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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Hotstepper(f): 2:17am On Aug 27
What do you want to ship and where are you located?

Guys. Please I need suggestions on how to ship from Canada to Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 2:03am On Jul 31
I will read up and see what the new law says as I know by sept 7, fully vaccinated ppl can come in


Hello Hotstepper,
Can i enter for child birth in Canada?

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Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 2:02am On Jul 31
So so sorry... been a while i have been here. I guess it is long sorted out, right?


Hello hotstepper. Tried contacting you thru ur email..we wld like to get ETC for our twins, currently in st John's Newfoundland. Can u assist with a contact at d nig emb ottawa to help out and how do we send in d etc application, they post or online?
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 2:40am On Dec 11, 2020
No, he does not need to do it. Only you will do it. I am in Naija with my kids and none of them did it. If they are less than 10, they don’t have to. Make sure to visit ncdc site for steps on what to do after the test. Safe travels

Hello everyone,
I'll be traveling back to Nigeria with my 3 year old. Please does she need a PCR test?
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 3:32pm On Oct 06, 2020
Congratulations and wishing you a safe delivery. Thank you also for updating the house. I think what a lot of people will want to know if actually the one u omitted as boring, which is how you were able to make it to Canada, what you did and route u followed including airline.

Thank you

Hello ALL, especially to mums expecting later this year after most of the travel ban has been lifted. A summary of my second time experience. I already highlighted the hospital I used in the uploaded pic above.

Immigration experience: I won’t bore you with the details of how I came during the lock down, but I will say attention should be paid to the rules of entering all countries/airspace, esp. Canada. I met those and got in.

At Canada, I met the first immigration lady, who asked purpose of traveling, I answered non-emergency medical reasons, specifically birthing. She asked why I needed to come to Canada for that. And I explained its better system here, and I got family here, so I prefer having my kids close to family. She transferred me to the inner immigration room, where I waited to meet another officer. The wait was long, I missed my connecting flight, (so do be cautious of the time difference if you are connecting within Canada). The actual time spent with the officer when I met him was very short, a few minutes.

He asked me how much I had, I told him how much, his response was something like ‘oh that’s good’, he didn’t want to see the cash. He asked me about correspondence with a hospital. I told him that hospitals rarely do emails, but as this is my second issue I have registered in my old hospital and have my doctor’s details. I showed him doctors business card and receipt for hospital I registered for my first issue. In all the documents I gave him was about 4 or 5, some of them I got the idea from this forum (so thank you fellow sharers). Other documents included a printed excel budget for my birthing and bank statement of an account that had good funds in it.

I did two weeks isolation, almost all the doctors I spoke with refused to take me onboard cause I would be far gone by the time I come out of my isolation period. They told me to go to the nearest hospital if I felt any major discomfort. That’s why I did a lot more hospital research. Those who wanted to take me on board where being funny. There are some I would have considered if I had come earlier. Like the Dr Grace woman that someone had mentioned here, her office is quite nice, I’ll say do go with her if you come on time.
The travel ban had a lot to do with my coming late so I hope other mamas make it here in good time. Delivery of baby was okay, all went well, thank God. Spent a bit longer than a day, as we were waiting for pediatrician who was super busy that particular day.

Three days later did baby checkup at clinic, C$50 paid for that.
I did two short birth certificates, the second one now has the parents’ details and was designed specifically for those who want to do international passport (I had to ring and ask cause I got confused when I received mine in the mail). Costs C$ 25 each, so C$50 for both.
International passport is C$57, process is just a bit delayed as you can only get appointment by calling due to the covid-19 issue.

Also I have been seeing the concern about this health authority letter. Honestly I’m lost myself I have no idea what this thing is, what I will advise though is get a regular visa, visit Canada once, then plan how to deliver your baby. Or even if you don’t visit, just get the visa sha. I know it may not be that easy but I don’t know where this special letter is coming from.

A don’t really have any other costs, except regular costs. I’m still at my relatives who pretty much takes me around so limited taxi costs. We are more concerned about the whole covid thingy. Nothing else to add, but if I do get additional info, I will share.

Best of luck to everyone.


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Hotstepper(f): 3:59am On Sep 10, 2020
he embassy is closed to the public unless you know someone for inside


I am, though currently in the licencing process.
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 3:56am On Sep 10, 2020
I wish you all good luck
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 2:21am On Mar 08, 2020

I know someone who works with UN and didn’t get the visa
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 8:05pm On Mar 06, 2020
At this point really, would it make any difference unless ofcourse she works for UN

This is not the era for searching for doctor and calling..she better start looking for regional health letter..

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Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 11:41pm On Mar 04, 2020
1. I have not seen or heard anyone that is already in the pool thay got visa.

2. There is no separate form for medical visa. u use temporary visa nd make ur intentions known.

3. Both are good, the choice is yours

4. u have to search for drs and call

Good evening all.

I am new here but in a dilemma. Been reading a lot on this thread but I’m getting more confused so I need help with these questions;

1. I applied for PR and I thought it would have come but now I am about 18 weeks pregnant so I’m seeking a plan B to have my baby in Canada which is to apply for a medical visa. Does this in any way jeopardize my PR application?

2. Where do I download this medical visa form from? All I’m seeing is Temporary resident visa form.

3. Is it better to use paper or online application?

4. How do I get a doctor to book me seeing that most of them don’t even want to accept upfront payment?

Still have more questions but I will appreciate response to the above first.

Thanks a lot, although I registered this account a while ago but I haven’t been using it.

Please help a sister.

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Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 3:29pm On Mar 02, 2020
They shouldnt turn u back if u will be truthful and well prepared


Thank you ma’am, ok let me assume they were not asking prior to now. I also hope they don’t turn people back at POE based on assumptions like US do.

But this thread suddenly went cold o


Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 3:06pm On Mar 02, 2020
congratulations. Well nobody knows whether u will be asked to go for preggy test as nobody has updated the room with any update.

Happy New Month all, Pls I need advise.

I’m already preggy, towards end of first trimester, hubby has a friend that has sent (my son and i) an invitation letter.

Now is it possible to apply for tourism visa, get the visa, visit Canada for like a week without them frowning at the pregnancy at POE? Cos I believe by then the tummy would have been out depending on how fast visa is issued. Or will a preggy test be requested for at point of application?

Because I intend actually visiting for tourism then still travel again for birthing with same visa during my due date which is still “far”

Pls let me know the likely pros and cons and if you think this might work out.

Thank you
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Hotstepper(f): 5:17am On Feb 25, 2020
please those who lives in Montreal, where are the tourist places one csn visit? thank u
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 4:03am On Feb 18, 2020
did they apply for medical or tourist visa? do u know? thank u for the update


So far in this month of February, I've learnt about the receipt of success (approval) letters/notification by two people (Outside Nairaland). Saw screenshots of the letters. Online applications. Learnt one applied early December. Trust GOD. It is well.

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Hotstepper(f): 2:17pm On Feb 13, 2020
u have no problem to bring it in, just declare it

Good morning house,

Please, anyone know the latest update on bringing foodstuffs into Canada for personal use? I can't seem to find any information on this online.

Thank you.

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Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 2:00pm On Feb 13, 2020
where do u have ur dr/hospital/family or friends?

Please keep us updated on this. I am interested as i will be booking my ticket soon too.

Kind Regards.

Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 1:59pm On Feb 13, 2020
Where do you have dr/hospital/family or friend at?

quote author=flow2davis post=86402393]Congratulations Dear,
I am about to book my flight but have been contemplating where to land to avoid plenty question at POE.


Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 1:58pm On Feb 13, 2020
Its an expensive city to birth just like Calagry them so she has to make sure she has more than enough


Thank GOD for safe trip and smooth POE.
You can pickup your phone and call ALL the hospitals in Montreal to get a quote. I guess it's not a frequent place for non residents that want to give birth. Safe delivery.
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 1:56pm On Feb 13, 2020
Congrats and welcome. I am curious to know why u did not even mention that u r here to have a baby. Let us all be careful, data is been collected. so if u come in 2 yrs time for instance to birth, do u think thrh will not have that info.

We have to help ourselves as Nigerians if theee countries are to trust us. It wouldnt have hurt to say visit family and birth.

Since u have family there, they should find u hospitql and dr na .

Good Luck

Hello everyone, I am new here and have silently read through a lot of the advise here. I am 32 weeks and went through the POE at montreal last week. At the POE. I was asked

my purpose of visit - Visiting family and some shopping

How long family had been here - i told him
Have i been to canada before -Yes
The profession of the family members here - i told him
Did i bring gifts for them -No , i ll buy their gifts here
Enjoy ur stay.

P.S i got my tourist visa 2 years ago ( i wasnt married nor pregnant) and visited last year.

I flew Airfrance my pregnancy did not even bother them and my fit to fly letter was not even asked for. I called customer care though and was told i can fly anytime before 36weeks.

I wish all expectant moms luck in their tourism hustle.

P.S any one has any good and affordable hospital contact in montreal.

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Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 2:11pm On Feb 11, 2020
Nobody will really.know as nobody had been at the 2 airports at the same time. Pretty much be prepared.and if ubr birthing in Alberta,make sure u hold atleast 25k ...good luck

Good day everyone,
Please which of these offers the least question/interview at POE for a pregnant woman ; Calgary & Toronto? ( any of them can serve as destination)

Thanks for your feedback

Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 5:16am On Feb 02, 2020
u will need marriage certifcate as prove that u r married

Ok. Good idea, when do you think we should apply before or after getting our marriage certificate?

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Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 10:01pm On Feb 01, 2020
Congrats on your upcoming weeding. I will advise you both apply for tourist visa as use it as ur honeymoon if granted and then after use it for birth purposes. Keep saving too cuz 4m really wont do it

Hello Everyone.

I'm ADETUNJI, I've been following this trend for a while now and I most commend a lot of people who have taking it upon theirself to give prompt and valid answer/advice to those who request for it, thanks for being there.

Sir and Ma, my fiancee and I are getting married this month end. One of our Biggest dreams is to give birth to our children in USA or Canada which makes them a citizen of either of these grate countries.

My babe and I have no international travel history, in fact, we don't have international passport yet, although, we have plans to get it after our wedding.
We started saving for this purpose since last year November which we hope before October or thereabouts we should have saved up to #4m.

Please, we need your kind advice and directives on what to do and how to do.
Thank you.


Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Hotstepper(f): 8:06am On Jan 31, 2020
my bad..it is 372

Hi there, the bolded isn’t true. No invitation has been issued to 423 CRS score since 2017 under the express entry FSW program.
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Hotstepper(f): 5:26pm On Jan 30, 2020
Her score is a good one. about 3 months ago, people with 423 nd above was invited to apply. Is she sure she was not invited to apply. she should hang on there

Good day house. Please I want to apply for a visitors visa for my wife. She's in the Express entry pool for Permanent residency with 427. So she intends going to Canada to attend job fairs.
My questions are:
1. How do i go about it considering she has a profile already on CIC webpage?
2. What are the documents she will need to submit along side her application?
3. Any advice on how to go about it to have a smooth application will be welcomed.
4. Checked online and saw the application fee is 100 dollars for a visitor visa. Is this the case when submitting application?

Note : she has no travel history.

Thank you all in anticipation.
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 5:04pm On Jan 27, 2020
that is good enough as no dr will give u correspondence. i hope not dr Ayodele

Thanks so much for your feedback.
Have actually spoken with a Dr, who only asked to give them @ POE his hospital contact to call to confirm, but wouldn't give a formal appointment.

Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 1:18pm On Jan 27, 2020
Congratulations! The choice is urs if u want to notify CiC, however, u will show proof of fund, accomodation arragement anf drs appt at POE. Also, whether to comr with ur family or alone is up to you.

Good Luck

Hello everyone,

I appreciate the efforts on this platform
I need an advice please,
I got my visa 2 yrs ago and have not used it.
Now I am peggy and intend birthing in CA.
So, am I under any obligation to inform CIC prior departure of a modification in my purpose of visit?
Is it better going alone or with family?
Should I just land @ POE with enough proof of funding?

Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 1:16pm On Jan 27, 2020
Emergency Travel Certificate

[quote author=Tutsy50 post=86141886][/quote]
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 5:02pm On Jan 26, 2020
Please confirm this as VOA has long been cancelled for this purpose. why not do ETC?

Thanks hotstepper,I have another option of Visa on arrival in Nigeria now,cant go to Ottawa for Visa or passport.would just process it from here and babys passport would be stamped on arrival in Nigeria.
Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 6 by Hotstepper(f): 10:04am On Jan 21, 2020
Trump administration to take aim at 'birth tourism' in expected change to visa guidelines


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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by Hotstepper(f): 7:43pm On Jan 19, 2020
Even 1 day, just go to hospital if not time to get a gynea...at the hospital, dr on call will deliver ur baby simple


Thanks for responding.
One month is long enough to get the necessaries.
I'm looking at the possibility of someone delivering within a week of landing.
Advisable or nah?
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 7:41pm On Jan 19, 2020
To get a naija passport, be ready to travel to Ottawa for it in person

[quote author=Dsquare2017 post=85935948][/quote]
Travel / Re: Giving Birth In Canada by Hotstepper(f): 9:22pm On Jan 10, 2020
my thoughts

Chai,wish you had come earlier to say what steps you took,it would have helped some of us but then again no one owes anyone any source of info here..
But pls make we dey try share info and not hoard it..
You are lucky

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