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Sports / Re: Germany Vs Japan: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: (1 - 2) by MetroBaba1(m): 2:34pm On Nov 23, 2022
Goal for Germany
Family / Re: I Want To Give 20 NAIRALAND Families 50k For Christmas by MetroBaba1(m): 3:13pm On Nov 16, 2022
Growing up, by this time my Parents would have bought us the kids Christmas clothes.

It saddens me that with this bad economy, a lot of children won’t get clothes and gifts or even food this Christmas.

If you are a struggling parent, put down your account number (ONLY IF YOU REALLY NEED IT PLEASE!)

Use your real account for verification. NO SCAMMERS. Don’t deprive those who are really in need.

I have a widow you can gift the sum of money.

If you're interested, I will drop her account details.
Politics / Re: NYPF Boss Commends Herbert Wigwe On Plans To Build Varsity In Ikwerre by MetroBaba1(m): 7:51pm On Sep 14, 2022
Herbert bought massive hectares of land in Isiokpo.... No farm land for them next year
And he's still buying more.
It's a welcome development to my community and Ikwerre at large.
Kudos to him

Are you from Isiokpo?

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Phones / Re: How Do I Get Rid Of Virus On My Phone? by MetroBaba1(m): 4:17pm On Sep 07, 2022
Some months ago I noticed my phone Started developing screening problems like my screen was internally covered with nets. so I was just angry that thinking its actually a screen problem.
After backing up some files and transfering the rest to my SD card, I flashed my phone and my phone came back to normal.
After like 2 weeks it began gradually again like before, and now worse.
Some times after minimising from one appto another the background of the previous app still shows.. also writings and pictures become blurred sometimes and hard to see.
How do i solve this problem without losing my files. ❓

Wipe your phone and SD card
Education / Re: Easy Percentage Trick You Were Never Taught In School by MetroBaba1(m): 6:52am On Sep 04, 2022
Thank you for the Video

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Politics / Re: Why Is The Price Of Nigerian International Passport Cheaper For Northerners(Pix) by MetroBaba1(m): 11:51am On Sep 01, 2022
This is serious please this should make front page. I did mine few weeks ago it was 27000 official. Then am doing for my wife and kid is the same price official.

How do you run yours?

I'm interested
Romance / Re: My Colleague's Hook Up Experience by MetroBaba1(m): 8:27pm On Aug 31, 2022
Many years ago a friend carry ashawo for 15k . The guy too drink that night . He no fit do anything.
Come morning the babe say she won collect her money. Na do the guy gave her 5k
The babe no gree . Say her money na 15k .serious arguments ensued
Las las the guy agreed to pay but he must Bleep. This was when people don gather oo
The babe quick enter room the guy follow . The guy insist say he no dey close door say heat dey. The babe no gree Na so one bros say if U no gree dey go. With tears the babe gree

Naso we dey watch the guy Bleep the girl doggy
We just dey laff ...the guy even dey shake us.
He just dey hail himself ..for about 20 mins the guy no cum. The babe stood up collect 4k begin curse the guy ...carry her bag get out for compound.
After two weeks Sha Sara burst the house

Burst the house, how?
Politics / Re: Peter Obi allegedly deleted post on Twitter after hot response by MetroBaba1(m): 12:19pm On Aug 05, 2022
Obi should reduce his online presence.

He's always online tweeting rubbish.

Make him Sha enjoy the cruise cos it ends there

Stop believing everything thrown at you. Ask the OP to send screenshot from verified handle.
Travel / Re: LASG Gives Update On Reconstruction Of Adeniji Adele, Okepopo And Tapa Streets by MetroBaba1(m): 12:41pm On Jul 25, 2022

Interlocking tiles are used for roads! They can withstand heavy loads. Interlocking tiles are usually used where we have water issue. This is because tar, used for usual road construction is water soluble.

Provide structural details, to backing this statement.
Travel / Re: LASG Gives Update On Reconstruction Of Adeniji Adele, Okepopo And Tapa Streets by MetroBaba1(m): 12:39pm On Jul 25, 2022

What's your bussines with that ?? Do u have truck u want to use to access d road angry

A harmless question
Travel / Re: LASG Gives Update On Reconstruction Of Adeniji Adele, Okepopo And Tapa Streets by MetroBaba1(m): 12:39pm On Jul 25, 2022

For human trafficking, drugs trafficking or baby factory?

You sound unintelligent.
Travel / Re: LASG Gives Update On Reconstruction Of Adeniji Adele, Okepopo And Tapa Streets by MetroBaba1(m): 11:36am On Jul 25, 2022

Why did you say so? Do you think that interlocking tiles won't support heavy loads?

If not properly done, it can't withstand heavy load. I don't think so, I know so.
Travel / Re: LASG Gives Update On Reconstruction Of Adeniji Adele, Okepopo And Tapa Streets by MetroBaba1(m): 11:08am On Jul 25, 2022
No provision for heavy equipments or trucks, making use of the road?


Education / Re: How Do I Improve My Son's Academic Performance??? by MetroBaba1(m): 8:43am On Jul 09, 2022
Hello Parents and tutors, I believe you all are doing great. Your candid advice is needed on how to improve my son's academic ability.

I have a soon to be 6yr old son who is in Nursery 2 and going to Primary one next session but honestly, I am not happy with his performance. I want to blame the school but I want to seek other alternatives.

First of all his spoken English is bad, I have to correct most of his sentences when to use the past tense, the right figurative expression, the right sentence(he muddles it up sometimes), and a host of others. Note, that he is a bright boy and catches things easily if taught well. I am planning to change his school next term, but I am still looking at the financial implications. The private school he currently attends is about the cheapest around in our estate, although people say the school is good for my son, I am not impressed. He has been with the school since he started KG classes at 2yrs old.

His mathematical skills are poor and reading even the basic things are difficult, especially his workbooks, all these make me sad and angry at the same time.

My challenge of enrolling him in another school is the finances and the proximity of any new school to where we live, but I don't know if it's to find the means and have his school changed or allow him to continue and look for ways to better his academics.

Parents/Teachers please what advice can you give me? Do I get him enrolled in another school or get extra mural classes for him(another cost) or are there easy online programs for kids I can download to help his grammar, math skills, and bad English?

I am tired of seeing his assessment/report sheet with scores that hover between 95-98% for the past 2 sessions but which I do not see reflected in him.


Where your wife?

Career / Re: I Have Messed Up In The Office by MetroBaba1(m): 5:37am On Jun 28, 2022
meet her privately and apologize

Lack of self control and Discipline.

Take this quoted advice and do the needful urgently.

Act now.
Career / Re: I Have Messed Up In The Office by MetroBaba1(m): 5:37am On Jun 28, 2022
[quote author=Polynek post=114219801] meet her privately and apologize

Lack of self control and Discipline.

Take this quoted advice and the needful urgently.

Act now.
Romance / Re: Love Story: She Served Me Breakfast On A Sunny Day. by MetroBaba1(m): 7:24pm On Jun 19, 2022
Vanessa wants A... Jane wants B... Candace wants C...

Women are individuals... Each has preferances...

Learn what your women wants... It would stop you from fu**ing up then coming here to ask a very childish question... undecided

Couldn't even read this epistle... Stop whining!

You reason like a child �


Politics / Re: Barr. Nazeel Aliyu Emerges NNPP Reps Candidate For Shira/giade Fed. Constituency by MetroBaba1(m): 9:50pm On May 23, 2022
Inconsequential to the growth of our economy cool

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Phones / Re: My Phone's Battery Is No More Draining, Thanks Everyone! by MetroBaba1(m): 4:20am On Apr 27, 2022

OP, which of the recommendations worked for you/phone? Please, highlight for others to learn.
Family / Re: Help! My Wife Went Out Behind My Back. by MetroBaba1(m): 3:14pm On Apr 24, 2022
If I were in your shoes, after her confession, I'd hold her tight, caress her body and kiss guilt out of her mind.

I'd cuddle her and if she wants more I'll give her the appropriate dosage for sexual healing.

You're not romantic, that's the problem.

When was the last time you went to the Cinema with your wife?

When was the last time you sent her a voice noice at work telling her, "sweetie, I wanna sniff your panties right now, pull it down gently with my teeth and worship your body which is the reason I still live". grin

Do you remember that period when your relationship was younger? When you couldn't stay a day without calling her for minutes if she wasn't with you? When you'd go for dates and tell her you'd buy London for her? When you made her forget there was any man in her life before you and so she accepted to be your woman forever?

Go back to those days. If possible, get her a wedding gown and yourself a suit and remake your vows in your living room. If you have kids let them be part of it. Promise to love her forever and ever and let her be your best friend who will tell you everything including when she uses the toilet.

If you went to the world's best marriage counselor who had saved first year marriages that could have crashed to reach 4 decades of joy and happiness, their recommendation wouldn't be different from mine.

If you follow my advice and it doesn't produce positive results, mention me and I'll deactivate my account.

Some bottles of Beer. Bills on me.

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Business / Re: Emergency !!!! How Do I Change My Bank Account Mobile Number by MetroBaba1(m): 3:37pm On Apr 19, 2022
what bank is that?

You don't read?

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Education / Re: Chrisland's Image Must Not Be Tainted. - Ex Student by MetroBaba1(m): 8:20am On Apr 19, 2022
Stumbled on the girls tik tok videos and all i can say is she already belonged to the streets.

Please, her TikTok handle

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Education / Re: Truth Or Dare: Mother Of Julian, 10-Year-Old Chrisland Gang-Raped Student Speaks by MetroBaba1(m): 12:37pm On Apr 18, 2022
Rape apologist, Happy Easter oo!

GOSH!!! Sick Men Everywhere!!!

Chrisland school should be closed, and the school management should be sued for covering up a Rape Case.

Shut up. Go watch the video before you voice out nonsense.


Phones / Re: Oraimo Unveils Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Freepods Pro by MetroBaba1(m): 7:17am On Mar 29, 2022
Phones / Re: Oraimo Unveils Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Freepods Pro by MetroBaba1(m): 6:57pm On Mar 28, 2022

Sound core life P3 produced by ANKER

Where did you order yours from?
Phones / Re: Oraimo Unveils Pro Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation Freepods Pro by MetroBaba1(m): 1:03pm On Mar 28, 2022
I had one on last week but not Oraimo product. Men the feeling is something else. You wouldn't hear car sound or hone if you have it on but you can hear the voice or music clearly. It also cancels noise from the other side of the voice or video calls.
The magic on how it detects what's noise and what's not is awesome.
I spoke with someone in a very noisy factory and I could hear him as if he was in his bedroom.
I love this technology. I can't hear you on phone calls will soon be a history.

Product name?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Advice On Taking A Job At The Federal Ministry Of Trade And Logistics by MetroBaba1(m): 2:10pm On Feb 19, 2022

Imagine you become a director or permsec in that federal ministry in the next 25 years! FG work requires patience and it is more stable, if you asked me. For instance, if in the next 15 years you become bedridden (God forbid), FG will still pay you pension till you leave this world or recover. Compare this with the "self-employed" souls which this same situation may spell total doom for them. That's my simple take going by your 100k per month intake.

You established a valid point.
Point raised is about job security.


Education / Re: Here Are 3 Books That Changed My Life In 2021 by MetroBaba1(m): 2:49am On Feb 18, 2022
I started this year on a very good note. Hopefully, I desire to maintain this lovely lane and achieve my aim this year. That is, too good books each month.

Your thread is an encouraging one.


Family / Re: How Do I Advice My Younger Brother. Nairalanders Please Help!!! by MetroBaba1(m): 12:07am On Feb 16, 2022


Religion / Re: Mathematical Error In The Bible 2 by MetroBaba1(m): 3:06pm On Feb 15, 2022
Answer this series of several contradictions from the Crookran:

What was man created from: sperm, blood, clay, dust, or nothing?

“We Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood,” ( Surah 96:2).

“We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape, ( Surah 15:26)

“The similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam; He created him from dust, then said to him: “Be”. And he was,” (Surah 3:59).

“But does not man call to mind that We created him before out of nothing?” (Surah 19:67, Yusuf Ali). Also, Surah 52:35).

He has created man from a sperm-drop; and behold this same (man) becomes an open disputer! ( Surah 16:4).

You don buy market today! Come and defend allah! If you fail, then Muhammad is a bastard who is rotting in hellfire!

grin grin grin

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