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Politics / Re: Join The Anti-biafra Protest. by MacluvPH(m): 9:56am On Mar 28, 2016
Another secret evil agent of the zoo called Nigeria have been discovered and his name is OGMASKMAN, no wonder your moniker carries maskman because you are one of those yoruba maskmen to witness against Nnamdi Kanu in court.


Pls send a pix of the flag flying at ihiala junction.

Lemme tell you my lil experience in the east. Most of the pple I mingled with dissociated themselves from ipob. I was in aba for some days. There I discoverd that the ipob pple are the jobless and uneducated ones. Even at that, the % of the uneducated in ipob is very negligible.
I still want to see the pix of the flag flying at ihiala junction bro.


Politics / Re: 100 Things You May Not Know About "Biafra" by MacluvPH(m): 6:42pm On Mar 27, 2016
God Bless Biafra and promoters/supporters of freedom all over the world.


Politics / Re: Why Are Igbos Trying So Hard To Claim Delta Igbos are igbos? by MacluvPH(m): 2:01pm On Mar 05, 2016
Yes you are right,his name Ifeanyi Okowa is an Hausa Yoruba name.

Honestly some people here need to be cross examined at a psychiatric hospital.


Because the Governor of Delta state dresses like an Igbo Man does not make him Igbo.

Any one can dress any way he wishes. It's fashion and desire for favour. It's politics


Politics / Re: Why Are Igbos Trying So Hard To Claim Delta Igbos are igbos? by MacluvPH(m): 1:51pm On Mar 05, 2016
Ymodulus you are a confirm bigotted tribalist, You said deltans are not Igbo whereas the president in its media chat stated and I quote"what do the igbo's want? Are they not occupying the seat of CBN governor and the Petroleum(state)minister et al.

You just observed that the Igbos agitation for biafra is at its peak now you want to apply your method of divide and rule. Honestly my friend it can't work cos the evil agenda hidden to keep Nigeria together has been exposed.

The centre is no longer holding.

Deltans are not Igbo infact they are Kanuri's.

Maybe I should call you a kid if you believe all facts said in the Nollywood movie,if you reaLly understand that movie(The meeting)Rita Dominic said that to the lady inorder to show she can't be compromised even though she come from the same region with the lady that was asking her question.

That's all I tell you for now.

I urge all those from Delta state not to allow themselves to be used as a tool in the hands of some so called Biafran Preachers or Agitators.


Politics / Re: Buhari Violating Federal Character In Appointments – Ekweremadu by MacluvPH(m): 8:13am On Feb 10, 2016
I laugh in swahili,so if they say south south to come out,edo man will also come out. You guys are dormant south south,you are more of south west , so they need to do region adjustment and include Edo staate to south west and not south south,where in south south will you hear about oba which you have in Benin and Emir which you have in Auchi. Abeg make Nigeria divide and rule tactics carry you away by confusing you that you are a south south man.

As for Tonye barcanista I keep on saying that he is a yoruba man anyday anytime,maybe he has stayed in PH for a long time and he can claim anything just to prove a point in his maria amaba so long an article he alwqays dishes out claiming to be a superstar.

You're a fool for claiming that I'm not from the South-South. When Kachukwu was appointed as the GMD of NNPC, your so-called brothers from the Southeast were angry because they felt he ain't an Igbo from the Southeast, yet, you're saying they are your brothers. What kinda brother. You fools once claimed TonyeBarcanista wasn't from the South-South, not until he started he started supporting the PDP that you believed. If I start supporting the PDP now, most of you would start accepting me as a South-Southerner, who doesn't know you?! FYI, I don't even understand Yoruba. I'm from Igarra in Edo State, if you would wanna know!!

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Politics / Re: My Blood Sister Killed Today At Biafra Protest In Onitsha - "VIVIAN GIST" by MacluvPH(m): 8:58pm On Dec 02, 2015
Let me begin to correct the false information spreading the internet about IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu,on the 1st of December 2015 in Onitsha precisely Niger bridge in solidarity for the continual detention of Nnamdi Kanu by the DSS. At exactly 1am the Nigerian armed forces(JTF) attacked IPOB members at Niger bridge shooting 1 lady dead and 3 injured.Ipob members quickly rushed the victims to the hospital in an attempt to save their lives.
The Protest by IPOB have been very peaceful and the members mainly unarmed civilians have operated within the ambit of the law, on the 30th of august 2015 when they were on a peaceful protest in the same onitsha the nigerian navy shot two of their members dead in PH about 2 weeks ago majority peaceful protesters were wounded and more than one was confirmed dead.
The record has it that all the protest so far carried out by IPOB has been peaceful even at the point were they are being confronted and attacked by Nigeria security agencies,it also a confirmed story that the IG of Police Solomon Arase and the chief of Army staff Buratai severally issued a threatening warning to crush IPOB members on a peaceful protest.it has never haPpened anywhere in the ambit of international law where a people are being deprived and denied their fundamental rights,the action of the IPOB is enshrined in the UN charter for Indigenous peoples right 2007 adopted by AU which Nigeria is signatory to.
For the consumption of the public IPOB can never attack her member that shares the same ideology therefore IPOB should not be held responsible or be blamed for the death of Nkiru rather the Nigeria armed forces should be held responsible for shooting at unarmed civilians.
Please disregard every information that does not have the basis of truth for it could be a propaganda compounded by non Biafrans.
May the soul of Nkiru rest in peace.


Politics / Re: Itsekiri Nation Disowns Calls For Creation Of Biafra Republic by MacluvPH(m): 9:54am On Oct 28, 2015
South South Niger Delta will never join biafra

Igbo are using the support they gave to Jonathan in 2015 election as blackmail to convert Niger delta struggle to biafra. Niger delta struggle is resource control and true federalism. This deception will not work. They only supported Jonathan because they got alot of appointments under Jonathan. They are just selfish and greedy people. Niger Delta Struggle is completely different from biafra agitation. Igbo supported Obasanjo against thier own son and hero Ojukwu in 2003 election, they should go and claim yoruba instead.

As far as I am concern Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa are all benefiting from the current system. After all an Igbo man Gen Agunyi Ironsi created the Unitary System for Nigeria in 1966 that we are complaining against today. Gen Agunyi Ironsi set the foundation for the destruction of regional federalism in Nigeria. if not for his love for total control and domination (The disease of an average Igbo man), Niger delta would have be enjoying 50% resource control today. When Isaac Adaka Boro wanted to form Ijaw Nation Republic in 1966 it was Igbo Head of State Gen Agunyi Ironsi that fought him with a 12 day war.

The Igbo claim to be one of us because some South South states were part of the old Eastern region. First of all, eastern region was created by Nigeria for Nigeria convenience. It was not a decision of the nationalities that made up the old eastern region. Secondly before most people forget, today Edo and Delta state were never at anytime part of eastern region. Edo and Delta states were first part of Western region later became Midwestern region, then change to Bendel state before becoming Edo and Delta state today. Some tribes speak Yoruba in Edo and Delta state. Why is yoruba not claiming Edo and Delta state the way igbo is claiming Rivers and Delta states because some people speak ibo in those states?

Igbo may have succeeded in brainwashing some South South people that they are one of us, it is a big lie. They may have succeeded in brainwashing some of us that only hausa and yoruba is the problem of South South, it is a big lie. They are the same as far as I am concern.

The problem with Igbo is greed, self-entitlement and born to rule, control and exploit mentality. Qatar is smaller than Bayelsa in population and half d size of Bayelsa state by landmass. Bayelsa is four times the size of Singapore. if Qatar and Singapore can be a country, why cant we have an Ijaw nation as a country? Do u think Ijaw people dont want to be like Qatar and enjoy their oil alone like Qatar does? Note: Bayelsa State is d smallest state in the south south by population and second to the last by landmass!!

Below is the size of south south states and south east states. South South is almost 3 times the size of south East.
Yet the population of South east is almost 80% of south south population base on 2006 census
. But by the time you add igbo who are currently leaving outside south east, you will discover that thier population is more than all the south south put together. More than 90% of the resources (oil, gas, limestones,etc) are in the south south. The whole of South East is landlock with no direct access to the sea or atlantic ocean. but almost all the south south states have direct assess to the sea and atlantic ocean. Some will say they have River Niger. River Niger is not a sea or an ocean for big Ships.

Tell me why South South Nations will want to form a country with south east if they have a choice ? all south east will bring to the table is population and domination? The total oil production from south east is not up to 10% of south south oil production!

If you are the leader of south south nations will you advice them to form a country with south east if they have the option of forming their own country alone? give a sincere answer!!

As far as I am concern, as unbrainwashed south south , there is no difference between the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. To me, these are three major tribe struggling and fighting for Supiriority. Whenever any of the three is loosing, he shout marginalization.

During Jonathan govt, the Igbos were gaining and were in control and were happy. The Yoruba were losing and were shouting marginalization. The hausa/fulani were not happy because they were not fully in control. For the North we can slightly understand because in the 16years of democracy (May 1999 to May 2015) the south ruled 13.3years while the North had just 2.7years

The Igbo don't love south south more than the hausa or Yoruba love us. All the three tribe are all struggling for the control of south south oil. None of the three is better than the other as far as we south south are concern.

The only place south south nationalities agree with Igbo is Nigeria should divide . However while south south clamour for succession is base on lack of true fiscal Federalism and resource control, on the other hand, igbo clamour for succession is base on IGBO BORN TO RULE, CONTROL AND EXPLOIT MENTALITY. Igbo make noise and claim d north have born to rule mentality because of Sokoto State former licence plate motto of born to rule which they have change. The People with the true born to rule mentality are d Igbo. it is because they are not having thier way that they are complaining and making all d noise all over Nigeria.

But how and why Nigeria will and should divide, what we want and what they want is as different as d distance of the earth to d moon.

South south want resource control or thier own freedom. we will support Biafra as Igbo only nation while they should support us to form our own nation or nations. But trying to add us as an appendage to Biafra will never happen.

If south south join Biafra, our individual identities will be wiped out in less than 50years. They will convert every south south nationality to Igbo. And they will so much take charge of the oil and resources with reckless abandon without any regard to d minorities.


They will argue that there are some igbo in rivers state, delta state and edo state. As far as i am concern Igbo speaking people in south south will join Niger delta republic or confederation. Their are Hausa people in Niger, there are Yoruba people in Benin Republic and Togo. Does that make those yoruba and hausa speaking people in those countries Nigerians?

The south south nationalities can form a confederation with United Arab Emirate template, where seven different nationalities came together to form a confederation with each nationality having some form of autonomy.

if the south east want to join the confederation they can join. We can't leave nigeria and go and form another normal single country were there is a dominant tribe. That will be moving from frying pan to fire.

Just like the United Ararb emirate asked qatar and behrain to join them, but qatar and behrain choose to form thier individual countries.

What Biafra represent is a single country with a powerful centre where a dominant tribe can control. South south dont want that. If we must fight or struggle for succession, we need a new name like "United State of niger delta" or any other name which clearly shows a union rather than a single country.

We need to set the record straight before south south nations make the mistake of south Sudan. It is more than Four years south sudan left
sudan to form thier country. Since that time south sudan has been in War while North Sudan enjoy peace. This was because nations in
south sudan came together to form a single country without ensuring that thier difference in ethnicity was fully discuss. Some
part of south sudan are now feeling marginalized. That is exactly what will happen if Igbo succeed in forcing south south nations into
Biafra. That so called Biafra wont have peace. It will be another Somalia!!!!

For peace to rain let Igbo form Biafra from the Five south east state and let the the six states in south south form a confederation or seperate nations. Anything outside this will never work.

I do not hate Igbo people. Many of my friends are Igbo. I only hate thier deceit and greed. what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
What we dont want is a dominant tribe simple. If south south join Biafra, that country will be 60% Igbo. How do you think other minorities can compete in that kind of country? Whether we like it or not we both know that Igbo are not diplomatic people by nature. That will lead to complete extinction of other tribe. in less than 50years they will make the whole Biafra Ibo without any consideration.

I dont hate Igbo. But i hate when i know the Biafra they seek is a Biafra with current south south as an appendage to it.
Why cant they support our freedom, and we will support thier freedom. Why do igbo make it look like it is wrong for Niger Delta people to seek thier own freedom outside Biafra? In biafra current south south minority will be like conquered people. God forbid that to happen.

a quote from Isaac Adaka Boro Autobiography (wriiten himself). Read Chapter 5 - Campus Politics
This was the campaign statement of his opponent for UNN SUG presidency:

"My opponent, Ejiogu, took the floor when I had finished, and what did he say? "Ladies and gentleman, this is a crucial time in Nigeria when we should not allow a vocal minority to rule an obvious majority
These words still ring in my memory because, as my opponent put it, they are crucial not only to me but to my people, the Ijaws. Most of the alien students walked out of the hall and it seemed as if a spell was cast on the atmosphere. The campaigns ended solemnly and the result of the election was again one way. Ejiogu won with his majority. The last minute strategy. A Cameroonian friend of mine, John Ngole, promptly resigned his secretaryship of the Historical Society in protest."

I am very sure that Nigeria will divide faster if Igbo seek Biafra with 5 south east state alone and Niger delta republic seek a country with the 6 South south states alone at the same time. Once the Hausa and Yoruba sees that Igbo are supporting a Niger Delta republic separate from Biafra, they will see it as true struggle. But if the struggle is about Biafra with south south in it, where Igbo will gain south south resources with Yoruba and Hausa loosing out, I bet you until South South oil finishes, Nigeria wont divide.

If we cant get resource control, we don't need to form a single country with Igbo, we can seek for our separate nation on two front simultaneously but not on one front. What we need is cooperation from Igbo not togetherness with Igbo. If they truly want to leave Nigeria and liberate Niger delta people from dominant tribes, they should support us to form our nation as they form thiers. I bet you when that happen, the struggle will be half won.

The Ojukwu Biafra was Igbo dream not Ijaw, Esan, Urhobo, Itsekiri, Ikwerre, ogoni, ibibio, etc dream.

In summary, my point is that why the primary interest of Niger Deltans is resource control, Igbo primary interest is seperation from Nigeria with Niger delta as thier trophy. Igbo wants a nation where they can become the lord, control and dominate others. Since in Nigeria, Hausa and yoruba are ahead of them in the power struggle, they resort to blackmail and cry foul claiming marginalization.

if Nigeria will divide peacefully by United Nations referendum, south south will not join Biafra. Peaceful division of Nigeria can only be into a minimum of five countries (Arewa republic, Niger Middle belt, United Niger Delta, Oduwa republic, and Biafra). South South will form its own nation/nations. The only way south south and south east will form a single country like Biafra is if Nigeria divide by War because population will be important in size of Army.

My Igbo neighbour may not like this submission, but it is the bitter truth

Buhari's internet foot soldiers dishing out their divide and rule article.

Mr man,it can't work now its not 1967 when we were misinformed and we betrayed our south east brothers,since after 1970 that the war ended what have the north led govt done for us rather they picked our weakling brother jonathan that will satisfy the north more to us.

Bros it can't work this time around,Is it not Northern led govt killed Ken saro wiwa,imagine such a blow.

I sound it as a last warning, we south south SUPPORTS BIAFRA, its better to give it a trial if it doesn't work we call for our own nation.

Cos achieving our own freedom under south east is easier than North.

To hell with north we gave them chance but they messed us up, no need for a second chance let's give BIAFRA a chance.

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Politics / Re: ‘I See Nigeria Split Into 5 Countries’ - Says Prophet Ignis Iribhogbe by MacluvPH(m): 9:40pm On Oct 27, 2015
thats the difference between me and you. I wil make my case politely while you wil resort to insult to make NO POINT. While would u allow low self esteem to affect what u believe in. if u atleast know your history and geography, then ask your self what is d size of singapore (d smallest lga in delta state is far bigger than singapore in size and porpulation. but can any african compare singapore at any level, capital NO), malta etc. what about south sudan. d reality u must accept is that Nigeria will never split into 2. if it must then 3 upward. when d issue of disintegration comes then every wil table their demand

I smell a yoruba man scared of being in the same country with North, you know vividly that Biafra won't accomodate yoruba and some tribes with historical adored monarch.


Politics / Re: Anambra Police Release Radio Biafra Director’s Supporters - Punch by MacluvPH(m): 8:58pm On Oct 26, 2015

The wise ones re busy doing buisness in Ladipo, Alaba, Oyingbo e.t.c while the foolish ones re agitating. The wise ones know what they stand to lose if Biafra materializes, while the foolish ones dont even know what cause they re fighting for.

Its the foolish ones that have their businesses in the place you mentioned, how many Yoruba's and Hausa's have their investment in the East.

You want if your Oba cough they will be threatened,that's why I love the likes of Innoson and AZ oil whose investments are majorly in the East and South.


Education / Re: He Graduated 11 Years Ago With 2:2 And Just Discovered That It's A Mistake by MacluvPH(m): 9:46pm On Oct 25, 2015
quote author=espn post=39347235]Fight for ur right..d poster above me is trying to say if a criminal evade justice 11yrs ago he cannot be tried again..nonsense..[/quote]

What if in the process of fighting for his right as you said the schOol now released another transcript which shows he graduated with 2.36? Hope he will still fight for his right.

In my own candid advise he should let the sleeping dog lie and forge ahead cos he has a brighter future.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Violating Federal Character In Appointments – Ekweremadu by MacluvPH(m): 10:15pm On Oct 21, 2015
Park well joor, for your mind Auchi man is a south south.

This is the deceipt Nigeria has caused, what concern Auchi man and an Ijaw man but they call all south south.

He is not a south south man.


The man said he is from Edo State. Apart from Edo central, majority of Edo people don't play tribal politics.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Violating Federal Character In Appointments – Ekweremadu by MacluvPH(m): 10:11pm On Oct 21, 2015
You see,when I said that you re a wolf in sheep skin you think am lying.

No comment for you cos we all know who you are?


You're a fool for claiming that I'm not from the South-South. When Kachukwu was appointed as the GMD of NNPC, your so-called brothers from the Southeast were angry because they felt he ain't an Igbo from the Southeast, yet, you're saying they are your brothers. What kinda brother. You fools once claimed TonyeBarcanista wasn't from the South-South, not until he started he started supporting the PDP that you believed. If I start supporting the PDP now, most of you would start accepting me as a South-Southerner, who doesn't know you?! FYI, I don't even understand Yoruba. I'm from Igarra in Edo State, if you would wanna know!!

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Politics / Re: Buhari Violating Federal Character In Appointments – Ekweremadu by MacluvPH(m): 12:00pm On Oct 21, 2015
If not for the Saraki who can kill his father just to be in position, people like this wouldn't even have the mouth to speak in this administration. Ekweremadu should just shut up. Did Jonathan forget that there was something called Federal Character as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution during his Appointments? Abeg joor!!

The SGF was an Easterner, the CoS was a Southerner, the Deputy Senate President and Deputy Speaker of HoR were Easterners. Petroleum, Finance and other top Ministries were headed by Southerners under Jonathan. Did the Northerners complain. These South Easterners are just angry that the South South is more represented in Buhari's regime than the Easterners. You see why they (Easterners) shouldn't be called our (Southerners) brothers? They're angry because we are getting more appointments than them!

Guy man, shut up. You aren't any south southerner and I have seen your earlier posts you are a damn yoruba guy trying to use your normal divide and rule tactics on us south south and our south eastern brothers.

During election why didn't you support our brother Jonathan,if you love us so much.

Abeg park well joor.


Politics / Re: Radio Biafra’s Nnamdi Kanu Granted Bail - Vanguard by MacluvPH(m): 12:22am On Oct 20, 2015
[quote author=Guk post=39152815][/quote]

I laugh in swahili because you won't understand.

All Hail Nnamdi Kanu's truthful preaching about we(south south)and our South eastern brothers.


Politics / Re: Radio Biafra’s Nnamdi Kanu Granted Bail - Vanguard by MacluvPH(m): 11:21pm On Oct 19, 2015
Nnamdi isn't a poor man,his fathers wealth can feed your kingdom for two generations. Idiot.

[b]but looking at this situation objectively, this nnamdi kanu has a little bit of sense. he knows this whole biafra thing is a pipe dream and it will never happen but i think what he did with this move is played his last ace. he is risking it all on this one move because he sees nigeria taking shape and his sedition will be out of place very soon as the country takes shape so he is playing his last hand before all his clueless igbo supporters jump ship when they see a better nigeria being formed under buhari. and this last hand is HIM entering the zoo and getting arrested. how did they know he was in a hotel in ikeja ? i am sure he called them himself and had his lawyer on stand-by. his plan is when he gets arrested he becomes a martyr for the igbos and when he is released he will quickly run to england and then demand donations for the movement and YOU WILL SEE BILLIONS POURING IN FROM CLUELESS IGBOS BECAUSE HE HAS BECOME A MARTYR and then he will just disappear with the money and move to florida somewhere to retire with his millions of pounds. THIS IS THE PLAN. THOSE WITH EYE TO SEE CAN SEE EVERYTHING[/b]


Politics / Re: Radio Biafra’s Nnamdi Kanu Granted Bail - Vanguard by MacluvPH(m): 11:05pm On Oct 19, 2015
Trash and stupid write up.

Inciting divide and rule method,we aren't in the 19th century again.

South south and south east are one.


Can we be educated on what the benefit of Biafra will be? The 5 Igbo States are landlocked which is the 1st disadvantage.

2ndly, Igbos are scattered all over Nigeria, why would you want (a) a likely loss of properties in those places that they reside and (b) restricted movt and discrimination even though they shld benefit from free Ecowas movt.

Personally, I think this is just a form of excitement for the Selfie; Social Media; Internet and Entertainment generation. The serious generation of Economic; Social and Academic players among the Igbos are not interested in ds type of playground behaviour


Politics / Re: Chima Okoro, Twitter User Who Predicted Abuja Attacks Deletes Account by MacluvPH(m): 9:43am On Oct 04, 2015
Don't forget the brown envelope and its agents would do anything to make sure that radio biafra go down because they aren't relevant again in the eyes and ears of people, they can equally create that user account to incite such speech and message and delete it just to paint radio biafra black and to make sure radio biafra are termed terrorist group inorder to make the world reject them.

All I advise radio biafra is this, that many of this kind of shit will come their way but at last they will come out victorious cos they are saying the truth.

If their leader is lying then the Nigerian govt should confront him with a debate or go to world court to stop his operation but anything outside this means Nigerian govt is hiding a lot from us.

Tell us one thing we have achieved as a one Nigeria and I will tell you many we will achieve as a divided nation or a nation to accept resource control or true federalism.

OMG, is aljazeera really reporting this now?
O boy,chima don dey popular, but the worst part of it is that his HEADER is the Biafra coat of arm,and he is IGBO,so IPOB and other Biafra groups should be real careful

Buhari might turn the blame on us and start butchering us to suya,nnamdi kanu should be careful in UK,they may arrest him the way they did to deziani

God help us all,this is getting interesting

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Politics / Re: Chima Okoro, Twitter User Who Predicted Abuja Attacks Deletes Account by MacluvPH(m): 9:30am On Oct 04, 2015
You aren't far from being insane!,very soon we will hear that you are mad.

You are enjoying comfortably in your house and being sponsored by those who are holding the poor masses to ransome.

See how you dish out your points comfortably cos they pay you well,also don't worry sooner or later where you feed from will seize to exist cos our eyes down here in the south south are open and we accept the south east as our only brothers and it shall remain so.


Good advice to those who think Nairaland is a faceless forum hence they can say as they please. It is just a matter of time.


Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests South African-based Nigerian With Drugs (Pictured) by MacluvPH(m): 10:13am On Oct 03, 2015
Abeg food don ready for Uselessgoat and Hungerbad.


Crime / Re: Nigerian Dies From Beating Over Attempted Rape In Malaysia by MacluvPH(m): 11:51am On Oct 02, 2015
I know you will be here to rant your normal rubbish. Deluded fool.

As you are looking for the name of the culprit that's how I was looking for your moniker because I know food don ready for you.

[size=13pt]What is the name of the victim? Is he IGBO Was he caught with drugs before arrested Many questions begging for answers angry undecided undecided[/size]


Politics / Re: Emir Sanusi Bags Award In Bahrain (Photos) by MacluvPH(m): 11:25pm On Sep 30, 2015
YOU are a Bastard and a extreme tribalist,hope the MOD's are watching your comment.


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Politics / Re: Ndigbo Won’t Be Better Off Seceding From Nigeria – Ohanaeze Advises MASSOB by MacluvPH(m): 11:52pm On Sep 27, 2015
Na you post the article na u dey vex like mad.

Guy man, park well joor. Biafra is a reality. Let's stake on it not even Buhari go stop am.

If e dey pain u go and hug transformer. Singing "e dey pain u o gagaooooo"

Biafra is a dead project. Who doesn't know this? grin


Politics / Re: Breaking News: Kogi State Is Under Attack Right Now. DSS Office Under Siege! by MacluvPH(m): 6:39am On Sep 26, 2015
God will help those who help themselves,all the country need is to divide,give the radical and extremist their own country and give other agitators their countries too.

All people clamour for is referendum because for muslims they have good muslims and extremist so the chaf need to be separated from the real ones.

God wlil surely save us one day from all this rubbush

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Politics / Re: Abia State Pioneers Cement Based Roads. Daily Times. by MacluvPH(m): 3:10pm On Sep 22, 2015
Wow, that means u reside there?


na my area

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Politics / Re: Abia State Pioneers Cement Based Roads. Daily Times. by MacluvPH(m): 3:36pm On Sep 21, 2015
Exactly,you are right@ the Alscon Cemented road.

I really miss Ikot Abasi,I love that town especially that Alscon side(both the ferrostal,Township,soweto and bedgers camp)at night.

It seems you served as a corp member in that town or you are from there.

lot of roads in ikot abasi.akwa ibom state are cement based . they were built by berger for the aluminium smelterplant there

and they have lasted several years

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram Leader Shekau Dismisses Nigerian Military Claims by MacluvPH(m): 9:38am On Sep 20, 2015
Bros,thanks for your write up. You are giving many sleepless night and heart attack on hearing the mention of the name Biafra.

I believe in Biafra,its a reality. Ebe eziokwu na aga ije. My goodness me.....

face the truth, the zoo president and military are PURE idiots. while the military claims victory, the PEDOPHILE and TERRORIST claims he needs foreign support to DEFEAT the same bokoharam allegedly DEFEATED by the zoo military and on another side talks of amnesty for the same bokoharam he wants to destroy using foreign support. now analyze their lies and propaganda well you South West fools and see what you got yourselves into. INDEED, RADIO BIAFRA ROCKS THE TRUTH. BIAFRA WILL COME IN THE END I TELL YOU. my goodness me.............

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