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Politics / Re: KWIRS Packaged #150million Sallah Gift For Gov. Abdulrazaq's Sister, Kahirat. by kennydee05(m): 10:04pm On Jul 18
All those money will choke them one day.

If someone say your present father is not your father, is cursing your mother the next thing to do it you ask for evidence?
Politics / Re: KWIRS Packaged #150million Sallah Gift For Gov. Abdulrazaq's Sister, Kahirat. by kennydee05(m): 10:03pm On Jul 18
Kwara played OTOGE into the wrong hand....

You are believing fake news? What happened to your brain to request for source?
Politics / Re: KWIRS Packaged #150million Sallah Gift For Gov. Abdulrazaq's Sister, Kahirat. by kennydee05(m): 10:02pm On Jul 18
Evil people

So, if someone lied against you, we should just believe the liar and tag you an evil person?
Politics / Re: KWIRS Packaged #150million Sallah Gift For Gov. Abdulrazaq's Sister, Kahirat. by kennydee05(m): 10:01pm On Jul 18
Saraki slaves and fake news are five and six. Because Saraki dynasty has been destroyed, must you people result into fake news to bring back your defeated dynasty?
Politics / Re: Tolu Ogunlesi's Tweets About The Revival Of The Eastern Ports. by kennydee05(m): 1:48pm On Jan 28, 2020
God bless President Muhammadu Buhari

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Politics / Kwara Pdp, Let Me Teach You How To Play Opposition–by Adetola Kehinde by kennydee05(m): 7:29pm On Oct 29, 2019
Democracy gives room for citizens, civil society groups, NGOs, and opposition parties to challenge the government i.e. the ruling party by putting ruling party to putting government on their toes to deliver on their campaign manifestos, deliver good governance and ensuring that cases of corruption and abuse of power by the government in power are revealed. However, it opposition party, PDP led by Bukola Saraki whose political dynasty were unanimously ended by Kwarans in the last general elections are ingnorance of their duty as opposition party in Kwara State.

Kwara PDP and their contracted media propagandists have been doing opposite of what the role of opposition party entails as they have on several occasions caught in the web of fake news peddling and defamation of characters of the Governor of Kwara state. The most recent act of their irresponsible was demonstrated by the news report published by Nationa Pilot on Thursday 24th, October, 2019. According to the said news report which was linked to a top opposition leader in the state Governor AbdulRahaman allegedly acquires N480m 2 bullet-proof jeeps.

Thankfully, the news report has been denied by the Governor with request that the National Pilot should retract the fake news on all platforms or media; apologise; give an assurance that they will desist from publishing fake news against him or face legal consequences for the libelous report. This was contained in the letter written by Governor AbdulRahman to the Editor of the National Pilot.

Also, in their new enterprise of irresponsibility, one of Bukola Saraki radio propagandists in Kwara State, Mr. Tunji Moronfoye con his weekly radio programme on Albarka FM on Thursday 24th, October, 2019 ignorantly criticized and ridiculed the nomination of women and young people as commissioners in the state. The Governor of Kwara State had earlier sent the names of 9 women and 7 men to the Kwara State Assembly for confirmation as commissioners. According to Moronfoye, Saraki media propagandist cum activist said I am surprised that the governor (AbdulRahman) is just populating his cabinet with just women and young people. Moronfoye further said what experience do women and young people have because ministries are supposed to be manned by people who are consultants in their fields? However, callers on the show unanimously condemned Moronfoye for his reckless discriminatory comments against women and young people on AbdulRahmans commissioner nomination list.

In addition to the aforementioned, Kwara PDP have also been hiding behind some young guys in the state to spread falsehood in an attempt to discredit the government of AbdulRahman whom has shown commitment to fix the mess left behind by Kwara PDP. It is noteworthy that the government of AbdulRAhman has been enjoying the support of Kwarans since it came to power due to its efficiency in delivering good governance.

As a Kwaran who desire prosperity and progress of the state, I advise Kwara PDP to desist from fake news peddling and work together with the ruling party by providing credible and responsible opposition. It is obvious that Kwara PDP are not ready for their new role as opposition party because one will be right to say Kwara PDP have adopted the template of their national party in fake news peddling and the use of young Nigerians in propagating their fake news enterprise. As such, I urge Kwara PDP to reach out to Kwara APC for free tutorial on how to play opposition the way it should be played.

Sources: http://thepodium.com.ng/2019/10/29/kwara-pdp-let-me-teach-you-how-to-play-opposition-by-adetola-kehinde/
Politics / Re: Saraki Leads PDP National Reconciliation Committee For Bayelsa, Kogi by kennydee05(m): 11:31pm On Oct 11, 2019
Politics / Re: "The Second Wife Story Is True" - Reno Omokri Says by kennydee05(m): 10:08pm On Oct 10, 2019
Yes, it is true. The best man having his makeup.

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Politics / Re: Sowore's Bail Conditions Can't Be Fulfilled - Lawyer Cries Out by kennydee05(m): 4:58pm On Oct 05, 2019
Pikin wey say een mama no go sleep, himself no go sleep.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UNILORIN Recruitment | The University Of Ilorin – August 2018 by kennydee05(m): 8:10pm On Oct 04, 2019
Is is true some have started receiving letter or just a mere rumour?

It is possible. There would be accreditation next week and they might have to present some lecturers cadre for accreditation.
Education / Letter To The Governor Of Kwara State, H.e. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq By Ad Kehinde by kennydee05(m): 5:25pm On Sep 17, 2019

Mr. Governor, following your visit to the Kwara State Library Complex yesterday (Monday, 16th September, 2019), it is pertinent that I write you this open letter. It is my believe that after you have gone through it, you will see the reasons why there is an urgent need to give public libraries in Kwara state necessary attention that would lead to sustainable information literacy in the state and also make Kwara state a leading knowledge society in Nigeria.

I started having an interest in the library during my secondary education days at Iludun-Oro Comprehensive High School, Oro, Kwara State. Fortunately for me, there was a functional library in my hometown, David Afolayan Memorial Library. The library was donated by the Children of the Late David Afolayan in memory of their late father. I was a regular user of David Afolayan Memorial Library because the library has it in collection textbooks that are of importance to my secondary school education. However, as I write this letter, the library has become a shadow of itself. The once cherished library has now metamorphosed into a forest, while the rooms in the library have turned to home for rodents and all sort of animal species and the books on the shelves have accumulated dust to the extent that some of the texts on them are no longer readable. Similarly, this is the ugly condition other few public libraries in the state are.

Sir, as big as Kwara State is in terms of land mass, and growing populations coupled with the literacy not so perfect literacy level in the state, it saddens me that the only place we can call library (stated owned), the Kwara State Library Complex has been a shadow of itself, the complex is not conducive for reading and it also accommodates outdated reading materials. I am glad that you have witnessed this yourself following your visit, however, beyond the visit I would be more than glad to see a total turn around for good in the condition of public library services across the state.

Sir, it is understandable that public libraries in Kwara state are founded wholly with taxpayers money, therefore, in agreement with the UNESCO public library manifesto (1972), public libraries in Kwara state should stop charging people for its usage, particularly users below higher institution level. This would encourage primary school pupils and secondary school students to use the library and also improve the reading culture among them.

Sir, you would agree with me that education is an essential instrument for human development and library is one of the mediums for its actualisation. Based on this, the public libraries have obligations to provide accessible and relevant information services and equal use to all members of the state irrespective of their age, gender, religion, economic status, political status, state of origin, nationality, age, religion, ethnic, professional and educational status. However, the current state of public libraries services vis-a-vis dilapidated building, outdated reading materials, lack of professional librarians, incessant power supply, lack of ICT facilities, poor funding, library staff attitude to work and lack of enough public libraries in the state has made it impossible for children of nobody and Kwarans at large to have access to better library resources that would improve their academic performance and equip them for lifelong learning.

Sir, following the aforementioned, I would like to make some recommendations on how to resuscitate the state owned public libraries. Sir, it is pertinent to note that the library is the hub of academic activities in the state and as such, there should be at least an ultramodern library in each of the 16 LGAs in the state while the Kwara State Library Complex should be made a cynosure of all the eyes to provide qualitative electronic library services.

Sir, I would like to bring to your attention that public libraries, globally are currently evolving to meet the needs of their diverse communities beyond repository of books and offering conversation library services. Today's libraries provide invaluable resources that befits the 21st century and day society. In light of this, Kwara State Library Complex should offer invaluable services such as coding, gamification, animation, App development, and other related IT inclined services that would prepare children and youths in the state for the future.

Sir, it is also pertinent for government at all levels in the state to develop a sectoral plan strategy that would help to transform public libraries in the state into an institution that would equip Kwarans with requisite information that would make them information literate person and subsequently make Kwara state a knowledge society.

Sir, owing to the present state of public libraries across the state, there is a need to have special intervention fund and increase the budgetary allocation of the Kwara State Library Board in order to revamp the public libraries across the state and build more public libraries so as to increase access of Kwarans to public libraries as it is impossible to make credible gain in education without improved library services.

In addition, sir, the Kwara State Library board under close supervision of the State Ministry of Education should strategically and radically embark on "Operation Equip the Libraries", this would help to bring back to live public libraries across the state.

Sir, there is a need to have local community book repositories and mobile libraries across the state. More so, Kwara State Library Board Should embark on literacy competition among primary school pupils and secondary school students in the state as this will help to improve their reading culture, literacy and also improve their academic performance.

Sir, in the face of the tiny budgetary allocation and increase in the state wage bill, Kwara State Government should collaborate with private organisations to support the state in revamping the public libraries in the state. Also, the state should apply for donation of books from national and international organisations to complement the library collections.

Sir, there is a need to improve the budgetary allocation of the library so as to allow the library meet up with its financial responsibilities. And also, the Kwara State Library Board should recruit competent professional librarians that would help in providing library services and manage the libraries.

Lastly, it is important that the Kwara State House of Assembly review law that guides legal deposit in the state so as to encourage compliance.

In conclusion, I would like you to know that a literate child will grow up to become a literate youth and a literate you will grow up to become a literate adult. This can only be possible if necessary action is taken to revamp the public libraries in the state.

Yours sincerely Sir,
Adetola A. Kehinde (CLN)

*About the Writer*

Adetola A. Kehinde writes from Ilorin and he holds MSc and BSc in Library and Information Science from the "Better by Far University", University of Ilorin. The author can be reached on:
Phone Number: 08068218386
Twitter: @Optimistic_Ade
Email: kennydee055@gmail.com

SOURCE: https://spectrumtimes.com.ng/2019/09/17/letter-to-the-governor-of-kwara-state-h-e-abdulrahman-abdulrazaq/
Politics / Re: Photos Of Diezani Alison-Madueke's Jewelry, Gold Iphone Forfeited To FG by kennydee05(m): 9:07pm On Jul 05, 2019
Since Diezeani left the ministry of petroleum, who has been on the proceeds of the oil? When have they accounted for the incomes of the proceeds in the oil sector? Who is deceiving who? Rogue Attention diverters of after 5 years. They want to shift attention from their failed attempt to criminally steal our land in the name of Rogue settlement. See the picture of the woman they're accusing and what she was wearing in the picture and tell me how that single jewelry could be compared to the class of those ones they claimed belongs to her after 5 years; she's not even putting on earrings, yet they displayed assorted earrings claiming they're for her. News for the average zoo gullible yoots.

You think spending money on jewelry is for wearing alone? Then you are not bright.

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Politics / Re: Why Everyone Is Still Talking About Saraki - A Talkaboutit.ng Spotlight by kennydee05(m): 12:33pm On Jun 08, 2019
Everyone always talk about devil

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Politics / Re: Why Everyone Is Still Talking About Saraki - A Talkaboutit.ng Spotlight by kennydee05(m): 12:32pm On Jun 08, 2019
The problem with this guy is that he was carried away by the politics of deception his hailers engaged in. His hailers deceived him to the extend that he lost his popularity at home and he was mercilessly defeated at the poll.

We don't talk about you in Kwara. We have already Otoge you.

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Celebrities / Re: Odunlade Adekola Vs Ibrahim Chatta: Twitter Fans React To Comparison by kennydee05(m): 8:05am On Jun 04, 2019

You're either from Kwara or somewhere very obscure in Osun and an eleha. That's how you unreasonably roll, very awkward set of people.

This guy is very STUPID.


Politics / Re: Only 10 Nigerian States Economically Viable, 17 Bankrupt [see Details] by kennydee05(m): 8:46pm On May 12, 2019
Even Bayelsa
Politics / Re: Press Release May 7, 2019 EFCC Should Stop This Witch-hunt Against Saraki by kennydee05(m): 10:17am On May 08, 2019
This man knew what he was doing when he decided not to confirm Magu as the Chairman of EFCC.

I am yet to see a thief giving credence to the competence of a police.

As for the witch hunt, I would be glad if EFCC can deploy wizard, Amadioha, Sango, Ogun to hunt you down.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UNILORIN Recruitment | The University Of Ilorin – August 2018 by kennydee05(m): 1:31pm On Jan 06, 2019

The main thing is that when are they start calling?
That I don't know.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UNILORIN Recruitment | The University Of Ilorin – August 2018 by kennydee05(m): 6:01pm On Jan 05, 2019
I understand that last week Thursday a meeting was held in my faculty. A brother told me he was contacted both before and after the meeting by someone close to him in the dept about him being shortlisted among others and if he will be taking the offer. Someone in my department also called me same day but didn't speak about the job but only asked about my employment status (Someone who hasn't called in a year).So presumably shortlisting has been done and those shortlisted will be contacted for interview soon.
In gibing credence to you assertion, around 25-27 December, a friend of mine told me that the departments have been requested to submit the names of those that meet the requirements based on available vacancy and the specialization of the applicants.

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Politics / Re: Father Mbaka 'Embarrasses' Peter Obi For Not Donating To Church (watch) by kennydee05(m): 8:53pm On Dec 03, 2018
Church and state.... Always battling...

Need a laptop? What are your specs? What's your budget? Well, I gat you covered. Free delivery and pay on delivery Delivery within Lagos only Contact details in my signature
Core i5, 4G RAM and 500G ROM. All in 50-60K
Politics / Re: Razak Atunwa Biography, Age: Meet The PDP Governorship Candidate In Kwara by kennydee05(m): 8:10am On Oct 02, 2018
Atunwa is one of Saraki corruption mechanism.

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Politics / Re: Razak Atunwa Biography, Age: Meet The PDP Governorship Candidate In Kwara by kennydee05(m): 8:10am On Oct 02, 2018
Brain is what we need, this is a win for Saraki and his people....

God bless Saraki
It is a loss to Kwarans. If you need to know, ask any Kwaran around you.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FRSC Recruitment Mail On Screening And Physical Fitness Assessment by kennydee05(m): 11:20pm On Sep 20, 2018
I received a mail "Kwara State "
Are you aware of any WhatsApp group for Kwara? If yes, kindly add me 08068218386
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FRSC Recruitment Mail On Screening And Physical Fitness Assessment by kennydee05(m): 11:19pm On Sep 20, 2018
Please help a brother with a summary page, email olabodeogundav@gmail.com don't have access to the whatsapp group. Thanks
same here, kennydee055@gmail.com
Thank you
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FRSC Recruitment Mail On Screening And Physical Fitness Assessment by kennydee05(m): 11:16pm On Sep 20, 2018
I got the text invite please someone should help send me a sample of the data summary page let me edit it thanks. Philipsokebe@gmail.com. #TeamAbuja
same here, kennydee055@gmail.com
Thank you
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FRSC Recruitment Mail On Screening And Physical Fitness Assessment by kennydee05(m): 11:14pm On Sep 20, 2018

Please add me as well 07066455359
Kindly share the data page with me. kennydee055@gmail.com

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FRSC Recruitment Mail On Screening And Physical Fitness Assessment by kennydee05(m): 11:13pm On Sep 20, 2018
I just got my invitation email now. Kwara state

Got mine too.
Kindly create a WhatsApp group
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: FRSC Recruitment Mail On Screening And Physical Fitness Assessment by kennydee05(m): 11:12pm On Sep 20, 2018

Same here @ xvoke1@gmail.com
same here, kennydee055@gmail.com
Thank you
Politics / Re: 'Why I Left APC' - Yakubu Dogara by kennydee05(m): 10:11pm On Sep 20, 2018
Lagos may have it's first PDP governor in coming day days. Ambode to port next grin grin grin

Harry Potter niii
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Rectem Interviewees, What Is The Outcome? Let 's Meet Here by kennydee05(m): 10:31pm On Sep 16, 2018
Good morning & Happy Sallah, Any info from them as regards this new recruitment ??

They have started requesting people to apply for admission. However, the remaining positions for employment will be filled this month or early next month. So, we should start expecting appointment letter this month or early next month.
Politics / Re: Delemomodu Admits Spreading FAKE NEWS About The "Account Freezing" Of Adelekes by kennydee05(m): 10:21pm On Sep 16, 2018
Dele Momodu has been a propagator of fake news ever since he visited Saraki in Ilorin.

No wonder, Davido called him an old fool.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: UNILORIN Recruitment | The University Of Ilorin – August 2018 by kennydee05(m): 6:26pm On Sep 10, 2018

Nope. Just print like that.
The school will send a link to ur Refs
Thank you.

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