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Foreign Affairs / Ukraine Invasion:Russian Currency Depreciates Against the Naira,Other Currencies by justflow1(m): 10:34am On Mar 04, 2022
The Russian currency depreciates against the Naira, even as economic sanctions around the world continues to stiffen.

Source: https://www.exchangerates.org.uk/RUB-NGN-exchange-rate-history.html

Foreign Affairs / Re: NATO Is Afraid Of World War 3 But It Already Started - Ukranian Journalist by justflow1(m): 4:52pm On Mar 01, 2022
I have since said that this war has more economic flavour in it than the destruction in its real sense. And yes, economic sanctions is the most important thing right now. The Russians are feeling the heats already, and I see them taking to the street in days.

About economic interests, noticed that the moment the West started talking about financial and economic sanctions, Putin started threatening with Nuclear wars (NATO are not going into that mission with them). That shows Putin's pressure point, and the logical thing to do is to either tip-toe around or hit his pressure point. To get to Putin, you've got to reach him through his proxies, i.e the Oligarchs that looks after his money and portfolios.

All fingers points at the U.K as the biggest money laundering country for Russian Oligarchs. Hence, it is commonsensical that the economic warfare route be used against Putin and his Oligarchs, not an all out war.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Hundreds Arrested As Russians Protest Invasion Of Ukraine (Pictures) by justflow1(m): 1:08am On Feb 26, 2022
I am highly impressed as to your grasp of the underlyings. This is not Rambo film one need to really read beyond people's tweet and comments on NL, before one can afford oneselves the full knowledge of this subject matter.

I have seen a lot of people say different things about the U.S of A here; people talking as though they have terrorist-tendencies. When, even, in an all out war, Russia can't defeat U.S, the lone country with a military service base in space. That day, Russians will see military alliens (from space) come after them.

So far, the U.S have been great, their intelligence, support and aids are morally enough, atleast in the meantime.

P.S Remember that the US men that you want to be at the forefront for Ukraine are also citizens of America; someone's son, brother, father, uncle and nephew too.

As the Yoruba will say "Ti a ba sun ekun, k'ama ri'ran" We should try to see while crying.

I really love your analysis on the disturbing nerve cracking behaviour of Russia Putin against Ukraine. So sad that Ukraine is yet to join the NATO....I believe the Ukrainians are regretting that now especially the amiable President of Ukraine. However, the situation goes, NATO can't do much except to strengthen the Armed forces of Ukraine by providing ammunitions which they started doing now. US has been so wise in avoiding to be dragged into a confrontation with Russia at the battlefield. It will be a disaster for two super power to confront each other. We know that US is better equipped and more Sophisticated in modern weaponry and also have solid Army whom are the best in the world but respect must be given to Russia until extreme provocation by Russia is ditched out to the US. Russia Putin is behaving like Adolf Hitler but has forgotten that those allies that brought down Hitler are still much around and even better equipped to deal with his type. Anyway, I forsee United Nations being dragged into this war within the next few days and if that happens, Russia will be force to cease fire and come on a negotiating table which I believe Putin will be disappointed and return to war again.
All in all, NATO or EU might be the determining help in rescuing Ukraine.
.US can only help inside the NATO or UN....but coming independently to face Russia wouldn't be a good decision which the US knows already.

I see the end of Russia super power coming to an end after this War cos those sanctions are more deadly than the war going on presently. Sanctions doesn't reflect immediately on the country it's against but on a long time basis.... God please help the Ukrainians and put to shame the aggressor idiot call Valdmir Putin of Russia.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Manchester United Terminate Aeroflot Sponsorship Amid Ukraine Conflict by justflow1(m): 2:07pm On Feb 25, 2022
You see?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ukraine President Zelensky Take Shot At Biden by justflow1(m): 2:07pm On Feb 25, 2022

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Hundreds Arrested As Russians Protest Invasion Of Ukraine (Pictures) by justflow1(m): 10:07am On Feb 25, 2022
For the US and NATO, there's little appetite to engage  Russia directly. Ukraine is not part of NATO. My economic classes thought me that, in regional blocs and treaty; members of the blocs are highly prohibited from directly involving themselves in economic ties with non-members. And I believe same applies in a military treaty scenario.

US, NATO and the Ukrainian allies are currently dealing with the situation smartly; running their cost-benefit analysis religiously. Sanction packages on the Russian economy and technology are enough to persuade putin (maybe not in the short run), and if it doesn't, then, watch out for their defeat thereafter.
Massive sanctions on Russian businesses, banks, HNIs; blockage of access to the world's capital market, payments systems; and cutting edge techs needed to mordernize their military,  space program, and economy are morally enough. Also, sanctions on their ability to transact in USD, Sterlings, Euro and Yen makes the entire sanctions more complicated and devastating for Russia.

To help Ukraine directly in a war footing scenario is to put people and economy at risk. As per economy, the U.S of A is around 14 times bigger than Russia. Russia would only struggle to trail smaller countries like the UK. Hence, a direct war footing approach should be the last resort for the U.S

I mean, is there a country that wants to underestimate the impact of economic sanctions, especially when the sanctions are coming from regional blocs and the real "owners" of the world's economy.

Germany had their own piece of the cake in the 1920's when they were indicted of promulgating the WWI, they paid reparations that ran into trillions ( in today's German marks). They got hit by an unprecedented hyperinflation; where their currency was so useless that a german needs currencies filled in a truck to purchase a loaf of bread. Germans couldn't afford to paint their house, they started using money as wallpapers. Their children couldn't afford a toy, they used their money to construct kites. There were cases where people offloaded money from a wheelbarrow, and stole the wheelbarrow alone. Intriguingly, In 1914, the exchange rate of the German mark to the American dollar was about 4.2 to one. Nine years later, it was 4.2 trillion to one. Germany didn't foresee this eventuality.

I end in the words of Umberto eco "Not long ago, if you wanted to seize political power in a country you had merely to control the army and the police. Today it is only in the most backward countries that fascist generals, in carrying out a coup d'état, still use tanks" the whole scene changes when it becomes an economic warfare.

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Education / Re: Mention A Popular Place In Your School And Someone Will Tell You The Name by justflow1(m): 12:15am On Feb 17, 2022
Love Garden �
Romance / Re: Can You Leave Your Phone Unlocked With Your Partner? by justflow1(m): 9:06am On Dec 20, 2020
She knows my password, that is because I don’t have any skeleton in my closets, she once told me her password, but I can’t remember, and this is because I am not bothered on what happens on her phone.
I trust her, and I think she trust me too. At time, when she peruse my phone, she just bring up a tease by saying “Baby who is this girl sending nude” and I won’t even move a limb, I will just be looking. Local man knows there is nothing, he is transparent. So why should I be bothered? At the end she will still say, I am too confident, and when in my life would I cheat.
Truth is, when I am in a relationship, I am total and final. I give my partner every benefit of doubt. Hiding my phone (by locking it) is a no no. I know her Credit and Debit card passwords, she knows mine too (bo ti e je pe ko si owo ni be at the moment). We are fine!
Politics / Re: Prisoners Freed After Jailbreak In Edo As Thugs Hijack #endsars Protest [+video] by justflow1(m): 10:59am On Oct 19, 2020
E be things.

“If Orji Uzor Kalu can be walking freely today, why not them?”

This should be some of the thoughts resonating in the heads of the hoodlums that hijacked the protest and took the initiative to break the jail.

P.S No justification for jail breaking angry

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Health / Re: Beautuful Lady Cried Out Following Challenges She Faced After A Breast Surgery by justflow1(m): 12:10pm On Jun 14, 2020
Hi Ladies, please before you go to Dr. Anu. It is good you know that your entire life is not only about having banging bodies and all. Daddy E. A Adeboye would beseech us in today's message to lift ourself and mind from Mental Lockdown.
So if Shove turns push, you are hell-bent and you want to show the world that figure 8 is the course you care for, it is expedient you use your number 6 too to ask questions on medical effects of undergoing a contour surgical operation, google can save you regretful years, that's if 2mb wouldn't be too much for you to spare.

BTW, You cannot impress a man forever.

Eventually,Titties and Booty Sags

Happy Sunday!
Education / Re: Anyone With The Download Link Of These Books? by justflow1(m): 10:54am On May 05, 2020
Search for it on Zlibrary.

Hey. I found the website very useful and intuitive. i even got to download one of my long searched book (alongside the two books i posted here) on that website. Thank you for your time, i do not take it for granted.

Definitely, things get better!

Stay Safe...
Education / Anyone With The Download Link Of These Books? by justflow1(m): 3:25am On May 05, 2020
The looting Machine
By: Tom Burgis

Bananas: How the united fruit company shake the world
By: Peter Chapman

Education / Re: COVID-19: UNN Students Sensitization Campaign by justflow1(m): 2:45pm On Mar 24, 2020
We bade our colleagues goodluck as We hope to see again

Education / Re: COVID-19: UNN Students Sensitization Campaign by justflow1(m): 2:42pm On Mar 24, 2020

Education / Re: COVID-19: UNN Students Sensitization Campaign by justflow1(m): 2:13pm On Mar 24, 2020
More pics

Education / COVID-19: UNN Students Sensitization Campaign by justflow1(m): 2:07pm On Mar 24, 2020
I, alongside other like minds convened a photoshoot campaign on the novel Coronavirus in University of Nigeria Enugu Campus. Students came out to safeguard public safety as the campaign was not just a civic responsibility; but an act that is considered moral. The focal point of the campaign was to enlighten and sensitize the world of the virus through social media platforms. The call for the sensitization was expedient as it is practically impossible to get rid of things we know nothing about. We also wish our colleagues here on campus and elsewhere good luck as we depart our various campuses and stations for home. The is a very terrible time! #COVID_19UNNCampaign

Education / COVID-19: ICAN Postponed Indefinitely The March 2020, Professional Examination. by justflow1(m): 12:46am On Mar 20, 2020
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria ICAN, has postponed all its upcoming events including the forthcoming Professional examination slated for 24th through 26th of March, 2020 due to the current outbreak of the Corona COVID-19 virus

Education / Re: What's The Difference Between Business Administration And Business Management? by justflow1(m): 9:02pm On Dec 22, 2019

Thanks for your detailed response. I get your point very well.

But in the Labour market is there any significant distinction between both degrees? like Business administrators being restricted to certain job opportunities that are meant solely for Business managers?

Also, success in your studies!!!
basically, Human Resources managers knows the intricacies inherent in every course of study. if employer of labour wants a person who would carry out a more linear role in their entity they know which is best, and if they would prefer a non linear role they still know which course is best.
"Administration is a subset of Management" this further defines how rigorous and sophisticated one is over the other

i think the foregoing was able to give answer to your question
compliments of the Season

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Education / Re: What's The Difference Between Business Administration And Business Management? by justflow1(m): 11:11pm On Dec 21, 2019
i put it to you that both are not absolutely the same thing.
Business Management degree equip graduates with policy making, building systems, process and other guidelines. for which the Business administrator then use that guidance to run the operation. Management is non linear as it deals with people, profit, innovation, competition, entrepreneurship and organizational systems.

Business administration is kind of streamlined, students are thought on how to take care of the administrative tasks, business administration functions is linear in nature. Hence, bureaucratic in outlook. It is concerned with things being done the way they ought to be done.

Administration is a subset of Management
your sister will sure b lucky if she could get Management, (i am not saying one is better than the other tho, but from the foregoing one will see that its self evident that one is more sophisticated than the other)
i studied Business Administration in the polytechnic, and i am currently in my penultimate studying Management in University of Nigeria
best of Luck to your sister.

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Business / Re: Jumia Shuts Down Operations In Cameroon by justflow1(m): 10:12pm On Nov 20, 2019

Now mister man read ur own source properly and get some education.
The number of Nigerians on the Internet alone is larger than the entire Kenya population.

It is one thing to read. It is another thing to understand.
Have a good day.
as seen in the post, i am not in any way comparing the population, just the percentages, if 54 % people gain access to the internet in kenya and 47.1 people gain access to internet in Nigeria, should the argument bother on how many people?
a reasonable person will furnish the argument in a way that focus on what the kenyan govt did to had brought their country's internet penetration percentage above average, and why Nigeria is below 50% even amidst Tech minds and tech investments.
i know ur problem, it is either you missed your logic classes, or your 1Q is below 70
Business / Re: Jumia Shuts Down Operations In Cameroon by justflow1(m): 5:32pm On Nov 20, 2019

Quote the source of your research... Or simply quit lying.
i wont hesitate in feeding your gullibility.
Business / Re: Jumia Shuts Down Operations In Cameroon by justflow1(m): 11:44am On Nov 20, 2019
*Oh my dear Jumia! Truth be told, these disruptive innovation entities (Uber, Yudala, ,Jumia, Opay falls in this category) aiint getting ROI (Returns on Investment) in Nigeria and even Africa. Research claimed that just 47.1% of Nigeria's population has internet penetration which is relatively low compared to our sisters in East-Africa, Kenya. How then can a business whose sole mode of patronage is Internet-based thrive in the face of constraints, such as high data rate, huge Tax levy, unfavourable economy, inter alia?. I see Nigeria bade these companies Farewell in years time. Jumia and others will sure fall prey and most likely bow out of the country as they are posed with a fiercely looking Ready-made Finance Bill, ladened with hunt net about to be targeted at e-commerce and service rendering firms. They cant survive, and any attempt to force their stay will be at the detriments of we all. Yea we are at the receiving corner
Education / Re: The UNN Witchcraft Conference Faces Huge Criticism! (PHOTO) by justflow1(m): 1:19pm On Nov 16, 2019

I didnt go into philosophical definition of what a religion is cos am not interested. My interest does not go beyond people trying to gather and discuss which does not go against any law in Nigeria.
However, am not part of them so am not in position to highlight their motives for you, if you're so interested, safe the date and be there.
If i may ask... What's your problem with their motives, and which of your fundamental human rights will their gatherings infringe?
insofar you are nescience of their motives, Telling you the rights they infringed on, is like flogging a dead horse.
below is a link, just so you wish to learn. peace

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Education / Re: The UNN Witchcraft Conference Faces Huge Criticism! (PHOTO) by justflow1(m): 1:09pm On Nov 16, 2019
I believe this can transform our economy, only when it is been practice the right way.

i commend your nous


Education / Re: The UNN Witchcraft Conference Faces Huge Criticism! (PHOTO) by justflow1(m): 1:09pm On Nov 16, 2019
I believe this can transform our economy, only when it is been practice the right way.

Education / Re: The UNN Witchcraft Conference Faces Huge Criticism! (PHOTO) by justflow1(m): 12:44pm On Nov 16, 2019
Gatherings aside Christian gathering is always intimidating Christians... And they preach tolerance on daily basis.
but then, is witchcraft a religion? can you highlights their motives.


Education / The UNN Witchcraft Conference Faces Huge Criticism! (PHOTO) by justflow1(m): 12:22pm On Nov 16, 2019
The University of Nigeria (UNN), Nsukka, Enugu state, will host a conference on
witchcraft between November 26 and November 27.
The conference, which has the theme “Witchcraft: Meaning, factors and
practices”, is convened by the Professor B.I.C Ijomah Centre for Policy and
Research in UNN.
A notice of the event seen by The Cable listed David Ker, a former vice-chancellor
of Benue State University, as the keynote speaker.
It also said Charles Igwe, UNN vice-chancellor, is the chief host, while Egodi
Uchendu, director, B.I.C Ijomah centre for policy and research, is the host.
The Merriam Webster Dictionary described witchcraft as the use of sorcery or
Following the announcement to host a conference on witchcraft at the
prestigious University Of Nigeria, Nsukka between November 26 and November 27,
Adaeze Ekwueme, a Nigerian intercessor, is calling on God’s supernatural
intervention as the dates approaches.
Sharing the handbill on Facebook, the intercessor, proclaimed that such gathering
will not be allowed to hold in Enugu state and that they will die before the
gathering. Adaeze wrote:
“I stand to speak against this Witchcraft gathering.It shall not stand or hold in
Enugu state its environs IN the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST (intercede for Enugu
state)…We need the papa Idahosa’s kind of anointing for this generation O…
They try to gather, they die before the gathering!!!”.
the Christian body on campus had therefore registered their discontent has Posters had since been seen on campus and its environs, all at the quest of bringing the conference to its feet.
Information from one of the organizers of the conference claimed that the conference had been cancelled, but the University had since not released a statement in that light.

Education / Re: TETFUND Projects In Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma - Thompson Jotham by justflow1(m): 4:54pm On Nov 12, 2019

So Oga na you impose the tax or collect the tax? TET is just a tax with a specific use in this case of infrastructural and human development of tertiary institutions. How is it not FG
Tetfund is a Fiduciary fund held in trust by govt. proceeds from that tax do not go to the Development fund or the CRF, it goes to the Tetfund account directly (though the FIRS are the collector) , wich is one of the fund managed by the CBN on behalf of the Board. the disbursement of funds from that account is relatively transparent compare to other funds.

Note: i am not saying there is no corruption in TETFUND

sir next time i suggest you quote a person when you have something meaningful to say. but i spare u for this.
Education / Re: TETFUND Projects In Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma - Thompson Jotham by justflow1(m): 3:39pm On Nov 10, 2019
later ASUU will say FG is not funding d school
young man this is a TETFUND assisted project. its a direct disbursement from the till of Tertiary Education Tax TET (every company in Nigeria is expected to pay 2% of their assessable profit as Education Tax, just so to foster edu development in the country it is a fiduciary Fund held in trust by the FG which disbursement is made to Higher Institutions of learning 50:25:25 ratio for uni, poly, COE respectively on intervals..... so it is not in anyway a FG funding as you have thought!

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Education / Re: HELP Condemns Ifemosu Adewale's Expulsion By The FUNAAB Management by justflow1(m): 3:29pm On Nov 10, 2019
eleyi gidi gan
Education / Re: Nigerians Who Studied Abroad, Do You Have Any Regrets? by justflow1(m): 3:22pm On Nov 10, 2019
i am here to learn


Education / Re: Little Groundnut Seller Who Pleaded To Sign On A Graduate’s Shirt In Futminna Ba by justflow1(m): 1:29pm On Nov 09, 2019
nothing is comparable with Education. congratulations little champ

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