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Literature / Re: Choices- A Story On Breast Cancer Awareness (excerpts) by HealthTeacher(f): 7:30am On Oct 25, 2020
Episode 6

I snapped out of my thoughts as soon as I heard a loud cry. It was a woman crying by the bank of
a small lake just by the estate gate. Immediately, I asked Sulaimon to stop, came down from the
car and started walking slowly towards the woman who was now sitting on the floor with her son
on her laps crying bitterly.

In no time, a lot of people gathered and it became a scene. A bit scared to go close, I asked two
women who were having a discussion about the incidence trying to know what exactly the
problem was. Not minding me, they took a good look at me and turned away to continue their
conversation. Obviously I was not considered enough reason to stop their conversation.
I turned around in an attempt to go back to the car when I overheard the ladies say, “These little
children never listen. Do not go close to the lake. They would not listen. I hope this teaches my
children a lesson.” Then I understood what had happened.

The boy had drowned in the lake. “Oh poor boy” I said with so much pity looking at the woman
who was earnestly crying for help but no one seemed to be able to help her.
Suddenly, I remembered what I had been taught in my health club about CPR(Cardio Pulmonary
Resuscitation)and rescue breathing. We had been taught how both methods could be a life saver
in such a situation. I pushed through the crowd to get to the lady. While I was at it, I thought to
myself what if I could not help the situation? Maybe I should give up on this rescue mission and
just continue my journey but then again, I remembered my teacher saying “the difference
between doing something and doing nothing could be someone’s life,” and that gave me all the
courage I needed.

When I finally made my way through, I reached for the boys pulse. Thankfully he still had a
pulse but was not breathing.
I immediately put him in rescue position and started rescue breathing. I asked the closest person
to me to check if he was breathing. “No he isn’t,” He replied. “Oh my God! What do I do now?”
I whispered.

I went ahead to give about 30 chest compressions and rescue breaths interchangeably with the
help of the same guy who was next to me. On the last try, he jerked and water came out of his
mouth and nostrils and he began breathing.
“Yaaaay, everyone shouted. He is alive! He is alive!!”

The mother gave me a very firm hug, thanking me repeatedly as she tried to catch her breath.
I informed the boy’s mother and the boys beside me who had been very helpful that I was on my
way to the hospital and pleaded with them to help move the boy to the car.
“Sulaimon open the car, open the car!!!” I screamed as we approached the car.
He sluggishly opened the door as they tried to fit the boy and the mother in quickly.
“Sulaimon please hurry we need to get to the hospital in time.”

As we prepared to take our leave, people kept on trooping to the car to thank me for saving the
young boy’s life.
I was so happy I was able to help. My day was becoming brighter after all I thought to myself as
I lifted the boys head onto my laps.
“Sister, thank you so much. God bless you.” She said with tears rolling down her eyes as she
held my hand firmly.
“You are welcome.” I replied silently with the movement of my lips.

As soon as we got to the clinic, I jumped out of the car to call the nurses. In no time they had a
stretcher out to take the boy straight to the emergency ward.
“What a day!” I said as I looked around to find a seat.
“Danielle, Danielle!” My aunt shouted as she ran out of her office. “Are you okay?” She asked
really scared.
“Aunty, I am fine.” I replied holding her and trying to calm her down.
“My colleagues said you brought in an emergency case. Who was that?” She asked panting.
“It is nothing to worry about aunty. He is fine and I will be fine too.”
“Who is he?” She asked again still in shock.
“Is your dad okay?”

“Of course he is fine aunty.” I responded with a smile.
“It was a boy who almost got drowned in the lake by the estate gate. Fortunately, I was right on
time to administer CPR. He started breathing right after and we brought him here.”
“Oh my! My colleagues almost scared the hell out of me.” She said as she took a seat beside me
still panting and holding her chest.
As I continued trying to calm her down from the shock, the doctor came out. “Who brought in
the little boy?” He asked.
“I did” I replied same time as the boy’s mother. The doctor looked at us confused. “Who is the
mother of the boy?”
“I am.” His mother replied looking at the doctor with so much fear and anxiety in her eyes.
“Doctor is he okay?” She asked shivering. “Is he going to be fine doctor?”
“Please say something,” I added immediately.
“Yes he is fine and stable now.” He answered.
“Oh yea!” I screamed as I hugged the doctor. It was a bit awkward but I did not mind. I was so
excited I played a major role in saving a life.
The doctor smiled back at me as he turned to take his leave, while on his way, he paused turned
back and asked; “who performed the CPR?”
“I did.” I responded still very excited.

“That was brave! I must say. Where did you learn that?”
“My school’s health club just last week.” I replied.
“Amazing” he said as he moved towards me and asked; “what do you want to study in the
“I am still trying to make up my mind. I am pretty good at a number of subjects and that is
making it difficult to make a choice.”
“Do you want to save more lives?” He asked.
“Yes of course”
“Do you have questions on your mind about health and life in general?”
“Yes I do.” I replied rather calmly as the need to get answers to the illness that took my mum’s
life flashed through my mind

“Then I think you should consider being a doctor like me. You will definitely get answers to a lot
of questions and eventually save the world.” He said smiling confidently. “If you need any
advice, do not hesitate to drop by. Have a wonderful day.” He said as he walked away.
Literature / Re: Choices- A Story On Breast Cancer Awareness (excerpts) by HealthTeacher(f): 10:57am On Oct 16, 2020
Episode 5

I moved towards him asking him about his day. He replied he had a lovely day and just as I was about to ask him for details, he started explaining. He told me he first went to the mechanic and then dropped by the church for a brief pre-marriage counseling with Adesuwa.
“Oh nice, I said smiling pretentiously. It seems like you had it all planned already before mentioning it to me last night.” I said folding my arms and looking straight into his eyes.

“Danielle, it is not what you think.” He replied.
I replied telling him I understood perfectly. “You have sacrificed a lot for me already and now you need a companion isn’t it?” I asked in the words of my Aunt. He looked at me speechless and confused. I then told him that I had just gotten off the phone with my aunt telling him about our conversation highlighting the part where she said he needed a companion and I was not fit to be his companion anymore.
“Danielle how can you even say that?” He asked moving closer to me. You are and will always be my number one companion. I love you but I also want what is best for the both of us.”

“Okay” I replied with my eyes filled with tears. “I really hope this is for the best. I said hugging him and crying uncontrollably. It just dawned on me he had made up his mind and his decision was never going to change. My dad was getting a new wife and the earlier I got used to it, the better.
As I pulled out of the embrace, I felt like I needed some air and the best place to get one that was refreshing was with Aunt Risi. I asked him if I could visit her at the clinic where she worked and thankfully he agreed. He called the driver and asked him to take me. I could not have been any happier.
I asked for a minute from the driver to pick my bag as I rushed into my room. While on my way out, I met Adesuwa.

“Danielle, where are you going?” she asked sternly.
“I am going to see my aunt,” I replied.
“Your aunt? So, I guess you do not have any assignments from school?”
“I am done with it.”
“Hmmm she said taking a look at me from head to toe probably thinking of a good enough reason to keep me at home. Is your dad aware you are leaving?”
Yes of course. I replied smiling
“Oh please Miss Adesuwa, I cut her short right before she asked another question. Can I go now, So I could return on time?”
“Yes you can.” She replied pushing me to the side as she walked away.

On my way to see my aunt, I kept on thinking to myself; “what did I ever do to Miss Adesuwa to deserve the kind of treatment I was getting from her?” My dad said it was for the best. I have always trusted him and I was not going to stop. If he says it is for the best, I will trust him and believe so.

Enjoying the story so far? Share your thoughts...
Literature / Re: Choices- A Story On Breast Cancer Awareness (excerpts) by HealthTeacher(f): 8:41am On Oct 14, 2020
Thank you. I really appreciate the kind words

I admire the fact that you could come up with a story to create more awareness about breast cancer.
You have taken a step in the right direction.
God bless you.
Keep up the good work.
Literature / Re: Choices- A Story On Breast Cancer Awareness (excerpts) by HealthTeacher(f): 4:50pm On Oct 13, 2020
Episode 4

The next morning, I woke up from the disturbing sound of the alarm. My head felt very heavy as I struggled to put off the alarm. It was 7:00am. I jumped out of bed immediately as I thought I was late for school. I had almost gotten to the bathroom before I realized it was a Saturday. I sure needed more sleep. I moved back to my bed and tried to go back to sleep but it was difficult. I kept tossing and turning in bed. “Maybe I should just say my prayers.” I thought to myself.

I grabbed my bible just beside the alarm clock, read a few psalms and suddenly I felt this inner strength come upon me. It was magical. I felt the inner peace that had since vanished in the last 24 hours. I immediately knelt down by my bedside and said my prayers.
After my prayers, I got up and had a shower. In about 15 minutes, I was all dressed up and ready to have breakfast. Just a few steps from the kitchen, I noticed a piece of paper on the dining table. I decided to walk in that direction to get a glimpse of it. It was a note my dad left me and it read;
“My darling, you were sleeping so peacefully I didn’t want to wake you up. I know yesterday was a bit awkward for the both of us. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to school to pick you up. I’m sorry I’ve been too much on my own lately and I am again sorry for breaking the news of marrying a new wife to you in that manner. Trust me it is best for the both of us. I made you toasted bread & omelet. You can add baked beans if you want. See you soon. Daddy loves you.”

Hmmm! I sighed heavily. Daddy has a way of always making me feel better. I remember holding the piece of paper closely to my chest saying “I love you too daddy” with a broad smile. But then again I thought of how long was all that love and affection was going to last since he was taking a new wife? I hoped it lasted forever. Now that was me intentionally refusing to be pessimistic.
Still wallowing in deep thoughts, the landline rang. I turned and asked myself, “who could be calling at that time?”
“Hello…Hello….” I heard the caller say almost immediately I picked the call. Still trying to place the voice, I replied “Hi, Good morning. This is the Macaulay’s residence. Danielle speaking, how may I help you?” I asked politely.

“Oh my darling Danielle, this is your Aunt Margaret. How are you doing sweetheart? You must be a big girl now.” She said.
Aunty Margaret was my dad’s eldest sister who had been in Manchester, United Kingdom for as long as I could remember. I had only met her once at my dad’s 50th birthday. It was indeed a huge surprise to be speaking to her after many years.
“I am doing very well ma. How is your family doing?” I asked her.
“We are perfect sweetheart. It has been a while I heard from your dad so I decided to give him a call. Where is he?”
“He is doing very well ma. He just stepped out not too long. He will be back soon. You can call back in an hour. I am very sure he will be back then and very pleased to speak with you.”

“Hmmm! Daddy’s baby. I bet you both are still very close and loving up. You both were quite inseparable way back. You will never let anyone carry you but him.” She joked.
So, “why is she going on and on about this?” I thought to myself and just in time she dropped the bombshell.
“Ehen Danielle, there is something I will like to discuss with you. What do you think about having a mother in your life? You are growing into a beautiful woman and very soon you will need someone to take you through the rudiments of becoming a woman. What do you think?”
“Ma, I appreciate your concern. I mean I am doing very well. I do not think I need a mother now. My aunt gives me all the advice I need and yes I can cook. Thank you for your concern Ma.” I replied with a very soft voice.

“ Do you really think so? she asked after going silent for about 10 seconds. That is okay but Danielle…”
“Oh what is it again” I mumbled taking the phone as far away as possible to eliminate her chance of getting to hear my complaints.
“How about your dad? Do you not think he needs a companion?”
“Companion?” I repeated after her. “Ma, I think that is his decision to make, besides am I not a companion to him?” I asked pretty disappointed with her choice of words.

“No, Danielle you are not. Your dad needs a wife. You are almost done with secondary school now and I think it is time for your dad to take a wife.”
“Okay” I replied almost immediately hoping she was going to drop the call as I was becoming irritated.
“Your dad told me recently you have been kicking against his taking another wife.”
“Really,” I replied, this time taking away the phone to laugh silently. I thought this woman just said she had not spoken to my dad in a while and that was the reason she was calling. Not exactly Ma. Like I said earlier, it is daddy’s decision to make. If that will make him happy, why not?”

“Good girl.” That is what I want to hear. O Kare Oko mi (good of you, my daughter in Yoruba language)
“Thank you for calling ma. Speak to you some other time.”
“Alright, my darling, Bye.”
“Bye Ma.” I said with a huge sigh of relief and just I dropped the call, I heard my dad walk in.

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Literature / Re: Choices- A Story On Breast Cancer Awareness (excerpts) by HealthTeacher(f): 7:39pm On Oct 11, 2020
Episode 3

It was a Wednesday and being the secretary of the school’s health club, I needed to set up the classroom for health club meetings but I was not feeling up to it. I was also responsible for making sure at least two representatives from the school’s clinic were present in our meetings for facilitation, so I left for the clinic.

When I got to the clinic, I sat down patiently waiting for the school nurse. She had given me a signal as soon as I stepped in to hold on a bit as she was busy. She was speaking to one of our teachers who was crying bitterly. I stretched my head a bit to get a glimpse of who it was. After minutes of doing this carefully so as not to get caught, I found out it was Mr Kalejaiye.

Mr Kalejaiye was my Biology teacher and my favorite teacher because he was very smart. Whatever made him cry this much had to be something very serious. I decided to stand up and move towards Mrs Ranti, the school nurse but she asked me to go back immediately I stood up. I was usually not that inquisitive but for some reason I was bent on knowing what exactly it was they were discussing.
15 minutes later she was out and apologized for keeping me waiting. “It is okay ma. Can we leave now?” I asked politely. “Of course Danielle” She replied. I picked up the club guide and attendance register and immediately walked behind her.

Mrs Ranti seemed to be in deep thoughts as we walked together. I spent about two minutes giving her a brief of the last meeting and what we intended to talk about that day, telling her how excited I was. We were going to be discussing and practicing First Aid. It was a topic I had always been interested in. There was no response from her and that was a bit strange. I moved closer to her and noticed she was mumbling to herself.
“Why would he prefer to take her to a village for treatment rather than go to the hospital to take out the lump early enough, even after I told him it could progress to breast cancer?” She said as she folded her arms standing and looking far away.

“What did you say Mrs Ranti?”
“Oh Danielle, never mind, I was just thinking out loud.” She said as she walked into the class and apologised to the students who had been waiting.
All I could think of throughout the club meeting, were the words Mrs Ranti mumbled to herself. I thought Mr Kalejaiye could not have been telling her he had breast cancer because he was a man. Of course I was young then and had no idea men could have breast cancer too. It must be his wife and I really hoped she was not going to die too.

The meeting was over in no time and I could not wait to see my dad. I wondered how he fared all day after the incidence in the morning.
As soon as I stepped out of my classroom, I found my driver. “What are you doing here?” I asked him as I looked around to find my dad.
He replied saying my dad needed to rest so he asked him to come pick me up from school. I got into the car very upset. My dad knew how much I did not like Sulaimon coming to pick me. Why then would he have sent him? I asked myself.
On getting home, as soon as I stepped into the sitting room, I saw dad with my former nanny, Miss. Adesuwa. “Interesting” I said to myself. This had to be some kind of definition of rest I never knew about.

I greeted them casually and walked into my room. I could not bear the thought that my dad refused to pick me up from school because of Miss Adesuwa. How convenient. I was staring out my window, deep in thoughts, when my dad knocked asking for permission to come in.
I was quiet and did not say anything. He came in, asked me to sit down and I obeyed.

“There is something I want to speak to you about Danielle.”
“I am listening dad,” I replied expecting an apology.
“I think it is time to take a new wife. You need to have a mother figure in your life.” Immediately shivers ran down my spine. I was wrong. He did not come for an apology.
“I do not need a mother dad. We are fine just the way we are” I shouted.
“No, we are not, Danielle. I am stressed and lonely. I have done everything to please you all my life. Now I think you are all grown up and I need to take a break and live my life too.” He said firmly, looking away.

“Dad how can you say you are lonely? What about me? It is bad enough that you did not come to pick me up from school today. You barely said a word to me after the incident and now I come home and you welcome me with the news about taking a new wife. You cannot be serious”
“Danielle you are taking this the wrong way.” My father said moving closer to me.
“Oh really” I replied as I stood up. “How else do you expect me to take this dad?” I asked. “Okay Daddy, I am happy for you.” I said sarcastically. “Before I forget, I have not asked who this new wife is.”
“It is…It is….” He stammered as he struggled to give me a response.
“It is Adesuwa. Isn’t it?” I asked hoping I was not right.
“Yes Danielle but…” My father stuttered.
“No but Daddy. You have always wanted this. You can get a wife but please before you do, kindly give me the much needed explanations about my mum’s death. That is all I need from you. I will like to be left alone now please” I asked politely.
“Danielle I am truly sorry” He pleaded.
“Daddy, please I need to be left alone.” I asked again as I grabbed my pillow and teddy bear trying to hide the outburst of tears.

Miss Adesuwa was my nanny growing up. My parents were responsible for her education right from the time she moved in with us. My dad sponsored her through school until few months before that time, when she graduated with her masters’ degree from a school in London. Now years after my mum was gone, she is getting married to my dad.

I was not sure how I was ever going to come to terms with this unfavorable change.
Would I have felt differently if it was someone else? Not sure I have the answer to that question either. It was all tears through the night until early hours of the morning when I finally fell asleep.

Next episode drops on Tuesday

What do you think about Danielle's reaction?

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Literature / Re: Choices- A Story On Breast Cancer Awareness (excerpts) by HealthTeacher(f): 4:44pm On Oct 08, 2020
Episode 2

He suddenly stepped on the brake and that gave a loud screeching sound that drew attention from everyone in the cars around us. “Daddy!!!” I screamed. I thought we had been involved in an accident.
My heart skipped several beats at once. “Daddy, are you okay?” I said as I took off my seat belt gently patting his back. “I am sorry daddy, maybe I should not have brought up the topic.” I was sincerely sorry.

“Oga move your car na. Wetin happen?” The bus driver directly behind us shouted at the top of his voice while other vehicles kept honking.
“Put on your seatbelt honey.” He said calmly. I obeyed immediately, still in shock. We were both speechless from that point until we got to my school.
I felt guilty for putting my dad in that mood but I was not sorry. Am I the only one who thinks my dad and the rest of the family owed me some explanations? I knew my mum died of breast cancer quite alright but no one was saying anything else. I deserved to know the circumstances in which it happened, how it happened and every other important information.

Bringing up the topic with my dad always somehow ended in a drama. I was going to give him some time but we definitely had to talk about it.
When we got to my school, I apologized again for what had happened, but my dad, addressing me by my first name, said I did nothing wrong and there was no need for an apology. My dad hardly ever called me by my first name and this threw me into more confusion. He usually called me darling, sweetheart or any other endearing name.

“Alright dad, I will see you after school.” I said as I alighted from the car.
“Okay Danielle. See you later.” He replied calling me by my first name again.
I got down from the car slowly expecting he would call me back and just say something but he did not.
I stood and watched him as he drove off. He had never dropped me off at school without giving a peck or a hug at least.
I wondered to myself if this was enough to cause me any concern or maybe I was just being a spoilt brat.
I sat down all through the day wallowing in self-pity. I was absent minded all through my lectures and could see through every teacher who stepped into the class.

I was about writing my mock exams for the Senior School Certificate Examination and I still had no idea what I was going to study. I was confused. I was not sure if I wanted to be in business and a lawyer like my dad because he was my role model, or a teacher because being a worker in the children’s unit at my church was the best thing that happened to me at that time.
My vice principal stepped into my class right in the middle of my thoughts to announce that the deadline for submission of forms was the following week. This meant I had roughly a week to choose my career path.

Earlier that week, some professionals had come to give us a career talk. After the lecture, only the last sentence from the facilitator stuck with me. It was one that said, “know your strengths and continue in that line.” It was true but this made me more confused. I was the best in every subject and I absolutely enjoyed every one of them. I was not scared I was going to miss it, I only needed some more time to figure things out.

Continues in the episode on Saturday...
Literature / Choices- A Story On Breast Cancer Awareness (excerpts) by HealthTeacher(f): 8:38am On Oct 06, 2020
About the book:
Danielle was a very beautiful and intelligent medical doctor who assumed the only problem she had was choosing between two potential suitors until she noticed signs of the same illness that killed her mother.

Will this serve as the true test of love? Will she end up begging to be loved or will she be open to receive love?

25th May 1993, was indeed a dreary day for everyone seated at our family residence especially the Macaulay's and the Roger's; but for me what seemed like a dreary day was looking a little brighter. This was not because I was neither a Macaulay or a Roger, it was because I had one of my best wishes come through on that same day.


Flashback to two weeks earlier, I was fascinated about this new book my mum read to me whenever I was going to bed. It was a really nice story with very creative graphic designs. Amongst all the designs, what caught my attention the most was a particular princess dressed in a stylish white dress. I wanted this dress so badly that I often had the image flashing before my eyes even while I slept.
My dad had promised me that I was going to wear that dress on this particular day and I could not wait. Immediately I woke up, I ran to Aunt Risi’s room. My mum had travelled and asked her to get me the dress by any means possible and she did. How sweet an aunt she was! Aunt Risi was my favorite aunt. She always came bearing gifts unlike others who would rather ask about your school results and start up unsolicited counseling sessions.

I wore my dress with so much excitement while my aunt tried to comfort my dad assuring him this was a phase and with time he will feel better. I was just five years old. How much of the laws of life could I possibly understand? Probably none! Now I can understand why everyone else was heartbroken but me. It was not because I was a schadenfreude, it was my mum’s funeral but I was too young to understand what had just happened.
My mum had passed on the previous week from advanced breast cancer. From her expressions on the last night she read the story to me, I should have figured there was a problem but then again, I was just an innocent child.

From that time until I became an adult, I would answer everyone who asked about her that she was in heaven.
I remember my dad raising his voice at me for the first time when I told him I will love to join her. He screamed at me never to say that again. “Dad, it is a beautiful place, why can't I visit? I asked innocently. You are going nowhere. You will be right here with me. I cannot lose you too.” He said as he lifted me up the chair I was sitting and gave me a warm hearted hug.

From that day, I knew there was something about my mum being in heaven that just did not sit right. I had never seen my dad in that mood. It was a bit scary and one thing was sure; I never wanted to see him in such mood again. From then, I decided I was never going to talk about my mother or heaven anymore. The need to find answers to my questions struck me right after and I began the journey.
I remember asking my primary school teacher about breast cancer and why people had to leave their loved ones to be in heaven. She gave me the same answers I was getting from every other person. They all said she was in a better place, she needed to rest and I will definitely see her again someday. So when is this “someday?” Anyway, I was willing to wait patiently.

On this particular day, I woke up with tears in my eyes after seeing my mum in my dream. She was crying so much that I had to get her several wraps of tissue paper to wipe her face.
It was not the first time I was seeing my mum in my dream but it was the first time we ever had a conversation. “If heaven is such a beautiful place, then why are you crying so much mum?” I asked. I was confused but happy at the same time because I finally got to speak with her.
“Mummy I am happy to be with you” I said gleefully giving her a doting hug. I had no plans of letting her go. It felt so real but this reality was cut short as my dad woke me up to prepare for school.

“Good morning, my darling.” He said as he opened the curtains and bright light shone directly on my face. It was funny how my dad was still waking me up at age 16. I had gotten so used to it that if he did not wake me up, I was never going to be up early no matter how many times my alarm rang.
Is he not just the sweetest dad? I jokingly always called him my alarm. He found it very funny and teased me about being a big baby and how sending me to boarding school was going to be the perfect solution. I despised being in boarding school because boarders often felt like the school was an empire they owned because they spent more time in school. I just could not understand how they could be so proud despite all the difficulties they faced with bullying and the likes. I never wanted to be in such a situation.

“So it was a dream,” I whispered to myself as my dad called again and pleaded with me to get out of bed. Lagos traffic was really terrible during early hours of the day and he hated to get stuck in it. “I will dad” I said as I stood up reluctantly and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.
While in the shower, I could not get the scene from my dream off my mind. My mum was in so much pain. She was heartbroken. “Why did she not answer my question?” “Why was she not happy that she finally found rest like everyone else thought?”
I had no answers to any of these questions but I was more determined than ever to find the answers. I hurriedly put on my school uniform and shoes as I tried to catch up with my dad. I did not want to be the reason why he would be caught up in traffic.

We had a driver but I always wanted to be in my dad's company. The daily nuggets he shared with me always had me looking forward to our time together. I was not going to trade the daddy-daughter moment for anything in the world; besides, he was my best friend.
While we were on our way, I was not sure if it was a good time to speak to my dad about my dream. It did not seem like the perfect time because all he could think of was escaping the already built up traffic. It was one of those times when I felt like I was in a car James Bond was driving in one of his movies. Afterall, it was my fault and I did not want to remind him I was the reason we were presently in that situation.

After a while, I summoned up some courage. “Daddy, I saw mummy in my dream last night” I said adjusting my seat belt. It made me feel uncomfortable and I wanted to be very comfortable while we had this conversation.

Next Episode drops on Thursday


Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 3:16pm On Apr 11, 2020
Hello All...I hope you are doing good and staying safe this period.

I'm happy to let you know that Book 2 in the sexual health series is out and it is titled "Deception with Good Intentions."

After Cleo finds out about Deji's family, what next? More details about the book below.
You can get a copy online here www.healthplatformsng.com/shsbook2 for 500 Naira. Would you prefer to make a transfer? Send an email to info@healthplatformsng.com

About the book:
Could life be more cruel to Cleo?

She had just experienced the shock of meeting her lover’s estranged ex-girlfriend, who showed up with their son. Her mother’s health condition got worse after the kidney transplant. Yet, she needed to make an important decision that could positively or negatively impact her career life.

She expected to find some solace in her friend Ladi but alas, she found out that Ladi’s insanely generous lover, a medical doctor serving in the Nigerian military was being discreet about a health condition thereby putting her at risk.

Would she be discreet about it, as expected by law, or tell her friend and prevent her from contracting a life threatening disease?

Literature / Re: Choices- To Be Alive And Loved Is Entirely Your Choice by HealthTeacher(f): 12:59pm On Oct 23, 2019
It's 500 Naira until the end of October ma.quote author=Ann2012 post=83359422]Interesting
Pls how much is the book? I'll love to know how it'll end[/quote]
Literature / Re: Choices- To Be Alive And Loved Is Entirely Your Choice by HealthTeacher(f): 12:59pm On Oct 23, 2019
It's 500 Naira until the end of October ma.
How much is the book?
Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 12:58pm On Oct 23, 2019
Thank you.
nice compilation,more ink to ur pen

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Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 10:09am On Oct 16, 2019
Okay. I have a small something for all of you. It's a free chapter from one of my books. You can read it here https://www.nairaland.com/5475344/choices-alive-loved-entirely-choice

I'm here o. I miss you! cheesy
Literature / Choices- To Be Alive And Loved Is Entirely Your Choice by HealthTeacher(f): 10:07am On Oct 16, 2019
About the book:
Danielle was a very beautiful and intelligent medical doctor who assumed the only problem she had was choosing between two potential suitors until she noticed signs of the same illness that killed her mother. Will this serve as the true test of love? Will she end up begging to be loved or will she be open to receive love?

Read a free chapter below


It was my very first day in surgery posting and I was not quite sure how to feel about it. The past few years had been more stressful than I expected. It felt like it always became more strenuous with starting a new class. I was trying to adjust my newly purchased clinical coat when I heard my colleague call out my name from the other end of the room.
“Danielle you were a bit late. The consultant is here already Is everything okay?” Lara asked.
“Of course Lara I am great. I just could not get enough sleep at night. I guess I had a lot on my mind.” I replied smiling.
“Oh you do not say Lara. It could never have been worse than mine. I was on the phone all night with Dele. I really do not know who is feeding him with rumours that I may be cheating on him. He was so furious.” She said as she exaggerated as usual.
“Over here, all of you.” The resident doctor called as he cut short Lara's explanation in good time. I really was not ready for that sort of conversation first thing on a Monday morning. Lara was the busy body of my set. Dele and Lara had been dating since we were in our first year. A relationship should get better with time but with this pair it was very different. Theirs was more like a love-hate relationship. This minute they are good, the next minute they were in a fight. If we were to find out how long they have been happy in the relationship without quarrelling, we may just find out they had only been dating for a year. Anyway, it was none of my business. Starting my posting and doing very well was all that mattered.
We all moved towards the resident doctor and consultant bringing out our writing pads. You never know when a very important information drops. If you were not fast at everything in medical school, you may just be surprised at how fast you will be failing. I was definitely not going to be the scapegoat.

“First patient here is Mr Dele a middle-aged man who presented with difficulty in urinating and ejaculation. He also has a frequent urge to urinate most of the time with blood in his urine. From clerking the patient, what do you think the problem might be?” He asked us.
Wondering why there was no response from any of us, he raised his eyebrows and moved towards us.
“Prostate cancer” Lara replied.
“Why?” He asked.
“The symptoms sir,” she answered.
The consultant looked at her closely and said, “No you are wrong. Anyone else?”
I decided to try. “Benign prostatic hyperplasia Sir”
“Why?” He asked once again.
“He is middle aged so I doubt it will be Prostate Cancer as it is more prevalent in older men. From the rectal
examination we had on him. I think it was quite evident sir” I replied.
“That is correct and quite impressive. To become a doctor, an important quality you must possess is the ability to pay attention to details. Do you all understand me?” He asked in a rather high tone.
“Yes sir,” We all replied in unison.
“You can continue with the resident doctor. I am off for a departmental meeting.”
Just when I thought everything was going to be fine, the resident doctor walked from one person to the other looking into our notes. When he got to me, he stopped, opened his eyes and looked very closely. “Oh my!” It was Dr Diran, the proud Doctor. “How on earth did he get here? Oh no. This cannot be happening.” I said to myself as I squeezed myself very hard and hoped to wake up from my dream. He continued to walk but this time behind us. I could feel him come very close to me this time. I became more uncomfortable. I hoped my attitude from the past with Dr Diran was not about to catch up with me.
After visiting about 15 patients, Dr Diran called it a wrap. I will see you all at the seminar to discuss the cases further.
“Danielle, can I speak to you at the resident's lounge?” He asked politely.
“Of course, doctor.” I replied as I walked behind him.

“Come over and have a seat” He said as he pointed to a vacant seat beside him. I sat with half of my buttocks sticking out thinking about what he was going to say.
“Danielle it has been about three years or more if I am not mistaken.” He said
“Yea really” I replied confused whether to smile or keep a straight face.
“You must have thought nothing was ever going to bring us together. Isn't it?” He asked smiling.
“I am so sorry Diran. Sorry, Dr Diran.”
“Hehehe” He laughed as I stuttered.
“I am sorry but I think you always met me whenever I was in a bad mood. I am not rude.” I said.
“It is okay, I understand.” He smiled again. “You made it this far. I am glad.”
“Thank you” I replied, this time smiling confidently. We had a very short chat and I left afterwards.
After the incident at the complex with Tade, I met Diran the next year when Tade and I were caught by the police. Her license had expired and we were unlucky to be out late at night. Dr Diran was driving by when he stopped and calmed the situation. As usual he felt like he was a saviour and that pissed me off again. I remember pushing him away while he tried coming close to me saying, “you owe me spoilt little girl.”
“Must you be this rude all the time?” I asked as I pushed him away and asked him never to come close and he replied by asking if I was serious. “I have never been more serious” I replied looking him in the face.
“Okay if you say so but I can bet you will need me sometime soon and I will bail you out again.”
“Oh just get lost please” I screamed as I got into the car and shut the door almost along with his fingers.
Tade was trying to be very careful avoiding a fight with me because of him again so she did not say much. She only asked why I detested him so much. She must have thought I was hiding something from her. I was not, I just disliked proud people. Anyway, now he was going to be my teacher sort of. I hope he forgives me and we move past our past experience.

I had now become very hungry. I should have blamed it on the long day I had in the clinic but I think getting to meet Dr Diran again made it worse. I felt a chill run down my spine when I recognized him. I left for the seminar quickly and was back to the ward by evening.
I moved from one bed to the other in the ward assuring each caregiver it was going to be okay. Was this how my father felt when my mum had breast cancer? Was he there for her when she needed him the most? Did the love he had for her ever go beyond her condition? I stood at the end of the ward looking at everyone and suddenly it dawned on me what true love meant.
There were caregivers hanging everywhere. You could see from their eyes they barely had enough sleep. You could also see they earnestly hoped for a miracle even when it was very obvious there was no way out. “Why is there a condition like CANCER?” How wicked it was. “I wished CANCER could die of cancer really.” I whispered to myself as tears rolled down my eyes. If only my mother was not affected, I would probably be living the best life having a wonderful relationship with my parents. I had a father but in the past few years I never felt more alone. I wiped my face trying to look away. I did not want anyone to notice I was crying. What kind of doctor will that make me I asked myself?

“Hello doctor, My name is Jabir Danquah. Are you okay?” He asked as he moved closer trying to take a look at my face while I looked away.
“I have been watching you from the other end of the room for a while. You and a team of doctors met my mum earlier. The lady with the advanced breast cancer scheduled for a mastectomy. You are not saying anything? Oh sorry, my bad. My mother is not the only one with the condition around here. Am I disturbing? I could go away. Okay I am leaving. You can have this handkerchief. It is new.” He said as he tried to look into my face again. “Initially I cried a lot to the extent where my handkerchief used to get really wet, so I bought packets of them.” He giggled. “Whatever the problem is, you will be fine. I needed someone to speak with and I thought I could speak with you but I was wrong. I should be with my mum.” He said as he dropped it in my coat jacket, turned and started moving towards his mother.
“Wait,” I said after using the handkerchief to wipe my face quickly. “I am sorry. Being here today brought back a lot of memories and yes you can speak to me” I said as I tried to smile.
“Memories?” He asked surprised.
“Yes memories but I will rather not speak about it. You said you wanted to speak with me” I asked him trying to change the topic quickly.
'I love my mother Dr Danielle.' He said as he read my name on my coat. “How would I live my life after now if anything happens to my mum knowing I had so much money but still could not save her.”
“How do you mean?” I asked curiously.
“Can we move closer to her?” He asked.
“Yes of course” I replied.

“You know, my mum had me when she was 16. She was working as an errand girl in an advertising company. She had just lost her dad and had four younger ones to care for. She gave up school and applied for this job. It seemed like the only way she could support her mum, the perfect opportunity for her to make some cash but unfortunately her dreams were cut short.”
“So what happened?” I asked.
“She was raped right after one of the bosses offered to give her the money for her younger sisters' exam fees. He did not give her a chance to make up her mind.”
“I am so sorry Ja..Ja” I said as I struggled to remember his name.
“It is Jabir” He said smiling. “It is a Ghanaian name that means consoler or comforter. I really hope this name finds an expression in my life this period.” He said as he moved his hands gently on his mother's arms as she slept. “Now she looks really sick. She used to be very charming and beautiful.” He said as he looked at me and tears rolled down his eyes.
“So was it ermmm…” I obviously did not know how to ask him the question.
“Was this guy my dad? It is okay to ask” He smiled as he helped me asked the question. “Yes he was and that was the last time she got to see him. When she got to the office the next day, he had been transferred back to Ghana.”
“Wow” I said with my mouth open. I could not contain the shock. “How could a man be so cruel?” I thought.
“She sent all her younger ones to school but never had a chance to attend one. She continued to struggle so she could send me to school. After school, I was jobless for about six years and she supported me all through. I studied systems engineering in the University of Lagos. I graduated top of my class. About a year ago, I got a job with an American software company in Nigeria. I got my first pay cheque in dollars and she was so happy.” He said as he smiled and looked at her. “Not long after then she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We have been everywhere Dr Danielle. We have been out of the country and back. I really hope for a miracle. She must not die. Please help me Dr Danielle.” He said as he could no longer hold back his tears and burst out crying.
“I really wish I could promise you she will be fine but I can assure you we would try our best possible Jabir.” I said holding his hands.
“Thank you Danielle,” He said hugging me. I was not expecting a hug and it felt really awkward especially since I could see my colleagues around but I had to hug him. Maybe I may have resisted his hug if he did not smell as good as butter. It felt good but it was not right.
“I like your cologne Jabir, It is really nice.” I said as I pushed him away slowly. Immediately my eyes caught his mother’s. She smiled as she looked at both of us.

“How are you darling?” She asked Jabir.
“I am fine mummy” He replied as he quickly wiped his face.
“I love you my son” she said as she touched his cheeks. “Have you had something to eat?” She asked him.
“I...I..” He stuttered
“ I know you have not Jabir. Please do. Please Jabir.” She said as she cut him off.
“Alright mummy I will.” He replied as he smiled.
“Good’” she said as tears rolled down her eyes and then turned away to continue her sleep. Jabir stood up and started walking towards the door to prevent me from seeing him become so emotional.
As I stood up and hurriedly tried to catch up with him, there was a loud cry from the far end of the room. Someone had just passed and her daughter wailed rolling from one end to the other. “I have no one else.” She kept screaming as the nurses tried to console her.
“Jabir I really do not know what to say but everything will be fine.”
“Thank you Danielle. You are far too kind.”
“Thank you” I replied as I opened my arms to him. We hugged for a few seconds again until Dr Diran walked in on us on his way to examine the patient who had just passed. I pushed Jabir away quickly as soon as I sighted him. He paused for a while, looked at the both of us, shook his head and walked away.

“Danielle?’’ Jabir called. “Is everything okay?” Hope I have not caused you any trouble?”
“Not at all” I replied trying to assure him with a smile.
“Danielle you will be a very good doctor. I know that already.” He smiled back.
“Thank you for the nice words Jabir.”
“You can be everything else but not like Dr Diran please.” He said pointing towards Dr Diran.
“How do you mean?” I asked.
“He is mean and unapproachable. For some reason, he gets upset when you ask him questions. He is always in a hurry to leave the patient. No feelings whatsoever. We argued once but I guess we are cool now. I made up my mind to keep any questions I have until a more approachable doctor comes in.”
While we were speaking, Dr Diran walked up to me and asked what I thought I was doing.
“Are you sure you really want to have a good time in this department? Where do you think you are? Seychelles or the Maldives on honeymoon?”
“I am sorry, doctor.” I replied trying to explain when he asked me to keep quiet.
“I expected you to come in with me when I got here but instead you decided to be a lover girl.” He said angrily.
“Far from that doctor. I was only trying to listen to him.” I responded.
“I see” He replied as he looked at me with disdain. “It is okay to get emotional once in a while but never get caught up in it.” He moved closer and whispered to me, “you know she will die anyway. What would you do then? Help him plan the funeral I guess.” He said as he laughed and walked away.
“What did he say?” Jabir asked in panic.
“Nothing serious, It is just some work I have not done.” I smiled. “I should be on my way now. I am famished. I have not had anything to eat all day.”
“That makes two of us. Can we go together?” He asked.
“Yea sure” I replied looking around to be sure Dr Diran was not close by.
“Thank you.” He replied as we walked out of the department.


To get the complete E-book online, click here https://paystack.com/pay/ChoicesEbook (50% off to celebrate breast cancer awareness month until the end of October)

You can also do a transfer to Health Platforms 1015683060, Zenith Bank and send proof of payment to info@healthplatformsng.com and your book will be on its way.

Cheers to a healthier you!

Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 8:57am On Oct 16, 2019
I'm here o. I miss you! cheesy
HealthTeacher where are u na
Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 7:46pm On Oct 11, 2019
[Thanks a lot. It wasnt wasy to keep to the timing though quote author=maggilove post=83026521]Good story you have here, and I'm glad you always kept to your word (update time).
I love the story. [/quote]
Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 7:46pm On Oct 11, 2019
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it
Wow. Riveting story honestly. Anticipating for the second part

Thanks !!
Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 7:45pm On Oct 11, 2019
Thank you dear. I'm glad you liked it
I so much love this story, well done OP
Anticipating on book 2
Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 7:45pm On Oct 11, 2019
Like what na �
Thank so much HealthTeacher, please give us something for the weekend na
Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 8:07pm On Oct 10, 2019
Episode 38

While Deji was obviously thinking of what next to say, Cindy broke the silence as she asked him "Aren't you excited to see us. You are just standing there and staring. I had a long flight. The least you could do is say hi to your son or give him a hug.”
She spoke to him with a great deal of disappointment. He still couldn't say anything. He looked at her, Niyi and at me again.

“Can I get the offer letter from Rish World Media I dropped here on your table earlier?" I asked as I started to flip the envelopes on his table.
"Okay." He replied calmly helping me with the search until he found it and handed it over to me. "I'm sorry Cleo" he said almost whispering as he held on to the envelope refusing to let it go until I was able to yank it off his hands.
"You are welcome to Nigeria Cindy. I'm sure you both will have a really great time. I said as I smiled and walked out of the office holding my head really high.
I may have wronged Deji but it definitely couldn't be compared to what he did. How does one have a family and not talk about it? As smart as I was, I couldn't believe I never had the slightest idea. The whole thing came as a huge shock.

"Cleo, I'm so sorry. I heard Cindy is here and you had to take her to Deji's office." Dara said as she rushed to catch up with me.
"Yes I did."
"Trust me it's not like it looks. Can you please give him a chance to explain. I want you to know I mean every word and this isn't because he is my brother.”
"I'm sorry Dara but I don't think I need any explanations from Deji."
"C'mon Cleo, we both know Deji loves you. He would never go a minute without speaking about you. I know how proud and arrogant my brother can be at times but with you it's different and please don't give up on him yet until you hear his side of the story please." She pleaded holding my hands.
"He's also angry with me Dara." I said slowly thinking of how best to explain to her.

"I don't think so." She said patting and squeezing my palms gently. "He sent me to pay your mum's hospital bills the same day I got into the country because he cares about you and he didn't want anything to happen to her."
"So when I was looking for the money for my mum’s treatment, I made a terrible decision. I got into a bet with Ranti to get Deji. It was totally her idea I promise." I said quickly as she left my hands and took a few steps backwards.
Ranti was going to give me the money for my mum's treatment if I was able to get Deji. I had no choice and I gave into the bet but along the way I made it clear to Ranti that I was no longer interested. That was because it didn't feel right and I didn't think it was worth it because I realized Deji is a really good person. Ranti blew my cover some minutes ago and I don't think I can ever win his trust again. I didn’t even get a chance to explain all this to him. Here’s an offer from Rish World Media. I think it's a good opportunity maybe I should consider it. It is going to be really difficult for me around here this may just be my only option." I said as she hugged me and said "Good luck with whatever decision you make. You've been a huge part of this company. We would love to have you here but this is a great opportunity and I would love to see you fulfill your dreams. So make the right choice." She said as she walked away.

I picked up my phone from my bag and placed a call to Rico asking if his offer to take me out with his friends was still up. Luckily, it was and he offered to pick me up at seven.
“It’s okay. I’ll be waiting.” I replied as I walked out of Lancast Media house.

The End. Story Continues in Book 2.

Book will be available on the 11th of November. You can follow me here on Nairaland or join the waitlist here http://eepurl.com/dCAbPv for updates as soon as it is published.

Cheers to good health and remember to always make the right choices. You all have been amazing. I'll be happy to read your comments and reviews on Book 1.



Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 7:17pm On Oct 09, 2019
Episode 37

She said she had no idea he was in the restroom. That wasn't the kind of statement I expected from her. She should have given a detailed explanation to exonerate me at least. From what I remembered, she initiated the bet and I dropped out after a short while.
"Answer me." Deji screamed as he banged table and pushed all the papers to the floor in his outrage.
"Trust me. it's not what it sounds like. I can explain." I said trying to hold back the tears.
"Did you or did you not enter into a bet with ranti for me Cleo?"
"Yes I did but…"
"I got my answer already. It's fine.” You can leave my office now.
"But I…"
" I don't want to hear it Cleo." He said with anger in his eyes. I knew him to be arrogant but the look in his eyes, I had never seen that before.
"Okay." I said after deciding not to argue or explain further to avoid things getting worse. I was almost at the door when he called me and said "Cleo, what I wanted to tell you was I paid your mum's hospital bills. The doctor said it was a lady, he was right. I sent my sister Dara and to think that I did all of that for this game is sad, really sad.”

I must have been stupid to think you loved me. I had the feeling that all of this was too good to be true. I should have trusted my guts. I'm sorry for loving you and forcing myself on you because clearly, you were not interested. I have been nothing but an open book to you. I'm sorry I screamed at you earlier. I was angry but I'm not sorry that I'm asking you to leave my office. So, please leave.

"Okay.” I replied calmly as I walked out with tears rolling down my eyes. I thought I had seen the worst until I got to the reception. I was on my feet thinking of how best to manage the situation Ranti just created for me when a lady walked up to me and asked if Deji worked there.
"And who are you?" I asked as I turned around to take a good look at her.
"I am Cindy Walter" She replied in a very clear British accent. She looked Nigerian but her accent made me think otherwise. While I was still trying to guess what exactly this lady wanted, she went on.
"I am his fiancée and this is Niyi his son." She smiled.

I laughed for a bit. I wasn't sure if it was how she pronounced Niyi or the confusion after listening to her that made me laugh.
"I just got in from London this morning." She continued not minding my laughter as she pointed to her suitcases.
"I was meant to arrive a few days ago but my flight was cancelled. Here I am now. Can I see him please?” She asked excited. I pointed in Abigail’s direction and asked her to speak with her. On a second thought, I thought it would be best if I took her to Deji myself. “Please come with me. I'll take you to his office." I walked her to his office and immediately I opened the door, Deji started to talk about how serious he was when he asked me to leave his office.
"I'm not here to see you. Your family is." I said as I walked in with Cindy and Niyi behind me. Deji went mute, one would think he had seen a ghost.

Book 1 ends tomorrow angry Who's excited?

Kindly drop your reviews. Anything at all you've learnt so far especially relating to sexual health.

Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 7:07pm On Oct 08, 2019
Episode 36

"How nice. Thank you so much. I'm fine. I'm doing very well."
"And how's it going with Deji, the lucky one.”
"Well I hope." I replied sounding skeptical.
"You don't sound too sure. Is everything okay? He asked as he pulled me to sit beside him.”
"Maybe because I'm not." I replied as I sat down.
"Alright then. If you ever change your mind, the offer is still open." He said after waiting a while and I didn’t say anything further. He was such a gentleman. He obviously didn't want to force words out of my mouth. "I'm in Lagos for one week." He smiled again.

"Rico how come you never told me you own the company?"
"I was going to and I did with a job offer but you turned it down. I should be on my way now I have a meeting on the island with some of my friends in Nigeria for the first time and I want to show them around do you want to come?"
"No. Thank you. I've got a lot of work to do." I replied.
"Okay then. Have a nice day." He said as he gave me a hug and walked out.
"A lot must have gone down in New York." Ranti said as she walked into the reception. I shook my head and didn't say a word I so as not to dignify her thoughts. “Deji asked that you see him in his office. It seems he wants to discuss something really important with you. You both seem to be doing really good both in and out of work." She laughed as she walked away.

"Hi. Did you send for me?" I asked acting all professional.
"This is unnecessary Cleo." He said after laughing for a few seconds. "We are in a relationship. You should hug me say good morning instead you sneaked out of my house. I know you're worried about what happened last night. It was the first time and it was pleasurable. I love you now even more and nothing's ever going to change how I feel about you. I know you love me too. So, I'm going to make this work." He said as he drew me closer.
All he said made me feel better. I felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders. The thoughts I had was what the Lagos big boys usually do. I seriously hoped I hadn't fallen a victim. It was possible for him to wake up the next morning and act like all of what happened was just a charade but it didn't happen that way. I was lucky. I kissed him telling him how much I loved him too.
"I'll like to tell you something but hold on a minute while I use the restroom." He said as he cleaned the sides of my lips where my lipstick had smeared.

"Oh sorry. I see you guys have been very busy." Ranti said as she walked in.
"Why wouldn’t you ever behave yourself Ranti?"
"And you're the perfect one I guess." She replied laughing.
"Have you forgotten you got in a bet with me for Deji? I hope you can tell him to his face he's just an item on the bucket list."
"How would you even say that. You realise that was all you right?
"Cleo? Is she saying the truth?” Deji asked as he walked out of the rest room and closed the door gently. After a minute of silence from all three of us, he asked again with a look of disgust, if I was guilty of what Ranti was accusing me of. Ranti who couldn't believe what she had done, apologised quickly and ran out of the office.

Continues tomorrow in the next episode tomorrow.

We have 2 more episodes to go before the end of the story.

Start dropping your reviews. I'll really appreciate it grin


Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 2:07pm On Oct 08, 2019
Episode 35

I woke up as soon as my alarm rang the next morning. I reached for my phone from beneath the chair we laid on, turned it off quickly, picked up my clothes and sneaked into his room from where I found my way out of the house into the taxi I ordered. I wasn't sure what waking up in that chair with him right beside me would feel like after what had happened the previous night and so I ran off.
As soon as I got to my house, I met my mum in the sitting room.
"Cleo you are back. I wasn't expecting you this early."I heard my mum say as I sneaked into the house.
"Oh yeah. I needed to see you early enough just to be sure you are doing okay." I replied.
"Really?." She said in a sarcastic way waiting for me to say something else.
"I was worried about you. Why can't you just believe me?"

"Cleo, come sit beside me." She asked. Scared about what the conversation would be about, I walked slowly towards the couch and sat at a reasonable distance from her.
"Is there anything going on you want to talk to me about?" She asked as she moved closer.
"No." I replied, trying to keep a straight face that wouldn't suggest otherwise.
"I am okay. In fact, very okay but I need to get ready for work."
"Okay then." She said as she turned to the television.

I left her presence quietly to have a shower. While I had my bath, if it was possible to wash away what had happened the previous night I guess I'd have been squeaky clean with the way I scrubbed my body.
I had mixed feelings about the experience. It felt good but I had always thought I would keep myself until marriage. I also wasn't sure if I had any regrets. I had to assure myself that it was best I moved on like nothing happened.
I got to the office at 9 a.m. I was never late. I looked around to be sure Deji wasn't anywhere close before going to my work station where I buried my head in my desktop.
"Miss Cleo." Abigail called.
"Yes. What is it?" I shouted as I feared she was going to say Deji was asking to see me.

"I'm sorry ma." She responded shocked at the way I responded to her.Looking at her reaction, I knew I overreacted and so I apologised.
"Abigail, I’m sorry. What is it you want to talk to me about?" I asked her calmly.
"There's a man at the reception who has been waiting a while to see you. I just thought I'd tell you ma. His name is Rico ma.”
"Tell him I'll be with him shortly." The last time I spoke with Rico was the day I arrived Nigeria. I should have at least called when I saw his offer letter but I was so busy going up and about with Deji that I forgot. He gave me a rare opportunity and even if I wasn't going to take it, the least I was supposed to say thank you but I didn't. I felt really ashamed.

"Hi Rico it's been a while. I'm so sorry I got your letter but I've been so busy I couldn't get back to you. I hope you're not angry. I'm so sorry." I pleaded.
"That's alright Cleo. Your office is really nice." He said as he smiled and held my hand. "I knew you weren't interested in my offer. If you did, you would have called. I now see why. You have a really nice office here. I just wanted to be sure you were okay. Plus, I wanted to see your face again." He teased as he touched my cheek.

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Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 2:03pm On Oct 08, 2019
Hmmm some people will soon beat me lol.

I've had a couple of projects this month that has kept me really busy. Abi should I change the schedule and start posting in the morning?

As much as i like your story, we will be at logger heads if u dnt always keep up with ur promise of regular updating. u are a gud writer i must gv u dat.
Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 8:29am On Oct 05, 2019

Have you all been waiting for it? �

Wow! Finally finally

healthteacher chop kiss mauuuuh
thanks for dis sweet weekend gift

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Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 7:11pm On Oct 04, 2019
Episode 34

Deji already called his dad to tell him of the good news as we left. He was so happy and couldn't stop saying how proud he was of the both of us. He was expecting us back at the company for a celebration. We got to the office to meet this celebration. Everyone was happy. I quickly rushed to my desk to drop my bag and belongings before going to Deji's office.
"How did it go?" Ranti asked as she walked towards my desk.
"Very well. He liked the draft and we also got several deals with his friends for their company."
"Of course. I know that already. It’s quite obvious. We are celebrating. I mean how did your visit at the clinic go? Did you go for contraception plans?"
"Can you just mind your business please?"
"I'm sorry. Of course that’s why you went. I saw you reading the information materials." She smiled.
"Oh no. I didn't as a matter of fact, I changed my mind. Thanks to you Ranti.”
"Are you serious?" She asked really surprised at what I had just said.
"Oh yes." I replied as I walked away.

"You got this today ma." Abigail said as she handed me an envelope.
"Thanks." I said to her as I opened it.
It was an offer letter from Rish World Media for the position of Director of Advertising. This was the same company that organised the conference in New York. I could see another very little paper dangling from the inside of the envelope and I opened it. It was a note from Rico Shunt. I read it but I couldn't believe what I read. Rico was the Executive Director of the company. It was his and he was giving me this offer. I couldn't believe it. I took this offer letter to Deji's office to show it to him and immediately his countenance fell.
"So what are you going to do about this? He asked looking at me with eyes like that of a sad puppy.
"What do you think?" I asked him smiling.
"I think you will take because it's a great offer."
"No, I won't. I want to do great things but with you by my side." I said as I held his hands.

“Your father gave me the opportunity. Rish World Media wouldn't have known or met me if it hadn't been for Lancast Media and so I owe you both.
"I'm not taking the offer." I said as I dropped the envelope on the table and hugged him really tight.
"Can we go home now? There are so many things I want to show you right now. You are so amazing and I know I wouldn't have gone wrong asking you to be mine. Just let me show you how much I care about you.”
"Okay I’ll like to know that. Let’s go. "
We went over to his place and first had dinner. We watched a couple of movies as we cuddled. I didn't think I wanted to leave and so I called the nurse to go back home and be with my mum because I wouldn't be coming back until the next morning as I had business to attend to.
"What sort of trip is that?” My mum asked almost annoyed. “You just got back from one trip, you should rest." She said over the phone almost immediately after I called the nurse.

I apologised and told her I had a few things to attend to. I never used to lie to her but I didn't have a choice. I was so in love. I promised her I'll be back home very early the next day. I stayed over at Deji's. We had so much fun; we danced, had glasses of wine before finally lying on the couch on the roof to look at the stars together as we shared stories and deep memories. As it got late, it became very cold and as we wrapped in each others arms, we started to kiss and shortly afterwards, I had sex for the first time ever with Deji. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but it ended up being not so different from the movies and novels I had read.
"I love you Cleo and I'll always be there for you. You are the first girl I ever had sex with who is still a virgin. I knew you were a bit naive when I met you but I never expected you would be a virgin." You are mine and I'm yours. I'll love you till the end." He said as we kissed again and slept afterwards.

Continues in the next episode on Monday. Can't wait? Get the complete e-book here for 500 Naira here https://paystack.com/pay/u7ltid6ol4

Cheers. Have a great weekend!

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Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 7:46pm On Oct 03, 2019
Episode 33

“Yes. It’s okay.” She said pointing in the direction of the consulting room.
“Okay. I'm not going to ask why you're here. It’s really your business and I apologize but you know I'm Ranti and that's just who I am. I came here to ask how possible it would be to take out my birth control device."
"And why would you want to do that?" I asked her quite surprised.
"Cleo, now I know you really don't pay attention to our conversations. What was it I said the last time we had a conversation with the video call? Do you remember?"
"I don't remember anything asides you been very dramatic."

" Okay. I remember I told you I wanted a baby. I was joking then but I'm serious now and I'm taking this out so I don't spoil my chances. I'm not married. I may not even get married at all but I want a baby and not just from anyone but from a well- deserving family. My baby should have a shot at a good life or what do you think?” She asked as she laughed and walked away while I stood and watched her. Ranti was never going to stop being desperate. I thought as I walked into the doctor's office. While I sat there, I just couldn’t listen to the doctor. I didn't think I was interested anymore. Maybe I want a baby too. Maybe I need a baby and I should get one before Ranti does with the same man I want.

"Thank you doctor but I don't think I'm interested anymore. I'm so sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. I'll pay the bills for the consultation please so you do not see this as a waste of time." I said smiling at the doctor who just couldn’t comprehend my recent decision as I rushed out of the office. I was in a hurry to catch up with Deji for the meeting we had at Brooks Group. I had made the necessary adjustments and I was very confident the chairman would have no choice but to accept our draft. I was also very sure he had never had anything like that before. We were going to take his company to a level he never imagined. It was something to make me super excited only if I had just gone to the clinic to get the information I needed to make a choice without getting to see Ranti.

I got to the office about 15 minutes before we were set to leave. I picked up a few things I felt I'd need and then walked to Deji's office to have a last conversation before the meeting. I got into the office and saw him going over the draft I sent.
"Do you like it?" I asked.
"This is is great Cleo. I think you should go to New York more often if it guarantees this same results.”
"Oh nice. I'm happy you like it." I laughed as I stretched over the desk to give him a kiss. I couldn't believe I was engaging in an office romance. It was something I detested so much but it's easy to make conclusions when you're not in the position. It wasn't right but it felt so good.

We got to Ikoyi Golf Club on time, submitted the draft with detailed explanation of the process and he was quite impressed. I'll say it was our lucky day because the draft gave us new deals with his group of friends who were interested in us offering their companies the same services for their company. We had just made the kind of money Lancast Media makes in one year from just one meeting. We only had to worry about how to attend to all of them at the same time but as usual we believed in our abilities to pull it off.


Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 6:56am On Oct 03, 2019
Episode 32

“How nice Cleo. I'm happy for you.” He replied. As I was reading the message, still smiling I remembered the conversation I had with him about contraception services and thought it would come in handy at this time and so I asked him for more information about the health clinic he spoke about. If he knew any in Nigeria and he replied, “You could visit Health Platforms Clinic”
I replied the message thanking him. If I was going to be in a relationship with Deji, it meant I was going to start having sex and I had to stay protected. A lot had changed about me. I was bold and confident quite alright but I wasn't sure I was well-educated or prepared for that sort of relationship and as such I had to start being ready. I checked Google for the address to the clinic and when I found it, I saved it for the next day when I’d be visiting after I was well rested.

When I got to the clinic, the following morning, I was overly impressed at the nice ambience and clean environment. The lady at the front desk had a charming smile and was very welcoming and that made me feel even better as I explained to her why I was visiting the clinic. I was very bold and confident this time, very different from the last time I wanted to get a birth control pill at the pharmacy. She gave me a short form to fill offering me a seat and informing me that the health educator would be with me shortly and so I waited. In a very short time, the health educator was with me. She asked if I was familiar with the different options available but I told her I was still a virgin and was about to be in a sexual relationship which is why I had to come to learn more and know what my options were. She then spoke to me about the several options available. She was more than willing to give me all the information I needed before I go in to see the doctor who would give more advice me on my choice and answer any more questions I may have.
After reading the materials, I was well educated and very much aware of the different options. Even before seeing the doctor, I didn't think the daily pills would be for me because I had never liked taking pills, any kind of pill no matter how tiny. The emergency birth control pills would have been ideal but as the name suggests, it’s only for emergencies and shouldn’t be used more than two to three times a month. Injections or implants were definitely not going to be my choice. The barrier methods seem pretty easier and interesting. They all work to prevent the sperm from getting to the egg. I got to see a female condom for the first time and she showed me with a demonstration on how to use it. It also prevents sexually transmitted infections. Others in this same category were the cervical cap, diaphragm and the sponge. I waited patiently for the doctor while she attended to a patient and not long after, I saw the patient walk out of the doctor's office and this patient was Ranti.

"Someone is becoming a bad girl.” Ranti said as she laughed and walked towards me.
“What are you doing here?”
“And how is that your business?” I asked angrily.
“Okay you may not want to tell me about why you are here. I'm not secretive and I don't have anything to hide. I can tell you why I am here though.”
“Good for you but I'm not interested.” I said as I stood up and walked to the front desk to ask the lady if it was okay for me to go in and see the doctor.
Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 8:19pm On Oct 01, 2019
Episode 31

Cleo can we go to my office so we could come up with a strategy for the campaign for Brooks group since you're in the brainstorming mood.” Deji said.
I agreed and as we walked to his office, he informed me that the Chairman of Brooks Group wanted a meeting to discuss the first draft at Ikoyi golf club the next day. That felt like the perfect opportunity for me to use my newly-acquired knowledge.
We went through every page of the document he put together. It seemed very good but needed a few adjustments and so I offered to complete work on it.

“I'm up for it anything you say Cleo.”
“Okay then. Let’s get to it.” I said as I stood up to give him a handshake. I remembered he wanted our relationship professional before I left for New York and so I had to put that up just to see if he still wanted things that way or differently.
He gave me a handshake but refused to let go of my hand as he pulled me over to his side of the desk. With his hands around my waist, he said, “Cleo, I don't want our relationship to remain professional. I want more.”
“And how do you mean more?” I asked him.
“I came over to New York to say these things to you but the environment wasn't too conducive if you remember.” He laughed. “Now I'm ready. I don't care about anyone or anything else I just want you to be my girlfriend and let me love you. Will you?”
“Really? I asked confused and excited. I was going to say yes right away but I needed to be the prim and proper lady who doesn’t come off as being easy to get and so I gently removed his hands from my waist and said to him, “ I'll think about it.”
He pulled me back. This time putting my arms around his neck and his on my waist as his lips came really close to mine.
“I'm yet to give you a reply. Why don’t you give me sometime?”
“Do you think that’s necessary?” He asked looking into my eyes.
“I'm not sure.” I replied in a whisper as I kissed him. After one minute, I stopped, smiled, picked up my laptop and walked out of the office.

I got back to my desk asking myself if being in a relationship with Deji was what I really wanted. I asked myself if I going too far or was I just scared of the unknown. I hadn't given him a reply but I bet my actions already did. I kissed him back and that screamed “yes.” While I was still trying to figure out the smartest move, I got a message and it was from Rico. He wanted to know how I was doing and how my trip back to Nigeria was. He also asked if I had seen Deji yet.
I smiled as I read the message almost out loud. I replied telling him I was okay and that I may just be in a relationship with him too. “It's complicated but I know you'll understand,” smiling as I clicked the send button eagerly waiting for a response

Continues in the next episode tomorrow



Literature / Re: For Ten Thousand Dollars- The Aftermath Of An Unintended Office Romance by HealthTeacher(f): 7:34am On Oct 01, 2019
You are welcome
Thanks for the update

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