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Sports / Re: La Liga Could Block Messi From Playing For Barcelona Until January by nairamaniac: 11:15am On Jul 25

Why am I dealing with a ssociopath on a faceless forum ntori oloun

Get away from me you mmaniac!grin
grin grin grin
Sports / Re: La Liga Could Block Messi From Playing For Barcelona Until January by nairamaniac: 1:37am On Jul 25

You're entitled to your opinion, sir cheesy

U may be quite sensitive. Hence u may take advices as insults.

Meanwhile u may need some medical help.

Your eyes may be much faster than your brain.
There are actually people with such medical problems and undergoing treatment/therapy
So at times, you read something so fast, but it takes a while(at times days or months) for your brain to catch up.
No one was born perfect
This may just be your own handicap till you seek some help. grin

Monogamy was quite right by the way. But he said *read again, but slowly next time*.
Only way to get your eyes in sync with your brain is to delay your eyes whenever you read.
That's what he meant as a friend.
Sports / Re: La Liga Could Block Messi From Playing For Barcelona Until January by nairamaniac: 7:24pm On Jul 24


LoL. Yes,
Sports / Re: La Liga Could Block Messi From Playing For Barcelona Until January by nairamaniac: 4:55pm On Jul 24

I understand your sarcasm but still doesn't tally and thereby makes both you and your comment uselesss

U may be intelligent.
But quite very slow to grasp.
Sports / Re: La Liga Could Block Messi From Playing For Barcelona Until January by nairamaniac: 3:30pm On Jul 24
Let Messi try a new club. I know he is the greatest, even though Ronaldinho is my favorite.

Ronaldo tried new clubs and excelled, so Messi shouldn't be afraid.

Let your girlfriend or your wife try many men, so we can see if she would Excell.
So we can test her loyalty and faithfulness with other men besides you.

She shouldn't be afriad.
Sports / Re: La Liga Could Block Messi From Playing For Barcelona Until January by nairamaniac: 10:07am On Jul 24

The news is saying A , you're typing B

You are not quite intelligent.


Sports / Re: La Liga Could Block Messi From Playing For Barcelona Until January by nairamaniac: 10:03am On Jul 24
G for Goat grin


Sports / Re: La Liga Could Block Messi From Playing For Barcelona Until January by nairamaniac: 10:03am On Jul 24
F for Foolishness grin


Sports / Re: La Liga Could Block Messi From Playing For Barcelona Until January by nairamaniac: 10:02am On Jul 24
Messi is very skillful. He would dribble past all these obstacles and play by the very first day of the season.

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Family / Re: She Started Having Sex At Age 9. She Is 31 Now by nairamaniac: 12:13am On Jul 20
She started having sex at the age of 9?
And she has done this for 22years now?

If only she did it for 3more years, it would make it 25years.

That's retirement age for those that have served the government for 25years.
If only u allowed her 3more years, you both would be enjoying her pension and gratuity afterwards.

Meanwhile pls dm me with pictures of her p**Sy. Make sure her face doesn't show.

I have a feeling it would never be normal again.

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Car Talk / Re: Benz C300 Assessment & Review by nairamaniac: 10:13pm On Jul 19

The Car on the right with a diamond grille is mine. They are the same thing same c300 4matic, only difference is that I changed my grille, I wanted something more aggressive.

I use drivvo app on my phone, I just input the fuel price, fuel amount, litres, milage, location, and any other expenses I incurred and the app does the rest.
Thanks for the reply.

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Car Talk / Re: Benz C300 Assessment & Review by nairamaniac: 9:38pm On Jul 19
I drive the same car and the same colour in fact. I must say the car is a good car, drives smoothly and very fast. If you want to go for this car you need to consider your location and how good your roads are in your area.
If your location is prone to flooding and you area has bads road I won't advise you to go for it, because the car is very low, when I got mine from the US, the tyres that came with it, were almost new low profile tyres, the way it was always hitting the ground, my mechanic advised me to go for high profile tyres, which was the best decision so far.
Concerning fuel consumption, I spend an average of 30k monthly and my full tank cost about #10k and when I drive with AC switched on it covers 200km.

Mercedes benz parts are expensive my headlights cost 100k, 1 plug coil cost about 10k, last time I serviced my car it cost me about #53k (2pcs of Mobil 1 + 3k for the mechanic)

I am satisfied with the car, its durable, has premium finishes, very comfortable to drive in, accelerates very fast, my cruise control is bae, seats are all electronically adjustable, very smooth and silent when driving and the AC is chilling.

Below is my fuel consumption expenses chart and my distance covered

There are 2 cars in the pic you attached to your post.
Which of both cars are u specifically referring to?
What are their differences?

Lastly, how did you get that chat with the fuel consumption, milage?

Pls reply.
Car Talk / Re: Benz C300 Assessment & Review by nairamaniac: 5:43pm On Jul 19
Just avoid the 4matic



Car Talk / Re: Benz C300 Assessment & Review by nairamaniac: 5:42pm On Jul 19
Oga Gazzuzz, pls stop by while passing by

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Politics / Re: Reno: Don’t Give Your Parents “A Talk Of The Town Burial”. Give Them ........... by nairamaniac: 6:12pm On Jul 18
His mama became known in her grave. Did he kill 200 cows when his mom was alive? How many diamond chains did he give to his mom? All these unnecessary show off. Someone said the road to his village is nothing to right home about.

U are sooo dull.

Was it obi cubana that bought the 200cows that were killed for his mum's burial?

Wasn't it friends that came for the occasion that contributed those cows?

So obi should go and buy 200cows for his living mother for lunch or dinner?

So he should have been notify you and the whole world of all the diamond chains he was buying for her while she was alive? So that you and your fellow armed robbers and kidnappers would go and rob her or kidnap her?

Is it his duty to tar roads?
What has the community done for him that he would tar the road?
What do u think his community people would choose if he gives them a choice between giving them money(food) and using that money to fix their road?
Do u know if he has been feeding them with food and cash inplace of fixing up their roads?
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Before And After Surgery Pictures (Then Vs Now) by nairamaniac: 11:40pm On Jul 16
Damnnn niggarrrr

See that her first picture sha

Surgery really help most naija girls

Worllld Slawormiir!

U dey here?

Ur colleagues dey Oba dey spray money.

U dey here dey look Tonto dike nyanch
Car Talk / Re: What Is Your Car's MPG Reading? by nairamaniac: 4:18pm On Jul 15

Thanks Bro!
Yes the G35 went to a new home.

The CLS is not too loud. just a feeble rolling grunt

People on this thread are just quoting manufacturer's figures.
The idea was to highlight what the car's onboard computer is showing or actual measurement of litres and kilometers on a full tank of fuel.

I use the aCar android app to track my fuelling

Pls how do you use a car android app to track fueling?

Or how do u use obd2 to track fueling?
Crime / Re: I Didn’t Kill Usifo Ataga- Chidinma Denies Killing Super TV CEO by nairamaniac: 8:42pm On Jul 13
They can simply test the DNA on the shirt she wore that day to see if it matches the late Michael Ataga. When the reality of life imprisonment or possibly death penalty sinks in, it is no surprise she recanted.

Why her story doesn't add up is why the supposed murderer on the loose that killed Michael Ataga, left the ID,phone, bank documents and bank card for Chidinma Ojukwu to use as she pleases . That is the major hole in her latest rooster and bull story.

How wdnt DNA match?

Even minus murder, they must have lashed like wild dogs between the preceding 24hours.

So DNA must tally.
Politics / Re: NIA Gets N4.87bn Budget To Track, Intercept Calls, Messages by nairamaniac: 12:42pm On Jul 12
Damnn niggar,

how would u now operate?
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by nairamaniac: 11:07am On Jul 09

Booker for sure. They would rather CP3 go off than Booker go off. If you try to stop him from getting to his sweet spot, he will punish you by helping his team score. So you live with that floater. Less poisonous than a 3pter, or 2 points in the paint and potential and-1
The only reason they would let Paul leave rather than booker is just due to booker having far more years ahead of him. It's easier to get another booker in this same nba than getting another cris paul.

Did suns or mavs ever reach the finals with Nash? Cant seem to remeber. Man he was deadly with the suns though. 18 assists per night. But CP3 is not a Nash - he is not that offensively gifted. I do not expect him to even average 25 pts a night - he is not a pure shooter. Or even a scorer.
yeah, nice reminder, he didn't get to the finals with suns. Paul is naturally not a Nash. But see this playoffs, he has been that offensively-gifted.
This was exactly what we expected of him when he came into the league in 04 with Deron Williams.

IT is the only one that reminds me of CP3. Nash was a liability on defense. Hardaway was a baller, not a championship PG
But Tim hardaway instantly became a championship PG immediately he got into the Heat in the late 90's under Riley.

no doubt. and I dont think there will be a replacement in the NBA[/quote]

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Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by nairamaniac: 11:49pm On Jul 08

Stern said he felt the Hornets were being robbed, that not enough was given in return for CP3. Which was ridiculous, considering they were getting Odom, Scola , KMart and Dragic, all rock solid starters.

The real reason was probably more of payback because of the role CP3 played on behalf of players during the lockout. Till now, there are still refs who like to diminish CP3 when they officiate him, because he demands that respect in player-owner meetings. There is one black uncle tom referee in particular, cant remember his name. He makes sure to give CP3 at least one T every game he can grin

Thank for the enlightenment.

I never knew all these.

Jahhh bless!
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by nairamaniac: 11:25pm On Jul 08

He is not the best player on the Suns - he can and will step in and carry the scoring load, but that is not what makes him special. He will knock down 3s if need be, ala Jason Kidd on the Nets, but you wont win a ring using him like that. His primary strength is to cancel the opposing team's coaching adjustments and allow his scorers to eat you raw.

Havent you wondered how he is able to get to that same spot on the floor and shoot those deadly midrange floaters. Like half a dozen times each game, at least. Opponents will rather live with those than have him get his teamates going
Pls who else is the best player on the suns?
Is it booker or Ayton?

Cris paul is an old fine wine.

The opponents are not giving him free rides to get to those spots. He gets there too quick and off mismatches.

The last time we saw a pure-pointguard leading his team as the best player to conference finals was steve nash.

And before steve nash was Tim hardaway(miami heats) and then isaiah thomas(late 80's).

I don't know too much, but what cris paul is doing so far is scarce.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by nairamaniac: 8:22pm On Jul 07

Theres a reason the nba refused to let him join kobe. He knows how to alter the game regardless of his tean. When Harden wasted that opportunity is when I really started hating Harden.

To keep it 100, cp3 of 5 years ago would not play thru injury. But I guess he understands father time better now.

Why did david stern spoil that trade?
I don't really get the full reasons till now.
I know it had something to do with stern being the defacto gm of new orleans at the time. Or something like that.
Harden needed more scorers around him, hence his move to nets.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by nairamaniac: 8:16pm On Jul 07

They call him the point god for a reason, but still Bucks in 6.

He's amazing. This is probably the first time in over 10years(maybe since steve nash) the nba has seen a pure point guard being the best player on a team, still not being a FIRST-SHOOT-POINT-GUARD.

Most A-LIST FIRST-PASS-POINT-GUARDS had 1 or 2 better scorers than them on the same team.
Stockton had malone and honaseck being better scorers. And stockton wasn't best on that team.

Magic had kareem and worthy(somehow)

Nash had Dirk(at some point).

But in our lifetime we haven't really seen a team going deep into a playoffs to finals having it's most dangerous player being a pure-point-guard.

Maybe like once or twice in my lifetime.

Its unbelievable.
Sports / Re: The NBA Begins by nairamaniac: 5:46am On Jul 07
I don't understand o.

It's like this chris paul has been pretending not to be this good for past 10years.

Such unforgivable deciept!
Politics / Re: House Of Representatives Passes Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) by nairamaniac: 12:41am On Jul 02
The Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), an omnibus law meant to regulate the entire sphere of the industry and repeal all current existing oil and gas legislation, had struggled to see the light of day despite its introduction to the National Assembly over 16 years ago.

Lawan noted that the bill would "Establish a progressive fiscal framework that encourages investment in the Nigerian Petroleum Industry, balancing rewards with risk and enhancing revenues to the Federal Government of Nigeria; provide a forward-looking fiscal framework that is based on core principles of clarity, .

Abeg, in layman's level of understanding, explain to us what this bill is about that makes it so special.
Becos even without passing this bill, all these things you have said are normal things that seemed to have been there all along.
Phones / Re: Live Unveiling Of The TECNO Phantom X Device (watch Live) by nairamaniac: 10:40pm On Jul 01
See Miss techy grin

Cc lalasticlala

Where did u see misstechy??
Autos / Re: Super Clean Mercedes Benz C300 Selling For 2.6m by nairamaniac: 10:34pm On Jul 01
Is this nigerian used?
Sports / Re: Please Advice Me!!! Jogging Pros by nairamaniac: 9:12am On Jul 01
Please visit a lab and check your uric acid level.

Samething happened to me few years ago. I tried most hospitals and did x rays and scan. All the doctors could come up with was arthritis and gave me pain tablets.

I had to stop jogging and boxing completely for 6years due to the pain and working was almost becoming impossible.

I was lucky to get a contact of a doctor in india. He requested for the x rays and scan I did and confirmed that its not a bone issue. He asked me to run 3 different test and one of them was uric acid test.

I went to different labs in my area and even visited lagos state teaching hospital at ikeja and they told me they don't have the equipment for the uric acid test

A nurse later directed me to a private lab where I did the test and result was sent to me within a week.

The result confirmed that my uric acid level was extremely high (13 and the maximum for male is 4-7). I sent the result through whatsapp and the Indian doctor told me this is why am having knee pain.

He prescribed some drugs for me and within two weeks, I was free of pains.

Imagine suffering for more than 6 years with knee pain and not being able to work well and all doctors I met in lagos could give to me was pain medication.

Hi Touchfarm. I'm still suffering the knee pains. Affecting my jogging and other sports.

Pls how do I go about the uric test test?

How much did the test cost u?
Are u saying that it wasn't arthritis you had all the while, initially?

That it wasn't any form of arthritis or rheumatism?

Pls be kind enough to reply.

I am asking for the cost of the uric acid test and drugs you took, so I have idea of the cost of treatment.
Sports / Re: Please Advice Me!!! Jogging Pros by nairamaniac: 8:51am On Jul 01
Go to the pharmacy and order for calciton.. tnk me lata.. was once in your shoes

Pls shed more light on this drugs. Does it help for arthritis?
Celebrities / Re: 6 Davido’s Friends That Died Between 2017 -2021,he Was Accused Of Killing No.3 by nairamaniac: 3:27pm On Jun 30
Drug abuse is the cause of their deaths, let's face the fact, if they don't abstain from hard drugs and too much alcoholic consumption, more of his crew will still fall down.

I also believe it's mostly drug-abuse responsible for most of these deaths around davido

But if it's drugs, davido should have also either died or survived drug related attacks.
After all he is the leader of the group.
And he should also lead in the drug department.
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Kisses Prince Kpokpogri, Her New Boyfriend (Photos) by nairamaniac: 9:27pm On Jun 29
Damnnn niggar

Women....them nor dey settle for where money nor dey....

If we investigate properly now....you go see say this kpokpogri of a niggar is one millionaire

Yes na...we know their story....get small money....baby girls go dey respect and near you.....
He get one way dey my area....that girl nor dey greet me before....as I manage buy low budget asss voltron...she begin start to dey greet me
..anything make me fit collect my lexus rx 350.....me go bang that girl sharperly


U go even use her mama do jara grin

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