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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 7:45am On Sep 10
so we wey dey resume by February, when can we start calling in..
U will get offer letter before you call

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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 5:27am On Sep 10
Today is the date to start booking appointments
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 2:49am On Sep 07
I think prepaid credit card is the same narrative as what you gave. No bank in Nigeria will give a credit card to students..
There is nothing like prepaid credit card, there is prepaid card which Poland embassy don't accept, banks give credit card with ur money as collateral.
Travel / Re: Which Country Can One Travel To With N2.5 Million? by manneger2: 6:10pm On Sep 06
I'm contemplating which country I can enter with the above budget and hustle legally. Then, bring my wife and daughter when am settled.

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. wink
don't go to country and say you want to hustle, that's how u guys end up tarnishing Nigeria image abroad, now your 3million can take you to studies abroad am not talking of Germany or Western Europe but eastern European country like Poland with minimum cost of living, you can look for admission in a school with low tuition let say below 1000 eur, the cost of living in Poland is very affordable. Your 3million can take you to Poland 100% if u arrange ur self well

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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 5:01pm On Sep 06
Pls house. How can I book return flight ticket? Is there any link or website to book flight reservation and return flight reservation. Pls anyone that have idea to pls let me know pls.
The reservation of flight is not hard, go to www.booking.com or www.goibibo.com and reserve you don't pay for reservation the same thing with accommodation just reserve don't pay.

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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 4:43pm On Sep 06
Please house, I am new on this thread and
I need help on a question. When is it necessary to legalize documents used to apply to Polish Universities?

Is it compulsory to legalize before applying or can one legalize after gaining admission but before going for visa applications?

This depends on the school u are applying, so send them email if they say you legalize you go ahead and do it, if they say no problems then you can do it leta, but u must legalize it from research I made.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 4:39pm On Sep 06

Please sir, I want to ask how to go about creating a credit card account in the bank and which bank is the best for it?
go to first bank, access bank or any other bank that issue secured credit card, mind u not prepaid card, is totally different from credit card, secured credit card is using ur available balance as collateral to get a credit card, banks issue such card, just go to thier head office in a state or better go to Lagos or Abuja, and explain to them what and why you need it, I have not gotten my own because am not in Nigeria and am not applying this year again but a friend has gotten his at access bank.
All the best.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 5:10pm On Sep 04
For someone who would wish to go for Msc and want to sponsor himself. Please how much does he need as a basic in his credit card. Thanks
But is simple naa, first you check ur tuition fee, add it up to existential minimum of 701pln multiply by 12 months added to compulsory flight reservation money of 2500pln added again to accommodation fee, now this depends on the fee you reserve as accommodation.for example
701×12=8412 + 2500+ 8936 pln(tuition fee per year)+446×12=5352, total 25200pln convert to naira 2,569985, you can do a credit card limit of 3million.
But if ur tuition fee is high or ur accommodation fee is high, u increase your credit limit
Travel / Re: Offer Of Advice For Interest In Studying In Czech by manneger2: 5:34pm On Aug 23

Hello, Please has anyone gotten a feedback from the embassy as regards their visa? I did my interview mid July but still no feedback yet
but the visa take approximately 2 months plus so chill till September
Travel / Re: Aerial Photos Of Popular Tempsite Junction Awka by manneger2: 6:46pm On Aug 09

This is GRA Onitsha where elites are living
why are u arguing with that fool
Travel / Re: Offer Of Advice For Interest In Studying In Czech by manneger2: 5:29pm On Aug 05
Hello guys what's happening here, who know school I can apply by January 2021
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by manneger2: 5:48pm On Aug 03
Updates about Issuance of Visas to Nigerians.

The UAE Government is no longer joking about Issuance of Visas to Nigerians, as all forms of Visas; Tourist, Work Permit, Visa Change and Residents Permit are temporarily suspended. This is coming as a result of so many crimes committed by Nigerians here ranging from prostitution, fighting, fraud, alcohol drinking, abortion, cultism, murder among others. The cases keep increasing by the day and yet few bad elements would not change their ways. We initially thought that non-issuance of tourist visas was only due to closure of Nigeria's international airspace but daily updates keep showing more than we thought. Issuance of work permit, resident permit and visa change when you are inside UAE were very easy before but the story is different now to ONLY NIGERIAN passport holders; while other countries are getting theirs done easily. For UAE government to re-open visas to Nigerians, stricter measures which might be unbearable would be metted out to her passport holders.

I must confess that few bad Nigerians have put the rest in crises. This makes the Western world to see Nigerians as criminals even before committing any. How painful and terrible!

If you are still in Nigeria and have the intention of traveling abroad, please try Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK and other European countries which are coming up with immigration or study programs. It would take time, patience, resources, money and right information but far better than coming to UAE.

NOTE: The 5th point on the picture is for Tourist Visa and Cancelled Work Permit.

I wish you all the best.
everything you typed here is correct but this ur uploaded pic is fake bro, pls stop this madness pls
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by manneger2: 7:48pm On Jul 29
hello bosses in the house.
greetings to you all.
I've been on this section since morning,gone through the pages 1 to the last, am enlightened now.
please I have a question,
1. When considering traveling to Dubai, what I. T skills can someone have to help land atleast a considerable good paying job, and does the certificate has to attested before such journey.
2. Aside I T skill what others skills or technical know-how can one have.
finally, however, what are the breakdown figure one can have at hand to land in Dubai and get a job asap.
visa #?
tickets #?
feeding #?
job agent fee#?.

NOTE: I heard from a friend that if you have like 150k cash, you get a good agent who will source for job for you, within few days or weeks of entering Dubai. Pls how true is this.
The person that told you that thing is deceiving u, If u Wana come uae now there is so much drama, come and face the drama, don't u read news on what is happening in this country??, Ok let me tell you, uae want every Nigerian to leave their country, ur brothers (fellow Nigeria) will come to uae and start practicing cult in another man country, the other day 2 cult group were fighting in Sharjah, what is wrong with some Nigerians, if I leave this country i will Neva go any country that don't do visa interview.


Travel / Re: Save The Lifes Of Overstayed,stranded Nigerians In UAE by manneger2: 3:44pm On Jul 24
Waiting for Nigeria govt to do something is like waiting forever. It will be better for UAE govt to deport them.
Either they pay for their flight or they will be jailed that's what uae govt is doing now, no deportation
Health / Re: 604 New COVID-19 Cases, 246 Discharged And 10 Deaths On July 23 - (4145 Tested) by manneger2: 2:58pm On Jul 24
No country in the world are still doing this rubbish u guys are doing here...608 new cases 50death etc, countries are blacklisting Nigeria from traveling,
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 8:42am On Jul 23
Pls has anyone gotten visa with prepaid visa card from Nigeria as financial sufficient
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 5:24am On Jul 18
Good evening manneger2

here my WhatsApp line 07069407975

Kindly leave me a message, I'll respond accordingly. Thank you
Travel / Re: With 2 Million Naira Where Can I Comfortably Migrate To? by manneger2: 7:33am On Jul 16
Canada is extremely hard to migrate now. They even deny students that have completed full payment of tuition.

Easiest way to enter Canada now is through marriage with someone that has PR who can file for you.

Some people here will be on this Canada issue till next 5 yrs with no progress recorded
Canada is easy to enter now especially if u are not in Nigeria, a company in Dubai got an LMIA for my friend, and the guy used it to get a work permit in Canada embassy here in Dubai, Canada is short of seasonal agricultural workers, and in need of it now.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 9:22pm On Jul 13

Yes, like I said earlier, someone told me about Poland and I applied immediately to a school which I got AD. I started discussing it with my family and they made me to start having a rethink. My aunt’s husband lives in Germany which is just a 2hrs drive from Poland and he said that Polish people usually go to Germany in search of jobs and because they are paid in Euros too, that their zloty doesn’t have much value. I’m just thinking ahead on how to survive if I decide to go there as a masters student, because I won’t have any other support from my family apart from the first year tuition.

If you are in Poland and you have a good advice for me on what to do, I will appreciate it. Thanks.
You don't have money for your stay, how do u intend to proof your financial sufficiency at embassy, ok ooo, don't discourage people here, Poland economy is among the best now in Europe.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 5:15am On Jul 11
Please could someone help answering this? Couldn't find on other pages.
Can one legalize documents at Polish Embassy on another person's behalf?
Pls anyone that have information about this should let us know thanks
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The UAE Is Against Employee Discrimination by manneger2: 5:24pm On Jul 09
It still didn't change the fact that Nigerians are discriminated upon in uae, ur write up is good though
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by manneger2: 1:01pm On Jul 09
This was my chat with a man from Michellen Tyre. He asked me to send those documents. Please can someone explain to how genuine and what that means.

Michellen Tyre: You have a passport and working visa.?
Franc: No sir for now but I can process for that if I am offered a job opportunity to come over.

Michellen Tyre: You will get your passport

Michellen Tyre: Your working vissa and your green card will be issue here as an immigrant coming to work and won't cost you much

Franc: Okay sir. How do I go about it?

Michellen Tyre: Sorry for delay reply just too many times to do at once..!

Michellen Tyre: Your gonna send me the following...

Michellen Tyre: ID
Medical certificate
Change status inside country
Vissa to passport
NOC & Certificate
Where are u nigeria or uae, uae and green card
....nawa ooo for u self


Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by manneger2: 5:14pm On Jul 04

Dude UAE visa is as easy as ABC... We are on the UAE thread, so stick to UAE discussions and don't try to derail.
Before the outbreak, a return to ticket to Dubai cost as low as 160,000...have you seen the rates lately?
Have you seen the documentation required?

The point still remains now is not a good time to travel for greener pastures overseas unless otherwise.
Leave am naa, when he start roaming the street of Dubai on an empty stomach, he will now understand.


Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 6:13pm On Jun 28
Please, what’s the estimated least amount I should have in my account before the visa application?. I know there is no standard amount.
Read from beginning Poland don't need statement of account, either u present pay slip with fat salary and employment letter, or u look for bank in Nigeria that you can get credit card, credit card normally is difficult to get in Nigeria bank but u can go for prepaid credit card i.e you already fund the money you will be spending in the card, go to page 51 everything is there.


Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 6:07pm On Jun 28
Hello, good afternoon house I studied Pure and industrial chemistry and I am interested in migrating to Poland through studies, my questions are.

1. As a married man would my student visa permit me to travel with my wife or would she need to get admission also

2. The major concern of everyone has always been job prospects, please the jobs one can get in Poland is it just jobs that would pay rents only.
How can you take ur wife with student visa na waoo
who tell you is job that will pay rent only, if Poland is not for you don't come and be asking question that doesn't make sense. Poland is schegen country, relatively cheap when compared to other country in the zone, minimum unemployment rate so why u think say u only make money to pay rent
Travel / Re: QATAR AND UAE GENERAL VISA ENQUIRIES Part 3 by manneger2: 5:29pm On Jun 22

If you're not earning a good salary 4000aed per month and above, it is not realistic bringing family. You'd be spending a lot of money and making little.
Lol 4000 good salary for family with baby in uae, only the man working from what he said, I dey laugh u
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 4:59pm On Jun 22
Pls guyz I want to find out something, if students copy transcript is not allow which one is allow, and how can I attest it.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 5:08pm On Jun 20

Thanks for adding more clarity to your explanation.
But please, is the money to be deposited supposed to be in Naira, Dollar or Euro?
I can't seem to find an answer to this question in previous posts
I thought the money should be in dollars
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 6:38pm On Jun 18

Check page 51
Thanks a lot bro
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by manneger2: 4:30pm On Jun 18
Pls I need someone that used credit card for financial sufficiency to tell me how to go about it, how I can I get a credit card because most bank in naija issue debit card
Travel / Re: Nigerian Airport Officials Seen Pushing A Plane That Refused To Start by manneger2: 7:27am On Jun 11
Plane can be push back, so is not a new thing
Travel / Re: What Can You Say About Life In Azerbaijan by manneger2: 9:46am On Jun 07
Why compare Azerbaijan with Italy, some people are funny

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