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Politics / Re: 2023: I Will Never Vote For APC, PDP – Mr Macaroni by MemoriesAndMe: 3:52pm On Aug 15
Damnnn niggar

No body in thier right full sense will vote for Apc

We are all obedient come 2023

I know people will say am a drunkard, weed smoker, pussy banger and a keyboard warrior....that am useless

But is all good....I will definitely be yusful and obedient come 2023...if that is the only thing I go do for posterity
I noticed you never get upset no matter what people say to you. That's maturity. Keep it up bro

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Food / Re: Lady Regrets The N18k Worth Of Pepper Soup She Ordered (Photos, Video) by MemoriesAndMe: 4:32am On Aug 15
She only regrets it because she paid for it with her money. If a simp had bought it for her, she won't even complain at all - its not her money.

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Politics / Re: Identities, Names Of Masterminds Of Owo Church Massacre Released By CDS Irabor by MemoriesAndMe: 7:28pm On Aug 09
I don't believe this story. They are ISWAP members and their names prove otherwise? These may be random people as usual. Let's see some evidence.
Celebrities / Re: Being Rich Is Only Sweet In Africa — Speed Darlington Shares Experience (Video) by MemoriesAndMe: 7:22pm On Aug 09

yes you are right that you wouldnt hang clothes in NY like you could in the South....but for us in Europe, the below is more common (if you aint got a dryer):

You're right, I live in the South now and still do need a dryer. Speed Darlington lives in NY, winter there is crazily cold, so I'd expect him to do his laundry in his house. He's probably saving on energy bills, but the comfort comes first for me

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Celebrities / Re: Being Rich Is Only Sweet In Africa — Speed Darlington Shares Experience (Video) by MemoriesAndMe: 7:11pm On Aug 09

sadly, only a poor person would try their hardest to make people believe that they were rich.
btw you dont even need to buy a dryer in the US, just get the washing machine and be done with the misery of leaving your house all the time. in Europe we dont have the US type washer dryers (top/bottom) and instead we usually have a machine that does both and/or we just have a washer and hang our clothes.
I don't know of anyone hanging their clothes here like it's done in Nigeria - may be heavy stuff like comforters etc, everyone is used to dryers.

I cant tell of other warmer states though - they have crazily hot weather in places like Cali, Florida and Texas around some times of the year. They may not need dryers there. But everyone has washers and dryers in every home I've been to where I live.
Celebrities / Re: Being Rich Is Only Sweet In Africa — Speed Darlington Shares Experience (Video) by MemoriesAndMe: 6:23pm On Aug 09
what a foolish man.... if he was rich in the US he would A) have a washing machine in his own house and B) have a maid to do his laundry for him (regardless of her salary, since you are rich)

this dude should stop talking about what he doesnt know. being rich is sweet WHEREVER YOU MAY BE IN THE WORLD!

You may be right. I have no idea why he thinks this is something that should be posted on social media. It's either he's poor here in the US or being cheap.

Everyone takes their clothes to the cleaners if they don't want to do the laundry themselves here, and it doesn't even cost that much in dollars.

I guess he just wants to trend with this, but he actually made a fool of himself. I haven't even gone to a public laundromat in over 15 years, dude is talking about it like it's fresh.

That's where crackheads too do their laundry when they have some change. He's mingling with the crackheads in laundromats here in the US, and he's a celebrity to several folks in Nigeria? Hmmm. Why not just buy a washer and a dryer and do his laundry at home? Both cost less than $2000 for brand new, he can't afford that and calls himself rich?


Celebrities / Re: What Is Going On With Kizz Daniel? I Am Really Worried (Pix) by MemoriesAndMe: 11:32pm On Aug 08
Sometimes, we experience rough times. It can happen to anyone at anytime regardless of your financial status.
I am sure Kizz will get better and go back to his business of making music.

Remember, it can happen to anyone.
If he's going through rough times, he shouldn't make his fans pay for his shows and disappoint them all the time.

It has happened about 3 times now that made headlines - no one knows of the smaller shows that didn't get much publicity that he abandoned. If your fans care about you, show them you care about them too.

Eedris was ill and at the hospital and cancelled all his shows to attend to his health. That's maturity.

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Romance / Re: How Do I Break Up With A 30 Year Old Woman ? by MemoriesAndMe: 2:10am On Aug 07
Then if she knows you brought her case to nairaland then you are done for grin
Nothing will happen if she finds her case here. Can't you see all the ladies here are quiet? Many of them operate here with their football ages - many 50 year old women calling themselves 18.

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Family / Re: 3 Sisters Went Missing, Found Dead In Neighbor's Pond In U.S.(Pics) by MemoriesAndMe: 4:29pm On Aug 01

They live in Texas, the Atlanta mentioned should be the nick name home in or area and not state of Atlanta/Georgia.

Their home is 200miles from fort worth, Texas.

It's a little confusing. This is the part that threw me off

Zi’Ariel, A'Miyah and Temari went missing from their Atlanta, about 200 miles east of Fort Worth, home around 10pm Friday, prompting a multi-agency search for the girls.

Distance between Atlanta GA and forth Worth TX is about 815 miles. So, you may be right if that's just a nickname

Family / Re: 3 Sisters Went Missing, Found Dead In Neighbor's Pond In U.S.(Pics) by MemoriesAndMe: 4:20pm On Aug 01

They live in Texas, the Atlanta mentioned should be the nick name home in or area and not state of Atlanta/Georgia.

Their home is 200miles from fort worth, Texas.

I mentioned the city of Atlanta, in Georgia. The story said they live in Atlanta and were found in Texas.
I live in Atlanta, Georgia. Forth Worth Texas is far from here, so they're likely abducted to Forth Worth, Texas.
Family / Re: How Can One Stop A Loved One's Drug Addiction? by MemoriesAndMe: 12:31pm On Aug 01
I'd say just leave him there in jail for a long time. Thats natural detox of he doesn't get access to his fix there.
I he's hurriedly bailed out, he will think same will happen next time if he does it again.
Family / Re: 3 Sisters Went Missing, Found Dead In Neighbor's Pond In U.S.(Pics) by MemoriesAndMe: 12:11pm On Aug 01
Chai this kind of pain, they probably tried to swim and drowned…So sad
They were found in a totally different state. They live in Atlanta, Georgia and were found in Texas -over 200 miles away.

They couldn't have got there by themselves. Most likely, they were abducted.
Travel / Re: Man Discovers "Hidden Camera" In His Hotel Room At A Hotel In VI Lagos by MemoriesAndMe: 2:40pm On Jul 31

I marked the camera clearly in my earlier post!!!
It's a sensor. It may look like a camera, but it's not one.
Travel / Re: Man Discovers "Hidden Camera" In His Hotel Room At A Hotel In VI Lagos by MemoriesAndMe: 9:26pm On Jul 30

It boils down to the problem that US has with many technology from China. It may appear harmless but with hidden secondary utility that borders on invasion of privacy eg. Alexa

There's nothing tricky about that AC. It doesn't even connect to Wifi, doesn't have room memory devices neither does it have room to connect to a TV or anything. It's not an Alexa device either, so dude was just raising false alarms rather than ask first.
I have over 15 Alexa devices at home and two of this same AC. It's not what he described.
Travel / Re: Man Discovers "Hidden Camera" In His Hotel Room At A Hotel In VI Lagos by MemoriesAndMe: 9:20pm On Jul 30

I think his point is that the sensor now has a camera embedded in it.

Camera embedded where? Anyone can buy that brand of air-conditioner and they all look same.

There's no connection for camera output on it. You just plug it into power after it's connection to the condenser outside, that's its.

A camera is useless if not connected to a monitoring device. The AC doesn't even have room for memory devices, so it can't be used as a spy device.
Travel / Re: Man Discovers "Hidden Camera" In His Hotel Room At A Hotel In VI Lagos by MemoriesAndMe: 12:53pm On Jul 30

How is he a “bush man” ?
Are you technologically inclined in all aspect!
Over Sabi .

You ask first when certain things aren't clear to you, not outrightly make false statements and send them to blogs.

He can be sued in sane climes for defamation because that's what he did to that technological product Panasonic came up with.

If he revealed the hotel name, that hotel could sue him too as he dragged their name in the mud too.

He wouldn't have called it a camera if he had that brand of air-conditioner at home or know people that do. I have a couple of them in my home and I'm tech savvy enough to know it's not a camera, it's just a sensor.

Let's just ask first when things aren't clear, not raise false alarm first before knowing the truth.
Travel / Re: Man Discovers "Hidden Camera" In His Hotel Room At A Hotel In VI Lagos by MemoriesAndMe: 10:54pm On Jul 29
That's not a camera; it's a sensor.
ECONAVI Intelligent Sensors detect unconscious waste of energy using the Human Activity Sensor and Sunlight Sensor. It is able to monitor human location, movements, absence and sunlight intensity. It then automatically adjusts cooling power to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted comfort and convenience.


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Celebrities / Re: Cynthia Okereke & Clemson Cornel Missing — Actors Guild (Photo) by MemoriesAndMe: 8:54pm On Jul 29
Make the world sef kuku end make Nigeria go tun yan.. missing in action everywhere
No believe that thing. No world dey end. We all die here.

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TV/Movies / Re: Reno Omokri Cautions BBNaija Over Eloswag’s Subtle Campaign For Peter Obi by MemoriesAndMe: 4:12pm On Jul 29

Nothing from him should be taken serious.

He is not even a Nigeria citizen

He is a London citizen

London citizen? London get citizens? How does "London" passport look?
Crime / Re: Insecurity: Terror Attacks May Start Another War In Nigeria – OPC by MemoriesAndMe: 7:08am On Jul 29
When Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu were talking about this imminent danger, many criticized them.
Their houses were invaded and innocent people were killed and many were jubilating.
Isn't the agenda playing out now?
Abuja - the seat of power isn't safe anymore, soldiers are getting killed like rabbits by these same people.
No one is safe, the rich and the poor aren't safe. When it hits the south, what's everyone going to fight with? Stones and knives against bandits armed with AKs and ARs?
Let's hope this is not going to end up the Afghanistan way.


Career / Re: Why Do People Make Money Mistakes Immediately They Hit Big Funds! by MemoriesAndMe: 4:55pm On Jul 26
because of the believe that more will always come
Especially if it money people get for free. If they really worked for it,they won't be waiting on more free money.
Health / Re: A Kidney Now Costs $262,000; Heart, $119,000, UN Warns Nigerians by MemoriesAndMe: 5:09pm On Jul 22
As I wan commit suicide who I go sell ma kidney give
Since you wan sell kidneys before your suicide, boys dey ready to buy am from you. 100k for each kidney. That's 200k quick money. You won't need the kidneys after you kill yourself anyways. Deal?
Politics / Re: Kuje Prison Attack: Heads Will Roll As Buhari Receives Report Indicting Official by MemoriesAndMe: 9:31pm On Jul 21
The first head to roll should be that of the President, then minister of defense, interior, controller of Prisons then service chiefs. Anything short of that is still a charade. Prison raid by terrorists right in the heart of Abuja. What disgrace for a nation.
Hope Aregbesola doesn't find out who you are. He will just lock you in one of his prisons and throw the keys in the lagoon.
Health / Re: Help!! What's Growing On My Skin!? by MemoriesAndMe: 3:33am On Jul 21
What you have is just an allergic reaction to an insect bite. I have same on my right leg, went to a a pharmacy and was told to get a medication for allergies which I did get and use.
Within two days, the whole thing dried up. It's still heal, but it's not as swollen as it was.
Just get allergy medications. You were probably bitten by something you're allergic to. It doesn't affect everyone, some people feel it, others don't.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Abandons N24 Million A Year Job, Relocates To U.K by MemoriesAndMe: 10:57pm On Jul 20
Honestly this one is not a very wise decision.

I know Nigeria has security issues, but what are the odds that he will fall victim?
However it is almost a sure thing that he'll live a poorer life in the UK. Is he even sure of remaining in the UK permanently after that masters?
Even if he remains, hope he's in a field that will pay highly. Inflation is on the rise in the UK as well.

Anyways, his choice, his life. Wishing him the very best.

I agree with your points. At the same time, you may want to understand it's a family decision, not just his personal decision.

Many people leave Nigeria and their well paying jobs to get a good atmosphere to raise their kids in. Not all parents want their kids out of school cos of ASUU/ASUP strikes when they can prevent that in saner climes.

I know more than 10 parents that left Nigeria this year alone cos they want something else for their kids, not necessarily themselves.

Once we are married and have kids, our decisions go beyond ourselves alone, our spouses and kids have to be factored in and sometimes we have to make necessary sacrifices, especially for the kids.


Romance / Re: Please I Need Advise. I'm Going Insane by MemoriesAndMe: 8:57am On Jul 13

Aunty calm down.

Gonorrhea reacts very fast in a man, I don't know about other STIs but not Gonorrhea.

Moreover the thread is about the lady in question and I don't see why you want to hear what the man did for his woman, you are just being emotional.
I no be aunty bro, I'm a dude. I was talking about STDs in general - some show faster than others. Men carry certain STDs for years and don't feel it and the females feel it faster.


On your other point, as a man, I wouldn't like to stress how much a lady has done for me without mentioning what I did for her too.
Same page?
Romance / Re: Please I Need Advise. I'm Going Insane by MemoriesAndMe: 5:26am On Jul 13
Is better the both of you go to the hospital to seek medical attention. If she truly didn’t sleep with another man outside the relationship how then did she contact it?
I think you should tender this issue with mercy And seek medical help to know how she got infected.

Well, it is in your mind to forgive her please do. She has been with Yoh through thick and thin I know it's not easy but I feel she might be a good girl but she she should be truthful with you.

At the boldened, men tend to carry some STDs in their system for years without noticing nor having symptoms of it. The women feel it faster than the men in some cases.

OP may have had the STD first and passed it on to the lady. He wouldn't know he had some STD without the symptoms and getting tested, so it's not ok to blame the woman all the time.

@OP, you mentioned all the nice things the lady did for you and never mentioned what you did for her. What type of relationship is this? Parasitic?
Car Talk / Re: Igbo Christian Buys Toyota Corolla As Sallah Gift For His Hausa Driver by MemoriesAndMe: 9:07pm On Jul 11
Very impressive
we witness this in our every day life and vice versa.
It is only when it comes to politics that bigots play ethnic cards
Correct. I've heard of many successful Hausa/Fulani's based in Lagos supporting the various tribes around them too. I don't think everyone is as bad as everyone paint them; there are just bad elements in every tribe, so it's not ok to generalize.

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Politics / Re: Farouk Aliyu: Those Doubting Tinubu’s Credentials Should Go To Court by MemoriesAndMe: 6:29am On Jun 27
Why is this matter being dragged this much? It doesn't even take that long to request a replacement certificate from University of Chicago.

https://registrar.uchicago.edu/records/diplomas/ce-diplomas/ is the URL to request a replacement from University of Chicago. It can be ordered online and it costs less than $16 and should be received within a week or two max.

Why are they treating this as if his missing certificate is a huge statue of it's not a plot to hide some details?

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Celebrities / Re: Police Order Portable To Report Himself Over Jungle Justice (Video) by MemoriesAndMe: 11:52pm On Jun 23

I understand yoruba very well and his music and voice are garbage. Terrible! Putting portable and talent in the same sentence is hilarious bro.

Remove Olamide's verse from the song that made him popular and you'll know it is wack.

Only his likes (Agbero, cultist, louts) will sit down to listen to the rubbish that comes out of his mouth.

I agree with you on most of what you said sir about him.
I have never met him my entire life and have no reasons to.
How I think is this. Music is a form of art. You have to have an audience that that like your form of act.

Even Fela, Wole Soyinka, Chinue Achebe etc started with their form of their art makes them to remembered and respected till today.

I don't think it's ok for anyone that hasn't created any piece of art their entire life to condemn another that tried to do it the way he knows how to do it.

If you think he's style is sick, kindly show us all the unsick others in your playlist and see we all have different opinions from responses to your post.

If you don't have any craft you craft you can brag about, don't criticize someone else that has a craft he or she can brag about.

If you can't cook, why would you blame someone that cooked for you it the food so much salt? You have to know how to do something should be done properly before blaming someone that tried when you haven't made any attempt yourself before. Would you prefer him to go into pickpocketing, armed robbery, yahoo, rituals etc when he knows music feeds him, his team and his family? Let the dude do his music the best way he he can do it.

Nobody here wrote his lyrics for him, that's creativity and creativity in arts attracts audiences that reason with it. He is creative in his own way even if you don't like him.

Many didnt like Fela too cos his style was unconventional . Now their upbrings still celebrating Fela. Leave the dude and let him do his part of art the way he knows how to do it. He has his fans and they're not complaining about his songs; it's is conduct people complain about - all that could be a publicity stunt anyways, his lawyers can argue that away in the courts if they're good.

Let's just appreciate anyone trying to make from whatever they think they can do.

Would we prefer our youths to become armed robbers, kidnappers, Yahoo boys etc when some of them can make something from the singing this dude chose and everyone is criticizing him for?

If you can sing better than him, let's listen to one of your songs right here.

If you haven't entered a studio before and sang anything, don't criticize someone that has done something you haven't achieved yet.
Education / Re: Sokoto Girl Leads With Highest Score As FG Releases NCEE Results by MemoriesAndMe: 12:57am On Jun 23

That's the only way to encourage northerners to go to school. If they increase the cutoff, there will be nobody in their classrooms.
Then we should have two different standards of exams - one for the Northern part that only need to score 4 points to get to their schools and another for the Southern part that need 100+ points. It can't be same exam body running both regions when it's written everywhere that the standards are unfair to one region of the country.


Politics / Re: See What OBIDIENT Youths Are Doing In Lagos: Pictures by MemoriesAndMe: 3:46am On Jun 22

Dude, do you know where this wall is located? Did they show you the street and address.?

This vandalism could be anywhere in Nigeria.

Stop eating and swallowing rubbish without facts..

I said "It MAY be",I never said "It IS". Do you know the difference between both phrases? You don't have to talk sometimes if you can't comprehend simple English bro. Just stay mute.

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