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Religion / Re: Pastor Olakunle Beloved: Sex Before Marriage Is Not Sin (Video) by KunleAJ(m): 12:26pm On Jul 21, 2021

many great men of your holy book had sex with SINGLE women that they were not married to, had countless babymamas/mistresses etc and were never punished by your "god".... so it is safe to say that the above man is actually right on the subject. but hey, if you believe that sex before marriage is a sin then pls tell us all what the punishment is, so i can therefore educate you about highly respected fornicators in your holy book, such as Abraham, king David/Solomon who were never punished for their supposed sin.

the only one that was punished was because he had sex with a MARRIED woman, apart from that, sex with single women has ALWAYS been ok in your holy book.

thank me later...

perhaps a misconception, but i smell crap in your post
Career / Re: Building Construction Experts In The House; Help Fill A Questionnaire by KunleAJ(m): 7:34pm On Jun 28, 2021
15 more to go
Career / Re: Building Construction Experts In The House; Help Fill A Questionnaire by KunleAJ(m): 2:28pm On Jun 28, 2021
To those who have given replies, thank you!
Career / Building Construction Experts In The House; Help Fill A Questionnaire by KunleAJ(m): 10:44am On Jun 28, 2021
Literature / Re: My Billionaire Boyfriend by KunleAJ(m): 6:57am On Jan 18, 2019
Here is the link to my new story on the blog

Hello kingokoh, I saw adsense on your blog. How did you get it approved? Help a brother
Literature / Re: Call Of The Wind: THE GENESIS [Magic] by KunleAJ(m): 12:21pm On Jan 12, 2019

I didn't mean it as an insult if you take it as one I'm sorry.
But i know at least 25 readers and followers of your thread who din't get to finish false pretences which i happen to be among them.

One thing most readers don't understand is that a lot of talent goes into starting and completing a whole book.
If the author decides to monetize it I don't think it should call for insults, besides, most of the books are usually very cheap.

Try to be considerate, it is not easy.
Literature / Re: Behind Her Veil by KunleAJ(m): 3:47pm On Jan 10, 2019
Oboy! E be like say I go need pen oo. See as emails boku for this place sha!

Please I need it too itzadekunle@gmail.com
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 10:33am On Dec 08, 2018
KunleAJ it has been a while hope all is good
we are waiting for update oo

Thank you for checking up on me.

we lost someone and I had to travel, too much to do with very little time to write.

I will post an update today unfailingly.

Thank you for staying with me, I really appreciate it.
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 10:30am On Dec 08, 2018
Stories like these make me sick!

As in,this looks so unrealistic and predictable. How can Tunmi and Angel become so close in less than 30min of introduction? Why was it not Damien who struck the convo with Angel based on the fact he sacrificed his seat for her? Why was it Tunmi?

Come to think of it,writers on this forum with the way they describe a female character makes me wanna puke! Must she always look like "an angel"? Its the same description i keep reading in NL stories!why must all the stories on nairaland be about Love,jealousy,Love,fight,happy ending!!

I already know whats gonna happen in the latter part of the story.

Tunmi and Angel would start dating,Fola would be the antagonist but will later be dissappointed shaa.

At the end,Tunmi and Angel would be together.So easily predictable!

Btw- You read love stories like this on every literature forum. It must be a secondary school setting or a university! God! When will you guys just step up

I understand you to the core but there is one thing you should understand, a writer is the only one who knows the outline of the story.

Damien moved to the ghost seat which placed Angel close to Tumi.

In terms of being unrealistic, I'd say maybe, but Fola already saw Tumi as her own and you should note that I mentioned that she behaves like a mother hen, not letting other girls close to him.

She felt humbled by Angel's beauty, which seems to be one of the things I forgot to add. She saw angel as way above her on the ladder.

I have to admit, you will make a good writer.

As Concerns where the story is going, it will be a twist that even you will be surprised, do well to follow up with me and chip in more to make the story better.

Thank You..
Celebrities / Re: Omotola Jalade Wows In Red Dress To The AFRIMA 2018 Award In Ghana (Pics) by KunleAJ(m): 7:30am On Nov 25, 2018
she's losing her colour. E be like money no dey again to buy bleaching creams.

Omotola and her husband are the one of the very light skinned couples with dark children

Haters sha

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Celebrities / Re: Actress, funlola Aofiyebi-raimi Celebrates Her Birthday With Action-filled Photo by KunleAJ(m): 7:25am On Nov 25, 2018
some old fools should be locked up for public display of stupidity.....
As ugly as this bitch is, instead of her to hide under the bed she is here showing her ugly face, reminding us of her failed and dead career

Can't you just resist the urge say stupid things :/

You are pathetic
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 6:13pm On Nov 24, 2018
Nice story OP..please be consistent with the update !!

I will post another episode tomorrow


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Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 12:08pm On Nov 23, 2018
Love Triangle 1 - The Storm

Episode 3

There was magic in the air, Tumi's class was enchanted. Someone had casted a beautiful spell and along with it came a beauty. It wasn't evil.. no, far from it. She had a name, yes.. Angel.

She was Radiant, brilliant and beautiful, the sparkle in her eyes made the boys want to do her every bidding. They crowded around her wanting to make an impact, showing they were there for her to talk, to make friends with, to ask questions. Her calmness around these people who she barely knew seemed to beckon on them.

As all 'first day of resumption goes , work is always minimal and Grace Hills was no different. The students had more time to themselves catching up and gisting about the holidays ,the friends they made, things they did and places they went.

Tumi and Angel bonded immediately, cracking jokes, teasing other students together and all, it gave the day a brighter feel to it.

Angel had gone round to introduce herself , getting to know her classmates and making friends.

Fola called Tumi several times, poking him with her pen , wanting to strike up a conversation with him but he was in the "Angel Glow" just like everyone else, barely giving her his attention. She was pissed at him but couldn't say anything.

Charles moved to Fola's table and sat on her desk. He already hatched a plan in his head. He was going to torment her with words, make her hate Tumi and Angel winning her over in the process.

"You don't seem happy today Fola, is something the matter?" Charles asked studying her face wanting to know her reaction.

She bit her lips and looked up, flashing him a smile. "I am okay, just a little under the weather, i think"

"Let me help you to the infirmary, you really shouldn't fall ill on the first day of resumption. i am the classrep and it is my responsibility to take care of everyone here"

She never saw Charles as a freak because he was always nice to her , going all out just to make sure she was okay in class. Her thought wandered to his looks, she had to give it to him the guy had the looks but she never had it in her to date him, maybe because Tumi was always around and she already thought him hers.

Her eyes found their way back to Tumi again, "Damn!". Angel said something to him and he laughed hard. "DAMN!" she cursed again, her voice barely a whisper.

Her expression went sour but she held back the tears, he had promised to take her out but something told her it wont work as planned. She stood up.

"I really need to use the rest room, thanks for checking up on me Charles, you really care"

"Its nothing, if you need anything just tell me i will try my best to help" there was sincerity it

"thanks" she said and made her way to the door, disappearing from view.

Charles smiled, the way she bit her lips when talking worked his insides making him feel all mushy, he felt good, his first day of resumption was going well. is it an omen? he thought to himself, "i will get you Fola, You wait and see, time will really break you further as long as Angel is here and you will be mine!"

Laughter rose in his throath but he quelled it chucking silently.


Tumi saw Fola leaving the class and he remembered that he hadn't really paid her any attention since Angel came, he felt sorry.

He faced Angel
"Tell me about your self Angel, you don't seem to be from around here" Tumi said, he wanted to know everything about her.

"Well, Mr Tumi, what do you want to know? If you want I can start from the beginning of my life. come to think of it and wouldn't that be interesting"

They laughed

"oh Angel, I know almost nothing about you but I have the feeling you want to tell me as much as I want to hear. Am I wrong?" he said, searching her eyes for signs.

"and I have a feeling we will be very good friends Tumi. since we have close to an hour before break, sit tight and let me blow your mind"

"I am Angel" she smiled and continued

"I was birthed by a lovely couple 16 years ago in Kansas, US. My parents wanted me to be a citizen of the country so they had to traveled there for my birth. We were there for 8 months, my parents had a fight cuz dad cheated on mum with a white woman. Mum couldn't take it so she told him not to ever come close to us. She was hurt, she came back to Nigeria and started this school. We were happy according to her but she still loved my dad, it was one of the the reasons she never opted for a divorce "

" Dad was sorry and he wanted us back but mum was stubborn, she held herself back until she could no longer stay away because of her love for him. She forgave him when I 5 years old and he came back to the country "

"They were apart for 4 years and 4 months but she still forgave him? He is a lucky man, she must really love him" Tumi said.

"She did and still does." Angel said holding her pain.

"If you don't want to continue I understand"

"Don't be silly Tumi, it's just that I am quite emotional"

"He stayed with us for 5 years and we were really happy. I attended this school during the period they were together. Mum got a maid to assist in the house because she was very busy with this school and dad fell again, this time to the arms of the maid."

"When mum found out she broke down completely, I was just 10 but I could see the pain in her eyes. She never told me anything, she was hurt because she still loved him and he had cheated on her a second time."

"We left dad again on my 10th birthday, she left him a note and handed the affairs of the School to the principal. We went to her parent's in Port Harcourt. Dad came to the house several times but was not allowed to see either of us. Mum being an industrious woman started a saloon and it was successful "

" She cried herself to sleep every day and I knew she was only struggling to hold it back, I finally summoned up courage and asked her questions.... "

Angel was sniffing holding back the tears, she was obviously sad but no anger showed on her face.

Tumi concluded that she didn't hate her dad. He felt sorry for her.

" I am so sorry, you must have passed through a lot "

" Mum told me everything and I felt sorry for her but what amazed me was that she kept telling me not to hate dad that it wasn't his fault. I was just 11 but I understood. Dad didn't stop coming to apologize, but mum did not give him audience"

"Last year dad came to the mart and went to his knees in front of everyone, begging mum to come back, it was the last straw, she couldn't hold back anymore. We are together again and I think dad will keep his promises, I hope so, I pray so."

"We came back to Lagos 2 weeks ago and found out dad had been managing mum's school, he had my name in the list of students right from SS1 and he had kept it up hoping we would come back."

"He was so remorseful and I had to forgive him, I trust him now. He loves mum and I so I don't think he will ever cheat on us again"

Tumi was amazed, he now saw Angel in a new light.

"Wow!" he said "you really tried, I don't think I can measure your mum's love for your dad, she is a good person"

Angel cleaned her face and got her good mood back. "I know right, I wish I can just find someone to love me like that, i will be so happy"

"I am here" Tumi said

Tumi couldn't speak, he didn't know what came over him, the words just spilled out without before he could think. He was expecting a frown, a slap or something else but Angel surprised him.

She smiled, her face glowing, her eyes were focused on him. "Oh Tumi, I know you are, believe me. I know"

"erm.. I.. Erm"

Angel laughed heartily, "hey, calm down. It's nothing. Break is in 5 minutes" she said looking at her wristwatch "I'm buying and don't you dare refuse"

He also laughed, feeling less awkward. "Deal! And I will tell you about myself too!"

They were happy, it was the beginning of love, beginning of troubles and the beginning of pain.

Fola had spent several minutes in the restroom crying her eyes out, there was no one she could speak to, they wouldn't understand except her cousins.

She washed her face, cleaned up and exited the restroom. Her entry to the class was not noticed by the duo and she heard what Tumi had said but she was numb. The pain wasn't Pronounced anymore because she had decided to do all she could, her mind was made, she would call the twins, her cousins and ask for advice. Oh! She would wait, and bid her time. No one would see her coming

To Be Continued...

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Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 10:21am On Nov 22, 2018
Nice one OP... You already have our attention, hope you will be consistent manh
I'll try
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 12:35am On Nov 22, 2018
Sorry Guys. I will post a lengthy update this morning
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 9:54am On Nov 19, 2018
Nice one OP, let me look for a seat. This is going to be fun.

Let me hurry up with what I am doing so I can drop an update.

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Celebrities / Re: Runtown Buys A White Lion As Pet (Pictures) by KunleAJ(m): 11:32am On Nov 18, 2018
Hope this one knows that he is going to train a cold blooded killa that can't really be domesticated. And how will this lion even survive in a harsh weather like ours?

Na wa ooh una go dey form celebrity without any sense.

Harsh weather you say? Lions are able to adapt to the current environment. I don't know why you people just dey beef
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 9:10pm On Nov 17, 2018
Thanks for the update... Enjoy the story already. Keep it up bro.

Thanks Izzykeys051
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 5:36pm On Nov 17, 2018
Nice one.. You are doing a great job...

Another boss is hailing me! I am blushing, thanks Silver1996
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 8:01am On Nov 17, 2018
Thanks soul. you are a darling.
oga Kunle. we die here o. bring update jare
Thanks for your support miss
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 8:00am On Nov 17, 2018
Nice update bro. I can't help wondering what Fola went through that made her change to this seductive and conniving girl. Her eyes haff open finish grin

queenitee eberechi24 aminatope247 cadec007 meneski cindy1000 MhisTahrah

Thanks Bro smiley
Literature / Re: The New Girl by KunleAJ(m): 11:30pm On Nov 16, 2018

seems yu are better than me would love to read yur story.... Mtchewww

I have started my story, thanks for the silent motivation.
Love Triangle 1 - The Storm
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 4:55pm On Nov 16, 2018
Love Triangle 1 - The Storm
Episode 2
Sorry for the late update, work has been crazy, I am trying not to bore you with my long epistles describing people and places therefore I am trying to cut down the descriptions so please bear with me if my descriptions sound unprofessional... Not that I am a professional, bltz.. far from it. Just try to stroke my ego a bit wink .
If you don't believe in love at first sight let me work your mind. It am a living witness. wink

The drive to Tumi's school was uneventful as his father made his way expertly having traveled the route over a thousand times... Not literally.

Within 15 minutes he was dropped off at the school gate and his mum squeezed some cash into his palm after the initial greasing from his father.

He waved as the car left the school compound. After watching them leave he proceeded to the building.

Tumi grinned as he made a recollection of how his mum pretends to be very strict with him when all she does is to spoil him silly.

Grace Hills Schools, located in the Adekunle area of Yaba was a huge building of 6 floors with state of the art facilities to ensure world class students were produced. Painted brown and cream in rhyme with the school uniform.

He was in SSS 3 D second to the last class on the last floor of the building.

A feminine voice calling his name brought him out of his reverie, a voice he could recognize anywhere, Fola's.

The figure slid into view with a megawatt smile on her face and without caring about what others may think she pulled him into a tight hug.

"I have missed you T" she said unflinching

Fola was one of the few ladies who were naturally pretty without makeup, she always had a smile on her lips.

She stood at 5ft4' with Tumi 3' above her.

"I can't say the same since you left me for your cousin's with mum bearing on my neck every minute of the day" he said sarcastically with humor lacing his voice and a look of false defiance.

"Awwwn, sorry about that. Dad half dragged me to the place. That aside I have lots of gists for you!" she squealed releasing him from the hug.

Fola's family and the Adeoye's had been friends since the latter moved to the area. She was seen as a sister to Tumi reason being that she was also an only child.

Though younger with 5 months, she guards Tumi like a mother hen. A look from Her was enough to scare other girls away from him.

They had attend the school since crèche having enough time to know each other without any qualms

She clung to his arm as they reached the stairs.

Tumi had been taught all he needed to know about sex and relationships by his parents as they were good Christians but also realists who left no stone unturned concerning the matter.

He felt the change in Fola's behavior, the way she held him had a different feel to it as she was pressing her boobs to his arm, her eyes had a very special glint to them this time. A glint he couldn't miss from a girl.

"What happened to you during the holidays? You seem... different" he asked as they got to the fifth floor.

her expression piqued with interest, a slight smile dancing on her lips.

"Why do you think I changed? What do you see Tumi? What do you think?" she asked obviously amused.

"nothing" he said, not wanting to spoil the good mood.

"i will tell you what happened Tumi" bitting her lips she continued "They opened my eyes!"

Her gaze slid to his, she moved closer and placed a light kiss on his lips.

He was shocked beyond words the meaning of her statement dawning on him. She was no longer the innocent girl he used to know, her eyes said it all.

He looked around to check whether people were eyeing them but it was the opposite, they all had something or someone taking their focus.

"see you in class" she said and proceeded to the class, a bounce to her steps, Obviously happy.

He shook his head and followed her.

He had known her for so long he considered her family with no hidden feelings. He pondered on what to do as he entered the classroom and greeted his mates with hugs and handshakes.

The classroom was rectangular with 30 students seats, a bookshelf resting at the back facing the marker board. The chairs were arranged in fives per row.

The teacher's desk was located at front center of the class with a podium below it making it higher than the students' seats. It was what you would call an all seeing spot.

Tumi's seat was on the far right just by the window - fresh air spot - he called it.

The school bell chimed and the principal' voice boomed from the speaker overhead welcoming them to the qualifying term of the school year.

Tumi barely listened, he sat it out thinking about Fola her seat was just behind his. She jabbed him with a finger and he turned to face her.

She was all smiles looking at him intensely, he smiled and decided there and then to give 'THEM' a chance.

"want to go out with me later in the day miss?" he asked and her smile widened as she mouthed the words 'YES!' she said drawing the attention of her mate yet not caring.

"where are we going? What time? Should I come to your place or will you come to mine?"

"calm down Fola, we can discuss that later" he said amidst laughter.

"I Am curious T, say something"

"Till later miss" he said and faced the front with Fola continuously nudging him.

A number of eyes bore at them with a pair being the class rep's, Charles, a handsome but boring and pathetic looking guy who had his eyes out for Fola though she never looked his way for once.

He was determined to break their friendship and truth be told he tried but it never happened, he once went to the level of reporting them to the principal that the duo were in a romantic relationship knowing how much the man frowned against it but the principal had not bulged telling him that the two were family and he should mind his business.

It had infuriated him the more and he had proceeded to wow her with gifts but she had declined it all politely.

Seeing them happy and eyeing each other lovingly made him want to puke.

"Seems like the ghost seat will remain unoccupied till we pass out from this school" He said drawing the attention of his classmates. Yes, he liked that, all the attention on just him.

The seat had remained like that since SSS1 from every class they moved, the school management had always made them 29 in the class with other classes completing 30 or more as if expecting someone to show up.

" I have a feeling it won't be empty for long" Tumi said and all the attention went to him.

Charles cursed under his breath

"Why? it is our last term here and I don't think anything can happen" said Diana, a chubby short girl and a student of the class.

"Well, we'll see"

At that point their class teacher came in and they lowered their voices, a figure with curly brown hair and equally brown backpack matching her brown school skirt followed her quietly, her head bowed.

"Greet!" Charles bellowed and they all stood up to greet.

"Good Morning Ma!"
Charles smiled to himself enjoying the feel of command he drew after a while of being on break.

Miss Maureen, a small, young woman answered with a smile on her face. "Good morning, how was your holiday?" see asked.

They all talked replying with chuckles and laughter here and there.

The girl beside the teacher raised her head and the class went quite. All eyes went to her.

Tumi had been bored with the welcomes and hadn't noticed her when she came in with the teacher, the class went quiet and he looked up curious at what could make the squabbling kids go quiet.

He was stunned, his heart went to his his eyes, the girl in front of the class wasn't pretty, no, you can't call her pretty, no and no, she was beauty!
The word beauty made flesh.

Her hair, her eyes, her face, her lips, her bust, her waist, those legs and finally her body.

His Jaws dropped of their own accord. He was smitten, yes, damn smitten. No one noticed, well no one except Fola.

He collected himself when he heard the teacher's voice addressing them.

"Well, thank you for the quiet. This is Miss Bamigboye Angel and she will be joining our class, she needs your help so give her the support she needs."

Angel, he thought, how befitting. The new girl's eyes darted brilliantly around the room and settled on him and a beautiful smile laced her lips making her more Angelic at least to him. Not wanting to feel like a coward he smiled back.

The teacher's voice broke his focus once more
"I want her to sit at the front, can someone here volunteer to go to the empty seat?"

Damien, another student of the class whose seat was at the front beside Tumi's sat up without a word and made his way to the back, to the ghost seat.

"Thank you Master Damien, appreciate him Miss Angel"

"Thank you Damien, I really appreciate your selflessness" her voice a melody and the smile on her face seeming permanent.

Damien could have blushed if he could.

"Have your seat and prepare for today's classes" the teacher said and left the classroom.

Everyone was quite, as she sat down and started unpacking her things to the desk.

Diana broke the silence 'let me help you! I am Diana'
She said and moved towards Angel's seat to help in arranging the books.

That seem to break the tension and the students continued their chattering.

"oh Tumi! You are always right!" Diana exclaimed.

"I just felt it, it's no big deal"

"so you saw this coming? Are you a seer?" Angel asked chuckling.

Impressed with her communication skill he regained confidence.

"yes, you can say that" and they both laughed,.

Before long they were chatting like friends, like they had known each other for long.

Oblivious of their surroundings, several students were looking at them obviously jealous. However, 2 pairs of eyes were special , one pair happy and satisfied, the other furious and laced with hatred.

Charles was happy, yes! He was happy. Angel could take Tumi away, that would make him happy. Fola would finally be his. He chuckled, barely able to contain his excitement.

Fola was fuming, her eyes were red and angry, her rage made her shake and she held the desk not wanting anyone to notice. Tumi and the new bitch were talking like they had been friends for eternity.

Tumi was hers and hers alone, not even the angels could take him away, not even Angel. At that point she vowed to do all she could to make Tumi love her, to make him worship her.

Tears threatened her eyes, she put her head on the desk and wept silently. Tears of frustration, hurt, love, anger, passion and hate.

Tumi was right, she had changed, she had to!

To be continued...

Author's Note
I didn't bother describing Angel yet because truth be told I can't do justice to her beauty with my poor human features description skill sad

Let her beauty be a burden for your imagination.

As much as I try to learn that aspect of writing I keep feeling like I just can't get it right.

Your suggestions, criticism and comments are highly welcome because as I said earlier I don't take offense easily.

Thanks For reading smiley

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Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 4:48pm On Nov 16, 2018
I dey your back cheesy
Because of you LightQueen I will light things up with an update. Thank you!
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 4:47pm On Nov 16, 2018
Thanks Mavi
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 4:46pm On Nov 16, 2018
Oya, I've pitched my tent here

Thanks Ann2012, your support out of many keeps this inexperienced writer focused.

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Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 4:44pm On Nov 16, 2018
Following bro!
My boss is here o! I salute sir!
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 7:41am On Nov 11, 2018
Loving the story already
Thank you v.much izzykeys
Literature / Re: Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 2:33pm On Nov 10, 2018
Love Triangle 1 - The Storm

* Madera001

Do you know the meaning of family? It's a bond that binds you to those you love who love you back.


"You will be Late Tumi!" his mother bellows from the dining, her fists to her hip and her face a mask of anger. Daring him not to come down that instant.

Mrs Adeoye a petite woman in her late 30's, mother of the one and only Tumi, who she birthed after serious complications during pregnancy and was told she could not give birth anymore.

She was brought up in a family where things had to be done according to plan and her father never permitted mistakes and she was her father's daughter.

"Leave him be Sarah, he's just a kid"

Sarah's look softened as she looked at her husband, one of her two loves, the half apple of her eyes. He wasn't very handsome but he was the smartest man she knew and she fell in love with him at first sight.

"I know love but he needs to grow up, I can't have him grow irresponsible" she said, her palm resting on his shoulder.

Mr Adeoye faced his wife a loopside grin on his face "You really need to let him grow up on his own, that will make him stronger and a better man"

She drew close and placed a kiss on his cheek.

As if her husband's pleading fell on deaf ears, she straightened put on her anger mask and let his ears ring on her behalf.



Tumi's heart lurched in his chest as always, yes, his mum's voice screaming his name always did that to him.

He stared at himself in the mirror while brushing his hair, he had good looks courtesy of a cool looking dad and a beautiful mum.

His room was a typical boy's room except being untidy, Mrs Adeoye as he always called her whenever she gets too bossy would have his head on a wooden platter if she ever had a reason to call his room dirty.

It was a new term and his last in secondary school. The holidays had been boring with his mum always around him.

He attends one of the best schools - Grace Hill Schools - in the state and he was one of the best students.

He couldn't afford to be late but he had overslept and didn't even go down for the morning devotion, his dad must have told his mum to let him sleep.

He sprayed his clothes lightly with his lavender perfume grabbed his bag and hurried out of the room taking the stairs in twos.

He moved straight to the dining seeing his mother in her signature spot with her signature pose. He smiled, kissed her on the cheek pulled out a dining chair and sat.

"Morning mum, morning dad. Hope you slept well?"

"We slept too well thank you son" Mr Adeoye said and winked at his wife who smiled lovingly.

With Her mask of fury now gone and her voice normal and collected she asked "Why didn't you come for devotion this morning?"

Without giving him a chance to explain she continued "just forget it, I don't want you going late to school so I reduced your food to make sure you finish up on time.

Tumi stared at his father and smiled the breakfast of toasts and tea seemed to be more on his plate than even his father's.

Mr Adeoye threw his head back and laughed "You keep spoiling him indirectly" he said and looked at his wife who seemed to be overly interested in the plate in front of her.

"hurry up you two, I have to be at the mart in 30 minutes"

The Adeoye's were not very rich but comfortable and a very happy family with everything going on well for them.

The Mr was an architect and after working with a popular firm for several years he built his own Architectural design firm which is standing strong after 10 years of operation.

The Mrs who has always loved her family sacrificed her job as an accountant to start a mart in order to be able to take care of the family.

The Master, a loveable high school kid who with the help of family is growing to a fine young man and aiming to be a a food scientist had his future set.

The family was a model for all other families with these qualities.

The Adeoye's resided in Yaba area of Lagos, the Mr had bought the house and renovated it to his taste. It was a a storey building on half plot of land with five rooms each with its own bathroom and toilet, a sitting room, one kitchen, a store, and a visitor's restroom. Painted different shades of green on the outside and white on the inside.

Tumi finished up his food, gulped his tea, wiped his mouth and stood picking up his backpack.

They were all ready and filed out of the house to the car which was the only one the Adeoye's had. A blue 2017 Venza.

"A storm is brewing and the weather is cold, let's hurry"
They moved faster and everyone took their position, courtesy of the Mrs.

Mr Adeoye drove out of the compound and the automated gate closed and locked.

A new day had begun and a storm was indeed brewing, one that would change everything... Almost Everything...

To be continued...

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Literature / Love Triangle 1 - The Storm by KunleAJ(m): 2:29pm On Nov 10, 2018
I finally made it out of my shell after training for a while. Reading books written by my bosses here on Nairaland seems to stir the writer in me.

I just wish I can be as descriptive as Oga Souloho19, as brilliant as LarrySun, as Magenetic as Giannaaaaaa, As breathtaking as RepoGirl, as detailed as TheBlessedMAN, as mindful as Kayo80, as crazy as GeorgeStark my gee, as sensual as BadooHemy and as creative as my all time best writer Fiyah.

I can't cover enough grounds alone, please correct me in any manner as I do not take offense easily.

Let's Do This!

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