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Business / Re: ₦1,532 To ₦1,561: Naira Depreciates Massively Against Dollar In A Single Day by HomoDroid(m): 12:15pm On Jul 11
Somebody saddled with the responsibility of leadership, who claimed he was a "strategist" should have asked this question from those who advised him to devalue the currency, before accepting to do so in a bid to attract foreign investments.

Buhari asked them these questions, hence he frusrd ti devalue further. Same Buhari that we all agreed is not educated.

This makes me doubt whether the Tinunbu is educated at all.

Before you start idol-worshipping the ex-President, remember he spent his last nine months declaring that he could barely wait to handover and return to Daura! He knew fully well he had lost the ablity to cope with Nigeria's challenges!

Buhari barely managed to keep the naira exchange rate steady through juju economics - borrowing massively to defend the naira! He even conjoured all the tricks in the books and outside. Borrowing against future crude production; ways and means far beyond the authorized limits; overloaded Foreign and domestic debts; delays in Salary payments; Emefailuriasis; etcetera, etcetera, etceterum!

On the contrary, the Present Government fired the silver bullet from day 1 and removed both fuel subsidy and floated the exchange rate in one fell swoop. Although I personally believe it was an error to move too soon as well as combine the two recipes together - it is the reason for our economic constipation we are battling with today. Each policy was good and necessary, but it become an overdose when administered concurrently instead of consecutively. The crooked Nigerian opportunists pounced on the circumstances to hold everyone to ransome!

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Health / Re: Zambian Teacher Commits Suicide, Leaves Note On How His Money Should Be Shared by HomoDroid(m): 11:41am On Jul 07
Panford Mweetwa, a Secondary School Teacher was with the Devil. The Devil took him and he was no more because the Devil took him.

He complained to the world he left behind that he worked so hard but had nothing to show for it! He has a loving Brother, a responsible wife and lovely Children. His Labours have earned him enough income to build a house in the city of Lusaka and enough for his wife to start a business as well as pay for relocation, yet the Devil convinced him that all these are nothing compared to owning his squat space in Neverland Hellfire!

What a stupidly bold Man of Devil (MOD) May God have mercy on his bereaved family.
Family / Re: Six Key Principles For Building A Lasting Relationship by HomoDroid(m): 9:04pm On Jul 03
Sure blueprint,but apply with sensei!
Celebrities / Re: Black Satino Hilarious Video: Watch Video; Can You Leave Your Spouse For $1.5m?? by HomoDroid(m): 2:24pm On Jun 22
Politics / Re: Muslims must shun to Labour strike - MURIC by HomoDroid(m): 10:24pm On Jun 03
Surah An-Nisa (Chapter 4), Verse 58:

"Indeed, Allah commands you to render trusts to whom they are due and when you judge between people to judge with justice. Excellent is that which Allah instructs you. Indeed, Allah is ever Hearing and Seeing."

MURIC calm down, this one we are fighting for is food. You either join us or shut up !!!

It's only a mischievous person that compares a flock of chicken to a cob of maize! Why compare NASS Budget to Minimum wage and not to Govt Wage Bill or Human Resource Cost? Is NASS Budget made up of only Salaries of Lawmakers?

Another issue is why compare even the salary of Lawmakers to that of Entry Level Civil Servants? Many people erroneously think that minimum wage is maximum wage. It will shock them that the consequential adjustments up the Civil Service Cadre will make the Salaries of DGs and Perm Secs overtake that of the President or Senators, if granted as Labour wants, then the Law makers will simply make a Law for the Adjustment of their own packages in line with the new minimum Wage structure. It is a simply protocol called 'indexing'

Politics / Re: Minimum Wage Negotiations Will Be Tough - Atedo Peterside by HomoDroid(m): 10:04pm On Jun 03
Subsidising Hajj is not what the Nigerian government should even bother itself with. Even though it's a crucial pillar in Islam, it's done ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE THE MEANS to do so. The irresponsible government spending hugely to subsidize Hajj for people who already can afford it. Nigeria should think of having a vision that all Nigerians should know about even when they are awakened from slumber

I'm a Christian, but I must say the Government did not really subsidize Hajj - it's just that their communication apparatus is just too dumb to carry Nigerians along. The fact is that Hajj fee is dollar based and was fixed and many intending Pilgrims have already paid or been sponsored by their respective State Governments before the FX crashed badly. The repercussion is that the amount already paid by prospective pilgrims became inadequate due to the new naira equivalent of the Hajj fee dollar FX. At that point, the FG and state governments controlling pilgrims became obliged to make up the differential, as asking the pilgrims to pay more will result in serious political and religious backlash (two very critical issues in our jurisdiction).

One might blame the Government for getting involved with pilgrimage in the first place, but these people are actually ambassadors of the country in a way and government ought to have a sort of control over their behaviour out there. More so as the President is looking forward to securing Foreign Direct Investment from the Arabs. We cannot expect our government to show nonchalance to one of the very important products of the Saudi Government.
Politics / Re: Judiciary Is Biggest Threat To Nigeria’s Democracy – Peter Obi by HomoDroid(m): 6:55am On May 18
The biggest threat to the Nigerian Judiciary is PETER OBI and his Ilk, who never sees anything good in anything that does not favour them directly. Imagine someone who benefitted from the Judiciary to become Governor and rigged his way into second term now calling the judiciary names!

I am really surprised he is now absolving INEC, which he made all his followers and a chunk of the entire world believe was manned by a league of a thousand AI Demons (who all conspired to write synchronized fake results nationwide within 36 hours of the 2023 presidential elections)! I guess he has been told how ridiculous it is to continue denigrating INEC, who is being hired by our neighbouring countries to help them conduct and structure their electoral systems and continually receiving accolades for jobs well done!

OBIdense is the bitterest electoral contestant I have ever known! He continues to constitute a clear and present danger to the Nigerian democratic structures by spreading propaganda that is making gullible Nigerians distrust and lose hope in the system.

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Business / Re: Binance: Nigeria Setting Dangerous Precedent For Firms By Detaining Executives by HomoDroid(m): 3:37pm On May 07

This allegation is huge. EFCC needs to look into these allegations and culprit brought to justice. A huge dent in the country's image

Sadly, everyone under trial will make any allegation that wins public sympathy! However, they need to present these with evidence before the EFCC and Code of Conduct Bureau! I run the management of a private estate in Lagos. My experience is that most persons accused of infractions always try to turn the table against the Security Personal on the excuse that it's because they refuse to give them tips, until you start to dig deep and unravel the facts.

In fact, if you have nothing to hide as an American Citizen, how can a 'common' Nigerian Legislator of opposition party be threatening you for kickback or bribe? (Make we reason this thing o!) And why escape through the back door, when your life is not under threat (as an American citizen in ordinary Nigeria)?

Many Nairalanders are ignorantly and hatefully supporting outsiders against their own government fighting for their currency! Very sad indeed.

If you think you're dealing with TINUBU's government by supporting these international crooks called Binance, think again! A lot of Nigerians have lost their fortunes to these Ponzi schemes always repackaged and re-presented, including BETthis and BETthat, SwissGold, SwissGolden, MMM, etc.

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Education / Re: JAMB Candidate From Bayelsa Scores 354 by HomoDroid(m): 8:55am On May 03
Nigerians are too gullible follow-follow, sha. Nobody has questioned how 95+95+73+93 take equal 354? Just asking o!

In another thread, somebody had identical scores in identical subjects and her total is 356! 2024 UTME: Tsavkegh Ishughun Scored 356 In JAMB https://www.nairaland.com/8080474/2024-utme-tsavkegh-ishughun-scored

Looks like 2024 Serial of Nmesomma is in premiere mode! grin grin grin
Agriculture / Re: Me Working On My Melon (egusi) Farm This Morning by HomoDroid(m): 7:51pm On Apr 28
The journey started towards the end of February when I started the clearing of the yet to be developed 5 plots of land around my house.
I have two reasons for doing this:
One: to push the busy around my house back
Two: to get me busy every morning before I go out for the day as I actually have plenty of time on my hand grin
I equally bought and planted hybrid of water melon among the melon, about 100 seeds for N4500.
This was planted middle of March after the first rain.

OP, are you sure it's wise to plant watermelons among melons (tares and wheat situation). Cross pollination will surely happen and may not be helpful? BUT WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT FARMING? Let the gurus throw more light, sha!

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Crime / Re: IG Wants NSCDC, FRSC Merged With Police by HomoDroid(m): 8:20am On Apr 23
In my opinion,
1. The National Police should be scrapped and replaced with State Police.
2. The NSCDC should absorb and reorientate the manageable remnants of the Federal Police.
3. The FRSC should absorb the TW personnel of the existing police and upgrade their skills.
4. Then for coordination and conflict resolution, a special division should be created in the new NSCDC to include selected ex-sevicemen. When you have a complaint against your state police, you petition this division for assistance. Also the special unit of the NSCDC will operate as the National Guard.
5. Any member of the scrapped national police not found suitable to be absorbed into his state's new Police unit should apply for gratuity and if screened and found worthy, should be paid-off. The rest should automatically enter the existing pension scheme after a one-month disengagement training.


Politics / Re: Nigeria’s FX Reserves Drop To $32bn — Lowest Level In Six Years by HomoDroid(m): 5:09pm On Apr 17
If the powers that be would listen up, they should sell the entire FX Reserve,use the proceeds to crash the exchange rate and the balance to massively import equipment for mining, ores processing and Gold Refinery. The FG should then embark on aggressive purchase for storage the entire Gold refined in the country! We can also spread our reserves in the top three foreign currencies spread between the BRICS, the West and Brazil. This approach will put an end to the see-finish that USA in doing to us!

But what does ordinary me know about national economics and fiscal policy? grin grin grin
Religion / Re: Dunamis Church 'Fake Testimony': Anyim Vera Deserves An Apology by HomoDroid(m): 9:59am On Apr 15
Those encouraging the Lady to sue the Church/ MoG want her to end her fake legal career in deep jail. The man of God correctly discerned her fakeness.

Even if she actually appears on the Graduation List, it must have been contrived. How can a graduate of Law forget her degree class? How can she so forget that she mentioned BSc, not even BA? This suggests she never understood the University system and most likely procured the degree, if any!

Any attempt to drag the issue will simply lay bare all that is hidden! God does not always condone lies propagated on His Altar!

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Religion / Re: Muslim Allows Pastor Sleep In A Mosque As Christians Refused Him Accommodation by HomoDroid(m): 8:40pm On Apr 14
This Pastor is Suspect! I guess his story didn't add up, hence the argument between the host Pastor and his wife.

I guess the location must be in the heart of BH Territory, where mission houses have suffered untold terrorism more than than the mosques.

It's very wrong to judge a case without knowing the full details. In fact, the headline made it look like many Christians rejected him, whereas the content showed it was just a random Church location. The supposed hosts must have learnt bitter lessons from being carefree.

I remember the story of one RCCG Church that hosted a stranger for some days. The stranger ended up robbing the Church Accountant of the offerings and he almost lost his life, but for providence. This was after they had taken good care of the stranger and even made monetary provisions for him. That's life!

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Sports / Re: Tunde Onakoya Attempts To Break World Record For Longest Chess Marathon by HomoDroid(m): 3:45pm On Apr 13
I HOPE THE MATCHES ARE FIXED, ELSE, HE'S MOST LIKELY TO FAIL! At present, there are too many challenges to face:

1. Opponents well-prepared by advanced chess-bots like STOCKFISH;
2. Opponents who manage to evade cheating screens;
3. Unforced error due to mental fatigue or time trouble;
4. Unforced error occurring by chance;
5. Errors occurring through distraction;
6. Tricks and traps recently developed and deployed; &
6. The X-Factor (or act of God).

Even the god-like Calsen has been defeated by random guys recently on chance occasions!

All the same, Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I wish him smooth sailing - TOUCHE!


Politics / Re: South-East To Sue FG, Demands Creation Of 6th State; To Demand For Trillions by HomoDroid(m): 4:52pm On Mar 28
Where is thevSENSE? Does the Nigeria Constitution recognise Igbos (or any particular tribe for that Matter)? Does the Constitution recognise SE, or SS, SW, NE, NC and NW.
Religion / Re: Bring Mr Ibu And Mohbad Back To Life — Daddy Freeze Begs Pastor Chris Oyakhilome by HomoDroid(m): 3:32pm On Mar 23
I hope the Freezer Man will learn how to be circumspect with his attacks on every Man of God and every issue of God! He got the issue of Tithes right, but must be careful not to portray himself as an agent of the Antichrist, so that people will follow any other truths he may be used by God to propagate in the future.

From what I gather about this issue, the Man of God (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome) stated that many dead members of his church were resurrected last year! Only authentic inner members of the Love World can make any meaningful attempt to refute or debunk that claim. Only them can explain what was killing them and how they were revived! I choose to believe that MoG until contrary information or revelation is made available.

You see, the Word of God carries the seed of Resurrection and Eternal Life for those who choose to swallow it whole. Challenging Chris to bring Mohbad and Ibu back to life ignores the fact that these two may not qualify! Pastor Chris did not claim that nobody died in his ministry in that year. No power can resurrect somebody who God himself has killed or recalled back home! It's only those who died untimely at the hands of the Devil that can be resurrected through timely deliverance ministration by The Word! Christian deliverance and healing are not magic protocols that can be replicated at will! It is the entire prerogative f the Almighty God who exercises His sovereign powers over the matter of Life and Death. I hope the Freezer Man understands this and stops making a mockery of himself in attempts to ridicule the Church and its operators!

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Politics / Re: Abuja Businessman Reacts As Hoodlums Invade, Loot His Warehouse by HomoDroid(m): 10:52am On Mar 05
revolution has started already
wait till they're out of shops to loot



Business / Re: Countries Where Binance Is Banned, Restricted (Full List) by HomoDroid(m): 1:50pm On Mar 02
I think the FG needs to urgently replace Binance with PayPal to empower Nigerian Youths with the option of Remote Work. This will flood Nigeria with the much soughjt-after USD.

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Politics / Re: FG Launches CNG-Powered Buses In Abuja by HomoDroid(m): 11:52am On Feb 29

Primordial type of buses that are not up to 15 in numbers, buses that will soon find thier ways to the various mechanics workshops where they will spend most of their purpose or may be looted by Wike adminstration.

You won't believe that trillions has already gone down on these craps.

Criminals in high places.

[size=28pt]Negativism is an evil current! Are you cursing or praying for progress in Nigeria - Beware, most people end up getting what they wish for![/size]
Politics / Re: Ruth Ogunleye: COAS Lagbaja Warns Personnel To Desist Making Comments by HomoDroid(m): 9:21pm On Jan 31
I'm in serious shock as to why most people on Nairaland fail to see the need for her protective custody (detention). It's for her own good as this makes the NA officially responsible for her safety and well-being. Imagine the investigation continues and the three senior officers accused become alarmed and worried about their careers....
Properties / Re: See The House I Built For My Age Parents. by HomoDroid(m): 2:47pm On Dec 22, 2023

Clearly, I see you actually built that country home for yourself, permitting your aged Parents to live there just as temporary caretakers, knowing fully well their time is short! I didn't see anything to tell me the house is designed for your parents! Neither do the contents I see.

All the same, their spirits will still be happy with you, but will God - if you attract calamity to them by this your public display?
Car Talk / Re: Does The Police Force Has The Jurisdiction To Ask For Driver's License? by HomoDroid(m): 10:31am On Dec 17, 2023

The duty of the POLICE include, but is not limited to:
1. Crime prevention;
2. Crime detection;
3. Prosecution of Offenders;
4. Protection of Lives and Properties;
5. Entertainment and Friendship (POLICE IS your Friend, take it or leave it);
6. Spying on Citizens; &
7. Any Other Business.

They use their discretion to determine if you are a Criminal or Trainee Criminal and Act accordingly.
If a man is armed with a GUN (whether Police or Not), he has many rights and privileges that only a trouble maker begins to question! grin grin grin
Politics / Re: 80% Of Illegal Structures Demolished In Lagos Owned By Yoruba - SOWPROF by HomoDroid(m): 10:14am On Dec 01, 2023
All of a sudden an imaginary group sprangs up and start defending the government Sponsored ethnic profilling going on in Lagos. You destroy what you cant build,thats the definition of retrogressive spirit.
The so called Yoruba professionals should save there explanations,this is no longer the era of Lagos-Ibadan parapo press,when you write thrash Propaganda and the unsuspecting public will digest it. The Social media,Ereporters,witnesses armed with there phones and cameras have been recording the selective demolition of properties aimed at Igbos,going on in Lagos,as a fallout of the flawed elections.
I can assure you,whatever cannot kill a man only makes him stronger,our antagonists are our helpers.The South East is fast turning to a massive construction site. We shall all see the fallout of this Yoruba tribalistic agenda.
The Lagos state govt demolishes a few shanties and cubicles own by Yorubas and a few distressed building erected pre Awolowo and colonial days and this vagabonds are telling us that 80 percent of the demolished buildings are own by Yorubas.
Sanwolu's govt attempt at image laundry failed completely.

Your grammar though. Hope you're not one of the 'school na scam' geng sha? grin grin grin
Religion / Re: Man Shot Dead While Preaching On The Streets Of Peoria (photo) by HomoDroid(m): 10:44am On Nov 19, 2023
Perhaps he was disturbing the neighbourhood with noise {Matthew 12:19} it's really hard to attack preachers who are following Jesus' pattern. undecided

I very much doubt if that is the problem. The Police would arrest him before anyone could think of shooting him.

Even Jesus Christ and most of his disciples were murdered violently, so, maybe his preaching was too similar to that of Christ!
Politics / Re: Nasiru Abdullahi 'Chile Maidoki' Joins Kano Police by HomoDroid(m): 11:06am On Oct 17, 2023
My own be say make dem pay am hin 100,000 complete o - na him find himself and won the bounty fair and square (cowboy movie style)! grin grin grin
Politics / Re: I’ll Find Solution To Oil, Gas Challenges, Says Tinubu by HomoDroid(m): 12:48pm On Sep 20, 2023
Some people's ancestors were responsible for Jesus not being able to perform many miracles in His home town. Unfortunately, many of their descendants abound in Nigeria (most especially on Nairaland too!) cheesy
Education / Re: Google Vs Chatgpt. Which Do You Prefer Using? by HomoDroid(m): 3:29pm On Jul 21, 2023
I prefer Bing


Politics / Re: Labour Party To Tinubu: Investigate INEC & Yakubu before Emefiele by HomoDroid(m): 9:21am On Jun 11, 2023
Indeed INEC need to be investigated but what will you LP say if he decided to investigate INEC with your case in tribunal. Why not allow the court to decide before the investigation?
Everything is not about politics let's begin to look at reality

It would appear the Labour Party are helplessly stupid and labouring in vain, if they cannot realise that what they are doing at the Election Petition Tribunal is the ultimate form of investigation of INEC!

In fact, the fact of their petition is supposed to be the outcome of their independent investigations of INEC, its conduct of the General Elections and the results. They weren't expected to approach the Tribunal without first carrying out their investigations and finding critical shortcomings!
Travel / Re: Lagos Electric BRT Buses Begin Operations by HomoDroid(m): 8:16pm On Jun 06, 2023

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Politics / Re: Tajudeen Abbas, Benjamin Kalu Visit Obasanjo, Tinubu (Photos) by HomoDroid(m): 10:40am On May 10, 2023
Nna mehnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Thiefnibu just looks like who will not live to see the next day, OBJ looks more healthier than him.

Oga, why you no try pigin or any of our local tongues? English no be ya strong point: nothing like 'more healthier' in English! grin grin grin

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