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Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 7:40pm On Nov 09, 2021
I wish I could tell my story in my bid to escape From our beloved �� but my story is just too long, but in summary all I would say is Do everything possible to have another shot at life where there is no restriction to what you can achieve


Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 10:01am On Nov 09, 2021
Great to return back here….. after all said and done Today makes it exactly 3 months of me and my family landing in the UK.


Travel / Re: Do You Regret Going Abroad With Your Spouse by Informanta: 9:58am On Nov 09, 2021
I just wish I could narrate my experience
Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by Informanta: 9:54pm On Dec 13, 2020
Farmforte / Agropartnerships just launched Freshforte..who else got that email?

Very nice stuff..lounge looks well packaged and nice. Been trending on twitter since yesterday

The Roll royce of all agric tech ..... Got d mail also


Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by Informanta: 9:51am On Dec 02, 2020

Maybe the company did raise that amount. But, I am becoming quite skeptical about the whole thing. I monitored the company closely when it opened its recent farm cycle and what I noticed was unsettling - at least to me. I noticed that at first when the farm cycle opened at 12:00 a.m., they had 15,000 farm units trading at N95,000 per unit. Then, something fishy crept in - the company hid the number of units after 30 minutes of no purchase from the public.

This is indeed surprising to me and a number of questions kept running through my mind. Why would the available units be hidden? Has this attitude been a regular thing? What is the company trying to project? Is the company worth what it projected to be worth? Besides, the amount raised in every farm cycle (if indeed the amount was raised) doesn't tally with the structures on ground. We are talking about N1 billion in under 8 hours!!! That's a lot of money guys! At least, I expect to see a huge project worth the amount. I invested in this company too, so at least I am not hating. However, this company needs to step up. That's all I saying. Also, I worry about this company especially with their recent communication problem.

Investors most times give themselves unnecessary high blood pressure, this not the first time that computer programming gets jammed during sales, so I don't think it's anything fishy.... Wat project are u expecting to see?
Have u paid a visit to their farm locations....?

Bro I don't think AgroPartnership is operating on the realm of probability.....

Lastly what communication problem are you referring to?


Investment / Re: Digital Agriculture Investment platforms/options in Nigeria by Informanta: 1:26am On Dec 02, 2020
AgroPartnership sold out..... Close to a billionaira today

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Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 6:45am On Nov 07, 2020
Let's keep the fire burning......

Those who have applied for one process or the other kindly share your information with us, for me I have applied for about 5schools in Norway, Applied for 1 school in New Zealand and I have gotten admitted there, but currently searching for scholarships. My major focus and interest currently is Norway and Dublin IRELAND

Norway because its tuition free

Dublin Ireland because from my research job opportunities are available

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Informanta: 7:12pm On Nov 02, 2020
hello please can we get in touch @Alex.ladmont@outlook.com

Sure just send a p.m
Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 11:21am On Nov 02, 2020
Following .....
Thanks to @informanta for thinking it wise to create this thread, and thanks to everyone who has and who will contribute immensely here.

Space booked for TESTIMONY

Welkom bro..... Which are you pursuing at the moment?

God bless us all, as We Move.
Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 4:53pm On Nov 01, 2020
Happy new Month all.....

Those that meet the requirements for Norway admission should endeavour to do so ASAP.... Applications would be closing sometimes in Dec. I think Dec 1

We Move
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Informanta: 4:55am On Nov 01, 2020
Who is applying for a program at UiT?

cc: informanta

I applied
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Informanta: 4:41pm On Oct 30, 2020
Thanks for the response Sir/Ma...I am not stating that in my application.What i meant was that i will soon conclude my masters here in Nigeria(only 1 semester left)...But to be sincere am not really convinced by what i experienced in this Nigeria Universities and that was more reason why i felt i needed an international exposure (going by my choice of Norway)...Thanks

Okay sir. Niger master's carries no weight.... It's fast becoming common....
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Informanta: 4:39pm On Oct 30, 2020
Sorry for burging you...Please i just needed the thoughts of an experienced person on this issue or anyone also.....If for instance, one has an investments in multiple places and even though the aggregate will meet up with the proof of fund stuff....Since Norway are asking for statement of account, knowing fully well that since the fund are not in one account, this might be difficult...If also for instance, the person decide to transfer all into a single account, How will one convince them, since the account can only show bulk transfers done within that month with no fund tangible fund history on such account... Note also that proof of where those bulk funds are coming from can be provided....Can they accept multiple documents for proof or just a single account statement and also if its a single account statement, will one month history be enough?.....Thanks

Am still an applicant also but from what I can deduce, at this stage they don't care for the source of the money, all they care for is that the money is in your account or sponsor account showing d statement of account. It's just a way for them to know u re actually prepared to migrate.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Informanta: 6:46am On Oct 30, 2020
I can't wait for 1st October to start up new application for January intake although I have admission in various destination cos one gads to have plan B and C as well

Abeg let's relate, I also have other destinations in mind.... Dec 2021 must not meet me in Nigeria

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Informanta: 6:30am On Oct 30, 2020
Hello sir/ma guess we are in the same shoe.I'm also currently running a masters at unilag, with the intention of going for another masters in a different programme at NTNU...Could we possibly share contacts. I just needed someone we could run this things together....Thanks for your response

From my research intentionally stating you on an existing master's or having intention to do another master's deplicts to them as an indecisive and confused person, I would advice you don't mention it as that would actually reduce your admissibility rather than increase it.
Travel / Re: Nigerians In Oslo, Norway by Informanta: 6:26am On Oct 30, 2020
Hello everyone,
Please is there anybody that applied to UIT the arctic university of Norway here? Kindly PM me let’s rub minds thanks

I applied to UIT also
Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 5:49pm On Oct 27, 2020
I'm delighted to be part of this thread, We will surely testify in no due time.

Amen... Welkom
Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 12:43pm On Oct 27, 2020

I get the point now. I'm so sorry if anyone has been misled by the unverified information.

It's obviously not intentional, and I doubt if anyone has been misled so far, atleast here is a research zone so everything posted here is open to scrutiny and further research.... So you still in order, let's just to do more research before getting ascertive, atleast now u also more informed..... No one knows it all

We Move

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Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 8:50pm On Oct 26, 2020
I saw this in another thread and I wish to share to encourage us

For those who still call me to tell me that after getting this copr that they are stuck with decision to leave the known to an unknown. .
I laugh. .cos they don't even realize that Nigeria is the unknown while Canada is the known..
Cos in Canada I know where I am going. .I project what I want to achieve in real time with God on my side...I know when my kids will graduate from school. .I know when I dial 911 what will happen....I know when my kids benefit support will come and when it will stop. . I know that if I put in 900hrs in any job and gets laid off I have employment insurance that will he paid on timely and regular basis to sustain me for one and half year until I find another job if i wish to. ..I know that my pregnant wife will go into labour and I don't need to think of which side of road I need to follow to avert traffic to get her to the clinic and I know that when she gets to the clinic she will he received by smiling humane doctors and nurses who are happy to do their job and welcome the little one into this beautiful world and not doctors and nurses who curse and swear while they manage to help the wife deliver with generator light. .and I know I don't need to pay a dime for my wife to deliver be it natural or via surgical. .I know too that life matters here and that even animals life matters too..I know also that I may not ever be Dangote in Canada but I know I don't need to struggle to live a life. ..I know that I don't need to get scared when my car skids of the road cos 3 ambulances. .4 police vehicles and 3 EMS will rush to rescue me alive in seconds. .I know when I file my tax I either get a refund or repayment and where my tax works for me..
That is known..

The unknown which we call known that is Nigerian where I don't know when my kids will graduate from school...I don't know what next will happen if I am laid off my job..I don't know what Maina did with my pension money..I don't know who will take care of the senior citizens when they can't access the fruit of their labour as pensioners. .I don't have a 911 to dial in case of emergency. ..I don't know who will rescue me in case of accident when everybody is out with his phone taking videos and pictures to be the first to post on Facebook of agonies and pains of accident victims until they are dead for lack of help. .I don't know what the govt thinks about us...I don't know when in my lifetime I will turn the light and expect light or when I will turn the tap and have any of my choice of hot or cold water without depending on borehole. .I don't know when I will also use only my passport with taking it to the pastor to fast and pray for 4 months to get common visa...when wil it be...I don't know...I don't know when the govt will start to pay child benefit support and senior citizens support...and I don't even know when I will know anything. .

My dear people. ..for me I can only chose where I was told "welcome home" with smiles and love over where I was asked "oga wetin you bring come back for us" with anger and frustration.
I decide to choose where I am made a host even though I am a guest over where I was a made a guest even though I am the host.

The unknown is Nigeria and the known for me is Canada.w written by Einsteino on nairaland


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Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 8:46pm On Oct 26, 2020
Nice thread.
I'm staying here with my own determination too.
hope to learn a few benefiting things.
WE MOVE. cool

Welkom bro or sis.....


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Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 8:44pm On Oct 26, 2020
[quote author=ddooskie post=95370296]

I guess this was just a blog post to draw views from people in terms of Google add


Which do we go for like this?

Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 6:33pm On Oct 26, 2020

If you can invest $12,000 in a business in Hungary then apply for the Hungarian Entrepreneurship Residency programme, you are required to employ two Hungarians then you'd be granted temporary residence which is made permanent after three years.

Thanks for this info but please clarify the funds required, cos from Google search it says €100,000 Euro. Pls a link to ascertain the $12,000 or further verified procedures would be greatly appreciated

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Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 4:06pm On Oct 26, 2020
Wow Wow Wow....

So much informations dropped in page 9, let me process each one by one.

Thank you to all who has dropped by to share information and respond to persons questions , God bless you with your � desires

We Move
Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 10:30am On Oct 25, 2020
with what I read now I am confused and my plan is to leave next year via study route but with what people are saying here now about staying in Nigeria got me confused and Nigeria is not easy I must confess I am tired of hoping that Nigeria will be better...

Confused people are not yet determined, confusion requires you to take more time off to decide, it's good you are confused at this point based on valid discussions on the Pros and Cons.... It's all left to you to make your decision which is the aim of this group..... It's all a personal race..... And a personal decision
Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 10:26am On Oct 25, 2020

Thanks for your input. Kindly help with lists of those european universities that accepts Olevel.

Oga Na MSc I dey pursue, not BSC..... Make effort yourself and use Google . Com try and catch fish not wait to be spoon fed.... I already said it earlier am not knowledgeable with BSC admission as dats not my focus.
Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 3:53am On Oct 25, 2020
He can use that to apply for BSC in Germany.

Pls kindly explain in details for him and other prospects to gain from
Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 3:48am On Oct 25, 2020

We hype federal universities too much. A reputable university would not allow its students to stay at home due to strike.

They won't because you are paying a fortune just to earn a sub standard degree that can't stand a federal degree at the long run, hence they don't have any reason to keep their substandard students at home..... Else their substandard lecturers would go hungry and protest.....

Here is not a place to argue on reputable or not reputable University that you have the money to dash someone to use and buy a private jet doesn't mean everyone have such money to waste..... not like as if i attended a federal or private university but I hate such oppressive and pride filled statements.

Pls limit your post here to the objectives of this thread.


Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 3:33am On Oct 25, 2020

I heard transferring to another university will need the transcript of your completed years.

Example,if you finished 200level and want to start 300level abroad,your 100 and 200 level transcript is needed.

This is what is actually supposed to be, but I have never seen it work in Nigeria, as Most schools in Nigeria don't have such joy to assist in transfer programs,

Regularisation of transfer programs requires a lot of correspondence between the two universities based on my own experience I think Nigerian universities are two lazy to assist in that.....

Just to send confirmation of your own BSC result to abroad you would have to work around d admin block from office to office for more than 2weeks as if you are begging them to dash you result you already earned. How much more when it now comes to you informing them that you want to go abroad and continue your study.... For me the stress isn't worth it
Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 7:55pm On Oct 24, 2020
Hello guys! Informanta you're really doing a great job here.
Guys make Una make suggestions to me, I get OND and I wan japa. I dae reason Germany and I dae 100level in a reputable federal university like this but we Neva write exam cus of covid and ASUU strike so I no get 100level transcript at hand. Which European country when go fit accept my Ond for Bsc program, preferably engineering. Thanks in advance.

Bro am quite limited in information regarding to your question, but I think they may have pre BSC courses just as they have pre Msc courses, better still you can use your o-level certificate to gain admission into BSC as I do not think they recognise OND as a degree this is just a Nigerian degree (ordinary National Diploma) not a global educationally accepted degree, but u can research more in that segment while we await persons with such experience to share their experiences.

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Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 7:32pm On Oct 24, 2020

If the country is in recession and you are on visa

Exactly sir..... Though I modified d intial post pls read it and share your tots to the additions made

To the bolded things are changing, before now it was more of impossible to have full online lectures,

Sir, even Engineering Mathematics that requires one on one contact is even taught online with the aide of a blackboard app.... that's the power of technology no school in Nigeria has been able to get to that standard, and this was an invention that never took the whites more than 6months to come up with.

Right here in Nigeria people work from home even bankers.... All this are changes....

I want to belive persons where laid off because of the global Shock and confusion d virus came with, with no clear route on its source, mode of transmission and lack of immediate technology to respond immediately to it, that is very very understandable, I still spoke to my friend in Canada today and he told me he is back to work but he works from home, and gets paid.

That's clear adaptation.


Travel / Re: Determined Immigrant WE-MOVE by Informanta: 7:09pm On Oct 24, 2020

You will also pay bills abroad even if you are not using it, yes going through schooling is a good idea but its pointless paying millions to foreign universities only to end up doing online studying, that is a premium long distance studying and at the end you get the same certificate with someone in Nigeria.

Like someone mentioned here before..you need to think about the possibility of you getting a job before and after graduation, the reality is that within a year you have spent close to £/$ 25K to £/$30K or even more and at the end you get nothing but shinny qualification.

Many countries will allow you to remain and work for 2yrs but if you can't get a job then you just wasted your money and time.

Not many Nigerians leave the country with the intention to engage in crime when they get here but situation like this forced many into crime and finally prison.

Light, internet and good road you think that matters will not be remembered when reality set-in within months.

I'm basically saying..prepare before leaving and know the right time to leave else you will regret it. Now is the wrong time to leave.

You have spoken really well, but how would we know we won't get a job if we don't try?

For me I am pursuing a very well sort after course in the field of Engineering, which has really high prospect and demand and is in the list of critical skill set of most established foreign countries, hence earning a foreign degree would give me more opportunities even to migrate to other countries for jobs or Permanent Residency..... And I believe this also goes for many others here also, the main idea is moving out and creating opportunities, provided the person can afford the choice.... There is a saying in Igbo, "" They don't stay one place to watch a Masquerade"" which goes ahead to mean one must move around, good covid 19 is here and ravaging but life still continues, and dreams are still met, what if corona decides to stay for the next 30years before a vaccine is found, HIV has lived for God's knows how long and no vaccine yet in sight, what if covid 19 takes same route, would u advice someone to wait in Nigeria with his money till whenever everything gets back to normal?

Obviously things would never be normal ever again in the world even if a vaccine is gound, so why should one wait in a country you can't even have slightest idea of what to expect the next day? hence I feel the earlier persons adapt and adjust to the current situation the better for anyone, time would obviously not wait for anyone.....

If persons that their stuffs where burnt of burgled where told something dat started as a peaceful protest would result into that would they have believed, those are people's life investment gone down within seconds at most hours and no rescue in sight.

In the outside world is that how peaceful protest results into?

Sir I do not think any amount is too much to pay just to have a feel of heaven on earth ( foreign land).

For me there is no better time to stay in Nigeria, or best time not to stay, I would keep on trying till I am out....

Ounce again I appreciate you for finding time to deliberate constructively with us here, obviously persons are having their decisions shappened even more


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