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Celebrities / Re: Basketmouth Reacts To Blackface's Diss Track, Tells 2face To Settle Him by Joshmodest(m): 12:49pm On Mar 19

You are just saying thrash with confidence.. If blackface has what it takes to write African queen we would have seen it in other songs he has dropped... But out of the two of them, it is even 2face that has come up with bangers that are up there with Africa queen.. Blackface is just full of envy and has refused to grow..
The first line of your post is actually your own pie so Bon appetit firstly....
2face has never denied the fact blackface owns African Queen ,and the fact he hasn't been able to drop anoda hit doesn't mean he didn't write African Queen. do you know what is called a one hit wonder....Chuddy k killed everywhere with go Gaga song back in the days , has he dropped anoda ? No..
if blackface released African Queen , his name would be on the map ....even if he cant get anoda hit.


Celebrities / Re: Basketmouth Reacts To Blackface's Diss Track, Tells 2face To Settle Him by Joshmodest(m): 11:43am On Mar 19
Na frustration go kill this black goat so abi na black face. Tuface is just moving to higher heights.

Waiting for black face to comman tell the world say na him write oyi for Tubaba

Look at things like this bro !
blackface introduced 2 face to Plantashun boys , he shared his muscal idea with him , and even his songs ....boom !!! 2face steals blackface's songs , which is unlawful and makes him a criminal ... without informing blackface, and makes a hell of a fortune out of it , and blackface gets no royalties, no mention , no recognition whatsoever on his own song, ...
he hasn't been able to do anything meaningful again musically since ,then meaning the sh*t really depressed the guy.....
To make matters worse , 2face and every other nigga out there sees him as a bad person cos 2face is famous..
IF you could leggo of such situation , not everyone is emotionally strong enough to, imagine what dis guy feels whenever he puts on his TV and sees 2face....
Before you judge a situation look at two angles !

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Politics / Re: Collapsed Building ; Dolapo Osinbajo Visit Survivors In Lagos by Joshmodest(m): 3:53pm On Mar 16

Yea longer this time but still no sense in it at all.

The insecurity in the country cannnot make all the 45 minutes jargon/bullshiit u are typing feasible.

Take it or leave it, u are not making sense.

Engage your brain properly from time to time before it stops functioning completely.

Study evolution very well you will see that organs not put to use stops working most times.

I am done exchanging senseless banter borne out of hatred.

Dustbin material @ your post .
The day a senseless man knows he lacks sense , he becomes sensible ....arguing won't do you any good man , accept the bitter truth !!
I remember advising you to visit a psychiatrist , sadly u didn't take it .... there's one at Yaba just in case !....or at least lock yourself behind doors ... your cluelessness is highly contagious !
Politics / Re: Collapsed Building ; Dolapo Osinbajo Visit Survivors In Lagos by Joshmodest(m): 2:49pm On Mar 16

U are still not making sense brother. Even though u are trying hard and making efforts to make sense.

Buhari does not have to be every where there is disaster. It is that simple.

Stop calling an environment that can not be compared.
In US or Uk does tragedy happen in quick successions ?

So as he is in Lagos from there to ibadan next day Kaduna for xtian killings and from there to Benue and Borno after the week.

Just calm down and see how ur suggestion despite all the exposure u are forming is not practical and does not make any sense.
This your comment is devoid of any form of reasoning , you're trying to sound smart..but making a terrible effort at that !...
He cant be everywhere you say , tell me one disaster that has occurred in Nigeria that Buhari visited the victims ....once upon a time buhari could travel to 4 countries in a week !..for irrelevant issues , that has no importance to the growth of Nigeria .....
I made an instance of, had his son been one of the victims...a 45 minutes flight ,from Abuja to Lagos and a one hour tour round the hospital. Would not kill buhari...what exactly is he doing , that could be more important that the welfare of his citizens...
Relax and re - read your post , and see how "sensible " everything you typed is....if you still find it reasonable , visit the nearest psychiatric hospital and Lodge there for some time . you need it !
Politics / Re: Collapsed Building ; Dolapo Osinbajo Visit Survivors In Lagos by Joshmodest(m): 12:35pm On Mar 16

You are comparing a president's human right (right to campaign for election) with your own supposed moral responsibility (to visit every disaster scene).

Can you provide us a timeline of disasters in the United States under Obama and how many he visited?
You are drifting far way from the point...," moral responsibility " I really can't decipher what you're saying !...
Since you want to go down the memory lane ,can you provide some of the big disasters that claimed life in the States( I'm not talking of two people gun violence here oh )That Obama was not present , while telling me one where buhari was present at the scene .....last I remember GEJ visited Dana air crash scene ...I guess that was his moral responsibility !
Politics / Re: Collapsed Building ; Dolapo Osinbajo Visit Survivors In Lagos by Joshmodest(m): 11:07am On Mar 16

In what moral section is that contained?

He has sent his condolences and heartfelt message, is that not enough?

So, he should have left everything, even if pressing, and traveled down to Lagos and then to Ibadan?

Messages and visitations are all the same. The key is that you identified with the victims and their families.

This two cities , he visited when he wanted to campaign for election. Or didn't he ??
What could be more pressing than the situation on ground...
When he wanted to campaign , he could have easily gone down to A network provider to send text messages in large numbers to all Nigerians..saying " vote for me "... that I believe should be just enough....
If his son was to be in that building , would he and his ignoramus of a wife , had sitted in thier houses and sent messages expressing thier deepest condolences to him ??
You see before we talk , we should always think first !...it's a clear case of unconcern for the citizens welfare , and the only reason we should be supporting this guys , is if we are one of them , or we don't have a heart , or lastly if we are senseless and clueless !!!
Politics / Re: Collapsed Building ; Dolapo Osinbajo Visit Survivors In Lagos by Joshmodest(m): 10:51am On Mar 16

Not every American president are the same. That Obama did it does not mean Trump or Bush would.
Mr man every sane president of a country should visit a scene of disaster, that claimed lives of his citizens....Obama doing the ryt thing ,doesn't in any way imply Trump and bush should...that's a better way to do things ....
Politics / Re: Collapsed Building ; Dolapo Osinbajo Visit Survivors In Lagos by Joshmodest(m): 10:33am On Mar 16

He should visit Lagos and from there to Ibadan.

You have Governor, local Govt chairmen, councilors, house of assembly , house of rep and senators representing them but u are ranting about Buhari not going.

You better stop the hatred so u can concentrate on ur life a bit.

Hatred distracts.

When grenfell towers had a fire outbreak that killed 80 people in 2017 , was Theresa may there or not ?
The Orlando shooting I made mention of was Obama there or not ?
All this places mentioned , don't have governors , or other form of instituted authorities aside the federal government .
You better stop this myopic reasoning of yours , so you can see things from a sensible angle..
Foolishness distracts !
Politics / Re: PDP Raises Alarm Over Alleged N17bn Illegal Transactions By Okorocha by Joshmodest(m): 7:01am On Mar 16
Forget it oga chairman !
He is on the Lord's side , he can never be arrested !!
Politics / Re: I Pray Next Transport Minister Has My Kind Of Passion – Amaechi by Joshmodest(m): 7:00am On Mar 16
Myself and all well meaning and sane Nigerians reject this prayer from the pit of hell !!!

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Politics / Re: Collapsed Building ; Dolapo Osinbajo Visit Survivors In Lagos by Joshmodest(m): 6:45am On Mar 16
Has the president been there ? No
Will he ever visit them ? Maybe not
Had this building collapsed in Ghana , will he have visited them ? Considering his love for touring and uninvited visit's, I'll say yes
Before you start quoting me , this building collapse is an issue of national concern, who remembers the Orlando club mass shootings , that killed scores of people in 2016 or so ?? Obama and his wife visited the scene ASAP , to comfort the family of the deceased !!...You know why he went ,cos he knew Americans , wouldn't have it if he didn't show up, and he valued every life of a citizen in his country !!...But many Nigerians would still say exactly what they said in the Benue massacre.... Does the president need to be there ??
God bless dolapo Osibanjo for her kind gesture , but the president and his wife are clearly uninterested on unaware of the news !
Next level ......


Politics / Re: Senate President: Ndigbo Will Do Well – Group by Joshmodest(m): 6:44am On Mar 16
i just dey laugh for dis igbo leaders way Apc no win single state for East but dey re looking for senate president.... Are they a Learner...

Are they a learner
Expected from Buhari's supporters !
Celebrities / Re: Mr Jollof Pictured With Success, The Warri Schoolgirl, Settles Her School Fees by Joshmodest(m): 4:28pm On Mar 15
Nice one, despite the fact he didn't have to post it on insta ....God don pick this girl call ....
Niggas let's work hard so ppul won't have to open go fund me account , or start making donations for us or our family !!!
Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Reacts To Video Of Warri Girl Sent Out Of School For School Fees by Joshmodest(m): 2:14pm On Mar 15
Should the proprietor buy her snacks , or probably give her a standing ovation for not paying school fees, Or do the parents sit down and discuss a payment plan for the teachers salary...or won't the teachers get paid ,it's a school and not a charity institution.
Mind you the school actually pre inform the students that they'll send them home ,but thier parents still send them to school hoping for miracles to happen...if you want to help the girl pls do , without sounding stoopid !!!!!!!


Politics / Re: Buhari Shuns Meeting With Bauchi, Adamawa Governors by Joshmodest(m): 6:50am On Mar 15
They want buhari to use his rigging skills to help them out , but Unfortunately the nigga only cares for himself...he no go do nahtin in Fela's voice...

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Celebrities / Re: “christians Need To Embrace Divorce”- Daddy Freeze by Joshmodest(m): 2:53pm On Mar 13
If you do because of religious reasons , you remain in an abusive marriage , you will die in the marriage and die for free...f*ck what ever the religious leaders shove down your throat !!!
Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo Surprises Her Daughter In Her School With A White Limousine & Flowers by Joshmodest(m): 2:50pm On Mar 13
And that makes her age double ryt
All this celebrities and unnecessary exposure !
You try mama you too good !!! undecided

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Education / Re: Just Saw My Cgpa, What Are My Chances. by Joshmodest(m): 9:43am On Mar 13
Bro chillax , I don't mean to discourage you , but GP no dey find work for pesin.....life pass all this stuff, slow down and just chill , Our President today no even get waec..

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Politics / Re: Kano Election UPDATE: Deputy Governor arrested. by Joshmodest(m): 5:49am On Mar 11

You people can turn logic on its head in order to justify your point.
If Buhari wanted to rig an election especially with an incumbent governor, there is nothing anyone can do. He controls the police, the army, the Civil defence and most importantly INEC.
Jonathan showed that the way he installed Fayose in Ekiti using the army.
There is no way the deputy governor will be arrested if Buhari orders the IG to leave him alone.

Buhari had to raise Ganduje's hands because he was the person the state APC produced and there was no controversy in the primaries as it was in some other states.
In Fela's voice buhari no fit do nahtin ...
Why isn't he doing anything in Oyo state , or adelabu is facing corruption charges, or probably the outgoing governor was from the opposition , that's why PDP is winning , or why didn't he do something in Akwa ibom , Athink he is controlling the police , one phone call should be enough !
See once the people have decided , there's really very minimal efforts the president can make, didn't you see how they escorted thier votes to the collation centre,....
Using fayose to buttress your point is really laughable , ekiti people were clearly tired of fayemi in 2015 , and buhari even rigged this election to enable him return...
Politics / Re: Kano Election UPDATE: Deputy Governor arrested. by Joshmodest(m): 5:37am On Mar 11

The CP was sent to Kano by Buhari for a special reason, Wakali is known as a no nonsense officer. Yes Buhari raised Ganduje's hand as he must do for an APC candidates, but buhari's men in kano were campaigning with vote any candidate of your choice.
Look at this my brother, Did buhari just send wakali to Kano before the election, and how on earth can buhari encourage Kano people to vote for any candidate of thier choice...do you know what you are saying ... Buhari's open defense of Ganduje was staged too ryt ...Kano people and the CP have made thier choice , you buhari a*slickers shouldn't mention buhari in this issue at all... buhari can even make Ganduje a minister..


Politics / Re: Kano Election UPDATE: Deputy Governor arrested. by Joshmodest(m): 5:26am On Mar 11

If Buhari was supporting Ganduje, why is the police arresting and preventing Ganduje deputy and Commissioner from rigging the election?
Did buhari not raise ganduje's hand in the presidential campaign, in Kano...what else do we call that if not endorsement , abi u no see the picshure..
His deputy governor's arrest , has nothing to do with buhari , it's the effort of the CP, who is interested in the goodwill of the people...if buhari had his way he would rig it like he did with the presidential election..


Celebrities / Re: “A Man Is A Luxury, Not A Necessity” – Toke Makinwa by Joshmodest(m): 5:22am On Mar 11
Its her opinion and she's quite correct , it depends on how you see it ....a man shouldn't be the main criteria in a woman's life ...every single woman is always looked down on , until they get a spouse..which is totally uncalled for .

N:B Now for those of you always listening and trying , to emulate the shaking steps of all these "feminists"..
Just know that this same toke knew her husband Maje, had an extra marital relationship with a fair lady , and didn't leave the house , even when the lady took in , she still wanted to stay ,but for her friends...the woman is the reason for her bleaching ,to stop her husband from looking outside..what a feminist !!!

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Politics / Re: Kano Election UPDATE: Deputy Governor arrested. by Joshmodest(m): 5:07am On Mar 11
This is why I like the northerners , They know ganduje is corrupt , and even tho the man fighting "kwarapsion and not corruption " , still endorsed him , they decided to kick him out , and they've successfully done so...shame on Mr President...
N:B - Ajimobi's son is married to ganduje's daughter , and both fathers , have failed in flying colors to the PDP in thier states...
Moral lesson : failure is highly contagious


Politics / Re: PDP Wins Akwa Ibom Governorship Election by Joshmodest(m): 5:06am On Mar 11
The man who claimed he'll win ten million votes for APC in Akwa ibom , and couldn't even win himself a senatorial seat , has successfully failed again !!!
Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji Makes Case For Igbos Residing In Lagos by Joshmodest(m): 8:35am On Mar 10
This is a basic fact , go to Ibadan , Kano , Zamfara name it , anywhere u see Ndigbo , u see hard work , diligence and success...while the real owners of the land they dwell go about claiming Omo onile , and harassing innocent people , for a living....Igbos work legitimately to succeed..very reason all other tribes are scared of giving them power in Nigeria .
Those who go about calling them cheats , it is a well known fact that the yahoo Industry is predominantly occupied by a particular tribe I wouldn't mention so Afonja people wouldn't insult me...
God bless all the South East and South South brothers
God bless Genevieve !!

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Celebrities / Re: "No Beef" Davido Dance And Sing Along Wizkid Song Soco In A Club In U.S by Joshmodest(m): 7:45am On Mar 07
Davido always starting beefs and ending it himself.... wizkid no dey reason him matter self !!!
Celebrities / Re: Tax Evasion: Actress Monalisa Chinda Reacts To Her Arrest Warrant by Joshmodest(m): 10:45am On Mar 06
All this scripture on top pay your tax matter !!
This is why I love the Bible ...
A drunkard will quote : take a little wine for your stomach ...
A sex worker will quote : he who has no sin , should cast the first stone
A deadbeat dad will quote : Honour your father and mother ......
A thief will quote : Remember me in paradise ...Jesus and the thief on the cross..
Fake pastors and thier gullible followers will quote : touch not my anointed
An indecently dressed lady in the church will quote : God loooketh at the inside while man looks at the appearance....
A beggar will quote : God blesses a cheerful giver...
A divorced man will quote : if your hand would lead you to hell , cut it off ......
The list is endless , there's a verse for every one ...and everyone is right depending on the way you see it...Books written by men can be interpreted anyhow by the same men !!!


Sports / Re: Drake And Anthony Joshua Took A Photo Together And People Think Drake Is Cursed by Joshmodest(m): 9:20am On Mar 06
One similarity this two have is ..
They both love Wizkid's ojuelegba ..
One featured on the song
The other played it as his intro ,while stepping into the ring !!!
Big fan of all three of them Drake, Wizkid and Joshua !!!!!

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Sports / Re: TEAM NEWS! Neymar Returns To Paris For PSG Clash Against Man United by Joshmodest(m): 9:15am On Mar 06
Make I go give PSG straight win and over 3.5 , the Kain beating man u go receive today....una no go wan come champions league again...
Pls if you are a united fan , and you're battling high blood pressure, stay away from this TV set , by 8:45 pm today ...for your interest and well-being !!!

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Sports / Re: See What Solari Is Saying About Resigning As Real Madrid Manager After 4– 1 Loss by Joshmodest(m): 9:05am On Mar 06
Anybody saying Madrid issue is in the coaching is a clown....two people have coached Madrid this one season , and they may become three soon, ....Bring Guardiola or even Zidane back to this team , they'll still flop....
Vinicius - great player , still has a long way to go
Benzema - Not even good for a second striker
Asensio - good player , but not good enough to carry a team.
Bale - Nothing to write to the church about...very terrible ATM
Modric - creating chances for noone to score..
It clear that the foundation of this team is shambled and there's nothing the righteous can do...
With a Ronaldo figure in that team, even Oliseh will take them to victory..

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Politics / Re: Don’t Turn Delta Into Theatre Of War, Monarchs Tell Military by Joshmodest(m): 8:55am On Mar 06
Na for civilians body all this Soldiers dem dey get power....boko Haram were reportedly with the chibok girls in sambisa forest...that time dem no fit go meet them...but once they deploy them to polling booths , ehen thier d*ck go rise !!!!
Nonsense and Buhari !!

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