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Politics / Inec Permanent Voters Card by hovic(m): 6:59pm On Nov 06, 2014

This information is to all eligible Nigeria citizen who registered three years ago.
They are to refund their old voters card tomorrow to enable them collect NEW PERMANENT VOTERS CARD.

* Go to the venue you register.
* Give the INEC personal your old voters card.

thank me later, wishing you all a stress free Queueing...
Business / Re: How Much Have U Won From Football Betting? by hovic(m): 5:44pm On Oct 28, 2014
The last time i placed a bet, with a friend of my, though.
The match ended in a draw. Will both collected our slim 2k each.
Education / Re: Professor Osasere Orumwense Is The New Vice Chancellor Of UNIBEN by hovic(m): 4:12am On Oct 15, 2014
Good, Goodnews.
Lets govern our schools our self, even if am from ESAN (Ekpoma), i still prefer an EDO man to govern the great UNIBEN.
Long LIVES the binis.
Long LIVES the Esan.
Long LIVES the akoko-edo.
Long LIVES the Auchi peeps.

Haters gonna hate.
P.S When his tenor expires will shall replace him with another EDO till Jesus the son of God comes back.


Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Those Born October Let Merge Here.... by hovic(m): 9:06am On Oct 01, 2014
vico4luv20: I rep Oct 26........

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Those Born October Let Merge Here.... by hovic(m): 9:04am On Oct 01, 2014
vico4luv20: I rep Oct 26........

conform my mate

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Those Born October Let Merge Here.... by hovic(m): 9:01am On Oct 01, 2014
Octo 26,
Will r unique.
Will r special.
Will r wonderful,
Will r prayerfully made.
Will be sabi sabi, will represent.
All hail October.

PS: who else is born 26th October?
Less i forget pls chelsea i want a sound victory on my day @ Old trafold.


Religion / Re: Bayo Akinleye Also Rejected TB Joshua's Bribe? by hovic(m): 8:50am On Sep 25, 2014
Thanks Bayo,
1. For clarifying the fact that T.B Joshua gave out Bribe,
2. That Ibekwe was right. ( So those Nigerians pulling down hades on him shud kiss hot vokalno)
3. That T.B Joshua preaches but don't practise.
4. That he himself took the bribe.

Watching this episode on 10G.

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Health / Re: The Effects Of Cheating Ourselves Of Sleep by hovic(m): 6:06am On Jul 03, 2013
Just passing by, but some fools here made me to comment....
2010 I was very ill, twas that bad I left work to see a doctor (Narrow Way Hospital benin). The Doc said so Many words, he told me of his days in school, he said if he read all tru the Night he won't attend morning lectures he'll have to beg his frds to help take note for him. And sleep till Noon... Why? Because his a Doc, he knows the harm of inadequate sleep. After the word with him, I tot as usual he's going to administer medicine to me, but he said boi go HOME right now and sleep come 2mao and tell me Whats_up.. I was shocked though, but here I'm normal again without drugs... Make una dey try sleep, will go die leave this morning some Day!!!!!!!

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Sports / Re: CAF Blames BON For AFCON TV Blackout by hovic(m): 7:37pm On Feb 03, 2013
stan smart: una dey mak me laugh how can Nigeria pay d same amount with other countries? so do u tink Nigeria pays the same amount with Ghana for premiership rights? this is economics, stuffs lik media coverage, population and other factors determine d price. Just recently NBC acquired premiership rights in the USA for 250 million dollars and i tink Nigeria gets d rights for 10m dols so judging by ur own reasoning why is USA not paying the same amount as Nigeria. mak una open una brain tink.

Ok. That same CAF said the money gain from Stadia will be giving to each country equally. Mr lock brain this was reason why we refuse'em. Why paying big fees? In return you'll get your money equally divided. Do the maths before I rain yoke on u.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Brentford Vs Chelsea - FA Cup (2 - 2) On 27th January 2013 by hovic(m): 12:37pm On Jan 27, 2013
Today's team: Turn; Iva, Cahill, JT
(c), Cole; Ram, Lamps; Marin, Oscar,
Bertrand; Torres. Subs: Hilario, Fer,
Azp, Mata, Ben, Ba, Ake
Romance / Re: Tips For Talking To Women And Getting Their Attention! by hovic(m): 1:23pm On Jan 22, 2013
When i get Four Million, and two Toyota Jeep. Wetin concern me. Abeg Moni speak louder than words.
When i tell her ''ILoveYa'' and i gat the money to back it'em I spite on this trend. ***Yawn***
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs Manchester City (0 - 2) On 13th January 2013 by hovic(m): 5:43pm On Jan 13, 2013
Is it Me? Or am i Drunk? Wetin Be ya name again Muky! Change today's trend to 13 of January 2013 and not 2012. Huh? Ok arsenal Loosinnn? Now I Can Sleep with Joy.
Politics / Re: How NLC And TUC Betrayed #occupynigeria: An Insider Account by hovic(m): 8:10am On Jan 11, 2013
Eating Rice and Stew.And banana too because i need eat. Wetin concern me? Abeg na time and money Man dey look for, abi people when leave naija to euro na jas dem use? Boi go soon remove and leave this clueless country for good. Gosh i don't believe i live this country for too long.
Politics / Re: Power: FG To Meet 10, 000mw Target By December – Minister by hovic(m): 8:59am On Jan 10, 2013
Abeg Story! Jonathan sent me to slap that Minister, Who send ha? He dey try Jona, Huh?
Jokes Etc / I Need A Good Answer!!! Asap by hovic(m): 9:47am On Dec 27, 2012
If a native doctor told you that you'll become
the world's richest man after running mad
for one full year and you agreed and ran mad for 11 months 30days, Remaining just a
Single DAY for you to become the world's
richest man. A pastor from somewhere
came, prayed for you and casted out the
madness in you.

Romance / Re: Have Your Ever Dated A Possessive Partner ? by hovic(m): 4:33pm On Dec 17, 2012
Lemme see...
Am a secret agent, sowie i don't have time for gals. Hmmmmm Love once weaken ya. If in future i've one... Lemme see , Possessive? Nigeria gals are not. Period!!!
Religion / Re: Is Speaking In Tongue Learnt Or Received? by hovic(m): 3:32pm On Oct 08, 2012
Good Topic,
Do you Know that there are sin's God don't forgive?
If you sin against God he forgives, Sin against Jesus he forgives, but sin against the Holy Ghost he never forgives, even if you combine @pastor Enoch, @Pastor Kumuyi, @Pastor Muca, @benny hill, etc. He never, so please do not joke with him, i beg of you, If you dont belv in tongues keep short its a gift, its the langague of angels devil cant break the code so do earthly men. Its of two, some have the gift to speak why some have the gift to speak and enterpret. So please dont joke, if you don't belv'em back off. It a sin. All sin's GOD forgives not the sin of the HOLY SPIRIT. Thanks
Phones / Re: Nokia Lumia Is Now Available In Nigeria by hovic(m): 7:56pm On Oct 01, 2012
Guys amuch is nokia C7-00. I kinda like that fone. Thanks
Business / How Do Facebook, Twitter,Youtube Make Money? by hovic(m): 8:54pm On Sep 27, 2012
Hey! Friends just want to ask, am kinda comfuse here, how does Facebook, Twitter & Youtube makes there money. Facebook i know like 65%. But Youtube and Twitter i don't.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi Deletes Twitter Account After Racial Abuse by hovic(m): 8:36am On Sep 21, 2012
If you abused Mikel, you aren't a supporter,
it's as simple as that. We don't want you
and we don't need you. Thanx...
John Obi Mikel de-activated his twitter
accounts because fans were verbally
abusing him. The fans that abused him are

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TV/Movies / Re: Ghanian Delegates Visit Nigeria Over Ban Of Movies by hovic(m): 10:26am On Sep 19, 2012
I told my younger once,''If i see ghana film for this ous again, i'll no longer password the tv set but remove the dvd set''. Goosh, its looks like will are watching 'BF'. All say ban!!!
Romance / Re: No Longer Finds Spouse Attractive by hovic(m): 8:35am On Sep 10, 2012
Just passing by, cos this stuff make me sick.
Gosh, were you force into it?
Am 23years of age but seeing this kinda people on earth made me wanna look behind and hisss!
Ok recommendation:
Do he really love her in the first place?
What turns the love off?
Is it because of sex they both agreed to get married?
Or kids?
Marriage is not all bout sex friends, will get it all wrong. Where is the passion, see in order to have a successful marriage life stay away from all this sedutive Guys and Gals. Period.
Religion / Re: Which Church Will You Advice A New Convert To Attend ? by hovic(m): 7:00pm On Sep 09, 2012
Dejideta: I will recommend a church where:
-God is worshiped and not mammon.(money)
-The creator is worshipped and not the creature.
-The general overseer is a servant and not the boss.
-Spirituality is evident by righteousness and not material possession.
-Righteousness is celebrated and not sin.
-GOD'word is preached undiluted.
On point!!!
Where God is glorified, where sin is disdian at, where the bible is been preach ( no minus, no plus ).
Because at the end, when i shall die it gonno be me and God, and not my pastor or rev and I.
I only attend one church where God is and not satan ( all member should give'em selfs a holy kiss..... What? In the church? ) glorified. Where i go with my sin and come out holy in and out. That's the church.

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Pakistani Islamic Cleric Arrested For Framing Christian Girl For Blasphemy by hovic(m): 1:56pm On Sep 04, 2012
1. Buddhists living with Hindus = No

2. Hindus living with Christians = No

3. Christians living with Shintos = No
4. Shintos living with Confucians = No

5. Confusians living with Baha'is = No

6. Baha'is living with Jews = No Problem

7. Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
8. Atheists living with Buddhists = No

9. Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem

10. Sikhs live living Hindus = No Problem

11. Hinduslive living Baha'is = No Problem

12. Baha'is live living Christians = No Problem

13. Christians living with Jews = No

14. Jews living with Buddhists = No

15. Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem

16. Shintos living with Atheists = No

17. Atheists living with Confucians = No

18. Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem

1. Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem

3. Muslims living with Christians = Problem
Muslims living with Jews = Problem
5. Muslims
living with Sikhs = Problem
6.Muslims living
with Baha'is = Problem
7. Muslims living with Shintos = Problem

8. Muslims living with Atheists = Problem
Anyone can see where does the problem lie


Islam for Muslims / Re: Pakistani Islamic Cleric Arrested For Framing Christian Girl For Blasphemy by hovic(m): 1:42pm On Sep 04, 2012
Help me spell their book again. Is it Uran or Kolar. Or maybe Qoram.
Blood Tasting People (BTP)
Religion / Re: Helen Ukpabio Blasts T.B Josua, Says Demons Give Him Money by hovic(m): 12:12pm On Sep 04, 2012
Easy bro...you might be the only demon in our country!
You bad ooh. Laugh wan tia my teeth.
Phones / Re: MTN "WOW" Promo by hovic(m): 2:15pm On Aug 20, 2012
Laughing in Swahili.
I think say my own don finish, Mtn don eat me dry. Mtn don milk me tin. Mtn don Chop me die. Anytime i recharge, ooh boi if you see the kind vex Mtn they take remove my airtime ni. I don call customer care tire, my battery don die calling'em.
Glo came to my rescue, even if Glo steal my airtime no problem, them don finish me with gift 3000 monthly. Even still i don't recharge my Empty M, wetin they fear me ni Empty M go still collect my buddle recharge plan, i call a friend the guy laugh me ni. Calling........
Friend: Movic you never wise upppppp,
Guys they vex for Empty M oooh.
Movic: wetin yhaw boi wan do nah?
Friend: Airtel is our answer to internet plan. Gbam.
I loaded Airtel 1200 ASAP. They gave me 1.5GB. See groove. See party. Hurray am Free.

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Politics / Re: Oil Producing States Have Cornered The Nation's Wealth- Yobe Governor by hovic(m): 9:09am On Aug 20, 2012
So you wanno milk the south erh, my bro told me that Almight God in his infinite Mercy bless the 36 state of nigeria with minerals, countless natural mineral, so the south found theirs. My bro told me (Sad) that 95% of oil mogul in nigeria are from the north so why the fuss man? You guys are so greedy more than the Yoruba self, Una wan hold naija to ransom? Politic na una own, oil NA una (mogul) own, this is simply GREEDY!

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Jokes Etc / Re: Funny Blackberry Chat: "I'm Rich" by hovic(m): 4:14pm On Aug 10, 2012
Boring|| and old as well.


Politics / Re: Edo Gubernatorial Election - Live Updates by hovic(m): 7:39pm On Jul 14, 2012
kuntash: hearing Oshiomhole earlier on TVC television, I was worried and almost hit the road en route Benin, but with these results its needless, I knw how nairalanders handle such issues, I would believe u guys 89% well done to all d reporters, I am really interested in Anenih's place , I mean d results.
Dunno worry, if i hear anything wrong. Will shall tune this state upsize down.
Politics / Re: Edo Gubernatorial Election - Live Updates by hovic(m): 2:24pm On Jul 14, 2012
Update... Edo decides Live coverage of the gubernatorial
elections in Edo state
ARTICLE | JULY 14, 2012 - 7:00AM | BY
SYLVESTER AWENLIMOBOR Image credit: Sylvester Awenlimobor
At Owan East and Owan West voting has
commenced in almost all polling centres. At Garrick Memorial Primary School, the
protesters insist on using the voting list
used for the Presidential elections. The
Deputy Inspector General of Police and his
men think otherwise. Stand-off continues.
No voting. PDP representatives complain of
intimidation in Okada. At Ebenezer Primary School, off Ihama
Road, over 300 people have not found their
names on the list and have taken laws into
their hands literally causing unrest in the
area. The security men there scamper for
safety. Voting has started in Ubiaja. At Garrick Memorial Primary School (Ward
of the PDP candidate), over 500 people
have become unruly because they could not
find their names on the register. They have
vowed not to allow anyone vote until they
are accredited. The security agents are overwhelmed and have called for back-up. The INEC REC has extended accreditation at
Forestry to 1400hours. At Iguobazuwa, Ward 1, INEC officials say
that they came late (1000hours) because of
a traffic jam. At Ikumono youths tried to disrupt the
election for yet-to-be identified reasons at
a polling station but security forces brought
the situation under control. At Irrua, in Idunwele town hall people
think the INEC officials are too slow. The
INEC officials seem overwhelmed with the
large turnout. At Esan Central Ward 6 voting has
commenced. At College Road in Aduwawa, youths are
done with accreditation, but rather than
prepare for voting, they vote for alcohol... At most polling centres in Irrua
accreditation started about 1030hours and
is still on at 1230hours, but INEC REC insists
that there would be no extension to voting
time. The INEC REC is at Forestry in Benin City.
Situation is tense as there are no pictures
on the voters' register here and voters are
insisting that he produces the original
register. Oshiomhole has declared that as soon as he
votes he would come into Benin to prevent
Edo people from being disenfranchised.
Question: "If the IG and CP have instructed
that NO ONE except election officials,
journalists and security officials are allowed to move how will the Governor
come down to Benin?" At Owan West, Oriewen Primary School,
tension boils as Voters say they are over
350 registered voters, while INEC insists
they are only 153. Accreditation done at Idia College! And
surprisingly voting has begun at
1154hours!!! Six minutes before the noon
start time. A voter at New Era, Osahon says he
registered and voted during the last
elections and now his name is no longer on
the register. He insists that rigging has
occured. INEC REC remains unreachable. At New Era College, Upper Mission, Ward 7,
Unit 13 the CP has asked all his details to
remain behind, while he makes his escape,
as agitation mounts over inability of voters
to find their names on the voters register. At Upper Mission in Benin, there was a
false distress call to the CP who rushed
there. However now voters are getting
agitated because they cannot find their
names and the CP has full hands trying to
calm people down. At Oluku several potential voters who
registered at Ekiadolor have been asked to
trek to their centre, as soldiers have
stopped all vehicular movement. Many have
turned back as a result. One of the voters
said he had moved houses from Ekiadolor to Oluku and wanted to use his bike and he
will not trek the over 4km trip to and from. Accreditation finally starts at Garrick
Memorial.........Hurray! Time is 1031hours,
and with the crowd, it is not expected that
accreditation would be done by the
stipulated noon. Polling units 18,19,20,21 at Garrick
Memorial seem to be giving the INEC
officials a hectic time as voters are getting
upset being sent to look for their names
across the four polling centres. Accreditation expected to go way beyond
the 12pm timeline across several parts of
Benin City. Large turnout of Voters across Edo Central,
in Ubiaja accreditation began about
1000hours. No violence recorded anywhere so far, the
Anti-Bomb squad stationed right in front of
the INEC office still has no job, with two
soldiers leisurely smoking away. At Orenigbe, Orhiowhon accreditation has
been done with and voters are waiting for
voting. Materials slowly arriving across centres in
Benin City, Oredo. At Ward 8, Ikpoba Okha though materials
yet to arrive.........At Usen, materials are yet
to arrive and people are actually writing
their names on a paper....what for remains
a mystery! Potential trouble spot at Iyenevha Primary
School in Ikpoba. Several voters are
agitated outside the gate while the
security operatives have locked up the
area, reasons yet unknown. INEC officials
are inside and they have already set up shop despite coming late (10:05am). INEC REC, Barrister Kasim has urged voters
to be calm, that 'inadequate' security
operatives is the reason why some centres
have not received voting materials. He has
asked Edo voters to be calm that the
materials would get round and every registered voter will vote. Question: Where are the policemen At Ehor accreditation started 8am at
Aruosa Grammar School, heavy security
presence and no one without a voters card
can enter into the polling centre. At Unit 6, old Ogbe Primary School, Ehor
accreditation started on time also. At Eguede Primary school, Unit 7
accreditation started on time also, some
voters came with wrong voters card and
were turned back. Materials just getting to centers at Eghosa
Grammar School, Egor. Accreditation just
started. The Police have released hotline numbers:
08071408009 for Edo South, 08167435347
for Edo Central, and the CP, Femi Adenaike
has released his number too:
08033008525. INEC Hotlines in EDO 07098117563,
07098115257 Ministry of Education, Idia College.
Materials did not leave the polling centre
on time, and the INEC officers just arrived
at Idia college The INEC officials say that
there were no security officials to escort
the materials to the polling unit. Accreditation finally started at Idia college
at 9:30am0942: INEC officials have just
arrived at the polling unit at ICE in Auchi.
Some voters can't find their names in
register... INEC officials arrive late at Adolo College
Polling station. They have arrived now
(0930hours), and accreditation is about to
start. Thanks to Endurance Asemota for
that. 0919: Several areas in Agenegbode yet to
start accreditation. Accreditation is
expected to run between 0800 and noon.
As of 0917, no INEC official has arrived at
Garrick Memorial, Ekenhuan Road, Benin
City. Crowd getting angry. In Ikpoba Hill, accreditation started
promptly at 0800hours. In Ekenhuan, as of
0906hours, no INEC official has reported at
any of the polling units. The Resident Electoral Commissioner,
Kassim Gaidam, has urged voters to "cast
their votes and leave" for 'security reasons'. Heavy military presence all over Benin City.
At the INEC office at Ramat Park, a
policeman who spoke on the condition of
anonimity claimed that they had
information that hoodlums from other
states had come in to disrupt the poll, but assured that there waas noting to fear. In the build up to the election, there's been
a lot of fear. Movement is restricted this
morning, but people began to close up shop
yesterday. People gathered at Igbesamwan Primary
School in the state capital quite early to
exercise their rights. via DailyTimes and @TellNigeria
Politics / Re: Edo Gubernatorial Election - Live Updates by hovic(m): 1:55pm On Jul 14, 2012
Police and Jega who worst pass

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