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Education / Re: Babcock University Should Never Be Blamed For Expelling The Immoral Student by mainman7(m): 8:00am On Nov 21
Thank you! Lalasticlala, see truth.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Roger Stone Found Guilty On All Charges In Wikileaks Hacking Case by mainman7(m): 8:55pm On Nov 16
I just pity shallow-minded gullible Christians that falls for deceits of Muslims, Homosexuals, Satanists, and Pedophiles. These are the sets of people that magnify anything little antiTrump but ever comments on his innumerable great Achievents for USA. These are the people that really wanted Hillary to with then, so that they can fully take over America, the World at large.
Just to expose the set of people that are puring unjustified hatered and infamy on Trump here, I'll quote few of them. 6th and 7th Book of Moses was written by a Satanic Magician called Lawewnce. So Satanists often recommend it to upcoming Satanists.
Am just curious, is the Seven Books of Moses as powerful as claimed? heard it ran people mad and other outlandish claims.
Has any nairalander read it? let's hear your experience. Like I said, am just curious.

This incorrigible Chronic APC Muslim that has been sucking Buhari anus from day 1 here.

President Buhari won the election fare and square. PDP server argument was baseless and ignorant.
PDP congratulating President Buhari tomorrow after ridiculing the Court today, seems an afterthought and a poor sense of reasoning.
Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley Visits Shina Peller by mainman7(m): 9:11am On Nov 05
Malians! Malians!! They always shout when they see this guy. Let's settle this once and for all. Like if you think this guy is Great, Share if you think he's a bad influence on youths.

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Religion / Re: How God's Decision To Elevate Man Above Angels Caused The War In Heaven by mainman7(m): 9:12am On Nov 04
Good! In this end time, I always advised Christians that want balanced spiritual life to read Koran and all other original Bible parts removed. Spirit of God will then lead and tell them which of the profiting Information are from Him and which not to accept. The Roman Catholic and Illuminatis removed vital information that would have made Christians to know how so Powerful they truly are, that would have mentally empower, elevate and liberate Chriatians. They also removed all the Verses and Biblical Books that ecouraged Christians to defend themselves so that they can kill, slaughter, and enslave them at will.
They reduced the Original Bible from 87 Books to 66 books. When the Europeans saw how effective the dumbing down of Christians was with the "allow yourself to be slaughter like Chickens" watered down Bible, they further reduced it to measily 14 Books called Slave Bible which they used to brainwash Black Africans into submission during the long years of Slave Trade. The truth is out, stop being mentally enslaved. The real empowring Bible is more than 66 Book.
Some of this Books were still in the Bible before Al-Quran was written from it by Mohammed. Koran is largely true, till Mohammed started adding ungodly things to it to justify his own short comings, adding things like peadophilia that Men could marry 8 year old toddler girls, etc. was bad.
Very true! Down the whole History of humanity, because of greed and desire to accumulate material wealth that we die and leave behind, Satan has been manipulating men to help him gather massive number of souls into Hell. Even those Illuminatis, Roman Catholic and Colonial masters sold their conscience and souls, deleted/removed important parts of God's Scripture to use it as an enslaving tool to get massive wealth that they've now left behind and roasting to ashes in Hellfire. Can their accumulated wealth resurrect them to live forever on the day of judgement? Hope we the currently living have learned that living to please God instead of flesh truly pays.


Crime / Re: 6 Years Old Girl Molested @ Futa by mainman7(m): 8:42am On Nov 01
hello my fellow nairalanders please and please i have one very serious issue here in akure. a mother of a child who is close to me since my 100L in futa if im sure her little daughter was 3years old then. but she should be 6years old now. this woman is a widow and has suffered alot with her little daughter for one stupid student to molest a young girl and go scot free. it happened like this, the women who now sells food for a living didnt open for days so when she opened she told me she's been running up and down on her daughters case. so she told while she was washing her daughters panties she saw blood and was surprised so she ask the girl what happened.

And the little girl told her when she went to urinate her self one student who knew the mother kicked dust @ her bumbum and hold her hands together, took her to a room in his lodge. these words where making me more annoyed because i asked the girl my self and she repeated the same words. she said he put his two fingers in my bumbum and use the handkerchief he use to clean his nose to clean my bumbum.

please o! she said he gave her money to put inside one basket and started saying things. the mother of the child went to meet a pastor and they prayed and ask her not to bother about it. thats what is not giving me voice to challenge the accused student. please nigerians what can i do to help this little girl.

cc:lalastilclacla myndd44

angry They have the tool to make the World better, but they have chosen to trade their souls for the temporary glory and gains of this world. Sad that the Mods refused to move this to front page for all us to join hands to punish this devlish destroyers of our Children's future, and make our society a better place. Maybe it's in their frantic bid to continue to deceive you to remain an atheist. To the Owner of Heaven and Earth, we shall all give account of how we spent this short life.

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Programming / Re: Can I Learn Programming From My Android Phone? by mainman7(m): 8:18am On Nov 01
for html, css & js all u need is a good browser(chrome or firefox) and a text editor(i use 920text editor)

for php and mysql use palapa webserver.

C # Shell(C# Offline Compiler) , Pydroid3 , QPython3, Cxxdroid - C++ compiler IDE for mobile development, JS Run(JavaScript Editor) not sure about JS Run as Offline.

Also try do some research,there may be better alternative to the above.

Yes kindly download sololearn app

you get a mock compiler and an excellent code pad, plus the support comuinity is great with indians chinese and americans relating with you
You can certainly now do HTML, CSS, JavaScript, python; heck even run a NodeJs server all on the phone.
Get CodeNGo on play store

Download sololearn (any program of your choice)If you under understand JavaScript and php very well, you are 95percent done with Java programming and python. Go to sololearn.com
Programming / Re: Can I Learn Programming From My Android Phone? by mainman7(m): 8:17am On Nov 01
Yes, you can learn programming on your phone but it have limitation and that why i go all mean to get a laptop.
with the help of
Aide java / ndk support
you can reach some goals.
Religion / Re: Xenophobic Attack: Alfred Adewale Martins, Catholic Archbishop Of Lagos Speaks by mainman7(m): 6:48pm On Sep 05
Everybody wants to react but nobody want to act.
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Reveals What Makes Him Look Younger And Fresher by mainman7(m): 6:27pm On Sep 05
Correct guy. Looking younger everyday, while his Yoruba-hating hideous igbo brother already looks as old as his grandfather.

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Politics / Re: I Hope It's Not True by mainman7(m): 6:22pm On Sep 05
Alhaji Rafiu
Thanks for the clarification.
Politics / Re: I Hope It's Not True by mainman7(m): 6:18pm On Sep 05
Please, if you still have a father, don't abuse Baba Tinubu. Nigerian politics is too complicated, only is you are in it will you understand.
Politics / I Hope It's Not True by mainman7(m): 6:16pm On Sep 05
Crime / Re: Teacher Rapes, Impregnates 12-Year-Old Schoolgirl In Adamawa by mainman7(m): 6:13pm On Sep 05
He should be castrated with immediate effect!
Celebrities / Re: Photos From Light Out With DJ Barbie At Wells Carlton Hotel by mainman7(m): 6:11pm On Sep 05
Music/Radio / Re: Top 10 Hottest & Most Creative Nigerian Beats Of The Decade & Producers by mainman7(m): 11:25pm On Aug 26
Damn!!! Looking back now. I can see that Music is so powerful. Those past beats and songs so sweet, ageless and meaningful! OP you making people to now see reality of the currently nonsense that senseless Olamide and and useless Phyno are singing to destroy our youths, to spread hatred and ritual killings. May God send shocking sudden catastrophic destruction to destroy those that produced evil musics that have turned our Youths to killers of their fellow Country youths


Celebrities / Re: Uche Maduagwu Blasts Bobrisky: You Can Never Look As Beautiful As Adesua Etomi by mainman7(m): 10:01pm On Aug 26
Why is this bitch nigga still roaming free. angry


Politics / Re: Drone Photos Of Benin Stadium, Secretariat Buildings In Edo by mainman7(m): 3:23pm On Aug 11


Business / Re: GTBank Is Opening Unsolicited Bank Accounts For Unsuspecting Customers Unawares by mainman7(m): 3:13pm On Aug 11

If you quote me again, an uncontrollably bad runny stomach would catch you in church, I for say at work, but u seem like an unemployable individual, so let's leave it to Church grin

You still have the effrontery to talk to me instead of apologizing for your evil deeds and that of your satanic ancestors?! I thought you would have repented and change from the evil ways of your fathers. Just like your Igbos fathers brainwashed senseless gullible Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis to kill their very own political Leader in coup that you promised to make Nigeria free, you are pretending to be fighting for sensitization of the banking system by destroying GTB, whereas all that you are doing is slaughtering GTB to make way for Igbos Bank(s) to become the No 1 in Nigeria. Satanic possessed evil greedy Igbos are never contented in Life, never. Always sad at Yorubas topping anything, while Yorubas gladly celebrate their. Henceforth, we shall not only pay you back in your evil coin but in 7 fold! Sad souls called igbos are just too senselessly greedy! What Nigeria is experiencing today would not have happened if not that you people changed the peaceful course of Nigerian History by your wicked heartless GREED, Igbos shed innocent blood Nationally just to hijack Nigeria's resources, wealth and political power. Such was never known till you satanic souls called Igbos introduced it into our once innocent and peaceful Country on January 29, 1966. You infected Fulanis with your pathological greed and introduced satanic blood shed into Nigerian politics because of you people's Hell-bound satanic souls. Not even Fulanis or Hausa was heartless enough to conceived let alone carry out the very first political blood-letting in Nigeria. Despite the fact that Igbo Azikwe was the President, and that Igbos head almost 68% of all Federal Ministries and Federal Control apparatuses during the era, stiil did not satisfy you! Satanic possessed evil greedy Igbos were still not contented. You satanic greedy sad souls still want to own the whole Nigeria and his people in your pocket. This led your evil fathers in the Nigerian Military; Izeagu, Ifeajuna, etc to deceive other Nigerian officers to kill leaders from other tribes so that Igbos can enthrone Aguyi Ironsi and fully pocket the whole Nigeria. What a greedy satanic set of pathologically greedy animals in human skin called Igbos. Nothing satisfies Igbo unless terrible excruciatingly painful catastrophic death! You taught Fulanis this evil killings happening today, you showed Nigerians that killings could be used to intimidate other tribes and enslave them. It's unfortunate that we Yorubas are paying for your satanic ways that you infected Fulanis with because of you demonic GREED!!! People should stop blaming Fulanis, it was Igbos that sowed the evil seed and taught Fulanis this heartlessness. Yet, Igbos have not apologized to we Yorunbas! The problem of blood shed we are facing today was started by Igbos. Unless you igbos apologize to Yorubas, we shall ensure that you and your unborn generations are wiped out permanently. It is not a threat; it's a Promise! All Igbos shall never die well! Terrible terrible deaths to all Igbos wherever they are! ASHE!!!


Politics / Re: Ganduje: Ban Fulani Migration To The South Now!!! by mainman7(m): 11:32am On Jul 28
I learned something here that every Yahoo Boy needs to know now: https://www.nairaland.com/5300063/how-hurrying-worrying-turns-humans

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Travel / Re: Uber Officially Launches In Benin City by mainman7(m): 11:28am On Jul 28
Politics / Re: SERAP Asks Governors To Emulate ‘makinde’s Open Asset Declaration Example’ by mainman7(m): 11:20am On Jul 28
Good man.

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Crime / Re: Arrested 'Aye' cultist Threatens to Kill All The Policemen Behind His Arrest by mainman7(m): 10:49am On Jul 28
I learned something here that all Yahoo Boys need to know: https://www.nairaland.com/5300063/how-hurrying-worrying-turns-humans#80701225


Religion / Re: How Hurrying and Worrying Turns Humans Against God by mainman7(m): 8:38am On Jul 28
shocked Where them G-bois. Yahoo boys need to read this!

nice one more wisdom
though is too long to read for me
grin You see your life?! Just what op said. Stop hurrying through life, had it being you read everything he wrote, you would have become better.


Celebrities / Re: Seun Kuti Reacts To Otedola Philanthropic Gestures: “Political Ambition Loading” by mainman7(m): 12:23pm On Jul 22
Though he has right to contest, but our search has been on for Nigeria's young Macron, and we discovered Seyi to be a rare good Person. So shocked when Seyi was evicted for not using the once-in-a-lifetime Veto Power to destroy another by saving himself during the week. Wow!!! Seyi has proved to be a rare considerate and selfless human being. Let's not be senseless, tribalism has not get us anywhere. We need genuinely good leaders in this Country. I prefer and shall vote young visionary Seyi Awolowo as Preaident instead Buhari any day. He's guaranteed to make a far better President than the kunu guzzler that is turning original Nigerians to 2nd class Citizens of Nigeria.
Like if you Agree, share if not.

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Celebrities / Re: Seun Kuti Reacts To Otedola Philanthropic Gestures: “Political Ambition Loading” by mainman7(m): 12:23pm On Jul 22
All the best.


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