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Education / A Plea To President Tinubu: Preserve The Nigerian Army University, Biu* by Hunter2009: 8:43pm On Feb 29

Dear President Tinubu,

I write to you today with a plea that comes from the heart of a concerned citizen. Your recent approval of the Oronsaye report, which includes the merger of the Nigerian Army University, Biu with the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) in Kaduna, has sparked a wave of apprehension among many of us who value education and security in our nation.

While I applaud the initiative to streamline government agencies and reduce spending, I urge you to reconsider the decision to merge the Army University, Biu. This institution holds a special place in the hearts of the people of northeast Nigeria, especially in a region that has been grappling with security challenges for over a decade.

The establishment of the Nigerian Army University, Biu was a beacon of hope for the youth in the region, providing them with access to quality education and opportunities for a brighter future. The university has shown remarkable growth and potential, becoming a symbol of resilience and progress in the face of adversity.

In China’s national defence research, National University of Defense Technology (NUDT) has always been at the forefront. To meet the demand from strategies to strengthen national defense through science and technology and to build an innovative country, NUDT makes full use of its integrative disciplinary strengths in science, engineering, management, military science, humanities and social sciences, providing strong support for the modernization of the Chinese armed forces, providing talent and technical support to China’s national economy and social development, and ultimately contributing to world peace and development.

Over the past 60 years, NUDT has evolved into a comprehensive science, engineering, military science, management, economics, philosophy, literature, education, law, and history university. The university consists of 10 colleges running more than 40 departments, institutes and laboratories, four key national laboratories and one key laboratory at the level of the Ministry of Education.

In many topics, NUDT plays a leading role, nine of which are key national topics. According to the Ministry of Education’s 2002 - 2004 National First - Category Discipline Evaluation, five NUDT disciplines made the ’ top five ’ list and the discipline of computer science and technology ranked first nationwide. NUDT currently has more than 2,000 faculty members, of whom more than 300 are teachers. There are 14,000 full - time students with 8,400 graduates and 5,600 graduates.

Mr. President, I implore you to recognize the importance of preserving the autonomy of the Army University, Biu. By empowering this institution and allowing it to flourish independently, you will not only support the educational aspirations of the youth in the region but also contribute to the overall development of northern Nigeria and the National Security.

Education and security are not burdens to society; they are investments in our future. Just a decade ago, former President Jonathan took a bold step in establishing 37 new universities to expand access to quality education for our youth. We need more institutions like the Nigerian Army University, Biu, to cater to the growing number of qualified students seeking higher education opportunities.

Your vision for a prosperous and innovative Nigeria, as articulated during your campaign, requires additional universities to harness the talents and intellect of our youth. As you have rightly said, we have the knowledge and the brainpower to overcome challenges like poverty, ignorance, and homelessness. Investing in education is the key to unlocking this potential.

In conclusion, Mr. President, I urge you to reconsider the merger of the Army University, Biu, with the NDA. Let us continue to support and nurture institutions that are making a difference in the lives of our youth and communities. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient Nigeria for generations to come.

Ibrahim Dahiru Danfulani
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Gamji Reporters, Kaduna.

Education / Calling On The Fgn To Rethink The Downgrading Of The Nigerian Army University Bi by Hunter2009: 3:09pm On Feb 27

"._The Nigerian Army University Biu, (NAUB) in Borno State was established as a means to explore a non-kenetic approach in the service operations against insurgency"...Lagbaja, Lt-Gen._

The philosophy that guided the establishment of the NAUB was aptly captured by the above statement made by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Ge T. Lagbaja during the maiden graduation of about 417 students of the University in 2023. The assertion by the COAS underscores the difference between a formal military academy like the NDA and a conventional University with a military bend.

It recognises the fact that a "military" exists in a larger society that calls for a "strategic" relationship as a bulwark towards sustainable peace and stability. Thus, while the Academy produces combatants along with requisite hardware, the associate University deals with critical non-kenetic matters of "interdisciplinary academic field, centered on the study of peace and conflict strategies and often devoting special attention to the relationship between military history, international politics, geostrategy, international diplomacy, international economics and military power", among others. That's why in the USA all the major arms of military have both specialised academies and Universities in tow.

The famous ones being the US Military Academy at West Point and The US Army University (online), West Virginia. China has more than half a dozen of them under a "policy of leveraging the civilian sector to maximise Military power (known as 'Military-civilian fusion')". India established one in Haryana in 2013. Pakistan and indeed many nations concerned with sustainable national security, operate the two systems concurrently. It's therefore strange the the current Administration would consider diminishing this global best practice.
The strategic location of NAUB, provides government the ample opportunities to even undertake studies as regards the often prenial frosty relationship between Nigeria as an English speaking country with its three French speaking neighbours of Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republics.

The trio share boarders with Borno State, the host state of NAUB. Cross border crimes and illicit weapons have largely fuelled the insurgency in the North East, compounded by dearth of empirical and/or actionable intelligence information from communities in the region.

An Army University could play a decisive role in such cases. The swash of land from Biu, Southern Borno to Cameroon via Garkida, Gombi and Mubi to the East and also through Askira/Uba, Chibok, Gwoza into far north Cameroon enroute Chad had no specialised security-biased tertiary institution like the NAUB. Furthermore, at the time the institution was established, it filled a geopolitical void in Borno State.

Despite the existence of many tertiary institutions in the state such as the Unimaid, the Teaching Hospital, a Polytechnic, College of Agriculture, College of Health Technology, for political reasons the state government didn't deem it fit to site the Borno State University in the South, where citizens have been yearning for more educational opportunities.
The people's frustration with this inequitable development was addressed by the arrival of the NAUB. The University has thus, since been seen as a balancing act. The NAUB which is now underway threat has a fundamental role to play in terms of stability in the state, the region and even internationally as a Central Africa security study center.

While calling on Government to consider the NAUB strategic context and save the institution on its own merit, the Borno State Governor Zulum, his Deputy Kadafur, Senator Ndume, Hon. Betara, Haske, Jaha, Balami should impress upon the Federal Government to let NAUB be. They should deem it Honourable to lay the bare facts once more before the government.

The nation stands to gain more in the long run more than the short term resources they want to save. There is no bad education but there could be bad decisions. Let the latter be avoided.
*By A. G. Abubakar,*

Health / Dr. Babatunde Okewale Officially Opens Akowonjo Branch Of St. Ives Hospital In L by Hunter2009: 10:49am On Feb 27
Dr. Babatunde Okewale Officially Opens Akowonjo Branch Of St. Ives Hospital in Lagos

Under the sparkling Lagos sky, the city's medical landscape underwent a transformative shift with the grand unveiling of the St. Ives Akowonjo Hospital on February 26, 2024. The event was not just a mere opening but a spectacle of healthcare innovation, marking a new horizon in the industry. The mastermind behind this revolutionary facility, Dr. Babatunde Okewale, infused the new hospital with his passion for enhancing the well-being of women and their families, establishing a new benchmark for medical excellence.

The avant-garde St. Ives Akowonjo Hospital emerges as a colossus of healing in the heart of Lagos. Its design transcends traditional architectural norms, embodying a sanctuary where cutting-edge medicine meets heartfelt compassion. This hospital isn't merely constructed of bricks and beams; it resonates with the pulse of the community, echoing the collective desire for superior healthcare services.

With 40 in-patient beds, the hospital promises to be more than just a facility for the sick; it aims to be a nurturing cradle for life itself. Dr. Okewale's visionary approach is evident in every corner of the hospital, from the state-of-the-art equipment to the dedicated team of medical professionals ready to extend their expertise and empathy to every patient.

The story of St. Ives Akowonjo is a testament to the journey of ambition, fueled by a relentless commitment to healthcare excellence. The hospital stands as a beacon of hope, transforming the lives of countless individuals through its comprehensive services focused on fertility and general wellness. This expansion represents a response to the growing healthcare needs of the community, reflecting the unwavering trust and satisfaction of its patients.

The opening of this facility is more than just an addition to Lagos' healthcare infrastructure; it is a reaffirmation of Dr. Okewale's lifelong dedication to bringing joy and healing to families. His work, particularly in the field of reproductive health, has broken barriers and democratized access to fertility treatments, earning him accolades and respect both locally and internationally.

As St. Ives Akowonjo begins its journey, it pledges to be a haven of care, where miracles are not just a possibility but a daily occurrence. The hospital embodies the promise of a new era in healthcare, where doors are always open and hearts are perpetually ready to heal.

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Religion / How Prophet Kingsley Predicted The Rumble In Pastor Adeboye Led RCCG by Hunter2009: 8:22pm On Feb 26
How Prophet Kingsley Predicted The Rumble In Pastor Adeboye Led RCCG

There is an alleged rumble in the fastest growing Pentecostal church in the world, The redeemed Christian Church Of God headed by Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.

This is not unconnected to the prophetic warning of Prophet Kingsley Aitafo when he released his 2024 Prophecies.

Among his prophetic words, he started that
MFM church, Christ embassy church, and the Redeemed Christian church should be helped with prayers against the underground division the enemy is planning to divide those ministries

Read here: https://saharaweeklyng.com/prophet-kingsley-aitafo-rolls-out-2024-prophetic-warnings-for-tinubu-adeleke-adeboye/

And as Fulfilment, It has just been revealed that the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG , Pastor Enoch Adeboye is allegedly planning to remove Pastor Idowu Iluyomade as the Pastor of City of David, COD, Parish and Head of Apapa Family.

Reliable sources categorically told The Frontier that some top RCCG members actually instigated and sponsored the crisis the much loved Pastor has faced and the only purpose, according to these reliable sources, is to take over the magnificent 14-storey Trinity Towers built by COD parish and hand it over to Adeboye’s son who will convert it to RCCG Headquarters, Worldwide with him presiding over the edifice.

Said Dr Olumuyiwa Babafemi, a multi-millionaire business magnate who described himself as a quiet member of the RCCG , “The plan to take over the Trinity Towers started that very day the G.O landed on the helipad on top of that tower. The profile, respect and achievements of the G.O went sky high that day. It was simply unbelievable.

“The whole Redeemed parishes worldwide and people all over Nigeria, Africa and across the world stood still for COD and the G.O. But my brother, envy also sneaked in that day. Pastor Adeboye came to love Pastor ID so much and was so proud of him. But what you are seeing now is the height of that greed and envy inspired by Trinity Towers. Unfortunately, the G.O that loved him so much caved in to pressure from destroyers, men who have built nothing for RCCG. It is painful. For me, Daddy G.O would have betrayed his own son, if he allows hypocrites, the Judases of his church to create what will be a monumental fiasco for our great RCCG family. I feel sad.”

Another source revealed that there have been many frivolous messages to the G.O.
“But the traitors could not make any headway because, there was no substance in those messages and City of David is bonded like a family.There is this love that shines in COD”, Dr Babafemi continues.

“And it is that love that binds them strongly. You know Pastor ID is unbelievably kind, has listening ears for everyone no matter how small and very compassionate. No one goes to him and returns empty”, the business man from Lagos State added emotionally.

Another highly regarded member of the RCCG affirmed that some unnamed pastors and highly placed members of COD have expressed deep concern about the G.O’s rumoured plan to install his son and warned that any decision to unjustly remove Pastor ID from COD may spell unprecedented crisis that may shake the very foundation of RCCG.

Prof Damilola, a US based Redeemed member who declined to give his full name also warned that City of David members love their Pastor passionately and committed humungous amount of their financial resources to build the Trinity Towers in support of their Pastor’s vision to build a magnificent house for God.

In his words, “That Trinity Towers is the vision of their Pastor although he gives Adeboye credit for everything he does. He never takes any credit. Too humble and too committed to G.O’s vision and now they want to cast him aside. No way. COD will never tolerate or accept any decision to yank off their beloved Pastor from that building for no serious breach of the church rules or crime. It will never happen. They will resist it with everything. Mark my word today”, he stressed.

The Frontier reports that indeed, the rumour about handing over COD and Trinity Towers to Adeboye’s son has already permeated the City of David Parish congregation and this has allegedly strengthened their resolve to stand solidly behind their Pastor.

Business / Dangote: NANS Write President Tinubu Over Mismanagement Of CTIN Funds (video) by Hunter2009: 9:19pm On Feb 25
Dangote: NANS Write President Tinubu Over mismanagement Of CTIN Funds (Video)

Open Letter To President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR

Your Excellency sir.

Mismanagement and Lack of Transparency and Accountability in CTIN Funds Administration: A Call for Immediate Action:

We, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), being the voice and representatives of the Nigerian Students, a large percent of youth constituency of our population and by extension defender of oppressed citizens and advocate of the Nigerian masses, the bearers of our nation’s future and voice of the voiceless young generation.

Today we are raising our voices in protest, We are writing to you to express our deep concern and outrage regarding the mismanagement and lack of accountability within the Cement Technology Institute of Nigeria (CTIN), an organisation under Alh Aliko Dangote’s Leadership as pioneer and self imposed life Chairman.

The alleged misused, diversion and misappropriation of such strategic fund intended to provide training and development opportunities for Nigerian youth in the cement industry in line with the establishment goals of CTIN is a weighty one, in fact it's a future-threatening act and an act of economy sabotage.


Certainly, the fund has been squandered, leaving a trail of broken promises and shattered dreams as nothing can be pointed at as an achievement in this regard.

The situation of countless Nigerian youths, who remains unemployed and lacking technical skills in a rapidly advancing global economy like ours, is a harsh testament to the repercussions of such mismanagement and embezzlement. Another hidden factor responsible for the unprecedented hike in cement price in the country.

We are living in a country where our potential is suppressed and our future is uncertain courtesy of greed and selfishness of a microscopic few in position of authority, while leaders of our industries such as Aliko Dangote with such a special intervention fund failed to do the needful but rather enrich themselves by diverting such funds intended for our growth and development for only God and Dangote known purpose and use.

We demand answers, we demand accountability, we demand explanation and we demand justice.

1. In clear terms, We urge Mr President to issue a directive to Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment to make public as a matter of urgency and national importance her role so far, the status, management, and usage of the over 20billion Naira (about $100 million as at then) contributed as levies on imported cement to CTIN for technical training purposes since over 10 years ago when Nigeria was still importing cement.

We know and we are fully aware nothing has been done with the fund in line with its purpose. This is money that should have gone to government coffers for investment in our vocational and technical education system.

Alh Aliko Dangote has been sole chairman since this institution was created by the Federal Ministry of Trade in conjunction with cement importers - hence why we are also demanding an explanation directly from Alh Aliko Dangote as to where is the said fund.

Your Excellency, to avert degeneration of this matter, where all Dangote industries will be occupied by Nigerian students nationwide, kindly advice Alh Aliko Dangote to immediately engage an external independent forensic auditor to audit the CTIN funds, and we also demand that anyone found guilty be held accountable for their actions.

We further demand swift action towards restructuring the leadership and governance of CTIN, nothing like life chairman, it should be democratic to prevent such overstay that is bringing severe mismanagement of what should be the People’s commonwealth from happening in the future.

We demand from Chairman CTIN Aliko Dangote , an explanation on his level of involvement as to what looks to the public as a mismanagement and misappropriation of the CTIN funds.

The Nigerian youth will no longer remain silent as our potential is suppressed and our futures are jeopardized by anyone.

This is not a plea for answers; this is a demand for accountability, transparency, justice and a rallying cry for all those who believe in Nigeria's potential and the rights of its youth to education, opportunity, and a fair shot at success.

We will not rest until every penny of the funds is accounted for, and until those responsible for this shameful betrayal of trust by hiding these funds and not using them for their right purpose, are held accountable publicly.

We will use every available platform and legal recourse to seek justice and ensure that such a breach of public trust never reocurs.

Alhaji Aliko Dangote, CTIN members, Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Investment, the Nigerian youth are waiting, and we demand your swift and thorough public response within seven days of publication of this letter.

Yours in solidarity,

President, National Association of Nigerian Students


. Board of Trustees, Cement Technology Institute of Nigeria

- Ministry of Education.

- Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment,

- Members of the Press

- National Assembly
Religion / Making An Impact With Choral Music, Dr Dk And Dr Shade Olukoya Sets A New Standa by Hunter2009: 8:19pm On Feb 23

For some weeks now the Dr. Dk and Dr. Mrs. Shade Olukoya Choral Competition for secondary schools in Lagos state has been on going, this is an event that discovers raw singing talents across the state, this competition is held Throughout the 6 educational district of the state and has featured over 164 participants from all the Lagos state educational districts both online and offline, with 14 participants emerging as the finalist.

On the 25th of February, the final competition will hold at the grace hall of the MFM INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS YABA LAGOS NIGERIA. it is not surprising that the pioneers of this one-of-a-kind life changing event is the General overseer of the mountain of fire and Miracle’s ministries worldwide DR. D.K OLUKOYA and his wonderful wife DR. SHADE OLUKOYA

This competition is put in place to discover great musicians at their prime and enable youngsters find their love in the music space while they win awesome cash prizes and other academic benefits.

The finals of this great event will take place on the 25th of February 2024 so come and be a part of history, this event is fully certified by the Lagos state government WATCH OUT YOUR STATE MAY BE NEXT.


Celebrities / Apostle Suleman Set To Celebrate Wife, Reverend Lizzy Suleman’s Birthday Feb 28 by Hunter2009: 4:26pm On Feb 22
Apostle Suleman Set To Celebrate Wife, Reverend Lizzy Suleman’s Birthday Feb 28

It is time again come Wednesday 28th of February, 2024, for a woman of faith, Reverend (Mrs.) Johnson Suleman, to mark her birthday. Making the moments a unique one is her husband, Apostle Johnson Suleman, who is leaving no stone unturned to celebrate her on a pleasantly awesome note.

The Scripture says when two people agree to love, loyalty and commitment to their relationship becomes a virtue. This has been the guiding light in the marital life of Apostle Johnson and Reverend Lizzy Suleman. Apart from sharing cakes and spoiling her with gifts, Apostle Suleman regularly celebrates her heartthrob like a special partner in the work of God that she really is, with heartfelt wishes that reflect her faith and inspire her on her special day. He has always shown her with all he has how much she means to him and encourages her to continue walking in God's path.

Reverend Lizzy Suleman is not just a wife for the kitchen, she also partners to do amazing things for God and His Kingdom, standing by and holding the hands of her husband in the work of ministry. It is the reason she is described in his note as ‘most expensive gift any man could ever ask God for as wife’. He has also promised to celebrate her in a more beautiful manner than he ever had done.

Meeting her future husband, Apostle Suleman, was love by divine. She says the timing was divinely perfect meeting a man with similar passion for God; when the focus was fully on the fundamental basis of Christianity. Having an enduring marriage is the joint responsibility of both the husband and the wife. Reverend Lizzy Suleman says her marriage is faultless because she shares the right ideas and understanding with her husband to make things work. She believes it is the responsibility of the woman, a pastor’s wife especially, to submit her mission to her husband’s mission to become submission and then be able to drive the marriage vehicle well.

Describing her husband’s merits, Reverend Lizzy says Apostle Suleman is a man that represents simplicity and redefines modesty. By prophetic standards, she gushes, he is an apotheosis of prophetic reverence and veneration. She says he is modest in speech and humbler in his deeds, his dressing and still far simple in how he addresses serious issues. “He is my Papa, a great man of God, a colossus in the ministry of heaven. He is not just a pastor; he is a life coach to the congregation, the world and his family. I respect and love him. And I thank God for that. Also, all my aspirations and ambitions are in what God has destined for me and in the assignments given to my husband. We are alive to pursue the assignments faithfully, spiritually and logically. We believe God for a safe landing at the end,” she declared.

As she rolls out the drums next Wednesday, Reverend Suleman vows to continue to use the grace of the celebration to extend spiritual care and share humanitarian gestures among members of her hubby’s ministry, Omega Fire Ministry, and Nigerians in general.

As a way to show appreciation to God for the opportunity of another eventful year, she has given out clothes and food to thousands of people, including the widows. On her birthday occasions, she has blessed people with the cash sum in millions; she has paid school fees of indigent students worth millions and has visited orphanage homes with expensive gifts. These, she says, are just a fraction of what she plans to do next to glorify God.

Politics / We Have No Allegation Of Fraud Against Ex- Commissioner, Others, Ogun Assembly by Hunter2009: 6:25pm On Feb 21

Ogun State House of Assembly Committee on Public Accounts and Anti-Corruption, led by Hon. Damilare Bello today continues with its sittings with a clarification that the invitation extended to the former Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Abdul-Waheed Odusile and the SSA to the Governor on Media, Emmanuel Ojo was not an indictment but rather to seek clarifications on the audit report of the Ministry.

Hon. Bello issued the clarification today during the Committee's meeting with the officials of the State Hospitals Management Board at the Assembly Complex, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta.

The Committee Chairman in company of other members including Honourables Musefiu Lamidi, Dickson Awolaja, Wahab Haruna, Yusuf Amosun, Folawewo Salami, Lawal Samsideen and Waliu Owode noted that the sitting was not meant to witch- hunt but to put the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government on their toes in the prudent management of government resources.

He recalled that at the last sitting of the Committee, there was a misinformation in some sections of the media insinuating fraudulent practices, cautioning that the Committee had not indicted anyone but merely considering issues raised in the audit reports with a view to addressing them.

He stated, "on Monday at our last sitting, there was a misinformation that this Honourable House has indicted the ex- Commissioner and the SSA (Media), we have not indicted anyone. We have only used the media to invite them for clarification on the Auditor General reports in line with our constitutional responsibilities.

It is important to note that the this House has no reason to witch-hunt anyone. We are only making sure the people see our Governor working alongside with the legislators with the right procedure to achieve all the Government lofty policies and programmes", he stated.

He urged the public to disregard the scandal rumour, saying not everything found on the media space might be the right picture of things coming from the Assembly.

He called on Heads of MDAs to work together with the Assembly in blocking all leakages and help promote accountability and transparency in the running of government in the State.


Religion / Funke Ashekun Crafted Plans To Seek Asylum In Usa Exposed, More Lies Exhumed (vi by Hunter2009: 1:44am On Feb 21

After several attempts to tarnish the image of Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) and its founder, Dr. DK Olukoya, Funke Ashekun plans to seek asylum using false stories about the ministry has been finally exposed.


A few weeks ago on her UNSCRIPTURAL FALSE LOADED BROADCAST on Facebook and YouTube where she always retort lies to get viewers’ attention and seek for followers, all for the YouTube money, because obviously she is Jobless.

Funke let me introduce myself, I have been in the journalism industry for years, Reporting on Kingdom matters across the Nation and the African continent, if you do not know about my pedigree do your research before you come out to whip up unnecessary sentiments which is the usual way of blackmailers.

About the case she lost, She explained in her you-tube flick that the US court awarded $50,000 against her and in favor of the MFM in the US because the three attorneys employed by the church were able to argue in court that MFM USA is a corporate organization in the country which suffered losses and damages as a result of her programs. LIES!!! according to the report we gathered it was clear to the court that she had no evidence and reason whatsoever to slander and defame the ministry her baseless argument had no merit it was as simple as that.

Funke Ashekun has mastered the craft of lying and it appears the plans to seek asylum have been perfected ever since, she had planned to use MFM and DK Olukoya to get stories that would help her successfully seek the asylum she wants. Because why on earth will DK Olukoya come after you? According to your stories you have been having issues with the ministry for years, why would he wait till you leave the country before he comes after you, why didn’t he harm you for over 20 years that you were within reach , FUNKE REPENT and come back to God
You had nothing and still have nothing from our findings , you lived under his protections and financial support of the clergy man till you left the country, as a matter of fact you left the country still living in one of the ministries apartment , you weren’t a relevant person to the ministry in any way, apart from being in the music department , contributing almost nothing, everything you say concerning the ministry are cooked up fabricated lies, no one is after you and will ever be after you, you can tell these lies to the American Government but we all know the truth, and we hope they find out the truth as well and make the right decision because a man who is after your life will not take you to court and to make sense of it all it was the ministry that took you for the hearing. And you lost out-rightly.

I read an article a while ago with headline stating that FUNKE ASHEKUN HAS REPORTED MFM AND HER LEADER DK OLUKOYA TO THE AMERICAN POLICE alleging that somebody is after her life, what a hoax how can anyone be after the life of an inconsequential MGO wannabe

It would be recalled that in our previous article, we mentioned that she has put up this lie before , it was on the list of lies told in court by Funke Ashekun, lie number 21. In that same article we established that previous lies pedaled concerning the wife of DK Olukoya manifesting in a crusade as heard in the voice note conversation between the trio are from the pit of hell find attached the video from the Canada crusade , you will see shade Olukoya standing alongside Komolafe behind DK OLUKOYA while he was praying, contrary to been carried away by the ushers to a secret room, THESE ARE THE KIND OF PEOPLE ASHEKUN TEAM WITH IN THIS HER Dead End JOURNEY.

My intentions are not to tarnish or defame anyone but to tell the truth to the children of God. And I am not working for anyone or any ministry, my business is JOURNALISM, and I will always stand for the truth

FEMI OYEWOLE we are still investigating and more voice notes and unveiling loading


Celebrities / Ty Buratai Encounter's Ty Danjuma by Hunter2009: 8:57pm On Feb 19

Both have TY as initials. Both surnames have 7 letters. The Danjuma I know for more than 4 decades a household name he was. A hero's hero to the growing patriotic minds. High esteem we all hold the tall, a personality to behold. In actions and in words, an inspiring war commander and a sound administrator.

A civil war veteran with a difference
A hero's hero amidst daunting challenges.
An accomplished general loved and admired by all.
A business mogul, philanthropist per excellence.
An astute administrator and a military strategist. A political mover and shaker.

Such stands the elder statesman and a patriot with high international standing. A profound wisdom abound in statesmen. It seems not all statesmen act in wisdom all the time. But for him, an exception.

In TY Danjuma, an excellent mentor
In M Buhari, a loyal and trustworthy mentee
A bond cultivated in espirit-de-corps, service years never forgotten
An example in loyalty I find worth of emulation
A lesson for officers and men in uniform today and for tomorrow.

It was in my third year in office. The position he once held. TY Danjuma, with his carriage, courage, and charisma, made that office of the Chief of Army Staff well known. His leadership style was inspiring. In his footsteps follows TY Buratai.

Enters Buratai into the Asokoro residence of TY Danjuma. An evening to behold. At the height of the counterinsurgency operations, a quiet, dark evening as the moon's trimester reached.

Firm but warm hand shake extended with a strong aura that could move mountains. It's the first time ever so close. I had to summon the needed courage and strength to meet the towering personality.

Keen, he was interested in the progress of the war against the insurgents. A truly patriotic concern in supporting his mentee, President Burlhari. Insurgency and terrorism in NE Nigeria were the key issues of our discourse. Concerned on the various attacks by the insurgents.

The Counter-Terrorism operation steadily progressing but many challenges abound.
Assurance given, just like the outcomes of the Nigerian Civil War. A war fought within our territorial jurisdiction and amongst countrymen.
Complex and devastating it were on all sides.
No nation should ever wish to experience something similar again. Lucky our nation declared , no victor, nor vanquished.
Now, insurgency is subdued, but metamorphoses into terrorism.
Long-term strategy against terrorism, a must at the political, strategic, and operational levels.

Terrorism remains the insurgent's last resort after defeat. War without end - terrorism is called in some quarters. Behold the resilience of the troops and the eagled eyes of the state intelligence agencies. Combined efforts further degraded the insurgents.

Finally, the march to lasting peace and security beckons, but much more work needed to be done to keep the peace. It is much more difficult and expensive to keep the peace than warfighting. We all must know this, or else , terrorism and banditry will remain in Africa for a very long time.

Politics / Buratai: We Must Use Culture To Promote National Security, Unity by Hunter2009: 7:54am On Feb 18
Buratai: We must use culture to promote national security, unity

Retired Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, former Chief of Army Staff and Nigerian Ambassador to Benin Republic, has advocated the use of culture and tradition to promote national security and national unity.

Buratai made the call on Saturday in Abuja at the Army Headquarters, Departments and Commands West African Social Activities (WASA), to mark the successful end of 2023 and usher in 2024 activities.


He said that the Nigerian army was one of the first national institutions to be created by the colonial masters, adding that they recognised the richness and the cultural diversity of the soldiers that came from diverse tribes across the country.

This, according to him, informed their decision to institute army festival called WASA, as a celebration of the richness and cultural diversity of the people.

He said that there was hardly any institution in Nigeria where people’s cultures and traditions were well represented than in the Nigerian military which had given a special connection to the celebration of WASA by the Nigerian Army.

“The reputation and celebration of our cultural diversity and its richness by the Nigerian military has allowed the institution to stand tall over the years and to succeed at promoting the unity and corporate existence of our dear countries.

“As we celebrate the Nigerian army’s achievement over the past one year in 2023, we are also not unmindful of the social, economic and security challenges in the country.

“As the Nigerian army strives to tackle insecurity in the country using both kinetic and non-kinetic measures, we must use culture and tradition to promote national security and national unity.

“No Nigerian culture accepts banditry, kidnapping or terrorism.

“We must appeal to our youth to imbibe the culture of hard work, respect for elders and adherence to peaceful communal living.

“Our cultural heritage of farming, fishing, art and craft must be encouraged in our societies in order for the unemployed to be useful to us so that they can shun criminal acts,” he said.

The former army chief said the Nigerian army had been a source of pride to the nation and had recorded well documented victories from participation in the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

“Our soldiers have also excelled in various peacekeeping operations across the globe.

“The involvement of the army in internal security operations has also recorded commendable success,” he said.

These achievements, according to him, represent a testimony to the dedication and sacrifices of the military personnel, some of whom had paid the supreme price in service to the nation.

“We owe to all of you a debt of gratitude for your sacrifices to the country.

“As members of the Armed Forces, you owe your loyalty to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

“President Bola Tinubu has been attentive and supportive to the demand for improved well-being of servicemen and their families, and we are deeply grateful to him for his support.

“Therefore, what is demanded of you is to continue to do your best to uphold your military tenets and I also implore you to continue to be alive to your constitutional responsibilities,” he added.

Buratai commended the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja, for his professional leadership of the Nigerian army, saying that he had maintained a very high standard of discipline.

He has also maintained operational efficiency and administrative consistency in handling the welfare of the troops and their families, Buratai added.

He said the Nigerian army had played more roles in aid to civil authority at any time in the history of the nation with numerous achievements in its effort to keep the country safe.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the WASA featured the maiden inter-agency tug of war competition which was won by the Nigeria army, with the Nigeria Police coming second and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), third.

The activities climaxed with the lighting of the camp fire by the former COAS and others that included the former Chief of Defence Staff, retired Gen. Abayomi Olonisakin.

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Business / NASRE Joins Access Bank Holdings To Mourn Herbert Wigwe by Hunter2009: 11:37am On Feb 16
NASRE joins access Bank holdings to mourn Herbert Wigwe

In a somber announcement, Access Holdings Plc is grappling with the untimely passing of its Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Herbert Wigwe, CFR, along with his wife and son. The tragic incident occurred in a helicopter crash in the United States of America.

The Nigerian Association of Social and Resourceful Editors (NASRE) expresses profound condolences to the bank.

In a letter addressed to Mr. Amaechi Michael Okobi, the director of corporate communication of Access Holdings Plc, and signed by the president, Femi Oyewale, the resourceful association pledged to maintain a strong connection to all the endeavors of the brand during their challenging period and beyond.

The letter partly reads, "On behalf of the board of patrons led by Lt. General Tukur Buratai (rtd), executives, and members of the Nigerian Association of Social and Resourceful Editors (NASRE), I extend our heartfelt condolences to the board, management, and staff of Access Holdings Plc on the untimely passing of your Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Herbert Wigwe, CFR, alongside his wife and son in a helicopter crash in the United States of America."

Described as a visionary leader and stalwart within the finance community, Dr. Wigwe's commitment, passion, and leadership at Access Holdings Plc have left an indelible mark on the banking industry. NASRE, in particular, acknowledges his significant managerial skills and contributions to the development of SMEs, the industrial hub of Nigeria, and Africa.

Oyewale affirmed that the sudden loss is not only felt deeply within Access Holdings Plc but also resonates with NASRE, as well as the entire business community.

Mr. Wigwe founded Access Bank in 1989. It became one of the largest banks in Nigeria in 2018 after acquiring its main competitor, Diamond Bank.

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Crime / How Prophet Kingsley Accurately Predicted State Police Agenda In 2024 by Hunter2009: 10:39pm On Feb 15
How Prophet Kingsley Accurately Predicted State Police Agenda In 2024

Interestingly, President Bola Tinubu on Thursday agreed on the need to establish state police as recommended by State Governors.

This is a direct fulfillment of the 2024 prophetic releases of Prophet Kingsley Aitafo. The prophet in his 2024 Prophetic statement revealed that there will be a change in the policing of the country, state police.

Mohammed Idris, the minister of information and national orientation dropped the hint while briefing State House journalists after a meeting with President Tinubu and State Governors at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

The Minister said the President and the Governors establishes a committee to deepen the conversation on the issue, as well as workout modalities for the establishment of the State Police.

Idris revealed that the meeting also discussed and took far reaching decisions on issue of security and food scarcity

He revealed that the meeting also agreed to halt the earlier decision by the federal government to embark on food importation

The meeting, according to him, is expected to continue to engage and interact to allow for open dialogue.

They also resolved to work with the National Security Adviser NSA and other security agencies to interface with the Governors to check hoarding of foods across the country.

“A decision has been taken that there will be no need for food importation
He described the current food scarcity as ” a temporary difficulty that will soon go away.”

More investments are to be made in the agriculture sector so that more foods will be made available to Nigerians

“On security, the President and state Governors resolved to set up State Police, as well as increase Forest Rangers”.
Celebrities / Runsewe , Orji Kalu And Others Top SV Awards Nominees by Hunter2009: 11:25am On Feb 14
Runsewe , Orji Kalu and others Top SV Awards Nominees

Former Governor of Abia State, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, and current Chairman of the Nigeria Professional League Board, Hon. Gbenga Elegbeleye are top on the list of those nominated for different awards categories by the organisers of the annual Sportsville Special Recognition Awards.

Former Athletic Federation Chairman and current NOC first Vice President, Chief Solomon Ogba, and Otunba Segun Runsewe were also named.

The nominees were rolled out yesterday at an elaborate ceremony in Lagos by the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Adekunle Salami. Salami said his committee took pains to ensure that only those truly deserving made the final cut.

For the Icon category, Senator (Chief) Orji Uzor Kalu, Otunba Segun Runsewe OON, Chief Solomon Ogba, Rtn. Victor Ochei is on the cards while Hon Gbenga Elegbeleye is the only nominee for the administrator of the year category.

A total of 10 recipients are on the cards for the special recognition category. They are Hon. Fatai Adekunle Ayoola (Executive Chairman, Ajeromi Ifelodun LGA); Edington Kuejebola, Hajiya Zainab Saleh; Hon. Agboola Dabiri; Gbenga Ojofeitimi; Kunle Solaja; Dr Uyi Akpata; Coach Sebastian Brodricks (Post Humous); Francis Orbih and Brila FM.

We also have Jenkins Alumona in the innovative category, Hon Daniel Igali in the Integrity category while MTN, Tucan Energy, and Nestle Nigeria are nominated for the corporate category.

Remo Stars Complex stood out in the Best Facilities category (Private), just as the Edo State Government got the nod on Best Facilities in the government category courtesy of the Samuel Ogbemudia Sports Complex. Delta State will also be rewarded with the biggest investment in sports award.

There are also sports federation categories and support for the Nigerian league category.

Salami explained that three new categories have been added to this year’s edition: Innovative Award, Integrity Award, and NPFL Awards (Coach of the Year, Player of the Year, Referee of the Year, and Media Officer of the Year).

“The Chief Executive Officer of Sportsville, Frank Ilaboya, has been an advocate of strong Nigerian League and believes recognition of this nature will propel the actors to do better,” he added.

The ceremony will be held on Friday, March 1st, 2024 at the Prestigious EKO CLUB off Bode Thomas in Lagos under the Chairmanship of former Green Eagles Skipper, Dr Segun Odegbami

Events / BIRTHDAY/VALENTINE: Jesam Micheal Blesses Nana Berry Orphanage Home With N15m, B by Hunter2009: 7:38am On Feb 14
BIRTHDAY/VALENTINE: Jesam Micheal Blesses Nana Berry Orphanage Home With N15m, Bought A Home for Them ( Video)

Fintech expert and CEO OF Afriq Arbiritage System is a Philanthropist per excellence. The entrepreneur genius celebrated his birthday on Monday, February 12th, 2024 with the less privileged and orphans.

Interestingly,in the mood of his birthday and Valentine, he visited Nana Berry Orphanage home where he donated the sun of 15,000,000 to them and food items running into millions, too.

Aside that, when he visited them same time last year in February, he bought Nana Barry orphanage homes the multimillion naira property they are using presently. And due to his love and compassion, the orphanage has her own personal home.

Before his birthday, he told his staff and community member that he is not celebrating with fun fares, rather, he prefers to celebrate with the orphanage homes.

Reacting to this kind gestures, he said seeing them smile always makes him happy.

Jesam Micheal is a Fintech Expert cum entrepreneur genius. Arguably known as the tech guru with the Midas touch, he is a man on a mission with a unique vision.

Jesam Michael widely known as CEO has caused a stir on the internet with a disruptive technology that has never been seen. He single-handedly developed and programmed a robotic system that could trade different cryptocurrency exchanges and secure profit in milliseconds.

He hails from Yakkur Local Government Area in Cross River State, Nigeria. He was born on 12 April. He began his journey into the world of forex and cryptocurrency trading 20 years ago.

Interestingly, as a man on a mission with an outstanding vision, he launched AAS in the year 2023 after a lot of scrutiny and testing in the background. This system was developed to combat the reign of scam platforms that have stolen people’s money.

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency and online investments, Jesam Michael has emerged as a pioneering force, leading the charge for transformative change. As the CEO of Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS), his innovative solutions around tokenized digital currency are reshaping Nigeria’s financial landscape.

Jesam Michael’s commitment to transparency and accountability resonates with investors, as evidenced by their testimonials. Despite setbacks caused by external factors, including the unscrupulous actions of a rogue employee, the platform remains steadfast in its mission.

Investors from various walks of life have shared their positive experiences with AAS, emphasizing the platform’s legitimacy and the sincerity of Jesam Michael. AAS is not just a financial platform; it’s a beacon of trust and genuine investment opportunities.

The testimonials reflect a shared sentiment that AAS, under Jesam Michael’s leadership, stands as a genuine antidote to Ponzi schemes. The CEO’s dedication to educating investors and fostering a sense of community sets AAS apart in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Beyond AAS’s success, Jesam Michael’s journey is one of resilience and determination. He has also diversified into Real estate known as AAS Solar powered Estate beside Dangote refinery, AAS Lounge, AAS iPhone store, tracking Security agency, Air ticket system amongst others.

Jesam Michael Philanthropic life. He recently embarked on a tour which he titled “Giving back to the Society”. Jesam Michael visited some General Government Hospitals and pay hospital bills for all patients and the authorized the immediate renovation of some dilapidated areas of the hospital, he visited the orphanage homes with food items and donated huge amount of money for the children’s up-keep. Jesam Michael is changing the narratives, recently some Heads of Divisions of the Nigerian Police Force paid him a courtesy visit where he also donated hugged sums and currently renovating some police station divisions in Cross River State. Jesam Michael foundation is current registering over 2,000 Jamb applicants for the 2024 UTME Jamb Registration.

Finally, Jesam Michael is an employer of labour with over 3,000 staff under his pay roll. In one of his press interview, he expressly said that he is a mission of raising young African Millionaires.


Celebrities / How Prophet Kingsley Issued Prophetic Warning About Herbert Wigwe 's Death by Hunter2009: 6:07am On Feb 13
How Prophet Kingsley Issued Prophetic Warning About Herbert Wigwe 's Death

Indeed, when God speaks, the wise listens. Interestingly, twice leading prophetic voice in Nigeria, prophet Kingsley Aitafo gave a prophetic warning about the demise of the CEO of Access Bank holdings, Herbert Wigwe.

He said they should pray against an air crash that will be the talk of the town and death of a prominent Nigerian personality.

Therefore, it was shocking when Herbert Wigwe, the group chief executive officer of Access Holdings Plc, was involved in a helicopter crash in the United States, on Friday. The Chopper crashed and killed him and five others in California.


Sources said the chopper was headed to Las Vegas when it crashed near a border city between Nevada and California on Friday night. The US government confirmed all on board dead.

Wigwe, his wife and son were in the helicopter when it crashed in California near the Nevada border, as well as Abimbola Ogunbanjo, the group chairman of Nigerian Exchange Group Plc (NGX Group).

Six passengers were onboard, however, no survivors found so far.

Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe was born 15 August 1966 in Ibadan.

He was until his demise the CEO of Access Holdings Plc, traded as Access Corporation.

Celebrities / Two Prophetic Warnings Of Prophet Kingsley Came To Pass Again by Hunter2009: 6:42am On Feb 11
Two Prophetic warnings of Prophet Kingsley Came To Pass Again

Prophet Kingsley Aitafo is at it again. Two of his 2024 prophetic warnings have come to pass. During his annual predictions for 2024, he revealed that a long serving monarch and some retired generals will pass away this year.

And as confirmation of his prophetic warning, the longest serving monarch, Joseph Davies-Agba, the traditional ruler of Obudu, is dead.

Davies-Agba’s death was announced on Sunday by Kjay Jedy-Agba, his son, in Calabar, Cross River state capital.

The late traditional ruler, who was on the throne for 64 years, is widely regarded as the longest serving monarch in Nigeria.

“It is with a heavy heart that I communicate to you the passing away of my beloved father, His Royal Majesty, Joseph Davies-Agba, OON, the ‘Uti Item III of Utugwang’, Uti Ukani I of Obudu, Paramount Ruler of Obudu Local Government Area and Chancellor of the University of Cross River State,” the statement reads.

Also, General Jones Arogbofa who served as Chief of Staff to former President Goodluck Jonathan, is dead.

He was aged 72.

Arogbofa was said to have died on Saturday, February 10, though the circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear as of the time of filing this report.

His family has also not issued any statement on his death at press time.

But the former senator and founder of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray-Bruce, confirmed the news via X on Saturday where he wrote, “I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Brigadier General Jones Oladeinde Arogbofa (Rtd), the former Chief of Staff to former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“He was a dear friend. His wisdom, integrity, and dedication to Nigeria will forever be remembered. A true hero has left us, but his legacy endures. Rest in peace, dear friend.”

Arogbofa was born on November 10, 1952 in Oka-Akoko, Ondo State, and served in the military before being appointed as Jonathan’s right-hand man from 2014 to 2015

Celebrities / Gramophone Groans: Minister Musawa’s Musical Misfire by Hunter2009: 1:33pm On Feb 08
Gramophone Groans: Minister Musawa's Musical Misfire

In the grand opera of governance, where every move is a meticulous cadence, the Minister of Arts has composed a discordant rhapsody that's set the cultural symphony ablaze. The African Grammy plan—a crescendo of controversy, is the brainchild of Minister Hannatu Musawa, who has boldly marched to the beat of her own drum, orchestrating an African rendition of the Grammy Awards with as much finesse as a bull in a china shop.

Let's unpack this magnum opus of misdirection, shall we? Picture it: A grandiose awards show, glittering with the promise of international accolades, yet it strikes a sour note with the maestros of the African music scene. It's as if the minister, in her quest for cultural clout, has sought to import the razzle-dazzle of Western pageantry, casting aside the vibrant quilt of African artistry for a monochrome tapestry woven with threads of imitation.

The African Grammy—akin to a masquerade ball where the masks are too tight and the music too foreign. It's the cultural equivalent of serving jollof rice at a Thanksgiving dinner—well-intentioned, perhaps, but utterly out of place. This isn't a case of glocalization; it's a tone-deaf attempt at cultural colonization, where the rich, rhythmic beats of the motherland are drowned out by the cacophony of borrowed glamour.

And as the minister pirouettes into the spotlight with her grand plan, the guardians of African melody stand in stoic resistance. They've crafted a harmony that resonates across global stages without the crutch of foreign validation. From the Headies to AFRIMA, they've sung the anthems of African excellence, and now they face the irony of a minister who seems to have skipped lessons on cultural authenticity.

Let’s not mince words—Musawa's plan is an overture to absurdity, a misplaced priority that has industry leaders up in arms. It’s a cultural faux pas, a blunder of orchestral proportions. The very idea reeks of neo-colonialism, a step backward in the dance of progress. It's as if we've been told our own gilded trophies aren't golden enough, our red carpets not plush enough unless stamped with a seal of Western approval.

So, as the curtains rise on this unfolding drama, the audience wonders: Will the minister take a bow and exit stage left, or will she continue to dance to the discordant tune she's set, oblivious to the audience's cries for an encore of the original African rhythm? Only time will tell if this overture to folly will be re-composed into a melody that truly sings of Africa's soul or if it will become another jarring note in the downward denouement of our cultural saga.

Politics / NASRE: Economic Hardship And Charting A Path Forward by Hunter2009: 10:08pm On Feb 07
NASRE: Economic Hardship And Charting A Path Forward

In the labyrinth of Nigeria's economic landscape, a pervasive wave of hardship has engulfed the nation, leaving its citizens navigating through soaring costs, diminished purchasing power, and profound lifestyle adjustments. The complex interplay of policy reforms, notably the removal of fuel subsidies and the unification of exchange rates, has ushered in a new era of financial struggle for many, creating a multi-faceted crisis that requires a comprehensive exploration.

For instance, Nigeria battles with a record high inflation rate of 28.92 per cent in December 2023 from 28.20 per cent in November, and a food inflation rate of 33.93 per cent, which is driven by increases in prices of staple food items such as Oil and fat, Meat, Bread and Cereals, Potatoes, Yam & Other Tubers, Fish, and Milk, Cheese, and Eggs.

In fact, latest global hunger index report has ranked Nigeria 109 out of 125 countries as one of the countries with the most hungry population in the world. The report, therefore, showed that Nigeria is below countries such as Sudan, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, North Korea, and Guinea.

The Human Impact

At the heart of this economic maelstrom are the stories of ordinary Nigerians, whose daily life is marred by a worsening financial situation despite earnest attempts to cut costs. Their plight mirrors the struggles of countless others facing the collateral damage of policy decisions.

The removal of the fuel subsidy in June 2023 acted as a catalyst, triggering a domino effect on the prices of goods and services. Families like Shakirudeen Bankole's, who once enjoyed the ritual of preparing soup every week, now find themselves reducing such practices to once a month due to inflation's relentless grip on grocery prices.

Government Policy Reforms Amplifying Hardship

The government's decision to remove the fuel subsidy and unify the exchange rate, while well-intentioned, has created a perfect storm for citizens just recovering from the repercussions of a controversial naira redesign policy. The subsequent surge in prices has affected various sectors, from food and transportation to education and small businesses.

The Central Bank of Nigeria's move to unify the forex exchange market aimed at transparency and investor confidence has inadvertently intensified pressure on the local currency. Manufacturers grapple with increased costs, and citizens face the harsh reality of adapting to a new economic normal.

Lives In Flux: Stories From The Ground

As voices from different regions echo similar hardships, lifestyle changes become inevitable. Nigerians all over the country narrate how the economic challenges have compelled their family to reduce their three square meals to two, emphasizing the pervasive impact on daily life.

Poultry farmer Namso Udoka highlights the struggle as the price of essential inputs like hybrid feed skyrockets, affecting both production costs and, potentially, the prices of eggs. Civil servants like Monday Ewaoche recount drastic adjustments – from cutting down on unnecessary expenses to choosing public transport over personal vehicles.

The Trickle-Down Effect

From the bustling markets of Kano to the mechanic parts workshops in Ladipo, the fabric shops in Abeokuta, the cry all over has been the negative impact of the economy on the market. The markets that have once bustling with activity are now eerily quiet due to reduced patronage.

Entrepreneurs have also expressed the ripple effect on their businesses. Increased fuel prices translate to higher production costs, forcing them to raise prices and, subsequently, face a decline in patronage.

Our Stand

As Nigerians continue to face the present unprecedented hardship, calls for a reevaluation of government policies and a plea for relief from economic hardships echo nationwide. The National Association of Social and Resourceful Editors (NASRE), therefore, emphasize the need for specific blueprints to address inflationary pressures and revitalize the economy.

To this end, we urge all arms of government to provide economic relief, emphasizing the commitment to delivering on promises despite the challenges. We also advocate for citizens' involvement in security efforts and encourage unity to navigate these trying times.

In the face of adversity, Nigerians are resilient, adapting to the changing economic landscape while holding onto hope for a better tomorrow. The complexities of this economic crisis demand a comprehensive response, blending short-term relief measures with long-term structural reforms.

Immediate Relief Measures: Urgent steps must be taken to provide immediate relief to vulnerable populations. This includes targeted subsidies, social welfare programs, and food assistance to mitigate the impact of rising prices on essential goods.

Inclusive Policy Reevaluation: Government policies, especially those related to subsidy removal and exchange rate unification, require thorough reassessment. The inclusion of stakeholders from various sectors in policy discussions can help identify unintended consequences and inform more inclusive decision-making.

Economic Diversification: A strategic shift towards economic diversification is imperative. Investing in sectors where Nigeria has a comparative advantage, such as agriculture, can stimulate growth, create employment, and reduce dependence on oil revenue.

Infrastructure Development: Critical investments in infrastructure, particularly in transportation and power generation, can alleviate the burden on businesses and reduce production costs. Improved infrastructure enhances efficiency and competitiveness in the global market.

Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): SMEs form the backbone of Nigeria's economy. Providing targeted support, including access to affordable credit, skill development programs, and streamlined regulatory processes, can boost their resilience and contribution to economic recovery.

Transparent Communication: Building trust through transparent communication is crucial. Clearly articulating government policies, their objectives, and the expected impact fosters a sense of understanding among citizens, reducing uncertainty and speculation.

Conclusion: A Collective Journey

As Nigeria grapples with these multifaceted challenges, the path forward necessitates a collective effort, innovative solutions, and a commitment to addressing the root causes of the current hardships. Only through unity, collaboration between government and citizens, and strategic reforms can Nigeria emerge from these turbulent waters into a more prosperous and equitable future.

For further inquiries or comments, please contact NASRE secretariat:
Email: officialnasre@gmail.com
Phone: +234 [0] 907 545 7236
Website: nasre.ng

Education / Abelinis Limited Announces Monumental Youth Convergence For Educational Awarenes by Hunter2009: 10:36am On Feb 06
*Abelinis Limited Announces Monumental Youth Convergence for Educational Awareness and Sustainable Development in Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria - Abelinis Limited, a foremost project management company, today announces an unprecedented gathering of 10,000 youths in Lagos State. Set to be a landmark event, this initiative aims to invigorate the youths' consciousness towards excellence and advocate for the fundamental right to education. Echoing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 4 & 5, the event promises to be an awakening, directing global attention towards urgent humanitarian efforts.

Recent UNESCO statistics paint a grim picture, with approximately 263 million young individuals globally out of school, a condition starkly reflected in Nigeria. With half of the nation's populace under the age of 18 and a significant number living below the poverty line, the call to action has never been more critical. The event spearheaded by Abelinis Limited, in potential partnership with the Lagos State Government and other relevant stakeholders, seeks to catalyze change and accelerate progress towards achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

In a bid to set a Guinness World Record, this grand convocation of Nigerian youth will form the largest ever awareness ribbon, symbolizing their commitment to the cause. The event, while not yet disclosed in full detail for strategic purposes, is already generating buzz and anticipation for its scale and impact.

Abiodun Oshinubosi, the visionary Managing Director of Abelinis Limited, emphasizes the importance of this gathering. "We are orchestrating more than an event; it's a movement. With the support of Lagos State and esteemed foundations, we're mobilizing the youth to be the change-makers, shaping their future through awareness and action."

The proposed event, scheduled around Children's Day in May, remains shrouded in an aura of anticipation, as the company leverages the power of mystery to amplify interest and engagement. Abelinis Limited invites sponsors to join this noble cause, to support an initiative that will not only etch a mark in the records but in the hearts and minds of all Nigerians.

"We stand at the precipice of a new dawn, where the youth are not only the beneficiaries of change but its drivers. Join us as we unfurl the pink ribbon of awareness and set forth on a journey to a brighter, more informed tomorrow," invites Oshinubosi.

*About Abelinis Limited:*
Abelinis Limited is a project management firm dedicated to impactful initiatives that resonate with societal development and progress. With a track record of excellence, Abelinis stands at the forefront of orchestrating events that foster growth, learning, and sustainable advancement.

#YouthEmpowerment #EducationForAll #SDG4 #SDG5 #GuinnessWorldRecord #AbelinisLimited

Celebrities / 'I Am A Full Package", Says Gifted Amanda B As She Reveals Her Success Secrets by Hunter2009: 1:07pm On Feb 05
'I am a Full Package", Says Gifted Amanda B As She Reveals Her Success Secrets

Amanda Blessing Owie widely known as Amanda B is arguably a gifted singer cum actress. In this chat with us, the delectable screen goddess shared her success secrets with us. Excerpts...

Can you tell us more about yourself?

 I’m Amanda Blessing Owie, my stage name is Amanda B. I  am a music lover, singer/Actress.

How did you journey into the industry started?

I have always been a music lover. So I have always have my eyes on the music industry. I started recording songs in 2020 but before than I was so carried away with what will people say, will they like my sounds and all that but I thank God for the courage to face it.

What are the challenges and source of inspiration?

I must say finance is my major challenge. I have drop few songs I was not able to push out or promote properly and like we all know one have to push out songs if you want audience and you want people to relate and vibe with your song, then you have to push it and be on the face of people often. The challenges inspire me to keep on pushing. I believe there is always a pay day for positive consistency in every career one chooses.

Which job gave you the needed experience and fame ?

It's entertainment jobs, like I have always engaged in entertainment .

Who are your role model and mentors

Tiwa savage, Rihanna and Ngozi 

Which job are you working on currently?

I have alot of projects coming up, I can’t wait to serve y’all what am cooking 

What's the secret of your success?

Consistency not giving up and hard work

What's your unique selling point that stands you out among your peers?

I am a full package so everything about me is a selling point 

Tell us about your background 

Am from Edo state in Igbanke. I am based in Lagos, and I have two wonderful siblings

Politics / Nigerians In Diaspora Frown At Minister Of Culture NYSC Certificate Saga, Says I by Hunter2009: 2:38pm On Feb 04
*Nigerians in Diaspora frown at Minister of Culture NYSC certificate saga, says it demarkets Nigerian education metrics*

United Kingdom based and upcoming Diaspora organisation, Home Coming United, says the reported infractions by Nigerian ministers, Mrs Beta Edu and Hannatu Musa Musawa, ministers of Humanitarian Affairs and Arts and Culture respectively messed up all the hard work of president Ahmed Tinubu to bring about a better hope bearing governance in Nigeria.

President of the group, Mallam Yinusu Ahmed and Secretary, Bankole Anthony, in a statement released in London, wondered why these ladies are still part of a government that they least respected its core governance values and were seen to lead from the dark side of life, affirming incompetence, avarice, deceit and selfishness.

Though the group thumbed up the suspension of Betty Edu to enable proper investigation of her infractions, the Diaspora group focal on encouraging Nigerians to return back home to help with the economic recovery of the nation, however, frowned at the NYSC discharge certificate sage of Hannatu Musa Musawa, Minister of Arts, Culture and Creative economy for the past seven months, which it decried as as disturbing and at the unhealthy.

" it's a pity that the government of President Ahmed Tinubu, which enjoyed the goodwill of the people seven months ago, have to sadly contend with distractions such as that of Edu and Hannatu Musa Musawa. We are, however, disturbed that while Edu was quickly sanctioned, the case of Musawa is being treated with the kids' glove , inadvertently damaging the NYSC ecosystem and presenting our educational system as fraudulent." the group further explained.

Commending the Nigerian Bar Association section on Public Interest and Development law for standing and heading tk the court to set records straight on the issue minister of Culture, the group wants to see a speedy prosecution of the Musawa's NYSC saga which will help restore the buttered image of Nigerian education system and bring it at par with global expectations.

" it will be sad to sweep any kind of infractions under the carpet. Corruption is not limited to monetary infractions but also to other acts of misdemeanours with negative consequences and implications to the image and survival of our democracy.

" Here are two ministers in the same soup. One was suspended, while the other is seen gallivanting all the place, initially went awol with the hope, that her alleged maleficence will disappear, but unfortunately, her NYSC issue refused to die So who is deceiving who"? The group asked

Added to Hannatu Musa Musawa heady infractions, the group insisted , is her very audacious creation and elevation of two departments in the National museum and monument to full-fledged agencies , and single handly appointed their heads without recourse to the president who graciously made her a minister far above those more competent than her.

" Hannatu, by her actions, has made us here in the UK a laughing stock, and sadly so, she has through that action shown that she has no respect to the office of Mr. President , notwithstanding her continued stay in office as minister, Federal Republic of Nigeria without a proper NYSC discharge certificate." The Come BackHome United group noted.

Going forward, the group called for Hannatu Musa Musawa immediate sanction to serve as a deterrent to young Nigerians who may be misled by Hannatu action, thereby rubbishing NYSC well conceived national ethos.

Politics / How Prophet Kingsley Accurately Predicted Namibia President’s Death by Hunter2009: 9:51am On Feb 04
How Prophet Kingsley Accurately Predicted Namibia President’s Death

Sadly, Namibia's president, Hage Geingob is dead. He died early on Sunday in a hospital in the capital, Windhoek, the presidential office said in a statement. He was 82.

This was accurately foretold in April 2023 by Prophet Kingsley Aitafo. The prophet who has an unusual prophetic grace released the prophetic warning when he said:

“ i saw that a president will be going home. I cant figure the part of the world but he uis already going home”

First elected president in 2014, Geingob was Namibia’s longest serving prime minister and third president. Namibia is to hold presidential and national assembly elections towards the end of the year.

Geingob, who was serving his second term as president, revealed in January that he was receiving treatment for cancer.

A biopsy after a routine medical check-up in January had revealed “cancerous cells”, Geingob’s office said at the time.

“It is with utmost sadness and regret that I inform you that our beloved Dr Hage G Geingob, the president of the republic of Namibia has passed on today,” said a statement on Sunday from the acting president, Nangolo Mbumba.

“At his side was his dear wife Madame Monica Geingos and his children.”

In 2013, Geingob underwent brain surgery, and in 2023 he underwent an aortic operation in neighbouring South Africa.

Up until his death, he had been receiving treatment at Lady Pohamba hospital in Windhoek.

“The Namibian nation has lost a distinguished servant of the people, a liberation struggle icon, the chief architect of our constitution and the pillar of the Namibian house,” said Mbumba.

“At this moment of deepest sorrow, I appeal to the nation to remain calm and collected while the Government attends to all necessary state arrangements, preparations and other protocols.”

He said the cabinet would convene immediately to make the necessary state arrangements.

Celebrities / NASRE Honours Jesam Michael Of Afriq Arbitrage System by Hunter2009: 7:51am On Feb 02
*NASRE Honours Jesam Michael Of Afriq Arbitrage System

Jesam Michael, the Chief Executive Officer of Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS), has been awarded the 'Fintech CEO of the Year' by the Nigerian Association of Social and Resourceful Editors, NASRE, while his company, AAS, picked the 'Most Secure and Reliable Fintech Company of the Year 2023.'

Additionally, Jesam Michael was honoured as the patron of the association.

The awards presentation and decoration were held on Thursday, 25th of January, 2024, at the Lagos headquarters of the company with top members of the AAS community, traditional rulers, and veteran media practitioners in attendance.

The awards and decoration, according to the association’s president, President, Femi Oyewale , was in acknowledgment of Jesam Michael’s giant strides in financial technology, his efforts to support the Nigerian government in alleviating poverty, his innovations that are geared towards national development, among many others.

The association explained that Jesam Michael was selected after a meticulous study of his works, which put him in the position of an enigma that deserves to be honoured. Micheal was applauded by the association for reducing unemployment and driving federal government policies on financial inclusion.

‘’There are people who are innovating and making giant strides in a manner that makes Nigeria worthy of competing with other nations in the world, Jesam Micheal is unarguably one of them. We are here to honour a man who deserves to be honoured. He is defeating unemployment, and this is not about giving him honour alone, What we are doing today is to encourage him to continue what he is doing.’’

‘’Jesam Micheal is driving federal government policies on financial inclusion and all he needs is our encouragement so that in years to come, Nigeria will have individuals in this country that will be recognized worldwide playing their roles in different sectors.’’

‘’As an association, we fight what is bad and promote what is good. AAS has to be sustained, and we will always be behind you as you continue to put Nigeria on the map for good.’’

In his acceptance speech, Jesam Micheal appreciated the association for honouring him with their presence and awards. He expressed joy while underscoring the weight of the awards and decoration, making it known that they are the reasons he accepted to be part of the Nigerian association of online social and resourceful editors.

’’My happiness and joy goes to these awards, I am happy and glad this is coming at the right time. We never lobbied for it. We never ran for it, I have about 32 awards on the line, but I selected this due to the calibre of people that belong to this association.’’

‘’From the depth of my heart, I am happy for this award because it’s not just coming from a group of members that came up to talk but the caliber of people in the association are mind blowing. ‘’

He stated that his decision to build technology was borne out of the need to support the government instead of joining the crowd to fault them.

‘’You don’t fight the government, but you use tech to help the government. Most of them don’t know what to do, so if you know what to do to help them, build tech. You don’t call them names or fight them, build tech.’’

Speaking on how he has been able to scale through all these years, Jesam Micheal explained that his focus has kept him going and that despite the challenges; he remained resilient. He shared with well-wishers how he has been able to build AAS into a system that runs in milliseconds for the first time in history.

‘’I have seen gladiators who fought tooth and nail to bring me down, but I keep telling them my hands are clean, and there’s nothing that can be done to bring me down. When they say what I am doing won’t see the light of the day, I tell them to go to bed because when they wake, I will be far gone.’’

‘’I also want to say that whatsoever you are doing, you need to close your ear not to hear, eyes not to see, and mouth not to talk but before this, your mind is focused towards what you want to do.’’

‘’When I shared my dream, they said it wouldn't work, but before they knew it, AAS was already built into a system that runs in milliseconds for the first time. Everything, including transactions and payments, is done in milliseconds. We had challenges, even internal challenges, and they thought we had crashed, but it worked.’’

Continuing, Jesam Micheal shared the several innovative techniques of Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS) and other revolutionary plans of the company, which are all geared towards national development.

‘’For the first time in the history of the world, a system called Token has been built and is currently going through testing. We went in and changed disadvantages to advantages. We have built one of the biggest e-commerce platforms whereby anywhere you are in the world, you can order any gadget in the Apple family and get it delivered to you. Very soon, you will be using our platform to recharge electricity here, You will soon be using our platform to recharge cards and many more. We have also come up with a digital solar powered estate whereby you can monitor your property wherever you are because it is 100% digital.’’

ABOUT Nigerian Association Of Social And Resourceful Editors (NASRE)

The Nigerian Association of Social and Resourceful Editors is a dynamic assembly of media professionals encompassing a diverse range of industries. Headquartered in Lagos, this burgeoning association comprises media entrepreneurs who are actively engaged in print, broadcast, and digital platforms. The association serves as a vibrant hub where professionals from various sectors converge, fostering collaboration and synergy among individuals dedicated to the evolution and advancement of media in Nigeria.

Celebrities / Musawa , Ministering Culture Of Shame* by Hunter2009: 1:17pm On Feb 01
*Musawa , Ministering Culture of shame*

To be a sorcerer or witch is not as easy as many people think. You certainly need initiation, some with rituals of telling consequences and benefits. It's a tough journey to find anyone who knows it all, meaning what you don't know, you don't know.

So knowledge is knowledge, particularly in your area of expertise, so when confronted with seeking a solution and looking for a way out of difficult situations, humble yourself and request to be well guided.

Ignorance is ignorance, QED!. And let me add quickly that there are no excuses to when, why, and how anyone failed in a given assignment or job.

Having made these critical observations, it is important that we take a careful look at the whole shame brought to Nigerian culture by the Minister of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy, Hannatu Musa Musawa since her appointment about eight months ago. Unknown to the many Jacks and Jills in Nigeria cultural and creative industry, the pervading ignorance that this minister who allegedly claimed to be " a youth Corper" and also a minister has confounded all known logic and has thrown the prospects of the culture as new economy into jeopardy.

How? Mrs Hannatu Musa Musawa alleged infractions, against the National Youth Service Corp Act to which the Nigerian Bar Association section on Public Interest and Development law has sought judicial prosecution and punishment, has brought the new ministry into public spat and set back to industry players who had prayed for peace and harmony in harnessing the various gains in the sector. Instead of peace and speed in achieving the culture derivables as directed by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Musawa by either acts of commission or omission has set the culture ministry in bad light, with public opinion and the BAR Association calling for sack as minister.

As earlier stated, ignorance has no capacity to generate excuse, so what you don't know, you don't know, period. For a long time, we have not found it expedient to interrogate the consequences of infractions by those who without requisite experience to run a scientific and dynamic sector such as culture and the arts economy.

At the coming of this administration, the cases of Betty Edu and Hannatu Musa Musawa have distracted this government to no end and added to the many unexplainable setbacks, possibly casting the government in bad light despite the obvious steps to changing the narratives of governance with people centric expectations.

But again, it could be seen that experience is from far from Musawa's desperation to live up to expectation as she unveiled directorates as new agencies without legal backing or presidential affirmation. We heard she is an oil and gas economy lawyer! And we wonder, what a lawyer!

Did the head of service of federation or the focal permanent secretary in ministries of arts, culture, and creative economy know that Hannatu Musa Musawa has no right to jump start mere directorates in the National Museum and Monuments to full-fledged agencies, which she again effortlessly announced the appointments of their substantive Director Generals without qualms.

The two "arrangee "agencies," the National War Museum, located in Amafor, Umuahia, Abia state, and National Institute of Archaeology and Museum studies, located in jos, Plateau state, are domiciled under the octopus National Museum and Monuments, a full fledged agency of government, funded through appropriation by the national assembly to manage the collection, documentation, conservation and preservation of national heritage and cultural property.

It is still beyond understanding how mere departments or directorrates under government agency are given authoritative legislative wings to blossom into full agencies by the " Honourable Minister."" And you ask, where would Madam Hannatu get the funds to run them, particularly now that we are in dire economic famine., with payment of salaries late in coming?

Nigeria is a country where strange things happen, and hardly do we follow extant regulations. There may be no issues with the minister toying with the idea of unbundling national museum and monument , but the stakeholders must be carried along to determine such protocols and to ignore the input of Nigerians, represented by duly elected members of the National Assembly is again beyond pedestrian excuses or ignorance. It's an arrogant disposition by Minister Hannatu Musa Musawa, the type Betta Edu exhibited to her undoing.

Since the intention is not to bore you with the consequences of infractions by our new ladies in public service , , it is of a grave concern that those who are saddled with managing our cultural arts economy may be likened to Pharaoh's magicians.

Musawa may sound like a magician, but the laws of the Federation of Nigeria are not magic. Hannatu Musa Musawa is not the president, federal Republic of Nigeria!

Mrs Musawa is certainly a bad market for Culture sector and since our way of life is far apart from her dramatic effontry to rewrite the rules of engagement in governance, then she will need to give way for those who are sane, humble and circumspect enough to deliver Nigeria cultural goldmine without unnecessary controversy.

There are interesting times ahead of us in the Arts, culture and creative ministry and if you must keep your heart in good stead, learn to pray for the peace of the cultural tourism sector because Musawa as a magician have come to congure abracadabra .

Politics / Absolute Disgrace…as NBA-SPIDEL Sues Minister, Hannatu Musawa Over Youth Service by Hunter2009: 10:22am On Jan 31
Absolute Disgrace…As NBA-SPIDEL Sues Minister, Hannatu Musawa Over Youth Service Violations

In the grand theater of Nigerian politics, where the acts and scenes unfold with Shakespearean complexity, the latest drama casts the Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy, Hannatu Musawa, in a role she never auditioned for.

The Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), an entity more accustomed to the hallowed halls of justice than the dramatic arts, has filed a suit against Musawa, alleging a violation of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Act. This legal tussle, set against the backdrop of Nigeria’s intricate legal system, is more than just a lawsuit; it’s a narrative steeped in irony and symbolism.

Musawa, a figure who straddles the worlds of law and culture, finds herself in a peculiar predicament. As a lawyer, her understanding of the law is expected to be impeccable, her adherence to its tenets unquestionable. Yet, here she is, embroiled in a controversy that hinges on the very laws she is sworn to uphold. This situation mirrors the age-old adage: “No one is above the law,” yet it unfolds with a twist that is uniquely Nigerian.

The stage for this legal drama is the Federal High Court in Abuja, where the NBA, through its public interest and development law arm (NBA-SPIDEL), has leveled serious allegations against the Culture Minister. The plaintiffs, John Aikpokpo-Martins and Funmi Adeogun of the NBA-SPIDEL, contend that Musawa’s mobilization for the mandatory one-year national youth service after exceeding the age of 30 contravenes the NYSC Act. The national service, a rite of passage for many Nigerian youths, symbolizes a commitment to the nation’s development and the ethos of service. Musawa’s alleged circumvention of this rite raises questions about the sanctity of these national values.

The plaintiffs’ call for Musawa’s removal from her ministerial position is akin to a dramatic denouement, where the consequences of one’s actions are laid bare for all to see. They argue that by flouting the NYSC Act, Musawa has not only violated legal statutes but has also breached the unwritten code of public service ethics. This legal entanglement is more than just a case; it’s a mirror reflecting the sometimes-blurred lines between legality, morality, and public responsibility.

In this unfolding drama, the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria has also played its part, accusing the minister of serving concurrently as a minister and a youth corps member. This allegation, if true, paints a picture of a dual role that is as conflicting as it is controversial.

With the way the wind is blowing, Minister Musawa has more than HRWAN to contend with. Whispers within the eminent sanctum suggest she is in a world of trouble and might be used as a sacrificial lamb. As the NBA begins a campaign to sanitize the profession, one wonders if the powers that be might succumb to the pressure to make a move before the court does.
-Bolaji Ekundayo

Celebrities / Don’t Allow These Women Spoil Tinubu’s Government,’ Group Warns Remi Tinubu by Hunter2009: 9:43am On Jan 31
Don’t Allow These Women Spoil Tinubu’s Government,’ Group Warns Remi Tinubu

The Sunshine Group for Good Governance, led by the effervescent Gbenga Ikumapayi, has issued a clarion call to none other than the First Lady, Senator Remi Tinubu. Their message? Act fast, or watch as a cadre of controversial women ministers turn President Tinubu’s government into a spectacle more befitting a daytime drama than a dignified administration.

It’s as if the group is casting the First Lady in the role of the unofficial matriarch of the nation, responsible for reining in these women before they irreparably stain her husband’s presidency. The stage is set, the spotlight is on, and all eyes are now on the First Lady to see if she’ll rise to this script that the Sunshine Group has so boldly written for her.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since May 29, 2023, you will already know that the drama unfolding in President Tinubu’s government could put the most sensational soap operas to shame! It’s like watching a high-stakes game of musical chairs, where each player is more entangled in controversy than the last.

Leading the pack is Betta Edu, the suspended Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation. Edu’s tenure was like a rollercoaster that only went downhill, marked by a scandal involving a massive N585 million allegedly diverted into a private account. But wait, there’s more! Edu’s scandalous reign was marred by other allegations, like appointments into non-existent entities and the N3 billion loot saga. It’s like a labyrinth of deceit and mismanagement where every turn reveals a new shocker.

Then, there’s Hannatu Musawa, the Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy, caught in a whirlwind of her own making. Musawa’s NYSC saga reads like a detective novel with missing pieces and a plot that thickens at every turn. The controversy started when she couldn’t provide evidence of her national service, leading to calls for her removal. Imagine holding a ministerial position and undergoing national service simultaneously! It’s like trying to juggle fire and ice at the same time.

But the plot thickened with Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, the Minister of Interior! Previously embroiled in a NYSC certificate controversy of his own, now also ensnared by alleged appointment racketeering involving Betta Edu’s ministry. To recap: Just when you thought the previous allegation had been successfully swept under the rug, Tunji-Ojo gets caught up in another controversy involving Betta Edu and a whopping N438.1 million. It’s like peeling an onion, each layer revealing more tears and twists. No wonder the Sunshine Group is threatening fire and brimstone! They are very angry at what they perceive as an attempt by these women to bring down one of the undisputed stars of the Tinubu government so far.

Let’s not forget Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, the Minister of Women Affairs, who seems to have a knack for stirring the pot. From her involvement in a sexual harassment case to suggesting that children be employed in producing everyday items, she’s like a walking controversy magnet. And her plan to sue the United Nations for not recognizing Nigeria’s gender equality achievements? That’s like challenging Goliath to a duel with a toothpick.

With such a lineup of characters, it’s no wonder the Sunshine Group is urging the First Lady, Senator Remi Tinubu, to step in. They must be thinking it’s high time for someone to bring order to this chaos before these controversies become the lasting legacy of President Tinubu’s government. It’s like watching a ship heading for an iceberg with the crew blissfully unaware. One can only hope that this plea doesn’t fall on deaf ears, or the ship might just hit that iceberg after all.

-Bolaji Ekundayo

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Politics / Apc-usa Drums Support For Gov Aiyedatiwa, Congratulates Adelami & Oluwatuyi by Hunter2009: 9:11am On Jan 30

The All Progressives Congress (APC) United States of America Chapter has called on the people of Ondo State to support Mr. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa to continue the work of developing the State which he started with the former governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu in order to bring succor to the people of the State. In a statement issued in Washington DC, USA signed by the National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Ismaila Maigyara and the National Chairman, Professor Adesegun Labinjo, the APC-USA Chapter expressed satisfaction with the performance and the efforts made so far by Governor Aiyedatiwa to move Ondo State forward.

APC USA Chapter described Governor Aiyedatiwa as a gentleman who understands the roadmap to Ondo State greatness. The Chapter said that Governor Aiyedatiwa was with Gov. Akeredolu during the 2012 governorship election in Ondo State and has learnt a lot from being the Deputy Governor to Gov Akeredolu. APC-USA stated that Gov Aiyedatiwa is now best positioned and best suited to be the governorship candidate of APC in this year’s gubernatorial election. The Chapter said that the governor has the capacity and the experience for the job.

APC-USA lauded Gov Aiyedatiwa for the nomination of Dr. Olajide Adelami as the Deputy Governor and the appointment of Mr. Tayo Oluwatuyi as the Secretary to the State Government. APC-USA believed that the nomination of Dr. Olajide Adelami who hails from Owo, the hometown of Akeredolu was a great honor and recognition of the love and respect Gov Aiyedatiwa has for his late boss and the people of Owo town. APC-USA said that Dr. Adelami is a great choice and will be a worthy running mate and partner to the governor.

APC-USA also described the appointment of Mr. Tayo Oluwatuyi as a great and a quality choice. The Chapter described Mr. Oluwatuyi as a seasoned administrator who will bring his wealth of experience to the job especially having before served in this capacity. APC-USA stated that both Dr. Olajide Adelami and Mr. Tayo Oluwatuyi have the right requisites to help the governor deliver the APC and Akeredolu/Aiyedatiwa’s agenda to the people of Ondo State.

The statement called on APC members in the State to close ranks and support Gov Aiyedatiwa so that he can deliver victory to the party in the coming governorship election. APC-USA urged the people of Ondo State to support Gov Aiyedatiwa, and expressed the readiness of the Chapter to make available the expertise and talents of its members to assist Gov Aiyedatiwa’s administration in any way possible to ensure a high quality delivery of service to the people of the State for for the accelerated development of Ondo State.


Dr. Ismaila Maigyara
National Publicity Secretary
APC-USA Chapter

Professor Adesegun Labinjo
National Chairman, APC-USA

Religion / The Debacle Of Funke Ashekun; More Lies Exposed In A Leaked Voice Note by Hunter2009: 1:28am On Jan 30

In an unnecessary move to remain relevant we have come to realize that US BASSED BLOGGER Funke Ashekun who LOST shamefully IN COURT LAST WEEK had a team of disgruntled and disgracefully expelled set of people whom she worked with and works with.

These are people who called themselves pastors and servants of God but had no idea what that title really meant , they were chronic liars , unruly people , thieves, and women molesters, some of the intolerable reasons they were fired and thrown out of the Mountain Of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM)

One of such persons is Late David Komolafe. A born chronic liar, A man who misappropriated church funds , assaulted women , and lots more, of-course what kind of relationship would you expect to exist between enemies of progress other than tomfoolery,

In a leaked audio tape between the trio the shameless late Komolafe was heard telling disgraced FUNKE ASHEKUN and her husband stories of how he helped DK Olukoya acquire a property which was later hijacked unlawfully by the man of God. The story is a very funny one because according to our findings we came to know that back in the days it was DK Olukoya that helped Komolafe rent his first apartment at Montgomery road, Yaba the same way he assisted Funke Ashekun to get her first apartment at Fola Agoro with his civil servant salary.

In same breath Komolafe mentioned that he acquired a blue passport and when DK Olukoya saw it, he became angry and quickly canceled his reserved hotel when they traveled abroad for a ministration. It’s so unfortunate that someone who was practically helped and being fed by DK Olukoya could come up with such lies.

We were told that komolafe came to MFM with his family reeking of poverty and only survived on the resources of DK Olukoya till he was caught in the web of different atrocities.

In this voice note Komolafe stated that he was fired, but we gathered that Komolafe was NEVER fired. Multiple witnesses are still alive to testify to this . He was rather requested to go on a short retreat for some investigation to be done on some allegations on him, but he decided to split the church and break away to start his own church practically taking everything mfm with him.

In this leaked contradictory voice note, One of the most surprising of his lies in their conversation with almost-going-to-jail Funke Ashekun was that DK Olukoya placed curses on one of the altars he came to dedicate after it was acquired, he claimed that they were alone when DK Olukoya carried out the act.

It’s either Komolafe was drunk or not in his right senses to have mentioned this statement. We believe it is pure fabricated lies.

In same voice note late Komolafe said during a crusade at the church where the altar was allegedly cursed, an MFM pastor stood on it and his voice ceased as he was about to call prayer points, and went on to say that he (komolafe) took the mic charged up the atmosphere to the extent that the wife of the general overseer started manifesting in the crusade, as a matter of fact ,fell down twice, so much that she was assisted out of the auditorium, all these we can perceive to be lies from the pit of hell, for if this was true, it will be out there on the internet in a split second, and we would like anyone with such footage to come up with it for investigative purposes.

Contrary to his assertions, we gathered that Pastor Shadé Olukoya was at both August and October crusades in 2002.

As we listened further to the leaked voice note we can hear komolafe talk about shade Olukoya placing a curse on him as they chat and laugh away, but of course we can tell that komo-lie-fe was in a frenzy of evening liar-thorn and all he said was far from the truth

I remember vividly sometime last year in one of her fake and unscriptural broadcast , June 28 2003 to be precise, Funke Ashekun used the content of this leaked voice note to create content for her broadcast meanwhile constantly retorted in court that her broadcast were not about the Mountain of fire and the general overseer Dr Dk Olukoya, lies that lives with lies will always end up face down.

It is understandable to have misunderstanding with people or organizations, but to go all out of the righteous way to paint a terrible picture soaked in fabricated lies about people or an establishment is totally unacceptable. Sadly, Komolafe is dead, Who knows if this woman pushed the poor man to death by their unholy and ungodly alliance against the ministry and the man of GOD more over , Funke herself is in trouble of looking for $50,000 to pay MFM for defamation.

From some of our past articles, we gathered and wrote about the good will shade Olukoya showed toward the family of the ASHEKUNS which they seem to have thrown out of the window

We have more voice note and ongoing investigations to reveal more of the truth and nothing but the truth

FEMI OYEWALE The truth is out there, find it, and make it come to light


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Phones / Re: Fintech Guru, Jesam Micheal Opens Biggest Apple Store In Africa, Reveals Why by Hunter2009: 7:02am On Jan 28
It's high time Nigerians start celebrating their own. This is worthy of commendation.
Phones / Fintech Guru, Jesam Micheal Opens Biggest Apple Store In Africa, Reveals Why by Hunter2009: 5:59am On Jan 28
Fintech Guru, Jesam Micheal Opens Biggest Apple Store In Africa, Reveals Why

It was glitz and glamour as Jesam Micheal, the CEO of Afriq Arbitrage System, a Fintech Expert cum entrepreneur genius opened the biggest apple store in Africa amidst pomp and pageantry in Lagos on Saturday, 27th Of January, 2024 known as The Afriq JM Apple Store.

The colourful celebration paraded an array of traditional rulers, top tech gurus and investors who applauded the epoch making even.

While appreciating God for a dream come true, Jesam revealed that the birth of the apple store was born from the desire to be a line crosser and a barrier breaker in his industry and also to bring succour to the several thousands of AAS community members who believed in him.

In his words, Jesam admitted that, "the opening of the Apple store is a unique, first time and non compared event because it is the first in history to have a physical store, literally, a super Use case for a Token yet unborn. It is amazing that AAS TOKEN is yet to be listed but has so many physical Use Cases littered around".

It is, indeed, a life changing, impacting, and uplifting event for one reason; what was said, promised, and sold to the community and global investors has come alive. That word is kept. A word spoken and kept builds confidence, instils faith, inspires trust, and ignites a fierce loyalty.

It is also one of the biggest e-commerce stores floated from a cryptocurrency perspective, quite unusual, you may say, but it's happening live before our very eyes.

Interestingly, AAS TOKEN is undergoing listing with the big decentralised exchanges. What does that mean to investors of AAS TOKEN? It portents good omen for investors as their AAS TOKEN would soon become their virtual trading money to purchase your choice merchandise reminiscent of the policy of trade by barter of years gone by.

And the wonder of it is that it comes with discounted prices buying with the AAS TOKEN in all their stores, lounges and more.

It shows that crypto lovers are in for a new phase of life, a life that means freedom from financial hassles, from life's pressures. This era pioneered by Jesam Michael, AAS's Chief Executive Officer, is one that is sure to be unforgettable and imprinted in the anals of global crypto currency history.

Africans everywhere are proud that their own son has achieved such enviable feat in a space that is crowded by Westen and Asian Fintech minded persons.

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