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Romance / Re: "The Level Of Moral Decay Now Is Alarming, Ladies Losing Their Values" (Photos) by MyGeneration(m): 6:02am On Aug 21, 2019
this is what Tacha is promoting

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Crime / Re: Inside The Room Where Wadume Hid Before Rearrest (pics) by MyGeneration(m): 9:21pm On Aug 20, 2019
i thought they said this guy was a millionaire kidnapper or does he just have bad taste

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Events / Re: Golden Guinea Breweries, Heritage Bank Power Imo State Biggest New Yam Festival by MyGeneration(m): 9:19pm On Aug 20, 2019
is Golden Guinue back for real
Crime / Re: Policeman With A Boy Who Stole Plantain In Akwa Ibom (Photos) by MyGeneration(m): 9:18pm On Aug 20, 2019
if police be like this Nigeria for don better since
Politics / Re: See The Mansion Rochas Okorocha Gifted His "Ethiopian Girlfriend" (Video) by MyGeneration(m): 8:21pm On Aug 20, 2019

u are not an imo indegene so our plight does not concern u
Politics / Re: See The Mansion Rochas Okorocha Gifted His "Ethiopian Girlfriend" (Video) by MyGeneration(m): 7:39pm On Aug 20, 2019
this is very petty, why is Ihedioha acting petty, how did he know the house is government property, Rochas had money before becoming governor, just because u heard there is a fine house somewhere in owerri where Rochas gf stays u declare it government property.

So you would have preferred if he Built the house in Lagos, Abuja.

For Rochas to invest in Imo state like this when he could have hidden his wealth and gone somewhere else, he really has imo interest at heart.

Almost 100years in office yet no recorded achievement by our governor


Health / Re: Bushes And Snakes Take Over Uniben Medical Students Hostel (Pics) by MyGeneration(m): 7:25pm On Aug 20, 2019
Well, all I will say is...

If you want a world class hostel....PAY world class fees.

Fees for unviersity in Nigeria are below $300 per annum. Because we are 'poor'. Well, sports fans, the above is what you can get for just $300 or less.

If you want modern hostels, pay DECENT fees. Decent fees means that the university would have the means to keep the hostels well maintained...including getting the kind of grass cutting equipment that would keep the bush low.

But the thing is in Nigeria, we seem to think that if we catch all the corrupt leaders, and take their money, we will live like they do in the USA. That's partly true...but the truth also is we are not earning enough cash.

As an example, Canada spends $60billion on primary education alone. Nigeria meanwhile has $2bn or less for just education. But somehow in Nigeria...we expect $60BN something for just $2Billion (Like me walking into SLOT and demanding that they sell me that Nokia or Samsung Galaxy note for N5000 ).

Yes, we have to fight corruption. Yes we have to get rid of all them politcians. Yes, Bubu, GEJ etc must go...but let's face reality...good educaiton COSTS MONEY....and it is either we pay higher fees, or take loans to make up the difference. You won't want to take loans.
imagine saying a falacy with so much confidence that people actually believe its truth.

Oga please we would like u to tell us who told u that Canada spends $60 billion on primary education alone.

Last i checked canada entire education budget no reach $19 billion

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Politics / Re: Revolution Now Protest In Osun: Elderly Woman Brutalized By Police (Photo) by MyGeneration(m): 5:24pm On Aug 20, 2019
I'm sorry but when did igbos leave the north for the east? It has never happened. And if you have any proof to backup your claims, please state it here. Even during the Biafra war, most igbos residing in the north didn't go back to the east even when the war monger(ojukwu) was telling them to come back
but they ended up killing them in the progrom or am i missing something
Celebrities / Re: Bbnaija:'i've Washed Ur Clothes, Remaining Ur Towel'- Frodd Tells Esther, Fans F by MyGeneration(m): 4:41pm On Aug 20, 2019
omen sex is too powerful, this is the reason women need to stop whoring, if u keep sex away from men u would find out than husbands or boyfriends would never be scarce.
Politics / Re: Buhari Sacks Lauretta Onochie, Bashir Ahmad, Reappoints Adesina, Shehu by MyGeneration(m): 4:34pm On Aug 20, 2019
Lauretta's sack was really necessary. Some comments she makes on the media are seriously immature and unrealistic.

It makes everyone see her as a psychophant, just like Yahaya bello.

They are ready to say Buhari went to heaven to see angel Gabriel just to survive. Thats extremely fvcked


Webmasters / Re: An Experimental Mobile Android App For NL by MyGeneration(m): 4:25pm On Aug 20, 2019

I'll speak if you download my app.

Am such a woman of many faces.
i already did

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Webmasters / Re: An Experimental Mobile Android App For NL by MyGeneration(m): 4:22pm On Aug 20, 2019

Definitely. I speak quite well here. grin
i would like to get to know u, what do u think about that

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Health / Re: Man Regains Sight After 21 Years Of Blindness by MyGeneration(m): 2:21pm On Aug 20, 2019
He for just remain blind

Because the bad things when Humans dey do when he go begin view from now on ehnnnn go make am regret why he regain he sight
so u don tire to see the things, and you want blind your own so that u no go see am undecided
Webmasters / Re: An Experimental Mobile Android App For NL by MyGeneration(m): 2:18pm On Aug 20, 2019

I was unable to find your email in my inbox. You can hi me on the app.
wow.. i can actually speak to u there

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Politics / Re: MC Oluomo Celebrates Wife Adebowale Adewunmi Isiotan AKinsanya On Her Birthday by MyGeneration(m): 2:15pm On Aug 20, 2019
Properties / Re: Erosion: Houses In Buzugbe Street In Delta Set To Collapse, Residents Cry Out by MyGeneration(m): 2:08pm On Aug 20, 2019
states who suffer erosion are really blessed.

its a natural disaster but i believe it can be harnessed.

Those gaps, would make a good sewer or aid in a major drainage master plan. like subways
Sports / Re: Perumal: How I Fixed Nigeria’s 2010 World Cup Qualification (Pic) by MyGeneration(m): 2:05pm On Aug 20, 2019
I knew that match was fixed.fear football.infact that day I was boasting TB Joshua prophecy would hit the dust.I was confident except it was fixed.And I watch shaking my head screaming this is match fixing.Many weird games we see today are also fix.I suspected Liverpool vs Barca last season too.Many others too
if this is the story then SiaSia is innocent.

His only crime is meeting a match fixer.

It was obvious that the Kenyans wanted to swindle the man, they gave him there word that they will Loose the match wholefully with a minimum of 2 goals yes when they reached the pitch they played like there was never an agreement, it was just fated that Nigeria will beat them that day.

If the Kenyans have won they wouldn't have birdered with the fixer, but since they lost and still did his bidding they wanted to cash out.

Nigeria got an offer they have been training for before a random stranger came along and says I will give u $100,000 if u make sure u win.

Thats a marvelous offer cause its a win win situation for Us and asNigerians.

though is seriously discourage match fixing


Business / Re: World Bank Blacklists Six Chinese Firms In Nigeria by MyGeneration(m): 1:41pm On Aug 20, 2019
From the fact that the report shows a date like 2007 it should be obvious to you that the chinese companies are not at fault, between 2007-2015 nothing was serious in Nigeria, the government was swimming in corruption.

Even if the Chinese company was being serious with its during the only way they survived this long is because they had to master the Nigerian way of doing things which you all know.

Almost all the mega projects are being carried out by them if the were to suffer any service backs it would affect our infrastructure drive and estimated completion dates for alot of our Major infrastructures.

Let Proceed with caution

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Crime / Re: 3 Ondo Students Gang Rape Their Female Colleague At Boyfriend’s Resident by MyGeneration(m): 1:34pm On Aug 20, 2019
what were they expecting, a pat on the back?

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Crime / Re: Story Of Tobechukwu Onwuhara Who Scammed Americans Of More Than $38 Million by MyGeneration(m): 1:27pm On Aug 20, 2019
Who can spot the difference between ObiNwanne and this guy.

Both corrupt, and embedded with fraud.

One Used his money to help humanity and his country, he has missions and businesses in many countries in Africa.

Why one used his to enrich strippers and hoes...lol

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Crime / Re: Story Of Tobechukwu Onwuhara Who Scammed Americans Of More Than $38 Million by MyGeneration(m): 1:23pm On Aug 20, 2019
". The club attracts big spenders -- athletes, rap stars -- but Onwuhara made them look like flunkies. When he walked in, the strippers would beeline for him, their cellphones lighting up as they called their off-duty friends: "Get over here! T just showed up!" They knew what to expect -- $650 bottles of Cristal, $2,000 stacks of ones for his entourage, $50,000 in a briefcase he'd empty out. During a single song, he'd drop so much money the girls needed two more songs to scoop all the bills off the floor. He'd repeat this performance several times a week"



e go sell die

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Crime / Re: Elders And Youths Fight Over A Goat Brought As Marriage Rite In Anambra (Photos) by MyGeneration(m): 1:08pm On Aug 20, 2019
Nigeria media don pick our matter grin

Nnamdi Kanu and Ipob needs to apologize now or """

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Politics / Re: Residents Protest As EFCC Storms Ambode’s House (Photos) by MyGeneration(m): 1:02pm On Aug 20, 2019
i would not comment on something i know nothing about, i dont know anything i mean anything about Lagos politics apart from what i read on the news.

To me may the best man win kiss

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Politics / I Believe I Have Found A Way To End Tribal Wars In Nairaand Permanently. by MyGeneration(m): 12:58pm On Aug 20, 2019
i found out that one of the things promoting hate speech on Nairaland is absence of Identification, whereby people know that you have nothing on them.

If Identifying Nairalanders is not feasible why don't we do something that will encourage, diplomacy, peace and love. I am of the notion that there should be an award on Nairaland that does not just upload beauty but intellectual reasoning. We would create a thread and you will be nominated by other Nairalanders and the selections will be made. Then after scrutiny the Delegates would be out on front page then a vote will be cast for the Best Nairalander.

*If the panel goes through your post history and you are seen spreading hate you will be disqualified

What do you think?


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Politics / Re: The Moment EFCC Stormed Ambode's Residence (Photos) by MyGeneration(m): 12:12pm On Aug 20, 2019

Ambode disenfranchised eastern voters Allowed thugs disrupt and beat up citizens undecided What are you raving about? Please It's fairly obvious this post and the politics that happened in Lagos is above your intellectual pay grade, stop embarrassing yourself.
lol... y are u trying to insult me. cant we just reason diplomatically
Politics / Re: South-West Tops List Of Domestic Debtors, South-East Least Indebted by MyGeneration(m): 12:06pm On Aug 20, 2019

Hogwash! Even going by your subjective standard, you had powerful governors from the East, wealthy businessmen, adequate representation in the legislative branch including its leadership. You even had GEJ at a point in time, who could have easily been manipulated to support Eastern agenda but NOTHING!

You can continue playing victim or you can wake up and start auditing your own internal structure. A revolution can't happen only on the physical level, it must also be mental/behavioral. I'm not here to diminish your claim but if you are honest with yourself, you would realize that even your own leaders don't believe in the Eastern agenda. It's all propaganda! How much is seaport? Do you know how many Easterners own oil blocks? How many Easterners are worth trillions? Combination of all Eastern governors and Senators alone can build a coalition that would bring meaningful development. E.g Instead of siding with a loser like Atiku, they could have bargained with Buhari, 50% of the SE votes for more federal allocations? 70% for perhaps a seaport? This is how it's done even in advanced countries but the truth of the matter is this, your own leaders are only after their pockets. Buhari is not your problem, your problem is the governor/senator/minister that you call brother/sister.
all these things are easier said than done.

You are the one trying to sound political, cause i never for once in yhis thread mentioning Buhari.

As for the sea port part state governments are not allowed to do that its federal
Politics / Re: South-West Tops List Of Domestic Debtors, South-East Least Indebted by MyGeneration(m): 11:44am On Aug 20, 2019

Yet we've had Senators, Reps, Ministers and other leaders from the East who did nothing to achieve this. You people cry partisan politics yet the people you chose to represent you ended up being sellouts. The problem is not the federal government or partisan politics, the real issue is within. If your own brothers and sisters sold you out, why the hell won't outsiders do the same?
is that what you think, Senators Reps and Ministers don't have much power over the development of there region only governors do.

If a senate needs to be balanced same as house of reps, right now in Nigerian NASS the north is the majority. in the past it wasn't so, when Nigeria was north and south we both had equal number of reps but now northern reps are majority.

Move a motion and they can go against it if it does not favor them, Ministers too dont have much powers, if Budget president gives to u does not provide for infrastructure in your region its not your regions fault.

i am not saying anybody is perfect but let people who have had an edge in Nigeria for ages don't come and start trying to compare with people who came from zero to something


Fashion / Re: Contestants Of Queen Of Aso Nigeria 2019 Pageant ( Video) by MyGeneration(m): 11:33am On Aug 20, 2019
Politics / Re: The Moment EFCC Stormed Ambode's Residence (Photos) by MyGeneration(m): 11:27am On Aug 20, 2019
Ambode deserves it 100percent. he disenfranchised Eastern voters during the 2019 general election, he allowed thugs disrupt and beat up citizens carrying out there lawful and constitutional right of voting.

He is also docile if u know say if u quit u die if u no quit u still die, why not fight for your governorship than just stepping down just because Tinubu says so

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Politics / Re: South-West Tops List Of Domestic Debtors, South-East Least Indebted by MyGeneration(m): 11:12am On Aug 20, 2019

Don't mind him he is talking stomach infratructure bro you could have asked him what about *Kerosine Infrastructure* was it not one of our hovernor campaign strategy in the last election given bottles of Kerosene?

Bro I'm here I will fight this tribal demons yo a standstill I'm from that region but I have promised my self never to know or seen tribalism colour in anyway and they hate for it and bro I give no f u c k.
nobody hates you bro, naturally a time will come the people u are trying to fraternize with against your people would remind u that you are an ipob despite the face that u dont have anything to do with ipob or even support them, that time your eye will clear

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Politics / Re: South-West Tops List Of Domestic Debtors, South-East Least Indebted by MyGeneration(m): 11:08am On Aug 20, 2019
imagine during my research i found out that as a strategy to deal with the easterners alot of Igbo territories were zoned to other region, then they add more salt to wound they now zone the ones given to the states into another geo zone.

its only in Nigeria that 2states bordering each other are sharing same people but different states and different geopolitical zone, how would Egbema be in Rivers state and in Imo state full blown igbo people, we don't want to talk about Oyigbo/Obigbo.

All these people talking nonsense in this thread use your head o, Igbos have been marginalized in Nigeria despite the crumbs they leave us we still make the most out of it, yet people who have been enjoying the system for ages would be trying to have a d1ck measuring contest.

Let the tables be turned lets see how much u would fare


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