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Politics / Re: North Should Not Fool Itself, Only This Man Can Stop Tinubu In 2027 by HarunaWest(m): 8:10pm On Nov 22

‘The north…..the north…..the north! Are you also including the middle-belt and northern Christians in this your ‘the north’!? Don’t project the disdain or hatred you may have for Peter Obi and Ndigbo on the entire north! Why would large swathes of the middle-belt and northern Christians prefer Umahi or Wike to Obi!? I’m sure it isn’t just a mere coincidence that your ‘favourite’ Igbo or Ikwerre/south-south are those who defected from PDP and are presently helping to give ‘legitimacy’ to Tinubus’ stolen mandate!
The Middle Belt voted for Tinubu, Benue voted for Tinubu, In Nassarawa and plateau states, Tinubu had a good showing, he also won in Kogi State. H.E Peter Obi didn't win in the North East and North West. These are regions that have large voter turnout. Left for me, the election was free and fair to a large extent cos trust me, PMB did all in the books to frustrate Tinubu's emergence. If Vice President Atiku and H.E Obi flew on same ticket, it would have been an easy ride. Also, stop being petty and bitter. That I say H.E Peter Obi didn't win, I am now a hater of Ndigbo et al. That's the problem yall have, stop reasoning with emotions, reason objectively.


Politics / Re: North Should Not Fool Itself, Only This Man Can Stop Tinubu In 2027 by HarunaWest(m): 5:42pm On Nov 22
When Atiku made a call recently, requesting for opposition parties to unite in order to stop Nigeria's decent to one party state, I laughed. I didn't find Atiku's request ridiculous because it lacks merit but the hidden agenda behind it.

Atiku has realized that PDP and LP going into election in 2027 against Tinubu and APC's rigging will be an effort in futility, so he is hoping that Obi and others will withdraw for him in the so-called coalition.

The question is, why is Atiku & some Northern Muslims fooling himself?

Atiku is not only greedy, but also shortsighted, impatient and arrogant. This man would have most likely become president in 2007 if only he didn't have those baggages I listed above. He was so disloyal to his boss Obasanjo, that he constantly planned and sabotaged him severally. In return, Obasanjo overlooked him as a successor and also vowed to stop his presidential ambition in future. When Goodluck Jonathan was about going for second tenure, which if he had completed it, presidency would have returned to North and Atiku would have clinched the ticket in 2015. What did Atiku do? He naively and arrogantly sabotaged Jonathan and teamed up with Buhari who was in APC to destroy Jonathan's chances. If Atiku wasn't so unfortunate, he would have known that Buhari would rule for 8 years & there was no way another Northerner would succeed him.

Today, instead of giving up and accepting he blew up his chances due to his tomfoolery, he is once again on a wild goose chase.

The coalition for 2027 is a good idea, but it must have Obi as its flagbearer. Obi is the most popular politician in Nigeria today. He actually won the 2023 election but was rigged out. However, if North decides to give Obi full backing in 2027, and he gets block votes in the SE and SS, there is nothing Tinubu can do to stop him. Also, the national assembly must ensure that INEC becomes truly independent before 2027.

Anything outside of these will hand Tinubu straight 8 years and I doubt if North will ever recover from the damage of Tinubu's treacherous policies.
I was interested in your piece until you claimed that H.E Peter Obi won the 2023 election. I disagree with you on that. The North will rather vote for an H.E Engr. Umahi or H.E Wike. Unfortunately, they are all now part of APC.

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Family / Re: Help... Don't Know What Am Going Into!!! by HarunaWest(m): 8:19am On Nov 22
Please fellow nairalanderz..I have been a ghost reader for some now and seeing how issues are been treated here gave me the gut to fully join and seek advice on way forward concerning what am about to commit myself into... sorry for the typo error and bashing is welcome as well......So am a young man in my early 30s from the Eastern part of the country ... currently here in the middle belt...Yet married and there is this girl I have been nurturing to marry though from the same part of the country.. should be 21 by next year...I have been a family friend with the parents for years now and this said lady is still a virgin till date and hard working ... started going out with her last year of which the parents was against it but I don't really know all of a sudden the called me and ask about my plans towards their daughter and I replied by saying if all goes as planned I would love to marry her... since then they reduced their bashing towards the girl anytime she goes out knowing fully well she could be with me... Now the issues am seeing now are these***this very girl loves alcohol more than me being the man and can give her last card to the parent on their flimsy request... this particular habit of giving the parents cash assistance is no crime if only the established something for her, but no way I was the one that gave her cash on several occasions to start little stuff in other to cater for herself because am not the type that loves giving money every now and then for up keep.. reason being that all my life I never really dated..so see such a girl and been close to them I never felt any harm in trying to bring her up to speed of which the father per say is always against me giving her such amount of money reason that I should try and do the needful .... but in all this they always keep collecting the money until she folds up...even in my presence to the extent of going to borrow from random people just to meet her parents needs...I warned her on several occasions but to no avail.... currently she broke and I for one is not going to give her a dime again...they parents are expecting me to come and do the needful... funny parts is this very girl can be sturbone to the core... nowadays she flares up at any slightest mistake or joke....So house what should I do.... continue the relationship or find my way because it's eaten me up and I really plan on settling down by next year...so please help a soul
Get married to a working class lady.


Politics / Re: 'Shame On You All’ – Yahaya Bello Vows To Punish Cabinet Members Over Betrayal by HarunaWest(m): 4:55pm On Nov 20
Traits of a thug and rascal. So people don't have right to their political choice or freedom anymore. It is a shame these are the kinds of tyrannical idiots APC gave this nation.
You are in a party and you are working for another party. I don't understand. Political choice is for you to be loyal to your party. You can't be undermining your home and giving advantage to away. The reason I like H.E Wike is the fact that he didn't hide his own, he blatantly didn't support Vice President Atiku Abubakar and he displayed it. Loyalty is something rare in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: My Boss Denied Me My Right To Cast My Vote by HarunaWest(m): 8:56am On Nov 10
I want to know if there is any such law or immunity giving to Federal civil service boss to stop his subbordinates from going to cast their votes because it is a State Governorship election in the state where he is a Branch Accountant. Bayelsa State is conducting their Governorship Election and as a Bayelsan, it is your right to go to your village and cast your vote tomorrow being Saturday which is the election day and those going to very far greeks moves this morning to various Communities in the State. I am deprived of going to exercise my right.
Embark on leave. That's you fairest option. No law says he must grant you a day off for election purpose except the government declares it.
Crime / Re: A Nairaland Brutality By Ilaje Bariga DPO by HarunaWest(m): 7:55am On Nov 10
My Ordeal with Bariga D.P.O

I went to get some parts for my car at popular Roundabout spare part market at Roundabout in Gbagada at some minute past eight in the morning , on getting there I observed that all shops were locked due to Thursday sanitation and on my way back I observed an hot and abusive argument between a Lastma (lady) and a police officer on mufti ( I don't know he was an officer),

Walking past them I advised the lastman lady to forgo the argument and get back to her duty post which she immediately obliged, and I was going the lady was trying to go back to the argument and I told her to go back that if any accident happen she will be held responsible. And immediately the woman left to attend to her duty post.

The Aggrieved man immediately pounced on me aggressively on my way going seeking to know why I told the woman to walk away from her which I initially ignored and continue to move away then he forcefully drew my shirt back seeking to know why I have to instruct the woman to abandoned the argument for her work post, that fo I know who he his and what happen.

I told him that what happen and who he is is totally irrelevant that if accident happen at that junction the lady will be held responsible and as secretary to Araromi CDA I have a right to advise her to go back to her duty post.

The man get infuriated and more annoyed and started shout at the top of his voice and using his finger to push me and slamming my chest which I told him to please not touch me because if he do I will retaliate by doing same .. next thing he locked my shirt with a push and I did same back, he slipped off back and fell and the bystanders and onlookers came to separate us telling me that he is D.PO ilaje Bariga ..

At this point I left him and begged him continuously that I don't know he was an officer.

He thereafter locked my shirt up insisting he won't let me go, everyone came to plead on my behalf but met a deaf hears.

There came a lawyer who also oversee all that transpired between us and was pleading on my behalf, still he refused and later resulted in calling his boys from bariga police station, at this point the man introduced himself as a lawyer and promised to be interested in my matter and at this point the lawyer also called someone and the person also spoke with the Lastma and advice we take the matter to nearest police station.

At this point the armless police Divisional traffic officer from Ifako Police station and his men arrived and advice the DPO to hand me over to them but the DPO initially refused still locking on my shirt.

After so much intervention by DTO and our insistance to go to Ifako Police station the man grudgingly obliged and hand me over ..

Part 2

When DTO was looking for Marwa or bike to convey me to Ifako there was no Marwa ready to honor it. And we decided to trek to Ifako Police station..

On our way to Ifako there came DPO ilaje Bariga boys arrived the scene shooting sporadically and before I know it is a large and thunderous slap in my right eyes with handcuffs in my both hand as a criminal. I struggled to refuse to follow them to Bariga telling them we can only go to Ifako Police division since the matter fell within Ifako jurisdiction.

All my effort in convincing these rag tag police officer met serious beating and brutalisation on my person . I was later forced into their van.

From roundabout to Bariga I received serious brutality from all officers in the vehicle except the driver . The brutality ranging from back of gun , to serious slaps on my face and blows . All saying I have the audacity to be fighting their oga.

I was dumped behind their counters at Ilaje police station after a while the DPO came bragging at me saying as quote " do I know how many people he has wasted that he will waste me or send me to prison" then he ordered for his rifle from another officer (seriously at this point my mind cut). Then the officer brought him his rifle and went out with most of his team.

After some hours he came back and said they should bring me that he is taking me to Ifako Police station (felt a bit relief).

And we went to meet the DPO at Ifako who asked what transpired between us and I truthfully explained myself to the DPO and asked the DPO ilaje his own side of the story but trying to cover up so many truth. The Ifako DPO called in another officer to take up our statements and report back to her immediately which we obliged.

Then the DPO ilaje later went out to bring in the LaStma officer, My brother and a ram seller at Roundabout as evidence to prove his case..

Later which the DPO asked everyone to speak on their involvement and how shots where fired sporadically at the scene of event .

Thereafter the DPO ordered the officer to take others statement.. and later said I should be bailed on self recognition .. that whenever I am needed I will be called upon to do so.
Sue the DPO.
Politics / Re: I Work From Home To Manage Cost Of Governance - Governor Alex Otti by HarunaWest(m): 6:50am On Nov 06
OTTI the scammer you are working from your private house, and yet you have collected house rent from ABIA STATE Government in millions to live in that same private house. Now you are claiming managing coast of governance as if you are ready for good governernce.
Do you have vouchers to prove that he has collected rent in millions?
Politics / Re: BREAKING: PDP Governors Reconcile Wike And Fubara by HarunaWest(m): 6:17pm On Nov 04
Fubara isn't a politician as such.

With 26 (out of 32) Rivers assembly men to his side, Fubara was having the upper hand. He also enjoyed the support of the masses.

A good opportunity to take out Wike once and for all.

24 members called for his impeachment. They are not on his side.

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Car Talk / Re: A Choice Between Toyota Camry 2001 And Honda Civic 2006 - 2008 by HarunaWest(m): 6:15pm On Nov 04
2003 is notorious for shorting of engine oil.
Everybody car has one or two cons. I drive a 2008 camry. Was told it shorts engine oil but so far, I haven't noticed that. Any vehicle that shortens engine oil depends on the mileage you cover and how often you service it. Some people don't service their vehicles in time. This is where I feel they might encounter problems.


Car Talk / Re: A Choice Between Toyota Camry 2001 And Honda Civic 2006 - 2008 by HarunaWest(m): 5:58pm On Nov 04
I am currently faced with making a right choice right now . Please which is better to buy between Toyota camry 2001 and Honda Civic 2006. My consideration is durability, ruggedness, long distance journey and fuel efficiency. Thank you
The Camry obviously. It has a more powerful engine and more durable. However, if I were you ,I will save up for a 2003 camry instead. The one called Big Daddy. Its quite efficient and rugged.


Politics / Re: Impeachment Crisis: Fubara, Rivers PDP Leaders Depart For Abuja by HarunaWest(m): 2:56pm On Oct 31

The same "Federal power" that Amaechi had that was useless in Rivers. The President and Commander-in-chief is the one that wields Federal might, not some bloody appointee of the President
lol. A water Canon and tear gas was used on the Governor and you call Wike an ordinary appointee? Same Governor that has been given an impeachment notice by 24 of the houes of assembly members. Politics is more than you think. If you arent directly invilved, you will never understand. Tinubu isn't a Buhari ooh.
Politics / Re: Impeachment Crisis: Fubara, Rivers PDP Leaders Depart For Abuja by HarunaWest(m): 2:52pm On Oct 31

Rivers State no be lahos State. Keep your cowardice to yourself. Wike is already losing the fight
Wike is loosing the fight and the Governor ran to Abuja to apologise? Reason before speaking dude.
Politics / Re: Impeachment Crisis: Fubara, Rivers PDP Leaders Depart For Abuja by HarunaWest(m): 2:51pm On Oct 31

Na ur likes no wan this nation move forward
lol. You think whatever we chat here matters? Politics in Nigeria is a different ball game trust me. I love Naija more than you think, am just stating the obvious.
Politics / Re: Impeachment Crisis: Fubara, Rivers PDP Leaders Depart For Abuja by HarunaWest(m): 11:12am On Oct 31
Why would Sim go and visit Wike?

Sim would have shown Wike how Executive powers behaves for the fact Wike has forgot suddenly.
lol. Wike has federal power. I don't think you understand the kind of power Federal Governement has. They control your security, they control your finance, they determine resource allocation. He already signed God Father bond. He should go and make peace with wike.. He should fight another day, just not today.

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Politics / Re: Atiku To Supreme Court: Reject Technicality, overrule Tinubu on fresh evidence by HarunaWest(m): 10:55pm On Oct 18
Bola has bought the courts in Nigeria.

The only tool is to continue to expose him internationally even to potential investors
Na we go suffer am not him. He is the fvcking CinC whether we like it or not. Since Atiku lost, I have already moved on. He too should move on as well and forget this cry baby tactic. It's too late to remove Tinubu as we speak.

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Politics / Re: Can Someone Explain To Us by HarunaWest(m): 6:21pm On Oct 11
Where did Nigerian copied the practice of seeing security personnel stand behind elected politicians & political office appointees in any outing be it official and unofficial.
I have watch political leaders of others nation's like the USA, France, Uk, Israel, Russia, Germany, Canada, Scotland etc. but never for once seen security persons standing behind any leader of the afore mentioned nations while giving speeches in any public forum or outings.
We copied that from our colonialists. Then it became our way of life.
Autos / Re: Sold out 1.5m Neatly Used Mitoutlander SUV @ Mushin by HarunaWest(m): 8:54am On Oct 04

Not true how can a 4plug engine have poor fuel economy?? Except it has engine/electrical/electronic issues,its fuel economy is as good as Toyota or Honda
Nah trust me I know what I am saying. We have a similar vehicle that was purchased tokunbo. The car consumes fuel more than the Toyotas or Peugeot. No one like driving it at all. Always parked. Has been taken to mechanic, things have been replaced still fuel economy is poor.
Romance / Re: My Fiancée And My Best Friend by HarunaWest(m): 9:21pm On Oct 03
Hello guys!!

Please I need ur candid advice on this issue.. Am dating this lady and we re planning to go see her parent next month. So she always come to my place although her place is not far from mine..

No my best friend from childhood who lives in far from me want 2 come and be staying with me, since my place is close to his work place, although he will just be staying few days every week.
I try 2 make him understand that I have a woman in the house and we preparing for marriage.. But this his not going down well with my friend he said since am yet to marry her he should be allow to come stay with me. He started say things like he has left me at home with his girlfriend before which was in the past. My girl is not in support of him coming to stay with me due 2 privacy because it just a single apartment.

Please I don't want 2 have issues with my fiancee or my best friend.. I need an advice on how to convince either one of them.. Because I have no issue with my guy coming 2 stay but still as a man preparing 2 settle down I need some privacy..

Am so confuse I don't know what 2 do..

What is wrong with youths of nowadays? You are camping a lady that you aren't married to and you are even proud of it. Well prolly your religion or culture accepts it, no qualms. That's by the way. Your guy is kinda right. You ought to house him.


Politics / Re: I Remain Governor Until Supreme Court Says Otherwise - Gov Sule by HarunaWest(m): 9:38pm On Oct 02
or better still, election should be conducted decently. It's madness that From the presidential,governorship, and house of reps every candidate goes to court. This is a continuous slap, and indictment of INECs inability to conduct a free and fair election. Virtually every defeated candidate is in court dragging!
INEC isn't the one sabotaging the system. Its the electorate that rig elections. If the electorates arent already compromised, INEC cant do nada. By law, INEC must announce a winner if there isnt immediate verifiable evidence of election malpractice. In some polling units you will see the electorates carrying out mass thumb printing and some will even hold the INEC official hostage. We enable them to carry out their maleficence. Until the day Nigerians decide to be decent and honest in all affairs regarding our nation, we will never get it right.. Soon,we will have two interesting elections coming up soon, that of Imo and Kogi state. Just look out for the magnitude of vawulence that will take place in those two states.

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Politics / Re: What Happens If Tinubu Is Disqualified. Let's Reason by HarunaWest(m): 7:45pm On Oct 02
I have been reading so many threads and comment regarding this issue especially if the Tinubu certificate is found to have been forged at some point

I don't know much about how the constitution works but from my little understanding it seems the Senate president takes over first before any rerun unlike how people are thinking Atiku or Obi will just take over.

On another note, I see many people saying if there is a rerun it will be between Atiku and Obi. I might be wrong but from my little understanding I don't think if Tinubu is disqualified means that Apc as a party is also disqualified. If that be the case it means the Apc will also have to field in another candidate for a rerun election.

Like I said, I'm not a pro in law and constitution matters but I decided to create this thread to hear from those that might be very familiar with how things work in such a situation.
This is Africa and this is Nigeria. Who will dare to remove a sitting president? Is it Sen Akpabio that is Tinubus errand boy? Except the Military intervenes which wouldn't even be that easy, President Tinubu will complete his 4 years. They will twist the law and interpretation of the law till 2027. Africans and Nigerians in general don't like ceding power. Have your forgotten so easily Late President Yaradua's case or that of Late HE Danbaba, Dan fulani Suntai? Even in near death beds and incapacitating, they didn't relinquish power. Once we attain it,we feel it has become our birth right.
Politics / Re: I Remain Governor Until Supreme Court Says Otherwise - Gov Sule by HarunaWest(m): 7:37pm On Oct 02
This is why all election petitions must be completed before any validly elected political office holder be sworn in.
Easier said than done. The timeliness between election day and searing in day is usually 3 months. By the the lawyers and SAN's bamboozle you with documents, evidence, witness, forensics et al., you will see that they have exceeded the timeline. Left for me, it should be high court, straight to supreme court or case shoule emanate from Appeal court like the presidential tribunal, straight to SC. The SC should also be mandated to give judgement within 1 month of receipt of judgement from the HC or COA. They are just making lawyers rich for nothing.


Politics / Re: Evidence Peter Obi Is The Winner Of 2023 Presidential Election by HarunaWest(m): 7:24pm On Oct 02
millions of youths voted. In my poling unit majority of us a between 18 and 35 years. Next is between 36 and 50 years. Anybody above 50 are considered as elderly.
Maybe your polling unit. I have partaken in bout 4 elections. Everything I go to vote,I find the middle aged and old. Nigerian youths are not really interested in elections per say. Na hustle and enjoyment dey their mind.
Politics / Re: Evidence Peter Obi Is The Winner Of 2023 Presidential Election by HarunaWest(m): 7:14pm On Oct 02
Okay, social media apart but do you agree Obi has largest support among the youths? Do you agree youths have the highest population in Nigeria? Do the maths and tell your answer.
How many youths actually vote in Nigeria?
Car Talk / Re: Photos & Videos Of The Classic Car Club Of Nigeria Independence Day Drive by HarunaWest(m): 10:27am On Oct 02
Na people wey don chop belle full, celebrate this independence.
Funny enough, some people remain patriots. Win or lose, they celebrate Nigeria.
Politics / Re: ‘I’m Not Moved By Your Tears’, Wike Slams Workers Protesting MD's Sack by HarunaWest(m): 10:20am On Oct 02
Tinubu inviting Wike to his camp might be the end of them

Do you know Atiku is fighting everything to bring Tinubu down because to get at Wike

Wike make Sure you remain in power forever oo
Power is Transient. Even if today His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar retrieves his stolen mandate, he can't do no harm to H.E Chief Nyesom Wike. Wike is our darling. Even Pres. Tinubu couldn't fight Wike cos he knows his political value/sagacity. Even though most of us didn't really support H.E Alh. Atiku Abubakar. Cos we felt power had to go to the south. We all wished he won in 2019. That was his year but INEC did abdracadabra.


Family / Re: He Wants To Marry Me, But He’s A Married Man!!! by HarunaWest(m): 6:57am On Oct 02
Hello nairalanders, please I need help on this situation. So I’m a lady in her mid 20’s. I’m actually very much set for marriage in the eyes of my family, since society deem it fit to place marriage as an achievement for women, and always bring up your age to remind you to. Anyways, it’s not a priority for me to get married now, as I feel like I’m not ready mentally,and I have a lot of trauma to work on, but I’m also open to it, if it’s in my face and ready. I don’t stay in Nigeria, so my family don’t know if I have a man in my life, so they decided upon themselves to introduce me to a man who is my uncle’s friend that stays in the same country as me. They were more focus on the fact that he comes from a neighboring village from us and that he was a doctor. (Meanwhile he’s actually a nurse, but he told them, that he was a doctor, he also never mentioned to them that he was married and had a child, before they decided to introduce him to me)

So we eventually started talking on WhatsApp, he saw some of my pictures already and he was mesmerized. In fact he was already kind of making me his wife in that moment. So one day he called me and we were just talking,and I heard like a toddler crying so bad and needed his attention, I asked him who was that , he told me it was his daughter, there was this awkward silence for almost five minutes of us not saying anything, so I told him I’ll call him back. I called my mother that day and was mad as hell, that they didn’t disclose such information to me, but from my mother’s reaction she had no idea, and she was also mad and she told me, she will call me back, so she could verify from my uncle, since that’s his friend. Even my uncle too had no idea. To cut the whole story short, he later called me the next day on a video call, and he started telling me about his wife( Yes! She’s still his wife, because I don’t think he has divorced her yet)and how abusive she was, and how he tried to make it work, but she was so crazy and stuff like that. That he’s actually trying to get shared custody of the child. That he’s no longer married to her. I was not really having it, because I just felt like he wasn’t being honest with certain things and on top of that his wife is still in the picture, and I don’t know if I want to settle for that. Also he just turned 40, and I’m 25. So the age gap is too much for me. Also I have not met him in real life, cause he stays in a different state from me, my family still wanted me to be open minded until I see him in person, then I could make a decision if I want him or not. He always sends me pictures of his daughter, and he recently sent me one with his first wife and daughter, I was surprised that he did, and he said he wanted to show me the daughter instead. I still felt like I didn’t need to see a picture of her. I started seeing the red flags of him that I couldn’t settle with. Also the way he talked about the wife was vulgar, and I felt like he didn’t need to tell me about her in that manner.

Now the most recent thing he started doing was sending me random stuff about marriage to my WhatsApp. I usually glance at it,and don’t reply, cause I don’t know why he’s sending me that. The one that gave me a major big red flag from him, is when he sent where Regina daniels( the actress who married Ned nwoko) was talking about marrying her husband a virgin and how it’s important to be a virgin. He then asked me if I was one. Honestly I felt really numb, because I don’t know why he will be asking me stuff like that, when he didn’t really get a respond back from me, he proceeded to send another message telling me, “No mind them sha, virgin no sabi. With a heart eye emoji. I was dumbfounded, I didn’t know how to reply to him anymore. I stopped picking up his calls and I have no intention to meet up with him anymore. Now my family is mad at me, saying that at least I should see him in person, but I don’t want to. In fact I’m no longer interested in him. Please am I wrong for feeling the way I feel? Thanks.


Romance / Re: What Part Of Wedding Ceremony Do You Think Is Unnecessary? by HarunaWest(m): 6:49am On Oct 02
1. Being adviced by a bunch of married old ladies on how to take good care of my husband... Imagine 15 to 20 ladies advising you, on my sister's wedding I dozed off and woke up only to find the ladies still advising her.

2. Being taken to the stream to fetch some water and firewood as a way of showing that I'll be able to be a good homemaker.

3. And lastly, sharing a plate of food with married women as a way of being introduced as a married woman.
I don't think it's all that bad since it all takes place in a day or two right?
The aspect I don't like is when the bride's family or MC begins to extort the groom and his family all in the name of its a lifetime event.

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Autos / Re: Sold out 1.5m Neatly Used Mitoutlander SUV @ Mushin by HarunaWest(m): 6:46am On Oct 02
This vehicle has poor fuel economy
Romance / Re: Weird Encounter With A Lady In Abuja This Evening by HarunaWest(m): 4:01pm On Sep 25

You obviously don’t live in Abuja. Area 2 shopping center is not a mall and not a complex. It is a glorified village market where the early settlers buy their dry fish and okra. Of course there are few patent medicine stores and some tailor shops to mend your torn clothing.
Is it called area 2 Village Market or areas 2 shopping complex
Celebrities / Re: From A Homeless Security Man To A Whole New Billionaire, Story Of Obi Cubana by HarunaWest(m): 7:04am On Sep 25
Obi Cubana didn't become billionaire overnight.

His success began over a decade ago. Nigerians only got to know much about him after his mother's talk of the town burial ceremony, and funny enough, he made more money from his mom's burial than he even spent, all thanks to his years of helping others and also paying dues to other bereaved and celebrating people.

In Igbo culture and tradition, almost every man belongs to one or two groups; it could be age grade, community development association, old boys, market union, social clubs, etc. These groups support members during child naming ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, burial ceremonies, etc by raising money for them through members' contribution and sometimes donation.

I belong to like 4, and there is one in particular where we do make huge contributions. This particular club, we are like 83 members, drawn from successful Igbo young men living in different countries of the world and in different works of life.

The last time we did a fundraising for a member who lost his dad of 90yrs, we raised around 26million Naira for him. Some members donated 250k, 1million, 500k, $500, $1,000, and one member donated 5million cheesy

Don't ask me how much I donated, but we have a minimum donation which is 200k grin

Obi Cubana belongs to several of such groups and he is one of those that make good donations to others, so when it was his turn, people, friends turned up for him.

I know how many of such donations I have made over the years, and the more successful you are, the more of such groups and clubs you will belong to, and that makes it easier for you whenever you are hosting an occasion. That's why some rich Igbos even make money from their parents burial, no be juju na based on how many groups or clubs you belong to and active in donating to others also, so you see cheesy

So don't think Obi Cubana just suddenly became rich last 2 years or so, he has been making slow and steady progress.

Lastly, one thing about business success is this; once you get it right, you are made for life cos success will become too easy, all you will be doing is diversifying, and some of the great business ideas will come from people freely to you because they believe you are rich and successful and will share wonderful business ideas with you freely grin
Part of your last statement is 'once you get it right, you are made for life cos success will come too easy'. I think I find this to be true. Cos I know someone that was worth prolly 20M in 2019, but that same perosn now is an 'IDAN'. In just 4 years he has become a Billionaire. In this same Nigeria. Just pure hard work, good connection and Honesty. This is a story that I witnessed the grace to grace story first hand not hearsay. So conclusively, hardwork and smartness pays.

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Romance / Re: Weird Encounter With A Lady In Abuja This Evening by HarunaWest(m): 6:47am On Sep 25
If I am the one I will just tell her to follow me to a filling station, then buy for her as little as I can afford. She might genuinely need help and stranded. Makes me remember the song, Another day in Paradise" by Phil Collins.
Someone driving a big jeep I am sure the latest model has no one on her contact that can genuinely help her instead na passerby she turn to. In a 'Shopping Mall'. Think am Oga, Open yah head.

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Romance / Re: Weird Encounter With A Lady In Abuja This Evening by HarunaWest(m): 6:46am On Sep 25
She has no fuel buh she drove to Area 2 shopping mall, am sure she put on A.C and she now get fuel, still lower the glass dey ask for money?. I won't trust such person though, make e no be say them wan trail person. Next time you go to that shopping mall, watch out if you will see her again. The things happening in Abuja nowadays one need to be careful.

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