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Politics / Re: Court Asked To Declare Nnamdi Kanu A Fugitive, Order His Arrest by Jobac: 9:47pm On Aug 26, 2019
Everybody knows that Kanu is a fugitive. The fugitive should be extradited to Nigeria to face the law of our land.
Can't UK government revoke his citizenship?
Should Python dance round ibo land again?

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Politics / Re: Governor Wike Reacts To Demolition Of Mosque At Trans-Amadi Central, "Fake News" by Jobac: 9:29pm On Aug 26, 2019
You are worst than a Hippocrates. Christians are still preosecuted in the north till date, where is your voice. You are even a lair denying his religion
One of the hypocrites just registered his presence. Truth hurts!
Politics / Re: There Is No IPOB Protest Against Buhari In Japan – Adesina Speaks From Japan by Jobac: 7:17pm On Aug 26, 2019
Those coward ipob fraudsters ND drup dealers wer just deceiving their yeye mumu followers in Nigeria

I trust Nnamdi as he can't dear PMB

They can't get to 20k distance closer to pmb
You dey mind them. Let them try it, they will all be used for target practice.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Is The Most Powerful Leader In Southern Nigeria – Ex-minister by Jobac: 7:11pm On Aug 26, 2019
FFK knows how to press their mumu button. All of them will be jumping up and down now just because one unstable man said Kanu is what he is not.

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Politics / Re: Governor Wike Reacts To Demolition Of Mosque At Trans-Amadi Central, "Fake News" by Jobac: 5:33pm On Aug 26, 2019
Don't know why Wike even bother to explain his actions to complete aliens. What for?? U be Ameachi??

Make dem go Sambisa to build Mosques.

Yeye Parasites
I am neither a Christian nor a Moslem, but I will remind you this quote when they start demolishing churches anywhere in the world. Nigerian Christians are hypocrites.

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Crime / Re: It Takes Me 4 Minutes To Steal A Vehicle’s Brain Box - Arrested Robber by Jobac: 1:48pm On Aug 26, 2019
Toyota Hiace and Hilux's brain box being sold 40k and 20k respectively, this is wickedness now. The buyers should be arrested.

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Politics / Re: Tribunal: Buhari And Atiku Know Fate On 13 September by Jobac: 1:16pm On Aug 26, 2019
PDP members will cry on that day. I really pity them especially Atiku and Obi China. It is high time Atiku's family members called him to give up. He should not allow the children of hate to deceive him.

Congratulations our amiable President! God is always good to us in Nigeria.

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Crime / Re: Husband & Wife Brutalize Their Househelp In Anambra, Insist She Deserves More by Jobac: 1:06pm On Aug 26, 2019
Nawa for these people o.

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NYSC / Re: NYSC Releases Names Of Fake Corps Members by Jobac: 12:55pm On Aug 26, 2019

In a similar vein, NYSC Verification Officers also detected two persons in Katsina State Orientation Camp during registration.

They are; Offor Blessing Chinelo KT/19B/3696 Call-Up-No, NYSC/ISU/2019/280122, with BSc result in Insurance and Actuarial Science, Mezenwa Ngozi Chidinma KT/19B/3836 with Call-Up-No NYSC/ISU/2019/259331 with a degree result in Education/English Language while the six suspected victim from the same camp is still under thorough screening.

However, the duo claimed to have graduated from Imo State University.

Meanwhile, they have been handed over to the police for further investigation.

In Kebbi State Orientation Camp, Dakingari, four persons were discovered to have come to camp with fake documents.

They are; Nwachukwu Chimaobi [/b]Curtis KB/19B/3046, [b]Ononuju Amarachi Nwamaka KB/19B/3147, Francis Joseph Arinze KB/19B/3135 and Chigozie Evidence Chijioke KB/19B/ 3231.


Na them, their way no dey pure.
Politics / Re: Igbos Can Go To War Again - Joe Igbokwe by Jobac: 9:38pm On Aug 25, 2019
Op not Igbokwe

Is Joe Olanike yorubakwe from Ikorodukwe in lagos state
No problem. Hon. Joe Igbokwe is a great man. I so much love him. God bless Hon. Joe Igbokwe.

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Politics / Re: Oil Discovered In Lagos Water Wells by Jobac: 9:02pm On Aug 25, 2019

That the main reason I joined.Cause of Ndigbolugi like u who I Always read comment as a guest.Nonsense And nonentities.
Awon Eleribu.
Welcome Bros!
Politics / Re: President Buhari Leaves For Japan With Governors Of Kwara, Borno & Lagos States by Jobac: 8:56pm On Aug 25, 2019
Safe trip President Buhari. God is with you. Go well! All Nigerians are praying for you.

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Politics / Re: Oil Discovered In Lagos Water Wells by Jobac: 8:16pm On Aug 25, 2019
JOBAC Onye ofe mmanu,maka mmanu ka i ji mebe ka onye iberibe.
Onye ara, onye iberibe.
Politics / Re: Oil Discovered In Lagos Water Wells by Jobac: 7:52pm On Aug 25, 2019
OMG ilu wo ni baba to ni e

Enugu now.
Politics / Re: Oil Discovered In Lagos Water Wells by Jobac: 7:51pm On Aug 25, 2019

Sorry for you!!! You really need it.
What do you need?
Politics / Re: Oil Discovered In Lagos Water Wells by Jobac: 7:50pm On Aug 25, 2019
you Just Commented 2 Times Within 5min Saying Absolutely Nothing Related To The Post,are You Depressed?
Hahahaha... it's like this man is depressed o.
Politics / Re: Oil Discovered In Lagos Water Wells by Jobac: 7:26pm On Aug 25, 2019
Hahahaha...I deliberately left it unedited because of children of hate. See them crying hahahaha...
Politics / Re: Oil Discovered In Lagos Water Wells by Jobac: 6:22pm On Aug 25, 2019
Someone's filling stating leaking into wells grin
If it were to be crude oil, I am sure you will write the same thing.
Anyway, God has already blessed all Omo Oodua.

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Politics / Re: Oil Discovered In Lagos Water Wells by Jobac: 6:20pm On Aug 25, 2019

It's actually not crude oil and it wasn't discovered, disregard the misleading headline.

It's a kind of spillage (or something close to that) of refined petroleum product.
Thanks sir!

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Politics / Re: Oil Discovered In Lagos Water Wells by Jobac: 6:13pm On Aug 25, 2019
Children of hate will avoid this thread like plague.

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Politics / Re: Order To Attack Buhari: Nnamdi Kanu And IPOB Are Senseless - Says Deji Adeyanju by Jobac: 5:36pm On Aug 25, 2019
They are really senseless.


Politics / Re: Obadiah Mailafia: Tinubu Set To Be Used And Crushed By Some People by Jobac: 5:07pm On Aug 25, 2019

Only a fool like yourself would not know where your bias lies. You are not taking sides but you ignored the Igbo man that wrote that nonsense and quoted a Yoruba man that countered him. undecided undecided undecided

Foolish igbos thinking they are smart.
They are known to do that all the time. That is how to identify ibos.

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Politics / Re: Obadiah Mailafia: Tinubu Set To Be Used And Crushed By Some People by Jobac: 4:53pm On Aug 25, 2019
you we are a fool o. So ur participation in the last two general election was just to defeat Igbo that do not even care if you exist. You people are truly the problem of this country
Erin keke! Erin takiti!
See 'painment'
You people suck Walahi! You are the problem of Nigeria and West Africa at large. No one want to associate with you. Ndokwa people just denied you today. You will wail tired.

Won kere si number wa
Omo ibo kere si number Omo Yoruba!

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Politics / Re: Igbos Are Of No Use To Us, We Are Not Igbos - Ndokwa Nation by Jobac: 4:28pm On Aug 25, 2019
They are of no use to Nigeria too.
Politics / Re: A Better Approach Instead Of Biafra by Jobac: 3:42pm On Aug 25, 2019
Biafra is possible if you Ibo people concentrate on your 5 States. Once you add any SS state to your imaginary country, you will never get it.

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Politics / Re: Obadiah Mailafia: Tinubu Set To Be Used And Crushed By Some People by Jobac: 3:26pm On Aug 25, 2019
It has happened so many times after the war, first it was Awolowo that they used his direction to win the civil war and then he was thrown into the corner and milked till they needed nothing from him, then they hounded him till death.

Then it the turn of Benjamin Adekunle, upon all his bravery in killing his southern neighbors to be in the good books of the north, he was rudely shoved aside after the war. They couldn't even promote him, they sacked him and sent him on exile where even on his sick bed, they abandoned him to die.

Then came Oladipo Diya, they used him to calm nerves in a season when they need the south to support the junta, and blam! They claimed he planned a coup, he was shamed and dumped in the dustbin of history till he passed on.

MKO Abiola nko? They allowed him to be in charge and deceive himself that he knew them and they can run things together till the very last minute when they then decided to humiliate and finish him and his beautiful wife.

Do we talk about Shonekan, the one Abacha flogged out of office when he got annoyed one early morning, Buharri was there laughing at the background.

Someone should tell the Jagaban to look at the history books and see that the odds are stacked highly against him. His naivety was thrown at his face when he thought he could control the government through his boy Osinbaba, now Osinbaba has been reduced to a mere pedestrian in Aso village when other non elected men are ruling over him.
Ojojumo lekun alabosi
Omo Ibo, masun lo, sunkun koroba.
You will wail and whine tired. I am not surprised, that is how you Ibo people roll. You people have been wailing since 2015 just because you wanted VP position and we we defeated you twice, and you have not stopped crying since then. O ma se o!

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Jobac: 7:19am On Aug 25, 2019

Never going to marry?

just curious.
Nothing serious, it is not just for Jobac.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Jobac: 9:05pm On Aug 24, 2019

Lol I'm single. I'm an outdoor and natural person and I don't really fancy cramming myself in small spaces. grin
I hope you're not trying to saying there are no better ways to have fun asides clubbing. Variety is the spice of life my friend.
It depends sir, there may be other ways to have fun, maybe because I am also single and never going to marry and the kind of people I move with, I really don't know any. After running the street of Lagos from 5:30 am - 6:00 pm, the next thing is to cool off. The brain must be recharged and man need to shake body.
It seems you are not based in Nigeria; I can understand.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Jobac: 5:57pm On Aug 24, 2019

Lol. All of una self dey ball. The last time I near club na 2017.
Why sir?
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Jobac: 5:54pm On Aug 24, 2019

We're on the same page my friend. I compiled somethings on Amazon to buy weeks ago. I lost count of the number of times I had to go to that list to be sure I actually needed these things. Buying things or spending on a whim is almost normal when money comes but when you remember the efforts taken or risk involved in getting that income, you'll set your priorities right. I've bought things I didn't need but I figured all of that was a learning process for me. I agree that our spending patterns are a reflection of our personalities, since I don't club, I'd probably spend my money moderately on the things I fancy.

This thread has to be one of the top 5 threads on NL grin
The bolded got my attention. Sir, how do you rock your evenings? Is it because of marriage or what?
Politics / Re: Andrew Young: Nigerians Are Always Complaining About Govt by Jobac: 1:51pm On Aug 24, 2019

We thank God for this good news.

However, Andrew Young should note that such perpetual complains are always coming from just a greedy section who are never satisfied with their fair share. They have been complaining right from time immemorial because they prefer to get more than their fair share

Example, Nigeria is blessed with crude oil, but they are bitterly angry that other sections of the country benefit from same oil as much as them, even though they have none while sections where this oil is deposited don't even make noise.

Even this good news, they must complain about it, it is in their gene to always complain.
Well said, nothing to add again. You have spoken the minds of good Nigerians.

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