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Properties / Re: 2 Br Flat @ Unity Estate.....egbeda.....230k....1yr by lovethokoh: 2:21pm On Apr 20, 2013
it is cheaper here http://getmyhouse.net/index.php?id=eugyno for only N8000 or $39 you can buy a whole house
Properties / Hot And Real..buy Your Own House With N8000 by lovethokoh: 2:19pm On Apr 20, 2013
This may sound ridiculous to Nigerians especially those that hate online opportunities, well the web is for business and it has made more people rich wether we like it or not.
You can now get a house for $39 or N8000 if you so wish at http://getmyhouse.net/index.php?id=eugyno
Properties / Re: Wow (2) Cheap Lands For Sale In Abuja..... Buy Now (c Of O), (r Of O) by lovethokoh: 2:15pm On Apr 20, 2013
it is cheaper here for only $40 or at most N8000 at http://getmyhouse.net/index.php?id=eugyno
Romance / Re: Why Ladies Born In The 80′s & 90′s Will Probably Never Get Married by lovethokoh: 4:27am On Apr 14, 2013
mafunzo: 1. Many ladies of our time will end up singles for life because of media exposure- it is so disheartening how a lady will glue her eyes on a mobile phone from morning to night, only to raise it up to focus on television to watch another celebrity entertainment channel. Tell me, what else will dominate this lady’s mindset aside how to live a fake celebrity life being promoted on television channels?

2. Many ladies now dislike cooking and home chores just because they had been totally brainwashed by movies showcasing men playing the role of women in a family, and due to excessive exposure to modern media that promotes gender-equality in a destructive way that’s aimed at destroying the unique African family setting that made our previous African marriages everlasting and envious to the westerns. Now, with this attitude, how do you expect a Kenyan man to desire to marry when he knows he is only buying more headache and trouble than helper for himself?

3. Modern fashion and craze for gadgets is a great barrier to most ladies finding love and marriage...
for gadgets is a great barrier to most ladies finding love and marriage. How do we explain a single lady whose only desire in life is to acquire the latest clothe in town, the latest mobile phone and pad to the detriment of her woman worth?

The full story here: http://sellinat.com/news/2013/04/13/why-ladies-born-in-the-80s-90s-will-probably-never-get-married/

1. Many ladies of our time will end up singles for life because of media exposure- it is so disheartening how a lady will glue her eyes on a mobile phone from morning to night, only to raise it up to focus on television to watch another celebrity entertainment channel. Tell me, what else will dominate this lady’s mindset aside how to live a fake celebrity life being promoted on television channels?

2. Many ladies now dislike cooking and home chores just because they had been totally brainwashed by movies showcasing men playing the role of women in a family, and due to excessive exposure to modern media that promotes gender-equality in a destructive way that’s aimed at destroying the unique African family setting that made our previous African marriages everlasting and envious to the westerns. Now, with this attitude, how do you expect a Kenyan man to desire to marry when he knows he is only buying more headache and trouble than helper for himself?

3. Modern fashion and craze for gadgets is a great barrier to most ladies finding love and marriage. How do we explain a single lady whose only desire in life is to acquire the latest clothe in town, the latest mobile phone and pad to the detriment of her woman worth? How can a single lady maintain this lifestyle for long without bowing low to immoral lifestyle? How do you expect a man from a responsible family background, and who is in his right senses to propose marriage to a lady whose utmost desire and concern in life is to acquire costly electronic gadgets, clothes, jewelry, perfume, etc? Of course, majority of men would like to date such a trendy lady for fun and show-off, but wouldn’t want to propose marriage to such a lady even if she is earning the money herself because her expensive lifestyle already is a big turn off to most responsible serious-minded single men. Only men that are out to catch fun will be closely attracted to her, and her chances of getting a marriage proposal from them is as slim as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.
4. Excessive makeup turns most decent and serious-minded men off- if you have observed, you will discover that most men dislike excessive makeup, and more don’t even like it at all; reason they often times discourage their true loved ones to do away with it cos it speaks ill of a lady even though so many men will applaud and complement you for looking like an Egyptian mummy. A slight makeup is okay; but if you are out for marriage, try always to look simple and natural, it will attract better men, decent and serious-minded, except you are still living in your high school life and not thinking towards marriage.
5. Cut Down Your Participation in social network sites- if possible, close your facebook and twitter accounts because they may be doing you more harm than good, but you wouldn’t know until you hit 35yrs plus and still single and searching. If you cannot maintain a sizeable number of vital friends and family members as friends on your facebook, twitter, etc accounts, then you need to close the account and focus with your offline life. No man would want to marry a lady who jumps from one social network site to another because it is a clear sign of an unfaithful lady or about to be unfaithful lady, yes, that’s how men view it. Who are you to have a thousand friends on facebook, same on twitter, maybe on wassap, 2go, twoo, BBM, badoo, eskimi, etc?

6. Stop Giving Your Number Out To Every Dick & Harry! No man would want to propose marriage to a lady whose phone is always talking and laughing with unserious calls. You may not be a playgirl, but he would judge you as one, and will likely flee at the slightest chance or disagreement.

7. You Don’t Bring Any Value Into The Life Of Men You Date or Are Dating- because your best friend married without contributing anything to the man that finally married her, doesn’t mean it will work for you that way. Think, work towards equipping yourself so that you can be a value and also add value to his life to convince him that you are worth committing to. Adding value to his life isn’t by giving him money, or material gifts, nope….good counsels, being his best friend, helping him attain his goals in life, lending him moral, mental and spiritual support, and by not just being a liability that only bring requests and problems to be solved.

8. Your Friends Run Your Life- how do you expect to find a husband when you still allow your clique of friends to be dictating which man you meet is worthy of your love and which is not? When will you wake up and face the fact that those your best friends even though they cherish you, wouldn’t want you to marry before them or to marry the best man?

9. You Move Around In Group- often times, you miss the advance of a good decent man when you move in group, be wise. Again, men don’t always fancy ladies that move around in group because most ladies can only be reasonable when you separate them from their group of friends.

10. You Give Everything Out During Dating- As a single lady who has not been taken to the altar, you need to reserve some things for your husband to be, especially your body, respect it and preserve it at all cost. In the past, men rushed to marry to get certain things or privileges they had been constantly denied while being single. Such privileges include and not limited to: constant sex and companionship, good food and tidied home, etc. But today, a single man gets even the best and of course more of constant sex, good food and excellent home-keeping more than his married counterparts, so tell me how the hell you want him to desire to marry you when you have given him virtually everything he desires from a wife while being his girlfriend? And the most painful part of it all is that he knows that you are prepared to cut down on sex supply, cooking, home-keeping, etc once he marries you, so why would he not want you to remain his girlfriend for life?

For instance, everywhere you go today, you hear majority of single ladies crying that they won’t be a cook for their husbands, that their husband must know how to cook and must be participating equally in cooking and home-keeping, that they cannot marry a man who cannot cook or keep the home clean and all of that, but these single ladies are doing these things happily for their boyfriends and perceived fiancés without complain, but they keep complaining that they won’t do it when they finally marry, and the single men are hearing all these.

Now, a particular single man has three to four girlfriends who comes and cook, clean the house for him happily, and they also supply him with constant sex even when he doesn’t ask, and he is aware that once he marries any of them, she would stop or reduce the rate at which she cooks for him and would want him to be participating in the cooking, say; 60-40% of the time, and he knows too that if he marries any of them, she would start to deny him sex whenever she deems fit in the name of ‘I’m not in the mood’ or ‘I’m exhausted at work or business’ etc, but she was never tired to do any of the aforementioned things while dating the man, so tell me sincerely, how do we expect single men of today to still desire to marry like their fathers and forefathers desired to marry, with all these shabby scenarios surrounding our today ladies?

11. You Package Yourself Wrongly- in your attempt to look sexy, adorable and maybe appealing to guys, you have derailed from appealing to appalling. In fact you look more whorish than modest; more distractive than attractive, and more disgusting than adorable. Your dressing style determines who gets attracted to you most times. If you dress high school, only high school-thinking guys will be attracted to you, and if you dress excessively sexy and provocative, only randy men will come to you for urgent satisfaction of their immediate sex urge, so don’t be fooled by media hyping of certain kinds of dressing, they are meant for certain set of ladies you wouldn’t like to be associated with, be careful. Remember, not all clothes that look sexy are good for a seriously searching for a soul mate single lady.

12. You Lack Manner, Character, Wisdom and Good Home Upbringing- definitely, your ‘hot girl’, ‘pretty girl’, ‘sexy girl’ looks will win you so many men; both the good, and the bad, but your inner beauty, your character and manner are the things that will determine whether any of those men would stay or run after accomplishing their evil missions. In order words, do away with nagging, being possessive, challenging with men in negative ways, the mentality of ‘what a man can do a woman can do better’, a lie devil has used to deceive and destroy so many ladies today, please do away with it.

13. You Are A Liability- in as much as we know that the present economy of Kenya and the world in general is harsh, men and society in general careless about how you react to this situation, how do I mean? Read on.
You are from a poor family background, and you have no job or you are earning below $1000 a month but you want to wear designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfume and also carry Prada and Gucci hand bags. You want to use the most expensive gadgets- mobile phones, pads, etc. you are from a poor family background, or average family, etc is not a justifiable reason for you to be depending on men for virtually everything you need in life. Show yourself some respect. And don’t think you can split your exorbitant expenses amongst different men, by dating different men so that you won’t be demanding from that one you truly love amongst them, so that he will be convinced that you are a good girl who doesn’t demand, fallacy! A man knows when his woman is sleeping around with other men to meet her needs, most men only decide to keep mute for reasons, don’t get it twisted, but hardly will they marry you- that’s why you see a lot of pretty ladies complain; “after giving him my love, my body, my heart, and did everything for him, etc, he paid me back with heartbreak, God will punish him, blah, blah, blah” says who? Of course you don’t expect a man in his rightful senses to marry an unrepentant LovePeddler, do you? Would you welcome your own brother bringing home a playgirl as his would-be wife, be honest please?

There are zillions of decent and honorable things you can do as a single lady to at least meet your own financial needs without sleeping around with men or depending on one man to supply all your needs. Finally, cut your skirt according to your length. You are from a poor family, your parents earn below $3000 a month, but you want to look like Rihanna, wear the same clothe she wears, you want to live a similar life Beyonce, Genevieve and Tiwa Savage lives, and you want to dine in the costliest hotels and restaurants, and you are jobless or earning below $2000 a month. Now tell me sincerely, how is it possible to achieve this foolish goal without patronizing immoral lifestyle to meet the insatiable demands?

14. Your Role Models Are Totally Strange And Bad! If you want to be a great woman tomorrow, start now to emulate great women- study their foot parts, their lifestyle, their ways and try to inculcate their lifestyle into yours. Stop looking up to music stars and fake celebrity ladies, etc as your only role model in life. What happened to looking up to women like- Ngozi Okonjoiweala, Oby Ezekwesili, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Sen. Dabiri, Sang Suu Kyi, Hilary Clinton, Michele Obama, etc? Stop glueing your eyes on fashion TV, Fashion One, Big Brother TV Show, E! etc, and start now to build interest in economy issues, current affairs, economy and business news, watch more of CNN, National Geographic channel, Channels TV, ESPN, Discovery World, Animal Planet, Aljazeera TV, Super Sports, etc, these are what men love to see women do cos only a handful of women show interest in these, and those few women are those ones that end up being great women in future. Movie Magic, Africa Magic will only inculcate bad habit, poor manner and laziness in you, please wake up before you end up single for life, which I pray not.
Romance / Re: Why Ladies Born In The 80′s & 90′s Will Probably Never Get Married by lovethokoh: 4:22am On Apr 14, 2013
twaintoy: I do not agree with any of these. There's nothing bad in a single lady loving and buying gadgets.

The truth is that they are addicted to pinging on BB and posting their half-naked pictures on facebook, It is on Record that people like Nessafresh a female have most posts on sexuality forum than men
Romance / Re: Things A Girl Must Learn To Do Before Graduating From University by lovethokoh: 2:48am On Apr 14, 2013
ocman: A girl must learn not to believe that her boyfriend is responsible for her hair fixing and upkeep. He is not your husband yet neither is he your father.

2. A girl should have graduated from telling lies to being faithful and saying the truth to her boyfrnd or fiance. Meaning, the days of petty lies should hv gone by.

3 A girl should hv learnt one skill or vocation that can help her hold the family when the chips are down financially for her marriage/home. Like making pasteries-cakes, doughnut, buns etc.

4. A girl should hv learnt to disallow her family from choosing whom she is to marry or what happens in her love-life.

5. A girl should have saved up some money while she was in school.

6. The girl should have known that nigeria is hard to survive and should not set his choice of husband to be too high, while neglecting a genuine and honest lover who lives in one room apartment but dreams higher via hardwork and dedication.

You are joking afterall they prefer to have a bf that is working and can be buying then BB,IPad,IPhone Samsung galaxy
Romance / Re: 19 Things Every Female In Her 20’s Should Know (MUST READ) by lovethokoh: 2:27am On Apr 14, 2013
Mogten: cos they could afford them! next................

that is the money they should use to start a small business and grow it so that they can become employers of labour afterall Bill Gates started from his father's garage with little or no money
Romance / Re: Things A Guy Must Learn Before Graduating From University by lovethokoh: 1:41am On Apr 14, 2013
abioila: with d way u talk sum 1 will tink ur are a millionaire

Bill Gates started from his father's garage

Michael Dell started from his hostel room

Mark Zucerberg of face book started from his room

The owners of google started from their hostel room all of them with little or no money.

It is only Nigerian youths that want to start a business with millions and earb N1Om profit over night
You plan well to grow big, you don't grow big to plan well
Romance / Re: Things A Guy Must Learn Before Graduating From University by lovethokoh: 7:23pm On Apr 13, 2013

Shey you will teach me how to start importation business with 50k?

It is people like you that will use the N50K to buy Latest IPhone or blackberry and still be complaining of poverty?
You only browse nairaland,facebook,goal.com and pornographic websites not knowing that the web is for business not for fun.
See alibaba.com with your Naira Mastercard you can buy goods of $1 ship them to naija and sell each for as much as N1K
Romance / Re: Does She Love Me Or Is She Just Using Me? by lovethokoh: 2:07pm On Apr 13, 2013
My Fellow nairalanders, good evening to you. Please i need your help. I've been in a relationship with this girl for the past 4 months. I'm so into this girl. I have strong feelings for her. I LOVE HER. The problem here is this. I don't think she loves me. Just of recent, she got into deep financial problem. I sold some of my stuffs to help her raise half of the money. Thats to show i really care for her. I dnt want her to love me for what i can give her. I want her to love me for me. She has so many guy friends, with this, i was able to work my way to get her. I asked her then (4 months) ago to be my girl friend which she turned down. With that, there's nothing she asks me dat i cant do for her. I even find it hard to refuse whenever she asks for anything. Our relationship is so close that people believe we're dating. I also thought we were dating despite the refusal she gave at first nt until when recently like a week ago, i sent a series of luv text and she called and spoke angrily on the phone that i shld stop sending her love messages. She said we're not dating. Just friends. I was so hurt. It hit me like a bomb. After a while, she called back to appologise for what she said. All i did was play it cool. Her actions contradicts her word. She acts to me like we're dating. Deep in me, i still dnt think she loves me. Please help. What do i do?

You are the following to her



Romance / Re: 19 Things Every Female In Her 20’s Should Know (MUST READ) by lovethokoh: 1:11pm On Apr 13, 2013
Stegomiah: 19 Things Every Female In Her 20’s Should Know (MUST READ)

1. Love and honor your mother. Learn from her mistakes. It will save you a lot of headache in your thirties (30s) and beyond.

2. You are more talented than you’ll ever know. You don’t need to sleep with your Boss/ supervisor to get a promotion at work or better grades at school. Burn late night candles; put extra time to study and practice until you master your skill. Hard work still pays well and does not kill.

3. Women can build a strong support network. Don’t let few ladies with “Pull Her Down” {PHD} syndrome discourage you from cultivating true relationship with your female friends.

4. When a man you meet for the first time babbles about how much he earns working for an oil company and how rich he is, that is a red flag. He is either a married smooth-talker who just wants to sleep with you or he is childish. Walk away from deceit.

5. Make your own money. Start small. Maintain a stable bank account. It will keep you out of trouble.

6. When you meet your Soul mate, don’t forget to wear your most priceless ornament- submission and humility. But while waiting for him, don’t cling to any man to rescue you. Some men these days are also seeking for who will rescue them.

7. Know your body. Look at yourself in front of a full-length mirror at least once a week, naked and after clothed. Know your body and how it works.

8. Life is a gift. But to revel in it, you must be ready to put a lot into nurturing your gifts/ talents and skills. Start early.

9. Teenage ended at 19. Clocking 20 means doing away with childish behaviour. But it does not mean you should forget to have fun. You can catch fun and not be dirty.

10. Learn the basic skills and let yourself grow- from how to keep your underwear clean, cook, socialize, and network to how to drive a car.

11. Don’t do drugs. It kills. Read books, it fortifies. Dance as often as you can, it liberates your spirit, soul and body.

12. Partnership builds bridges. Don’t ever forget that.

13. Eat healthy. Learn to cook for yourself. Don’t rely on noodles alone. The cooking skill will be useful in future.

14. Don’t give up when you fail. Try again and again. Don’t give up on education/ learning.

15. Fear of the future. It is a state of mind you must learn to tame. Don’t let fear pull the carpet from under your feet. The Holy Books tells us that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind.

16. Let go of past hurts. You cannot move forward if you keep looking back. Holding on to bitter experiences and regrets will stale your future.

17. Learn to exhale, love deeply and be kind to others, especially those of low estate, and the lowest of low.

18. You are beautiful the way you are. Don’t compare yourself to others.

19. Prayer is the master key. Have faith in God and always have the courage to use your voice wisely. Dream big today. Fear simply means False Evidence Appearing Real. Enjoy the highs and lows that come with being in your 20s but don’t be afraid to grow older. Live life to the fullest and don’t forget to smile always!

Your advise may work in other cultures where the girls are not materialistic.
Nigerian Girls want the lastest Iphone,Itab,IPad,Samsung galaxy,BB PORSCHE or BBZ10 or BB Bold15

they want to be more naked when they dress to look sexy and appealling to the highest male bidder, they want instant fame from MBGN,MTN IDOL ,ETC

1 Like

Romance / Re: She Keeps Me Confused by lovethokoh: 1:07pm On Apr 13, 2013
haitto99: i wld be 24 by august,av been dating a girl for 4yrs now,we were class mates in d university i was studying mechanical eng,but i had a problem back in the university,i got expelled in my 4th yr{not cultism} i didnt tell my gf,but was so sure my dad wld throw me out,so i took d opportunity to set up something so dat i wld b independent,now my gf has graduated and now serving,i later told her what happened b4 she went to camp,she has been in and out since then,behaving funny ignoring my calls,shouts at me and so on,fortunately for me God has blessed me,at 23+ i make over 80k in a month at d worst i stay alone my dad does nt want to see me,and av decided to go bak to skul dis coming academic section,nw camp is over she has been bugging me saying she still loves me no mata what and dat she is ready to stand by me through thick and thin,but each time i remember hw she treated me for close to two months i fell bad,we were so close,all along she knew something was wrong but couldnt figure it out,guys what do i do?? shld i be alone and rearrange my life or i plan my future with her,funny am just a yr older dan she is,i dunno if she can wait for 5yrs,she means d world to me,wetin i go do?

No secret under the sun, she knows you are a drop out, she has met another guy who f---cked well during camp and other men in her PPA she only wants to use you to hang out...Please grow your business as you go on part time school..Bill Gates,Michael Dell,Mark Zuckerger,Coscharis,Ekene Dili chukwu,Ibeto, Chachangi were never graduates at all


Romance / Re: My Neighbour's Wife is Harassing Me. by lovethokoh: 1:03pm On Apr 13, 2013
freechat: I moved into this neighbourhood just recently. It's a small gated compound with just two flats. The other flat is occupied by a newly wedded couple. I had taken one week off from the office to enable me move my things and settle. But there's something about this couple; they are so noisy when making love - so loud you could think we are in the same room. That is not all, the few days I have stayed at home have been full of temptation, because I have noticed to my dismay that this lady wears very skimpy and offensive stuff outside their flat and doesn't even carry herself as a married woman. Now my question is: should I call the man and talk to him about the noise and all, or should I keep my peace and suffer in silence?

YOU are overdue for marriage ,go and maary your own wife afterall your dad gave birth to you before he reached your present age
Romance / Re: Things A Guy Must Learn Before Graduating From University by lovethokoh: 1:00pm On Apr 13, 2013
PallyG: 1) You must learn how to plan your long term and short term goals
2)You must learn how to drive a car
3)You must learn how to manage your finance
4) You must learn how to be totally independent
5) You must learn how to speak in public
6)Finally, You must learn HOW TO TOAST A GIRL/ASK A BABE OUT..(very important)

add your suggestion to the list...CHEERS!!!

You must learn how to be self-employed(an entrepreneur) not dropping CVs every where for non-existent jobs.
You must learn how to use N20K-N50K to start an importation business from china and not By buying IPad,IPhone,ITab,Samsung galaxy for your personal use whereas you are deep in poverty


Family / Re: Welcome To The 21st Century Where Everything Is Less by lovethokoh: 7:33pm On Apr 12, 2013
pobey: Welcome to the 21st Century- a lot has changed.

-Our phones are WireLESS,

-Our cooking is FireLESS,

-Cars areKeyLESS

-Food is FatLESS

-Dresses areSleeveLESS and decentLESS

-Society is CashLESS

-Youths are JobLESS

-Leaders are ClueLESS,VisionLESS and ShameLESS

-Relationships are MeaningLESS

-Husbands are TireLESS and MoneyLESS

-Wives are FearLESS

-Children are MannerLESS

-Ladies go about CoverLESS,careLESS,mindLESS,BraLESS and pantLESS

read more at [url]http://naijavoice.com/index.php/topic,7040.msg10702.html#msg10702[/url]

correct observation of modern events
Autos / Re: USA Used Caterpillar 320,330,325,140H,14G,D8K,D8R Available by lovethokoh: 7:32pm On Apr 12, 2013
lovethokoh: we have take stock of first grade used CAT machines from USA please call now for the prices

i will need one of these machines soon
Fashion / Re: Reasons Why Our Women, Ladies Or Girls Dress Indecently by lovethokoh: 7:31pm On Apr 12, 2013
lovethokoh: These are the reasons why our women, ladies or girls dress indecently to any place including church services these days.

Indecent dressing is now so common in churches, offices, campuses and every other gathering in this time because our generation have a huge problem caused by phrases like :

"Let them be"
"Leave them alone"
"Look who's talking"
"Live and let live"
"You can't judge me"
"Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion"

These above phrases have eaten so deep into our generation that you cannot condemn any wrongs again in our time,if you do,you would only be repaid with curses,hatred and condemnation.

In those days, morals were even more of importance than the bible verses,but nowadays,these generation lacks a whole lot of morals that they continuously and unshamefully request for a bible verse to be able to know their rights from wrongs.

When the society is sick, its products become rotten.

very true words
Religion / Re: The Devil Is Not In Hell by lovethokoh: 2:01am On Apr 09, 2013
NessaFresh: In the bible it was said that Lucifer was thrown down to the face of the earth with other demons. Does this mean the devil is here with us? Is this the reason for the many atrocities here on earth? The Devil cannot operate the way he does from hell. The Devil will only be cast to hell at the final judgement. Do U Have any contradictory view of knowledge or do u have any supportin view to this? Plz share

Pastoress NessaFresh are you now afraid afterall you have been commiting atrocities like the devil as well

How come you are the choir leader in your church..as a girl thinks i her heart so she acts and types











Haba do you ever think of eternity
Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: How To Wear Mascara by lovethokoh: 7:36pm On Apr 08, 2013
this is a follow up article to the first one i wrote at the link below

How To Wear Mascara

There is no doubt that Mascara alters your eye lashes and makes your eyes look beautiful. Eye makeup if worn improperly makes you look messy so be careful while applying it. You can make a huge difference in your look if you apply it really well.

Below are few tips on how to apply mascara –

•Powder under your eyes before you applies mascara. Powdering under the eye will protect from the terrible smudge.
•Shake the bottle in your palms in fact the best way is to roll the bottle in your palms and wiggle the mascara want left to right base of your lashes. Make sure you apply it well starting from the roots to give appropriate volume to your lashes. Pull the mascara out of the lash wiggling that will help to separate each lash. In the end close your eyes and place the mascara wand on top of your lashes and pull the wand out to remove any clumps.
•Always scrape the excess product off the brush. Make sure to remove any extra mascara from the wand before applying. Doing so will help you to stay clump free.
•You can use spoolies which are also called disposable wands. Using a fresh mascara wand every time makes it clump free and defines your lashes. Spoolies are used by professionals.
•For detailing you can always mix match mascaras. For example use lengthening mascara for the base coat and volume for thickening to get a dramatic effect.
•Blink directly onto the mascara brush. Doing so will give your lash ends that extra boost they need.
•Use a warm blow-dryer for a few seconds once you are done to avoid smudging.
Quick Tips –

•If you applying the second coat make sure the first one is dried completely you can use a blow dryer or stand in front of a fan.
•Wait before you blink as it will get all over you lids if it’s wet.
•Staying clump free always scrape the extra mascara in the bottle before you apply.
•Roll the bottle in your palms instead of shaking it as it may accumulate over one bristles of the brush.
•Try Colored Mascaras. You can always mix and match colors. Blue, Burgundy and plum colors are hot this season. You can always use browns instead of blacks for day.
•Use an Eyelash Curler that will give a wider and brighter effect to your lids.
Moderator this one is also qualified for front page
Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: Some Natural Tips To Become Fair Naturally! by lovethokoh: 7:30pm On Apr 08, 2013
diamondcrownltd: If you are bothered about your complexion, keep this in mind… There are many beautiful women and even bollywood stars who are dusky-skinned like Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Kajol and Sameera Reddy…Also, not all white-skinned women are beautiful-looking. So you have nothing to worry…However, if you would like to become two or three shades fairer, then it’s not that hard… These are my grandma’s natural homemade beauty tips that you can use to become fair naturally in weeks of regular use…Am dusky skinned, I tried these and am a shade fairer than what I was before…But I can tell you I never had a complex about my skin, I love being dusky…What with all fair-looking westerners wanting to become dusky skinned like us

Moderator this should be in the front page

Before doing these, wash your face and hands properly.. use a scrub (besan) to wash your face. This will open up the pores of your skin and give you good results.

Also make sure you follow any one of these tips regularly for desired results. And don’t forget to apply on your neck.

Take some oat powder and mix with with one 1 teaspoon curd, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, blend well and to make a paste and apply on your face.

Apply cucumber juice, honey and lemon juice on the face and whole body. Leave on for 10 minutes and have a bath. If you body is tanned this will bring your skin back to it’s orginal shade.

Take a pinch of turmeric, besan, lemon juice, tomato or cucumber juice and make a paste and apply on the face.

Apply the juice of tulsi leaves and orange peel powder on the skin and leave on for 15 mins and then wash.

Apply a mixture of sandalwood paste mixed with curd and extract of lime.

After following these tips avoid too much of exposure to sunlight and use a sunscreen with SPF15 before you head out. And also drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and plenty of fruits this will give a shine from the inside for a beautiful and glowing skin.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Keystone Bank Entry Level Salary by lovethokoh: 5:35pm On Apr 08, 2013

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Autos / Re: Tokunbo Caterpillar 215 Excavator For Sale by lovethokoh: 10:43am On Mar 22, 2013
engrsaheed, i want to inspect this machine pls call 08033539795 to let me know where it is located
Politics / List Of Nigerian Police Pros by lovethokoh: 3:42pm On Mar 20, 2013
Attendance and List of Police PROs
1 CSP FRANK E. MBA DFPRO 08038375844 Doublefrank2000@Yahoo.Com
2 SP EMMANUEL UBI INYANG AFPRO I 08081772706 Inyange67@Gmail.Com
3 SP EZEGAM SEJI AFPRO II 08052882372 Sezegam@Yahoo.Com
4 SP THANKGOD NKWOCHA EDITOR DAWN 07035810373 Thedawnmarch23@Yahoo.Com
6 DSP MURTALA BELLO ADMIN OFFICER 08033790003 Agbobel90@Yahoo.Co.Uk
08076539888 Solezon@Yahoo.Com
10 ASP SIMON N. LAR FPRO SEC. 08023434897 Unpolicelar@Yahoo.Com
13 ASP MANZAH JESSE STAFF OFFICER 07085775705 Jesse0183@Yahoo.Com
14 ASP JOSHUA OWOLABI DPKO FHQ 08065798819 Joshmany2002@2002@Yahoo.Com
15 ASP ANDREW ANIAMAKA STAFF OFFICER 07089785562 Andrewaniamaka@Yahoo.Com
16 ASP ALIYU SHEHU ZONE 1 KANO 07035875262 Shehualiyu60@Yahoo.Com
17 ASP FEMI BALOGUN ZONE 2 LAGOS 08137406162 Balogunfemi@Yahoo.Com
19 SP EWAH SAM AYI ZONE 4 MAKURDI 08081777802 Samayiewah@Yahoo.Com
20 SP ONWUZIRIKE F. U. ZONE 5 BENIN 08033923425 Francisonwuzirike@Yahoo.Com
21 SP Ukor c. okwuchukwu ZONE 6 CALABAR 08069389660
22 SP BADEWOLE T. BOLA ZONE 7 ABUJA 07066103196 Badetbola@Yahoo.Com
23 DSP EMMANUEL UDEKWE ZONE 8 LOKOJA 08064554932 Elmanex1@Yahoo.Com
24 DSP JIAKPONNA EMMA C. ZONE 9 UMUAHIA 08037617994 Emmanueljiakponna@Yahoo.Com
25 SP NUHU M. CHINDO ZONE 10 SOKOTO 08057461911
26 SP ABAYOMI SHOGUNLE ZONE 11 OSOGBO 08075911555 Yomishogunle@Yahoo.Com
27 SP RITA ABBEY ZONE 12 BAUCHI 07034423908 Akpenyirita@Yahoo.Com
28 DSP ONYEKE UDEVIOTU ABIA 08081761846 Oudeviotu@Yahoo.Com
29 DSP MOHAMMED IBRAHIM ADAMAWA 08037416008 Mohammedibrahim229@Yahoo.Com
30 DSP ETIM DICKSON A/ IBOM 08036074860
080781898390 Etydickzen@Yahoo.Com
31 DSP RAPHAEL UZOIGWE ANAMBRA 08030954493 Heavengate99@Yahoo.Com
32 ASP HASSAN MOHAMMED BAUCHI 07037716414 Bauchipolicecommand@Yahoo.Com
33 DSP FIDELIS ODUNNA BAYELSA 08063598962 Ema_odunna@Yahoo.Com
34 DSP DANIEL EZEALA BENUE 08038314983 Danezeala@Yahoo.Com
35 DSP GIDEON JIBRIN BORNO 08036091868 Jibrinphilemon@Yahoo.Com
36 DSP JOHN UMOH CROSS RIVER 08032215852 Jumoh@Ymail.Com
37 DSP CHARLES MUKA DELTA 07037291546 Statecomm.Asaba@Npf.Gov.Ng
38 DSP IGBO SYLVESTER O. EBONYI 08037565418 Igbodike2006@Yahoo.Com
39 DSP ANTHONY AIRHUOYO EDO 08038271389 Tonyair123@Hotmail.Com
40 ASP OLU VICTOR BABAYOMI EKITI 08125275109 Babayemivictor@Yahoo.Com
41 DSP EBERE AMARAIZU ENUGU 08038829086 Kenegod200f@Yahoo.Com
42 DSP DORIS ENGLAND FCT 08081779685 Emeteudolu@Yahoo.Com
43 DSP FWAJE ATAJIRI GOMBE 08075388884 Pprogombe66@Ymail.Com
44 DSP VITALIS ONUGU IMO 08030467027 Nonvit@Yahoo.Com
45 DSP NWACHUKWU I. S. JIGAWA 08063840937 Achonwachukwus@Yahoo.Com
46 DSP ABUBAKAR BALTEH KADUNA 08067041901 Balteh4@Yahoo.Com
47 DSP RILWANU M DUTSE KANO 08036556771 Dutserilwanu@Yahoo.Com
48 ASP SHEHU MOHAMMED KATSINA 08032327822 Mammekoko@Yahoo.Com
49 ASP KALU UME PRINCE KEBBI 08063709024 Prince4realmii@Yahoo.Com
50 DSP ILE SIMON KOGI 08081762695 Ile_simon@Yahoo.Co
51 DSP FABODE OLUFEMI KWARA 08032508073 F.Fabode@Yahoo.Com
52 DSP NGOZI BRAIDE LAGOS 08125151603 Ibimate_ng@Yahoo.Com
53 DSP MICHAEL O. ADA NASARAWA 08036267482 Michaelada03@Gmail.Com
54 DSP PIUS EDOBOR NIGER 08035658794 Edoborp@Yahoo.Com
55 ASP OLUMUYIWA ADEJOBI OGUN 08037168147 Princemoye@Yahoo.Com
56 DSP AREMU S. ADENIRAN ONDO 08034727873 As.Adeniran@Yahoo.Com
57 DSP FOLASADE ODORO OSUN 08035384448 Folajo@Yahoo.Com
08081778951 Bisokuwobi@Yahoo.Com
59 DSP ABUH EMMANUEL PLATEAU 08039648676 Abuhemmanuel1@Gmail.Com
60 DSP BEN N. UGWUEGBULAM RIVERS 08035524880 Ugwuegbulamb@Yahoo.Com
62 DSP HASSAN USMAN ZAMFARA 08165473913 Hassanusagir@Yahoo.Com
63 DSP CHUKWU OBAJI SOKOTO 07032154253 Obajichukwu@Yahoo.Com
64 DSP SALIHU ADAMU YOBE 08024763590 Gbadegesintee@Yahoo.Com

from http://www.npf.gov.ng/information/attendance-and-list-of-police-pro
Adverts / Re: Usa Used Caterpillar Machines Available by lovethokoh: 11:30am On Mar 20, 2013
are these machines available

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