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Travel / Re: Before And After Photo Of Igwuruta-Chokocho Road Constructed By Rivers State by Mordecai(m): 5:30am On Jul 27

Ayam not understanding ooo.

Lemme go back and recheck if there are two Igwurutas and Chokoches in Rivers.

Due to the impassable state of the Enugu-PH expressway from Aba to PH, this road referenced here has been our way in and out of PH.

And I assure you, there are still whole sections of the road that look exactly as pictured in the (Before) picture.

But I will check again, maybe the chicken grew a tooth yesternight.


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Politics / Re: Shettima's Cabinet As Governor Had Nigerians From All Parts Of Nigeria by Mordecai(m): 7:24am On Jul 13

This is someone that had SAs in their thousands. Hundreds of whom he never had any sort of interaction with.

Ask him to identify these SAs from a lineup and watch confusion set in.

He is a bigot. The audio recording of his conversation with Amosun made it clear.

We won't be deceived.
Politics / Re: List Of People From Other Tribes In Peter Obi's Cabinet During 8 Yrs As Governor by Mordecai(m): 7:05pm On Jul 03

There is only one way to sell Tinubu's candidacy - Tribalism and ethnic sentiments.

That's what this thread is all about.


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Politics / Re: We Can’t Disclose Tinubu’s Primary, Secondary Schools - Chicago State University by Mordecai(m): 12:00am On Jun 29

So you have always known that only a court of competent jurisdiction can pronounce one guilty, but you have written sick words about a lot of persons who till date are not convicted by any court.

Now, you mention privacy laws to protect someone who is vying for the highest office in the land, on the matter of his age. Something he should first and foremost declare openly and honestly even if he was applying for the office of a clerk in Yorro LGA.

Hypocrisy at it's worst, if I may say.

I have always maintained that all you BMCs do is play the tribal card. You and your principals are just some dirty lowlife rascals out to fleece the country without a care for even educating the children or providing quality basic healthcare.

Granted, some of you have stolen enough to buy a taste of the good life. But then, dirt is dirt. And you're all dirty inside despite your whitewash. You all stink.

Get in line behind PO. You might still have a chance at redemption.


Tinubu’s university certificate is no longer the bone of contention but perjury. Great. At least, we are making progress. We’ve all agreed now that he went to university and graduated. So, the issue of educational qualification for the office of the president is settled.

Now to your perjury claim, I want to believe you’re well aware that perjury is a criminal offense and as such, it is only a court of competent jurisdiction that can make such a pronouncement and not social media jurist and obituarist.

In case you have forgotten, a certain Dr. Dominic Adegbola sued Tinubu in 2013 for this same forgery and perjury you’re talking about and the court promptly dismissed the case. This is the link from 2013: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2013/06/alleged-certificate-forgery-court-dismisses-suit-against-tinubu/amp/
If you want to try your luck again, you are free to approach the court. You will lose just like those that tried before you.

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Politics / Re: Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso Emerges NNPP Presidential Candidate by Mordecai(m): 5:29pm On Jun 08

Why do I feel Asiwaju planted this fellow ahead of time to divide the PDP votes?
Health / Re: Can I leave a patient in the hospital because of lack of fund? by Mordecai(m): 3:46pm On Jun 06
please keep the excess and spend on your family. glad to hear she is doing well. sorry, i turned off my phone. i'll turn it back on.

May Heaven reward you abundantly. You have greatly inspired me.

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Romance / Re: Raped By A Lady by Mordecai(m): 9:35pm On Jun 05

You're obviously not a man. You have no manhood to have said this trash. Manhood standing during sex is totally different from sleep or early morning erection


The illusion of social media...

Shebi if I stand with my fellow men, you'll have the guts to stand close to us?

Learn to be respectful, e get why. And also note that NL is not that anonymous...
Romance / Re: Raped By A Lady by Mordecai(m): 7:27pm On Jun 05

This is totally different. This your story is more like blackmail. Our focus is exactly the same way an adult man rapes an adult female bc he can overpower her and not how an adult female manipulated a young man or adult male. Next please


You acknowledge the differences in the male and female anatomy. You acknowledge the differences in the wy their sex organs function. You acknowledge that the male tends to be stronger than the female, physically. Yet you expect that female aggressors will tend towards the same M.O. used by males?

Please don't go around making baseless arguments. Males can be raped by females. Period.


Exactly, you understand the man's body mechanics. No way is a man's erection going to be sustained without his active brain alertness and concurrence

Disregard this baseless assertion, please. Men can and have always been known to be stroked to hardness/erection while sleeping, or even unconscious. It is not even a topic for argument.

Further edit:

When a man is unconscious, he even tends to stay erect for much longer.
Romance / Re: Raped By A Lady by Mordecai(m): 4:38pm On Jun 05

It sickens me when I see people talk of physical strength and assume that because of physical strength, a lady can't rape a man.

If a lady decides to remove your boxers forcefully, the reality is that while she cannot overpower you, you would be the one begging her not to.

If you use your strength, and she shouts and attracts attention, it would be difficult to convince anyone that you're not the aggressor.

The same ones doubting its possibility would be the same ones to treat you as a rapist.

Understanding your situation, you would be the one begging her to keep her voice low, you'd be the one trying to negotiate a way out. And while you're at it, keep it at the back of your mind that ladies mostly do not take no for an answer, especially when they really fancy you.

So please, let us apply wisdom in all things and note that physical strength is not everything


Politics / Re: Dr Dikko Umaru Rada Wins APC Gubernatorial Primary In Katsina by Mordecai(m): 9:03pm On May 27

Congrats to him and to Charanchi/Radda...

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Sports / Re: Ancelotti Is The First Manager In History To Win All Of The 'Big Five' Leauges by Mordecai(m): 11:27am On May 01
taa Esther ko Mordecai ni grin

Please leave me alone. Stop mentioning me...
Politics / Re: How Peter Obi's Enemies In Igboland Were Disgraced. by Mordecai(m): 4:40pm On Mar 20
You say we are mad and sick in the head. Now, it's time to show us whether you are sick in the head too.
So answer me, can N250m fit into three suitcases?

So the police that arrested the criminal Peter Pandora Obi were lying ? Did the Pandora Criminal himself ever question the amount but rather claim he wanted to pay contractor in cash. You ask this type question shows that you are not only mad but sick in the head.

Politics / Re: How Peter Obi's Enemies In Igboland Were Disgraced. by Mordecai(m): 7:46am On Mar 20
Please tell me, how does N250m fit into three suitcases?

You fools think you can fool everybody.
Just imagine the question this God forsaken lunatic is asking after me. So we must wait before your father catch money in Peter Pandora's hand before your damaged head can comprehend he is a criminal.

Did your deluded father ask the same question about Ibori that was jailed in the UK, n every other politicians your fools accuse of being fraudsters ?

If N250M is not money to the Pandora Criminal why is he only able to gift your father N30 for the rubbish you are spewing here.

Concerning breweries please tell is if he did not sell it to his father after investing state fund every other rubbish you have to say you can take it to your father. This is how Tinubu invested state fund in Airtel n your fools call him thief how Pandora criminal doing the same thing n not labeled a thief is what I need your explanation on not the bs story you posted. Tinubu clearly did not later sold shares to himself unlike the bastard Peter Obi that sold shares to his armed robbers father.

When you are done with your foolishness you can list any Nigerian politician that is accuse of fraud that admitted n not deny like this fraudulent bastard Peter Pandora Obi.

Politics / Re: Benard Odoh Reacts To Court Judgement Sacking Umahi, Deputy, Lawmakers by Mordecai(m): 7:36am On Mar 10
Family / Re: I Want To Peacefully Divorce My Husband by Mordecai(m): 2:08am On Mar 04

You're welcome.

How is my comment sounding bitter? O... Now because it's a man, you're trying to hold brief for him, right? Stop being insensitive.

What about the OPs experience with the so called husband? Is it not more bitter?
Can't you see what he's doing to her? A pregnant woman for that matter?. You people should learn to say the truth no matter how bitter.

A man who is not considerate enough to help his pregnant wife doesn't deserve any better. When he doesn't see anyone to cover his shameful acts anymore, sense will fall on him but as long as she's still there carrying his burden and financial responsibilities, he'll never get his acts together.

It's this kind of mentality you have that, any woman who speaks up against a man's incompetence is "bitter" that is making some men refuse to change and lead a more responsible life.
That "if she can't clean my mess, then shes not a wife material" kinda mentality should be erased.
You men should learn to clean up your mess yourself. Ain't no body gat time to be babysitting a grown ass man.

Buzz off!

Your first and last paragraphs can only come from a place of bitterness.

The other paragraphs in between are reasonable. I'd actually advise that too.

If a man hurt you that badly, maybe you should seek out closure. You sure ain't fine.


Family / Re: Who Takes Over The Schooling Responsibilities When A Lady Student Gets Married? by Mordecai(m): 8:43pm On Feb 12

Ego play. I think some things are better left unsaid when dealing with Nigerian in-laws. The husband shouldn’t have put it to his father in-law that he won’t pay. E fit just tell am say e no get all the money, lol. Okay o, let me pay school fees, you help with accommodation. cheesy

I suspect they overbilled him during the marriage rites.

This is his way of getting back at them.
Family / Re: Who Takes Over The Schooling Responsibilities When A Lady Student Gets Married? by Mordecai(m): 8:37pm On Feb 12
Do you even have a clue what it means to be a psychopath? undecided

Indoctrinate Nigerians? Are you just here to attention-seek or what? undecided

The question you asked me reeks of contempt. A Nigerian cannot know what a psychopath is?

You're clearly on a mission to indoctrinate Nigerians on Nairaland. You're not from here, you do not understand us, you are not even an onlooker trying to understand. You have been extremely opinionated on family issues, issues you have no clue about the undercurrents. You do not even give a da*n.

At times, you pretend to be a Christian quoting scriptures, at other times, you toss the scriptures to the dogs. The only constant is the ideology you're trying to sell.

Meanwhile, regarding your being a psychopath, you're gradually ticking all the boxes.
Family / Re: Who Takes Over The Schooling Responsibilities When A Lady Student Gets Married? by Mordecai(m): 8:26pm On Feb 12
Please I would love to get a sincere and unbiased response from this question. Please who takes over the academic responsibilities(school fees,pocket money and others) when a lady still schooling decides to get married, is it the husband or the parents are to continue their responsibilities till she graduates?

To understand this, you have to see what transpired throughout the process of the wedding.

Most likely, the man was made to pass through a lot of unnecessary hurdles by his in-laws. This can lead to a situation where he would feel he owes his FIL nothing.

This would explain why he's taking such a hard stance immediately after the wedding. It's not normal.

If what I think happened is what really happened, then the FIL should know that there is no way on earth the groom will let his bride return back to her parents, yet he would not raise a finger to assist in her schooling. As a matter of fact, the lady would even take her husband's side secretly because he is justified.

The FIL should vomit out the funds he extorted from the young man for the wedding and pay his daughter's fees. People like him are the ones giving our traditions a bad rep.

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Family / Re: Who Takes Over The Schooling Responsibilities When A Lady Student Gets Married? by Mordecai(m): 8:12pm On Feb 12
According to what culture/tradition abeg? undecided

I ask so we can get a good idea of where you are coming from. undecided

Hello Kobojunkie,

I keep noticing you in Family section giving loads of marriage advice.

It appears also, that you are not from around here, you do not even know the culture nor do you appreciate it.

Unless, you're a psychopath, should it not worry you that you've been leading helpless people down the wrong path? Especially because even you would be lost if you were to be married and resident here.

Despite our economic woes, we are a people with diverse and rich cultures, traditions that we hold dear, and would not toss them out the window just to please some directionless moneybags. We would evolve, like humans do.

So, if you have a motive to indoctrinate Nigerians, it would be dead on arrival.

Just saying.
Politics / Re: God Fatherism: Oyetola Was Installed By "Emperor Tinubu" – Adeoti by Mordecai(m): 8:31am On Feb 11

Pray, tell me, who is godfather in Anambra?

You should understand that there's an atom of Godfatherism in every state in Nigeria. Anambra state for example is ran by the roman Catholic Church. Peter obi was the first governor to start this cabal which is headed by the roman Catholic Bishop of awka.

It became a nuisance under this present governor and his wife and will continue with the incoming one.

Lol, it's like saying that Islam is godfather in Kano. Or that the Pope is godfather in Argentina or Brazil, or that Mbaka is godfather in Enugu.

Granted, the Catholic church has always wielded influence in Anambra because the majority of Anambrarians are Catholic.

Also, because of the role the JCA played in keeping people alive during the war, the elder generation will always defer to the influence of the Church.

However, the Catholic church cannot determine who becomes Governor in Anambra State. They never did. Infact, Chukwuemeka Ezeife, the first Civilian Governor of the new Anambra state is not Catholic but from Salvation Army. Ditto Mbadinuju.

The Catholic bishop of Awka has influence on Obiano, but none on APGA. That is the extent of his power. Nothing more than that.


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Politics / Re: God Fatherism: Oyetola Was Installed By "Emperor Tinubu" – Adeoti by Mordecai(m): 5:49am On Feb 11
Funny, really funny.

I those states you talk about, the leaders themselves are godfathers, doing all they can to install their gonsons or daughters in positions of power.

Godfathers only change, they cant be gone forever. The godfather factor in politics is just like matter in nature- it cant be destroyed but can only change from one form (person) to another.

Pray, tell me, who is godfather in Anambra?


Politics / Re: God Fatherism: Oyetola Was Installed By "Emperor Tinubu" – Adeoti by Mordecai(m): 5:34am On Feb 11

In all states, people install people. The reason a politician complains is simply because they're not getting fed by the person installed.

Godfathers exist wherever politicians exist. We've gone past this level of sentimentality mr man.


It's good now, but it was bad when Anenih was godfather in Edo, when Saraki was godfather in Kwara ?

This was the kind of comments by Oshiomhole and Tinubu that fueled the "Edo no be Lagos" decimation of Oshiomhole in Edo State.

Try and be circumspect in your reasoning. Learn to put public interest above your personal political leanings. It won't hurt.

And FYI, godfathers like BAT thrive because of the ease of election rigging. Fix the electoral system up to 60% efficiency and see if BAT, Theodore Orji and other similar godfathers roaches prancing all about won't be swept off with ease.

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Politics / Re: Garba Shehu Hits David Piling Of London Financial Times by Mordecai(m): 7:18pm On Feb 06
This thwarts the aspirations of millions of highly capable Nigerians. Officials extract “rent” by controlling access to business opportunities. The objective thus becomes to slow down investment not speed it up.

Aptly put.

Even the Road Safety Officer whose task is to keep the road safe places himself as a road block, endangering road users, just to extract "rent".
Politics / Re: From Hideout, I Saw Policemen Hack Dad To Death, Shoot His Nephew Dead by Mordecai(m): 9:35am On Feb 05

Hunters and farmers now declared terrorists by Police??
Politics / Re: What IPOB Really Stands For, ZIONISM Aka Marxism. by Mordecai(m): 9:28am On Feb 04
[quote author=12Monkeys post=109941896][/quote]

Stop mentioning me in your vituperations, please.
Politics / Re: You Saw Your Mum's Beating - Precious Chikwendu To Her Son On His Birthday by Mordecai(m): 6:12am On Feb 02

It's because of stunts like this that giving custody to bitter women is not advisable.

One can only imagine how much she'll attempt to poison the child's mind against the father if she had custody.

Fight with the man, ridicule him all you can, but making the child an active part in the conflict is sick and sickening.

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Sports / Re: Infantino Criticized For Saying World Cup Could Stop African Migrants Dying by Mordecai(m): 5:15am On Jan 29

Infantino was right. Those asking them to put money into charitable causes are ignoring the crux of his message reproduced below:

"We need to give dignity, not by giving charity but by allowing the rest of the world as well to participate,"


Religion / Re: The Mystery Of Divine Lifting by Mordecai(m): 5:43am On Jan 27
When Haman came around on the next day based on Esther’s invitation, the king quickly asked him about what should be done to the man that he (the king) delights to honour.

Thinking he should be the one, he pronounced the good things to be done to such a man; but lo and behold, he was talking about Mordecai, his enemy.

This is also divine.

Why should he be the one to be asked that question?

Why did the king not throw this question to his chamberlains that were there when that record was read?

Why should the king wait for Haman to come around before seeking for an opinion in that matter?

Already it is clear that Mordecai’s honour would suppress Haman’s honour, but the king decided to wait for him to pronounce this.

Praise God!

Haman’s greediness paved way for the magnitude of Mordecai’s honour.

He wanted to see himself at the highest height in that kingdom, but he ended up doing it for Mordecai.

Your enemies will pave way for your upliftment if you remain faithful and prayerful.

Those who plan evil against you and who are at the same time exalting themselves against you, will soon become your stepping stones unto exaltation, in Jesus’ Name.

The good things that your enemies are wishing for themselves against you will become your materials of exaltation, to the glory of the Lord.

Haman had to obey the golden rule, but it


Oga, why do you keep mentioning me?

Travel / Re: IELTS: English Proficiency Test Cost As Against The French Proficiency Test Cost by Mordecai(m): 5:05am On Jan 27


Imagine this. The government spends billions subsidizing education for you all, free primary school, free secondary school, cheap universities(compared to other countries) in the hope that when you graduate, you will advance the country but you want to travel out (japa) with all the financial commitments the government have done for you and you still expect this same government to make it easy for you to travel out?

Imagine you spend money sending a woman/man to school thinking when done two of you can marry and be happy but alas, the person falls in love with someone else and says you are below his/her standard but still expects you to foot the wedding bill.

Or you as MD spends money training staff and the staff decides to just up and leave yet expects you to pay for transportation to the new firm.

The Nigerian government owes you nothing in this IELTS fight.


Wrong. So wrong.

Diaspora remittances is the almost the largest source of foreign exchange in Nigeria, second only to crude oil.

The forex from crude oil gets stolen by government officials and somehow find their way back out of the country illegally, but a large percentage of these diaspora remittances actually go into growing our economy.

In 2020, CBN actually tried to make policies that would take advantage of these remittances to crash the dollar rates. Till date, they pay N5 for every incoming dollar.

When Okonjo-Iweala was Finance minister, she once mooted the idea of Nigeria formalising policies to officially become an exporter of labour.

In a nutshell, the Nigerian economy actually gets far more in value from those travelling out than it ever gave them while they were here.

Now, the economy is spending forex it does not have on IELTS. Why should the government not take necessary steps to reduce it?

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Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests Yahoo Boy, Michael Jackson Aka 'Ella' In Lagos With Pot Of Juju by Mordecai(m): 9:06pm On Jan 26

Who knows how much blood he spilt to make these charms?

Authorities need to commission research into these juju practices, and subsequently review our laws, to enable the state prosecute ritualists that kill or harm other humans.

Only fools deny that these things don't work and their denial is giving government the boldness to look the other way while criminal minds are increasingly killing citizens for rituals.


Business / Re: CBN To Implement E-Invoice For Importers, Exporters From February 1 by Mordecai(m): 5:41am On Jan 22
Why do you think e-invoicing is being used to replace humans who were hired to handlie the process ab initio ? Lack of transparency and suspected criminal active connivance with the economic saboteurs.

If you think those minerals and precious stones just fly out through only unofficial routes then you are the funny one wink.

Here is an analytical report on how it is done through same govt channels and FG-registered mining companies , perhaps will now abate or reduce significantly with this policy

To submit a Form M today, invoices are attached.

With an e-invoice, the only difference will be that once the invoice is uploaded and submitted, the various parameters in the invoice, e.g. price, item, invoice number, hs code, date would be uploaded to a database and these invoices, aggregated will assist NBS in mining data later.

Hitherto, invoices were being checked before approval of the form M. The same people will still do the same checks before approval.

Another instance was the assumption that the e-product certificate will enhance quality of goods imported into the country.
We all know better today.

In a nutshell, the government just gets to make money from invoicing of goods, and get statistics of all invoices in a relational database for use later.

That's all that changes.


Politics / Re: IDP, Aisha Umar Commits Suicide After Being ‘Raped By NGO Official’ by Mordecai(m): 10:41pm On Jan 19

Which mother? Somebody is in IDP camp, it has not occurred to you that she may not have a mother because she was killed?

Like I said, YOU cannot say what was wrong and what was right

You were not in her head, you did not know her state of mind and if you read the news, you would see that she stabbed herself IMMEDIATELY the ordeal was over. There was no moment to think on it

Trauma can make you go MAD. When you are insane, wrong or right is not something you have any reasoning over. You are just mad

If you have any inkling of psychology, you would not be talking about what is wrong or what is right in this situation. It just is

That is the only right thing to consider here. State of Mind

My comment was not about right or wrong. Maybe you should reread it again.


But then, safarigirl, we can tell what is wrong. We always can tell. We know for one, that the horrible act of rape is wrong.

We also know that Aisha Umar's death was tragic and wrong too. For heaven's sake, she lost her virginity at the hands of a slowpoke, lost her sanity too. But her life still had potential, despite what she must have felt. She was not finished.

Insanity, justifiable or not, has never excused killing oneself.

So please, stop romanticising suicide.

Tomorrow, when someone gets raped, they do not need to feel it's okay to end it all.

At that point, when it feels like its all lost, that is when they need hope the most. And your emotional justification of suicide will point any impressionable mind in the wrong direction.

I hope you clear your head and correct yourself.

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