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Nairaland / General / Re: $100 Give Away!! I'm Darn Serious Too!! by justaqad(m): 8:48pm On Sep 19, 2016
Hello Nairalanders!!

And yes!!! You really read it right. So, I'm an average nairalander like you. I've struggled and I've once almost lost hope in God and in myself. However, God has been good. There were times I was so broke, I'll ask random people for money out of desperation. And the shame that will come out of it is nowhere near here. I'm still getting there, but something came to my mind. I've always thought to be a blessing to people. I don't have a lot friends. I don't know how to start. I'm reluctant about taking my tithe to church. I understand things are going great for Nigeria, as a Nigerian, I feel like I have to step up to help my people. I don't think I have to be a millionaire or billionaire for that to happen. I know I love to give. It makes me feel darn good! So I decided to start here in nairaland. Yup! I also want to be anonymous because I don't believe the world has to know. I want God to bless someone through me on this platform. And keep in mind, if this goes well, this will only be the beginning. I'm a student and I also work full time. So yea, the works of my hands are clean. Who knows, I might be organizing some other greats events and collaborating with nairaland in the future. Yup! I notice we have forgotten how to be angels. My people, let's remember how it feels to give without expectations. Let's learn how to love, laugh, live. Let's not wait on Buhari, let's start with ourselves, family, community.... let's make Naija great again!!!

So! For a start, I'm giving way $100.00 to someone by Friday of this week. When God blesses me more, we will increase it. Hopefully, Seun will be nice to start a charity thread. We need it Seun. Please look into it.

Everyone is special, and we all have a special story. I will like for any special 'somebody' out there to tell me why he/ she deserves the money. I please note that I will verify your story. No lies please....heads up, I'm a Psychology major too, so no games!!!! I want
Us to cultivate the act of kindness and giving without asking for anything in return. So please, let's start. And people, this is legit! I don't want your personal information, your money.. all that, no. I just want us to be human and humane.

Good luck!

P.S :Please, I need verifiable proofs. I mean real proof, please. If I may ask, please help me to make the right decision. I want you to please back it up. For example.. I need it because .... and I've done .... real stories.

The dangers and health implications of drug abuse is so scary yet most Nigerian youths ignore the warnings. I have seen youths waste their lives,living on drugs like sustenance. Though I am unemployed I decided to educate,re-orient and rehabilitate most drug addicts in my vicinity by educating and providing little assistance in form of cash or food items,though my effort is little yet I feel it will go a long way in rehabilitating drug addicts and keeping them out of the streets.
Getting the $100 would go a long way in my little endeavor in providing balance,reason and responsibility in some youths lives.
Nairaland / General / Re: Swapping Of Z10 by justaqad(m): 4:14pm On Sep 13, 2016
Would you wanna swap with an Iphone 4?
Nairaland / General / Re: Where Can I Get An Interior Designer Want To Refurbish D2 Bedroom Flat I Rented by justaqad(m): 6:15am On Sep 13, 2016
Call Paul on 08065062418 he's a professional painter and he does screeding too
Literature / Re: Stress Manager by justaqad(m): 10:23am On Jan 29, 2016
This my guy...
Been a while... Can't stop laughing
Religion / Re: The Name Of Jesus Is Powerless....philipians 2:10 by justaqad(m): 2:44pm On Apr 29, 2015

please shut the f**k up, islam is a peaceful yet you guys take part in Jihad, kill those that don't believe in your religion. If only you can show me where in your quran that " your god loves the sinners " then i would convert myself and many others!

The greatest testimony i have ever had on earth is from a Palestinian rebel who said referring to Israel " THEIR GOD DIVERTS OUR ROCKET BOMBS " grin i can't laugh cus i know it's #God@Work
and concerning your topic Ephesians 2:8 says for by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves but it is the gift of God

Politics / Re: Cross River APC Leaders Mismanaged N350 Million Campaign Funds – Members by justaqad(m): 11:31am On Apr 19, 2015
Now that's a terrible lie,
Angela Odey is never a member of such vote..
Btw i think the state chairman is innocent.
Politics / Re: 9 Unassailable Reasons Why PDP Should Be Voted Out Of Power In Cross River State by justaqad(m): 9:07pm On Apr 10, 2015
imagine governor coming from Calabar to commission mere transformer....
It's shameful...
Liyel imoke is a fraud,imposing candidates against people's mandate..
TV/Movies / Re: How Many Of You Remembers The Drama That Featured This Character? Pic. by justaqad(m): 8:49am On Mar 13, 2015
Willy Willy scared the shit outa me back then,
Willy Willy and Adam apple.
Just wish RSTV PH would do us a favour and air it one more time.
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 3:01pm On Nov 28, 2014
You emphasized its availability, age, validity, reputation of the archeologists and their openness.

Yet you have never seen the document, nor any archeologists.

When pushed, the proof you offered for all of this is that it is on the internet.

You attack religion for claiming inerrancy, foolishly unaware that you are claiming inerrancy of the age and validity of the Enuma elish.

I will not call you a fool.

are you saying the ancient manuscript was never found?
Are you saying the archealogist lied about the findings?
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 12:36pm On Nov 28, 2014

So, to you, religion is false, scientific evidence can be false.

The only thing that cannot be false is the Enuma elish, and that is because it's on the internet...yet Religious teaching, Bible and WMD scientific evidence are on the Internet too o. grin

i am sure you got my message..
Read my posts again,i never emphasised on the inerrancy of enumah elish,just the availability.
Science accepts mistakes,they strive to be better,unlike religion thats claiming inerrancy

My friend, I wont call you a fool.

I choose to be nice. cheesy

well you could be nicer if you stop reasoning like a deluded person you are.
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 11:44am On Nov 28, 2014

You have neither seen the manual nor the people who found it.

You only hold on to the bold by BLIND FAITH...you are worshipping fellow men you haven't seen.
its available online..
The manual is real.


The US provided "satellite images" (scientific evidence) of WMDs in Iraq to the UN before they invaded Iraq.
as at that time they fooled everyone.just as religion.

Some people had BLIND FAITH in what they were saying.

They later admitted there were no WMDs...after years of fooling their worshippers. [/quote]

thats the beauty of it.
They admitted they were wrong,unlike you guys.
When will you admit god is a sham?
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 10:43am On Nov 28, 2014

How do you know the manual was not made up or another myth? Senseless reasoning there.
that is why i said the manual is available for scrutiny.the manual is real.got that REAL.
I dont need the manual to know god is scam.


Have you read the bible before? how can you say it is full of shits. The bible is devoid of contradictions, what you may encounter are 'overlappings' . Not everything in scripture is literal my friend.
that line aint selling anymore.do you need spiritual eyes to tithe?i guess not
i have read the bible brother and its shit.


Before you talk about mental slavery, make sure you are free of it too because that manual wasnt made up by men that look like you.
same way the bible was made up by men.
Atleast the manual is older than your bible.
Bible authors copied.gerrit?
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 6:03am On Nov 28, 2014

You are exhibiting far more faith than many Christians!

You have never seen the archeologists (I bet you have never even seen any archeologist), you have never seen the Enuma elish.

Yet you miraculously know for sure that they went through a lot to validate their findings and will gladly prove it.


You should be a prophet in your denomination of the Atheist religion.

damm it stop twisting words.
Point is The damm manual is real,they found it.unlike god.
I dont need faith to see the manual unlike god
got it?
The bible has been proven to be a book full of shits written by men in cloud 9,yet you wont acknowledged any of the many errors,rather you will argue that you only need faith to understand it.
Unlike textbooks.
Emancipate your mental mind from slavely.
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 3:17pm On Nov 27, 2014

That is FAITH.

Why then do you quarrel me for believing what the Church tells me about God, since I consider the Church reliable and reputable.

We are all men of great FAITH. Believing without physical perception.


i dont need faith to know the archealogist made a finding and went through a lot to validate their findings.
Unlike the church
if by tomorrow there was an error,the archaelogist would acknowledge it and move.
Unlike the church.
If the archealogist were asked to prove the ancient manual is real,they will gladly do so,you dont need faith to see it.
Unlike the church
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 10:39am On Nov 27, 2014

I dont know why you are so defensive. It's just a simple question. Answering it honestly wont kill you.

You believe everything the archeologists are reported to have said about the Enuma elish and its age without ever seeing it...or the archeologists. Yes or no?

from a reliable and reputable source YES.
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 10:22am On Nov 27, 2014

Have you ever scrutinized the source or met them?

If not, how do you know they are real?

You just have great faith in what reporters tell you...then accuse others of blind faith?

if i have any reason to doubt the archealogist the manual is there for scrutiny..
Unlike god that aint real
Religion / Re: Jesus' Marriage To Mary The Magdalene Is Fact, Not Fiction by justaqad(m): 7:39am On Nov 27, 2014
so jesus cured his conji on earth before his demise?
Wonder what would have happened in heaven if after seeing nicky minaj kinda T*ts and kim k kinda idi nla here on earth without having a feel of it.
Am sure god would not be left out on the rape spree.
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 7:08am On Nov 27, 2014

Who are the sources?

What makes them credible and infallible?

the source is real and open for criticism unlike your god that is above questioning.
Just make a request you might get lucky your wished might be granted.
Wish you luck.
Religion / Re: Why Did Jesus Come??? by justaqad(m): 7:05am On Nov 27, 2014

First things first, you believe everything the archeologists are reported to have said about the Enuma elish and its age without ever seeing it...or the archeologists. Yes or no?

whats your point exactly?
You believed scientist when they said we are constituted of millions of cells,even without seeing those cells with your bare eyes.
Atleast the manuscript is real and in safe keeping if you wanna scrutinize it the more.
Just make a request,unlike god that aint real.

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Religion / Re: A Non Muslim Walking Into Mosque For Help by justaqad(m): 10:02pm On Nov 23, 2014
@lastchild:: Don't mind these guys,they don't know what you are passing through especially this particular justaqad,he's apparently an atheist.I would have loved it if there's a means it can be bequeathed to him so that he'll have first hand experience on it and keep his mouth shut for what that doesn't concern him.

go through my posts you will see i have requested,pleaded on how to get possesed.nairaland is a public forum,the moment you create a post,it becomes everyone's issue.either contributing or derailing.

The victim has sought help,why are you distracting and hindering him from seeking solution to his long term problems...do you want him to die in silent or die of torturing.He has inadvertently sought help from your own way of thinking which resulted in futility afterall...now,he intends to charter a new course which will definitely put off all his problems.
i dont wish him dead,i only profer practical and logical solutions to his alledged predicament.
According to the op,the christain god has failed him,so he is opting for the muslim god.which i honestly advice would be another fruitless ventures.
I advised him to be more conscious of himself and environment,i also requested for a recording when he feels possesion by jinn is iminent,he has failed to obliged me.i am still shocked at the allegations levelled against me.what has the series of deliverance sessions benifited him? When did advice become curse?

Talk for yourself...don't talk for anyone that's old enough to make decisions by himself!!!!!###@least,he's not a dummy or mental patient... OR Pray that you should go through all what he's passing through now...That's when you will know how far.....
there's no such thing as jinn possesion,people are trying so hard to keep the legend alive,by acting possesed.
Religion / Re: A Non Muslim Walking Into Mosque For Help by justaqad(m): 8:00pm On Nov 23, 2014
Q. Based upon your communication with possessing jinn, what are the main reasons why jinn possess humans?
A. The reasons are as follows:
1. Walking around the house naked.

i do sometimes,from my bathroom to my room.and there has been no possesion.[/quote]


2. Being isolated and unprotected by the prophetic morning and evening prayers.
more than 4 billion people don say the prophetic morning and night prayers and there have been no reported case of mass possesion.

3. Entering the toilet without the fortifying prayers because the toilets are among the dwelling places of the jinn.
same bullshit.if jinn truly dwell in the toilet,i would have had encounters.


4. Pouring hot water on the jinn without mentioning Allaah’s name.
now this shit got me laughing,i thought jinns are invisible beings?
This is so illogical,pouring water on spirit.plzzzzzzzzz stay off drugs.

5. Going without making the fortifying prayers to areas of the jinn, like mountain tops and garbage dumps, hurting them by urinating on them or stepping on them
how on earth would a human step on spirit?beats my imagination.

– The jinn may then ignorantly hurt the person much more than he deserves. In such cases, the treatment involves addressing the jinn and telling it that the patient had accidentally – and not intentionally – hurt it. If it was harmed in the patient’s home, it should be told that it had not right to be there in the first place, for jinn are not allowed to live in the homes of humans. Thus, the jinn should be told that it is in the wrong. The will actually reply. Sometimes they will say, “I love him.” Other times they may threaten those in their presence by saying, “I will leave and hurt him.” In such cases, the exorcist must have strong faith and believe in the oneness of Allaah and say to the jinn, “You are certainly not able to do anything at all because the only one who can benefit or harm is Allaah.” At that point, the jinn will become fearful and cause the person to shake.

allah is not the only one that can benefit or harm.
Humans can as well benefit and harm.
Religion / Re: A Non Muslim Walking Into Mosque For Help by justaqad(m): 8:38pm On Nov 20, 2014

And do not exchange the covenant of Allah for a small price. Indeed, what is with Allah is best for you, if only you could know."

"Whatever you have will end, but what Allah has is lasting. And We will surely give those who were patient their reward according to the best of what they used to do."

"Whoever does righteousness, whether male or female, while he is a believer - We will surely cause him to live a good life, and We will surely give them their reward [in the Hereafter] according to the best of what they used to do."

no offence
but how does this correlate with my post?
Religion / Re: A Non Muslim Walking Into Mosque For Help by justaqad(m): 6:49pm On Nov 20, 2014
Lol... Knowledge of a carnal being, do you know how many million I was controlling?

Anyway I appreciate your contribution because you said based on your own understanding, its only people who know what I'm talking about can relate to it

put yourself under surveilance,(video recording)
at your most vulnerable moment,that moment you feel you are experiencing or seeing it.
Mind you if you fake any emotion it would be known.
I will give you a link for better analysis.
Atleast you could convince us jinns exist.
Religion / Re: Quran Is Not For Muslims by justaqad(m): 11:12am On Nov 20, 2014
This hass been islam's major problem "arabic"
there's no perfect english equivalent of arabic, so i was told.
WA is a yoruba word which means come in English,till the end of the world nothing would change that.
But in the case of arabic,
Waid could mean "one" today,in the next 20 years it would have a different meaning.
Even adobe does not update frequently like arabs update arabic to suit themselves.
Allah assigns peace maker to every nation as alledged by the op
where is the peace maker for
Religion / Re: A Non Muslim Walking Into Mosque For Help by justaqad(m): 7:34am On Nov 20, 2014

mr. Man stop talkg nonsense. The op knows wat he's talkg about. It's spiritual. Go bury ur head in d sand like the ostrich u are ,it changes nothng. Spiritual things are are real, just not as well understood as physcal thngs. The op is an adult and no psychiatrist can help him. Stop mouthng tht poo.

bro u need to stay off drugs....
The effect is damaging..
Religion / Re: A Non Muslim Walking Into Mosque For Help by justaqad(m): 12:03pm On Nov 19, 2014
@justaqad:All your actions and reactions are weak because of the following reasons:
1)The OP is an adult and in science,we are made to understand that if this in view occurs, you have to seek treatment I.e action to be taken must be determined by the victim which has done here.
You must not force him for treatment but by his own volition/will.
firstly i am not the one forcing him to visit a spiritual leader,
i offered logical and practical advice on how to deal with his situation.


2)He has been suffering from it from childhood.Do you now want to tell me that he doesn't know what he is doing,talkin or mentally unstable?!
the op has been having this issues for the past 6 years not childhood.
I never insinuated abnormality.


3)Though,psychology is applied to mental case I.e some of the diseases originating from the brain e.g depression but psychology can't be applied here.
why do you think psychology cant be applied in his case?


If you are still a doubting Thomas, when I was younger about 20 or so years ago,at the dead of the night,I was almost on a daily basis at the dead of the night pinned down to the bed(I'll not be be able to move at all until recitation of some Quranic verses and ayah).If it happens now,what advise are you going to give me?Go to hospital or mental home?!
sleep paralysis is normal,happens to everyone
ur recital does not make you feel better..
I guess you recited some verses before you slept,why were still attacked?

When next you are arguing,argue with evidence and facts..
All what you've said so far don't hold waters..........
can you prove to me that jinns exist?
Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.
Religion / Re: A Non Muslim Walking Into Mosque For Help by justaqad(m): 9:20am On Nov 19, 2014

Trust me, you do not want that. It is a difficult battle. It is no joke.

The Quran is a book of instruction for muslims, primarily. It is a healing for the hearts and the body. It serves its purpose.

The choices and desires of humans will have an impact in their lives and the lives of others. That is the nature of the world. It is not supposed to be rosy.

just tell me how to get possesed.
Religion / Re: A Non Muslim Walking Into Mosque For Help by justaqad(m): 9:03am On Nov 19, 2014

Well, for me, I find tranquility reciting the Quran.
It is an effective way for me to find tranquility.

Evil Jinns can not stand the recitation of the Quran, it affects them.

Well i was hoping to hear recitation of quran could bring world peace,or heal.
What if i want to be possesed by a jinn?
How do i get possesed?

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