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Sports / Re: Corruption: Nigerian Officials, Athletes Clash Over Samsung Olympic Phone Gifts by Mordecai(m): 9:35am On Jul 30

Less than two weeks ago, a patriotic Nigerian asked them to take a stand for Nigeria, against the state-sanctioned corruption, banditry kidnapping etc.

They nearly lynched him. They did anyway, in their warped minds. And threw him out of the bus, in a show of loyalty to the corrupt officials.

Less than a month later, they are getting a feel of the uselessness of these same officials.

Didn't take long...

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Politics / Re: CBN To Launch Digital Currency Following Osinbajo’s Suggestion by Mordecai(m): 7:03am On Jul 24

That's because he reads and make researches unlike you who..... grin grin


He's a prof nah. I'm still growing.

Meanwhile na you wey no dey try. Stop printing out tweets for him. Buy a tablet and give him instead...
Politics / Re: CBN To Launch Digital Currency Following Osinbajo’s Suggestion by Mordecai(m): 6:40am On Jul 24

Osinbajo clearly uses crypto. He sounds like someone who has stashed funds in blockchain.

Else how can someone who prints out tweets to read know so much about blockchain tech?
Politics / Re: Code Of Conduct Chairman, Umar Sues Victim, Demand Stop Of Senate Inquiry by Mordecai(m): 2:30pm On Jul 19

Dear Fegeitok, I will appreciate if you don't share political posts with me. I appreciate your other posts in other walks of life but not politics or views that are anti-north or skews perspective against the North.

Thank you as I anticipate your usual cooperation.

You quoted the wrong person. Recheck.
Politics / Re: Code Of Conduct Chairman, Umar Sues Victim, Demand Stop Of Senate Inquiry by Mordecai(m): 5:52am On Jul 19

This is where we expect to see so-called erudite government officials take a stand. Where are the Starboy crew? Theraregem1? Joylove2324? Lifted2000?

This is where we expect Osinbajo to show working. Make a clear statement and force the hands of the law enforcement agencies to file a criminal case against him.

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Pets / Re: My Pet Snake by Mordecai(m): 8:36pm On Jul 18
find a way if softly pressing down its head with something like a stick then hold the head in the hole of ur hand and check its teeth, if it doesn't have fangs then nothing to worry about. Invite me over so we can hold it together and send pictures to all this people that refuse to advance

Terrible advice.

Holding a snake by the head breaks their trust. If you want it as a pet, never do that.
Career / Re: Should Wages Be Left Only At The Discretion Of The Employer? by Mordecai(m): 3:46pm On Jul 18

This school I'm taking about, for S S S 3 alone, they have 150 students, these senior students pay at least N300k based on Jamb, WAEC and NECO charges.

The school's population is atleast 1,000 for the secondary alone.

The owner goes around, building hotels, building other schools and paying N49 at entry level. That's too poor.

You people should stop saying the "you'd see things differently when you become employer" line.

A lot of employer in Nigeria rip off their employee.

Strictly speaking, employees are not slaves. They can always walk away if they want to.

If an employee strongly feels he should earn more, he can reach out to other employers, bargain a better compensation package, and leave.

If he cannot, maybe because his services do not add as much value as he thinks, or because there are many others with similar skills willing to do the same job, at same or even lesser pay, then why should the employer pay more?

If an employer is forced to pay higher wages for services valued at far lower prices, he reserves the option to purchase same services from economies/countries where he can pay less. Or refuse to invest if the resultant profit margin is unacceptable.

This is why American firms moved to China to set up shop, and Americans suffered increase in unemployment. Such a policy thus ends up hurting those it is meant to protect.

On the other hand, it can lead to proliferation of immigrants, as undocumented immigrants might happily accept what citizens won't. The influx of Latin Americans into US is a point in study. Same has happened in Europe. In fact, Brexit happened because a lot of UK citizens wanted to end the situation where immigrants from EU states do the jobs they do for far less pay.
In all these, the question is - If the pay was that bad, why are people willing to take risks, cross the borders and take up the jobs?

In all, it's better to let the market manage the costs of labour. Government and regulating agencies can set up guidelines to curtail sharp practices and exploitation, but fixing prices arbitrarily will hurt the employees, rather tan the employer.

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Education / Re: Fintiri: Graduating Students Of America University Of Nigeria Pose With Governor by Mordecai(m): 7:26pm On Jul 12

You must have made this statement while under the influence of ogogoro or burukutu. Go and check the number of local govts in Adamawa and tell me those xtians dominate.


Fufore - predominantly Muslim
Yola South - predominantly Muslim
Mayo Belwa - predominantly Muslim
Yola North - Capital city. Can't tell.
Girei - predominantly Muslim
Song - predominantly Muslim
Maiha - predominantly Muslim
Mubi South - predominantly Christian
Numan - predominantly Christian
Demsa - predominantly Christian
Guyuk - predominantly Christian
Shelleng - predominantly Christian
Gombi - predominantly Christian
Hong - predominantly Christian
Michika - predominantly Christian
Madagali - predominantly Christian
Mubi North - commercial hub. Can't tell.

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Politics / Re: Next President Must Be From South - Southern Governors Agree by Mordecai(m): 4:19pm On Jul 05

Is that all?
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Resolves CBN, Governors Differences Over Loan Repayment by Mordecai(m): 11:04am On Jul 04

Usually, banks that borrow money to state governments often secure those loans primarily through domiciliation of monthly allocations in that bank. For the loans taken from commercial banks, I agree that those banks should just go ahead and deduct from domiciliation proceeds except they can mutually agree to restructure.

For the non commercial bank bit, those loans were a product of FG's intervention through the Ministry of Finance with CBN acting as FG's bankers. FG surely guaranteed the loans and should be involved one way or the other. Remember the states used most of that money to pay salaries and cushion the impact of economic downturn on the states. The alternative would have been to throw those workers out of work, a commercially sensible thing to do but politically not advisable. There are no easy solutions

Okay, I get your point.

But to get more clarity, is the FG the lender, or just the guarantor? If they're a guarantor, who's the lender?
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Resolves CBN, Governors Differences Over Loan Repayment by Mordecai(m): 10:24am On Jul 04

But you won't mention why Governors can't pay. They took loans, pay back. No they will prefer to blackmail FG as Obaseki did. But someone comes in to mediate a peaceful resolution and you are saying many things. Ok what is the solution? If FG goes ahead to deduct from their allocation, you will be the first to scream blue murder

It is not the FG's job to deduct money from the allocation, nor is it the governor's job. It's the CBN's job. And the CBN should just go ahead and do it. If the FG borrowed from CBN, the CBN should also collect the repayment accordingly. The fact that a supposedly independent corporation like CBN is yoked to FG is even an indictment on the office of the VP.

If any governor needs to refinance their borrowings, they should approach the relevant bank, make their case and negotiate. If any bank lends outside regulatory guidelines, CBN should fine them accordingly.

The VP's interference should be to ensure that the right thing is done, period.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Resolves CBN, Governors Differences Over Loan Repayment by Mordecai(m): 7:52am On Jul 04

The op and the first five comments are from Osinbajo's media team. I wonder if they think NLers don't know them.


Meanwhile, your elder are mute about the rearrest of their slave master. How's that?

Osinbajo's media aide abusing the entire Igbo tribe. And thinks Igbo are not taking note. When elections come, he'll expect these elders to "build bridges and come support him".

Osinbajo is good but his inability to contain his peoples Oduduwa agitation or tell them boldly to stop is a warning sign to us that he can support them to destroy Nigeria

This is how the Fulani caged him, and he threw his people and conscience under the bus.

Vice President turned loan mediator.

Completely unnecessary.

If the governors fail to repay, deduct it from their monthly allocation simple.

After all the governors don't work in their states, don't pay salaries but drive exotic cars and pay their own salaries and those of their stooges timely.

State governors have become useless just as they have rendered local governments useless.

This "strong man" show we run in this country is our undoing. Build strong instructions and let them run on their own such as crypto smart contracts run automatically without intervention of their creators or dev.

Osibanjo should face his constitutional responsibilities instead of undermining institutional process by jumping in to mediate or always getting in the news for either chopping corn in public or sharing peanuts to market women.

Enough is enough.

This is the most sensible post. If we want things to be right, then we have to start doing things right. Using VP office to subvert things like loan repayments is a bad symptom.
I wonder if those governors will say same of their foreign loans. They will pay those ones religiously. And then refuse to service the local ones because people like Osinbajo are waiting to create political capital out of subverting rules and processes.

Op should take this post down. It's not a good thing the VP is doing.

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Crime / Re: Chidinma Ojukwu: I Tied Usifo Ataga's Hands Before Stabbing Him To Death by Mordecai(m): 10:02pm On Jul 03

Am I the only one pissed off by the clueless, daft questions by the NTA correspondent? Could we have imagined that our national TV station will present such poor quality interviews?

Have they really gone to the dogs?

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Family / Re: How Much Of Your Children Do You Know? by Mordecai(m): 7:27pm On Jul 03
My kids would be the best kids in the world.


Seeing how much you hate men, I do not imagine you'd want a spermatozoa near your ovum.

Buh what do I know?
Politics / Re: Igboho On Planned Lagos Rally: Some People Threatening To Kill Us In Lagos by Mordecai(m): 8:52pm On Jun 28
Surprising how Igboho announces plans for a mega rally to hold in Lagos, and the Lagos Police Command is not aware.

But they are aware that IPOB plans to attack Lagos, even when IPOB has repeatedly said they have no interest in Lagos.
Politics / Re: Anambra 2021: Peter Obi Congratulates PDP Candidate, Valentine Ozigbo by Mordecai(m): 7:32am On Jun 27

I was thinking same too about Mmaduka, but then I just heard he is a pentecostal was thinking he is a Catholic, not Catholic nor Anglican. This really matters a lot in Anambra, those at the grass-root know this but you won't see people saying this on social media.

Pdp denied him the ticket and put him far behind to avoid court cases because of this, all the parties know that being a Catholica or Anglican is the first criteria to win election in Anambra.

How did Ezeife, of Salvation Army, win in the 3rd Republic?
Politics / Re: Road That Bashir Ahmad Tweeted In 2017 That Is 94% Completed by Mordecai(m): 4:22am On Jun 27


LIARS road i visited teo weeks ago

That road is in condotional state

Enemies of nigeria

That photo is photoshop


From Savannah gate through to Lafiya Lamurde and on to Cham, is terrible.

Gombe to Cham was completed during the PDP era.


Politics / Re: 19 Northern Speakers Proffer Solutions To Security Challenges Facing Region by Mordecai(m): 8:58am On Jun 23

The forum called on the Federal Government to provide more security to the Northern part of Borno State to take over the control of Guzamala Local Government Area that is under the full control of the insurgents and the deployment of more military personnel in Abadam and Baga Local Government Areas of the state to check the nefarious activities of the insurgents.

Someone remind me, did elections not hold in the bolded location in 2015?

How come BH is back to holding territories?
Foreign Affairs / Re: What's Happening In Tigray? Ethiopia's Brutal Civil War Explained by Mordecai(m): 7:38pm On Jun 20

To answer you 1st question. Don't you have senators representing your wards in SE. Why haven't they championed your cause to have the Constitution amended? I belive you are beginning to see where the bottleneck in your actualisation is coming from

And for your 2nd question....Referendum is not in the constitution so I really don't understand what you want to exercise. Its still relates to the 1st question.

While you were evasive in answering those simple questions, which I understand btw, given the indefensible stand you have taken, your dodgy answer throws up another question - is it illegal to ask for a referendum to determine self-actualization?

You asked a question which I'd volunteer an answer to.
When all constitutional amendments are prefaced with - "the unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable", the discussion is automatically precluded in the NASS; just like the June 12 struggle was never discussed in the NASS, even though it was a very important landmark in our national history. It was thus a matter for CSOs. Secondly, a system that has continually thrown up misfits as leaders, whom the people would then have to endure till they serve out their tenure, cannot be depended on to throw up the people's true reps. I know I also speak for you when I note that.

However, back to the issue, I would ask you again to explain how a call for referendum is a call for war. I am yet to get that from you.

I am happy you agree the SE and SS can change their minds on any issue.
Foreign Affairs / Re: What's Happening In Tigray? Ethiopia's Brutal Civil War Explained by Mordecai(m): 4:33pm On Jun 20

You want me to be honest?
Please read up on this link below before you continue your agitation online.
It was one of your fore fathers (Namdi Azikiwe) that resited the need to include seccesion in the constitution when SW and North thought otherwise.

You cannot eat your cake and have it at the same time.

We've had two more constitutions after that. And can always change it. It's not written in stone. If the north and SW could change their minds about secession, why can't the SE and SS?

You also have not really answered the question I posed earlier. How does a call for a referendum equate to a call for war?

Two questions now, awaiting your response. I'm curious to hear your side, seeing as you challenged anyone from the east, to an intellectual discussion.
Politics / Re: My Tribalistic Encounter With Buhari In 1981 - Ex Man O' War Leader Adewumi by Mordecai(m): 4:25pm On Jun 20
The igbos started tribalism in Nigeria by killing sardauna of sokoto, Ahmdu Bello, Abubakar Tafawa Belewa and other northern leaders!!

the Igbos had good relations with the North & as such the Igbos had more appointments in government from Southern Nigeria.

The same Igbos launched a coup d’état that not only removed Tafa Balewa but killed him as well. The Igbos never complained of marginalization under Tafa Balewa.

Their son (Nnamdi Azikiwe) refused the right to include the secession clause that Awolowo had proposed. In his words ‘WE ARE ONE NIGERIA’. Ahmadu Bello even proposed to include Awo’s secession but Nnamdi Azikiwe refused.

Nnamdi Azikiwe knew that about Major General Aguyi Ironsi’s coup beforehand and ran away. The same Major General Aguyi Ironsi scraped the Regional system that Nigeria had practiced & replaced it with a Unitary system.

All efforts to make him return it back to the regional system fell on deaf ears.
Before the declaration of Biafra, Major Adaka Boro had declared the Niger Delta Republic (so you see the word Niger Delta is not a Fulani or Obasanjo construct) & fought the federal forces in a 12 day war.

Guess who gave the order to capture Adaka Boro & who was tasked with capturing him? Major General Aguyi Ironsi gave the order for the capture of Major General Aguyi Ironsi & Colonel Ojukwu was sent to capture Adaka Boro. Ojukwu paraded Adaka Boro naked in the streets of Yenagoa but the same useless Okukwu included Niger Delta in his Biafran map without even consulting with Adaka Boro or any of our people. The same Ojukwu invaded Edo & Delta despite both states not being part of the of Biafra!!

Igbos are worse than anything they criticize!!

Why is it only Igbos who must view their success as an exponent of dominance over others?

That is Igbos for you. They want the right to offend others while refusing to accept the consequences of their offensive ways.

This is why they are currently political outcasts with no major Party willing to support their ambition to lead Nigeria.

Just of recent... They're asking other region to protect igbos...

But they enjoy attacking and killing northners on daily basis!!

You people are just going to pay!!!!

Why do you post lies in every one of your comments?


Foreign Affairs / Re: What's Happening In Tigray? Ethiopia's Brutal Civil War Explained by Mordecai(m): 12:12pm On Jun 20

With the bolded, I put it to you that you are not in any position to judge the academic level of any Northerner since you find it so difficult to stay coherent.

In case you missed it.... Nairaland's rule 21 states and I quote....
"Please spell words correctly when you post, and try to use perfect grammar and punctuation."

Be careful when throwing stones

Mr Bash, can you in all honesty, tell us that everything is right with the country today?

Can you in all honesty tell us that the SE is calling for war by calling for a referendum to determine it's fate?
Politics / Re: Sultan Proposes Unrestricted Wearing Of Hijab By Muslim Women by Mordecai(m): 9:54pm On Jun 01
Muslims do not constitute over 50% of the population.
Taraba, Adamawa, Benue, Plateau, Kogi, Nasarawa have majority Christian population. Borno, Kaduna, Kwara have a very significant Christian population. No state in the South has a majority Muslim population.

Do the math, please.

We need to stop making unfounded statements, especially when we occupy exalted traditional positions.

On the issue of dressing, I wonder if Hisbah is ready to allow others dress the way they want in Muslim dominated areas.
Politics / Re: History Of Chief Of Army Staff Appointments From 1999 Till Date by Mordecai(m): 7:54pm On May 27

Help us with police also


Politics / Re: El-Rufai Insists On Downsizing Workforce by Mordecai(m): 6:48am On May 23

While I agree with him that state money should not be used to pay for redundancy, I'd ask that he takes it a notch further, and ensure that those civil servants he intends retrenching get other employment and start paying taxes to the state. In other words, he should raise his IGR, because oil money from the south should not be used to pay for Kaduna's expenses.
Oil money should be spent only on crucial national activities like defence, security, and not for states to share. Same with gold mining revenue, solid minerals etc. Leave them for their owners to administer while they pay a fraction to the FG.

If he goes that way, we will believe he is an honest leader.


Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Nigeria Needs A Decentralized Police, 22 States Ready For Ranching by Mordecai(m): 3:18am On Mar 07

See what Osinbajo's social media aides gathered here to say.

The stench of tribalism oozing from them is so thick, their shamelessness so blatant, that one can easily tell what kind of man the pastor is.

Back to the matter at hand, the balance of power is shifting gradually, lol. And the mofos that deceived us with their fake support for restructuring are losing out big time.

They got to power by promising us restructuring, only for them to get there and tell us it will not happen.
The balance has shifted against them now. So I am not surprised seeing them slowly reverting back to the old song they sang to us.

Question is, can they fool us a second time?


Politics / Re: How Osinbajo's Intervention Led To Conviction Of Dismissed SARS Operative by Mordecai(m): 8:54am On Feb 18
What exactly did he do?

Prosecute them? Or sentence them? By my reckoning, he was not even remotely involved in this case in anyway.

You paid media goons will not stop till you successfully discredit your principal.

Kwantinu... undecided
Politics / Re: NIN Mandatory For Bank Accounts, Voter Registration - Isa Pantami by Mordecai(m): 5:54am On Feb 15
The whole irony is that They know their constitutional rights more than you, that is why you are the one lamenting Fulani Fulani.


I wrote herdsmen. You read Fulani.

Yet, you are the ones complaining about putting ethnic tags to criminality.

On the other hand, which of the herdsmen know their constitutional rights - the ones the government told us are foreigners?
Politics / Re: NIN Mandatory For Bank Accounts, Voter Registration - Isa Pantami by Mordecai(m): 9:43pm On Feb 14
I hope herdsmen comply and get NIN before enjoying government protection too.
Pets / Re: My German Shepherd Puppy Isn't Eating by Mordecai(m): 8:05am On Feb 08
Just be consistent. Don't give in to her.

When it's mealtime, drop her food for her. After 15 minutes, pick it up and put it away till the next meal time when you re-serve it.

If it spoils, change it. Ignore her hunger-strike and make sure she always has water to drink.

Remember, she will not starve herself to death. She'll pick on and soon, when you come to remove the food you served, she'll start trying to eat it up fast so you don't remove it.

When she does that, stand by patiently and wait. As soon as she turns away from the plate, remove it without hesitation.

Be consistent.

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Pets / Re: My German Shepherd Puppy Isn't Eating by Mordecai(m): 4:05pm On Feb 07

Looks like you got yourself a picky eater. Just know that she won't starve herself anyway.

Let us hope she isn't strong-willed enough to go on a long fast till you give her what she wants.

More grease to your elbows.

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