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Autos / Re: Foreign Used Ford Transit Forsale by josikoya(m): 12:50pm On Nov 14
Sent you a message on WhatsApp kindly check and respond
Autos / Re: Car Is Needed 650k Budget by josikoya(m): 8:11pm On Jun 13

Have you sold this?

Autos / Re: Honda Accord (adidas) For Sale by josikoya(m): 5:57pm On Mar 11
Phyco like you
Autos / Re: Car Is Needed 650k Budget by josikoya(m): 8:07pm On Mar 07
You can come for my Honda accord (adidas) automatic transmission, engine and gear in perfect condition, very low fuel consumption.
You can WhatsApp me on 080___ 30817580
Romance / Re: Hello Guys What Investment Can I Start With 500k by josikoya(m): 8:00pm On Mar 01
between 200-250k...
Let me break it down 4 u well
If u buy a sound fairly used bike between 200-250k and hand it over to me to manage for u..I will find a driver..then give it 2 him for 2k daily pay...he balances me 12k per week(Sunday is off day)...I give u half..6k per week
So u get 6k per week..
I get 6k..but I will be d one maintaining d bike
We can start with one bike first..then when d biz mature and trust is gained...we can then buy another bike..then u get 12k per week..
I would have told u 2 buy Keke..but Keke is rubbish..unless u buy new one..I'm talking out of experience..
Note that if the bike biz fails in d future for any unforeseen circumstances...then I will balance u the money for the bike and take it as my own...so u don't av anything to loose...All these will be taken care off in the agreement we will sign
If u serious..I drop my contact..we talk online..

Run ooo,this guy na ripper 6k per week for 2 bike ahhhhh haaàaa fear God


Romance / Re: Sex With My Sugar Mummy Has Landed Me In Trouble by josikoya(m): 8:24pm On Feb 20
If Angela Nwosu catch you,this story is from digital ogbanje Facebook page

This woman beg me eeh, she beg sotee, she kneel down, I no gree. I kon dey regret why I come do this send off knackis, she no dey even reason her daughter wey don catch us, how she go use beg her, make her other pikin no join for the matter, she busy dey beg for gbola.

No single sleep enter our eyes, the vigil strong. My chest just dey do gbim gbim. Immediately 5 knack, I use whisper tell am to open the door make I comot …

Mama Uka; haba! By this time? No na, e too early, what if something happen to you for road, wetin I go tell your mama? Wait make 6 knack, at least, before you comot”

Matthew; nothing dey happen. Na okada horn I dey hear so for outside, cars don dey pass. This na lagos na, our hood no dey sleep, you sef know that one. My uncle dey show for our house by 6, I suppose don dey there before then”

Mama Uka; no o, I no fit let you comot here by this time, day never break”

Matthew; no be say I no sabi open this door, na you I just dey respect. E better make you open this door now, make we start this wahala with your pikin on time, before day go break wella and everybody go dey hear and see wetin dey happen. I dey suspect say e go loud”

Mama Uka; reduce your voice na, which kain wahala be this? Na my pikin she be, she no go disgrace me. No worry yourself, I go handle am…

By then, I don dey lose my patience...

Matthew; Mama Uka, open the door, abeg. No be say we go dey inside this room forever, you go still open am, you no get choice”

Mama Uka; e don reach like that? Na me you dey follow talk like that? You this gùtter pikin”…

As she talk that one, the kain vex wey full my body. I know say I be poor boy, but I no be gùtter. If I be wetin she call me, how come I dey inside her room now? I dey neat, I dey baf well, I be fine boy, gbola large, na say I come from poor background. I no go tolerate this kain insult from this woman o, now wey e be say my levels don change. Na so I use vex waka go open the door.

Immediately Uka sight me, she rush me with better igbati, the thing land taaaaaar for my face. Her mama rush to hold her, but she don already jack me for shirt, say I no dey go anywhere...

Uka; so na you this boy dey inside my mama room? Woman wey get your mate for house, person wey senior your mama, you get mind dey gbensh am because of money. You don enter today, if you comot from here eeh, know say my name no be Ukamaka. All the neighbors go hear wetin you and my mama dey do, if I finish, I go carry my legs go meet your mama, make I tell am the kain person wey im pikin be”…

Na so Mama Uka kneel down dey beg her to free me, make I dey go, make the thing no reach outside, but she no gree. I dey struggle to comot her hand from my shirt, she see say I go easily push her comot, she kon dey shout her brother name, make that one kon help her. That boy wey no kuku like me from day one, dey send me message like say I be im house boy, when I dey work for their mama restaurant. Person wey I senior with one year.

Small time, the boy come out, sleep still dey im eyes, but e clear sharp sharp, immediately Uka yarn am wetin dey ground. He rush me ozugbo, begin gbege me o, Uka kon release me for shirt. Na so me sef enter the boy, I no go stand make my fellow boy dey wunjure me, no be say I tif. By that time, Mama Uka don open the front door, so that I go see road jakpa, but the boy block me, we dey struggle. I notice say na all these boys wey no strong, wey dey use friends make mouth. E no tey, I bring am down, he kon dey say make im no use eyes see me for hood again, say im boys go show me pepper.

I don see small space to jakpa, but Uka rush go carry one big stick, say if I near the door, she go land me the kpacko for head. I dey hold the brother for ground, make im no get up, but my eyes dey where Uka dey, if that stick land my head, I fit kpai or even faint. Mama Uka don shout tire, kon sidon for ground, dey cry. By the time she see say her brother na heavy olee, she wan near me with the stick, I dodge am, the thing land for her brother shoulder, that one kon shout eeh. Na so I stand up to jakpa, but Uka still find way to grab my shirt for back, dey shout…

Uka; where you think say you dey go? If na you catch my brother dey lamba your mama, how you go feel?”…

Omo, me wey no dey like toùch girls, I never try am for my life. I no know when I turn, sama am heavy igbati for face. My mama no be her mama at all, the woman dey fear God. No be my fault say her mama dey follow small bōys wey she fit born, make nobody mention my mama for this matter…

The thing sef shock am, shock Mama Uka join, I see her face, as she put hand for mouth, open eyes wella, dey look me. Uka recover fast, kon still grab my shirt again. Her brother don manage get up, go inside, I no know wetin im wan go bring, but I no wan waste time to know. I tear the shirt by myself, free am for Uka, borrow Chioma Ajunwa sharperly. When I reach the gate, I see say e dey locked, I look back, the boy don rush out with kñife, na so I climb the gate, I no even think am two times. One leg of my shoes hang for the gate, but I no mind, I carry only one leg dey run dey go.

The first okada wey I try to stop, no gree stop for me. As I dey like wetin person no know. I no wear shirt, my trouser dey pull comot for my waist, na only one leg of shoe I wear. I stop to breathe small, kon feel my pocket, to make sure say my iphone still dey, the time na 6 o clock already. I kon remove the remaining shoe, throw way am for corner, begin leg am for street, dey go house, people just dey look me anyhow.

Luckily for me, I see one okada wey be my friend, na him kon carry me reach house. I lie give am say na some boys waylay me. Na the same thing I don reason to tell my mama and brother when I reach house. When the okada drop me, I tell am say I go pay am later. Before I enter house, I call Peppe driver to find out where im dey, he say he go dey my house in 30 minutes time. As sharp guy wey I be, I don code say Mama Uka children go definitely wan come my house ozugbo, to tell my mama wetin happen, na so I tell the driver make im meet us for one junction like that, say landlord come early mormor to pursue us comot for house.

Na to rush inside go hurry my mama and brother, I no go allow them baf sef. Thank God say I tell them to pack our bags yesterday nigh because... https://www.allsinglesandmarried.com

Car Talk / Re: Pls, Recommend A Good Car Within This Budget by josikoya(m): 5:32pm On Feb 19
Come pick this for 700k

Business / Re: Be our distributor,rechargeable Mini Fans N Lamps by josikoya(m): 12:33pm On Feb 09
Business / Re: Be our distributor,rechargeable Mini Fans N Lamps by josikoya(m): 8:57pm On Feb 07
Still available
Car Talk / Re: What Car Type Can A Family Man With An Income Of 55k Per Month Maintain? by josikoya(m): 8:39am On Feb 01
post pic in and out

You can WhatsApp me on 080 59840507

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Car Talk / Re: What Car Type Can A Family Man With An Income Of 55k Per Month Maintain? by josikoya(m): 8:26pm On Jan 30
If you don't mind,I have one Honda adidas in good condition automatic transmission 650k
Computers / Re: HP Probook 6530b 4gram 128SSD @ 50k by josikoya(m): 10:41am On Nov 19, 2022
Two and half hours
Computers / Re: HP Probook 6530b 4gram 128SSD @ 50k by josikoya(m): 3:30pm On Nov 18, 2022
Bought this laptop from smarttec yesterday in good and perfect working condition, I appreciate your honesty and sincerity,God bless you.
Computers / Re: Like New UK Used HP 215 And Asus T100H At Affordable Prices *sold out by josikoya(m): 4:44pm On Oct 31, 2022
Let me have your WhatsApp no
Computers / Re: Like New UK Used HP 215 And Asus T100H At Affordable Prices *sold out by josikoya(m): 5:01pm On Oct 30, 2022
I have 50k serious buyer
Agriculture / Re: Agric Grant For Farmers by josikoya(m): 1:44pm On Sep 27, 2022
Romance / Re: Big Bros In The House,teach Me Trading. by josikoya(m): 9:03pm On Aug 07, 2022
Am in Ibadan,how do I connect you
Agriculture / Re: TME 419 Cassava Tubers For Sales Over 20 Tones by josikoya(m): 6:42pm On Jun 29, 2022
30k per tone location is ibadan Oyo state
Agriculture / Re: TME 419 Cassava Tubers For Sales Over 20 Tones by josikoya(m): 9:23pm On Jun 23, 2022
Agriculture / Re: Cassava Price by josikoya(m): 9:48am On Jun 07, 2022
Agriculture / Cassava Price by josikoya(m): 5:19pm On Jun 06, 2022
Please what's the current price of full cabstar load of cassava also what price of cassava per tonne currently.
Romance / Re: Mention Thing You Don't Use Anymore Let's Share With The Widows And Orphans. by josikoya(m): 8:07pm On Apr 04, 2022
Pls anybody with a good car they are not more using pls am seriously in need of one, plsssssssss 08030817580


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Romance / Re: What If I Teach You How To Become A Millionaire 2022??? by josikoya(m): 8:46pm On Jan 12, 2022
Romance / Re: What If I Teach You How To Become A Millionaire 2022??? by josikoya(m): 9:15pm On Jan 11, 2022
Autos / Re: Nissan Micra Toks Forsale by josikoya(m): 8:35pm On Dec 05, 2021
1.4m for micra thunder fire you

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Investment / Re: Daily 250 Naira With Your Android Phone. Guaranteed by josikoya(m): 4:08pm On Oct 27, 2021
Op say the truth you can't earn without putting in money for registration,if you start with training which is free,by the time you perform the so called task for like three days gbam they will stop you and ask you to upgrade.
Investment / Re: Interested In Getting Free Ethereum? Get In. Legit! by josikoya(m): 3:52pm On Oct 27, 2021
Phones / Re: My Ordeal At Computer Village Today. by josikoya(m): 1:20pm On Oct 26, 2021
Since your phone was stolen at the time you wanted to enter bus going to egbeda, it is wrong to tag computer village as reason for your unfortunate experience.

You were simply taught a lesson everyone in Lagos should learn. You cant be in Lagos and at the bus stop and be dull to the extent they picked your pocket.

It could have happened anywhere e.g Oshodi, iyana ipaja, Obalende etc.

Sorry for your loss but the place they picked your pocket isnt computer village, it was at the bus stop. Some people reading this now will think its inside the market they stole your phone.

Next time be smart and sharp at every Lagos bus stop.

If you can get this guy am sure he's among the gang that snatched your phone.pls do report him to the nearest police station as suspect no 1.

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Investment / Re: Cassava Farming by josikoya(m): 7:59pm On Oct 20, 2021
Let's talk on whatapp 08059840507
Autos / Re: Clean Matrix For Sale by josikoya(m): 7:22am On Oct 16, 2021

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