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Politics / TROUBLE Looms In Abeokuta by mrrandomguy: 9:00am On Jun 03
If there are people who may have the ears of the Political Leaders, Chiefs and Obas of Ogun State, Abeokuta in particular, let them stand by to read this my message.

I am writing this post because I witnessed a very distressful scene yesterday, in the evening , at the Ariya Bar in Abeokuta.

There is a market in Ìbarà, our own version of the "Computer village" in Abeokuta. That market started, or I started noticing it, sometime around 2007. Our YORUBA YOUTHS of Abeokuta started it and it is sited on a parcel of land which belongs to the Palace of Olubara and Ìbarà people of Egba land.

It is strategically located in the Oke-Ilewo CBD.

And the market has been growing so much so that each time I pass by that location I say some prayers to thank Olódùmarè for opening such opportunities to make our youths busy and useful to themselves and to the community.

Do you know that over the last five (5) years or so, the world famous developers, the Igbo Zionist Traders have wormed their way into that market and now multiplying.

Our people are ofcourse very liberal and welcoming so they continued to give them more spaces and for each space won by the igbos, they quickly ran to their villages to bring more of their disorderly youths to fill the place.

They are there now all over the market enjoying what they will NEVER give you.

Yesterday, I was just sitting at the bar when I noticed the crowd of people trooping in. They were going to have a meeting. I never knew what it was about but the fact that I have seen it was going to be by the igbo traders, I told myself to wait and observe.

It was a good decision i made.

It turned out that there was going to be an EXCO ELECTION for the Market. There are apparently TWO CAMPS battling for the EXCO Elections.


So this particular camp has brought the IGBO TRADERS of the market to corner their SUPPORT for their own candidate to triumph over their opponent.

And the SONS OF IBARA started to talk.

Amongst other things they said was that " Our opponent are the ignorant Yoruba people, they are too tribalistic, we assure you of an inclusive Government in our EXCO where the igbos will also have their influence "

"Igbos must be included in the affairs of the market this time"

"Don't mind those our brothers, they are not exposed "

And the igbos were just listening, quietly.

When their leader rose to speak, it was direct "We don dey here with you for some time. Na we clear here, na we expand there, na we make the market come big like this today, we suppose dey part of the Government "

"That una brother too wicked. We no know how dem dey spend the money of DUES wey dem collect from market"

" We go support you BUT YOU MUST PROMISE US IGBOS say we go get mouth for the market. If you don PROMISE us, we go call all of our brothers to vote for you and you go win "

I listened to all these statements and I began to cry inside of my heart.

Abeokuta is GOING!!!!

Again, our people have invited the igbos to partake in their local politics and soon, like it happened in Lagos, they will claim part-ownership of Abeokuta and tell you that they developed the city for you.

I was going to rise up to challenge both parties but the elderly man next to me prevailed on me not to.

Do you know that once this election is concluded and the candidate supported by the igbos win, you can just begin to count the days that THAT MARKET will eventually become another Igbo-dominated market?

The first thing they will do is to convince the LGA CHAIRMAN that the market needed to be "developed to make more money for the council"

Our Baales, Kabiyesi, Youths, LGA CHAIRMAN etc will be excitedly calculating how much money will enter into their individual pockets from the deal.

Then you will see the Madam Mayoress of Ikosi-Isheri action in that Market. The whole place will be pulled down to give way for an "Ultra Modern International Market".

And our YORÙBÁ YOUTHS will never be able to afford the resultant cost of the new shops.


How ignorant can our people be!!!!!!

This is what is already happening and which I predicted in my post just recently.

The Igbos have been pouring the population into the entire Ogun State over the last 5years and I can bet it isn't a natural migration. These guys are trying to FORTIFY THEMSELVES IN OGUN STATE so as to be able to properly envelope Lagos State.

It is what they are doing.

We have been talking about the Aworis of Lagos and how they have constituted the Achilles heel on Yoruba land, the very point of our greatest vulnerability through which the enemies have successfully thrown rings around us in Lagos State

The Awori of Lagos is a subject I know so extensively and on which I am also going to write later today. They are perhaps the saddest case of the Yoruba Nation of people.

But in Egba land of Abeokuta, it begins to appear to me that we are going to have an even worse case of the Achilles heel because the overwhelming majority of the people here suffer even deeper levels of ignorance than the one which the Aworis suffered and which got them railroaded into their present circumstances.

By virtue of their orientation and exposures our people in Egba land have a much smaller knowledge of the ZIONIST IGBOS and the greater threat is that the Egba grassroots population is coming into contact with these people, the Igbo Zionists, at a time of extreme weakness and vulnerability on the part of the Egba people.

There is too much POVERTY AND IGNORANCE amongst the overwhelming majority of our people in Ogun State. There is so much IGNORANCE even wonderfully amongst our people in the most unbelievably high echelons of the social ladders.

You will be amazed at the very low levels of understanding, knowledge and awareness of people who are supposedly highly educated and in very high positions of authority in Ogun State.

You will be shocked to see the conduct of our traditional leaders; the Baales are more of scavengers perpetually looking at how to get their daily bread from any angles and our Obas, even the first class Obas, have since lost their callings and not any longer aware of their responsibilities

Right now, in this Abeokuta, we are like the proverbial fool who sets his roof on fire, perhaps thinking to warm his house, and then goes to sleep.

1. Do you know that right now, the IJAIYE axis of Abeokuta which used to be the trading hub of our people in the business of SPARE PARTS have since been taken over by the igbos. They have taken practically the whole length of it. The Yoruba people who were once into those businesses are the ones you see running about town on Okada bikes and constituting nuisance all over the place?

2. Do you know that right now, the stretch of ÌSÁBÒ road from the Isale-Igbehin junction has suddenly become a trading hub for BUILDING MATERIALS. It's the same Igbo traders. Many family houses are being outrightly sold on that road. The igbos are taken it up?

3. Do you know that all around SÀPÓN and especially on that IMO road by NEPA, another group of igbos have converted that place to a trading hub for CURTAIN MATERIALS?

4. In PANSHEKE you find that the whole stretch of nearly every angles of the popular market have been taken over by the same Igbos.

5. If you try to study what's happening on the longest road of Abeokuta, the MKO Abiola way, starting from LÉME you will understand that it is basically the same patterns.

6. The last time I checked, the newly constructed ONIKOKO-ADIGBE road has sparked a new wave of real estate business in that axis. Prices of real estates have suddenly gone up and many houses on the left and right are being sold. You can guess who the buyers are.

7. In that area of LÁDERIN ESTATE you will hear wonderful reports of the suddenly hiked values of land and landed properties. The igbo traders are there already and making certain to make the Láderin areas exclusive to themselves by deliberately adversely influencing the prices of properties in those areas and being the only ones who can afford those prices.

8. I like you to know that in ALL THESE AREAS where the Igbo traders have managed to suddenly dominate IN ABEOKUTA EGBA LAND, they always ensured that NO OTHER TRIBES GET A FLEETING CHANCE TO COME NEAR THEM OR HAVE AN INCH OF SPACE AROUND THEM, NOT EVEN THE EGBA PEOPLE.

9.TWICE I have witnessed a scene in Abeokuta, two different locations around Ìbarà and Pansheke. In both cases, a poor Yoruba woman managed to have a space in the middle of many Igbo make traders. Surely the traders must have met them in that location otherwise they could never be there. But the Igbo men are doing all they can, by intimidation and bully, to get these women from their spots.

10. Do you know that just about 10years ago, these things were not so in Abeokuta and these people aren't now responding to any investment initiatives of Ogun State Government but to their own unfolding ZIONIST AGENDA OVER SE YORUBA LAND?


Our people are blind to what is already going on , what is building up right under their noses.

Our people are probably happy that "Abeokuta is expanding" or probably " Opening up". Omo onile, Baales and Kabiyesi are probably making lots of money extorting the incoming Igbo traders.

Civil servants are enjoying the windfalls via Levies, Taxes and Egunje.

Even the Government isn't aware that ABEOKUTA is going the way of LAGOS and will soon become another Lagos which the ZIONIST Igbo will claim as an extension of Igbo land.

These things will happen, It's just a matter of TIME unless we STOP the trend.

In Alaba International Market built on AWORI LAND OF LAGOS, the IGBOS wrote in a CONSTITUTION that only traders from Anambra, Imo and Abia are eligible for CHAIRMANSHIP OF THE MARKET.

Not even the igbos of Enugu and Ebonyi are eligible not to talk of Awori town people.

Those guys in Alaba battled Mr. Moses Adebayo to death. He was the ONLY YORUBA MAN who had a useful business presence in that market built on 50 ACRES OF YORUBA LAND.

In that same Alaba market the igbos pushed out Alhaja Mesan, the late Iyaloja, who has been there since the 1960s.

You can't amount to anything at the Trade fair market in same Awori land if you are not Igbo. The same thing in Ladipo; they are even scheming to push out Yoruba people from the only ONE sector [ out of eight in the market.] they have to themselves.

When you write these TRUTHS some FOOLS will say it is tribalism and bigotry.

What a cheek.

I will not allow you people endanger our lives with your ignorance.

I will continue to talk about it.
©️ Adedamola Adetayo
01 Jun 2023

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Politics / Re: Fulani Charm Of Confusion & Division Is working Against Yoruba Nation Agitators by mrrandomguy: 4:25am On May 30

That's a lie.
Before they started asking for the signatures they've already concluded on what to use it for.

I signed too including all others in Ijaw Republic WhatsApp groups.
How market? Onitiri played you guys
Politics / Tinubu: Where Is This Prophet Who Said He Will Become Ifa Priest? by mrrandomguy: 4:16am On May 30
If Tinubu is sworn in? My belief is that he was already one

Science/Technology / by mrrandomguy: 10:35am On May 27
Technology Market / by mrrandomguy: 10:27am On May 27
Romance / Re: What Course Do You Regret Not Doing In The University by mrrandomguy: 3:46am On May 14

But this thread should be in Education section.

Seun, farano, dominique, Rocktation, olawalebabs, Richiez, Fynestboi
Romance / Re: Sex In The Dream. Pros And Cons by mrrandomguy: 3:37am On May 14
Haaaaa! There is problem. This generation is totally blind.

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Religion / Re: Sam Adeyemi And My Strange Experience In MFM Ajah by mrrandomguy: 3:30am On May 10
I am not here to debate. Take the bitter truth and follow the narrow way to heaven or follow the broad way which leads to hell. Your choice.

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Religion / Re: Sam Adeyemi And My Strange Experience In MFM Ajah by mrrandomguy: 3:27am On May 10
Both pastors are very correct. With the way nigeria is going now, as a Christian you must learn the way of the world and apply it when necessary.
If people are reducing their age to get a job in the private sector you too join them and reduce your own age to get the job.
If people are registering companies with CAC to get government contracts they don't have the knowledge to execute and later sell the contract to companies that can do it, my dear brother join them and do it to get money.
With the way nigeria is now, you need to use your head.
So Christians should join them on the broad way that leads to hell? No, Christians should not join them because the world is doing it and it appears they are getting away with it. Not many people will have the opportunity to repent and ask for forgiveness before they die. A lot, most people die suddenly.
And btw, do you attend churches to learn how to lie and forge documents?


Religion / Sam Adeyemi And My Strange Experience In MFM Ajah by mrrandomguy: 3:11am On May 10
This happened in 2017 at MFM Ajah. The pastor in hus Sunday sermon said there are ways of the Bible and there are ways of the world. But one must also learn the ways of the world along with the ways of the Bible to make it in life. He then proceeded to highlight some of these ways of the world.

This is similar to one of the messages of Sam Adeyemi around that period, when he said that Christians should learn the language of the world, that the churches place too much emphasy on spiritual things to the extent that Christians don't know what to say when they are interacting with the people of the world.

I asked myself these questions: Why should I learn the ways and language of the world in a Church? Did I come here to learn the ways of the world? If I have to learn the ways of the world, is the Church the right place?

Please Mr 'Pastors', if I need to learn the ways of the world I know where to go and it is not your church. Not the church.

As Christians, we must always walk in descernment. Many have lost their salvation due to lack of descernment.
We are the salt and the light of the world, the light that darkness cannot comprehend. We are not of this world. We don't have to copy the world.

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Romance / My Experience With A Nigerian Girl by mrrandomguy: 11:32pm On May 06
1. It started with Hello sir, happy valentine's Day. Followed by months of chatting and calling.
2. One day I asked her to tell me what she wants. I wanted to know if she wanted a relationship or something else.
3. The following day she was asking me for money to make her hair. She don see maga.
4. I didn't give her.
5. Later that day she posted her account number on her WhatsApp status with a "this girl is broke" caption.
6. The following day she posted pictures of herself with the new hair.
7. Okay now
8. I sent her recharge cards anonymously several months later; ₦1000+ worth of airtime I think.
9. She posted a Destiny Etiko clip on her WhatsApp saying "this man sending me money and not asking for sex, your type is rare o". Thus reafirming my maga status.
10. I shook my head. Many Nigerian girls of today are only interested in money and sex.
11. Some will do it for Indomie and egg, but most will fück you for nothing.
12. But run from them, they are after your glory

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Family / Re: I Will Not Submit To My Husband If He Does Not Do These Things! by mrrandomguy: 9:51pm On Apr 30

If you will not submit to him don't marry him or divorce him make e no go tear you slap wey go uplift your mind and soul oh. Marriage nor be by force.
In general, the option of divorce makes men and women, especially independent women to be more irresponsible in marriage.
Family / Re: I Will Not Submit To My Husband If He Does Not Do These Things! by mrrandomguy: 9:48pm On Apr 30
0. The average woman is naturally submissive. But there is a mass campaign to make such women look like fools. I have known blessing CEO for some time.

1. All these modern women now employ mass hypnosis techniques to turn real men into SIMPs. The goal is to dominate men using psychological means.

2. These same women will not accept a relationship request from men who are naturally capable of doing these things. They will say "that guy is boring".

3. If a man must do certain things for a woman to submit to him, what must a woman do for the man to love her?

4. A man should never accept a relationship idea from waistbead wearing women like blessing CEO. These kinds of women are possessed with Jezebel marine spirit.

5. However, companionship is very important in any relationship. Companionship, sex and procreation are the three pillars of a successful marriage.

Hi Fam👋🏼💗
In this Chitchat, I share some of the things my husband does, that make me want to submit to him, while also advising men, on how best to make their wives "submissive".


6. You are still not submissive despite all he does, and you are advising men to do all these things. If this is not manipulation then I don't know what it is.


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Romance / Waist Beads/chain Vs Kanyamata Products: Which Is More Powerful by mrrandomguy: 5:26pm On Apr 28
In your opinion, which of them is more powerful in controlling men?

1. Whenever women see anything that can control men sexually, they will do anything to get them.

2. An example of these things are waist beads, waist chain and Kanyamata products.

3. 98.1% of these products, Just like artificial nails, false eyelashes and g strings (which are shaped like the tails of a whale BTW) now come from the marine/satanic kingdom.
Romance / Re: Waist Beads Have Turned Some Nigerian Men Into Mumu by mrrandomguy: 5:02pm On Apr 28
As in, if in everything in this life rn, na waist beads bi the only problem in your life, omo, your life is a waste. Ozuooor
my life is not a waste in Jesus name. It is your life that will waste.
Career / Optiva Capital Partners Could Be A Toxic Organisation (Pictures) by mrrandomguy: 4:49pm On Apr 28
There is a post on the front page where a job applicant said he/she was kept waiting for over 3 hours by the company, Optiva Capital Partners .


I did a quick investigation on the company and discovered that they have a record of sacking an employee one month after hiring him.


The job seeker on the front page may have dodged a bullet.

Romance / Re: Waist Beads Have Turned Some Nigerian Men Into Mumu by mrrandomguy: 10:37am On Apr 28
They've got you finally. You will soon start to beat your own mother because of your girlfriend. Even your moniker shows it.

That's exactly why i need the address to go retrieve the souls there.
Go to the beach and jump into the ocean.

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Family / Re: More Men Are Becoming Weaklings And SIMPs by mrrandomguy: 12:32am On Apr 28
How can a weakling know he is a weakling?
Family / Re: More Men Are Becoming Weaklings And SIMPs by mrrandomguy: 11:58pm On Apr 27
bro, the sad reality of life is that... NOT ALL MEN CAN BECOME ALPHA MALES. no matter how much you want to lead a horse to the water, you cant force it to drink it.
Being an alpha or Omicron male has nothing to do with standing up for the right thing. Don't they have values?


Romance / Re: Waist Beads Have Turned Some Nigerian Men Into Mumu by mrrandomguy: 11:51pm On Apr 27

Do you have the address to the marine kingdom?
Your soul is already in their prison if you are asking this question. They see people like you as cows for food.

8. Whenever you hear men with glorious destinies say and I quote "my destiny is useless come and take it", know that such a person has been captured.

9. Notice from the comments how people say they are addicted to waist beads and how they become sexually aroused anytime they see it.

10. This is a sign of how these marine instruments have subdued the hearts of many men.

1. I didn't add pictures in the original post. Why did the mod(s) modify my post by adding pictures?

2. Those images are making people's deek behave somehow.


dominique, farano, Rocktation, nlfpmod, Seun

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Romance / Waist Beads Have Turned Some Nigerian Men Into Mumu by mrrandomguy: 7:02pm On Apr 27
1. Those waist beads are from the marine kingdom.

2. Most Nigerian men have become dominated by women wearing these things.

3. The kinds of SIMPing stories I read on nairaland this days are really disgusting. And I know that ìlèkè ìdí is the culprit.

4. That "I SURRENDER TO YOUR ÌLÈKÈ ÌDÍ" song by Simi is the activating command of the seductive power of these beads.

5. Once a man sings that song and he sees beads on a woman's waist, his destiny becomes a target. His deek becomes hard.

6. If he goes on to touch the beads or have sex with the woman, that is the end. No redpiller can save him, only Jesus.

7. Even Adekunle Gold has become a SIMP.

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Family / More Men Are Becoming Weaklings And SIMPs by mrrandomguy: 6:45pm On Apr 27
What the fọck is happening to Nigerian men?

I just read a post on the front page where a "man" could not stand up against his second wife for maltreating his first and only child. https://www.nairaland.com/7668587/wife-hates-daughter-first-wife
I also read one other post 2 or 3 days ago where a man was crying on nairaland that his wife usually slaps and maltreat his mother. That he came home one day and met them fighting, but could not enter the house for whatever reason.
This trend is disgusting 🤮


Religion / Re: Can A Born Again Christian Marry A Muslim Lady? by mrrandomguy: 2:18am On Apr 26
I am also in love with a Muslim Hausa-Fulani lady. A serious muslim for that matter.
We work in the same organisation. I have made up my mind not to ask her out unless I have the money for us to elope.
Autos / Re: Mercedes Vs BMW Vs Audi: Which Of These Car Brands Is GENERALLY Most Reliable by mrrandomguy: 4:24pm On Apr 24

Then you are looking at the bmw 5&7 series'. The Benz should be the E&S class.
Yes you are right.

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Autos / Re: Mercedes Vs BMW Vs Audi: Which Of These Car Brands Is GENERALLY Most Reliable by mrrandomguy: 10:23pm On Apr 23
You didn't state the specific models of the car you want....
I really don't have a specific model or brand in mind. This is why I said "generally".
However, I am currently looking at the Audi A6/8 series and its BMW and Mercedes competitors.

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Autos / Mercedes Vs BMW Vs Audi: Which Of These Car Brands Is GENERALLY Most Reliable by mrrandomguy: 9:55pm On Apr 23
Mercedes Vs BMW Vs Audi: which of this car brands is GENERALLY most reliable?

I am thinking of buying any one of them.
Career / Re: Need More Information On CIS/CIIA Exams. by mrrandomguy: 7:02pm On Apr 23
Good day,

please I need advice, more detail information and details on Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) / Chartered Institute of Investment Analyst (CIIA) exams. I have taken time to go through the information provided on the website of the CIS, but I need more details n info I can get from Nlanders who had taken the exams before or are presently doing.

Note: I'm a graduate of Economics, have not gotten a job and still on the look out but have good interest in investment banking.
Which of the exams did you eventually wrote and which industry are you now?
I am thinking of writing the CIIA.

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