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Romance / Re: Few Minutes To That Bro Give Away by lovegeneration(m): 5:55pm On Mar 28
Politics / Re: The Presidency Is Leading By Example And Nigeria Journalism's Prowess by lovegeneration(m): 6:57pm On Mar 27
This movie is getting interesting oooo quote author=chime8 post=87825603]Where is Mr. President?
Secrecy and invisibility breeds fake news.
No fake news peddler can rumour that President Trump has been flown to Canada for treatment. People will just laugh it off and ignore the news.

This is because Americans still saw him on TV this evening and they are going to see Baba Kebe, their hyper active and at times erratic President Trump, tomorrow jumping from one event to another at his age.

While we condemn fake news peddlers, we must condemn more those in the presidency that make avoidable apprehension and rumour mongering possible by being opaque in information management and creating a myth around the presidency.

The president of any country is the most visible man in the news on his nation's television network performing one function or the other except when he is sick and the public reserve the constitutional right to know. Even when presidents are on private vacation, it is news because a country's president has no hiding place.

Can Americans not see their president for one day on CNN and other television networks? It is not possible because presidency of any country is a 24hr beehive of national and international activities. In fact, in the order of news broadcast, news from the presidency is given top priority because it is always a Grade A event and coverage for broadcast.

In my forty years of professional experience as a broadcaster covering news and listening to news, there was no single day that President Shagari, Gen. Buhari, Babangida, Abacha, Abdul Salam, Obasanjo, Yar'adua, (except during his sickness) Jonathan were not seen in the news on NTA Network news. Why should President Buhari be different?

Buhari will just be invisible for days like Elemosho in Lere Paimo's epic play titled: Ogbori Elemosho, and some shameless people will be defending nonsense, giving excuses that are too elementary and senseless to believe. Rubbish.

I repeat and please confirm, there is no single day that presidents of countries are not seen, talk about and physically visible on their countries' television network news except when they are indisposed and their citizens will know.

Stop defending rubbish because of your political partisanship, patronage, religious, ethnic bias, or just being voluntarily stupid.

Stop defending bad precedent today because it will lead to worse things tomorrow and by then, wont you look idiotic and unprincipled if you condemn the act of appearing and disappearing of a president in future?

As a father or mother, will you just disappear from home or lock yourself inside your room without telling your children what actually is happening? The president is the father and leader of the nation.
Always put your nation first. Be patriotic.
Chime Chukwuka.[/quote]
Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Task Force Visits Aso Rock, Led By Boss Mustapha by lovegeneration(m): 4:52pm On Mar 24
Politics / Re: Why Are More Igbo Making It US Military Than Yoruba And Hausa/fulani Altogether by lovegeneration(m): 10:18pm On Mar 20
Because they destine to die by war. author=Frankdoz8 post=87618535]First of all, I must say big congratulations to Igbo and IMO state born Ike Ewema for making it to rank of colonel in US army.
Now I ask, why are more Igbo's making it to american military than our neighboring Nigerian tribe?
Could it be the lack of quota-based system?
Could it be because Igbo's are more travelled than them?
Could it be because Igbo's are more Educated than them?
Yoruba, Hausa and fulani; come in and give your unbiase opinion on this matter.
Igbo amaka[/quote]
Politics / Re: Adamu Garba: Almajiri Is Our Pride, I Disagree With Sanusi, Emir Of Kano by lovegeneration(m): 10:56pm On Feb 22
Someone should please tell this idiot to also allow his child to seek for that stupid knowledge he is talking about.
quote author=sarrki post=86863830]Almajiri is a system of Islamic education practiced in northern Nigeria. Almajiri derives from an Arabic word, rendered "al-Muhajirun" in English literal translation, meaning a person who leaves his home in search of Islamic knowledge.

Underaged children are mostly the victims they begged and cater for themselves at an early age
Some at age 5

Politics / Re: $8 Million Seized At The Airport In Lagos Causes Controversy by lovegeneration(m): 11:08pm On Feb 12
The money is made to purchase weapon from black market to tackle BKH.
Politics / Re: State Of Soldiers In North East (photos) by lovegeneration(m): 8:59am On Feb 04
Imagine say Na America soldiers u go see gardget and some lovable kit all around them but see as every where dry all I can see is raifel and catridge mennn 9ja we need serious up grading oooooo

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Politics / Re: Tanko Yakasai: Amotekun Will Promote SouthWest, Southeast, Southsouth Secession by lovegeneration(m): 2:14am On Jan 26
I dont want to abuse you but this your write up is annoying,
Is like you know nothing about this country or you feed from the region that has made their self parasites to the faild so called project Nigeria.

If u dontn know let me run a breeff summary on how the northern part has ruined this country.
go check most of the pam sec at the ministry they are mostly malam and most of them are their unmerite.
Sometime around last year in March presecily I went to the imigration office for my intl passport and the oga am to see was not on seat and I over herd the subordinate talking that their oga that went for meeting now only God know what they will be discussing and the whole people in that meeting now are all Hausa and they are about 6 or 7 of them.
So tell me how would you still support a regiong that denied their children education at this present age while the common men and women on the street on the street of other regions do all it takes to give their child education and at the end the stupid aboki or alumonjiri will still end up being their superior at the ministry just because of one nonsense qoter system.
See my prayer point has change from father unit these country.
Now my prayer point is now father separate this country in thy name of Jesus.

=GoTV post=86086448] sad As a born again Christian who is meant to speak the truth at all times, i think this amoketun issue is being hypocritically blown out of proportion to expand hatred for other tribes especially the Fulanis. Why must we Christians be the brain behind the vast support for Amotekun when the Nigerian constitution is clear about the roles of the armed forces and police in the security of the country? Why must we form an ethnic militia to target fellow Nigerians when the constitution guarantees freedom of movement and doing business nationwide as long as we are Nigerians? What we fail to realize is that the south east cheering on Amotekun sees its as a synonym for their biafra agitations and they will rather support anything that will disband the relative peace and unity of Nigeria. The IPOB sympathizers will be the one to cry wolf when Amotekun starts targeting their tribesmen who commits various crimes in the south west. MURIC recently condemned the killing of a CAN pastor and sympathized with we Christians, how many Christians will condemn the killing of an imam or Muslims? Instead we rejoice when tragedy strikes them forgetting we are all humans before religion. Instead of emulating our Muslim brothers who have remained silent on this issue of Amotekun, we Christians are disturbing the cyberspace with hypocritical comments. Amotekun will never see the light of the day as long as we remain one Nigeria. It's a bad policy and a tribalistic security outfit aimed at persecuting other Nigerians. On behalf of we Christians, i condemn Amotekun. Let's learn to live in peace and harmony sad[/quote]
Politics / Re: Amotekun Is A Model by lovegeneration(m): 12:16pm On Jan 19
My prayer point now is that every region should go in Thier separate way.
quote author=fairfora post=85923773]Nice not there [/quote]
Politics / Re: Amotekun: Northern Youths Kick, Call On President Buhari To Ban It by lovegeneration(m): 9:51am On Jan 11
Please am beging any one that can help this guy should please help, no amount is too small even if is 500 naira just drop some thing in his account he really need the money I just check his signature now and I watching the video he posted if u re douting him please just try and check it too
So they dont want people to secure place again.PLEASE nairalanders my name is celestine nwankwo 28YRS OLD from ugwueme awgu L.G.A. enugu state,12yrs ago in 2007 ihave a quadruplegic spinal cord injure which resulted in me been in bedridden condition and unable to move around no source of income yet because my fingers are partialy afected my family has suffer and spend so much this condition especially my ageing mother who has been nursing me at home for all this while. but right now things are very very difficut for me and my mother who is also diabetic expecially feeding and litle medications,buying of catheters and health care needs.please i need your help in any way posible no matter how small it will make a diffrence see my signature for more detail
Family / Re: My Kids Nanny Is Leaving - Urgent Advise by lovegeneration(m): 10:58pm On Jan 06
I will advice u rent her an apartment some where not to far from ur place that u can be dropping ur kids with her during the day time and pick them back later in the day.

Iquoteonikiba post=85539729]This is so urgent now.

This woman is so nice to us, my kids love her and am heart broken she's leaving today.

I have being trying to manage her marriage, she has issues with the MIL and hubby, they don't want to see her around. Her husband wants to take her back to the village, we've done all our best, I knelt down with other elderly people to beg but the MIL insist she's rude and want her to leave.

I will really be hurt to see her go, who else can I trust my kids with? I leave my rooms open with no fear, she doesn't steal and obey all instructions to the letter. In fact, am soooo free with her around my kids.

I have two vacant rooms around, we don't mind housing her, my husband want her to stay with us but I said no, I thought about it carefully and so said no. My reasons are;

* I don't want to have issues with the MIL, we are both house owners, not just tenants that will depart sooner or latter so I don't want any issue with a fellow landlady.

* She is way older than me, I call her mama. So I hate to hurt an elderly person. Taking her DIL in will surely hurt her. And she might think so instigated the DIL against her.

* I don't want other landlords to see me as a bad person.

* What if something happens to this girl or what of if she starts to misbehave?

*My sister and older relations advise against it.

* Her MIL will do everything possible to tarnish my image in our estate.

This girl isn't a bad girl, she is this village girls that if you manage well, you'll get the best out of them but her MIL n hubby are phycos. Very difficult to be with. She's highly unforgiving. She insist this girl must go because she doesn't fit her status. But they saw the kind of person she is before marrying her.

Enough of too much talk.

What do I do to keep her without hurting her MIL.

If she leaves, the stress will be too much for me and I don't think I'll get someone else due to trust.

I need help.

Ignore my typos pls

Crime / Re: The Lady Beating Her Underage Househelp Has Been Arrested by lovegeneration(m): 11:53pm On Dec 22, 2019
The truth is that some children can be so so annoying but it is better to send that child back to her people to save yourself the stress and embarrassment.
I suspect you to be one them too
Haa how can u support such act for God sake that means u can also do same if a child get u provoke or what are u insunating ooooo.
Please let know.
Crime / Re: Police Has Arrested The Woman That Flung Her Underage Maid- Picture by lovegeneration(m): 11:38pm On Dec 22, 2019
Why is she not handcuffed behind her back and fetters on her legs like an attempted murder suspect that she is?
am so glad for this news�����
Crime / Re: Nigeria Lady Beating Her Underage Househelp Goes Viral by lovegeneration(m): 10:46pm On Dec 21, 2019
Video Of Nigerian Lady Assaulting Her Underage House Help Goes Viral.

I can just wait to read the news that she has been arrested.
Very weiked woman look at the way she is beating as if she her age mate
Politics / Re: DSS Begged Sowore To Accept 'Death Warrant' Deal - Falana by lovegeneration(m): 11:47pm On Dec 09, 2019
Can he please give us the definition of his own death warrant?
Politics / Re: NBA Reacts To DSS Court Invasion And Sowore’s Rearrest by lovegeneration(m): 11:19pm On Dec 07, 2019
My goat got missing for weeks now and have set up a team to help conduct ultimate search, have even gone as far as reporting the case to the highest authorities but the response I got is that they have their hand full with high profile cases like the one of hate speech and human right activist so........ u can complete the rest in ur imagination or u can put this WERE u think it belong and this the goat I plan to kill for Christmas.....
This what got me confused ooooo.
I notice my land lord have used up to 2 pack of tooth pick withing 2days and am still counting but I don't know if I should approach him or not but am not read for quit notice. please what should I do?
Ur advice is welcome ooooo

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Properties / Re: Genuine Land In Moniya by lovegeneration(m): 11:04am On Dec 05, 2019
And is not too far to the new dry port in ibadan that will be open soon.
Properties / Re: Genuine Land In Moniya by lovegeneration(m): 11:35pm On Dec 04, 2019
Both in acres and plot is available with good prospect at a very cheap rate
Properties / Genuine Land In Moniya by lovegeneration(m): 11:29pm On Dec 04, 2019
Need a genuine land for hotel, warehouse, and residential along moniya or akinyele axis in ibadan kindly watz app me on 08138002359.
Properties / 3000 Sm Warehouse For Lease In Ibadan. by lovegeneration(m): 7:50am On Dec 01, 2019
3,000 square meter warehouse is available in ibadan @ 6k per sm but is negotiable sha.
any serious client should watz app me on 08138002359.
Properties / A Warehouse 3000 Sm by lovegeneration(m): 12:21am On Dec 01, 2019
3,000 square meter warehouse is available in ibadan @ 6k per sm but is negotiable sha.
any serious client should watz app me on 08138002359.
Nairaland / General / Re: 15 Million Naira Cash Or Relocate To Canada, Which Will You Choose? by lovegeneration(m): 4:53pm On Nov 25, 2019
Na 15 million I will go for
Politics / Re: Throwback Photos Of Enugu Between 1959 And 1960 by lovegeneration(m): 6:38am On Oct 16, 2019
[quote author=Esseite post=83161155]Please where can one get any of these old African cars? can anyone help with a link? .

We are willing to buy at reasonable price even if reasonably rusted.[/qhuote] I do some in ibadan if u re interested in getting let me know
This is my watz app line 08138002359
Family / Re: Suspecting My Husband Is Gay by lovegeneration(m): 10:34pm On Oct 05, 2019
Hmm madam I guess I know u and I have been suspecting him too
but what I will tell u is that try to be careful with ur 2 son so dat he will not initiate them.....
Crime / Re: 37-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide In Ikorodu by lovegeneration(m): 10:03pm On Sep 01, 2019
[uote author=uzedo1 post=81818539]

I keep wondering, how do they do it [/quote]
I pray u ll never know it in Jesus name
TV/Movies / Re: Meet ‘The Critic‘, Kaduna Students And Their Scifi Movie On Green Screen (video) by lovegeneration(m): 10:16pm On Aug 17, 2019
[ur contact please or call me on this number am interested 07010045403
Autos / Re: I Am A Clearing Agent,if You Have Consignment,am @ Your Service by lovegeneration(m): 11:35pm On Dec 16, 2018
Good evening pleas my name is toba if u have any body that want to sale hayab truck kindly let me know my email is tobaobajake@gmail.com so urgent pleas.
Autos / Re: Construction Vehicles**Semi-trailer Trucks**Point 'n' Kill - UNBEATABLE PRICES!! by lovegeneration(m): 11:31pm On Dec 16, 2018
Good evening pleas did u have hayab truck for sale?
Autos / Re: Preorder Tankers, Luxurious Buses And Heavy Equipments From Germany by lovegeneration(m): 8:53pm On Dec 16, 2018
Hello pleas did u have hayab loader 12 torn for sale if yes kindly let me know or contact me on tobaobajake@gmail.com

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