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Politics / Re: Jonathan Fulfilled His Promise by justaqad(m): 9:33am On Jun 22, 2013
CLASSMAN: mr op there is no where in the world where terorism is being crushed finally u can only surpress it for some time and when they come back they come back stronger ask america in pakistan, afgahnistan, iraq etc they will tell u better y do u think america is ready for talks with talban?

America wants peace with the innocent people of Iraq, Afghanistan and co.
how many successful attacks has taliban and co carried out on America?
it would take America less than 20 minutes to destroy the whole of Iraq,Afghan and Pakistan put together..
terrorism can be crushed..
and Nigeria is winning the war against terrorism
Politics / Re: Jonathan Fulfilled His Promise by justaqad(m): 9:29am On Jun 22, 2013
Donmams: Jonathan promised to end Boko Haram urgency since June last year. OP why the deliberate distortion of facts?
my brother get get too emotional on this... JUNE is still june whether 2011,2010, or 2015..

And who told you Boko Haram has been crushed? Perhaps you are living on another planet.
how many successful attacks has Boko haram carried out since june compared to other bloody months.i guess you are the oblivious one
Besides is that the only mandate of GEJ? To fight Boko Haram? What about corruption? What about social infrastructure? What about jobs? Come on OP. Don't sugar coat things. Gej is a colossal failure.
read my post again.
i am only commending him for fulfilling his promise on crushing boko haram.
like i said earlier, if you think you have got a better approach to end the scourge of endemic corruption, unemployment etc why not recommend it?
you are only pouring your anger and frustration on your innocent keyboard.
i am no fan of GEJ, but i wont criticize just for the fun of it.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Fulfilled His Promise by justaqad(m): 8:59am On Jun 22, 2013
Bigcake: I donate my joystick to him to enable him have double portion of balls. Haters attack me.

instead of abuses, why not proffer solutions....
Politics / Re: Jonathan Fulfilled His Promise by justaqad(m): 8:11am On Jun 22, 2013
stebell: At least someone has seen one thing de president had delivered on. Team Fresher Air 2015.

Politics / Jonathan Fulfilled His Promise by justaqad(m): 7:53am On Jun 22, 2013
President Goodluck Jonathan has had his fair share of criticism, abuses, and as well praises.
i am no fan of Jonathan,never voted for him.dislike his slow pace and unfulfilled promises.
But constantly hating on Nigeria's Number 1 Person,criticizing for the sake of criticizing aint helping matters.
really Nigeria opposition party are all wolves camouflaging in sheep's clothing.i liked Buhari, but i dislike his desperado spirit.
tinubu aint a saint.Nuhu Ribadu is just a pawn.
Sentiments aside, Jonathan has faced more serious issues than most World Leaders, problems he inherited.though his strategy in handling those problems are his weakness.
of all the promises Jonathan made, he has fulfilled 1 even before deadline.
Jonathan promised to crushed Boko haram before the end of June, and we can all attest to the fact that Boko haram are crippled.
how many successful suicide attacks has been carried out by Boko haram in June,compared to other bloody months?
Music/Radio / Re: Music: D'banj - Finally by justaqad(m): 4:34pm On Jun 20, 2013
IDIO.T! See this sick tune and you're busy criticising.
i am so glad you noticed it's "A SICK TUNE"did you forget your pills again?
He just released it yesterday and it's already number 2 in the chart.
lwkmd.... even wack songs do too..

Btw it's spelt 'losing' not 'loosing' ode lasan

smh, embarrassing yourself on public forum aint the best for you...
Ignorance is not an excuse.. expand your myopic mind to reasoning...
Music/Radio / Re: Music: D'banj - Finally by justaqad(m): 7:25am On Jun 20, 2013
one word "WACK"
Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 1:50pm On Jun 08, 2013

seriously they are different. maybe i should upload some of them so you could see for yourself.
just select the ones, you want me to upload.

wtf are you kidding me?
Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 1:30pm On Jun 08, 2013
dude, trust me, they ain't double, have listened to all of them wink

now check out your incredible doubles...
Thank me later.
grin grin grin grin grin grin

Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 12:41pm On Jun 08, 2013
dude, trust me, they ain't double, have listened to all of them wink

scrutinize your folder very well,
i want tomorrow,
one by one and march of the celts appeared more than once...
Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 12:34pm On Jun 08, 2013
neo_welsh: do you want more? tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue

no doubt u got pretty much, but some of them are doubles.....
Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 12:31pm On Jun 08, 2013

You are bragging with just 62 tracks? Thats far too small


you think so?
me thinks he's got pretty much except he's lying...
Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 10:28am On Jun 08, 2013

Then if you are we are rivals cos you are not her only greatest fan. Far back as secondary schools i have stacks of enyas collections both her albums and soundtracks. Thank God for internet, i now search and buy the ones i missed online

lol, we cant be rival, we are friends......
we both love enya....

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Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 10:13am On Jun 08, 2013
She's a Warrior Princess from the Old Kenya. Legend says she could sing an entire army to sleep with her ethereal voice. I hope this helps.

lwkmd.. u no go kill me..lol grin grin grin
Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 10:13am On Jun 08, 2013


if you like Enya,you,ll love Celtic woman...
listen to the divine and angelic voice of irish soloist Orla Fallon perform..Amazing grace or You raise me up...like Enya i bet lots of ignorant people will call her songs demonic.

i wish people will understand the beauty of New age genre....
but no one has talked about diane arkenson, chris spheeris, kitaro...
these guys rocks


Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 9:42am On Jun 08, 2013

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 9:41am On Jun 08, 2013
Sir de Kay: Enya is an unparalleled classical musician. Her songs are deep, and they directly relate/appeal to the spirit, lifting it, stirring it. Maybe that is what we now mis-interprete as being demonic, which is very far from the truth.

she is indeed classic.. i think i am her greatest fan in 9ja..
grin grin grin grin grin

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Music/Radio / Re: People Consider Enya's Songs As 'demonic' - Why? by justaqad(m): 5:29am On Jun 08, 2013
Some Nigerians are just so gullible,hating me age music for no definite reason. Well most people prefer noise to real deal. nothing relaxes more like listening to Enya, Yanni, Diane arkenson , Chris spheeris and lastly kitaro,
Phones / Apple Faces Limited Ban On Products by justaqad(m): 10:17am On Jun 05, 2013
Samsung Electronics Co. 005930.SE -0.19% won a significant legal victory against Apple AAPL -0.31% Inc. that threatens to halt the sale of some iPhones and iPads in the U.S.

The U.S. International Trade Commission on Tuesday ruled that Apple violated a Samsung patent covering technology used to send information over wireless networks.

Unless vetoed by President Barack Obama or blocked by an appeals court, the ruling would bar the importation of certain iPhones and iPads made to work on AT&T Inc.'s T +1.71% network. Among them are the iPhone 4, the iPhone 3GS, the iPad 3G, the iPad 2 3G and the iPad 3.

Full text of the ruling
Tech Firms Back Obama Patent Move
All Things Digital: Apple Says New Campus Will Pump Jobs, Money Into Cupertino

The latest Apple products, including the iPhone 5 and the fourth-generation of the iPad, were unaffected.

Once close business partners, Samsung and Apple have become increasingly intense rivals, sparring over the market for smartphones around the globe, with much of the momentum accruing to Samsung in recent months.

The rivalry has spilled into the courts, where barrages of competing patent claims have been lobbed in both directions. Last year, Apple won a jury trial and $1 billion in damages against Samsung over iPhone patents. Tuesday's ruling, which Apple has vowed to take to a federal appeals court, raises the incentives for the two sides to reach a more comprehensive settlement. But so far, both sides offered no hint at a settlement.

The ruling also came on the day Mr. Obama took steps to rein in companies that buy and enforce patents rather than make their own products and services—firms known as patent trolls by their detractors. He is also trying to reduce the growing use of the ITC to settle patent disputes.

The ITC, which has jurisdiction over certain trade practices, is an appealing legal option for patent holders, particularly tech companies, because the trade body can issue orders banning the importation of products that infringe upon another company's patents. Legal observers say it is easier to win an import ban at the ITC than it is to win a federal court ruling that would block product sales.

The ITC's decision against Apple was largely unexpected, particularly because the initial review by a judge at the agency had found Apple's products weren't infringing Samsung's patents.

The patent itself is a highly technical one, described in patent documents as "an apparatus and method for encoding/decoding a transport format combination indicator (TFCI) in a CDMA mobile communication system."

"We are disappointed that the Commission has overturned an earlier ruling and we plan to appeal," said Kristin Huguet, an Apple spokeswoman. She said the decision "has no impact on the availability of Apple products in the United States."

Apple doesn't detail sales for each individual product in its quarterly reports, but it has said that the iPhone makes up more than half of its global revenue. Sales in America, where the ban would take place, represented less than a third of overall sales. And aside from the iPhone 4S, which Apple said is popular with customers, the company hasn't detailed sales of its older models.

Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, estimates that world-wide sales of the iPhone 4—which stands to be affected by the ITC order—brought Apple $3.4 billion in revenue in the quarter ended in March. That compares with his estimate of $14.9 billion for the newer iPhone 5, which isn't affected.

The iPhone 4 has been marketed as a low-cost option alongside newer models. AT&T offers it for as little as 99 cents with a new contract. An AT&T spokesman didn't return a request for comment.

Apple's Ms. Huguet added that "Samsung is using a strategy which has been rejected by courts and regulators around the world."

Adam Yates, a spokesman for Samsung, said the decision affirmed the company's patents. "We believe the ITC's Final Determination has confirmed Apple's history of free-riding on Samsung's technological innovations," he said.

The ITC ruled against a key Apple theory across its recent litigation, which seeks to limit plaintiffs from using a broad class of patents to win injunctions against sales of infringing products. Such patents are submitted to industry groups that are setting key technology standards, and are deemed as essential to create products in certain categories—such as creating handsets that can communicate using a particular generation of cellular networks.

Apple has argued that in return for becoming part of an industry standard, companies usually promise those groups to license use of their patented technology under fair and reasonable terms. Apple says Samsung isn't doing that.

But the ITC said Apple's argument wasn't valid, potentially hurting Apple's continuing efforts to change the way standards-based patents are used in legal cases.

Brian Love, an assistant professor of law at Santa Clara University School of Law, said it was unclear whether Apple could find a technical workaround for the ruling. He said that companies are sometimes "overzealous" about labeling patents as essential parts of technology standards.

Kevin Taylor, an intellectual property lawyer at Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP, said this is "a solid win for Samsung."

But he said whether it would set any precedent would depend on the outcome of any appeal in federal court. He said it wouldn't be unusual for a court to temporarily delay the ruling from going into effect, allowing Apple to continue selling its devices during the appeal, which could take months or longer.

But, Mr. Taylor said, if "upheld on appeal, Apple has a big problem."

Lyle Vander Schaaf, an intellectual property lawyer at Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, noted that it is rare for federal appeals courts to delay exclusion orders during appeals. And presidential vetoes are even more rare.

There hasn't been a veto "since the Carter administration," he said. "On first blush, this seems like a really impactful decision."
Islam for Muslims / Re: Burden Of Islam by justaqad(m): 5:13pm On Jun 04, 2013

No YOU don't get it. Because you revere someone does not mean everyone does. If someone were to make a joke about my mummy's bosom although offensive i would know the person is rude and avoid further interactions. I don't have to be friends with the person or teach the person a lesson. The person is not my responsibility to be taught or trained.

What is happening in Northern Nigeria has major tones. Why are you so focused on the middle east and less on the problem in your backyard.
believe me i hate what they are all doing to Islam. but boko boys infact they are all crazy..
i am not justifying their barbaric acts, but they are fighting a war.boko boys are not.

This is exactly the what we are doing. A group of people kill in the name of Allah, call themselves muslims and we agree they are muslims after all not everyone will come to nairaland to ask the true definition of a muslim. A reoccurring act by a particular group of people will define them. And this is what you call generalizing.
Judge Islam by the Quran.... ask yourself.
is Islam Tolerant?
is Islam progressive?
there are so many good deeds done by Muslims but they are hardly recognized, except the ones done by one crazy lunatic misrepresenting Islam.

Normal peeps are not God to start shining spot light on the state of the heart to detect who is a good muslim and who is a bad muslim. Its not a case of generalizing but a case of a consistent action and speech over a period of time by a group of people. Agreed bad apples among good ones but bad seems to be louder.
not just in Islam its everywhere.
i rest my case
Islam for Muslims / Re: Burden Of Islam by justaqad(m): 3:53pm On Jun 04, 2013
teniyi: So will this not be in the Front page? Its is having the right qualification such as the liknks?

cant decipher...
mind elaborating your post?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Burden Of Islam by justaqad(m): 2:13pm On Jun 04, 2013

Why is it so difficult to allow people to joke with whatever they choose to without judging them according to your own standards.

dont you get it.. respect what is Revered..how would you feel if someone joke about your Mummy's bosom?

What you need to do is live in the present.
which i am currently enjoying..
Boko haram Muslims are butchering, slaughtering, christians and soldiers in maiduguri. Who invaded muslims in maiduguri? stop looking for terrorist past evil acts to justify present evil acts. If you have a solution to a problem then proffer it and stop lamenting.
No sane person would support Boko's cause.. but what is happening in the middle east has some undertone except you are in oblivious

Yes honesty is required. Hold the people or the person who did a crime accountable.

If someone says he is a muslim and kills in the name of Allah then we have no choice but to agree with him. If a group of people say they are muslims and kill in the name of Allah we have no choice but to agree with them.
agree with the group and stop generalizing... you said this
Yes honesty is required. Hold the people or the person who did a crime accountable.

The question is and remains what is the cause of these acts? why is it reoccurring,why are the people doing it calling themselves muslims?
there is always bad fruit in good a basket
andromida: who defines who is a true muslim and who is not?.
When you are honest with yourself you will make a headway.
Islam for Muslims / Re: Burden Of Islam by justaqad(m): 10:10am On Jun 04, 2013
smoy: My brother let keeps the flame of Islam burning

By Allah's Will
Islam for Muslims / Re: Burden Of Islam by justaqad(m): 8:37am On Jun 04, 2013
teniyi: What a beautiful masterpiece!
This Faruq is wonderful.

that was my conclusion too brother..
Islam for Muslims / Burden Of Islam by justaqad(m): 8:10am On Jun 04, 2013
Asalam Alaykum....
came across this piece on saharareporters and i cant help but share...

It is true that truth is a burden. This is why i found something to agree with when i read the article " The Burdens of Islam " as written by Anthony A. Kila. In the said article, the author identified two " burdens of Islam " and at the end of the article you get an idea of what the whole talk was about: 'if you must be a Muslim, then let me be the one to define Islam' and indeed Anthony is not alone in this attempt to gag Muslims and redefine Islam.

When he spoke of the first " burden " of having to be sensitive when you speak of Islam so as to prevent Muslim reaction he did not speak of the burden placed on the Muslims so that when they speak of their religion, they too have to be " sensitive " because there is an army of non-Muslims always ready to assign derogatory titles to whoever from among the Muslims say the Islamic position on things without compromise. A Muslim cannot say he wants sharia without being accused of supporting violence: just in case you are looking for the correlation, that makes two of us. A Muslim cannot say our Government killed innocent Muslims in Maiduguri in 2009 without being called Boko Haram or boko haram sympathizer and a Muslim in our time cannot even ask the Lagos State Government to allow our women wear hijab without being called extremist, fundamentalist, bigot and all these popular mumbo jumbo. Simply put; a Muslim either acts like a Christian or he is called “extremist”

This explains why people accuse us of being " too serious " and they are also intolerant to appreciate the fact that, while they may find nothing wrong joking with their faith, to the average Muslim Islam is serious business. Hence do not expect to find a Gordons among us to " crack your ribs " by making mockery of his Creator and the faith he claims to profess. This concept of tolerance that says since the Christians are making jokes with Jesus Muslims must do the same with Muhammad is in itself massive bigotry. Even more crass is the attitude of a lot of Christians who think since Muslims won't joke with their religion, they will help them do it so that we now have " Holy Mallam ," " Aboki for Jesus " as well as a newspaper reporter who helped the Muslims joke about who Prophet Muhammad would have married during the Miss World saga and at the end of the day the same people nag about " Muslim reaction " . The question is. Why is it so difficult to leave us alone and make fun of your own stuff?

Now to the Second, and perhaps most ridiculous, a burden as suggested by Mr. Anthony. This burden is the burden of " do not generalize ." The gentleman speaks about how people are told not to blame the activities of a few Muslims on the general population of Muslims as there are good Muslims who will not do such. And then he asked a question in that tone of someone who suffers the self impressed impression that he is speaking intelligent.

" how come out of those millions or so Orisa worshippers in the world, that Christians and Muslims scornfully call pagans, we do not have cases of just a few Orisa terrorists? "

To answer the question we should simply inform the fellow that there is no Orisha land similar to Palestine, which has been under occupation and slavery for 66 years. There is no Orisha land similar to that of Afghanistan, which was operating peacefully before they were invaded to uproot their religion and sister of Government. There is no Orisha little girl called Abeer Qassim Aljannabi, who was raped at the age of 14 by a US soldier who afterwards killed her, her, five years-old sister and the rest of her family and said, " I did not consider them to be humans ." There is no Orisha land like Pakistan which Obama sends 2 bombs into every single week killing innocent women and children and there is definitely no Orisha land like Iraq, which was invaded for absolutely no reason leaving over 600,000 dead. Look at everywhere you find what you call Muslim terrorist, and you will always find they have been invaded by one force or the other while being hitherto peaceful, you will always find dead bodies of women and children killed by drones and you will always find that these deaths from these invasions and heavy bombardment is not an issue to the world because of the real burden: the burden of being called " terrorist " and " extremist " whenever you draw the attention of the world to this mess and the burden of being accused of being in support of extreme reactions to these evils whenever you mention the evil themselves.

Omatse " cult " of Niger state would have made the same claim that none of them is a " terrorist " some months ago, but they presently have the blood of 95 police officers on their hands because they tasted something less than a pinch of what it meant to be invaded and persecuted. In our case, we are murdered too and guess what, when those who murder us are discussed it is world-renowned psychologists we see on CNN trying to " understand " why they did what they did but when a single Muslim kills a soldier on the street of London, in a country where such exact kind of crime is recorded 350 times daily, the guests are different; terrorism experts; no post traumatic stress disorder excuse, everyone falls on each other to use the toughest world against the " terrorist " . Even the Muslim leaders do too, and this turns them against these youths who think they kept mute when the Muslims were at the reaching end and at the end of the day, there is an Oritsajafor screaming " call your people to order " , which people? The same people the man is alienated from by your arm-twisting-induced condemnations?

What we need is not to redefine Islam or find some modern interpretations as the author suggested. What is needed is honesty. The honesty that will make us remind ourselves that 37 MILLION people were slaughtered in the First World War, and Muslims were not involved. The second world war put an end to the lives of 2.5% of the then world population; almost 60 million people and Muslims were not responsible for these deaths. If not for want of space I would have gone through the wars of the last 150 years and wish Mr. Anthony goodluck finding just 5, which relates to Islam and Muslims, out of the 101 wars I am aware of. Some of these wars took millions of lives, and the Muslims were not mentioned in the whole narrative. Do we really want to generalize this list? I don't think so.

Today if I go to Maiduguri and with a broad smile on my face and face the JTF and shout " Allahu Akbar " i will be shot dead. If that is not enough generalization already what is?

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri
Benin City


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Religion / Re: If You Are Not A Villager In Naira.... by justaqad(m): 2:44pm On May 24, 2013
hiuser: just say Yes because....do you kick or throw stones@dogs?

You really need to stop doing this to your poor self....
ask majek Fashek.. the consequences *hmmmmmmmm* are really terrible
Romance / Re: 20 Signs He Is Definitely A Player by justaqad(m): 1:17pm On May 07, 2013
idnoble135: We've all been there. We've all wanted to believe that the guy we're kinda into isn't what he seems to be: a player. It's easy to fall for a player - they're always saying the right things at the right time. Players are often pretty irresistible, which why they behave the way they do.

In order to help you decide if your guy is a player, here are some things you should look for ...

1) He only texts you after 11 p.m. - and it's always for a booty-call.

that's a big fat lie...players are always appealing to the ladies.
if he calls you by 11 p.m he's only making you believe he cares.. (most ladies love goodnight calls)


2) He doesn't actually listen to you when you talk about anything going on in your life.
the only time he doesn't listen to you is when your life story is centered around "MONEY"

3) He doesn't care if you're having a bad day.
Bad day? or you mean, you need extra 40k for your dream Bold 5?

4) He's not into hanging out with you - unless it's a booty call.
Except you aint pretty.. guys love to show off their pretty partners..

5) He's as smooth as butter - always saying the right thing at the right time.
that's why they are referred to as Player. (ask Messi)

6) You've never met his friends.
like seriously? Except you aint pretty.. guys love to show off their pretty partners..

7) He's not interested in meeting yours.
Except you are the leading prayer warrior in your church,he wouldn't want his love-vendor(player) Spirit cast out.

cool There's only a 50-50 chance he'll actually show up for anything you guys have planned to do.
ask him to accompany you to the Bank by 1 p.m, i bet you he will be at your doorstep by 12 sharp...

9) He's always got some excuse as to why he can't meet up for dinner or a movie. But if it's a booty-call, he's all over it. Literally.
some damm hotie made him lost track of time....

10) You're not even sure he knows your number - you're the one who has to call and text him.
his service provider barred his outgoing calls.... ask his operator if you doubt him. grin grin

11) He alludes to wanting a relationship -- at least, he does until he's gotten his rocks off. Then he's out the door.
lip sealed

12) He's overly confident - cocky, even. He knows he's got game and he's not afraid to use it to get what he wants.
He is a player

13) He divides his time among a lot of chicks, so he'll slip up sometimes and get bits of your life wrong (What do you mean you hate orange? It's your favorite color!). Because he confuses you with other girls.
actually most players got the sharpest retentive memory....if he forgets your color, you are in his relegation zone.

14) He's never without his phone - even in the bathroom.
have you wondered how he buys those expensive stuffs? his cash flow is online.

15) He has a couple of different phones.
Mtn alone can not cater for over 150 million Nigerians, that's why Glo, Etisalat and Airtell are major players..

16) He's married but "separated." Whenever you ask him about his divorce, he clams up or makes excuses as to why they're still living together.
and it never bothered you, yet you stick around.who's to blame?huh

17) You've never been to his house: He comes to yours. If you ask about it, he'll make up all kinds of excuses for why your place is better (his house is being fumigated, remodeled - anything).
can you sit on stool?sleep on mat?he's trying to be protective.(lol)

18) There are no names alongside the numbers on his cell phone.
like i said most players got the sharpest retentive memory...

19) He never calls you by your name - just a pet name like "Baby." This way, he can't get it wrong.
and how would you feel if linda's boyfriend calls her honey pie and your acclaimed boyfriend calls you Chinaza always?be sincere(lol)

20) All conversations with him have a sexual undertone.
tell him you have contracted Gono, you will be very surprised how vast his knowledge is in theology.

btw i aint a player.....


Religion / Will I Be Punished For Helping A Friend Win A Pageant? by justaqad(m): 3:40pm On Apr 19, 2013
funny as it sounds, i am ready for the bashing i will receive.
some term me controversial, others choose to call me hypo.
i received this link from a friend asking for my help, and i cant say no. cos i am indebted.
so i am counting on you guys. just '1' like from you would do the trick.
btw where is logicboi when i need him most?


Fashion / Re: Miss University Africa Contestants(pics) by justaqad(m): 3:19pm On Apr 19, 2013

Celebrities / Miss Fct 2013 by justaqad(m): 3:12pm On Apr 19, 2013


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