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Politics / Re: Amotekun Will Affect Nigeria's Unity - Arewa Consultative Forum by mindtricks: 10:46pm On Jan 18
No rehab will admit the idiot. Didn't you see his pics posted here sometime ago?

Make una no go turn me sef to another rehab needing fellow cos the way you made me laugh so madly and loud.

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Politics / Re: Ibrahim Ibrahim: Buhari Intervenes As Saudi Places Islamic Cleric On Death Row by mindtricks: 10:15pm On Jan 18
Why not kill those people found guilty of planting drugs inside bags

The way Nigerian system works being fantastically corrupt, let it not surprise you that nothing may happen to them.
Crime / Re: Almajiri Boy Beheaded In Beji, Minna (Graphic Photos) by mindtricks: 9:57pm On Jan 18
For some of you quoting me and talking trash let's be frank and say the truth the Almajiri system is totally obsolete and it shouldn't be practice in this generation at all. Which mother will give birth and let her child out to be roaming like a cattle without headsman? Almajiri system is totally unacceptable in this generation and every man with his right sense should condemn it even cattle have someone guiding and leading them, but this one someone will carry plates and be roaming the streets from morning till dawn and some may end up not eating anything for that day, some of you condemning my statement what if you are the almajiri and you did not eat for that day what will come into your mind is not to create chaos and cause more problem to the society?

Let stop it jor

If government don't want to curb Almajiri I think this will...

Fact that this odd sort of living is being widely practised there with even the governments being aware should let you have an idea the mentality of the sort of people involved.

In Naija, sh*ts happen all the time, you just find a way to live with it.
Politics / Re: Gowon: No Regrets Fighting Civil War by mindtricks: 9:39pm On Jan 18

And if Nzeogwu did care about how bad things were in the First Republic, perhaps it would have been better if he resigned and had gone into politics, instead of seeking to overthrow the government.

The run up to independence was filled with lots of competition between tribes...which led to violence occasionally (see the 1952 Kano riots for example). Nzeogwu by organizing his coup ended up pouring kerosene on a smouldering fire .

Of course, it would also have been better if Northern politicians and people had waited for the Law to take its course against the murderers, and also it would have been better if the political class at the time just did not hand over to Ironsi, or Ironsi had punished the coup plotters .immediately...and so on

You spoke a lot of sense there, and fair.
Bottom line though remains that, Nigeria as it stands today is a big disgrace, not a country any sensible fellow can be proud of, and from what we can see things are only getting worse as time goes.
Education / Re: Firdaouz Yusuff-Awari Denied Admission By University Of Ilorin After Scoring 300 by mindtricks: 10:55pm On Jan 13
My dear Nigeria, giant shame capital of Africa, anything is possible.
Religion / Re: 300 Workers Resign From Pastor Paul Adefarasin’s House On The Rock Church by mindtricks: 3:53pm On Jan 13
Sounds like 300 souls escape from hell.
Hope they soon won't place a ban on more frustrated Nigerians fleeing to their country for better life.
Business / Re: How can I stop being broke in 2020? by mindtricks: 6:16am On Jan 06
No offense bro, when I read the part about not having a laptop I thought I could gift you a laptop I have sitting around. But then I decided to check out your previous posts just to make sure you aren't trying to use style to get free stuff online and I noticed you spend most of your time on Nairaland romance and dating sections.
If you are really trying to broaden your skills and increase your online revenue, I swear you will be on fiverr, upwork and several other freelance threads right here on nairaland. If you are really determined, you can find people willing to teach you for free, some are even willing to raise money for a basic laptop to get you started but instead you spend more time on romance threads where the OP is asking for girlfriend.
My advice to you is to browse freelance threads on nairaland, join facebook and whatsapp groups with like minds, take cheap classes on udemy and Lynda. I kid you not, I know several guys earning over N5,000,000 a year just on freelancing sites. You may start out making just 80k a month, but it gets better, it sure beats being dead broke.

Big red flag @ the highlighted.
Plain, simple truth in your post only if he OP will take a cue.
Where there is a will, there is a way.
cc: olendave
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 2:20am On Jan 05

Over here it's not sweet being in the middle of an attack. One cannot over estimate or underestimate an attack. Because after the initial warning tremors, then main earthquakes then there are still aftershocks. Most times the aftershocks are the most hurtful. Because its least expected when someone makes an unprecedented attack on a closed argument.

Happy new yeah my very good friend. grin
Romance / Re: My 14-Year-Old Sister Plans To Send Nude Pictures To 27-Year-Old Facebook Friend by mindtricks: 1:21am On Jan 05

I just finished talking to her like an hour ago, and she is still wanting to give in to sex...
I think if I beat her it will help her remember what I told her.

So sorry dear. The issue is exactly what we are talking about, of today's society.
Our present society is so much polluted with avenues and info that tends to promote and lead to such lifestyle.
Think of our music lyrical contents and videos, adverts on TV, movies, popular morally empty shows like BB Naija, the internet and so much more.
You can try to be as dedicated as you possibly can, have more presence and oversight in her life and day to day activities, and hope for the best.

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Crime / Re: Man Threatens To Rape A Lady For Wearing Black Bra, Twitter Suspends His Account by mindtricks: 10:57pm On Dec 30, 2019

Rape is a global crime, while nudity is not. That's the difference.

He shot himself on the foot by using the word "rape".

However I am yet to understand the psychology of rape, sex should be about giving the other person pleasure. If that is missing, what good is there. Masturbation can also give you an orgasm.

Something in common. Nudity is giving the other person displeasure.
Both are condemnable.

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Crime / Re: Man Threatens To Rape A Lady For Wearing Black Bra, Twitter Suspends His Account by mindtricks: 10:45pm On Dec 30, 2019
I nor blame the guy.......she looks inviting undecided undecided


Okay so here is the deal....
I see mixed opinion on these matter...

Firstly, I blv if rape should occur, and this lady happens to be the victim, she shouldn't have the mouth to run to her parents and cry, bcus she basically brought it on her sef

Secondly, I blv the guy was joking, and I blv its safe to say that it was an expensive joke.....its like using religion to joke in naija..

So the final verdict is that both parties are wrong...Gbammm!!!
No be lie.

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Politics / Re: SERAP, Others Ask Court To Stop Spending Of ‘n37bn On NASS Renovation' by mindtricks: 12:47am On Dec 30, 2019
Those Cynics who maintained that Buhari and their co-fake change ambassadors are equally evil if not worse than their predecessors are not wrong after all.

Those Dumb Heads who argue that this Buhari and his government are the Messiah, Agents of Change, continue to be proved wrong as events unfold.

We mustn’t politicize everything! The Nass structure is long overdue for renovation.
And Yes, the Nass structure is long overdue for renovation with nothing less than 3whooping 7 Billion Nigerian Naira as a top priority above many other countless pressing national issues begging for much deserved attention.
They should empty the nations treasury or even use the entire national budget for Nass structure renovation as it is long overdue.

We are under siege!
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 7:24pm On Dec 29, 2019
I thought so cuz I've not really tested the anker fully then.
Bro, forget those werey speakers oo. I took it to someone who specializes in repairing it,but couldn't get a solution to it..... It started with charging problem, then went off totally few days after fixing the charging issue without any solution grin

I for say. Anker no suppose fall hand like that na.

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 6:47pm On Dec 28, 2019
I was using the local one i bought 9k. But it was a total waste of money. The sound is not as good at all compared to Soundcore Motion+ and it didn't last more than 2 months.

If i see someone rocking these local, I'll just laugh inside me and notice the speaker is no longer working after few months of purchase

Like seriously? Thought that your local one's battery time is longer than the Anker's as you previously said, I believe? Though the local ones may break down, it's possible the fault might be minor and something one can easily fix. What kind of faults is it that you noticed with the local ones?
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 9:12pm On Dec 27, 2019
I couldn't get the total battery usage on the first day of purchase cuz i couldn't review it fully cuz of my tight work schedules. It actually last up 14 hours. And the sound is really great bro. My neighbours always think I'm using my home theater lol.... It worths even more than the price for me.
But there are better ones like some models of Sony, harman kardon. But the price starts from 100k+

That's nice. E don tey o. If na 14 hours its not bad at all, but I can't imagine all these locally available ones doing that much in battery performance.
The 100k own no be here o.

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Politics / Re: Ganduje/Sanusi Reconciliation In Jeopardy As Governor Jets Out To Saudi Arabia by mindtricks: 9:39pm On Dec 23, 2019

Please someone should inform IPOBs in Saudi Arabia that Gandollar just entered the country.

I wonder y Sanusi who was very much vocal nd critic of GEJ govt couldn't utter a word now that Gandollar is dealing with him.

The God of GEJ is really strong all those who fought him are now getting it hot.
Sowore is now in prison
Kwankwaso has been dismal in Kano
Obasanjo has been quieted
Atiku has been silenced
Saraki has been chased away with EFCC
Dino is jobless now
Tambuwal is just a ceremonial governor
But GEJ self no try na. If say him perform, room for all this fake change for no dey.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 6:26am On Dec 23, 2019
Pls, does Xiaomi Note 8 have fingerprint sensor?

That is a given bruv.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 1:02am On Dec 23, 2019


grin You no well!

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Today Is 70th Posthumous Birthday Of Captain Thomas Sankara by mindtricks: 8:37am On Dec 21, 2019
You can imagine all these misguided souls in Nigeria parading themselves as leaders and achievers.
Wonders who amongst all these fake change agents, crooks in Nigerian government circles today can be compared with his likes.

They make it look like we lack the capacity to identify good leadership when we see one.
Nigeria's evil leaders have got a lot to learn from focused people like Sankara, whose works do the talking and not a robust propaganda machinery.

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 10:49pm On Dec 20, 2019
Available on trackitonlinedotru. you set up an account and highlight the option of receiving updates via email when adding tracking orders to your account. Remember to click on English as language, otherwise, you get Russian lang mails.

Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 6:10pm On Dec 20, 2019
Very! Once I place orders during sales, I don't bother myself with tracking much. Will just add it to my tracking site. Emails update will keep me posted.

Pls how does this email thing work, how do you set it up??
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 2:51pm On Dec 19, 2019
please who sells an earphone that has bass that's compatible with redmi note 8

You can engage Gidieberry.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 7:41am On Dec 18, 2019

I eventually got this fixed. I flashed the fastboot rom through MiFlash. Apparently the phone has some damage to the power button and volume buttons and that's the reason it wouldn't respond to any of those buttons while stuck on startup.

I took it to an engineer to open the phone and press the power button and co directly on the panel, and viola! It worked. Can't believe something as simple as that has prevented from using the phone since July sad

Thanks Gptech, acekid109, genius43, busuyi44 and all.

Quick ball things as alternative to physical buttons, will help prolong life of your buttons if you switch to using it in place of the buttons.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by mindtricks: 5:44am On Dec 18, 2019
The guy has just 500k savings. Where is he going to stay when he gets to lagos? Rent a house and buy basic things in it. How much would be left for him to survive till he gets reasonable thing doing in Lagos? There are millions of people already in Lagos and trying different things just to be financially free to no avail.

Honestly, getting funny inspiration from those that succeeded is not enough o. What about the millions that tried and failed? We are built differently. What works for me, might not work for you.

I ran into my secondary school best friend in lekki job hunting and I decided to help him. I taught him my business and how to run it from importation and all. I even gave him important contacts and a million naira to start small which he did but guess what? Within a year, everything went underground! shocked

Na wa o. Things dey happen.
Health / Re: Lump In The Chest- Graphics Pix Attached by mindtricks: 1:14am On Dec 18, 2019
Please Medical personnel in the house, I will need your help. A friend has this lump in the chest close to the neck, he has gone for different test. He was later asked to do CT scan which he did and they said it is Tumor.

The issue now is the guy is so scared of going for the operation, I want to know first the likely cost of such operations, any side effect, any alternative to the operations. Any suggestion is welcomed.

Pls don't tell me that this is not hospital, we have exhausted our knowledge that's why I'm asking for suggestions from people that might have seen such cases and how it was handled.

Please I need your help on this.

Hope you find more courage required in dealing with this.
Believe, it can only get better.
Health / Re: Lump In The Chest- Graphics Pix Attached by mindtricks: 1:11am On Dec 18, 2019
If you have good health, every part of your body is functioning well, no sickness. You don't know what God has done for you, it is the highest miracle you can ever get, money can't buy it..

Such a bitter truth, we all like to deny.

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 1:05am On Dec 18, 2019
Good evening everyone,pls why do people like putting custom rom and other roms in a phone especially Xiaomi, is the company global rom not grt to be contended with. Just need to know pls

Nothing much, it's basically those who like to further tweak and customize their devices.
There are also many who don't do that.
Nothing wrong if you choose, or choose not to.

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 8:06am On Dec 17, 2019
Jboixxx,Genius43, Saint2ace pls has any of u had any issue of in-call volume being low.. It will become so difficult to hear the person calling... Even when u increase volume u still have same issue... How does one rectify that...

Can you try using earphone on calls and see if its the same? Also tried a restart?
Politics / Re: Ahmad Lawan: Why The Senate Will Pass Buhari’s $29.9 Billion Loan Request by mindtricks: 1:45am On Dec 17, 2019
Wonders shall never end.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 1:10am On Dec 17, 2019
Please I need a screen guard for my redmi note 7, who can help out?

These Macbeyland, Noobody, and co.
They all sell here. You can also meet them on the store thread: https://www.nairaland.com/3880817/xiaomi-thread-store/305

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 12:01am On Dec 17, 2019

The main problem b say many ppl never fit still sabi identify fake memory cards. Somebody recently buy fake from SLOT, dem thing say na by store name.

Na so na. Not surprised at the bolded.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by mindtricks: 11:55pm On Dec 16, 2019

Only way na to learn Indian languages, nothing you can do grin.

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