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Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by maiquel: 12:23am On Jan 31
Who got $WEN airdrop? It's worth about $72 now. If you ever used Jupiter to trade on solana within the last 6 months then you qualify. I got in 2 wallets. Check your eligibility on lfg.jup.ag/wen . Claim ends on the 29th after which unclaimed tokens with be burned 🔥.
Please what app is this?
Politics / Re: Fact Check: Did Elon Musk Declare Support For Peter Obi? by maiquel: 11:09am On Aug 31, 2022
Person post something for cruise sake, una carry am serious... So they you dey do facts check on top.

What concerns Elon Musk and Nigeria's internal issues.
Why will Elon Musk decide for Nigerians who their next leader should be.

Sometimes you just look away knowing somethings are baseless.

However sha.

Vote #OBIDATTI alright?
Business / Re: My New Startup. A Platform For Foodstuff Sellers - Ogamadamfoodmarket.com by maiquel: 4:31pm On Aug 24, 2022
Nice one.
I have a similar idea but my issue is getting an app developer to run it exactly how I pictured it

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Family / Re: Is It Advisable To Marry A Man Earning 100k In This Present Economy. Ur Sincere by maiquel: 4:24pm On Aug 24, 2022
No, I can't marry someone who earns 100k per month. Why must you enter a marriage to suffer? Can 100k afford you a good house, buy your hair and makeups? Have you even thought of raising children who should be fed, clothed and sent to good schools? Can 100k work these things out? No!

Reject that poor man and his meagre 100k; a better man will locate you. All you have to do is believe and wait for the right man to come.

the luck you have is that nairaland is a faceless forum
Romance / Re: My Pre-wedding Photos by maiquel: 9:10am On Aug 20, 2022
Damnnn niggar
Congratulations anyway

But I just can't imagine two adults living in one same roof....repeating one same old shit every morning, afternoon and evening.....probably for the rest of their life

The thing funny o

Mennnnn.....life is really funny...the worse part of it all is that they will be tired of each other but them nor go fit talk.....
Probably because of what society will say or rather because of the kids

Lol, it's called commitment. It's not for everyone.

Congratulations OP.

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Car Talk / Re: Phoenix Renewables Celebrates 30 Days Of Operations In Maiduguri by maiquel: 9:01am On Aug 20, 2022
OBItuary people will have something Bad to say About this.
Yes, Obituaries will but OBIDIENTS recognize development and growth, we definitely applaud this movement.

Great one!

In OBI's time, Nigeria will be great again.
Religion / Re: You Are Boring Me To Death – Pastor Tobi Adegboyega Shuts Down Choristers by maiquel: 9:20am On Aug 16, 2022
Pastor don collect worship from God hand.
They are boring you to death. Such nonsense.
Crime / Re: Man Collapses After Discovering That His Wife Is His 'Landlord' by maiquel: 3:19pm On Aug 08, 2022
This matter na 50/50 but Oga no strong reach to collect the dose.

Why the wife no collapse after she heard the news of the side chick.


Phones / Re: Bored! Share Your Homescreen. by maiquel: 2:50pm On Aug 08, 2022


Politics / Re: It Is Distasteful - Soyinka Condemns Pyrates Confraternity Video Mocking Tinubu by maiquel: 2:42pm On Aug 08, 2022
One of my favorite authors, about whom, by a coincidence, I had cause to write quite recently, was CLR James, author of The Black Jacobins, Beyond A Boundary etc. etc. I called him my ideological uncle. He suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, but remained alert, lucid and combative for decades after the onset of the disease. We interacted politically at the Tanzanian pan-African Congress, the Dakar Festival of Negro Arts and a number of other cultural and political fora. We met frequently in his lifetime, dined together in restaurants, despite his challenge. it would be unthinkable, and a desecration of his memory to be part of any activity that mocked his affliction

what a way to tell us that Tinubu suffers from Parkinson's Disease.
At least there's no denial.

Nice one


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Caught Lying On TV Again - PM News by maiquel: 1:06pm On Aug 05, 2022
sad Even though I'm a born again Christian, I think we Christians should be ashamed of ourselves for heating up the polity unnecessarily. We Christians and Muslims should understand that Nigeria do not revolve around our both faiths. We have traditionalist and nonbelievers who have been politically marginalized all this years without been given any sort of consideration. There is nothing bad in having a Muslim/Muslim ticket if we truly care about the development of our country. We have had a Christian VP In Osinbajo for almost 8 years, how has it helped we Christians?

Let's stop condemning our Muslim brothers and sisters for political gains. We Christians and Muslims are one. I urge everyone one of us to support the Muslim/Muslim ticket for the prosperity of our nation. We Christians should learn from the tolerance of our Muslim brothers so we can have a peaceful nation sad

Forget about the Muslim-muslim ticket, who cares about that...
The real issues for determination is whether the particular candidate can deliver, and from fact findings, research and close marking, the party fielding Muslim-muslim ticket is found wanting.
Politics / Re: Amaechi Trends For Allegedly Saying Delegates Who Sold Votes Are Regretting by maiquel: 1:53pm On Jul 25, 2022


Calling a retired General, former GOC, former Governor of NorthEast, Biafra war veteran, Military Head of State, two terms President of Africas largest economy a failure

Abeg who is your Father... Let's check something out

Still a failure


Investment / Re: Seven Common Trading Mistakes by maiquel: 11:19pm On Jul 24, 2022
Everything you said is valid. I'm just two years into trading so I know how valuable this piece is.
Romance / Re: Which Habit Do You Have Among These Four(pics attached) by maiquel: 5:17pm On Jul 24, 2022
surprisingly, all!
Romance / Re: Texting Habits That Should Stop by maiquel: 7:15am On Jul 24, 2022
Also, can people stop texting for attention? It has seriously gotten out of hand.
CLEVER dissing responses on Twitter and online forums make for entertaining memes, but typing meaningless and baseless sentences intended but failing to insult a person is overdone. AAANNDD it's boring. *deep yawnnnn*
I hope everybody finds the joy their lives and so awfully lacks.

Give an example
Phones / Re: Umar Usman Dagona Invents A Phone That Operates Without A Sim Card by maiquel: 7:06am On Jul 24, 2022
With BIG money and the right guidance, you will do better... Well done!
Politics / Re: Hisbah Police Commands Barber To Shave A Man’s Hair In Kano State (Pix, Video) by maiquel: 1:22am On Jul 21, 2022
They know the people they try this nonsense with.

Even among Muslims, they won't cough near where some people are...
Politics / Re: Petition For A Criminal Review Of Bola Ahmed Tinubu's Drug Dealings In The USA by maiquel: 1:17am On Jul 21, 2022
who is this thing?

A person.
Crime / Re: Man Kills Pregnant Wife In Edo State, Fakes Suicide (Graphic Photos & Video) by maiquel: 10:48am On Jul 20, 2022
Lesson here for men
1. Do not commit adultery
2. Do not commit murder
3. In a heated argument, always walk away to cool off.
4. Never hit a woman

Rest in peace to the Lady, I feel very sorry for the kids.

Nothing in the circumstances shows the man did any of the bolded.
Crime / Re: Man Kills Pregnant Wife In Edo State, Fakes Suicide (Graphic Photos & Video) by maiquel: 10:41am On Jul 20, 2022

I tire o and people are already jumping into conclusion. Poor reading culture.. It's the wife father that made the allegation that his wife didn't commit suicide and instead, the husband killed her and hung her to make it look like it was suicide. He's just making an allegation on the man. Even from the chat, she's depressed.

Crime / Re: Man Kills Pregnant Wife In Edo State, Fakes Suicide (Graphic Photos & Video) by maiquel: 10:30am On Jul 20, 2022
But to be honest, I didn't see the link or the connection where it was arrived that the man indeed kill the wife, if you did, please point me to it.

The father of the deceased only accused the man, was there a confession by the husband regarding the death of the wife?

What else pins him to her death except his infidelity?

May the dead rest in peace cry

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Politics / Re: Petition For A Criminal Review Of Bola Ahmed Tinubu's Drug Dealings In The USA by maiquel: 10:11am On Jul 20, 2022
BAT/SHET is an unstoppable train, join the train now or get crushed
This one still dey zuzu...
Politics / Re: EFCC Threatened Me To Implicate Ex-President Jonathan, Adoke - Witness by maiquel: 10:07am On Jul 20, 2022
I need a job in EFCC, particularly the legal department. smiley
Politics / Re: Tinubu & The Drug Money Saga: Plainsite Has Been Reported To Google - Hundeyin by maiquel: 9:51am On Jul 20, 2022

Easy on the STONE bro grin grin grin

Its' someone's child, you know

Mr Learned

He needs a reset.
Politics / Re: Asa Sings 'Fire On The Mountain' In Front Of Buhari At NNPC Relaunch by maiquel: 6:18pm On Jul 19, 2022
They'll just enjoying the music, their ears are deaf to the message

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Politics / Re: Buhari Gives Education Minister 2 Weeks To End ASUU Strike by maiquel: 4:57pm On Jul 19, 2022
We're waiting

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Nairaland / General / Re: Is GTB Trying To Defraud Me? by maiquel: 3:36pm On Jul 19, 2022
Guy engage CBN.
Call out GTB on Twitter and tag CBN.
Email CBN and copy GTB official mail... They will sit up.
Politics / Re: Tinubu & The Drug Money Saga: Plainsite Has Been Reported To Google - Hundeyin by maiquel: 3:29pm On Jul 19, 2022
This was exactly how they killed Twitter with their bigotry and hatred for Asiwaju Tinubu ( and President Buhari) because he is not from their tribe and religion.

The website obviously does not own the documents it purportedly uploads. It must have been catfished. They are going down.

They are welcome to ipob terrorists and their co-conspirator's brand of badluck.

The website owners will watch their descent into badluck after badluck in the same way these same set of losers afflicted Twitter with badluck upon badluck.

Before their very own eyes, they will see how everything they have built will be wrecked with badluck. They do not know how to build o but they know how to destroy the platforms others have built.

To my fellow patriotic Nigerians, please ignore the naysayers, bigots and hate-filled terrorists losers and their sympathizers and vote for Asiwaju Tinubu.

Asiwaju Tinubu is the most capable and the most competent among all the Presidential candidates. Vote for Asiwaju Tinubu.

All the enemies of Nigeria and all the enemies of Asiwaju Tinubu will lose las las. They always lose.
May God bless Nigeria for ever.

Why do I want you to vote for Asiwaju Tinubu?

Please vote for Asiwaju-Shettima if you want the best and most competent pair to take Nigeria to greater heights.

Read Tinubunomics: Dissecting Tinubu’s economic track records https://www.nairaland.com/7222062/tinubunomics-dissecting-tinubus-economic-track

Asiwaju Tinubu deserves your vote because he is the best among them.

Asiwaju Tinubu towers over all of them in terms of competency and illustrous records of feats in public service
Please vote for Asiwaju Tinubu.

Asiwaju Tinubu is extremely competent and capable to lead Nigeria to greater heights. He is an excellent experienced public administrator and a Patriot to the core.

Asiwaju Tinubu is a brilliant visionary leader who will keep his promise to take Nigeria to greater heights.

I may need to take you down memory lane of his account of stewardship in public office in case you do not know or trying to ignore the significance of Asiwaju's sterling performance in office as a reason he is being rewarded with support today.

As the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Tinubu recovered what is now called Eko Atlantic from the raging Atlantic ocean Lagos Bar beach coast line flooding (for decades that problem even some of the more developed nations explain away as climate change problems) defied all solutions by FG and the highbrow strategic Victoria Island was deteriorating fast with businesses, embassies, hotels etc exiting VI in droves. During that time, the Atlantic ocean flooding reach the fringes of Ozumba after the flood completely take over Adetokunbo Ademola. Lagos State Government under the brilliant , resourceful and hardworking Asiwaju Tinubu solved that herculean challenge and today, VI is back to its glory.

It was Asiwaju Tinubu that brought back the Lagos Central Business District and Broad street commercial nerve centre of Nigeria back to life after it was abandoned, it's Asiwaju Tinubu who built major roads from Oregun to Lawanson to Igando LASU to as far as Badagry etc.

Asiwaju Tinubu is the one who fixed the horrible waste problem we had in Lagos and that LASTMA and BRT you see were created by Asiwaju. Asiwaju Tinubu was the one who got Lagos State to be part of the owners of Econet and unlike Delta State where the shares were sold and funds pocketed, Lagos State Shares were warehoused with professional investors in the state investment agency called Ibile holdings.

Asiwaju Tinubu increased bursaries to students of Lagos State origin (NULASS) and made public schools free for all Lagosians regardless of your tribe, religion or political party affiliation after his administration had successfully returned missionary schools to their original owners( other states later copied Lagos) . It was during his tenure that Ikeja General Hospital became a teaching Hospital, upgraded most of the clinics to General Hospitals giving free health to the 5 years and below and Lagosians of 65 years and above age group. .

The fund that BRF used to quickly build infrastructures were the LGA funds withheld by Pa Obasanjo and despite that Asiwaju Tinubu never owed salaries.
When the purchase of FG refineries by Alhaji Dangote was cancelled by HE Yardua, Alhaji Aliko Dangote ran to Asiwaju Tinubu after most state governments and governors in the SS gave Dangote a cold shoulder. Today, through the assistance Asiwaju Tinubu gave Aliko Dangote, Dangote Refinery is taking off to help us stop the petrol subsidy killing our naira and public finances.

Asiwaju Tinubu is loyal to those who paid the ultimate price for our democracy and today heroes like Bagauda Kalto, Pa Alfred Rewane, Pa Abraham Adesanya etc are immortalized in Lagos . One of the most memorable achievements of Asiwaju Tinubu for me was helping to stop the blood letting and recurring Hausa-Yoruba/OPC war in Idi Araba and Agege. Those hellish period of unrest defied even the effort of past military state administrators of Lagos but Asiwaju Tinubu was able to solve it.

That Lagos State Government civil service is regarded as the best in Nigeria is due to the hardwork Asiwaju Tinubu did to reform it, created Tutors-Generals offices, improved harmonized pay structure, best pension scheme for civil servants etc.
I can go on and on to educate you on the legacies of Asiwaju Tinubu still standing till today as my reasons for my confidence in Asiwaju Tinubu sir/ma

That's why my appeal goes to you my fellow patriotic Nigerians to please vote for Asiwaju Tinubu.
Please vote for Asiwaju Tinubu.
-Sunkanmi Vaughan
If you want free business ideas and directory of money sources, please check my signature. Cheers.


Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Marries His Husband In The USA. by maiquel: 3:23pm On Jul 19, 2022

Says you and apparently you are not part of the medical body who've done the work and have declared it a natural sexual orientation,noticed I used the word "natural" not "normal"

To hell with the "medical body" it is an unnatural sexual tendency.
Very unnatural.

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Marries His Husband In The USA. by maiquel: 3:15pm On Jul 19, 2022

Dude, there's nothing wrong if her son is gay, he's as normal as everyone else. She's not like most people who'd rather their child be an armed robber than gay

There's nothing normal about being gay
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Marries His Husband In The USA. by maiquel: 3:14pm On Jul 19, 2022
A waste, total waste.
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Marries His Husband In The USA. by maiquel: 3:13pm On Jul 19, 2022
For example I be man you be man then I look into your eyes and say I love you, isn't that funny like madness.

Pure madness

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