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Health / Re: High Blood Pressure by Healthyway15: 2:29pm
Please Sir/ Ma, I will like to send you mesi. Can I send it?
You can check my signature for contact
Health / Re: My Fiancee And I Are Both AS. Should We Go Ahead And Get Married? by Healthyway15: 7:33am
Genotype and its appropriate suitor:
AA + AA = excellent
AA + AS = Good
AA + SS = Fair
AS + SS = Very bad
SS + SS = Extremely Bad.

There are 3 major types of genotypes: AA, AS, SS, & others – SC and CC
AA+AA can get married
AA+AS can get married
AS+AS shouldn’t get married
SS+AA can get married
AS+SC shouldn’t get married
AS+CC shouldn’t get married
AA+SC can get married
AA+CC can get married

For both parents with traits, there is a 25 percent chance of having a child with sickle cell per pregnancy. That’s why some could have all kids as sickle cell while some none. The reason why certain genotypes like AS and AS, or AS and SS shouldn’t get married together is because of the risk of having a child with the SS (sickle cell) genotype.

Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Arthritis/Rheumatism by Healthyway15: 10:15pm On Jan 22
Nothing replaces Sound Health
Health / Re: How To Get Rid Of A Recurrent Typhoid Fever by Healthyway15: 10:14pm On Jan 22
Health is the greatest asset.
Health / Re: High Blood Pressure by Healthyway15: 9:45pm On Jan 22
Please Sir/ Ma, I will like to send you mesi. Can I send it?
Feel free ma
Health / Re: High Blood Pressure by Healthyway15: 9:44pm On Jan 22

thank you very much sir for your response. but i dont feel any pain when i cough, take a deep breath or sneeze. when i visited the doctor, i explain things to him and he wrote down some drugs for me to buy. the drugs worth #2500. i have been taking them for 3 days now. if the problem still persist, i will just go for chest xray. for the issue of chest xray, i was not advise by the doctor to go for it, i was the one that said, i would prefer to go for it to know what could be the problem with my chest

You're welcome sir.
It's okay to go for the chest X-ray scan you talked about. However, no matter what action you plan to take concerning your health condition, do not stop to seek for the advice of your doctor.
I wish you nothing short of good recovery.

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Health / Re: High Blood Pressure by Healthyway15: 8:19am On Jan 22

the machine was run once. i visited the doctor concerning pains i have been feeling around my chest. also, each time i sleep using the left part of my body, i do feel pains around my ribs, only the left ribs. i dont feel any pain when i lie on my right side.

The symptoms could be caused by some underlying health conditions. Maybe costochondritis, especially if the pain worsens with coughing, sneezing or deep breaths. It's good you go for X-ray scan to make sure there’s nothing abnormal going out with your lungs, and the ECG just as 1F30M4 advised to be sure the chest pain isn't caused by a problem in the heart. The condition can be diagnosed from here.
Take good care.

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Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Arthritis/Rheumatism by Healthyway15: 5:02pm On Jan 21
Health is the greatest wealth
Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Your High Blood Pressure by Healthyway15: 5:00pm On Jan 21
Nothing replaces Sound Health
Health / Re: High Blood Pressure by Healthyway15: 8:34am On Jan 21
i visited the doctor today and my blood pressure was checked by a nurse and the result is 140/90. i will be 30 this year. i am a slim person and i do not worry my mind thinking about things. why is it high? and how can i get it to reduce to 120/80 OR 130/90? i am really scared of this result

As the BP reading indicates a stage 2 hypertension, there are several factors that might cause the high blood pressure, but the exact cause is unknown.

Proper medication, lifestyle changes and monitoring the blood pressure are suggested. About the lifestyle changes; limit your salt intake, eat more fruits and vegetable, start getting regular exercise, moderate alcohol drinking or avoid it, avoid smoking, limit taking fried foods, get quality sleep everyday.

Did you visit your doctor concerning heart-related symptoms in the first place? Are you sure you're having quality sleep regularly? Was the BP machine run on you more than once?
Health / Re: Treatment For Seizure / Epilepsy by Healthyway15: 8:42pm On Jan 20
Please I need your advice on best treatment for seizure and epilepsy me. Since I gave birth to my second baby I started experiencing it while sleeping.

Please help me suggest treatment. I am tired. Help me

As the cause of seizures after childbirth remains unknown, it is still linked to the presence of protein in your urine, or high blood pressure during pregnancy (the damage to the arteries might restrict blood flow, leading to swelling in the blood vessels in your brain, and interfering with your brain’s ability to function, thereby causing seizures).

If left untreated, you are more likely to have a greater chance of blood pressure issues in your next pregnancy and possibly later in life, and the condition can result to stroke or permanently damage vital organs, such as the brain, eyes, and kidneys.

Your condition is a serious but treatable condition. With adequate treatment and active lifestyle, recovery is possible. Its proper treatment is targeted towards controlling the blood pressure and enhancing the nerve balance to reduce the risk of seizures.

Do you usually have high blood pressure? Have you had any other complications during a previous pregnancy?
Health / Re: How To Get Rid Of A Recurrent Typhoid Fever by Healthyway15: 12:00pm On Jan 19
Health is the greatest wealth
Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Arthritis/Rheumatism by Healthyway15: 11:59am On Jan 19
Sound Health First
Health / Re: How To Get Rid Of A Recurrent Typhoid Fever by Healthyway15: 7:44pm On Jan 18
Sound Health First
Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Arthritis/Rheumatism by Healthyway15: 7:44pm On Jan 18
The Greatest Wealth Is Health
Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Your High Blood Pressure by Healthyway15: 3:37pm On Jan 15
Good Health Has No Replacement!
Health / Re: How To Beat Diabetes Even If You've Been Managing It For Years by Healthyway15: 3:35pm On Jan 15
Health is the greatest wealth!
Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Arthritis/Rheumatism by Healthyway15: 12:55pm On Jan 14
The First Wealth is Health!
Health / Re: How To Get Rid Of A Recurrent Typhoid Fever by Healthyway15: 12:01am On Jan 13
The Greatest Wealth Is Health!
Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Arthritis/Rheumatism by Healthyway15: 11:03pm On Jan 12
Good Health Has No Replacement
Health / Re: How To Beat Diabetes Even If You've Been Managing It For Years by Healthyway15: 10:00pm On Jan 09
Good Health Has No Replacement.
Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Your High Blood Pressure by Healthyway15: 9:58pm On Jan 09
The First Wealth Is Health!
Health / Re: How To Get Rid Of A Recurrent Typhoid Fever by Healthyway15: 11:11am On Jan 07
Health is the greatest Wealth!
Health / Re: Are You Looking For A Lasting Solution For Arthritis/Rheumatism by Healthyway15: 11:09am On Jan 07
Health is the greatest asset.
Health / Re: How Serious Is Malaria? by Healthyway15: 10:31am On Jan 07
Thank you for the response. I just wanted a second opinion. He said malaria for him is like getting a cold or the flu for us. He has been using insecticide, but the mosquitoes are still making it into his home, so he needs to find a more permanent solution. He did say he was going to get medication today.

You're welcome.
There are more preventive measures to take than just getting insecticides alone. He should get a mosquito net too, or move to a better environment as you suggested. Do not ignore the part that he could be having a weakened immune system too.
Health / Re: How Serious Is Malaria? by Healthyway15: 8:44am On Jan 07
I am an oyibo woman, and my boyfriend in Abuja just told me he believes he has malaria based on his symptoms of aches, a headache, and a fever. I grew up believing malaria was a deadly disease, but he recently informed me prior to this that getting malaria is a common occurrence in Nigeria and easily treatable by readily available drugs. How concerned should I be for him? Is this true?

Malaria is common with the symptoms like fever, headaches, feeling of discomfort, but with the right medication, he should be fine. In some cases, it can be fatal, resulting to very low blood sugar, organ failure, etc. A recurrence of malaria is also common even after taking several drugs.
However,if he takes preventive measures against mosquito bites seriously, and also takes immune-boosting supplements, you have nothing to worry about.


Health / Re: Am Suffering From Insomnia by Healthyway15: 7:26am On Jan 06
.yes, my late dad couldn't find sleep at the later part of his years, and no, I don't take sleeping pills and I watched my dad hooked on it for such a long time, I have never thought its hereditary, I always thought its an individual thing. So what do you think I can do?

Yes, studies suggest you can be genetically predisposed to having insomnia, with the genes making it hard for the brain to enter sleep mode many times. Generally, doctors do not conduct genetic testing for sleep issues in a clinical setting.

Even if the problem is genetic, insomnia is still well treated, and its proper treatment is the same regardless of whether you have a genetic predisposition. First, while you’re at it, if there's any tips and tricks your dad used to improve his sleep that you know of, I advise that you apply it too. Since you’re related, what worked for him may also be helpful for you.

Also, there are natural health supplements that effectively work well for the treatment of insomnia so you can enjoy quality night sleep again. For enquiries, you can check my signature.
Take good care.
Health / Re: Am Suffering From Insomnia by Healthyway15: 9:22pm On Jan 05
Am suffering from serious insomnia. I barely get up to
3 hours of sleeping time everyday. Most days I don't get to sleep at all, the worst part is there's really nothing that keeps me awake, most times I play chess all night, when am tired, I read and study, but always unable to concentrate. i find it really difficult to fall asleep.
I really don't have alot on my mind as am not doing badly in life, just the normal stress of life and living.

It started a couple of years ago, about 3/4 years ago, then I could sleep for a total of about 4 hours every night, but I always wokeup at 1:30/2 at night and won't be able to sleep again, now it's gotten really worse over the past few months, since October, I have been unable to get up to 5 hours of sleep in a day. I have tried changing my sleep pattern, it didn't work, I have tried drinking myself to sleep, that's even worst, because the alcohol wears off and am back to sleeplessness. I have also tried sex, it doesn't help at all, I have tried over working myself during the day, it doesn't work.
I have tried to see a doctor here but the doctors keep saying it's not an emergency. I don't know what else to do, am afraid my body is aspiring to it, cos as long as am able to get 1 HR sleep my mind is at peace ... please help with suggestions and recommendations, it's really affecting my concentration.

Many people with insomnia rest better after changing their diet, lifestyle and nighttime routines. Often the cause is a temporary problem, but If you're having more than 3 months of sleep problem, it's safe to say you're suffering from chronic insomnia, and it can last for months or years causing negative health.

It becomes more evident if it still persists despite adopting good sleep habits. And getting less than 5 hours of sleep regularly is even more dangerous for your health. In some cases, though, taking sleeping pills for a short time can help you sleep, but they are not intended for regular use.

Also, your attempt to self-medicate insomnia with
alcohol, however, will ultimately worsen your
insomnia as you only get poor quality sleep, and may give rise to alcohol abuse and liver diseases.

The best approach can depend on the underlying cause and the type of insomnia. How often do you take sleeping pills? As insomnia can be hereditary, do you have any family members with sleep problem?
Health / Re: My Health Is Currently At Stake. by Healthyway15: 6:42pm On Jan 05
Lately I have been stooling blood. Bright red blood. It hasn't been this bad before now. It started out as spotting blood after constipation.

Following the constant constipation, I went to a clinic and was given some drugs to help soften the stool and make me use the loo frequently.

However, one time, I was sick, and most of my medications were taken on empty stomach as I don't feel hungry. I took a drip and after the drip, I was feel serious stomach ache. The stomach ache was so bad that I was given antacid which helped to cure it.

During that time, I had also rarely used the toilet so the constipation was back. I went to the clinic again for medication and I was given drugs. The drugs are supposed to make me stool and soften the stool. Which worked.


After taking the drugs, I noticed I'm pooping blood a lot.

I keep going back and they tell me it's hemorrhoids or pile but I think it's something else like GI bleeding or peptic ulcer.

I would like to know if anyone experienced this and what direction to go about proper testing, treatment and scanning. I live in Port Harcourt.

Here are some information that might help with prognosis:

- I sit a lot in front of the computer. I'm talking about from like 6am to about 12am or 1am in the midnight with little breaks in between and no physical activity. I suspect this might be the cause of the constant constipation.

- I feel full without eating and experience loss of appetite. I can go a full day without feeling hungry, yet feel full and belching.

Mods, please this is an emergency. Please move to front page. I can't start this year like this. I don't want to wait until it's too late.

Blood in stool means there is bleeding somewhere in your digestive tract, and the bright-red colour of the blood indicates the bleeding is coming from your lower gastrointestinal tract. It could be caused by constipation, haemorrhoids, colon cancer, medication side effects.

I also don't think this is haemorrhoids or peptic ulcer. Haemorrhoids usually don’t last long and are often easy to treat. In some cases, rectal bleeding can be a symptom of a serious disease like colorectal cancer. Proper examination shouldn't be delayed.

Although the constipation could be due to various causes, it could still be traced to getting little or no physical activity or eating a diet that is low in fibre. It's quite important you start staying as active as possible and try to get regular exercise. If not, a worse health condition can show up next time.

You can go for the following tests at a reputable hospital:
A colonoscopy test to see inside your large
intestine and check out symptoms like bleeding,
and possible signs of colon cancer.
A flexible sigmoidoscopy to diagnose bowel problems and colon cancer.
Delay is Dangerous.

For consultation, you can check my signature.
Health / Re: Advise From A Medical Doctor To All Men In 2022 by Healthyway15: 5:31pm On Jan 05
Following simple, simple health instructions like this, keeps our health in place. Let's not allow our health be complicated. I have to share this valuable health info with my contacts.
Thank you OP
Health / Re: Help! Computer Is Damaging The Eye by Healthyway15: 5:46pm On Jan 04
thank you so much for your response sir.

He has reduced the usage by let's say 80%. Sometimes d symptoms seems to disappear but this doesn't last as he usually starts getting d symptoms again in less than 24hrs after

He isn't having any other pains.

Well the the time he visited the teaching hospital, he was referred to d eyes clinic n he saw the eye doctor there. I don't know if the person is an Opthalmologist. We will find out

You're welcome... Yes, it's good you confirm it.
And if you're okay with treating the condition with supplements, there are very effective supplements for better eye health. For more enquiries, feel free to check my signature.
Take care pls.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Issue by Healthyway15: 10:01am On Jan 03
This is my fourth month of pregnancy, but my bump is not yet coming out so visible. Is this normal, this is actually my first experience though.
I went to the hospital, after some examination the doctor said he can't feel the pregnancy but I should not worry that everything is fine. I am just a little worried. Please I need your advice on everything.

For most first-time moms, the baby bump usually arrives when they’re 14 to 16 weeks pregnant, but it can be even later than that. Showing a little late doesn't typically indicate a problem. As every body is different, each pregnancy is different too.

Some factors could contribute to this. Women who are pregnant for the first time may start showing later because their muscles haven't been stretched by a previous pregnancy, the position of the uterus. Even being tall or plus-size also contributes to this.

As long your doctor is monitoring your progress and making sure your baby is growing properly, there's no cause for worry. However, if you have any concerns about bump progression after 20 weeks, see your doctor again.

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