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Career / Re: Do I Need A Degree To Become An HMO Officer? by Nitah1: 8:16pm On Jun 21
Call or WhatsApp me on +2349034600542

Everyone can do it but not every one can make millions for the Hospitals they are working for.

I will give u all the training u need, and u can re-negotiate your salary with your Hospital

And that goes for everyone
Oga those HMOs can kill person with work...
Especially one called HEALTH CARE INTERNATIONAL. more work load with less salary no promotions.
Career / Re: Do I Need A Degree To Become An HMO Officer? by Nitah1: 8:13pm On Jun 21

HMO. Health Management Officer
Bro, is Health Maintenance Organization.
Career / Re: Do I Need A Degree To Become An HMO Officer? by Nitah1: 8:12pm On Jun 21
Oga,HMO does not have any desk officer anywhere in the country,what they have is claims officers who happens to be medical personnels,their duty is to work with NHIS desk officers stationed in almost all the government hospitals in Nigeria.

It is the same. Call it HMO Desk Officer, Hospital HMO Officer, or HMO liaison Officer, the nature of the job remain the same.

By the way, some hospitals enjoy dealing with the HMOs strictly on their Private Health Insurance Schemes and not with NHIS because they have less NHIS enrollees on their quarterly list or because NHIS is still operating with 2015 tariff plan which cannot meet the current economic reality of today, 2021. Imagine, using the 2015 price of a drug at a dispensary rate of 40 naira in 2021. Is that not crazy.

NHIS is yet to update the price despite the high rate of inflation in the country. So how do you expect some hospitals to maintain the NHIS desk if they are not earning much from the scheme?
Career / Re: Do I Need A Degree To Become An HMO Officer? by Nitah1: 6:54pm On Jun 21
It doesn't require professional cert/degree. Once u can market your services to organizations u are good to go
Not in medical department bro.
Career / Re: Do I Need A Degree To Become An HMO Officer? by Nitah1: 6:50pm On Jun 21

Thanks alot, I appreciate. Am getting to know the job work and understand it.
All I need is proposal to write to some of the HMOs in Nigeria as the hospital I work doesn't use any.
That's the reason I am asking.
If you can assist with probably a letter pattern or proposal pattern, I will be glad.
Kindly request for my mail and I will drop it.
grin grin how much can you pay?
My wife work in one of those HMOs as claims officer she can put you through. But which of the HMO are you representing?
Career / Re: Do I Need A Degree To Become An HMO Officer? by Nitah1: 6:47pm On Jun 21
Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) liaison Officer is actually the meaning.

You do not need a degree to do this, even an OND graduate of any discipline can do this unless you want to be a professional health insurance manager. There is a professional body for that.

All you need is to learn the simple procedures in handling NHIS cases. Just get the NHIS guidelines, read and assimilate the contents. You must be a good communicator also because you will be face with diverse cases day in, day out.

Learn more on how to use email for communication. Those HMO companies you will be dealing with have different orientations and approach to issues, so be ready to be having bad day sometimes, and bad debts to cope with. They can owe your facility more than 5 million and not willing to pay you in the next 10 months. You will have to be patient and tolerate them by writing several letters, calling, messaging and sometimes result to threats to blacklist them and expose their indebtedness to their enrollees and NHIS which is their regulatory body.

I have been there. It's not a job for every dick and harry.

. grin grin and which of the HMO is he representing in that hospital?
Every hospital has NHIS desk officer who on regular basis liaise with HMO Claims officer in attending to enrollees.

In this case I think am not understanding.
Religion / Re: "Youths Can't Think": Bishop David Oyedepo Begs FG To Regulate Twitter, Others by Nitah1: 9:43am On Jun 20
I disagree

When people no longer have strong grip over controlling people, they feel threatened.

It's control freaks that would have such ìdeologies seeing that massive amount of people they once had as captives are no longer captives of their ìdeologies and control.

The world will continue to be a free place for people and will never return to an era where people are dominated and controlled people by fiat

It's control freaks that need to develop restraint and control themselves
I don't think your read what the man put in there, pls read again.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Armies Are Mad by Nitah1: 7:28am On Jun 14
You my friend are over reacting cos I do not see offense in what the guy said.Nigeria soldiers are unprofessional take it or leave it same as Nigeria police,how do you expect someone with little or no knowledge of the Nigeria Constitution to be professional in their conduct?
Just imagine police beating and smashing phones on June 12 for recording their ill treatment of civilian,can that happens in a sane environment?
Unprofessionlism that's it.

Get ready to be a Fatherless boy, If your dad is in SE, His days are numbered, The advice you should give him is to try and comit suicide if possible when the time comes. Because if he is taken alive, he will see death but won't die quick, he will know truly that the distance between life and see death is far especially when you are in pain. He will feel the pain he is causing others in SE
Politics / Re: Amina Abubakar-Bello Accused Of Selling Borehole Water To Residents by Nitah1: 12:02am On Jun 14
The experience I had I'm Minna made me stop buying water from Mai ruwa.

Minna no get water......
Politics / Re: Amina Abubakar-Bello Accused Of Selling Borehole Water To Residents by Nitah1: 12:01am On Jun 14

What bring religion into this? It's clear that you are a hateful/mentally unstable donkey. And your Christian governors,how are they any different? Is your state at the same level with Dubai or something.
Why are you guys always too quick to defend islam?
It's seems to me that this Allah is a weak god to be defended by mere human.
Politics / Re: Amina Abubakar-Bello Accused Of Selling Borehole Water To Residents by Nitah1: 11:57pm On Jun 13

There's no state own school in Niger state presently with a football pitch, the governor have sold all to his political friends.
Politics / Re: 13-Year-Old AK 47 Wielding Boy Arrested For Killing Two Bandits by Nitah1: 6:37pm On Jun 13
Is there any difference between Northern Nigeria and Afghanistan? Just imagine a 13 year old already handling a gun. Lord Lugard will never know peace wherever he is for joining us with this barbaric people
He's in Zungeru in Niger state.
Politics / Re: “I’m Deeply Saddened” – Femi Fani-Kayode Confirms TB Joshua’s Death by Nitah1: 7:30am On Jun 06
The church's official fb page confirmed it.I av never seen a worst Antichrist but packaged by devil like TB Joshua. His powerful anointing water and sticker can't save him.He can see the destruction and death of world leaders ,but was blind to the destruction of his church and life.Well I amnt concerned bcs I know another terrible Antichrist will replace him.I am sure of one thing He won't rest in peace for misleading millions. angry
You can say anything you want, who knows yours may be today or tomorrow.
Display your improper upbringing for the world to see.

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Webmasters / Re: Anyone With Google Ads Account Here. Especially Prepaid Or Without Billing by Nitah1: 3:58pm On May 31
Just as seen

I need the following type of accounts

Old Google ads account without billing attached

Old Google ads account with billing attached

Bing ads account

Any one
Will to pay from 3000
Have you gotten the wechat account?
Webmasters / Re: Why Is Facebook Banning Ads Account by Nitah1: 3:56pm On May 31
I'm in an importation group on WhatsApp and more than half of the members Facebook ad account have been banned..are there other alternative to advertising that's cost effective.
Use an account that's 3 to six months it's will work just fine.
Politics / Re: MURIC Backs Sharia In South-West, Tells Christians To ‘Mind Their Business’ by Nitah1: 3:04pm On May 29
[s][/s]Sharia law my foot.

Come and make it na. They know it won't work.
If the so called sharia cannot work in the north i wonder how they intend to make it work in the south.

Family / Re: Halimat Abdulrasheed: Missing Kaduna Teenage Girl (Photos) by Nitah1: 3:13pm On May 24
The name of the girl in the picture is Halimat Abdulrasheed living with her aged grandmother who is a resident of Kabala West, Kaduna. She has been missing from home for the past three days (left home on Friday afternoon). Anybody with useful information of her whereabouts should contact any of the numbers below:
=> 09027160497 (Grandmother)
=> 07060432816(Mama Ayoka)
=> 08099004129(Abubakar)

The appropriate Police report had been filed.
Help save the grandmother from trauma, please share on your timeline.

Thank you
Make them check that Lebanese house..


Romance / Re: Why Is Knacking After Smoking Weed So Sweet by Nitah1: 7:12am On May 22
While people are busy looking for Money you are here talking about an unending hole where you will burry your destiny..

I wonder why you and Buhari came into existence....

Single condom would have prevented this disaster.

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Entertainment / Re: Busty Lady In Viral Wedding Video Says Her Family Refused Talking To Her After by Nitah1: 6:40am On May 19
That's what happened when olosho is finally getting married after retirement.
Romance / Re: Upcoming Wedding Palava by Nitah1: 2:41pm On May 18
All this fairly used university graduates sef.....

Did my court marriage where i resides...

Travel to wife place which is as a bad, traditional wedding was done on Friday we did church wedding on Saturday while reception took place in the same church, the following day was thanksgiving.

The way i see things the lady in question only love op for what he have and not because of who he is...

Majority of Eastern girls don't marry for love but money.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel-gaza Violence: Israeli Ground Troops Attack Gaza Strip by Nitah1: 12:08pm On May 14

I have challenged u earlier by asking you if the love of Christ you profess does not cover the lives of Palestinians and you kept quiet. Did the death of christ on the cross not also for the Palestinians? Can you confidently ask a Palestinian to accept Jesus as his personal lord and savior if you stand with those that bomb their women, kids and other non combatants?
So according to your narrative the Palestinians are innocent here?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israel-gaza Violence: Israeli Ground Troops Attack Gaza Strip by Nitah1: 12:07pm On May 14

You need to read up on these things sir. Don't be too quick at making wrong assumptions. That you're not aware of the fact and you're now been informed on it doesn't call for you to wrongly accuse me sir.

Jerusalem is a holy land to the Muslims too and the al-Aqsa Mosque and surrounding area,marks the place from which Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is believed to have ascended to heaven. That spot the mosque is built is the third-holiest place on earth for Muslims . Every year, Muslims embark on Holy pilgrimage there and it has been so for centuries. The 3 religions and their holy sites are next to each other in Jerusalem and like I stated, the 3 religions are traced to Abraham, the first Jew. So the 3 religions are Jewish in origin. And doesn't make sense when they kill one another where some other religions are living and thriving peacefully in places they do not even classify as holy site. Maybe there is something we don't know yet because holiness should be seen in conduct and results. So far, there's nothing holy in how they kill one another in Jerusalem and it's a shame.

Please read up on the al-Aqsa Mosque sir . I am a Christian and I grew up learning about other religions and cultures outside my Yoruba culture so I can understand them and be able to make informed decisions on issues outside my native Yoruba.
Whoever is telling you that Jerusalem is the holy site only for Christians is lying to you and pulling wool over your eyes. It is the holy site for Muslims, Christians, Judaism and evem Armenians.
That mosque has a stone that marks the point he was believed to have ascended and it is side by side to the same place some Christians visit to check out what is believed to be the tomb of Jesus Christ and Golgotha where he was murdered by the same Jews.

It is not excusable not to know these facts and that the same way you go on pilgrimage to Jerusalem is the same way Moslems visit this al-Aqsa Mosque and to those Muslims pilgrims , the Laylat al-Qadr (Arabic: لیلة القدر‎), is one of the most important night to say their prayers . In case you don't know or have not bothered to read up on how special that night is, it is variously rendered as the Night of Decree,Night of Power, Night of Value, Night of Destiny,or Night of Measures. It is in Islamic belief, the night when the Quran was first sent down from Heaven to the world and also the night when the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the prophet Muhammad.

That's the night Netanyahu sent Isreali police to go attack Muslims in their holy site.
That is not a reasonable leader.
He lacks the emotional intelligence to govern any country.

Check out how close and side by side the holy sites of the 3 religions are in the image below ( image credit: BBC)
Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven
Never heard of it until now even though i am a Historian.

Prophet MHD died and buried in Mecca, unto this day he's still in the grace waiting patiently to face judgement for misleading millions of people around the world.
Travel / Re: Nigerian Nurses And Midwives With The Dream Of Working Abroad Let's Meet Here. by Nitah1: 5:16pm On May 13
If you are ready financially, you could enter Year 2 this month so that by November you enter year 3 and will be eligible to write HND finals by 2022. You will chat with the Vice Chancellor/ Director of my school.

*For CHEW, Public Health/Medical Assistant, Midwifery especially.

**You will join Cameroon Nurses Association on graduation.
So there's hope for CHEW graduates too?

Thanks goodness, can my sister get a job over there with her chew cert?
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by Nitah1: 5:04pm On May 13

This is a public forum.

Besides, there is nothing we say on this thread that the VOs aren't aware of
Good evening to you all,pls i want do a certificate course in pharmacy technician in the US,i mean online study.
Can this be possible?
Crime / Re: Gunmen Attack Bende Police Station In Abia, Raze Down Building by Nitah1: 10:18am On May 13
Unidentified gunmen on Wednesday night attacked Bende police station in Bende local government area of Abia state, razing down the entire building, ABN TV reports.

ABN TV could not categorically ascertain the level of casualty as at the moment of this report.

This is about the fourth public facility that has come under attack in the state in the last three days.

ABN TV had brought you a report that Ubani police station located along Umuahia-Uzoakoli Road was on Sunday attacked where a number of vehicles were burnt.

Source: https://abntv.com.ng/2021/05/gunmen-attack-bende-police-station-in-abia-raze-down-building/
Terrorism have taken over Nigeria as a country, the security of the country is overstretched hence this terrorists are taking advantage of the situation.
Shekau with his terrorists group the north,bandits everywhere, while Nnamdi KANU terrorists organisation popularly know as ipob have taken to guerrilla tactics (cowardly) to attack government and security agencies for their domain in the eastern part of the country... Foolani terrorists are also everywhere in the middle belt trying hard to complete what their leader called usman Dan fodio could not achieved in 1804 jihad....
Nigeria is under siege.

Nnamdi hid somewhere in Europe while unleashing mouth diarrhea or should i said Vernon while helping in reducing the population of his people who are following him blindly.

Does Nnamdi KANU family live in Nigeria?

The only different between igbo and the northern terrorists is language difference.

Igbo can kill at will same as Hausa Fulani in the north.
Travel / How To Become A Pharmacy Technician In The US by Nitah1: 8:18am On May 13
Good morning Nairalanders...
Pls i need help on this issue,my sister in-law that live in the US want me to take an exam that can enable me to work there as a pharmacy technician the reason been that I have 16yrs in the field of medicine,i know everything from prescriptions,pharmacy laws and regulations, maintenance and calculations but I do not have a certificate except the one given by my boss and license from PCM in the state here.
By next year i will be a graduate but in History/international studies.

Can it be possible to achieve this?

Pls disregard my grammatical constructions and help a brother.
Politics / Herdsmen Killings: Benue Leaders Approve Recruitment Of Ex-servicemen, Others To by Nitah1: 12:40pm On May 07
Bothered by the spate of armed herdsmen attacks on Benue communities, leaders and stakeholders of the state have resolved to recruit ex-servicemen and able-bodied young men to form the new Benue Community Volunteer Guards.

This was part of the resolution reached Thursday in Makurdi at the end of the enlarged stakeholders/security meeting of leaders of the state drawn from across socio-political and religious groups in the state.

Reading the resolutions of the meeting, Governor Samuel Ortom hinted that the meeting resolved to establish the Guards to complement the efforts of the overstretched conventional security agencies.

He explained that that members of the Guards who should be recruited from the community to local government levels would be allowed to carry legally recognized weapons to defend themselves against external aggression in the course of carrying out the duty of protecting their various communities.

Part of the resolution read “Benue State Stakeholders Meeting appreciates Security Agencies for their efforts in ensuring relative peace in parts of the State. The meeting considers the fact that in the face of banditry, kidnapping, herdsmen attacks and other crimes the Security Agencies have done well.

“The meeting, however, resolved that the renewed attacks on the people by armed herdsmen have overstretched Security Agencies in the State.

“Therefore, the Benue State Government should fully enforce the “Law to Provide for the Establishment of Community Volunteer Guards (Vigilante) and for the Purposes Connected Therewith” which was enacted in the year 2000.

“The State Government has been mandated to support the Vigilante with logistics as provided in the Law. Recruitment of the Vigilante should be carried out in the 23 Local Government Areas of Benue State.

“Those to be recruited will be ex-service men and others who are not below 18 years and not above 50 years. They will be people who are employed or have steady means of livelihood. So as far as you are a farmer you are qualified for recruitment. They should not be people of questionable character and must have lived in his community for up to six months.

“The meeting reinforced the commitment of Benue people to the enforcement of the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law, 2017.

“The meeting also emphasized the need for all stakeholders to join hands in tackling insecurity in Benue State devoid of political, religious and ethnic sentiments.”

Earlier the meeting unanimously passed a vote of confidence on Governor Ortom for his efforts in providing security in the State. The motion for the vote of confidence was moved by the tribal leaders and leaders of the three main Socio-Cultural Organizations in the State made up of the Mzough-U-Tiv, Ochetoha, K’Idoma, and Omi ‘Nyi Igede.

In attendance at the meeting were traditional rulers, federal and state lawmakers, members of the State Executive Council, Senator George Akume who was represented, Local Government Council Chairmen, and top government functionaries and political appointees in the state.
Politics / Re: Army Blocks Onitsha-Owerri Road In Imo (Pictures, Video) by Nitah1: 5:43pm On May 06
There's still heavy tension in Imo state. The military blocked the entire Onitsha-Owerri section of Imo state. People are suffering on the road. Watch the video to see how travellers are complaining

KANU is a very useless man, if you want to know how useless this albino can be, pls watch him live on Facebook, what the useless coward know is insults...
Sorry, back to the topic of discussion, I do not see any military checkpoint any where in that pic.
Crime / Re: First Made-In-Nigeria AK-47 Codenamed OBJ006 By The Army (Pictures) by Nitah1: 8:40am On May 06

Those guns you mentioned may look sexy but the AK still remains the most effective till date and is used by the Chinese army.... it's not about looking sexy but about how effective and rugged it is...
Oga na lie.

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