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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hiring 3D Video Creators. by iSpirit1(m): 5:56pm On Jan 13
Contact this guy.


Ok, thanks. I'll reach out to him.
Career / Re: A Stranded Hustler by iSpirit1(m): 5:53pm On Jan 13
Hello everyone,please pardon my grammatical errors.

I am a sola,male,age 30,a graduate who finished NYSC 2017. Before going for service I realised there was no job waiting for me after service so I saved a lot during my service year,after service I started a business but it didn't see the light of the day due to insufficient fund,so in 2018 a friend introduced me to street hustle(yahoo yahoo).
I started yahoo because there was no other means and no where to go,I made some cash but one day I went to bank for a transaction and I saw an old man probably in his late 70's crying profusely and lamenting how some people wiped off money in his account,I felt bad n something in me told me straight up that this is the same thing we(yahoo boys) do to the whites so I promised myself not to do it again.
I started job hunting again but no job,the little I made from yahoo was gone so after a long search I settled for factory work at a pure water company but it wasn't easy still I endured,so by early 2020 I was able to gather some change and also get some funds from my mom and it was around 500k,so I plan of traveling out to any country.
I paid to an agent and everything was going on smooth and fine till corona virus came in and distorted everything. Now I am more than stranded,infact frustration is an understatement.
people who don't know the story think I am not doing anything and the most exasperating part of it is that my ex,my girlfriend and my bestiee keeps telling me to go back to Yahoo but my spirit,body and soul keeps rejecting it cos anytime I hear Yahoo,d video of the old man crying keeps playing in my head.
It's not that I am here to beg for money or something but I need a job,I just need a job even if it's managing of shop,any job that can make me stand on my feet please.


It's touching to read this piece. But, what skill do you have? What can you do?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hiring 3D Video Creators. by iSpirit1(m): 5:31pm On Jan 08
I've someone

Recommend the person.
Jobs/Vacancies / Hiring 3D Video Creators. by iSpirit1(m): 1:28pm On Jan 08

If you can make 3D animation videos, motion graphics videos, whiteboard videos or cartoon videos; this might just be for you. You can monetize your skill with us.

We are looking for an expert video creator, who can work as a full time employee with us.


1. Good communication skill.
2. Must own a Laptop.
3. Must have constant electricity supply.
4. Must have connection to the internet.
5. Ability to make at least, two minutes video per day (Mon - Friday).

If you meet all these requirements, and you're interested in the job; you can drop your number here. I'll contact you on WhatsApp for further discussions.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hiring Freelance Writers by iSpirit1(m): 10:48am On Jan 08

I sent you a mail sir.

I've replied your mail. My contact is included. I'd be expecting your message.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hiring Freelance Writers by iSpirit1(m): 4:18pm On Jan 07

Hello dude. Are there still available slots?

Still very much available.
Family / Re: Men Are Of No Value Without Money. True Or Not? by iSpirit1(m): 1:38am On Jan 07
Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't Jesus poor? And if so, was he without value?

I know you're trying to make a sensible point though. But Jesus was not poor. He wore one of the best coats of his time. Reason why they casted lot for his garment.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Hiring Freelance Writers by iSpirit1(m): 4:57pm On Jan 06
Good evening

I meet all these requirements
You can reach me on +2348140372744

Or on WhatsApp via my description box below

I just sent you a message on WhatsApp.
Business / Re: Professional Article Writer Needed by iSpirit1(m): 4:51pm On Jan 06

I'm a content writer with copywriting skillset. I will write on whatever niche you desire with in-depth research. I also have Grammarly hence, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
This is my watsapp number: 08132966893

Do you know WordPress, and can you create technological contents?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Hiring Freelance Writers by iSpirit1(m): 4:24pm On Jan 06
Are you a Freelance Writer with intermediate skill in writing? You might just be the perfect fit for this job.


1. A very good writing skill.
2. Laptop and regular electricity. (We do data subscription for you).
3. A very good knowledge of WordPress (this is very important). Because you'll be writing on WordPress.
4. A very good knowledge of SEO.
5. Ability to deliver a 2,500 words articles per three days.

There are three slots. If you meet up with these requirements, and you are interested in the job, please leave your number here. I'll reach out to you. Thank you so much.

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Religion / Re: Christians And The Foolishness Of Freewill by iSpirit1(m): 12:21am On Jul 10, 2017
Why can't I even fly if I have Freewill, why Must foolish Yahweh place restrictions in terms of freewill expression
Oh!! Na flying dey hungry you?

Well, that's NOT in context of our discussion. We were NOT designed to fly.

But sha, if you like to fly so much, you fit go meet dibia make them turn you to bird. grin

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Religion / Re: Christians And The Foolishness Of Freewill by iSpirit1(m): 12:09am On Jul 10, 2017

Tell us the Bible verse that supports you on "God knew they were going to sin even before He created them"
Religion / Re: Christians And The Foolishness Of Freewill by iSpirit1(m): 12:01am On Jul 10, 2017
You think God created sin? Ehya, no wonder the misconceptions.

God did NOT creat sin.

Genesis 1:31 "and God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was VERY GOOD. . ."

Sin originated from misusage of FREEWILL. A freewill being chose evil over good. That is how sin originated. God didn't create it.

"life and death I set before you this day. . .but I counsel you to choose LIFE"

Good - Evil, Life - Death, Righteousness - Unrighteousness, Holy - Unholy etc are opposite to each other.

It's either you're doing the one or the other. There's no option in-between.

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Religion / Re: Christians And The Foolishness Of Freewill by iSpirit1(m): 11:44pm On Jul 09, 2017
[quote author=Hanabian post=58284666]
Sister,your reply shows that you are not grasping the crux of the matter.
At first bolded, who created sin in the first instance? Did man create sin or did sin magically appear from thin air? After answering that,now ask yourself why did God allow Adam and Eve to sin(as we are told) when they didn't know their left from their right?And yet use same to punish people who had no knowledge of the sin in the first place.
Now, a bit background. Remember that Adam and Eve were made(bible) not given birth to,so in all ramifications, it is totally safe to say they never knew what they were doing,they were children.Now God is all knowing, he has known that Adam and Eve were going to sin before they even did it(omniscient). But did he do anything about it? As someone who sees into the future,he would have seen all the possible ways to scenario would have gone right? But did he do anything about it?
Another fundamental question is,why even put the tree there in the first place?
Religion / Re: Christians And The Foolishness Of Freewill by iSpirit1(m): 11:35pm On Jul 09, 2017

Because we are mere objects of war to be cast to hell mostly due to no fault of our own and be blamed for it... Salvation of Christ is not perfect, if it were, it would have delivered us from the power of sin; christianity is very complicated and full of threats. i dont expect u to have all the answers because you are not God. but thanks at least for listening.
Salvation of Christ is perfect and it HAS saved all that have in Him from the power of sin.

Point out those threats and complications.

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Religion / Re: Christians And The Foolishness Of Freewill by iSpirit1(m): 11:31pm On Jul 09, 2017

ok then thanks.
To all others reading this for centuries Christianity has heaped blame on mankind and I think this is undeserved.... It is God who ordains. Why blame us after ordaining.
What exactly do you mean by "it is God who ordains" ?

I just told you "man was created perfect!". Put that into consideration.
Religion / Re: Christians And The Foolishness Of Freewill by iSpirit1(m): 11:28pm On Jul 09, 2017

You have written a very wicked piece. Listen to me: God created a devil designated as a tempter, God also created demons to do evil biddings of entrapping us in sin, gave us sinful natures - then how is it my choice that i am entrapped in sin - these powers are too strong for man or woman! Its intellectually lazy to just say we are chosing to remain in sin - address this issue i have just raised if you could...
I just did.

Your whole point lies in ignoring the beginning. Which is not right.

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Religion / Re: Christians And The Foolishness Of Freewill by iSpirit1(m): 11:25pm On Jul 09, 2017

we were given a sinful nature; the Bible says the heart of man is wicked - all our freewill choices will therefore be wicked.
So why blame us when we were born that way?

Omo, these people no go kill us. It wasn't so from the beginning.

Man was created perfect!

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Religion / Re: Help!!! I Think I Am In Trouble. by iSpirit1(m): 11:20pm On Jun 20, 2017

Lol @ (your big aunty)....
Well your aunty has a NEW moniker....."Ngo40".
MzLady39 has been put to rest...she is no more.
Out with the "old" & in with the "new"!
I don't know how in the world that you knew I would want to speak on this thread..but as soon as I saw it, I knew I was coming for this one......
However, it looks like you nailed it!
I'll see what I can add....if anything.

Oh Aunty, I'll follow up at once.

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Religion / Re: Define SIN In Simple Words! by iSpirit1(m): 6:07pm On Jun 17, 2017

Romans 14:23b "for whatsoever is not of faith is SIN"

Galatians 5:6 "for in Christ, neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but faith which works by LOVE"

During Under Grace Era, SIN is therefore defined as

"whatsoever is not of faith which works by LOVE".


The 1st Era lasted from the fall of man till when Moses brought the LAW.

The 2nd Era lasted from Moses till when Jesus resurrected.

Jesus' Resurrection marked the beginning of the 3rd Era, which is still on till date.

Romans 1:17 "for therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH"

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Religion / Re: Define SIN In Simple Words! by iSpirit1(m): 5:52pm On Jun 17, 2017
Did you know that there are 3Eras in the Bible?

The Bible gives 3different definition of sin, and each functioned for each Era.

Without properly understanding these 3Eras and the operations under them, the topic of SIN and many other Bible topic will appear confusing and contradictory to you.


i. Before the LAW: during this Era, sin was determined by MORALITY. James 4:17 captures the definition of SIN in this Era.

"refusing to do what one knows is good to do".

ii. Under the LAW: the Law came and sin was no longer determined by MORALITY(individual/societal conviction). It was strictly determined by the LAW. 1John 3:4 captures the definition of sin during this Era.

"for the transgression of the LAW is sin"

iii. Under Grace: Jesus brought Grace John 1:17. And the LAW ENDED.

The Manner of life under Grace is by faith(which works by LOVE) from the start to the finish. Hebrews 11:6.

Romans 14:23b and Galatians 5:6 captures the definition of SIN during this Era.

..to be continued

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Religion / Re: Dressing by iSpirit1(m): 5:30pm On Jun 17, 2017

Nice write-up my sister.

WordWorld is probably one of those Holiness . . . . . . and the write-up up there is just not compatible with his beliefs. Esp that number 2.

The thing hang am!

But thank God say Sir Sincere4u don let am off the hook sha.

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Religion / Re: Help!!! I Think I Am In Trouble. by iSpirit1(m): 11:28pm On Jun 15, 2017

The passage given you is obvious and self-explanatory.

The story of Job explains Isaiah 5. Just that, in Job's case, it wasn't because of his sins that he was exposed to tortures from satan.

God's interested in you, He wants you to acknowledge Him and come into an intimate relationship with you.

You see, God has been keeping you since despite your unfaithfulness to Him, hoping that one day you'll return to Him.

But since that method isn't working, as you're in comfort zone(where God has caused you to be and upholding you there), He thought maybe if He withdraw a little, and let your enemy(satan) heat you a little, maybe then, you'll see a reason to come to Him.

You know, they say, "suffering makes one strong"

And it's a fact that beatings makes a child come back to it's right senses.

So, He'll just allow that for your own benefit.

My Big Aunty MzLady39 should have a word or two for you.


Religion / Re: Help!!! I Think I Am In Trouble. by iSpirit1(m): 11:11pm On Jun 15, 2017

Well, I now see clearly that in your attempt to hold unto logic, you've totally abused logical reason.

Lemme start with, do you mind explaining to us what could've been responsible for picking Isaiah 5:5, out of say, a million verses in the Bible?

By the LAW OF PROBABILITY AND POSSIBLE OUTCOME, to randomly pick a single event out of a million narrows down to 1per Million.

Plus: I've not even addressed how large a human cerebrum is, and how much datas/informations he must have saved, in say, 20yrs of his existence. . . I hope you understand how narrowed down the possibility of the brain being responsible for this action is?

This points to no other fact save that there is an external cause for picking Isaiah 5:5.

Think about this.
Religion / Re: Why Your FAITH No Longer Works. by iSpirit1(m): 5:05pm On Jun 13, 2017

If you're interested in a discussion, I plead with you to bring forth your points(against Paul) one after the other, not using bulky notes, and I promise to help explain as many as I can.


In Matthew 5:17, He said, " donot think I've come to abolish the Law and the Prophets; I've come to fulfill them"

If you understand what that means, YOU WON'T be insisting or the LAW nor CONDEMNING PAUL's TEACHINGS.

I know you'll also say Paul was wrong for saying, "Christ is the END of the LAW for righteousness to everyone that believes" (Romans 10:4).

I'll Advise you, it's NOT all about quoting LONG BULKY verses, it's about understanding what you quote.

To understand any portion of the Bible, you must explain it so that it does NOT conflict with any verse of the Bible.

Jesus brought 'Grace and Truth' (John 1:17), but you said, "there's NOTHING LIKE GRACE -IT DOESN'T EXIST!"

Think about/cross check again, what you teach.
Religion / Re: Why Your FAITH No Longer Works. by iSpirit1(m): 4:45pm On Jun 13, 2017

The simple truth is, you donot understand the Bible.

You mean, Jesus' Words should be taken literally?

Lemme ask you, "do you bury the dead?"

Well, Jesus said to a man who wanted to follow Him, saying, "let the dead bury their dead"

So, I guess you stop burying the dead. Let the body out in the field and rotten up.

Also, Jesus said, "if you want to follow Me, you MUST HATE your father and mother"

Go on and hate your parents.

May God deliver you from this your so-called Gospel. It's sickening!

Jesus charged His Disciples not to disclose His Identity as THE CHRIST, you donot even care to know why He charged them thus. And you think you understand why He gave them that charge, and what He intended to achieve by giving them that instruction?

"with all your gettings, get UNDERSTANDING"

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Religion / Re: Why Your FAITH No Longer Works. by iSpirit1(m): 4:19pm On Jun 13, 2017
This guy called Oaroloye is hateful, unapproachable and full of himself. He is repulsive. His attitude and Jesus Christ has nothing in common.
The answer is NOT far at all. He takes every of Jesus' Word literally.

e.g to follow me, "you MUST HATE your father and mother, and yea, even your life"

That's Bad of him. He never study to understand what Lord Jesus Christ really meant/teaches.

This is how he STRAYED away!
Religion / Re: Why Your FAITH No Longer Works. by iSpirit1(m): 11:40am On Jun 11, 2017
Brother Oaroloye;

I'll be responding to your posts one after the other. I took the pain of going thru all of them even tho' they're lengthy.

I beg that you consider your readers and make it at least, a bit shorter but carrying all the intended messages you intend to convey.

Seeing that you consider the Apostles as astrayed fellows, I'll mind the way I quote from the Epistles.

My Aim ultimately is to show you how The Apostles' Teachings corresponds with the Teachings of the Lord Jesus.

Your point 3: "there's no such thing as Grace" is in direct conflict with John 1:17.

"for The Law was given by Moses, but GRACE and Truth came by Jesus Christ"

Here, we're informed plainly that Jesus Brought 'GRACE and Truth' to mankind.
Religion / Re: Same Religion, Same God, Same Aim..reduce The Infidèles. by iSpirit1(m): 12:07am On Jun 09, 2017

The latest i heard about Muslims is that. Muslim doctor will prefare a Christian patient to die during Ramadan. They consider us dirty. grin cheesy

I tire for their "religion of peace" o when it's clearly the opposite.
Religion / Re: Muslims And Christians , Pls I Need Some Clarifications (matured Minds Only) by iSpirit1(m): 10:54am On Jun 06, 2017

The answer is not too far.

Words evolve. Infact, languages entirely. Take for example the words "miss", "missus(mrs)", "mz" etc. These words have evolved overtime.

In the OT, the term "the Law" refers only to the Pentateuch (the Torah, more precisely).

But during the time of the NT, the term has evolved to mean "the whole of the OT" as we can see NT writers using the term to refer to "the Prophets" also.

1Corinthians 14:21 "in the LAW it is written. . .". . . . . . This quotes the Prophet Isaiah and refer to his book as "the Law". See: Isaiah 28:11-12.

Having said that, when Jesus said he had come to 'fulfill the Law' it's obvious he meant, he has come to fulfill the OT, not the 10Commandments only.
Religion / Re: Muslims And Christians , Pls I Need Some Clarifications (matured Minds Only) by iSpirit1(m): 5:12am On Jun 06, 2017
Sorry to displease you, but I've to quote some Epistles now (big grin).

Apostle Paul understanding what I've explained above, by the Spirit, said, "for Christ is the END of the Law for righteousness to everyone that believes" (Romans 10:4).

Hehehehehe. No wonder these guys dey beef Apostle Paul.

To add to: you mention the "Good Master" acct in Matthew 19:17-19 but you ommitted verse 21. How unfair!

And na you come hia kon dey emphasize on "context, context, context". You try sha.

But I won't bother explaining that one to you 'cause you can't understand it. You know why?

Babu Holy Sphirit in you.

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