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Politics / Abia Abandons Airport Project: Pictures by Nedu05: 11:07am On Oct 13
Abia Abandons Proposed Airport Project

Abia State government has abandoned its proposed airport project over its viability under the present economy of the state.

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu stated this when he spoke to newsmen during a zoom meeting, adding that the government would not embark on it because other states in the South East zone have established airports.

Explaining that the administration has prioritised its needs, he said the resources of the state must be properly channeled to address only the fundamental needs of the people.

“Only about five per cent of our population has interest in flying while the 95 use road to move their goods and services. We must look at the needs of our people before embarking on any project,” he said.

He stressed that the proposed dry port at Ntigha in Isiala Ngwa North local government area by the federal government needed to be completed to facilitate ease of doing business in Aba and the state at large.

The governor used the occasion to reiterate his administration’s mission to leave the state better than he met it and to be remembered as someone who came and tackled intractable issues.

“I want to be remembered as the governor who tackled unworkable roads like Faulks, Ama Ikonne in Aba and the governor who added to the road infrastructure stock of the state.

“Most of the roads we constructed are still standing and would stand the test of time. We have affected positively all facet of state infrastructure, education, health care, road, agriculture, and SME,” he said.


Politics / Enugu Beefs Kogi Over Oil Producing Status by Nedu05: 7:53am On Oct 12
Kogi oil-producing status: Enugu’s exclusion from 13% derivation injustice, say Ohanaeze, state

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has faulted the failure of the Federal Government to accord Enugu State, the status of an oil-producing state.

The National Publicity Secretary of the organisation, Chief Alex Ogbonnia, stated this in a telephone interview with one of our correspondents on Monday.

He said in as much as the group did not begrudge Kogi State becoming an oil-producing state, the exclusion of Enugu State despite its presence in the oil-rich Anambra basin was injustice.

Ogbonnia said this as Enugu State vowed to pursue its inclusion among oil-producing states.

The Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission, had, in a letter by its Secretary, M.B. Shehu, dated August 24, 2021, approved the attribution of Oda River oil well- 1 wholly to Kogi State.

With the development, Kogi officially joined the list of oil producing states and eligible for the 13 per cent derivation fund.

The commission had earlier approved 11 oil wells wholly for Anambra State.

But National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Ogbonnia, told The PUNCH that classifying a state as an oil producing state was a necessary, but not a sufficient condition to receive benefits.

He said, “Ohanaeze does not begrudge Kogi State being oil-producing state. What the Federal Government has done is like King Solomon’s judgment when a child was brought before him, but in this circumstance now, three states are involved in that Anambra Basin – Enugu, Anambra and Kogi states.

“The Anambra Basin includes Anambra, Enugu and Kogi states. While the Federal Government has recognised Anambra and Kogi as oil-producing states, it has left out Enugu State.

“It is wrong and there is no justification for leaving Enugu State out of it because if you go to the basin and look at it properly, you will see that the Iga community is within that basin and also some other communities within that area.

“Why should they exclude Enugu State and limit it to Kogi and Anambra? What happens to other communities that have deposits of oil and gas within their subsoil?

“There is no justification to leave out Enugu State and I believe that it will be taken up. We have a senator representing that place and the state government. They have to take it up.

“It is another form of injustice. There is no equity in it. Three groups are competing for the Anambra Basin and the boundary commission has not fully defined the boundary. But no matter what the boundary commission does, the truth remains that the Iga community, which is culturally Kogi, is Enugu State politically. So this is a complex matter, which can be simplified by the Presidency.”

Enugu vows to pursue recognition

On its part, the Enugu State Government vowed to continue to pursue the recognition of the state as an oil-producing state and the payment of the 13 per cent fund.

The state Commissioner for Information Mr Chidi Aroh, stated this on Monday in an interview with The PUNCH

Crime / Female Kidnapper Caught In Imo State Pictures by Nedu05: 7:27am On Aug 15
Female kidnapper has been caught by vigilante group in Owerri imo state. She was identified as mrs Alaegbu


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Nedu05: 9:33pm On Jul 21
You are the one showing not just ignorance but bitterness and frustration, simply because you demon has been defeated. Anambra international airport has come to stay and it will be the busiest airport in Nigeria aside MMIA and Abuja. Anambra international airport has been completed at a record time against your evil wish. Mktinsight go home and cry, you have lost.


ou continue to showcase more of your ignorance and empty boastful nature which is why rather than address the issues raised you point to other stupid Nigerians of which there are many. I said and I will repeat that no normal airport is built and put into operation in less than 2 years and this airport will not be ready before 2022 at the earliest.Obiano of course is the master of cutting corners and I await all the problems that will arise from fast tracking a project which he is desperate to showcase as his achievement after 8 years of waste and failure. The irony is that he wants to complete an airport in less time than much simpler projects like the township stadium and conference center which as of almost ending July remain far from complete.


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Nedu05: 8:55pm On Jul 21

It's probably time for you to throw in the towel.

Mktinsight is a demonic night owl. Take note that demons don't give up even when beaten down. Our duty is to keep beating him cheesy

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Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Nedu05: 8:54pm On Jul 21

Throw in which towel? I deal with large projects. Nobody in their right mind can justify this waste of resources.

99.999% of Anambrans(offline and online) are happy with the international airport in Anambra. It is only a demonic dark hearted bitter envious soul like you that constitute .000001% that's envious of progressive Anambra that says otherwise. Shame on you, your evil plans failed you cheesy

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Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Nedu05: 8:48pm On Jul 21
Demonic night owl na you be the real mumu. Anambra needs an international airport and it got it. The only thing remaining for you right now is to drink sniper.

Anambra international airport has come to stay. Anambra international airport is worldclass. Mktinsight cry cheesy


wonder who is the mumu. You with the usual Nigerian empty bravado full of ignorance or me with facts?YI the whole concept over Cargo airport is a rubbish excuse to dump money in umueri. NLagos doesn't register much air cargo so who is anambra? Secondly, passenger traffic is only profitable for airports with international traffic not Nigerias poor domestic airport revenue. Only two airports are profitable in Nigeria Lagos MMIA and Abuja airport. The rest are all money losers living on government largesseAnambra does not need an airport and when the hype dies down the cardinal truth of this will be revealed. Lagos, Ogun with population of almost 30m people do just fine with the Lagos airport but in the same land area with 1/4 of the economy there are four small airports in Owerri Enugu, Asaba and now Umueri.

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Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 7:38pm On Jul 21

Now arguing about towers? Lmao.
If stupidity was a medal, you'd be the most decorated simpleton in the globegbos are indeed educated illiterates.

You are not just an illiterate but an envious bitter frustrated fellow.

Anambra international airport is a world class facility. Cry cheesy

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Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 7:36pm On Jul 21

Anambra international airport is worldclass. Hit your head at any nearest wall around. If you like cry from now till tomorrow, it won't change anything.


Not surprised. The words "world-class" and "ultra-modern" have been bastardised by Nigerian politicians and their pr managers.tw, I'm from Delta state. While I don't deny the fact that it's backward just like all other Nigerian states,you should know that it's richer and has more clout than Anambra. It has two airportsArguing with you isn't worth it. If folks like you are the ones being referred to when they say "youths are the leaders of tomorrow" then, I'm afraid the future of Nigeria is bleak.

Anambra international airport has the longest runway in Nigeria cheesy

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Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 7:34pm On Jul 21
What makes an airport trashy and what makes an airport stand out, lemme see if you know what you're talking about.

It is just envy and bitterness. My happiness is that they are not even daring to compare the Anambra international airport with any Nigerian state airport, which proves one thing- Anambra international airport is worldclass. cheesy

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Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 7:27pm On Jul 21

Stop crying. Anambra international airport is worldclass. You are just envious and bitter because your backward shithole state doesn't even have an airport.

Sorry you hear cheesy


f you want to know how airports are supposed to look like travel to European,American and south Asian countries. ou're just being stupid,if not why glorify mediocrity? Imagine comparing mediocrity between states and regionsBecause one state has a trashy airport doesn't mean other states should follow suit and replicate such mediocrity.

Anambra international airport has the tallest tower in Nigeria. You wan try cheesy


Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 7:25pm On Jul 21

Which airport in your region beat this airport


They are now bringing America and Europe because Anambra international airport beats everything they were once proud of

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Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 7:22pm On Jul 21
It is a classy international airport, if you doubt me, show us the one in your backward state let's compare, if you have any. cheesy


There is nothing classy about Anambra international airport. It seems most of you on this site are local peasants that haven't gone beyond the shores of Africa.

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Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 7:20pm On Jul 21
Good spirited person, very unbiased. Cool

I'm a Yoruba man from Lagos, and I can see that this man called Obiano is doing excellently well.

He must be commended for this wonderful project.

Infact, anambra people are just too much, the likes of Charles Soludo, Innoson motors, Coscharis motors, Obi Cubana, and so many great Igbos from that side.

Congratulations to Anambra people in advance over this initiative of your governor


Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 7:18pm On Jul 21
The updates over this Anambra international airport dey pepper some people.

Anambra1stSon, please keep giving us weekly updates with new threads cheesy


Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 7:17pm On Jul 21
You are correct. Anambra to the world. Cool cool

Honestly, I underrated this airport before now. Right now, cat has got my tongue because what am seeing here is amazingly beautiful. And to think that the project was started just yesterday really baffles me because this is Nigeria where projects of this magnitude take almost eternity to be completed.
Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 6:17pm On Jul 21
Why does the pictures looks below standard compared to airports abroad?

Which means the airport is already far better than all the state airports in Nigeria. Good development cool


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Nedu05: 6:15pm On Jul 21
Anambra International Passenger/Cargo Airport Update
~ Interior of terminal building: WORLD-CLASS!!!

Truly a worldclass international airport. Cool


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Nedu05: 6:13pm On Jul 21
No one needs your validation you demonic night owl. Anambra international airport is worldclass, I know you are very close to taking sniper, that would be good for you, because we don't care.

Demonic night owl (mktinsight) hear it once again, Anambra international airport is a world class facility and the best airport in Nigeria aside Abuja and Lagos

While the mega airport project is ongoing, our roads in our cities of Awka, Onitsha and most parts of Anambra are being maintained. We don't need your demonic validation to know that Anambra international airport is worldclass. Take back your useless sadistic input.

The Umueri airport is very basic and is not world class as some would like to say. If you want to see world class look at the terminal 3 in the small island of Zanzibar, Tanzania:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_uLBNjGihe Umueri airport can handle one flight at a time and reminds me of a small airport I have used in the South West United States. Usually the two boarding gates alternate. One is used for arriving passengers the other for departing and they alternate this way.Since it takes roughly 2 hours minimum for passengers to board a departing plane it means that within the Nigerian context the terminal can handle 8 flights maximum per day. With the average 737 or a220 carrying less than 180 passengers thats less than 1,500 passengers per day and the terminal is basically no different than Asaba or Enugu domestic with a xapacity of less than 500,000 passengers per year.t remains to be seen how an airport with 500,000 passengers paying less than 5,000 each in airport revenue can sustain its operations. 2.5 billion in revenue is just not enough for an airport for operations and maintenance no matter how small. Once the euphoria dies down, the state government will be on the hook for over 1 billion in subsidy per year plus the cost of maintaining the access roads and tarmac every 15 years plus assets like fire trucks, generators, air traffic control, etcConsidering that they are failing to maintain the few tarred roads in Awka and Onitsha they better plan to concession it out or give it to the FGN to run.

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Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 5:29pm On Jul 21

Going by your logic,since Akure airport is trash or mediocre, all states should follow suit and build mediocre airports?

Too many dumb folks on this platform. Sighs

No the point is that at least all the states in Nigeria should build something classy like Anambra international airport, not the motorpark called airport in akure or Ibadan. Stop being dumb


Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 5:22pm On Jul 21

This Anambra airport emergency and Trauma centre make more sense than Akure Airport

1st Anambra airport emergency and Trauma centre

2nd Akure Airport terminal building

Akure airport is worse than GUO transport terminal cheesy


Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 5:21pm On Jul 21

Stop defending rubbish. The airport is trash.

But he told you the bitter truth. The mediocrity is on the Akure airport


Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 5:14pm On Jul 21
This is very impressive, if only they can replace this federal government.

Very true
TV/Movies / Re: Obi Cubana Meets Daddy Wa: Mr Macaroni Features Cubana, Don Jazzy In New Skit by Nedu05: 4:37pm On Jul 21
Bigmen things..

Honestly, success na the only thing wey God create wey get many friends.......

Failure na self-contain cheesy

Wicked post hahahaha cheesy
Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Nedu05: 4:33pm On Jul 21
Wow..nwanne you have done well with the screenshots. You have done a pure intelligent analysis.

Anambra international airport is a pure world class facility and the international gateway to the eastern Nigeria.

God continue to bless Anambra, the light of the entire black race.

What is truly amazing is that Obiano insists on the best quality international airport to bequeath his state!

No shortcuts or shoddy jobs are acceptable!

Truly, this airport should be named Chief Willie Obiano International Passenger/Cargo Airport to thank this great son of Igboland!

God bless Gov. Willie Obiano!

God bless Prof. Charles SOLUDO!

God bless Anambra State!

God bless Nigeria and give her a fair governance structure to save her from her problems!

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Travel / Re: Anambra International Cargo and passenger Airport Almost Ready(photos) by Nedu05: 11:32am On Jul 21
This is classy. Easily the best and most beautiful, with the longest runway. Anambra international airport is the international gateway to the eastern Nigeria. Cool

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Politics / Re: Fulaniman In Austria Attacks Nigerian Olympic Team, Says They Support Terrorism by Nedu05: 8:21am On Jul 21
Politics / Re: Nairalander Visit The Town That Was Transformed By One Man: Pictures & video by Nedu05: 2:46pm On Jul 20
Godwin Maduka, an American based medical doctor has shown that there's so much possibilities in this world.

He singlehandedly brought his community to limelight and changed the narrative of once sleepy town of Umuchukwu in Anambra state.



He did well


Politics / Re: Update on developments in Anambra state-photos by Nedu05: 8:22am On Jul 20
Nwanne you are brainy. I like reading your educative and intelligent posts.

@19:06 in the video, you'll hear the Commissioner saying he'll block the departure and arrival passengers from using the same avio-bridges.

I think it'll be an error to alter the original plan of the airport by building another artificial wall to separate arriving and departing passengers at Anambra Intl. airport. No airport in the world has such unnecessary impediments to the smooth movement of passengers in the secured areas of the airport.

Airports only have arrival and departure gates (Outside the building) to make it easy for people coming into or leaving the terminal building to use different access gates to avoid a stampede, but it does not mean the avio bridges gates are designated as arrival or departure avio-bridges. If this alteration in the airport master plan is done, it will create a massive waste of space at the airport. There is really no need to have a dedicated gate for "arrival only" avio-bridge and a "departure only" avio-bridge. Especially in an airport with only 2 gates!

In many international airports across the globe, arrival passengers and security-screened/cleared departure passengers can pass through the secured areas of the airport terminal unhindered. In fact, the seats in the secured areas are meant for the screened departure passengers. Since typical arriving passengers would only pass through the secured area, and go downstairs to the unsecured area of the airport to pick up their luggage from the carousel. Typically the departing passengers will then board the plane that just arrived using the same avio-bridge gate which the arriving passengers just used. For instance, if the flight just came in from Lagos and would be returning to Lagos. The plane isn't moved to another gate/ Avio-bridge after their arrival passengers disembark. Instead, they use the same gate to board their passengers going to Lagos since the plane is already parked there at the gate.

Making one gate to be strictly for "arrival" and another gate to be strictly for "departure" will eventually be unworkable and chaotic. Not to mention the fact that you will keep the gate used solely for departure always packed to the brim without enough available seats, while the chairs in the arrival gate will always be empty. Nobody arrives at a destination and decides to sit down at the airport instead of walking straight to the luggage carousel to take their luggage.



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