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Politics / Re: Edo 2024: Philip Shaibu, legacy PDP members Defect To APC (Photos) by MrPADDY(m): 4:27pm On Jul 20


Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Air Strike Kills 29 People At Gaza Camp For Displaced People by MrPADDY(m): 9:55am On Jul 10
What a world
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 1:54pm On Jul 05

Does it come at a fee? I mean deducting the fee from the sales proceeds?

There's no extra fee charged using Dan broker if the domain is parked at Dan.com using Dan nameservers.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 10:53am On Jul 05
Sales El Reporto.. Spanish
Congratulations, bro.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 10:51am On Jul 05

Congrats once again chief.

Out of curiosity, how did the Dan.com agent came into the negotiations?

Did you ask them to help you negotiate or what. Please fill me in.

Dan brokerage take the domain negotiation off your hands and put their expertise to it once you receive an offer for your domain, and Enable Brokerage on the activity dashboard. See screenshot below.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 10:04am On Jun 27
Sales Report
Ht-3 months
Congratulations, bro. It looks like an investor got the name. Now at Atom. Or are you the one that initially listed it there?

Business / OfferUp Account Sign-Up Solutions by MrPADDY(m): 9:52am On Jun 05
You can now have USA phone numbers and Proxy IP addresses to bypass OfferUp sign up restrictions.

Connect with Paddy on whatsapp for details https://paddydigital.com

How to Make Passive Income on OfferUp

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Understanding Passive Income on OfferUp

Passive income refers to earning money with minimal daily effort. While the initial setup might require some work, the goal is to create a sustainable income stream that doesn’t require constant attention. On OfferUp, this can be achieved by strategically selling items in a way that minimizes ongoing effort.

Steps to Generate Passive Income

1. Identify Profitable Items
~ Unused Household Items: Start by decluttering your home. Items like electronics, furniture, and appliances that are no longer in use can be sold.
~ Bulk Purchases and Resales: Buy items in bulk from wholesalers or garage sales at a lower price and sell them individually for a profit.
~ Crafted Goods: If you have a knack for crafting, create handmade items that can be sold repeatedly.

2. Optimize Your Listings
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~ Detailed Descriptions: Provide detailed and honest descriptions of your items. Include key features, dimensions, and any imperfections.
~ Competitive Pricing: Research similar listings to set a competitive price. Consider offering bundle deals to encourage larger purchases.

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~ Auto-Reply Messages: Set up auto-reply messages to respond to common inquiries, ensuring timely communication without constant monitoring.

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Business / Re: Naira Down To N1,525/$ In Parallel Market by MrPADDY(m): 8:22am On May 28
Good morning, Nigeria. Sad reality, but we always find a way to navigate through.
If you are a digital merchant, you should earn more in foreign exchange. You just need the right info and tools.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Raisi Had Blood On His Hands, We Offered Condolences As Typical Practice - US by MrPADDY(m): 8:44pm On May 20
Business / Re: Netflix Subscription In Nigeria: Step-By-Step Guide by MrPADDY(m): 5:37pm On May 13
why are you charging 9k when netflx is charging 4k? even if you want hike price why more than 100%?

Good day, bro. Netflix Premium plan official price is currently ₦5000. Our price is ₦9000 to cover for the exchange rate to load our payment card that works for the subscription for people like you that their debit cards are not working for Netflix subscription. The package also comes with a new Gmail account, and other free services. Also for payment security and trust building, we allow new users to pay via Paystack which changes a fee during payout. All these extras drag the price to ₦9000. We are here to help, not to exploit.

See the screenshot of one of your complains about payment difficulty at Netflix below.

Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 3:57pm On May 13
Still on this. Pls what option did use in Bank Region? I used Europe/Sepa the payout team said I should change to 'Rest of The World'.

I just received my first payment via Grey GPB pounds, it took 1 hour 30 minutes using the settings above.


Dan support is aware you are in Nigeria, therefore to link a Nigeria dom account with Nigeria address, you have to select 'Rest of The World'.

But since you are linking a Grey GBP bank account, which is domicile in Europe, you have to select Europe/Sepa, and use the complete Gray address in UK. Because, you cannot use Grey address which is in United Kingdom, then select 'Rest of The World' when there's "Europe/Sepa" option.

Past info:

All the best.

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Business / Amazon Shopping Assistant by MrPADDY(m): 11:34am On May 13
Are you tired of the hassle of online shopping? Do you wish there was a simpler, more efficient way to get the products you love from Amazon? Look no further, because Paddy Digital has the solution you've been searching for!

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But we don't stop there. We also handle the logistics, ensuring that your orders are processed quickly and efficiently. With Paddy Digital, you can say goodbye to long wait times and complicated shipping processes. We prioritize your satisfaction, and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're happy with your purchase.

What sets us apart from the competition? Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to provide you with a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. With Paddy Digital, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you're getting the best products at the best prices, delivered with care and attention to detail.

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Connect with Paddy on whatsapp for details https://paddydigital.com

Business / Re: .ng Premium Domain Names For Sale In Nigeria by MrPADDY(m): 7:20am On May 08
Get a .ng premium domain name to put your business online.
Business / Re: Binance CEO: Unknow Persons Wanted Crypto Payments To Make Issue Disappear by MrPADDY(m): 7:30pm On May 07
This is where the government should act.

Ask the Binance chair to provide the “bribe solicitors” and jail them to send a message to the world.

If the Binance chair can’t provide those contacts, then sue him for attempting to damage government reputation.

It’s simple as ABC.

Has the government done with the investigation to know how one of the binance official escaped from Nigeria? Who will investigate who when the whole system is rotten?


Business / Re: Binance CEO: Unknow Persons Wanted Crypto Payments To Make Issue Disappear by MrPADDY(m): 6:57pm On May 07
Anjarwalla later fled detention and left Nigeria.

Cheap blackmailing

You mean Anjarwalla's escape was also a cheap blackmail? Don't you thing the same unknown thieves that collected crypto from Anjarwalla, and helped him escape could have been the same thieves that approached binance team for bribe to kill the case?

Do people that still support these thieves in government have conscience? Just asking for a friend.


Business / How To List Your Products And Services At Paystack by MrPADDY(m): 1:53pm On May 05
You can now list your products and services on our merchant store at Paystack (a Stripe brand) who accepts both local and international payments on behalf of merchants, and manages disputes.

At Paystack, your local and international customers can pay for your products and services by links or invoices with Visa cards, Master cards, Verve cards, American Express cards, Apple Pay, QR, USSD, Bank transfers, and Pay Attitude.

Terms and conditions appled.

Connect with Paddy on whatsapp for details https://paddydigital.com

Business / Re: What Is The Best Virtual Card To Use For Online? by MrPADDY(m): 8:04pm On May 03
Great info for digital minds.

Check my signature for more digital tools.
Politics / Re: Rufai Oseni Blasts FG For Demolishing Landmark Beach Front by MrPADDY(m): 3:57pm On May 01
In Nigeria, new government destroys an existing economy to build another just as an opportunity to loot the treasury. New government abandons ongoing projects to start new ones just as an opportunity to open new avenue to loot the treasury. Just a cycle to loot.

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Politics / Re: Water Scarcity Hits Kano State by MrPADDY(m): 8:18am On Apr 30
Electric power supply has been very poor in Kano State for a long time now, and the recent hike in petrol price have made it difficult to pump and supply water to household from boreholes. And with the current heat wave in Kano, one needs to shower at least 10 times, and drink water 10 times more a day to stay alive (Lol).


Politics / Re: Ologbondiyan To Yahaya Bello: End This Hiding, Submit Yourself To The Law by MrPADDY(m): 12:57pm On Apr 25
All this drama isn't necessary. Let him just go and shake hands with EFCC Chairman. That is all.
Akpabio isn't in jail today, rather he's the Senate president after all the financial misappropriation as a governor, and as NDDC boss. Same goes for other past governors.
We have a long way to go in Nigeria.


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 4:23pm On Apr 19

Now i understand because i have a number of approved premium names at Squadhelp and nothing like this don ever happen. It’s like i go register am myself and take the risk as they already set the price to a little over 6k. Thanks for your help

But has the domain already appeared in your premium listing portfolio? I doubt. If yes, then go ahead and register it. Otherwise, chat up the CSS to escalate it. It should be resolved shortly in your favor.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 2:34pm On Apr 19
Hi, pls i dropped 3 names at Squadhelp/Atom, one of the names got approved on Premium listing but for more than 4 days now, the name still shows as available to register when i check on Whois. Any explanation to this pls? Thanks

As you had approved the unregistered domain for premium listing, I guess auto-registration at Namesilo failed. Normally, when this happens, Atom (Squadhelp) tech team would do manual registration within 24 hours. With their ongoing rebranding, hands are full, hence the delay.

You can live chat the customer care to escalate the issue. Better still, if you like the name, you can register it yourself to avoid losing it. Although there's no guarantee for acceptance when you resubmit it for premium listing approval.


Foreign Affairs / Re: IDF Shows Remains Of Iranian Ballistic Missile That Fell In Dead Sea by MrPADDY(m): 12:43pm On Apr 17
Below is an Iranian ballistic missile that was fired at Israel on Saturday night (along with 300+ other missiles and suicide drones). It was carrying an estimated 500-kilogram warhead.
Anyone who says Iran's attack was purely symbolic needs to have his head examined.

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Politics / Re: US, UK Owe The World Responsibility For Peace In Middle East – Onanuga by MrPADDY(m): 9:17pm On Apr 14
Hamas, Hezbollah, PFLP, Houthi movement etc are terrorist groups sponsored by Iran to eliminate Isreal. Do you think even if Isreal didn't response to the drone attacks by Iran, these terrorist groups would stop attacking Israel? Hardly would you hear the people telling Israel to observe a ceasefire telling all the Iranian-sponsored terrorists to ceasefire. Why would Israel not respond with their capability when the goal of Iran and its proxies is to wipe off Israel?

The fascist Iranian regime’s direct attack on Israel is part of its decades-long strategy to annihilate Israel. For many years, Iran supports Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis and many other terrorists groups to annihilate Israel. It’s helping Russia in its campaign to conquer democracy in European countries. It works to destabilize Arab countries. Any country or people that believe in true democracy cannot support Iran except they are blinded by religious sentiments.

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Politics / Re: FG Plans Three National ID Cards For 104m Nigerians June by MrPADDY(m): 9:12am On Apr 08
BVN, NIN, Voter's card, Driver's license, International passport, and 3 more means of identification by May. These people are just creating more means to loot the treasury.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Secretary Of State Blinken Says Ukraine Will Be NATO Member by MrPADDY(m): 9:01am On Apr 05
Game on. Putin will soon respond with nuke threats. Make no mistake. The war between Russia and Ukraine is all about Russia vs USA world power dominace. A defeat to Ukraine means a defeat to the USA. I don't see that happening soon. Not even in this current era. It takes a lot to be the world power.


Foreign Affairs / Re: UAE Suspends Diplomatic Ties With Israel Over Killing Of Aid Workers by MrPADDY(m): 10:15pm On Apr 04
Isreal and Hamas are at war. Those who go into Gaza should know that they are in a war front irrespective of their noble mission. Unfortunately, Isreal won't stop dropping bombs until Hamas is taken out completely. Cutting diplomatic ties would not change anything. Your real friends are those who stick with you even in your most vulnerable moments.

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Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Fails To Meet EFCC Bail Conditions by MrPADDY(m): 9:58pm On Apr 04

Jail him for spraying naira? If you have any genuine evidence to nail this guy, come up with it and not because he sprayed naira. Who is not guilty of spraying money

Are you aware a Nigerian actress, Oluwadarasimi Omoseyin, was recently sentenced to six months imprisonment for tampering with the currency after she was filmed spraying and stepping on newly issued naira notes last year?
Although, for Bobrisky, it may not be a serious jail term, and he may have option of paying fine, and walk.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 1:40pm On Apr 04
Can Squadhelp users confirm if their domains listed at Squadhelp are resolving well? Because mine are not resolving.
If you turned on your VPN away from Nigeria, you'd see that all your domains at Squadhelp resolved well.
It looks like in a bit to block internet access to cryptocurrency websites in Nigeria, some ISP systems like MTN are causing access glitches to other "innocent" websites like Squadhelp. This only affect Nigeria end-users who may want to search for domains listed on such platforms via url. Possibly, everything should resolve soon.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 1:20pm On Apr 04

Thanks, boss.

Yeah, I listed separately but DAN nameservers were used. I used to list new acquisitions separately until around last April/May when I stopped due to inconvenience on Afternic.

I usually listed on DAN first due to promptness and often run into "existing listing" issues on Afternic when listing there. If I reported the existing listings, it usually took them some days to get a response and that might even be them asking for proof of ownership and waiting even longer. In a few cases, listing first on DAN was the cause of the problem.

You can still list your new domains first on Dan and then Afternic separately without issues. Very simple procedure. If you list on Dan first, don't set the BIN price. Just MO. After listing successfully on Afternic, you then set the Dan BIN price. With this, you wouldn't have "existing listing" issues on Afternic.


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by MrPADDY(m): 1:15pm On Apr 04
Can someone throw more light on this?
Many domains sales happen via Whois search. Turning OFF your Whois privacy gives your domains additional exposure, as well as exposes your contact details to interested buyers who may want a direct interaction with the domain owner.

The downside? You have spam mails to deal with. Moreso, if you believe showing your "naija" contact details to potential buyers would do you more harm than good, just leave your Whois privacy ON.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Will Not Attack NATO But F-16s Will Be Shot Down In Ukraine, Putin Says by MrPADDY(m): 1:35pm On Mar 28
But they said Putin would defeat Ukraine in few weeks. Two years after, "Putin has no intention of winning the Ukraine war bla bla bla"
Nairaland people would not kill somobody with comment comedy.

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