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Sports / Re: Champions League Final: You Won’t Beat Me Again – Guardiola Warns Thomas Tuchel by OfeAchi: 3:08pm On May 28

gat a truckload of memes for u my man... guess what, dt tie would be dead even after d first half....
Wetin go end am na excuse of kante n mendy not playing, dts why i pray they both starts..
Stake your bride price.
Chelsea must win Mansht

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Do You Know About NewEdge Financial Limited by OfeAchi: 2:25pm On May 16
This looks like a loan offering organisation, refined 'Ajor' and pay is based on commission and the number of people you can convince by marketing to them.

But it has it also been pointed out here that if you get unsolicited invite to an address for interview it's likely Multi Level Marketing (MLM) like GNLD, Alliance in Motion or Forever Living Products where you will be given lecture by fake motivational speakers who will claim to have just returned from all expenses paid holidays in Bahamas, who will tell you that Bill Gates and Elon Musk made it through their platform.
You will be convinced to buy a product pack that some will use shame buy am, then you start asking yourself who will buy Forever Honey in a small bottle for N12k in your poor neighbourhood.
You will tell himself perhaps I can sell it to my father, then it occurs to you that your father just called this morning asking if you can send N5K for them to buy food.
On your way way home you jam the 'refined' presenter who just 'returned' from Bahamas inside Keke and you will be trying to convince yourself that he is not the same person, then you will end up selling their supplement on credit out of desperation to recover your money to those who will never pay you in the next 6 months, then you look at the pack and suddenly realised that it will soon expire and in order to cut your loss you will start drinking medicine and supplement that you don't actually need make E no for expire for your hand.

How come you fellows don't get genuine unsolicited invite to NPA, CBN, DPR, NNPC, FIRS, LNG it's always one mushroom address for Mushin, Ogba or Agege motor road near Pen Cinema.
I just weak for this country, since this one is New Edge tomorrow another person will open a thread asking if Old Age is real
I couldn't pass without quotation you. You are truly a GuyMan! You know these guys very well.
I'll never forget the day I got invited for a job "interview" via SMS. Then I was still a fresh graduate staying in Aba.
This interview would take place at Golf Course Primary school, Okigwe road. I called the number to make more enquiries and she said I should just come for a brief registration before the interview.
Guyman, that's how we (about 30 persons or so, including an elderly) were lectured on the history of money and money making. Mind you they never mentioned GNLD until about 1hr into the lectures brainwashing. Finally they landed in how much to be paid to procure a "package" that would unction you into your millions. One of the guys was just describing how they just came back from a conference in which the lecturers were already millionaires who can stroll into any country of the world just to charge their phones. grin
They talked about cars, mansions and all that. Two people got angry and decided to leave. But these guys no gree ooo . They said they must take people out of poverty! That everyone should write down their names and how many packages we want to register with. They also began to make snide remarks that this city and its occupants don't know what we are missing out, and wallowing in poverty.
Long story short, I knew that even if they turned me upside down, shii shii dem no fit get from me!

THis was about 8 years ago...


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea vs Leicester City: FA Cup (0 - 1) On 15th May 2021 by OfeAchi: 10:10pm On May 15

The stake is 5much.just help me with a little there make I follow stake
I'm in pains.
I can't breath!

How much is a bottle of sniper in your area?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea vs Leicester City: FA Cup (0 - 1) On 15th May 2021 by OfeAchi: 2:53pm On May 15
Leceister would lose this game. Carry Chelshit straight win!

Iheanacho to get 3 months injury!

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TV/Movies / Re: Vyzov: The Challenge - Russia To Shoot A Movie In Space by OfeAchi: 12:04pm On May 15

Actually it is not possible to get your prick hard in micro gravity..

As no gravity to help blood to flow there.

Not unless they've found a way to make it possible.
The same way they can pass urine in space, is the same way blood flow to pricck
TV/Movies / Re: Vyzov: The Challenge - Russia To Shoot A Movie In Space by OfeAchi: 11:54am On May 15

Seriously... This is the first thing that came to your mind.
what would come into your mind if your stay with a hot-sexy actress in a container for 2 months?
TV/Movies / Re: Vyzov: The Challenge - Russia To Shoot A Movie In Space by OfeAchi: 11:50am On May 15
They will fvcck each other in space
Investment / Re: Forex Signals/robot/software: Invest Or Not? by OfeAchi: 2:23pm On May 14

I have all the information you need
Contact me on WhatsApp now
Please give a brief summary here
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Liverpool (2 - 4) On 13th May 2021 by OfeAchi: 7:41pm On May 13
keep protesting..nobody asked u to protest..protest till enternity no one cares to fa the premiership ends in two weeks..protest today and on monday u will play 2 games one in the morning the other in the evening..liverpool pls do the needfull..some ignorance fans where complaing that ole fielded a weak team against liechester..for a prob u caused by yourself wat do u want ole to do
grin grin
2 games. morning and evening
Investment / Re: Forex Signals/robot/software: Invest Or Not? by OfeAchi: 5:35pm On May 13
I have used and assessed not lsess than 50 trading bot. I am yet to get a good one. You will eventually lost your fund on the long run
Its possible to have some viable ones around but I am yet to see. I will advise you don't invest heavily please.
Go light first
Thanks. I appreciate
Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests Lagos Drug Baron, Seizes Cocaine, Millions Of Naira by OfeAchi: 4:08pm On May 12
I didn't check the name. I just read through.
It was when I got to the picture and saw the cone shape of his head, that I knew he was from the ewedu sipping family.

Their grand patron is a brown teeth weed smoker, whom prophecy reveals would become the next president of the Nigerians.

None of my business anyways... I'm currently in Seychelles and hope to make my stay here a permanent one!


Sports / Re: Phil Foden And Pregnant Rebecca Cooke To Welcome Their Second Child by OfeAchi: 2:56pm On May 12
Celebrities / Re: Twitter To Consider ‘Symply Tacha’ As Entertainment Topic by OfeAchi: 2:44pm On May 12
I wonder how Iheanacho fûcks this smelly pussy
Dude, Tacha don baff up. With the money and fame she got, she sought medical solution to her problems. Now her body odour is gone.
As a matter of fact, her kpekus is odourless and tighter.

How do I know all these you may ask? Well, my wife is a bestie to Tacha and they don't keep secrets. In fact, Tacha confirmed that senior man Kels is a fan of skin-diving.
Expect a baby bump new soon.


Sports / Re: Manchester City Crowned 2020-21 Premier League Champions by OfeAchi: 9:42pm On May 11
Congrats Mancity. The greatest.
Now prepare to cry at Istanbul
Romance / Re: When You Want A Woman And She Doesn't Want You by OfeAchi: 1:48pm On May 11
If she has been coming to your apartment and spending time, and has refused your advances, then I suggest you try a technique I call; The Ending Man technique.
What's this technique? It's simple. Stand on the doorway when she's about leaving and provide your erect manhoood! (note, your peniss must be very very erect!)
When she sees this, it would activate an enzymous hormone in her that would make her agree to your advances.

This technique has been proven to have a success rate of 91.23%.

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Investment / Forex Signals/robot/software: Invest Or Not? by OfeAchi: 4:23pm On May 10
Good Day Nairalanders,
I have been following a forex signal group for sometime now and been using the signals (not frequent usage)
So I was made to understand that the robot or trading software would give me daily signals if I pay a subscription fee.
My Question: How profitable are these signals or robots/software?
On average, how much percentage interest can I rake in on a monthly?

I need input from gurus and users with experience please. As I want to invest some serious funds so that I'll have enough money to relocate in a year's time.
Thank you for inputs
Celebrities / Re: "I Celebrate You" Osinbajo Tells Ikorodu Bois (Photos) by OfeAchi: 7:35pm On May 06
The BEST way to celebrate them is by resigning from the presidency, alongside your boss.
Let someone like kwankwaso and peter obi take up the reigns of affairs.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Real Madrid UCL (2 -0) On 5th May 2021 by OfeAchi: 5:27pm On May 05
Premium tears about to shed in London
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs PSG UCL (2 - 0) On 4th May 2021 by OfeAchi: 5:04pm On May 04
Mancity would win today if and only if Guardiola deploys same formation and same players he used last week.
If Sterling is in this lineup, Forget It! Mancity would Loose!

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Romance / Re: Nigerian Big Boy 'ATM' Proposes To His Pretty White Girlfriend On Her Birthday by OfeAchi: 4:06pm On May 03
He loves watching the SIMPSONS.
Just give him one year and the oyibo would suck him dry and divorce his sorry ass.
He should have proposed to Genevieve or Rita Dominic...our eligible Nigerian ladies. They would worship him all days of his life!


Religion / Re: Pastor Curses Church Members For Not Contributing Money For Her Birthday by OfeAchi: 11:47am On May 03
She is right to curse them. Her members are totally selfish.
I mean if she gave them when they were needy, they should also reciprocate.
I would advice her to suspend her members and keep the few faithful ones.
Family / Re: Help! I Want To Leave My Wife by OfeAchi: 10:57pm On May 01
This OP no get sense, no offense. I wish I had someone in my life to tell me what the outcome would be if I didn't heed the advice, maybe our life would have been better than this. You have this type of person in your life and you are posting rubbish here.

Bro, wake up. Consult her for any decision you want to make before you finally ruin your own life. She is your wife for crying out loud. My little cent.
I was the one who made the decision to study computer science, become first class graduate, get my Msc, land my first job, achieve certifications, etc.
Na me dey teach her computer. Na me dey write her CV.
Why should I consult her for decisions? It's not like she's a professor of life studies. I'm even 7 years older than her!

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Family / Re: Help! I Want To Leave My Wife by OfeAchi: 10:47pm On May 01
Oga we are having the same problem ..

My wife gives me nice advice and anytime I chose to behave like a man of my own and go ahead with my decisions, things go badly for me.

I consult in all I do and listens to her advice, but most times it's not easy .....sometimes if feels as if she doesn't understand what I need before rejecting my decisions...ít makes me mad and I always feel like strangling her....but I have learn to keep my cool and love her for who she is....

I don't believe she is an ogbanje....I just believe she is wiser than me and have better decision making skills ...... So I àccept her decisions most time.. éven if I reject it in her presence, I will still pick it up at her back.... And if I don't, it won't even take up to two weeks and the bad result will tell....

Your true woman should be wiser than you.... remember eve became wise before adam.
See bro I get this. But she is not God!
I find it difficult taking her advice for this two major reasons:
1. I'm first class graduate with Msc. But she is just OND holder (I'm the one pushing her to go higher in education. she doesn't know book) How can she be wiser than me? angry angry
2. I'm scared of always following her advice because it may lead me to become a "sissy" in marriage. People could now term her as the head of family since she makes all decisions. My right as a man could be reduced to nothing. (I cringe at the thought of being controlled by my wife!) angry


Family / Re: Help! I Want To Leave My Wife by OfeAchi: 7:26pm On May 01
Stop deceiving yourself. You don't believe in voodoo mumbo jumbo yet you believe she carries some luck that will turn you to a millionaire. You believe she has some super power to control your destiny and manipulate your life.

Look, it's either it's all in your head or it's just a coincidence. No one has the key to your success except God.
If you believe someone can manipulate your life, then it will be so. It's all about your beliefs.

Maybe you should stop telling her anything you want to do and see if it Will still flop or not. You also need to drop that belief that she's the one behind your misfortune. Free your heart and go back to how you were doing your things before you met her.
Thank you sir.
From now onwards I will try keep any decision to myself.
Family / Re: Help! I Want To Leave My Wife by OfeAchi: 7:21pm On May 01
I think you are the ogbanje.
All your bad decisions that end in you losing money affects her because that is less income to run the household.
You want to take a loan to buy a car. She said instead of taking a loan, save for a car for a year or two and buy the car. This is what you term bad advice.
You must be an ogbanje.
Two years is a long time to trek under hot sun!
Family / Re: Help! I Want To Leave My Wife by OfeAchi: 6:04pm On May 01
If this is a true story, then she should be the one rejecting you for your ignorance ...Investing in crypto, renting apartment with friend etc 're useless decisions
A friend of mine invested crypto same period and made X100 of his investment. He's a millionaire now. Besides, before I met her I lived in a shared apartment with friends.

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Family / Re: Help! I Want To Leave My Wife by OfeAchi: 6:01pm On May 01
if your mind solely believes that the woman in your life brings you much luck to the extent of warning you when a business is bound to miscarry then I have one question for you.

Why are you bound on threading the paths of the unknown when what you seek is already before youundecided

I know it may make you feel less manly but it doesn't seem like she is the one bringing the business ideas and neither does she disapprove all your business plans......signing out
A man must be in control of his life!
Before I found her, I was doing ok with my life.
She even suspects some of our neighbours as being diabolical and thus rejects any gifts/money from them. Even rejected money and drinks from them during my daughter's birthday!
Family / Re: Help! I Want To Leave My Wife by OfeAchi: 5:57pm On May 01
Hummmm... Thinking she is the source is too bad! Did she begged you to marry her? Didn't you pray or see it before you married her? You better face your wahala squarely. Fast and pray together, let the love of God dwell in your thinking
The moment I prayed about her, I began to have doubts in me on why I shouldn't marry her. Besides a minister friend of mine told me that I'm not supposed to pray to God for a wife since I'm not a pastor/minister. He says we simply make our choice of wife and God blesses the marriage.


Family / Help! I Want To Leave My Wife by OfeAchi: 4:47pm On May 01

I had a decent job before I met her and I was responsible for all the decisions I took, which mostly led to favourable outcomes.
However when I met her and began a relationship, I wasn't having the freedom I needed. Any decision I wanted to take without her authorization always ended badly. For example there was a period I wanted to jointly rent an apartment with a male friend of mine. She strongly opposed this but I still went ahead to pay rent. Unfortunately for me, within four months my friend had some issues with landlord and we were both evicted from the apartment. (although I got compensated)

Another instance was when I got paid some bonuses from company and decided to invest in some crypto projects during their ICOs (in 2017). I did some market analysis of these crypto projects before my decision to invest, only for her to advice me against it. She said we should instead, use the money to start farming. I didn't listen to her and went ahead to invest. THE RESULT: the investment that was supposed to take me to the moon now became more worthless than tissue paper! I shed tears because of this.

I now decided to get rid of her, but all plans of mine proved abortive. The more I tried to get her out of my life, the more we were brought together. Can you believe that the day I finally proposed to her was the very same day I tried to make out with an old girlfriend?

A friend of mine went to consult an ifa priest, who told him that my fiance has a cloud of good fortunes around her. But I don't believe in those spiritual mumbo-jumbos! I was determined to leave her. This made me begin applying for jobs in other states and towns, but nothing came forth. I even went for interview/test but didn't scale through. Some weeks later, she told me that she wasn't in support of me getting job in another town (she says she was scared of losing me).

Did you know? the time I decided to remove the thoughts of leaving her from mind and fully accept her into my life, was the time that I finally got a better job in another city!

We got married in 2019 and I was of the mindset that since she may be an ogbanje, therefore things would work in my favour and I would become a millionaire very quickly, but that's not the case.

Since marriage, any decision I take without her approval always leads to disaster!
I wanted to invest in a partnership deal and told her about it but she disapproved and said I should save the money instead. I went ahead to invest and I lost 400k! cry cry Same for other decisions in the house, the outcome was always negative whenever I don't heed her advice.

I hate all this! I'm a full grown man. Why should my life be based on the decisions of a woman? I feel like I'm no longer in control of my life.
I'm about to take a car loan from my company in order to escape this constant public commute and trekking but she has vehemently disapproved, that I should instead save for another year or two before buying car. But I still won't listen to her! If the loan ends in a disaster, I have decided that I would abandon this marriage and relocate to another country. A country where voodoo and religious mumbo-jumbo do not exist, so that I can be in full control of my life!

.......PS: we have a year old baby girl. Maybe I could be sending monthly upkeep from this new country I intend to relocate to.

Able readers, is my final decision a good one?

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Politics / Re: Lagos, CIG Motors Sign Agreement To Produce Brand New Cars by OfeAchi: 10:56pm On Mar 04
God bless the jagaban
God bless PYO
God bless Lagos state

Those people:

The real educated and focused ones among them will be searching for opportunities either through direct employment or otherwise to benefit from this project. smiley

The useless illiterates and criminals among them will log in to their useless handles on social media and start insulting Tinubu from sunset to sunrise on daily basis. grin
Religion / Re: Man Donates His Family House To Christ Embassy, Family About To Be Thrown Out by OfeAchi: 9:19pm On Mar 02
Fake story from a fake life blogger

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