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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu Reacts To Uproar Over Plan To Give $100 Abacha Loot To Bagudu by Josh44s(m): 4:30pm On Feb 22, 2020
One Nigeria is Dead. How do we remove break off from these people now is our cause. The pains and heartache these Northerners are give this country is just too much. I go vex detonate Nuclear bomb o!.

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Politics / Re: The Tragedy Of The Abba Kyari Surrogate Presidency By Farooq Kperogi by Josh44s(m): 4:12pm On Feb 22, 2020
So these Abacha boys had a relationship with BCCI which was notorious for being a conduit for drug dealers and terrorists ..You can now see why Terrorist groups are now thriving in Nigeria

My brother na dem ooo. We really enter one chance this time around embarassed


Politics / Re: The Tragedy Of The Abba Kyari Surrogate Presidency By Farooq Kperogi by Josh44s(m): 4:10pm On Feb 22, 2020


I read this article with my hands shaking. Nigeria and Nigerians are indeed in serious trouble. From this write up, You can see the grass root on how Boko Haram came into existence. My God! Who will deliver us now embarassed

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Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah: We Plan To Attend Amotekun Public Hearing On Monday by Josh44s(m): 4:00pm On Feb 22, 2020
This shows that Igbos are not threat to security challenges in anyway in Nigeria. They are not bothered by the Amotekun. Yet, the Afonjas will keep on hating Igbos who are developing their villages and turning them to cities. When Nigeria separates to three entities probably, we can still do business with all other parts of Nigerians

4 entity. Not three. NigerDelta tend to stand alone.
Romance / Re: My Fiancee Was Caught Flirting With Her Ex On Whatsapp by Josh44s(m): 10:45am On Feb 22, 2020
Hello Nairalanders I need to hear from different people what to do and maybe if there is any advise at all or guidance to the issue/incidence that occured between me and my fiancee

Let me go straight to the story and I will try to make it short and explanatory.

My fiancee happened to have this ex that obviously they had a good time together and infact she left the guy for me and during one of our conversation I got to know that finances during her time with him was a big issue and at one time or twice she cheated on him to sleep with men that could take care of the finances

We started our relationship and I quickly noticed the challenges with this with her but on my own part I can take care of her finances. Anyway, We have been together for more than 2 years and also we are planning to get engaged traditional soon.

The unthinkable happened during one of my inquisitive quest of checking her WhatsApp messages when I saw her telling her closest buddy that she was chatting with her ex the other time and that they were talking about how many times they had sex and also if she ever meet the guy again she will sleep with him.

Well, as it is I am feeling been cheated on and secondly, i can't imagine that she will still have this feeling for the ex so much that she could say that she can still sleep with the ex again.

The question now is, do I still need to continue the relationship with her? and also call off the engagement? Because it seemed she can't be loyal or maybe the she loves the guy more than me and any given opportunity she will always go back to the ex

Just look at this f00l. You are dating a whoore. Can I have her number please. I get money


Politics / Re: Hanan Buhari Denies Ordering DSS To Arrest, Detain Okolie Over SIM by Josh44s(m): 10:05am On Feb 22, 2020

So you are calling Hanan Buhari a sleeping dog.

Shege banza.

She ain’t just a sleeping dog but a cheap LovePeddler! Just like her mother!. If he pain you well well go tell toothless dog DSS. Idiat!


Politics / Re: Biography Of Ibrahim Gaidam, Senator Who Introduced 'Repentant Boko Haram Bill' by Josh44s(m): 10:42pm On Feb 21, 2020

I swear very soon a holocaust will happen again and the north will not like it at all.

Ah swear bro. This people nova know the plans we get for them. Let them continue cheesy
Politics / Re: Biography Of Ibrahim Gaidam, Senator Who Introduced 'Repentant Boko Haram Bill' by Josh44s(m): 10:12pm On Feb 21, 2020

Bokoharam and Niger delta militants are not the same.

Niger delta militants never went around killing women and children.

You can't compare them, they don't have links to Islamic state of Iraq.

Go and read about Isis of Iraq, these people are terrorist, we are not supposed to be negotiating with terrorist.

I don't understand how people think,
When you people turn Nigeria into Syria, everyone will rest.

They think south, west and east are weak. They should continue pushing us to the walls until we can’t take it anymore. Just then the 3 geopolitical zone will gang up against the north to see full wrath of what we can do. This is what is going to happen if Buhari and his blood sucking demons continued on the path are taking.


Politics / Re: Biography Of Ibrahim Gaidam, Senator Who Introduced 'Repentant Boko Haram Bill' by Josh44s(m): 10:08pm On Feb 21, 2020
Boko Haram members, if they truly repent and have zero intention of furthering their criminal profession can be encouraged by such Ministry, just as militants were rehabilitated. It worked for Niger Delta, so I see no reason it will not work for the weaponized-amaljiri North.

If Boko Haram can be defeated with Love since we can not defeat them in war, it is better. That way we dont keep getting defrauded by the Military Heads and their foreign arms-dealers counterparts who also supply arms to Boko Haram to create business opportunities.

Are you crazy or what! Comparing BH with NigerDelta militants. Do you even know anything about Niger Delta militants? They do not kill women, children or civilians. They only fighting for their lands being polluted by oil companies and government refuse to do anything about it, plus government keeps on sidelining then off their rights. What is BH fighting for? Trying to turn the whole country to Islam? You are very very stuuupid.!


Crime / Re: Police Arrest 10 Armed Fulani Herdsmen In Ekiti by Josh44s(m): 10:02pm On Feb 21, 2020
Politics / Re: Ali Ndume: "I Disagree With Creating Agency For Boko Haram" (video) by Josh44s(m): 7:00pm On Feb 21, 2020
It had been the plan since. I knew it.

"If I say the things that has been happening in this country nobody will be able to sleep"

Bro talk o make people let people have awareness. Because Boko boiz don dey all corners for this country.
Politics / Re: Buratai To Troops: We Are Days Away From Finally Defeating Boko Haram/iswap by Josh44s(m): 10:08am On Feb 21, 2020

This your OKAY lacks confidence

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Science/Technology / Re: 28,500-Year-Old 'Protodog' Jawbone Reveals How Dogs Evolved From Wolves (Photos) by Josh44s(m): 10:07am On Feb 21, 2020

Crime / Re: Midnight Fire Kills 3 Kids In Anambra While Mother Was In Hotel With Lover by Josh44s(m): 10:20pm On Feb 20, 2020
My own is government should just give her husband 5 mins visit with her and a court order must state that within that 5 mins “THE PURGE” is allowed. Nonsense!


Politics / Re: Obaseki Revokes CofO Of Ibori’s Property by Josh44s(m): 8:33pm On Feb 20, 2020
Obaseki in heading to land of no return

Oh my gawd! Why are you this beautiful embarassed

Romance / Re: Checking Her Phone Has Cost Us Our Beautiful Relationship by Josh44s(m): 3:43pm On Feb 20, 2020

Bad Boy! John 3:16 smiley

Romance / Re: Checking Her Phone Has Cost Us Our Beautiful Relationship by Josh44s(m): 3:38pm On Feb 20, 2020
Everybody has a past...

Thank you so much for this comment. Everyone keeps on castigating the girl but no one is asking if Op has changed his womanizing ways (I can tell from the way he narrated the whole story to look innocent). Op in question is a player just like him baby. Player jam player.
Romance / Re: Checking Her Phone Has Cost Us Our Beautiful Relationship by Josh44s(m): 3:34pm On Feb 20, 2020
Why is everyone insulting the girl in question. Op wey be man ashawo nko? Op na player
Romance / Re: Checking Her Phone Has Cost Us Our Beautiful Relationship by Josh44s(m): 3:31pm On Feb 20, 2020
Stop going back to an ex, it's a waste of time

Which ex? The babe na full time runs babe now. Na for us to collect our share. Make Op share us her digits o.


Romance / Re: Checking Her Phone Has Cost Us Our Beautiful Relationship by Josh44s(m): 3:29pm On Feb 20, 2020
Good morning all, for those still awake.

I think my relationship just ended. Something we both cherish.

Well, months back my ex and I came back together. We had a bliss relationship while in our final year, but I wasn't committed at all and she knew it and left. Back then in school she kept going to my phone and of course she do see things to talk about .

After 1 year of being apart, I needed a committed relationship cos I wanted to settle down. She came to my mind and the feelings was so strong even though I tried to resist it. We finally met and resolved all issues that led to her leaving .

Is been the sweetest memory we have had so far. Everything was going fine. She is a nice and sweet girl. Our agenda is marriage and she is aware. She fits perfectly to my ideal woman. Our emotional and spiritual connection is just perfect.

Well, things take a turn when I went to her phone and saw stuff that knocked me out. What really got me mad was her dating a married man. My emotion was dead. She said the relationship is in the past. She was forced to go into it after she left school. Her mum forced her into it when she stopped caring for her and asked her to go fend for herself. Then we weren't together. She confessed to becoming someone else from who I knew when I didn't tried to bring her back. But she is not a bad as I think , she concluded .

I also saw her chat with someone where she sent a bedroom pics she took in my house. She said she is just flirting with him (they have a fling) but that I should give her time, she is going to completely cut of tiers with them.

Well, I love her was ready to stay with her.
She was around again this Val and was tempted to check again and noticed she is still communicating with the married man. Infact I noticed they met lately in January. I locked up , and decided that is over. Didn't talk to her about it.

We went out for on Saturday. She is the type that hardly post on Facebook. Infact she has reduced my activities on Facebook. Her reason, our lives shouldn't be on social media.
I uploaded our outing on WhatsApp. She did too, but didn't upload the one we took together. Yea, she hasn't done that b4. I was angry and voiced out what I saw in her phone. Accused her of deliberately hiding us from her contacts.
She apologised and told me she isn't doing anything with the man again. Just the normal chat cos of the friendship they have had b4 . She even handed her phone to me to call him and end it if I want . I wasn't taking any of that cos I saw from her browsing history where she is been searching how to make a married man fall in love and spend on her but didn't let her know of it.
She pleaded that nothing is happening between them again. Then she begged that I should stopped going to her phone that is destroying us. That if I ended up destroying this relationship, where do I want her to start.

She is back to her base and we chatted last nite and she brought up the case of me going to her phone again and I was angry with that and told her about the browsing history too.

She was completely devastated with my findings.
Is lengthy right, sorry about that. This is a relationship we both cherished and I know she love me real good. Ohh, I forgot to tell you, she bought me a native dress and sent 6k to me from her 33k NYSC allawee. She is a good girl. She is nice and caring. I love this girl real good. Never loved anyone like this before.

But I don't know what has really gone wrong with her. I was determined to really make this right, but as it stand now, it seems dead to me and I am sure she also feels same too.

I should have stayed away from her phone. But guys, is not my fault, I love this girl and I am serious about it.

Look at this f00l. You played yourself slowpoke. She is a player and you are a player so why are you complaining. You admit yourself na. Y’all broke up and she went her way. Nobody to look after her and carter for her needs so she enter street with her Toto. Biko, before you break up with her, send me her number bro, lemme enjoy her doggy please, I dey like all those kind gals wey dey form repentance but still collecting prick. Their style of knacking Dey burst my brain and balls. Idiot!


Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Overrides Buhari’s Decisions, 5 Other Takeaways From Monguno’s Memo by Josh44s(m): 2:55pm On Feb 20, 2020
When I said that the lifeless and clueless daura drunkard called buhari is just a mere figurehead in this lifeless administration, some gang of efulefu's under the stewardship of a rotten vulture meat barbecue miscreant will jump to my mention and start vomiting their unceasing truckload of bullshit....

It is safe to say that we don't have a president, it's just one born-to-fail dullard being pushed around like a moronic donkey.

Just imagine the nonsense.


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Crime / Re: Yahoo Boys Killed Dagan Laetitia Naankang, Burnt Her Body - Guardian by Josh44s(m): 2:27pm On Feb 20, 2020
Wetin concern Yahoo boiz wey dey hustle for their daily bread to feed their family in a failed country and the killing of an Aso Rock personnel by ABBA Kyari and Co? The youth of South South na dem this government wan face for this their next level shiiit. Mark my words! We go burn this country to the ground
Celebrities / Re: Toyin Lawani's Nude 38th Pre-Birthday Photo by Josh44s(m): 7:00pm On Feb 19, 2020
apart from the nyash n to.to what else?

She has a lot o bro.
Politics / Re: Vincent Danture Is Dead: Governor Inuwa Yahaya Mourns Channels TV Reporter by Josh44s(m): 5:42pm On Feb 19, 2020
not surprised

everybody must die one way or the other

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Politics / Re: Abia State First Flyover In Limbo After 5 Years (Pictures) by Josh44s(m): 9:58am On Feb 19, 2020
Is that a flyover or a palm wine joint bench

You are heartless. Hahahahahahahahaha


Politics / Re: Lucky Omoluwa Is Dead by Josh44s(m): 11:32pm On Feb 18, 2020
i read the comment Bro.....
Am just gonna ask a question. between that guy and buhari, which one is your first choice to die?

Don’t make me laugh please cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Olamide Signs Empire Record Label Contract - Pictures by Josh44s(m): 11:11pm On Feb 18, 2020
This olamide guy is a one minute man.

Biko One...one....one question. When you fuccc...fuc...fuc...fuc...fuccccccccck am!

Politics / Re: Boko Haram Attacks Korongilum, Chibok, Sets Many Houses On Fire by Josh44s(m): 11:01pm On Feb 18, 2020
What if Kanu's claim about PMB being cloned is true? What if the man in Aso Rock isn't the real PMB? What if Jubril is just a figure head while Aba Kyari is the real President? These are questions begging 4 answers nd the sooner Nigerians receive answers to these questions the better 4 everyone.

If these allegations are eventually true, the British government will be penalized by UN and ICC gravely because they are the number one sole conspirator in what’s happening in Nigeria today.


Family / Re: Help! My Husband Is A Night Crawler by Josh44s(m): 10:50pm On Feb 18, 2020
Pls my fellow Nairalanders,

I have been married for 8years now. My husband is nice and caring but I don't like the fact that he likes moving at night. He comes home as late as 12am.

He is currently looking for a job now and most times his reason for coming home late is because he is hanging out with friends. I have discussed this issue with him severally and expressed that I don't like his night movement. On such occasions he will promise not to come home late but the promise is never kept. I have told him the dangers of moving late in a city like Lagos.

The annoying part is that he is not coming home late from work rather because he i s with friends. Most times our young children will stay up late hoping to see him before going to bed but they will wait in vain as he will not be home before they will sleep off.

Note: Even though I'm working, I make sure the house is clean and food ready before he comes home. I don't nag and I'm good looking.

Pls I need suggestions on how to make him stop this night waka.

Please move to front page for wider view

Just talk to him calmly about your fear for him. Especially police people in that Lagos. Worry am well well o let him stop it.
Politics / Re: Lucky Omoluwa Is Dead by Josh44s(m): 7:53pm On Feb 18, 2020
Death!!!!!! Where are thou?

Leave this people alone and focus on our leaders..

We pray thee

Did you even bother to read before you comment? Wasted sperm.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: 3 Clubs That Could Stop Liverpool From Defending The Champions League by Josh44s(m): 5:09pm On Feb 18, 2020
3 Real Madrid
Who can write off the only club that succeeded in defending the European crown during the current era, winning four Champions League trophies within five years and further stabilising its stand as the greatest football club on the continent?

Los Blancos have shocked everyone with their return to form this term. They currently top the La Liga table with 52 points from 23 games so far and will be locking horns with Manchester City in the Champions League Round of 16 this month. They are playing brilliantly, with great team work and intense determination. With momentum building up steadily, there's no writing off the men in white.

I am no Liverpool fan but What an insult! Real Madrid that’s a dead club and Juventus is a good as a serie C club.

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