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Education / Re: The War Between Ss2 And Ss3 Student Is A Generational One by JohnNgene: 3:18pm On Jul 21
Whenever I hear stories from other schools about SS2 challenging SS3, I'm shocked. As an SS2 student of King's College Lagos, you dared not dream of challenging an SS3 student. I mean it. If you challenged a senior, even inside your dream, you're dead inside that dream and will die again after you wake up from that dream. It was that bad maka chi. Lol.

It was worse in my time when it was only SS2 and SS3 that were at Annex while JSS1 to SS1 were at Main Camp. It meant that those SS3 souls had only we SS2 boys to terrorize to stupor. Ewooo! We suffered, especially the borders. KC '06 set boys can testify.

The only way you could challenge an SS3 student as an SS2 student was if you were initially their mate and repeated SS2 while they passed into SS3. But does that really count since they were still technically your mates? Lol.

This is J:Rock by the way. Floreat!

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TV/Movies / Re: How Much Should Producers Pay Extras In Nollywood? by JohnNgene: 8:04am On Jul 19
Guys, this is a money talk so I don't want to feed you with plenty of stories. I will give a brief
background then reel out some numbers so we can talk. First, I feel insulted when you call me an "Extra" like some mere shadow you brought to complete your numbers? When will they realize that those "Extra" are the reason your lead isn't looking stupid yet? ( anyway, I will talk about this on a later date).
In Nollywood where unprofessionalism is enthroned above anything else, you would expect the learned big figures to know and do better... but that rarely happens! You want to produce a low budget movie with over 50 extras? You want to eat your cake and have it? A piece of quick advice to all Nollywood producers out there; If your extras are happy on your set during production, they will be your first customers, biggest and widest hypemen and marketers. Always remember this.
Now let's look at some numbers:
It cost roughly N35,000 (Almost $100) to purchase an AGN form today. One would expect that same body to regulate activities of these notorious producers who pay Extras between N0 to N3,000 ($0 to $cool for an entire days job! Not to compare Hollywood with our dear industry, but hey, an extra earns minimum $8 every hour he's on set for the lowest budget movies, and as high as $30 for normal budget movies. I will give credit to some Nollywood filmmakers who have tried to increase that pay to N5,000 per day ($14) recently but I also want to let them know that I have received many reports about how their Production Managers and 3rd party talent agents rip off our struggling actors and eventually return them back to N3,000 or N2,500 per day and sometimes nothing at all!
Some of us are fully aware of the intrigues of the Nigerian entertainment industry. So we need your opinion on what should be an IDEAL WAGE FOR A BACKGROUND ACTOR in Nollywood. Drop your opinions in the comment box let's make it trend.
Source: https://vhfilm..com/2019/07/how-much-should-producers-pay-extras-in.html

I've been looking for a way to contact you privately. Let us go beyond complaining biko. I want us to do something about the welfare of our Nigerian background actors or extras. I want us to take concrete practical steps to organize ourselves if possible. Please whatsapp me on +2349095000603
TV/Movies / Re: How Much Should Producers Pay Extras In Nollywood? by JohnNgene: 7:56am On Jul 19
Well,my own candid opinion,since piracy is still a big ish here and profit isn't even guaranteed(i might be wrong),if I were a producer, I'd pay the extras #2,000 per day(if it were a week shoot,then the extras will make 14k.easy money!!) but if the production was a small three days production,then maybe #3,000 sha.

The government still has a lot to do as regards that piracy.

You are a realist and a sincere person maka chi. The bitter truth is that the producers won't be able to pay extras well if their movies don't do well in the market.

How many Nigerians still buy movies in our present day Nigeria? How many Nigerians pay to stream Nollywood movies online?
Webmasters / Re: Zero Zero Four One Nine by JohnNgene: 4:35am On Jul 19
Phone ringing...

Me: Hello. Good afternoon.

Him: Hello! Is this John Rock?

Me: Yes. Who is this please?

Him: I'm Pastor (I couldn't hear the name clearly) from Just Nigeria Group on Telegram.

Me: Okay

Him: I love your intelligent contributions on the group. We will be organising an online meeting by 6:30pm and will like you to be part of it.

Me: Okay. Thank you sir. I'm not sure I will be available by that time but I will try.

Him: No problem. We will send a code to your phone so that you can use it to join the online meeting whenever you're available. So that even if you can't join us at 6:30pm, you will have access to the discussion with the code we will send you.

Me: Really? Okay sir.

Him: Your code will be sent to you now. I will call you back soon. God bless you.

Drops call. Phone rings again after about 1 minute.

Me: Hello

Him: John Rock, we have sent you your code. Please minimize this call and read it out to me.

Me: Okay sir.

I receive an SMS from Telegram with the words "Telegram code 12345" (of course I can't post the real five digits code here)

Him: John Rock, have you seen your code?

Me: Yes sir.

Him: God bless you. Read it out to me.

Me: Zero! Zero!

Him: Zero! Zero!

Me: Four!

Him: Four!

Me: One!

Him: One!

Me: Nine!

Him: Nine!

Me: Did you get it sir?

Him: Repeat it again please.

Me: Zero! Zero! FOUR! ONE! NINE!

Him: Your father!

Me: You wan scam me abi? Ha ha ha!

He ends the call.

This is not fiction. It actually happened to me today at 3:38pm on 15th July 2021. The scammer called me with the number 09012594042

Let us be careful please. Don't send any code you receive on your phone or email to any body for any reason biko.
Family / Re: Share Your Experience Between Age 25 - 35. by JohnNgene: 10:10am On Jul 01
25years to 28years are the ages a wise lady (who doesn't want to single forever) should marry and settle down.

27years to 30years are the ages that everybody expects a man to be independent and leave his parents' house.

29years to 35years are the ages a man must be comfortable, find a wife and become a responsible father.

But since Buhari has banned marriage, I think I'll wait for him to finish before I get married. I cannot come and go and kill myself biko. Lol.
Business / Re: Insecurities Of A Security Guard by JohnNgene: 9:54am On Jul 01
This is really sad, but you have to think about the good thing about this story. Imagine that there are way worse jobs which people work on just to feed themselves and their family, some of them on 2-3 jobs per day. I think that this job will disappear in the near future, it's already being replaced by the most performant security systems. I am using one of these as well, mostly for Vivint medical alert system, which can be life saving when you suddenly feel bad, and there is no one else at home who could call the medics.

I had to google this Vivint Medical Alert you talked about. It's a pendant that the owner can press in a medical emergency to alert a hospital and get medical attention, right? See how you've advertised your business for free in a smart way. Well done. Lol.

How can this alert-pendant help in "preventive security" though? I'm sure nobody would want to be attacked while waiting for help to arrive. For that reason, I don't think security guard jobs are disappearing any time soon.
Pets / Re: Cats Of Nairaland! by JohnNgene: 9:18am On Jun 14
My fellow cat-lovers good morning o!

Please search for @NaijaPets on Nairaland to meet other pet-lovers in Nigeria.

You people should rush into the group before all the dog-people will choke us cat-lovers with their population biko. Lol.

Pets / Re: Where Are The Cat Lovers ��� by JohnNgene: 9:07am On Jun 14
What happened to your Cat WhatsApp group kwanu? Did you delete it?

Search for @NaijaPets on Telegram to meet other pet-lovers in Nigeria biko.
Pets / Re: where are the cat lovers? by JohnNgene: 8:59am On Jun 14
Here are we. Lol.

I prefer cats to dogs maka chi.

They are extremely neat. They don't eat too much. And even if you don't feed them, they can hunt rats, lizards and snakes to eat.

I miss this my cat. Most Nigerians are afraid of cats because of how Nollywood portrays the poor things as agents of witchcraft.

Pet-lovers, search for @NaijaPets on Telegram to join the group and meet other pet-lovers in Nigeria.

Pets / Re: Cat Lovers Where Are You Guys Nah by JohnNgene: 8:52am On Jun 14
We are here biko. Lol.

I prefer cats to dogs maka chi.

They are extremely neat. They don't eat too much. And even if you don't feed them, they can hunt rats, lizards and snakes to eat.

I miss this my cat. Most Nigerians are afraid of cats because of how Nollywood portrays the poor things as agents of witchcraft.

Pet-lovers, search for @NaijaPets on Telegram to join the group and meet other pet-lovers in Nigeria.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Why Did You Quit Your Last Job by JohnNgene: 10:06am On Jun 08
My last job was paying me 98k, my current job pays 500k....... My village people lost both the battle and the war.

Chineke mee! How did you go from earning 98k to earning 500k per month sir? How many years did the transition take? Did you change your occupation from say marketing to ICT?

Please could you create a topic to tell us your full story sir? Teach us how to fish biko.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Why Did You Quit Your Last Job by JohnNgene: 9:49am On Jun 08
They were owing me my March and April salaries till the middle of May. It wasn't funny at all maka chi.

If you've ever worked as a security guard, you'll know that the job comes with hours standing in the sun in addition to receiving insults from some people who see guards as hopeless wretches.

You won't blame them too much for such perception because truly guards earn as little as twenty thousand naira (N20,000) to about thirty thousand naira (N30,000) per month.

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Education / Re: Children In Village Schools Are Suffering by JohnNgene: 8:34am On May 27
Education / Re: Children In Village Schools Are Suffering by JohnNgene: 8:34am On May 27
Education / Children In Village Schools Are Suffering by JohnNgene: 8:34am On May 27
Let me begin by wishing every child a Happy Children's Day. Even though I wouldn't be surprised if the children living in our rural areas (more commonly known as "villages"wink are not celebrating it.

Have you ever visited the primary schools in your village? Mba! I don't mean the private primary schools o! I'm talking about the public primary schools. Those ones owned and run by the government.

Don't just drive or walk past them as I used to do before 2019. I would walk past those schools in my village and merely steal a glance at the signboard and buildings from afar. Most times, I couldn't even see the pupils because it was during the Christmas or Easter period and they were on holidays.

In May 2019, I got to enter the school compound and classrooms to take a closer look. That was because my uncle based abroad called me and asked me to join in the distribution of some items to the schools. He was a member and coordinator of the AMURRI USA a group formed to unite the people of Amurri living in America and contribute to the development of Amurri.

I was excited when he called me. I felt it was an honour to be trusted to be their eyes, hands and legs here in Nigeria. He connected me to the headmaster of a public primary school (in my own immediate community Ibute) who I was to work with. He sent funds with specific instructions on what to do with it and we carried out his instructions.

At the end of the project, we had delivered desks, whiteboards, school uniforms, exercise books, drum sets, teachers' chairs and tables to the seven (7) public primary schools in Amurri. A water tank was even provided for one of the schools. The children were filled with joy. Their teachers prayed for us. It was an eye-opening experience for me maka chi.

Before then, I didn't know how pitiable the condition of our government-owned primary schools were. The part that broke my heart the most was the lack of teachers. In some of the schools, one teacher had to teach two classes (e.g primary 1 and primary two) at the same time. If you think you're working too hard as a teacher here in the city or urban areas, go to the villages and meet the real heroes there biko.

Fast forward to this year 2021. I'm part of another NGO called the AMURRI YOUTH UNION. We're currently raising funds for another Amurri Public Primary Schools Intervention Project. We hope that the people of Amurri answer our call and partner with us to make it a success.


You could carry out intervention projects like the type that AMURRI USA did in 2019. And if you don't have money, you could volunteer your time and energy to teach the pupils in those schools.

That, to me, is the best way to wish them a happy children's day.

Ngene Chibueze John (GANFUWA)

Phones / Re: How To Know You Have Been Blocked On Whatsapp By A Fellow User by JohnNgene: 8:07am On May 26
If someone changes his/her WhatsApp settings to restrict people from adding him/her to groups, then that your third method becomes a not-so-effective method just like the 1st and 2nd. Lol.

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Technology Market / Re: Free Tax Identification Number Registration | How To Get Your Tin For Free by JohnNgene: 4:57pm On May 20
This your post helped me to get my TIN in order to complete my BANKERA form.

The best part is that it didn't take me more than 10minutes to get the TIN on the site.

Thank you so much. Chukwu gozie wu.
Investment / Re: Bitcoins, Altcoins, Shitcoins And Other Stories by JohnNgene: 1:00am On May 20

I have done this before and they never paid anything

You better be careful biko. Hackers are devising new tactics to penetrate people's cryptowallets o!
Investment / Re: Buying Shit Coins At Their Early Stage Is The New Money Machine by JohnNgene: 7:33am On May 12
Hmmm... I've messaged you on WhatsApp. Add me biko.

Meanwhile, I found one Telegram group like that called NIGERIA CRYPTO COMMUNITY
Nairaland / General / Re: The Largest Crypto Project In Africa by JohnNgene: 7:20am On May 12
The largest crypto project in Africa is Akon's Akoin. Sorry to burst your bubble. Lol.

Nevertheless, what happened to this Nairadot coin? Is it an abandoned-project? Update us biko.
Investment / Re: A Cryptocurrency Made In Nigeria: How Feasible? by JohnNgene: 7:09am On May 12
Appcypher you don't know how happy I am to see that you yourself have thought about this since 2017. Wow!

I've been thinking "When will a Nigerian develop a cryptocurrency like Akon's Akoin? Don't we have I.T professionals in Nigeria who can do it?"

I don't mean something like that suspicious Pinkoin developed by the so-called Universal-Daddy-Ink that can't be found on any cryptocurrency exchange o! Lol.

When will our resourceful Nigerian I.T professionals out there rise to this challenge biko?

Health / Re: Buts And Breasts Enlargement, What They Don't Tell You by JohnNgene: 3:08pm On May 11
These are implants from cosmetic surgery. I doubt if our Nigerian women have the money and the courage to go through cosmetic surgery especially after the news of Stella Obasanjo's death years ago. Lol.

When I saw your topic, I thought you'll be educating women about all these so-called enlargement creams in the market now. Do they work? I don't think so.

I would rather advice ladies to do squats to improve the size of their buttocks naturally. I'm a fitness-trainer and I'm available for an affordable fee here in Lagos.
Health / Re: Nigerian Potential Cure For COVID 19 by JohnNgene: 2:57pm On May 11
Any updates on this please?

I cured mine with azithromycin 500mg tablets though.
Health / Re: I Have Discovered The Cure For Covid-19! by JohnNgene: 2:52pm On May 11
Isn't it funny how governments are encouraging people to take vaccines that don't actually "vaccinate" instead of encouraging an actual cure for the disease?

It's very suspicious if you ask me maka chi.
Business / Re: What Low Startup Capital Offline/online Business Are You Currently Into? by JohnNgene: 2:43pm On May 11
This post by another Nairalander made an impression on me and it might be a lifesaver to someone else looking for a low-capital business to start.

I did a screenshot of it. Let me share.

Religion / Re: Mbaka Bows, Shuts Adoration Ministry For One Month by JohnNgene: 9:58am On May 11
The Lord works in mysterious ways.

People may think that this is a punishment but I believe that God is trying to protect Mbaka from a terrorist attack.

Meanwhile I wish Mbaka could become our president come 2023 maka chi.

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Celebrities / Re: Samuel Ajibola 'Spiff' Quit "The Johnsons" by JohnNgene: 8:31am On May 09
Many people don't know that Samuel Ajibola and his younger brother Gabriel Ajibola starred as Onyeka Onwenu's sons in the Nollywood movie Conspiracy back in the 90s.

Gabriel was my classmate at HICS Aguda. That's why I know. They were our stars that year. Lol.


Politics / Re: Supreme Court Upholds Deregistration Of 74 Political Parties by JohnNgene: 4:40pm On May 07
There are 18 left

1.Accord Party

2. Action Alliance

3. Action Democratic Congress

4.African Action Congress.

5.African Democratic Congress.

6. All Progressives Congress

7.All Progressives Grand Alliance

8. Allied Peoples Movement

9. Boot Party

10. Labour Party

11. New Nigeria Peoples Party

12. National Rescue Movement

13. Peoples Democratic Party

14. Peoples Redemption Party

15. Social Democratic Party

16. Young Progressives Party

17. Zenith Labour Party.

18. Action Peoples Party*( In court)

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Accomodation Close To Yaba!!! by JohnNgene: 11:27am On May 06
Good morning o

I saw your reply to one of my comments

"come to RCCG camp Mowe Ibafo, ask of kingford security , better pay n free acomodation with light , no bills at all"

Do you work there? Please give me your number.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need Your Help: My Employer Is Owing Me And He Doesn't Want To Pay Me. by JohnNgene: 10:08am On May 06
I'm in a similar situation at the moment. I'm being owed March and April salaries as I type this.

It's a security guard job of N25,000 (twenty five thousand naira) monthly.

I've decided to quit the job till I'm paid. So sad.

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