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Celebrities / Re: Mohbad: “by Their Fruits You Shall Know Them” Ruth Kadiri Slams Reno Omokri by Imstrong2(m): 7:13pm On Sep 28, 2023
Shebi they say police did autopsy, what's the results of the autopsy or do they want to sell the results to the highest bidder?

Anyways I see naira Marley walking unscathed out of this case, I see the case dragging till next year, I see people forgetting about it.

This I have seen.
but as a seer you should be able to see the autopsy results and let your sheeples know grin grin
Sports / Re: Gate Collapses On Female Athlete At Opening Of 7th Nigerian Youth Games In Delta by Imstrong2(m): 8:43pm On Sep 23, 2023
I tried to separate two people fighting but was thrown aback by the bone of contention between them..I mean how could you resize
/adjust the trouser you borrowed from a friend?

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Health / Re: Can A Diabetic Foot Be Treated Or Best Amputated? by Imstrong2(m): 5:33pm On Sep 23, 2023

The only hereditary thing about diabetes is habits.

Lose weight. Eat less, eat well. More more . And it won’t exist no more
please throw a little more light on this
Health / Re: Can A Diabetic Foot Be Treated Or Best Amputated? by Imstrong2(m): 5:27pm On Sep 23, 2023
we share same story, my dad also faced this same thing.

We were in UCH for 40 days. They did below knee amputation on him. After few days he was discharged but was going for checkup twice a week at a state hospital around our side.

He died one month after. This was in 2016. The experience is still fresh in my head.

Can't forget this antibiotics 'Rocephin' he was using it everyday then in Uch and it was expensive.

May his soul continue to R.I.P
amen,God continue to comfort you and the rest of the family

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Health / Re: Can A Diabetic Foot Be Treated Or Best Amputated? by Imstrong2(m): 4:44pm On Sep 23, 2023
At this stage, you can just pray. My Dad had his amputated last year and he didn't survive it. After spending over a million naira on surgery and drugs. I am sure he would still be here if we had continued managing it as before
oh so sad may God continue to console you and the rest of the family undecided undecided life could be indeed so unfair atimes but one has to move and stay safe

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Politics / Re: Drone Shots Of Barrister Natasha Akpoti victory rally In Okehi Lg(pics, vid) by Imstrong2(m): 3:27pm On Sep 19, 2023
No, Ajaka will win easily. Igalas are majority in number and voting population. Igalas are angry that Yahaya Bello dared them by trying to impose his cousin Ododo on them as Governor after they allowed Ebira 8 years in power and are bent on using their numerical strength to regain Kogi through Ajaka SDP. Kogi East is for Ajaka, Kogi West is Dino while Kogi Central is Ododo, the votes will be split giving advantage to Ajaka.
kogi east majority in kogi is not overwhelmely a little support is needed from other zones
Politics / Re: Drone Shots Of Barrister Natasha Akpoti victory rally In Okehi Lg(pics, vid) by Imstrong2(m): 3:23pm On Sep 19, 2023
Fools celebrating a woman that will use your their allocations to do plastic surgery to look more beautiful and sexy and use the remaining for clubbing
brother where's your joy grin grin grin grin grin
Education / Re: Uniabuja, AAU, MAU: No Accreditation On Engineering Courses - Coren by Imstrong2(m): 8:53pm On Sep 16, 2023
Even the ones running original engineering programs that are non expired, where are the jobs for the graduates?

Little to no viable industries for graduates and the youths keep running out of the country.

Even at that, most of the original programs are too theoretical for development of the nation to the point that most graduates are half baked for real life work conditions

Let's learn from China
very thoughtful of you

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Religion / Re: Why Do You Always Sleep In Church? by Imstrong2(m): 6:35pm On Sep 10, 2023
The battle of fighting off sleep in church is really and grossly underrated and people continue to fall victim..
Politics / Re: Umahi Inspects Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Other Projects In Lagos by Imstrong2(m): 10:09am On Aug 30, 2023
The large dude beside umahi ...na him wan handle the project

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Family / Re: Bride Slumped And Dies On Wedding Day In Ogbomoso (photos) by Imstrong2(m): 4:20pm On Aug 25, 2023
That girl is too small, she died from stress
which stress could be more than the one she faced in fut Minna for 5yrs?I schooled there,it couldn't have been it

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Health / Re: Have You Met Someone That Spits Saliva Every 5 To 10 Mins by Imstrong2(m): 12:53pm On Aug 22, 2023
post nasal drip could be also caused by acid reflux it's the body natural defence mechanism that prompt the immune system to produce more mucus and excess of it in your airways,lungs results to frequent throat clearing and spit
TV/Movies / Re: Willy Willy: Nigeria's First Most Popular Horror Movie (Throwback) by Imstrong2(m): 4:06pm On Aug 17, 2023

i loved rental ghost and doctor who
Dr who was kind of horrow those weird creatures.. can't remember anymore

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Politics / Re: Drama As Emefiele Dodges Camera In Court (pics) by Imstrong2(m): 4:04pm On Aug 17, 2023
He is praying na. Bishop can't bow down and make a silent prayer in peace again?
don't mind money driven bloggers he was praying if you look closely he eventually fluented his face,they should release him joor he only took instructions from bubu and was betrayed while bubu is now happily watching while events unfold trust bubu at your own risk
TV/Movies / Re: Willy Willy: Nigeria's First Most Popular Horror Movie (Throwback) by Imstrong2(m): 3:55pm On Aug 17, 2023
Childhood was fun then,we also watched Terra hox, Voltron defender of the universe and rental ghost... grin grin grin rental ghost was the oyibo version of Willy willy grin


Family / Re: My Husband Is Not The Same Man I Married. by Imstrong2(m): 2:17pm On Aug 14, 2023
He could have walked away like adult, not getting brow beat into spending an arm and a leg about his means to get married and then sulk like a teenager.

The guy needs to grow up. Go to your father-in-law and demand for some reimbursement
oga have you gone through the rigors of marriage rite then you will see reason with the guy that's why lot of guys even though working avoid marriage till they make it 'big time '... you said he should walk away like an adult? ;Ddo you know if demand arosed in the middle of everything.like she said he was told to buy cow and the rest after paying quite a huge bride price? haba if na me I go vex small, you have never seen when quarrels suddenly erupted between intending inlaws in heat of negotiating and finalizing D my point is there is need for understanding..the economy is not smiling at all some inlaws no dey send if country hard grin the guy will come around over time depending on how fast he picks up he is at a recovery stage
Family / Re: What Do We Expect A 40 Year Old Man To Have Achieved In Nigeria? by Imstrong2(m): 2:07pm On Aug 13, 2023

A healthy, personal relationship with your maker... Every other thing is what Yoruba called "panti", that is refuse....The richest man ever lived, King Solomon says it's all vanity and does not define YOU!
If you have that relationship, then you will have rest of mind, you will worry less and watch God takes care of you and yours...
Don't let anyone tells you it's a big house, cute kids, beautiful wife, money in the bank, passport/visas , thriving biz or good job..Rather tell tell them to look at Noah, he has all of this and even more but what happen, he lost everything in the twinkle of an eye but MUCH MORE was restore to him because he has the most important one, a healthy relationship with his maker...You should rather focus on that and stop chasing refuse in d dump site.
On the flip side, you're now in the second half of your life, and that is if you're lucky o, time to reshape your vision and focus on d most important thing ..
JOB you meant

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Family / Re: What Do We Expect A 40 Year Old Man To Have Achieved In Nigeria? by Imstrong2(m): 1:58pm On Aug 13, 2023

I don’t understand bro, what is he intimidated about?

Unfortunately I got to this thread late but you can still find the pony in my contribution. Most writers here have said well, so @40 besides peace of mind and a sustainable means of livelihood, the only thing missing is your relationship with God, how have you lived your life.

Let me just be brief, you see you can even acquire the whole world (which is of course what I assume you and some others feel that those are what life is about), and forget that you came without a pin and so shall you return unto dust. Many don’t believe in after life so they live anyhow, well even if you don’t believe in life after death atleast live a life worthy of emulation, make resounding impacts, touch humanity and live a life that something remarkable will be read about you in your eulogy and lastly fulfil your destiny.

If at 40 you haven’t asked God or your creator to reveal your purpose in life then you haven’t lived, don’t get it wrong, I’ve an abundance of worldly possession (not to brag but of course this is a faceless forum, those that know u know) so the point is, life isn’t about material gains or achievements but your topic of discuss here is much more complex and deeper than most think, thanks.
Cheers to being 40!
true bro the greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a purpose! Without purpose life is motion without meaning,event without reason and activity without direction.Without God,life has no purpose, without purpose,life has no meaning and without meaning, life is pointless! So it all begins with God!God is not the starting point of your life but the source of it,His purpose for us predates conception; before we existed,He planned it, without our input,so we can chose our relationship, career, hobbies but never our purpose...I could go on nice topic anyway


Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Wins Al Nassr First Ever Kings Cup With 2 Goals (Photos) by Imstrong2(m): 8:53pm On Aug 12, 2023
[quote author=ManirBK post=125066845]THE GOAT OF ARAB[/quote grin grin grin
Health / Re: Please Help! What Should I Apply On My Torn Anus! This Hurts! by Imstrong2(m): 8:32pm On Aug 10, 2023
I cover my Anus with the blood of Jesus
Why abuse the precious blood of Jesus in such a manner? Do you joke with such if you really trust in God?....

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Nairaland / General / Re: What Is That Thing You Want To Stop But Always See Yourself Doing It Again by Imstrong2(m): 5:32pm On Jul 22, 2023

I also struggled with negative thoughts often so much that I use to dream alot by them .

But I conquered my mind by applying what's the Bible said to do in such situation .

Casting down imagination ,and taking every thoughts captive .

I speak to my mind and say eg " peace be still "
I bind you ho negative thoughts .
Get out of my mind and stay away .
Etc .
At fisrt nothing seems to Change but rather get worse .
But I kept at it ,and to my surprise ,those dreams stopped ,bad immaginations gradually reduced ,and I gained control over my mind .

You control your mind and your thought by your word .
The way to control your mind is by speaking to it.
yes we live in a word created and empowered planet, Christ has given us authority and power to use His words in His name situations and and things we don't see actually have ears you speak with the words of God in your hearts and mouth in faith and they will obey anything you don't resist have the right to remain

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Nairaland / General / Re: What Is That Thing You Want To Stop But Always See Yourself Doing It Again by Imstrong2(m): 5:25pm On Jul 22, 2023
Masturbation. My God! How do I stop that shit?
1, always feed your mind with God's word if you are a believer and be patient it took you time to learn and grow in it so its gonna take time to go
2,get married if you are ready and cut off porn it fuels the habit
3,some habit goes on its own at appointed time that is,you will out grow it when all is said and done..Good luck
Religion / Re: Gospel Singer Asks Jesus To Impregnate Him (Video) by Imstrong2(m): 4:24pm On May 17, 2023
The singer in question is male so you should understand what he meant
Investment / Re: SEC Blacklists 6 Online Trading Platforms by Imstrong2(m): 6:15pm On May 08, 2023
Some refuse to settle...

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Health / Re: I slept with several prostitute raw..I Thought I Had Hiv, Narrow escape by Imstrong2(m): 6:10pm On May 08, 2023

There's a German man who came to Africa, travelled to Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya etc and slept with over 200 girls raw, went back home and tested for HIV etc and was negative.
Health / Re: I slept with several prostitute raw..I Thought I Had Hiv, Narrow escape by Imstrong2(m): 6:06pm On May 08, 2023

Not healthier at all. When you masturbate for long period, the side effects are something you may not wish your enemy. Apart from PE or ED, you can develop various form of arthritis and lumbar spondylitis. Your mental health would be seriously impaired. A chronic masturbator especially those that started too early can develop this endless pains till the rest of their lives.
There are proven cases of men in their sixties who never had those vices you mentioned and they started wanking since childhood

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Health / Re: I slept with several prostitute raw..I Thought I Had Hiv, Narrow escape by Imstrong2(m): 6:01pm On May 08, 2023
A Bolstered Immunity Is Impregnable

HIV is a manufactured disease. A strong immune system is very difficult to breach because of its antibodies.

Without taking liberties with sex, bolstering one's immune system will ward off any viral infection or illness.

Am interested.

Bolstered immune system never heard of that could you pls throw a little more light
Health / Re: I slept with several prostitute raw..I Thought I Had Hiv, Narrow escape by Imstrong2(m): 5:55pm On May 08, 2023
See this one..there is what we call false negative in statistics. That's exactly what the test result, it was an error. Gị back again in few weeks..28 prostitutes na only you konji dey wire..anumanu!
Na you carryout the test? Maybe the guy is immune you can't tell have heard some cases with several exposure but no infection...it's rare though
Health / Re: I slept with several prostitute raw..I Thought I Had Hiv, Narrow escape by Imstrong2(m): 5:48pm On May 08, 2023
You've not escaped o. Window period can be up to 6 months. May be na prodromal stage - serum conversion stage you dey. Repeat the test somewhere else, then after 3, 6 months and one year.
AND then two years or three years.... someone must catch the virus it's no longer Three months ba?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Moment King Charles III Was Crowned King Of England (VIDEO) by Imstrong2(m): 7:53pm On May 06, 2023
Two presidents in on one country
How can a single country have 2 president?

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NYSC / Re: Soldier Spotted Fanning Corp Member Who Slept Off During NYSC Lecture(pic,video) by Imstrong2(m): 7:49pm On May 06, 2023
Complete sleep cool this will send him to the world yonder.. happy sleep
Politics / Re: Zakari & Alysa Wed: Governor Sule Attends Son's Wedding In The US by Imstrong2(m): 3:38pm On May 01, 2023

Whites are only fine in their early twenties and teens.
Many of them crack before 30 and look older than their age
Very thoughtful of you I was smiling at those saying she is older the whites age faster than blacks what most people see in Hollywood is the most prettiest, youngest and probably plastic surgery enhanced face especially form the ladies to project and boost the industry

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