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Romance / Re: Please How Much From Lagos To Ghana By Bus,very Urgent Please! by MyExpression(m): 9:26am On Jun 12
Buy your Travel Ticket online...se updated prices and different bus operators going your way.

Go to intercity.ng

Alternatively, go to abctransport.com
ABC Transport goes to the West Coast almost daily from Jibowu
Politics / Re: Other Regions In Nigeria Do Not Have Moral Right To Advice Southeast On Biafra by MyExpression(m): 8:01pm On May 30
Not when they go against other human' right.
Politics / Re: Youths Harass Northern Man For Putting On Biafran Colours (Video) by MyExpression(m): 12:03pm On May 29

You're a complete fool, listen to those guys, they are all yoruba idiats..

I no follow you argue.
Let's subject the video to authorised authentication process.

Let them decide who is wrong here.

It would cost you.
Put your money where your mouth is.
Put a number, I'll match it.
Let's see the outcome.

Politics / Re: Youths Harass Northern Man For Putting On Biafran Colours (Video) by MyExpression(m): 11:59am On May 29
yorubas won’t fight your battle for you, if you want Biafra, you should initiate the process in the NA through your elected representatives.

That means you don't really want Igbos out.
Your just echoing the ideologies of the Northerners.

Atleast, they've had the balls to have made several inconsequential decrees to expel all igbos from there region.
I was in Nasarawa in 2018, when they gave us 30days ultimatum.

Yorubas have just been angry at the guts of the Igbos, and the truth of their shortcomings in the eyes of the Igbos.
I think the resilience of the igbos especially in Lagos, gives y'all a sort of complex.
I hope it doesn't grow to xenophobia.

I've lived and loved among the yoruba people.
We are not your real enemy, and you are not our enemy either.
Yorubas and Igbos have a sort of alignment in their progressive ideologies.

We know we can grow best together...we have easily adopted to your culture.

We know truly, that the Northerners have drawn this nation backwards.
Check the history.
There were mobile phones in South Africa as far back as '95, yet we waited until Obasanjo came to open up this country.
The elite in the North knows the way forward, but they have so impoverished their people that it would take decades for the average Northerner to become equally competitive with other Nigerians.

President Tinubu has the reins now.
He has been in Nigerian politics since the 80s.
Let him leave corruption and lead the country well.
We are all tired, that's why we all clamoured for Peter Obi.

We need to breathe fresh air.
Nigeria dey choke everybody.
Let's try a new perspective, even from a region that seems to be thriving in diversity.
Let's stop the recycling.
If Tinubu can't do it, no old ideologies will.

We must break free by 2027.
Nigeria has to work...or Jagaban should just retire, know say this one pass am.

Even PMB couldn't tame boko haram, he couldn't islamise Nigeria, he couldn't grand the Igbos leeway...
The work hard.
If baba no fit, no problem, let him just sha try, lay good foundation and go home.
No more stealing. Just give your best to Nigeria, even from your bullion van, as your parting gift to your country as per -father of the nation.

He is old and wealthy.
Help the country even with your money, you can never die poor.
Politics / Re: Youths Harass Northern Man For Putting On Biafran Colours (Video) by MyExpression(m): 11:37am On May 29

So you're implying the guys are Igbo because they understood the meaning of the insignia.

If them carry you go your village oracle say make you swear say na only Igbo people understand the insignia, you go swear am?

The rest of your comment are on point anyway. Just the bolded I disagree with.

Listen closely...I don't know what agenda we are agending on nairaland, but those guys are Igbos. We Igbos that understand yoruba well, knows those guys were Igbos. A yoruba man shunned them for the harassment, they now responded in weak/borrowed yoruba...the other person also claimed he's not disturbing o, he just wants to buy one or two.
Listen closely...that's what played out.

Na Igbo guys dey taunt the poor guy.
But that should mean that this proscribed Ipob and insignia law et al, only applies to the Igbos...That is ethnic cleansing.
Politics / Re: Youths Harass Northern Man For Putting On Biafran Colours (Video) by MyExpression(m): 11:23am On May 29
you really must be delusional😂😂😂 the average Yoruba man wants nothing more but for you cursed migrant to be granted your Biafra so you can leave our region…if I have my way, I won’t wait a day before I grant you fools your Biafra, we have even called off your bluff several times to leave ragos, but you lots will keep crying victimisation😂 you bring nothing to our region but crime, cursed tribe.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an above-average Yoruba man.
Please...let him grow the balls to do the needful.

I know Yoruba also want peace.
Let him negotiate for peaceful dissolution.
A yoruba man has the power now.

They say why didn't the Igbos ask for Biafra when GEJ was in office...their fellow kinsman.
Well, now BAT should do it to secure his next tenure.

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Politics / Re: Youths Harass Northern Man For Putting On Biafran Colours (Video) by MyExpression(m): 11:12am On May 29
One country different laws.

Only in this country will people be allowed to freely use and display the oodua and arewa colours and emblems.
But display anything that remotely looks Biafran and war gets declared.

A friend of mine was forced to shut down her morning sunrise show, simply because her intro featured the yellow sun rising on a green background. And the girl isn't even Igbo. Money spent gone like that.

Even wearing Gucci became a crime that may get you killed during python dance.
SMH. You won't let them leave, and you also don't like the air they breathe. No be curse be that.

Tell me you didn't watch the video without telling me you didn't watch the video.

But if you really did, it's either your sense of understanding is very low, or your cunningness, deceit, and division, is very strong.

For the naive who may be misled by this guy, the languages spoken in the video are pidgin and Yoruba. So the northerners is getting harassed by Yorubas be side of the clothe he's putting on.

You are wrong.
Those harassing the "aboki" were Igbos.
Both of them were Igbo.
They understood the meaning of the insignia.

I doubt such image would strike a chord in me, except I look closely.
Its the Yoruba man that spoke up to shaken those guys.

I wonder how we want to perceive their motive, and then pass it as a concensus of the ideology and mannerisms of the Igbos.

If the army found an easterner putting that on, how would the story have gone?
If the Northern public noticed this shirt on an Igbo person in the North, how would the story have gone?

What are we really doing in this country as a people...who dey jam our heads like this?!
Events / Re: Wedding Fundraisers Are Becoming A Trend In Nigeria And It's Absurd. by MyExpression(m): 10:24pm On May 26

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Politics / Re: Home Delivery Of Passports Begins In June – Minister by MyExpression(m): 10:27am On May 26
HomeDel Logistics.
Get Quick and Safe Pick-up and Delivery service anywhere in Nigeria.
We have verified dispatch riders nationwide 🇳🇬
wa. me/c/2347030068193
Politics / Re: Surprised It Took Long For Biafra Consciousness To Resurface In Nigeria -Soyinka by MyExpression(m): 7:39pm On May 23
Buhari said he'll speak to them in the language they'll understand.

Forgetting that it was done in 1967...and 2024, they are still here.

If the government brings another violence, they'll only take the whole country backwards, ruining all investments down to Ukranian rubble.

After whatever comes, the nation might still be standing, but everyone, yes- everyone would be starting afresh...again.

Over 50yrs after the war, see where Nigeria is...50yrs after another war, we most likely will still be here as a result of starting afresh.

War/violence is a loss for everyone l
Celebrities / Re: Banky W Survives Fourth Cancer Surgery by MyExpression(m): 7:26pm On May 23
I know Pastor Banky isn't a preacher that's big on healing miracles...

But this kind of situations make one wonder....really, how true is the teachings and acts of healing in Christianity.

If pastor no fit receive healing with his big faith, wetin ordinary members go come do?!

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Food / Re: Economic Hardship: Plantain And Beans I Bought For 1000 by MyExpression(m): 1:25pm On May 23
Plantain dey expensive na...you for buy beans and yam, maybe plate for full
Politics / Re: Senate Adopts Nwoye's Bill, Jobless Graduates To Get Paid While Learning Skills by MyExpression(m): 1:18pm On May 23
Jobless Graduates or Unemployed Youths?

Unemployment isn't really the problem...the problem is lack of Empowerment.

If we had the skills, access to funds, and requisite knowledge of creating solutions, we'll all be OK.

It's good they are tackling the root of the problem by fixing them up with skill acquisition.
...and additional survival stipend to ease the learning process.

Way to go! ✅

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Politics / Re: May 30th - IPOB Warns UNIZIK, WAEC To Postpone Convocation, Exams by MyExpression(m): 10:36pm On May 21
Nigeria is the one making this thing hard.
Ohaneze is also a culprit.

Nigeria did not recognise June 12, but Lagos state continued to make it a holiday in Lagos state.
Soon enough, other western states adopted it...and finally, PMB endorsed it as a national holiday.
People have their own history.
When you're in a community, you learn about their customs, and honour them.

Recognition of Biafra day in the East, is part of the Igbo history.
They shouldn't be denied that.
...and they shouldn't be challenged also for every matter of state.

If govt doesn't interfere, the Biafra day commemoration can be a work free day for all state workers.
Essential services will still operate, private companies will still open if they choose...even on Sundays that used to be holy day, private companies now open whenever they will.
WAEC can and should hold; UNIZIK, Federal institution- yes, but should honour host state.
Even waec skips National public holidays in their timetable.
They can't fix exam on election day or Independence day...you gotta honour your host community.
1 day will not kill anyone.

Youths should come out...relax, have fun, exhibitions of our ingenuity over the years...tell our story in a way that doesn't incite...rather sheds light on the heroics of the Igbo people in every sector.
Enjoin the Eastern states to commit to building the region as one bloc
That's what the Biafra commemoration should be about.

Showing how far we've come, and making commitment to develop our region...in honour of the memory of the fallen Biafran heroes...
The land of the rising sun...let your sun rise... you're the sun...Rise!

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Phones / Re: Starlink Is The Third Largest Internet Provider In Nigeria In Q4 2023 - NCC by MyExpression(m): 1:20pm On May 20
Romance / Re: Moment An Evangelist Flees From Mentally Unstable Man While Preaching by MyExpression(m): 10:34pm On May 16
Too many kids on nairaland. What was she supposed to do ?

What would Jesus do?
What would your pastor do...?
Romance / Re: Anytime Am Angry I Must Branch Ashawo Quarter by MyExpression(m): 10:30pm On May 16
Guy you be ashawo normal.

Whichever you react in the name of anger...that personality is in you, coz someone else will be in the same situation and not react in that manner.

As for your cry for help...I've stopped giving advice for things I don't know about.
I really no know how to help you sir.
Phones / Re: Majority Of S. Africans Against Appointing Minister Of A.I. (PICS) by MyExpression(m): 10:13pm On May 16
Don't they have a minister for science and tech...or ICT?

There should be an umbrella ministry.
You can't turn every subject into a whole department

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Sports / Re: "I Am Incredibly Grateful" Nnadozie Celebrates French League Best Goalkeeper by MyExpression(m): 5:30pm On May 16
Did her team eventually win 3rd place?
Health / Re: I Was Unconscious For 7 Hours Neglected By Hospital Over N80k-Ex-minister Dalung by MyExpression(m): 2:35pm On May 12
So those your aid and orderlies no fit afford 80k to pay for you, and get their money back...you carry two adults come hospital, yet no one get kobo to deposit for you...they couldn't even call any of your family members to make payment on your behalf?!

Tells abit about your person
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Singer, Sky B's Grace To Grass Story (Video) by MyExpression(m): 2:07pm On May 12
Song sounded more like 'Mam bebe' .

It was later I got ro realize it was 'my baby'
Till now, I never know say na "my baby".

Omooo, na "man bèbè" I know o!
D oda one concern una


Properties / Re: Residential Rooms Under Lagos Bridge Where Tenants Pay ₦250k Yearly (Video) by MyExpression(m): 12:15pm On May 09

Lagos is not part of your region,and you people should stop pokenosing on how we run our things in South west

I "Liked" this your post to increase the numbers for you.
I want you to feel high on your Buffoonery

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Politics / President Tinubu Is NOT Back. Nigerians Have Been Scammed- Again. by MyExpression(m): 7:48am On May 09
Breaking news flowing in 99.90fm Abuja, has alleged that the President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu did not arrive Nigeria yesterday as announced yesterday in the media.

After his reported return, there has been no new picture of the President or true video of his arrival.
Those working at the Nnamdi azikiwe Airport, have not confirmed a VIP arrival.
There was no notable traffic around the Airport road, as usually experienced during his trips.
Even a private jet and helicopter straight to the villa, would land at the airport first.
THISDAY newspaper investigated the video uploaded by NTA, and found out it was same video of the President's return in February this year.

As you may recall, Nigerians were complaining about the disappearance of the President for 2 weeks and counting, after his trip to Riyadh.
There has been speculations about the whereabout of the President.
Some have said he is in France, others say he is in London...we don't know where he diverted to after his program ended in Riyadh.

You may recall, that the vice president- Shettima was slated for an international program yesterday 7th May, 2024.
After Nigerians expressed their dissatisfaction over the absence of the president and vice president at the same time, the presidency, instead of honourably telling us that the trip has been cancelled due to administrative inefficiencies, they claimed that the jet developed mechanical issues and the trip had to be canceled.
Please tell me, for a trip that important, you mean the vice president couldn't charter another flight immediately?
Tell us something else.

Hadi Sirika, former aviation minister, did the same thing with Nigerians when he floated the Nigerian Airways. They displayed a public charade over a clearly deceitful arrangement.

The question is still unanswered...... #WhereIsOurPresident?


Science/Technology / Re: Wildlife Photographer Wakes Up From A Nap Under A Tree With A Sleeping Cheetah by MyExpression(m): 9:32am On May 06
I come to nairaland to read old news nowadays like yesterday newspaper.

It's quite disturbing that the nairaland of before was so engaging that news like this would have been served hot. I don't know what to call this news for it's old, oldies? grin

Is anyone being paid for content/breaking news?

Every platform is now monitised.

Let them pay for content, and you'll be getting freshly baked content.
Travel / Re: First Kilometre Of Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway Completed With Street Lights by MyExpression(m): 6:05pm On Apr 18

Over 16years and counting, where is the monorail Obi promised Anambra and signed its MoU as governor?

MoU with which company?

Is the contract still active?

Anambra is not my state...same with Lagos.

That rail project is a joint partnership with Ecowas to connect West African trade route. It was originally presented to run up to the badagry axis.
Same thing we are doing in Niger Republic. It's to connect AfCFTA.

The coastal road is to connect the regions easily...for trade.

It is commendable that we've put our foot on the door...so the Project will continue.
However, let's be clear, that this project can run for as long as it took to build the 2nd Niger bridge. Even with political will and the Int'l financial partnership, building 7kms in one week, isn't feasible as it stands now in Nigeria.

Who will provide raw materials? Dangote is neckdeep in debt, Ibeto and BUA no trust Nigerian govt to give them credit...and Int'l investors can't risk their dollars at this time.
It has started, it is doable...but stop the unnecessary fanfare...there's nothing really to shout about, when we know the Project might be completed in another 15yrs.
We're still owing Lekki concession about more 10yrs in tolls...in naira...that's too bad for business.

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Family / Re: Married And In Friendship With The Opposite Sex by MyExpression(m): 5:42pm On Apr 18
Yep, I'm a big believer that married people should not have friends of the opposite sex. The only exceptions are work colleagues and your family members who are females, or males. I'm always annoyed and irritated when married men try to talk to me, like go chat with your wife, Sir.
You see that work colleague, na there e dey happen.

Once you start giving a married colleague some welcomed attention...forget it, it's only a matter of time.

Youths should free married women pls....nomatter what's she's lacking at home, only make her see the beautiful side of herself...and encourage her with ideals that will make her more expressive at home.
Show her a bit of how men think and want to be treated.

Please, do not let her have you....except she's gonna pay you, then you know its just business. But you see cheating with a married woman...walahi, even in 10yrs time, you're still liable to be killed by the husband or children.

Can a man walk on coal and not get burnt...?
Proverbs 6:20-31

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Travel / Re: First Kilometre Of Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway Completed With Street Lights by MyExpression(m): 3:35pm On Apr 18

Remember when they said they would provide trains in Lagos?


Some people believed them.

Oh wait...

Yea, and it took Tinubu, fashola, Ambode,Sanwaolu- 4 governors...and how many years...over 16yrs and counting...rail never still reach the proposed standard.

Govt is a continuum...but, this most likely won't be done in 8yrs...7km/month.

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