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Politics / Re: 2019 Election Will Hold After 6 Days. I See Postponement by NessaBoo(f): 11:45am On Feb 16, 2019
Very true. That is what we cannot verify. Only the mods can tell if it wasn't edited. But if it wasn't, then the op is 200% on the money!!

That doesn't make him a prophet though. It takes more than a single event to be.

To be honest, the whole thing is just eerie, the OP was right on the money, I personally believe OP edited the post though, and one single event definitely doesn't make him a prophet...Nigerians are way too religious sha!

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Politics / Re: INEC Ad-hoc Staff, Corpers Sleeping Outside Its Premises (Photos) by NessaBoo(f): 6:23am On Feb 16, 2019
pls push this to front page... People need to see this..

With all the public funds These old fools steal, they cant even provide a healthy accommodation for those incharge of conducting elections that will bring them into power in order for them to steal more funds angry. I'm currently at one of the camps on the island in lagos and I can tell u its the same story(i wonder what the faith of those on the mainland will be especially in places like ikorodu) . People are sleeping on the ground like dogs. Others who a lucky are sleeping on benches and these are individuals that a meant to conduct a whole presidential election in a few hours time. I myself can't even sleep cos the whole place is infested with mosquitoes.... I never knew this is what ad hoc staff go through for elections until this very moment. I swear This is very very bad. Like I never expected such a thing. I've totally lost hope in this country

Modified: i know some people will be like I wasn't forced to do it, but I forgot to mention I'm a Corp member. Just decided to participate for the sake of the experience.(u can only do nysc once) I have no regrets tho cos if not of this, when I hear someone complaining about this, I might not know it's this horrible

Awwwww, so sorry about that...its sad to see things haven't changed much or at all from similar experiences people went through in the past, even animals should be treated better, I cringed looking at those pictures! Its pretty sad, really!!


Politics / Re: The Moment Mahmood Yakubu Announced Postponement Of 2019 Elections (PICS) by NessaBoo(f): 6:03am On Feb 16, 2019
Not worth seeing......

Manna, I can't believe the news I woke up to this morning!! angry

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Politics / Re: Election Postponed: Remain Peaceful In Face Of Provocation, Atiku Tells Nigerian by NessaBoo(f): 5:37am On Feb 16, 2019
Election postponed!! This has got to be the most annoying and infuriating thing I've heard in a long time, though nothing hardly surprises me again in this country, but this definitely did. angry

I personally don't think there's good enough reason for this show of shame and crass incompetence on supposed ELECTION DAY from INEC!! I still can't believe this... Very disappointing.

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Politics / Re: Elections Not Postponed - INEC by NessaBoo(f): 11:27pm On Feb 15, 2019
Thank heavens! Postponing the election would have altered so many people's plans ehn!


Politics / Re: Tomorrow's Election: John Bray Addresses Nigerians In Pidgin by NessaBoo(f): 11:22pm On Feb 15, 2019

Thank you so much dearie.
God gat us ALWAYS.
Good to have you back.
Sounds as if you will be home throughout tomorrow.
Guessed right?! wink

Lol, I'm not going to disenfranchise myself for any reason, my PU is just a couple of feet away from my gate. Like you guys say....we die there!! cheesy

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Politics / Re: Tomorrow's Election: John Bray Addresses Nigerians In Pidgin by NessaBoo(f): 11:09pm On Feb 15, 2019
Nice one.....

I'm glad the mods have rectified the mischief maker that tried to troll with your identical moniker Manna. Just saw it now!

Woow!! You can imagine just how misguided some people can be!!

BTW, its exactly less than an hour to the highly anticipated FeBuhari 16...Please be careful when you go out to vote tomorrow dear!!

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo's Expired Milk And A Slave Dealer Called Bola Tinubu - Femi Fani Kayode by NessaBoo(f): 5:29pm On Feb 13, 2019
FFK doesn't know how to talk... He's so immature and a terribly light weight politician that can't even muster convincing votes at his Polling Unit.

Even if you must throw jabs and shades, at least do it tacitly and subtle, don't go around ranting with such uncouth words like a rhesus monkey that was let loose, his disgusting choice of words only appeals to people of less minds.


Politics / Re: Which states Do You Think Your Presidential Candidate Will Get Highest Votes? by NessaBoo(f): 9:39am On Feb 11, 2019
Am I the only one that noticed some people saying Atiku will get over 1.5M votes in SE, or SS states?? Very laughable, what's the PVC collection stats in those states!


Politics / Re: Being Tinubu’s Puppet, A Compliment, Sanwo-olu Tells Agbaje - PUNCH by NessaBoo(f): 9:24am On Feb 11, 2019
Before you speak trash, i advice you to read the article.

One good thing about this guy is the way he handle criticism, he is so calm and intelligent when reacting to some kinda provocative statements

Sadly, they won't read the post! sad

Thank You, I was about to say the exact same thing...He's always stunting on Uncle Jimmy with his calm and collected replies! grin

He's always making Uncle Jimmy, a supposed veteran in politics look like a loose cannon and newbie in politics! His campaign team is just remarkable and unmatched!


Events / Re: Bride Blasted For Kneeling Down To Greet Guests At Her White Wedding by NessaBoo(f): 9:10am On Feb 11, 2019

Love your work...humanity is my race and religion...

Thank You! smiley
Celebrities / Re: Lady Blasts 'Overdressed' Bobrisky For Sharing Milo At Wedding by NessaBoo(f): 9:03am On Feb 11, 2019
Lmao...Bob o Bob!!

That's actually the nornal thing for Yorubas na, they can share anything at parties...From Soap to toothpaste, Maggi, Oil, Plates, Spoon, Buckets, Handfans, Napkins, Noodles, Milk, and any other provisions you can think of. You wee take lots of goodies home oo!! When it comes to Yorubas and parties ehn, pls just give it to them! Bob was representing! cheesy

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Events / Re: Bride Blasted For Kneeling Down To Greet Guests At Her White Wedding by NessaBoo(f): 8:04am On Feb 11, 2019
There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, I'm even more surprised people are actually making it an issue...Like seriously? Maybe because i'm used to it tho, growing up in my kind of family, it's a compulsion and you don't have a choice, and it grew on me till now. It's respectful and most especially.... Its our culture!


Politics / Re: The People's Presidential Debate Live On TVC by NessaBoo(f): 8:53pm On Feb 10, 2019
Donald Duke is so astute, eloquent and looking so Presidential. So much love for him ehn kiss


Celebrities / Re: Okey Bakassi: Jealous Men Should Not Marry Beautiful Women by NessaBoo(f): 8:14pm On Feb 10, 2019
I love Okey Bakassi...he's actually one of the funniest people I know, but he's not entirely right on this because everyone is possessive, whether your spouse is ugly or not.


Politics / Re: We Will Not Accept Any Rigged Election Results – Secondus by NessaBoo(f): 7:47am On Feb 09, 2019

we call on fifa ,unicef ,who & EU to hold nessa responsible for her words ...

Lol, there are still many people for you to call oo!

All these ones are lightweight sef. smiley
Politics / Re: Ganduje Promises To Welcome Back Kwankwaso To APC If… by NessaBoo(f): 7:36am On Feb 09, 2019
You guys should read the post na! Its not even that long!


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Politics / Re: We Will Not Accept Any Rigged Election Results – Secondus by NessaBoo(f): 7:04am On Feb 09, 2019
This second fiddle is beginning to sound like a broken record, PDP administration was marred with so much rigging and electoral malpractices, its hard for him to believe it's possible to conduct free and fair elections.

Wake up Mr Secondus, the tide has changed!!!

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Politics / Re: Nairaland 2019 Presidential Election Poll: Voting Thread by NessaBoo(f): 6:48am On Feb 09, 2019
80% of Eligible voters consists of the Youth, half of which or more are on Nairaland...If Nairaland is ATIKULATED, then Nigeria will be fully ATIKULATED come 16 failbuhary...My Opinion though.

Your disposition that 40% of the total eligible youths in Nigeria are on Nairaland is extremely false and laughable.

Nigeria has a total population of about 190.6million, with a voting population of 95.8million. Total registered voters are 84.2million while Youth Population (18-35yrs) has a whopping 63% (60million) of the voting population.

Nairaland has just 2.1million members, and I know some people have multiple monikers again oo, which will greatly reduce the total number of authentic members.

Please my dear, don't be deceived with the tantrums and likes and shares going on here. Most eligible voters are definitely not here.

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Politics / Re: Onnoghen: Niger Delta Agitators Threaten To Form Govt, Partner IPOB by NessaBoo(f): 9:11am On Jan 28, 2019
Look at these clowns!! This is not Jonathan's regime oo.

No kids gloves!!

When will these people have sense to know its not business as usual....


Politics / Re: SDP Presidential Candidate | Gana Drags Duke To Supreme Court by NessaBoo(f): 8:25am On Jan 28, 2019
Less than 3 weeks to election, these guys are still dragging themselves upandan! Na wa for Mr Jerry Gana ooo!!! Haba na...let Donald Duke contest in peace biko, he's definitely and obviously a better candidate than you!! Most especially....He's deserving!!


Politics / Re: President Buhari Plans To Soak Nigeria Is Blood. - Fani-kayode by NessaBoo(f): 7:39am On Jan 28, 2019
What's the meaning of all this rubbish FFK is saying??
He keeps displaying all the symptoms of someone that needs to be tucked in a straitjacket. Always fanning the embers of hate and war angry

Buhari is too busy washing away the stains of corruption, stagnation and decay you and your ilks kept Nigeria in.

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Politics / Re: Onnoghen: Atiku Thanks US, UK, EU, Says Not Fighting for Embattled CJN by NessaBoo(f): 6:28am On Jan 28, 2019
Nessa I want us to work for a common good but you just keep ignoring me like I'm not part of humanity.

Ignore you? I'm sorry, I don't think that's entirely true though...I don't even understand the common good you're talking about.
Politics / Re: Onnoghen: Atiku Thanks US, UK, EU, Says Not Fighting for Embattled CJN by NessaBoo(f): 6:04am On Jan 28, 2019
Lol...Atiku said he's saying thank you, and fighting on behalf of the voiceless, after he has looted the same voiceless. The voiceless have rejected you!

Funny man!

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Politics / Re: MURIC Fires Back At US, UK For Attacking Buhari Over Suspension Of CJN by NessaBoo(f): 1:03pm On Jan 27, 2019
Nessaboo will be in pains cheesy

Lol, Silly childish trolls...you and chichar1 are clearly deserving of eachother!

Ignored henceforth!!


Politics / Re: MURIC Fires Back At US, UK For Attacking Buhari Over Suspension Of CJN by NessaBoo(f): 12:33pm On Jan 27, 2019
my friend you are talking Nonsense!!!!!!! pls leave this political section and move to Facebook, you hear?

Lmao!! Who da heck is this uncouth troll, a glimpse of your posts showed you've had absolutely nothing intelligible to contribute except calling people names, no succinct arguments, NOTHING!!!Just silly remarks everywhere!...I don't join issues with airheads, Pls kindly Swerve.


Politics / Re: MURIC Fires Back At US, UK For Attacking Buhari Over Suspension Of CJN by NessaBoo(f): 12:24pm On Jan 27, 2019

In another thread, you claimed Buhari has restored Nigeria's prestige among Nations.

How come you are now stating that foreign Nations now want to meddle into our affairs?

Your hypocrisy can only come from BMC storage.

What are you saying??

Pls go back and read very well please...so because he has restored the prestige, he should now give room to over bearing foreign policies and statements from entities to a sovereign Nation that is bounded by UN RESOLUTIONS, which Buhari has not flouted in anyway!


Celebrities / Re: Davido slam critics who compare him with Wizkid Over 02 Arena by NessaBoo(f): 12:13pm On Jan 27, 2019
Was it not Davido and his entourage of misfits juveniles that started the comparison first, he was dished very HOT on how WizKid is miles ahead of him internationally, he's now subtly humbling himself.



Politics / Re: MURIC Fires Back At US, UK For Attacking Buhari Over Suspension Of CJN by NessaBoo(f): 12:07pm On Jan 27, 2019
It's absolutely normal for the Presidency and well meaning Nigerians to rebuff such statements, because of the overbearing foreign policies and interference of these entities to a sovereign Nation, All they want is a free and fair election as enshrined in U.N's A/RES/52/129 resolution and Nigeria is signatory.

Look, democracy is a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives, Majority of NIGERIANS will express their right come February and say NO!! To Atiku and his band of 40 looters, The US, EU and UK are free to come and monitor, and if anything is amiss they can head to the UN, just as its been done right now in Venezuela.

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Romance / Re: DEMONIC: Airforce1 Vs Explorers — This Is What I Found [PICTURE] by NessaBoo(f): 12:02pm On Jan 27, 2019
you invited only Nessaboo here but I followed her. I read the two pages though grin

Lol, Good for you...the first two pages covered everything smiley

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