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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Ilebaye Warns Bryann As They Clash (Video) by Odinaka00(m): 9:12am On Aug 09
I am disappointed in the video narrator undecided

Not just you bro.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Ilebaye Warns Bryann As They Clash (Video) by Odinaka00(m): 9:11am On Aug 09
Boring. Everyone just dey enter this YouTube channel hustle even when them nor get talent. Boring voice wey dey narrate story.. E come be like say you dey struggle to speak English, you for kukuma drop am for pidgin na. Nairaland has just become a shitty site that’s why Seun is fighting to be relevant on Twitter these days


Food / Re: The Way I Make Rich Egusi Soup With Uziza Leaves, Scent Leaves & Goat Meat (pix) by Odinaka00(m): 5:55am On Jul 22

You can get them in Jo'burg. I don't know how far you are from there. There are many places they sell very fresh vegetables that you will think you are in Nigeria. Its just a little expensive than you will buy it in Nigeria.

I will go look for them in Yeoville market this weekend and I pray I find fresh vegetables

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Food / Re: The Way I Make Rich Egusi Soup With Uziza Leaves, Scent Leaves & Goat Meat (pix) by Odinaka00(m): 5:45pm On Jul 21
How I wish that I fit get most of these ingredients for SA, I go like try cook this soup. Who go send me food stuffs for SA?

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Politics / Re: 2023: Real Reasons I Must Win Presidential Election – Tinubu by Odinaka00(m): 8:43pm On Jul 20
Sometimes this man talks as if he’s not part of APC. Or does he not know that it’s APC that has been in power for the past 7yrs? So he’s literally telling us that Buhari failed us lol


Sports / Re: Nigeria vs Morocco: WAFCON Semi Finals (4 - 5)pens On 18th July 2022 by Odinaka00(m): 10:26pm On Jul 18
Another red card loading
Sports / Re: Nigeria vs Morocco: WAFCON Semi Finals (4 - 5)pens On 18th July 2022 by Odinaka00(m): 10:25pm On Jul 18
Most Naija players re too old. They can’t stop this energetic Moroccan players

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Politics / Re: Bola Ahmed Tinubu: From Drug Lord To Presidential Candidate By David Hundeyin by Odinaka00(m): 8:29am On Jul 13
Mhen it’s not easy defending Tinubu on social media. Everyday you have to defend this man. From his Muslim Muslim ticket decision to this now. Wahala dey oo


Travel / Re: This Is Arochukwu, Abia State by Odinaka00(m): 11:48am On Jun 27
Please Op I like the song playing. Where can I stream it?
Politics / Re: Running Mate: Reno Omokri, Doyin Okupe Clash On Twitter by Odinaka00(m): 5:23am On Jun 20
This Reno sef. What does he do for a living? Why can’t he visit home?

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Movement Is Now Bigger Than Obi Himself - Arewa Community by Odinaka00(m): 10:40am On Jun 17
See yorubas rooting for Obi. But some buffoos here will want to convince you that your vote will waste because only very few ibos are rootin for him and some mumu southerners will actually believe. Allow dem to discourage u at your own peril.

Nothing happens here on Nairaland. Here is full of tribal bigots

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Politics / Re: 2023: Peter Obi’s Presidency Gets Boost As Aisha Endorses Him by Odinaka00(m): 2:59pm On Jun 10
Be careful when your enemy suddenly start praising your decision. It simply means you making the wrong move to their favour.word of wisdom

She has never been an enemy but an activist who wants a better Nigeria and she has seen that it’s only Peter Obi who can change Nigeria

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Politics / Re: APC Presidential Screening Committee Disqualifies 10 Aspirants by Odinaka00(m): 4:36pm On Jun 03
Actually it’s only youthful aspirants are cleared for APC convention and as you all know, Tinubu is our youth leader so he has been cleared too

Politics / Re: Caption This Photo Of Nnamdi Kanu And Charles Soludo by Odinaka00(m): 11:33am On May 16
Soludo is not yet ready with governance, he is just acting movie. You don't need to act this kind of movie before you can win war of insecurity. He is only indirectly promoting Ipob/ESN, they will now feel more important and more brainwashed youths will like to join them. These Ipob/ESN members don't think straight like normal human being due to drug they take, association they keep, oath they sworn and benefits they are deriving from illegal activities. Laughing with them, setting up of peace committee can't resolve this kind of problem, to solve this problem:

1. Use semi-peace approach; be frank in your talk, give those that want to surrender to government opportunity and optimum time to do so while you let them know consequence that may occur after expiring date. Reward those that came out of bush to surrender their ammunition bountifully, put them in safe place and reorientiate them before integrating them back to society

2. Promise good fortune/reward to anybody that can relay successful information about Ipob/ESN whereabout in the bush, landlord/lady housing them or anywhere to special trained police, army and government that will keep to secret to make reporter remains anonymous and safe. Report before and especially during step 3 below should be rewarded bountifully.

3. Hold meeting with police, army, civil defence and Navy that there special service will be needed in Anambra for three weeks. Take permission from Mr president to use navy, airforce and army tools within that three weeks.

4. As information of ipob/ESN whereabout, ensure all adjourning roads are blocked. Use drones and airforce to check and monitor the forest and trees first to ensure they are not hiding on the trees to launch sudden attack to army while soldiers mount road blocks and be at alert. Once sighted in the bush, give them their food, gboa..., bomb! Send them to Ikonso, those that want to escape, should be forced to go shake hand with Ikonso.

5. Within these three weeks, more will be forced to surrendered, accept them, they are part of us to reorientiate them with no funfare like the first voluntary set. Put masks and camouflage on reporters and let them confirm and tell people in public how they are rewarded and become instant millionaires to encourage others, but protect their identities because of remnant of ipob/ESN that may identify them and call them saboteurs. Train reporters when money comes (government pays them) to keep low life

6. If we are serious about this, and every section is committed, within three hot-24hrs battle weeks in Ipob/ESN locations, they will be defeated. Others will be scared to join them because of fear that security can come back again. If your governor can't do it, hire me to be your governor for just two years and see if Ipob/ESN will not become past tense and their map erased from Igbo land. May peace, growth and prosperity be to Anambra! Governor Soludo, God will help you, please wake up, don't laugh with Ipob/esn, lifes are getting lost on weekly basis

Ana akogheri
Family / Re: Domestic Abuse: All The Women In These Pictures Are Dead! All Within 5 Months by Odinaka00(m): 3:01pm On Apr 15
i dont support the curse but the dude uttered total rubbish. No amount of flaw the woman has must make a man to hit her. What happened to him walking away? Some men are just animals pls.

Modified for those Quoting me: And by walking away doesn't mean leaving the marriage always, it only meant you leave the premises(taking a stroll out, drive out, go to the room) till both parties are calm and you both sit down to talk about it and work on lasting solution. And it is not in all cases that the woman is razor mouth! Pls
Beast in Men form beats their wife's for saying no to sex when tired/not in mood, even when their meal come out late! Etc Does the aforemention deserve hitting. No SANE human being should ever think of hitting the spouse just because they are provoked.

If your spouse's misconducts cannot be contained, corrected nor controlled and you think the next action is to turn a boxer into Then simply leave the marriage.

The fact remains No To Violence from both gender... Period.

All of us can’t have the same opinion , we have a right to our opinion. If you think that he’s opinion is off the point then engage with him politely like a civilised person. There was no need to insult him and curse him on top. Gosh!!
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Blast Rooney And Called Him "A JEALOUS MAN" On Instagram by Odinaka00(m): 9:52am On Apr 07
Im a United fan and here are some players that United should get rid of… Maguire, Ronaldo, Rashford, Elenga, Cavani, Greenwood, Fred, Dalot, Shaw, Wanbisaka, Tellez, Matic, Mata, Henderson, Lindelof, Varane, Lingard
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid UCL (1 - 3) On 6th April 2022 by Odinaka00(m): 9:15pm On Apr 06
Omo Burnley don score winning goal, then fit sack Lampard before the end of this season sha

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Entertainment / Re: South Africans Are Dissing Nigerians On Twitter by Odinaka00(m): 9:59am On Apr 06
More screenshots

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Entertainment / South Africans Are Dissing Nigerians On Twitter by Odinaka00(m): 9:56am On Apr 06
South Africans are dissing Nigerians on twitter lol. One of the top SA celebrities Pearl tweeted yesterday that she no longer takes Grammy award serious since they failed to acknowledge Wizkid.

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Romance / Re: How Do You Guys Move On??? by Odinaka00(m): 1:17pm On Apr 05
Come to South Africa, you will never be this Simp again. I can’t believe that men like you still exist in this hard life.


Romance / Re: How Do You Guys Move On??? by Odinaka00(m): 1:12pm On Apr 05
You move on
Politics / Re: Ochanja Roundabout, Before And After The Cleanups (Photos) by Odinaka00(m): 10:20am On Apr 04
Good job. But why did he have to be at the scene though? Was it necessary? Naija politicians and eye service sha
Travel / Re: Is Asokoro, Abuja The Best Precinct In West Africa? (Pictures) by Odinaka00(m): 8:46pm On Apr 03
Please visit just Pretoria South Africa, let me not mention Capetown cuz that one is the 3rd most beautiful city in the world. Make una dey try visit other countries na so that una go stop to dey celebrate mediocrity for that shithole of a nation


Politics / Re: Train Attack: FG Asks Nigerians To Raise Money For Patients' Treatment by Odinaka00(m): 6:25am On Mar 31
Tell your FG to provide me with all their bank details, let me transfer money into their accounts right now
Foreign Affairs / Re: Corpses Pile Up In Mykolaiv Morgue, Ukraine (Pictures) by Odinaka00(m): 7:49pm On Mar 16

What Zelenskyy fails to understand, They think dying for freedom is cool, when they can just surrender & fight again another day

Now this is wisdom
Foreign Affairs / Re: Corpses Pile Up In Mykolaiv Morgue, Ukraine (Pictures) by Odinaka00(m): 3:34pm On Mar 16

He did what a sane person will do..you can surrender if someone comes to take your house.. cheesy

Because of the lives of my kids and other family members, I may choose to ignore that fight knowing that I can’t win rather everyone in my house would perish. I’d rather play a fool and coward so that people in my house and I can live and be able to build our strength to face that demon in the future

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Corpses Pile Up In Mykolaiv Morgue, Ukraine (Pictures) by Odinaka00(m): 3:14pm On Mar 16

So he betrayed his people by defending his nation?
Not all president are weaklings that run at the sound of gunshot..at a point in life you have to fight for your freedom and stop being a coward..

Fighting a war that you can’t win is not wisdom, before you challenge Russia, you must build your military power to match Russia, don’t depend on the West to help you bcus they can disappoint you as they have disappointed Ukraine in this ongoing invasion. Now he has admitted that Ukraine will not join NATO after many lives and cities have been destroyed. What has he gained now? Sometimes applying wisdom doesn’t qualify one as coward

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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: Release Nnamdi Kanu Now – Ohanaeze Begs Buhari FG by Odinaka00(m): 9:42am On Mar 09
This shows that Yorubas are more United than the Igbos

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Celebrities / Re: Riky Rick's Suicide Note To His Wife Bianca And Kids by Odinaka00(m): 2:17pm On Feb 28
If you dine with the devil, don't expect to come out unscathed!
That guy has nothing to give but to Steal, kill and Destroy.
Never ever Fal for his bait! Never ever transact any deal with him
Whatever he gives comes with pains, Sorrows, regrets!

Sometimes I wonder the kinda human being that you are. See the kinda sensitive thing you re saying to Ricky in this sensitive time for his family. Don’t you have conscience? Do you have any evidence to back up your claims? Una go just open una mouth waaaaaaaa dey talk nonsense. Mr Righteousness my left nyash. Mumu
Politics / Re: "I Will Kill Nnamdi Kanu" - Asari Dokubo, Threatens To Attack Him In Court by Odinaka00(m): 3:39pm On Feb 26
Kill him n I ll kill You bastardised fat pig

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