GoodMuyis(m): 3:20pm On Oct 13, 2020
During this SARS protest I remember Funmi Adams' Nigeria my beloved country. God bless you ma'am wherever you are. I love you. I love Nigeria. Oh how I things will change. How I wish a revolution will happen through this SARs protest.

Am [you] not the only one in the ecstasy. the song has being looping since morning on my laptop

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Politics / Re: What FG Should Do To Suspend #endsars Protest by GoodMuyis(m): 11:32am On Oct 13, 2020
Would there have end SARs protests if BBNAIJA was still ongoing grin

On can see what indolent can cause
Politics / Re: What FG Should Do To Suspend #endsars Protest by GoodMuyis(m): 11:22am On Oct 13, 2020

That number 4 go hard...

Come 2023 all this rubbish go stop by God's Grace

I have a cool option but am not going to say it loud
Politics / What FG Should Do To Suspend #endsars Protest by GoodMuyis(m): 10:26am On Oct 13, 2020
I read a sad opinion this morning from Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC)
stating that "FG May Forcefully End Protests If Youths Continue". This will be a bad decision and will lead worse scenario and unmanageable situation, maybe we should remind our parent who are in Government the Apartheid story they told us about South Africa. The use of force by the government did not stop the people's from protesting, it only lead to Democide, same or worse could happen in Nigeria.

Against Prof. Itse Sagay Opinion, I have a different View and Solution outlined below:

1=> The FG should with immediate effect reopen all School: The Majority of youth on the street are students, who are tired and angry for staying at home for too long, they may be protesting for #EndSARS but psychologically, their subconsciousness is demanding for something else. An Idea mind is a devil's workshop

2=> Verbal Engagement: It is not enough to make announcement on TV by the President or the IGP (which is of course termed as audio), meeting with the protesters on street is a good way to clear doubt. By my opinion the best man to do the Job is the Starboy PYO, his oratory prowess can be compared to none in this Administration. The V.P flying to 5 states a day is not too demanding after-all such would be done for election campaign. He does not necessarily need to visit every places, just one place at a time would do.

3=> Total compliance should be enforce for all police officers to be on their Official Uniform: The worries of many is garrulous and intimidation from a gun wielding police-officer not wearing uniform (I called it Sarsophobia). This should be enforce while carrying out the promised reform.

4=> The President should improve on his public appearance and interaction with the common man, he is becoming an uninspiring leader, if not why would he address the young people in his country and they turn deviance? May be he should... I keep this to myself, I should be paid for this information.

Lalasticlala I know am too small to make a hit


Foreign Affairs / Re: Ten Of The Craziest Things About Life In North Korea by GoodMuyis(m): 9:30pm On Oct 02, 2020
I know this is coming late but Happy Independence Nigeria. I'm sorry for not valuing what we have here. At least this frying pan is better than fire (North Korea).

So the only good thing in north korea is nuclear weapons. Still better than some place in west africa

Education is Totally Free in DPK from Primary to Degree level, isn't that good
Religion / Re: Finally SHAME On All Atheists, Nigeria First Then Worldwide by GoodMuyis(m): 4:55pm On Mar 07, 2020

Do that and don't quote out of context ok?

Also it is not true that that is what atheists think in general. I can show you tube videos of atheists saying the exact opposite. We general think humans have of course varying degrees of metal capacity and that no one has an advantage or disadvantage because they believe in a god. What is apparent is your god beliefs lead you to fallacious thinking which is where we tell you you are being stupid. We don't say you can't create stuff from your brain, we say your dogma makes you unreasonable sometimes.

There are people who claimed Marijuana gives them inspiration to perform better, some take needle in their butt of arm.

Is their any wrong for me to claim i derived power and motivation from God?
Religion / Re: Finally SHAME On All Atheists, Nigeria First Then Worldwide by GoodMuyis(m): 6:23am On Mar 06, 2020

Bwahahahahaha! Who told that if you are Christian your brain is useless and cannot produce anything useful? The person was probably being insulting. That is not what ATHEISTS in general think. We think you capable of producing whatever but we don't think your god is involved in anyway except as a source of motivation nothing more. Your god doesn't give you any special advantages in the brains department at all.

That is exactly what atheist think in general, if am to search the forum i will dig out a good number of comments on this

That God doesn't give any special advantage in the brains department, I will leave that to be a case of 6 and 9.
Religion / Re: Finally SHAME On All Atheists, Nigeria First Then Worldwide by GoodMuyis(m): 10:01pm On Mar 05, 2020

Let me ask you just one question.
Was it prayers and faith he used to accomplish his goal?

Read again what I quoted from him verbatim, this time around very slowly
Politics / Re: Bayelsa Assembly Approves N2.9bn Car Loan For Diri by GoodMuyis(m): 7:20am On Mar 05, 2020
I trust my PDP people, the looting and pillaging don start already..it's in the DNA. grin grin

The cars the previous governor used done break down or not good enough..or car loan is the biggest issue on the table so they must rush rush multi billion naira loan?

Bayelsa people, why are you always so blessed with the most horrible governors in the world.?

grin grin

Come to Think of it that the former Governor is his brother
Health / Re: An American’s Experience Of Trying To Get Tested For Coronavirus by GoodMuyis(m): 1:12am On Mar 05, 2020
Ebola is gone as a result of critical thinking and methodologies put in place to tackle it by the help of the then Governor Fashola , massive cooperation from the Federal govt, the volunteers from different organization and the general public .
You sound just like the stupid eastern Governors that will tell their citizens to pray and do nothing after the onslaught from Hausa /Fulani headsmen. If they had not sat down to think of how to act and protect their region by combing their forest and getting rid of the headmen, then there would have been series of raping , maiming and killings everyday day just like we are having in the south south and Middle belt becos of lack of action.
Think, and act to solve a problem before you that is the way to go and not your lazy way out of praying and waiting for Angel Gabriel to come down from heaven to help you when you have brain to think.

The critical thinking and methodologies, where do they come from?
Those who are doing the critical thinking and methodologies are they irreligious (do not pray)?
If they religious/prayer PROVE IT that it wasn't prayer that gives them inspiration.
If the critical thinking and methodologies works for Lagos -Nigeria, why is it yet to work for other countries?

Before you make Noise read this thread => https://www.nairaland.com/5719453/
Religion / Finally SHAME On All Atheists, Nigeria First Then Worldwide by GoodMuyis(m): 1:10am On Mar 05, 2020
Before you start reading here is a comment from a Programmer Who single-handedly design AVideo YouTube Clone a Audio and Video Streaming Platform. Who also made the source code free for all to download.

I would humbly like to thank God for giving me the necessary knowledge, motivation, resources and idea to be able to execute this project. Without God's permission this would never be possible.

For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen. Apostle Paul in Romans 11:36
Source: https://github.com/WWBN/AVideo

The quote above shows that the said programmer is a Devote Christian, who acknowledged God as the giver of knowledge.

On this platform the atheist had arrive at the conclusion that if you are a Christian or any other religion, your brain is useless and cannot produce anything useful, besides Amen....Halleluya.... When there is problem, the fault falls on Religion, they are quick to insult pastors, forgetting that Most of the Top pastors in Nigeria were intelligent, first-class and best graduating student in their academic pursuit. Due to deliberate blindness, failed to see the success of Bishop Oyedepo Enterprise as clue that these men can be greater than this if they choose become to be.

If there is any record of scientific breakthrough on the account of a Christian, it doesn't count if there is an atheist in similar field. These folks behave like Pharaoh Magician who think thinks going head-to-head with Moses is a good idea.

Mark Zuckerbag and Bill Gate were reference point to the irreligious when the topic about achievement was raised, stating that these two men became great w/o God. The former would later denied being agnostic or atheist[1] while the later will claim he sometimes attend church service with his wife and kids even he was agnostic (not an atheist though).

Some unbelievers who thinks working with computer CPUs/RAMs, will make you superior to and smarter than others. While their religious counter-part are dump and stupid to have believed in the Existence of God. Well Daniel the programmer have proved them wrong. You cannot be dump and stupid yet create a wonderful platform such as AVideo.

They wanted us to believe there is no profit in serving God, its a waste of time to read the bible, praying is abnormality....

But hey huh they are lairs... Brother Daniels shows us the opposite

There is profit in serving God, its not a waste of time to read the Bible, praying is extraordinary

If you are loosing faith in God or have lost it, receive a Prevenient Grace, be Revived, Pick it up from where you drop it

God Bless you for reading and Yes you too

Next in my list is to write my opinion how God feels when someone goes to hell using Computer Device Operation with my over 15 years experience of operation. Note that its going to be my opinion not God's.

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Health / Re: An American’s Experience Of Trying To Get Tested For Coronavirus by GoodMuyis(m): 11:56pm On Mar 04, 2020

In some remote villages of the DRC, Ebola is still claiming lives today March 4th 2020.

This is your claim... Stop being a religious fanatic..when Ebola to Africa and Nigeria ..... I am sick and tired of you Nigerians not using your head and logic some times

Show me 1 case from Nigeria don't go too far
Religion / Re: Coronavirus Will Not Catch You - Pastor Kumuyi Says (Video) by GoodMuyis(m): 11:53pm On Mar 04, 2020
Saying Amen or not saying Amen is inconsequential. The virus has entered Nigeria. If the govt didnt do enough and it spreads, no amount of prayer will save you. This has nothing to do with God. The countries that the virus is ravaging are also countries created by God, just like Nigeria. If you said God will protect you ahead of them, then it means your God is partial and very wicked. This is not the God of Christians. This is why i called you a pagan because satan is your God, just like satan is the God of Kumuyi.

So what is your problem, The man is praying for his children, they love it and say amen.

Maybe you should go and meet you own parent to pray for you, if you don't like his own prayer. Stop insulting someone else father if you don't what yours to be humiliated publicly.

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Religion / Re: Coronavirus Will Not Catch You - Pastor Kumuyi Says (Video) by GoodMuyis(m): 10:14pm On Mar 04, 2020

Look how the devil is using your brain to play dice,you go dey have plenty nightmares am sure

The devil is even throwing triple six

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Religion / Re: Coronavirus Will Not Catch You - Pastor Kumuyi Says (Video) by GoodMuyis(m): 10:13pm On Mar 04, 2020
Damnnnnn niggarrr

Funny pastor

What if this Corona was a failed biochemical or laboratory experiment by scientists which was intended to cure another disease but unfortunately it turned into a worse disease itself

Am just thinking out loud though

No body should insult me

But it has killed thousand, is that normal to you?
Health / Re: An American’s Experience Of Trying To Get Tested For Coronavirus by GoodMuyis(m): 2:14pm On Mar 04, 2020
Stop being a religious fanatic..when Ebola to Africa and Nigeria what happened to our Religion?.Did you dare go near an Ebola patient during that time to pray for their souls? I am sick and tired of you Nigerians not using your head and logic some times. Your pastors will preach to you about self healing and several miracle that will happen in our lives, bla bla bla but when sickness strikes, you and that your pastor una go run go hospital, Use the medicine wey Oyibo wey no believe in God produce..Una nai preach pass but you guys are the least productive human being in the surface or the earth when it comes to solving world problem or invent things that will alleviate human suffering. All the technologies you and your pastors have being using to do yanka in the church pulpit, have all being produced by non believers..The plane that you religious fanatics fly nko, are all made by scientist with great mind that do not believe in religion. Dem nor carry bible for head. una go dey deceive una sef up and down over religion which has made us redundant for life.

As at today, can you show me a case of ebola.
Health / Re: An American’s Experience Of Trying To Get Tested For Coronavirus by GoodMuyis(m): 2:11pm On Mar 04, 2020
Sometimes I think WE (humans) have overstayed our welcome in this world.
There should be an international Day of prayers tagged "GOD WE ARE TIRED"�
We need to ask God to shorten his waiting period.
What I'm I even saying sev�

You are saying the right words dear
Health / Re: Court Stops Lagos Public Hospitals From Demanding Blood Donations For Childbirth by GoodMuyis(m): 7:59am On Mar 04, 2020
The problem is that there's shortage of blood in the blood bank. People in dire situations need to be given blood urgently but our society us not enlightened enough to understand that blood donation is healthy and a form of social responsibility/civic duty.

There must always be blood at hand for pregnant women who are due for delivery and surgical cases. Sometimes it's a life and death issue. I hope this will not lead to maternal deaths.

Maybe if blood donors are given free NHIS pass after certain level will encourage this.

UK awards for 50, 25 and 100 donations

Ruby award from the Singapore Red Cross for 75 voluntary donations

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Politics / Re: Ogun Assembly Passes Amotekun Bill by GoodMuyis(m): 2:02pm On Mar 03, 2020
It won't see the light of the day.

As long as it did not go laid down rule with the califate.

The Photos of their technicalities alone is intimidating,.....

See over 30 vehicles.


The motion was also supported by the whole House.
Politics / Re: Ba Lawan Abubakar Kills 5 Rebel Leaders, Silences Clerical Tones by GoodMuyis(m): 10:25am On Mar 03, 2020
Damnnnnn niggarrr

Even shaytan(devil) deserve a second chance

No it doesn't
shaytan is not a body but a spirit

Chance has to do with timing, space and life but non is applicable to him

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