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Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Declares State Of Emergency On Roads, Massive Rehabilitation Starts by janefarms2015: 11:30pm On Oct 13, 2019
Plsssss I will support your point ONLY if you can show that (1) You have paid TAXES to Lagos govt for the past 5 years( most of these noise makers and their ENTIRE family haven't paid tax in YEARS. Do mechanics, food sellers, vulcanizers,traffic peddlers pay tax)
(2) Show evidence that you are a true Lagosian and not some idiot typing from Kogi instead of dealing with your own govt.

I'm sure you are one of the bad people in government, remember your children's future before you comment, infact how old are you?


Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Declares State Of Emergency On Roads, Massive Rehabilitation Starts by janefarms2015: 11:25pm On Oct 13, 2019
Indeed. Plastic governance

It was recently published that Lagos state generates 50 billion per month as Internally generated funds. With its weak pension payment structure, delayed promotion to workers and stipends given to state workers we wonder where such amounts of money goes into.

Don't ask me. I'm sure you K ow whom to think of. The critical issue is with suchofty amounts on a regar basis, why is there no decent part of the state without good roads

Towards Ota is a menace. Ikeja destroyed. The oshodi express way has been reduced to an experimental rubbish that causes displeasure to the eyes

Lekki Ajah flooded

Bogije Awoyaya flooded

Enroute Ota flooded

All the satelitte towns of ikorodu has reduced to 1950 roads, from ijede to igbogbo to Asoll Isawo all flooded

Go TO Surulere, crying for help

Lawanson Ijesha destroyed. Oshodi disaster

Ajegunle boundary thrash

Agege Iyana ipaja egbeda ikotun All calamity

Isolo Iyana Isolo nonsense

Enroute Magboro Oh my God

Akute Alagbole ojodu ogba crying for help

Pen cinema. Ijora Costain phew

Apaoa Badagry Okoko Ojo Iyana oba Ilasa Mile12 Ketu Bariga Orile all calamity

Epe is not forgotten

Go on and keep celebrating thrash. Learn to know what you deserve and place a demand. And stop being disillusioned by public appearances of people you parade as gods but are. Charlatans

Please tell us what you did with the 200 billion recently published state IGR for 2019 first quarter ws spent on.

Tell us its not on politics rather than governance.

I challenge you, the godfathers and commissioner of finance for Lagos to state clearly that the recent toll increment plus previous repayments for the road repairs, construction and maintenance as against the repayments made. Monthly is beyond 10-20% of the funds the toll generates monthly. What happens to the other meagre sum.

Guys not everyone is a full. This is a challenge to the governor and finance commissioner of the state. Punish your financial records and let's see how disbursements is made with respect Road maintenance and Companies assigned to ha dle these projects and how the selection processes are carried out

Emperors posing as Democrats

Brother, you have said everything! I'm speechless. Rain is never an excuse to repair damaged roads or construct new ones, may God save us from our leaders, they will never enjoy good health until they provide our needs. 12 bottles of of Trophy for you brother


Crime / Re: My Life Is Fall Apart by janefarms2015: 10:55pm On Sep 24, 2019
Please brother, you are not the only one going through these, suicide never an option, behind every dark tunnel there's a light! Think about your loved ones, and when the goings were good, you will bounce back again!!! Cheers

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Travel / Re: Lagos Boat Capsize: Pregnant Woman Dies, 16 Missing In (photos) by janefarms2015: 7:52pm On Jun 30, 2019
What a horrible death cry cry cry cry
You don't mock dead people with this picture, be serious


Travel / Re: Plane Suffers A Blowout During Takeoff In Abuja by janefarms2015: 10:41am On Jan 07, 2019
Why Airpeace only? 3 incidents in less than 4 months! All the planes in their fleets should have been grounded by now and independent thorough checks conducted, are the aviation authorities waiting for disaster to happen? For me, Airpeace is a no go area now

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Health / Re: I Need Tribulus Terestis (see Pictures) by janefarms2015: 4:31pm On Dec 06, 2018
Dried powder available on jiji
Crime / Re: Canada Is Running Out Of Marijuana Barely Two Days After Making It Legal by janefarms2015: 2:03pm On Oct 21, 2018

Am tempted to insult you but I will not cos I'm not in the mood to engage a non compos mentis this hot afternoon.
Go back and read my post slowly again, maybe you will understand.
Am not begging you Biko, and if your IQ is that low, stay off my mention

If my IQ is low, if you have any IQ,you wont be begging openly, lazy pig
Crime / Re: Canada Is Running Out Of Marijuana Barely Two Days After Making It Legal by janefarms2015: 12:18pm On Oct 21, 2018
Good day everyone.
fellow nairalanders, I bring you greetings from my humble pure heart. I'm in a big problem now which I need 50k to solve, I therefore beg a brother/sister to help me out on this pls.
I know things are difficult out there but I also know that kind hearted people are also out there who can help me in this bad condition.
Am not asking for a gift, I promise to pay the money in 2months time. I don't have a tangible thing to show as a collateral but I can keep my documents with the person including my voter's card(lol,wetin man go do?) as a surety to pay back when we agreed.
I can also accept the money with moderate interest pls pls.
Someone should help a brother.

Effect of marijuana

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Celebrities / Re: Lizzy Oke And Amen Omoraghon Dedicate Their Daughter In Church by janefarms2015: 3:30pm On Oct 10, 2018

Ayam okay

U dont crack dry jokes always, put urself in her position, and pray to God that such shouldnt happen to u, in all disabilities they are abilities


Family / Re: Please Help Me I Think I'm Going Crazy!!! by janefarms2015: 9:59pm On Oct 08, 2018
Op, my dear sister, think about those that loves u and move on, its a passing phase you will get out of these stonger, many people are going through what u are, my prayers for u, just think about d future not present! Cheer up its one of those things, God will continue to be with u

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Food / Re: Someone Should Help With Procedures (pics) by janefarms2015: 2:50pm On Oct 07, 2018

Lol, Its not as exhausting as preparing vegetable soup, the only slightly difficult part is matching the palm nuts. And the making of the starch is just like making semo or amala.

Are u married? If not please come and marry me, im a yoruba man but love deltans and their foods
Crime / Re: Civil Defence Officer Assaulted By Police During Raid On Asaba Eatery. Photos by janefarms2015: 8:28pm On Oct 05, 2018
no be small thing oo... all of them na the same thing

That is d truth, they are d same, God save of us in this shithole country


Politics / Re: Osun Re-run: Omisore Lists Condition For APC, PDP by janefarms2015: 8:55pm On Sep 24, 2018
Most Nigerians commenting on nairaland are either kids or forget history so soon, may the blood of Bola Ige hunt the killers, where ever their hopes are will be dashed!
Travel / Re: God Is Good Bus Crashes After Driver Allegedly Slept Off On Steering by janefarms2015: 4:23pm On Sep 24, 2018
Law of travelling number 1: Only a person who is vigilant should seat in front with a commercial driver. You can't fight to seat in front just for you to sleep off. Your first job is to watch the driver. Nuff said

Very sensible statement, some people will be fighting for front seat and they are very useless there, front seat passangers are meant to be on the watchout 'drive' with the driver, talk to him everytime to keep him awake, besides these, the drivers should be given a day off to rest after each trip


Politics / Re: Omisore Denies Alleged Alliance With PDP by janefarms2015: 8:48pm On Sep 23, 2018
The Governorship Aspirant of SDP and former deputy Governor of Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore debunks alleged rumors concerning his planned support of PDP candidate.
He wrote on his twitter account;
I must thank everyone who supported the Restoration Agenda for their commitment and work. This is the core of the democracy we seek. We have won the electoral battle in way hitherto unheard of in the state.
You have all done well and I thank you. We shall continue in our demand for good governance, accountability and human dignity. My commitment to this remains total without any prejudice to the next steps we collectively workout.
Our people’s votes have again been manipulated through vote buying, and exploitation of the hunger in our land. Only good governance and committed leadership can drive out this hunger. The quest for this continues.
We shall continue to invest on democratic education and political awareness of our people, so vote buying is totally eliminated in the most peaceful and democratic ways.
The SDP shall not leave the Osun state to corrupt wheeler dealers but shall continue to commit to social justice and equity until we can be assured that our electoral processes are sanitized and give us the state of our dreams
I thank you all.
Please disregard all rumour of any alliance talks with any party/candidate for now. Osun will be great again.
I am delighted that our message of good governance and dignity has reached every corner of the state. Over the past four months, I have worked with committed people who have given time and resources to our shared agenda for restoration.
I am confident that while we might appear to have lost an election, we have won the greater victory; the clarion call by all our people for good governance and accountability. We have positively impacted on electoral campaigns and elections in Osun state.
The SDP campaign was factual, informed and inclusive. Our manifesto presented to the people an Agenda for Restoration of Good Governance and Human Dignity. Its five pillars spoke to our needs across all sectors, promoted access that would leave no one behind.
The reaction was swift albeit as a ploy to win votes.Our campaign prompted payment of salaries, a commitment to push back on common uniforms and questionable mega schools.We have called attention to patronage driven public sector management.

Source: https://naijapolitico.com.ng/omisore-denies-allege-alliance-with-pdp/
the blood of Bola Ige will continue to torment the killers

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Family / Re: My Wife Had An Affair!! by janefarms2015: 3:11pm On Sep 14, 2018
@OP, I can understand what you are going through now just relax, no problems without a solution.

My advice: Firstly and as a matter of urgency take your daughter for DNA test, if the result proves you are the biological father then take her to your parents or sisters to live with them for proper upbringing and if the results shows otherwise.......you know what to do.

About your wife, firstly, 95 percent of Nigerian women are promiscuous, and not loyal to a man in relationship or marriage and a Yoruba proverbs literarily translate that "any married woman that engages in extra marital affairs is a potential death threat to the husband". Forget about the future of your daughter if your marriage is broken she will still get good up bringing, God forbid what if your wife died, will your daughter not survive? while im not asking you to divorce your wife as the choice is totally yours, ponder on these questions:

1. What is the probability that she wont continue with her adulterous life in a coded way that you will never discover,if you forgive her?

2. Dont you think your life is in danger continue living with such a woman?

3. No matter what, as a human can you ever totally erase this memory from your mind to avoid giving yourself unnecessary psychological torment of your brain even if you for give her?

My brother, dont take any decision that will break you down again in the future, agreed, you are definitely going through a lot now that if care is not taking may affect your performances at work. Take a bold decision NOW! I bet, you wont regret, for now dont ever think much about this issue, life is too short to die earlier! Go out, confide in a trusted friend preferably and old woman, tell her all the truth, take hearth brother, you are not the first man, neither the second to experience this nor will you be the last man to do so.

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Family / Re: Help Me My Artificial Leg Is Bad by janefarms2015: 12:06pm On Sep 02, 2018

Nothing like over doing bro. He already stated what he needs the financial assistance for which is to establish himself which isn't bad. He isn't asking for money to eat neither buy immaterial things. It's not bad for him to think of going via the entrepreneur route. That's less stress and the better for him. Dickson, may you find the help you seek. Keep being hopeful and never stop planning. Wish you all the very best you so desire in life.

Ok, noted. Thanks for shedding more light. Will do my best for him


Family / Re: Help Me My Artificial Leg Is Bad by janefarms2015: 11:28am On Sep 02, 2018
Dont over do things, be more grateful to the kind hearted people that contributed for you. Job? Fine, financial assistance again is ambiguos


Religion / Re: Pastor Jones Jailed For Telling Members To Tithe 10% Of Their Incomes by janefarms2015: 3:57pm On Jul 21, 2018
The mods wont move this to FP
Food / Re: Nigerian Party Stew by janefarms2015: 3:24pm On Jul 15, 2018
I think codeine has been banned in Nigeria

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Family / Re: Short Time Apartment In Lagos Call 08022219777 by janefarms2015: 12:18am On Jul 14, 2018
How much is it ? Need it urgently
The guy has a good business mind with this but he is not serious, I called him promised to call me back over 4 days he has not, someone else should tap into his idea, majority of Nigerians needs this services

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Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye Visits Emergency Wards In Two Different Hospitals In Ogun & Lagos by janefarms2015: 8:11pm On Jul 10, 2018
Pls pay there bills....not only prayer.
Most sensible comment so far, I weep for Nigeria
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Reacts To Man Wearing A Hat During Church Service (Photo) by janefarms2015: 10:21pm On Jul 09, 2018
Freezer what's your problem,must you react to every damn thing?please try and get busy

He is more busy than you with due respect, Nigerians always love lies and deceit, this man has always been saying the truth, but shallow minded brains wont understand, little wonder, we are moving backward as a nation
Family / Re: New Discovery: HOW TO CONDUCT DNA TEST AT HOME USING EGGS by janefarms2015: 11:34pm On Jun 22, 2018
I thought codeine has been banned in Nigeria, never know op is hoarding cartoons of it
Family / Re: Update on : Has My Wife Finally Moved On by janefarms2015: 10:35am On Apr 26, 2018
sir please how did you carry on? it's very difficult for some of us who our wives left us.

My brother, first you need to make reconcilatory efforts through many channels, friends, families, church members, etc and if all fails just have these in mind:

1. Check yourself to see if you exhibit some xters that repel her
2. Give her time, stop communications with her till she does.
3. The fact that she is no more with you doesnt mean that thousands if not millions of ladies are looking for men like you.
4. Switch your mind off her completely and start looking for a new relationship.

Best of luck!

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Business / Re: "Stop Buying Airtime From Banks" - Saleh Shehu Ashaka Begs Nigerians by janefarms2015: 9:27am On Apr 26, 2018
I stopped buying from them because of the annoying 10 naira they use to collect on their own.

100 = 110
200 = 210

Banks also charge for ussd codes, we are just enriching them

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Family / Re: Update on : Has My Wife Finally Moved On by janefarms2015: 10:25pm On Apr 25, 2018
Thank you for bringing your experiences in.Sincerely I am really bothered about the kids. I can not force her to Love me,.

Im loosing my sleep to respond, I modified my post to talk about the kids, but network was bad. Brother, God forbid bad thing oo, what if u have died in this 'struggle'? Your kids will survive, and dont be surprised she may have poisoned the minds of the innocent kids against u, one day your kids will look for you, your life is important dont give urself hbp


Family / Re: Update on : Has My Wife Finally Moved On by janefarms2015: 9:36pm On Apr 25, 2018
My brother the thing is annoying, the situation even deserves more than a slap. I feel so humbled for suggesting to pray with me. Thank u so much. Trust me one thing she holds on to is because of the statement you made above '...I hate separation...' She knows I am against divorce, she knows I want the kids to be raised in a 'father and mother setting', this has been of the things that gives her gut, because she knows she will always get away.

Op, ive been following this thread, ive never made any comment, im over 50 years old with similar experience, wake up the truth is that ur wife has moved onnnnnnnn!!!! You will not be the first person, neither d second nor d third to divorce, forget love, you are a man, I hope you dont commit suicide when the reality dawn on u, stop consoling urself, shes no longer in love with u

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Politics / Re: Gani Fawehinmi's Statue At Liberty Park Unveiled By Lagos State Government by janefarms2015: 8:27am On Apr 23, 2018

Femi Falana is an APC member that only defend whatever Tinubu does. Late Gani was never associated with any politician. Falana started criticizing Buhari when he was denied the Chief Justice of Nigeria. Tinubu nominated him but PMB was wise enough not to accept his nomination

Chief Justice of Nigeria? Attorney General and Minister Of Justice bro

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