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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Joshmodest(m): 11:53pm On Aug 05
You can make zero and at the same time make quadruple of the 20k as long as
1. You learn your Technical analysis
2. You are not greedy
3. You know when to exit and enter the market
Thanks alot for the reply , but this means I have to learn from an expert in the field on how to go about it I presume ??

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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by Joshmodest(m): 3:53am On Aug 05
Please I'm a prospective crypto trader and I'm not used to all these terminologies and calculations , but if Invest 20k in crypto , like how much profit will I get on it weekly , based on the current status ?
N : B - I'm not trying to get sharp sharp profit , but I just want to find out how profitable it is and how much I'm willing to risk . Thanks for ur anticipated reply .


Politics / Re: INEC Projects 20 Million New Voters As CVR Begins Today by Joshmodest(m): 6:10am On Jun 28
Sane NAija youths .

Your vote is your power.

Be wise.
I don't know If it's the "Sane " or the "Be wise " that's more funny , cos oga eleran Vulture ...u don't fit into both brackets !!


Politics / Re: Obasanjo: It's Ridiculous To Believe That Buhari Has Died (Video) by Joshmodest(m): 6:08am On Jun 28
I don't think anyone on planet Earth hates Buhari more than I do , but this theory of him being dead , and cloned bla bla doesn't add up for me ...My hatred for Buhari and his 3k per month online warrior whose side hustle is selling dead Vulture meat won't becloud my reasoning !!

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Politics / Re: AMCON Takes Over Sen Abdulfatai Buhari’s Houses For ₦600m Loan Default by Joshmodest(m): 6:00am On Jun 25
A poor man would owe these banks and they'll take all he has down to his wife's hollandis , but these big men just have a field time owing them and all they can do is beg for their own money !

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Education / Re: Ayo Adekunle Ajala's Father Challenges Suicide Theory In His Death In Kebbi by Joshmodest(m): 5:16am On Jun 24
Rip to the deceased, Nigerian police is nothing to write home about,I is also of the opinion that the guy was murdered.
Nigeria has a police force ??


Religion / Re: Make No Mistake! If You're Not Philanthropic, Your Soul Is In Danger Of Hell! by Joshmodest(m): 9:18am On Jun 20
I actually saw this coming so it's not a surprise.

Well not blow my trumpet, but just so you'd know, the person you speak of is someone whose philanthropic lifestyle alone has inspired some really stingy people to become generous. And to those who really know me here, my philanthropic efforts in Nairaland are not in question. I've even lost count of how many times I've given out the same amount or more to nairalanders. I can show you some proof if need be.
So if you say i don't practice what I preach just because of the reason I said i would rather give to those really in need than to that guy, i don't have anything to prove to you.

As for the widow you spoke about, she didn't give that to someone in a faceless forum who she wasn't sure was in need but someone she met physically. And the only reason she gave that to the prophet was because God was going to use him to multiply the last foodstuff she had, which she and her son had planned to eat and die.

1 Kings 17:15-16 (KJV)

And she went and did according to the saying of Elijah: and she, and he, and her house, did eat many days.
And the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail, according to the word of the LORD, which he spake by Elijah.
You're philanthropic , you've inspired people yen yen yen .....
Anyone can be anything on faceless forum .
I am least concerned with how many anonymous people you've helped , neither am I interested in ur audio philanthropy , the issue here is you preached a topic and had the opportunity to show workings and u failed successfully .
And mind u the widow ur Bible speaks of met a man she's not met before telling her to feed him , that scenario is even worse than someone on a faceless forum , a man who can't give on a faceless forum, would still not give even in real life .

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Religion / Re: Make No Mistake! If You're Not Philanthropic, Your Soul Is In Danger Of Hell! by Joshmodest(m): 6:40am On Jun 20
What's your point??
It's right above u ...
Religion / Re: Make No Mistake! If You're Not Philanthropic, Your Soul Is In Danger Of Hell! by Joshmodest(m): 6:32am On Jun 20
At the moment I don't enough to spare, but even if i did, I would rather give it those who need it more, because you don't sound as someone who's sincerely in need.

A real philanthropist gives cos he wants to give... And u people talk about the widow of zaraphite that gave her last oil to one of ur prophets , she didn't need to have enough to spare ...If u can't give that guy 2k cos of this flimsy excuse , you're another successful experiment of how u folks preach what u can't practice ..

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Religion / Re: Does Someone Need To Attend Church To Be Spiritual? by Joshmodest(m): 6:30am On Jun 20
There's really nothing special about these churches except u listen to music and a fellow man like u talks to the audience and then u get to pay for both the music and the speech ...Of cos ur pastors wouldn't tell u that cos it's bad for business !
Religion / Re: The Difference Between Religion And Spirituality. by Joshmodest(m): 6:28am On Jun 20
Politics / Re: Don’t Appeal To Terrorists, Crush Them— Fani-kayode Tells Buhari The Peoples Dem by Joshmodest(m): 2:14pm On May 07
Is Buhari even appealing to them
The man has even refused to call them terrorists so why do u even think he's appealing to them , Gumi the Class captain of terrorists said OBJ played a vital role in the release of the kids , Buhari's name isn't in all of this , the man is livid and unconcerned about the happenings in the zoo !
Sports / Re: Samuel Chukwueze, Villarreal Players Celebrate Europa League Final Qualification by Joshmodest(m): 6:51am On May 07
angry angry angry sad MAN U cool wink cheesy go revenge and lift the Cup for good cool

We are UNITED cheesy grin cool

Kill urself if u hate it sad

We don't need that revenge , if anything self I want Villarreal to beat Man u .....
Then I also wish , Chelsea can lose the UCL final to City , lose FA to Leicester and even drop out of the top 4
That's a perfect season for me !

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Politics / Re: Every Igbo In Nigeria Should Get A Gun -senator Abaribe by Joshmodest(m): 6:50am On Apr 30
When we have senseless people in the upper chamber !

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Fashion / Re: Is It A Bad For A Male To Grow Hair? by Joshmodest(m): 12:27pm On Apr 28
there's totally nothing wrong with growing hair , in the 80's men rocked afro and it was totally cool then , subconsciously the society has wired us to think its irresponsible to grow full hair , some religious folks even see it as a sin !
My take is if it's bad or a sign of irresponsibility and a sin , then God should stop it from growing !! , I have no control over my hair growth .
Politics / Re: Smart Adeyemi: Let’s Shut Down The National Assembly If We Can't Save... (Video) by Joshmodest(m): 8:24am On Apr 28
What interests me most in all of this , is the mannequin at Asorock is just waking up everyday eating Maza drinking kunu and fura de nunu ...
Nigeria is at it's worst state ever and we warned people like the dead Vulture griller here on NL and his fellow gullible fellows that the next level would be worse than the change tenure , but they refused ...
Thank God all of us dey the country , the breakfast will go round !!

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Politics / Re: Smart Adeyemi: Let’s Shut Down The National Assembly If We Can't Save... (Video) by Joshmodest(m): 8:18am On Apr 28
With all this happening in Nigeria the mannequin at Asorock is just waking up everyday to eat Maza and drink Kunu geda then go back to sleep !


Celebrities / Re: My Sex Tape Issue Is In My Past And God Has Forgiven Me", Apostle to Nairamarley by Joshmodest(m): 6:01am On Apr 08
Love what Naira did to the fraudster , Before u come out and point fingers make sure the fingers are even clean ...
What exactly is he singing or doing that no other artist has done before ?
I'm not a fan of his music , but I'm safer around a weed smoker than y'all hypocritical religious folks !


Religion / Re: Is it a sin for Christian Ladies to wear Trousers? by Joshmodest(m): 6:21am On Apr 04
I see all this cults popping up as denominations bringing up different sins that they adjudged to be , and forcing it down the throats of those they can brainwash ...
Having dreadlocks and tattoos that isn't a sin anywhere in their book , would lead u to hell , Listening to Bob Marley and Chubby Checker would lead to hell , and the same instruments this guys use they use to , Beyonce , Kelly Rowland and Michelle did a song long time ago that Beyonce's verse has long time been a chorus in churches , Miriam Makeba's Malaika was lyrically tweaked with the same lyrics and has long time been a chorus in churches , so it's wrong for us to listen to Beyonce and Makeba but their stuffs can be used in their denominations ..
Do what suits u and what u think is right , there's nothing special about this men of God ... just suit and tie with entitlement and extortionist mentality !
Romance / Re: How To Make My Boyfriend Happy And At Peace? by Joshmodest(m): 6:13am On Apr 04
All I see here is a guy who wants to arrange is life in the e pattern that suits him , and a girl who wants to re arrange his plan , and make him work things out according to her calendar ..
Now this is why I'm scared of relationships , so I'm supposed to ignore other girls , prove constantly that I'm not cheating , apologize unnecessary for things that don't matter , and all this for a girl who doesn't trust me enough to have sex with me , for a shallow mentality that makes her feel that's why I'm wasting 3 years to date her , When it's not as if I'm a virgin .
I'm speaking from experience cos I currently dating a girl that also wants to change me completely , when u can simply date the good boys u want me to be ? .
If u love the guy , free him from all this marriage talks and unnecessary pressure , and lastly no guy would take a lady who wants to wait till they get married before having sex serious , believe me on this !


Family / Re: Who Is The Head Of The Family? Husband, Wife Or Both by Joshmodest(m): 6:02am On Apr 04
Honestly , I can never understand why Africa make a house of 3 people so important that we would have to be discussing who is the chief of a one room apartment of 3 people .
Marriage is a union between two people , and u religious lot who like to believe two becomes one , if truly two would become one then what part of that one is the chief and subject ??

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Politics / Re: VP'S Visit To Gombe For The 27th Edition Of The MSMES Clinics. PICTURES. by Joshmodest(m): 5:58am On Mar 31
Nice one awaiting president of the federal republic of Nigeria
Sofri hail the man , before the lifeless one vex come back from London ..

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Celebrities / Re: “wizkid Just Followed Me On Instagram, E Don Spoil” - Singer Gyakie Rejoices by Joshmodest(m): 6:32am On Mar 26
Am I the only one who feels these slangs are useless and makes no meaning in sentences?
Baba leave our slangs for us and carry ur Oxford dictionary dey read , Mr sentences ...
E choke am !!!!!!!!

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Travel / Re: Why Do Nigerian Airports Staff Always Beg For Money by Joshmodest(m): 6:28am On Mar 26
Every single government Institution in Nigeria they either beg for money or take forceful bribes ... remember to edit the topic to Nigerian airports , let us not generalize our madness !

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Celebrities / Re: Find Your Wife & Delete IG - American Rapper The Game Advises Men by Joshmodest(m): 6:26am On Mar 26
Let it not stop at deleting IG , kill all fine girls around and family members , friends , break ur SIM cards , and relocate to the forest , or under the rock .
Marriage weh go spoil go spoil , IG has nothing to do with failed marriages at all !

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Celebrities / Re: Multichoice Announces N90m Grand Prize For Bbnaija Season 6 — Highest Ever by Joshmodest(m): 6:22am On Mar 26
Sponsors keep rolling out money to promote this show every year when cowbellpedia maths competition , only has a handful of sponsors despite it's existence dating back to when was a kid ... The future is definitely not education !

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Politics / Re: Why FG Preserved Public Jobs, Exempted Taxes For Minimum Wage Earners, Buhari by Joshmodest(m): 6:58pm On Mar 23
We have a president in this country ?? cos I'm not understanding !!
Crime / Re: EFCC Secures Seven Convictions In Abeokuta, Ibadan by Joshmodest(m): 6:57pm On Mar 23
All these 20 dollars Yahoo boys that EFCC are nabbing up and down at ibadan !!


Politics / Re: A Man Who Looks Like Buhari, Seen Driving A Danfo Bus At Lagos by Joshmodest(m): 6:10pm On Mar 19
Wahala be like Buhari , e full everywhere ..
I'm patiently waiting for the day , one Buhari would attend Ecowas meeting and the other one would be at AU meeting at the same time ....


Celebrities / Re: Israel DMW To DJ Cuppy: Thank You For Forgiving Me (Video) by Joshmodest(m): 6:03pm On Mar 19
Thunder faya Israel wey thank !
Thunder faya Cuppy wey sue !!
Thunder faya Zlatan wey do song !!!
Thunder faya the op wey post this nonsense !!!!


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