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Celebrities / Re: Mark Zuckerberg, Rita Dominic, Basketmouth, Kunle Afolayan, Yemi Alade Pictured by Ojaymillz: 5:24pm On Aug 31, 2016
All they want is just a selfie.
When brother adekunle gold would simply just photoshop himself and zuckerberg

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Politics / Re: Karo Illo And Wife On A Power Bike In Delta For State Event - See Photos by Ojaymillz: 9:58pm On Aug 26, 2016
Harley Davidson motorcycle
Romance / Re: Choose One(pic) by Ojaymillz: 2:07am On Aug 25, 2016
Na free gas sure pass
All I need to do is tell Chinedu to be supplying me 200 pieces of 50liters keg and I would package the fuel in it and sell it for 100 Naira per liter. Make my cool cash I would definitely have more than Enough cash to Bleep any ass I want by and house of my choice and eat what ever I like .

Oil money is damn sweet

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Romance / Re: Shoking: This boxer is $30, can you buy it? (photos)!! by Ojaymillz: 1:35am On Aug 25, 2016
OP have sense Na
All these mumu tread of yours sef is enough for a life ban

Romance / Re: Letter From Sikira To Micheal by Ojaymillz: 1:18am On Aug 25, 2016
Op so u sit down type all this gbagaun

Romance / Re: A Better And Safer Way To Masturbate by Ojaymillz: 1:14am On Aug 25, 2016
This op sef.

Romance / Re: Nairalander Shows Off Expensive American Made Shoe... Worth $30! by Ojaymillz: 2:37am On Aug 23, 2016
This nigga and mumu trend #get a life bro

Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Honduras: Rio 2016 Olympics 3rd Place (3 - 2) On 20th August 2016 by Ojaymillz: 6:30pm On Aug 20, 2016
Honduras just scored. We re still gonna win tho #bronze
Celebrities / Re: Check Out This Beautiful Painting Of Kate Henshaw & Dayo Amusa By A Fan by Ojaymillz: 5:29pm On Aug 18, 2016
Headies award on native attire
Phones / Re: 7 Reasons You Should Use Airtel Night Plan Over MTN Night Plan by Ojaymillz: 4:34pm On Aug 18, 2016

Did u remigrate to smarttrybe whenever u wanted to resub on the same nite?
No I did not, just dial the code for the plan you want either 1 hr, 2hr, or 3hr whenever the one you subscribed for expires
Romance / Re: Upload Your Sunday Selfie by Ojaymillz: 10:14pm On Aug 07, 2016
cry yes, no bday pinshure embarassed grin

Awwwww Thanks a bunch smiley
Pls update your diary am following it low key & happy birthday, mine is just a day after yours ??
Romance / Re: Upload Your Sunday Selfie by Ojaymillz: 10:14pm On Aug 07, 2016
cry yes, no bday pinshure embarassed grin

Awwwww Thanks a bunch smiley
Pls update your diary am following it low key & happy birthday, mine is just a day after yours
Phones / Re: 7 Reasons You Should Use Airtel Night Plan Over MTN Night Plan by Ojaymillz: 7:57am On Aug 07, 2016
The plan is really good and it's working well I downloaded over 35gb within 3hrs (movies. Music and videos watched every funny video I came across on ig )and also updated all my iOS apps I shared wifi with my laptop too to download movies and update my apps smart trybe is just the bomb it's my revenge to Airtel as an iOS user

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Family / Re: Why Is It That Nigerians Abroad Hardly Marry Nigerian Ladies Over There? by Ojaymillz: 10:50pm On Aug 06, 2016
To get his green card/ citizenship


Literature / Re: Nairaland Book Club For Book Lovers by Ojaymillz: 9:41pm On Aug 05, 2016

I had to send the books one after the other cause I couldn't attach all the files at once and I tried using another mail but the server was do own. Also I mistakenly sent you kamasutra, I beg your pardon just delete or ignore it if it isn't a book you are comfortable with.

Thanks so much I got them all, I really do appreciate the fact that you sent them and and also the ones sinaj sent me

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Crime / Re: Islamic Cleric Arrested For Stealing Cars In Lagos(photo) by Ojaymillz: 12:17pm On Aug 05, 2016
Hollup nigga just hollup mehn
So u stole four cars yet u sold a Toyota Camry for 100k even at cotonu you can't buy a Camry for that ridiculous price yet what annoys me most is that the court wants to give you 500k bail
This man should be jailed without granting him bail cus if he goes out again he still gonna steal more cars with another master key.
This nigga should be jailed for real mehn. Holla
Romance / Re: **** She Is Hungry Yet She Wouldn't Stop Forming***** by Ojaymillz: 12:05pm On Aug 05, 2016

DAT isn't ranting Mr saint, its a question

now tell me wen last u donated 1500 for charity or gerarahia
Literature / Re: Nairaland Book Club For Book Lovers by Ojaymillz: 11:42am On Aug 05, 2016
check check. I just snt it
Thanks dear I have seen it

Celebrities / Re: Skales Hangs Out With Eve In Atlanta by Ojaymillz: 10:54am On Aug 05, 2016
Good morning ,

How was your night? I guess it went well.

please VOTE FALCONEY come Saturday for MR NAIRALAND 2016 FINALS voting starts 10am to 6pm in fashion section , how I vote ? Here is the format simple post "I VOTE FALCONEY CC NLJEGA" .

Your vote work wonders it can put a smile on my face for a very long time .
I will always remember your willingness to help me during my time of need. It takes a very unique person to leave her important schedule on short notice to come and vote . Thank you as you cast your SUFFRAGE . GOD BLESS YOU, GOD BLESS NIGERIA ,GOD BLESS NAIRALAND.

How would I vote

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Phones / Re: Whatsapp Will Not Work On These Phones by Ojaymillz: 10:45am On Aug 05, 2016

Even iPhone 4
Upgrade your IOS
Literature / Re: Nairaland Book Club For Book Lovers by Ojaymillz: 8:26am On Aug 05, 2016

Please drop your e-mail address right here
Johnsonolawale940@gmail.com. Thanks dear.
Literature / Re: Nairaland Book Club For Book Lovers by Ojaymillz: 7:58am On Aug 05, 2016
Wots ur mail? smiley
Johnsonolawale940@gmail.com. Thank you
Car Talk / Re: Man Protects His Car Side Glasses In A Hilarious Way {hilarious Pic} by Ojaymillz: 6:08am On Aug 05, 2016
I never wanted my first post of the day to be this way, embarassed embarassed I can't just help it.
This is stupidity!
Don't feel bad about it. Shit happens
Literature / Re: Nairaland Book Club For Book Lovers by Ojaymillz: 5:53am On Aug 05, 2016
I have some e-books and i don't mind sharing. About three Dan Brown books, 48 laws of power, a man thinketh , richest man in Babylon, about 8-10 Kenneth hagginss books, the Prince and some novels
I would like someone to send me memoir of Geisha and am currently working on a research topic FACTORS AFFECTING BASIC EDUCATION IN SOME SECONDARY SCHOOLS . Pls if you have any material that is useful send it to quintybabe@gmail.com. thanks
Hello please can you send any Kenneth haggins e book that u ve got thank you
Literature / Re: Nairaland Book Club For Book Lovers by Ojaymillz: 5:42am On Aug 05, 2016

Pls m interested too lol tongue

Thank u smiley

Please can you kindly forward the e book to my mail. I would also like to read it. Thank you
Literature / Re: Nairaland Book Club For Book Lovers by Ojaymillz: 5:38am On Aug 05, 2016
I have just completed the book MEMOIR OF A GEISHA
I heard about this book about 6years ago and I tried to get a cop but couldn't and when someone mentioned it here I had to look for the e-book and download and I wasn't disappointed. Need I say you will only find it interesting if you love romance and ever happy after kind of stuff grin. Let me do a quick summary.
The book centres on a Geisha called saruyi, she is from a poor background and was sold into the profession by her father through a man from a neighbouring village who noticed her 'special' eye colour-bluish grey, which was not common in Japan. I forgot to mention she wasn't the only one sold, her sister also but since she wasn't as pretty, she ended up as a prostitute and latter escaped and nothing was said of her afterwards. So back to saruyi! She started her training as a Geisha few months after arriving at Gion but fell out of grace from the owner of the Okiya, that is where geisha(s) live, after her attempt to escape with her sister which failed and she was subdued to the position of a maid. Then one day while running an errand for the Okiya she ran into a man called chairman, he was so kind to her and gave her a hankasief and a coin and the impression he made, made her determine to be come a Geisha if only to be able to meet him again, in order words he became the driving force in her life while a senior Geisha living in the same okiya was bent on ruining her and her chances of ever becoming a Geisha.
She got lucky when suddenly a renown Geisha had an encounter with her and decided to help her, so she started her training again under the tutelage of this Geisha, who is her elder sister (not biological). One day during an outing with her elder sister she was able to meet the chairman again and got to know who he really is and they were introduced but he appear not to have any memory of her, did I mention that over the years she had secretly nurse an affection for the chairman and kept the hankasief which was her consolation whenever she was having a bleak moment. Instead of catching the chairman's attention she ended up fascinating his best friend called Nodu who was once a soldier and a war hero, who has burnt all over is face and body and an amputated hand to show for it. All these happened when she was till an apprentice Geisha but latter she became a Geisha her self and a well known one in Gion. She became a good friend of nobu but she was too deeply in love with the chairman such that when nobu propose to be her danna she find a way to reject him, because if she had accepted, it would have hindered her chances of ever having anything to do with the chairman cause as you know, they are best of friends. He became upset with her after learning that she chose a military officer instead of him, of which she denied by letting him know it wasn't her choice to make but her mother, who is the owner of the okiya, at that time the war was near and it came heavily on them that the activities of geisha and tea houses closed down completely and everybody had to find a hidding place or means of survival and at this critical moment when none could help her, Nobu came to her rescue and secure a place for her at his friend's house, where she stayed till the end of the war. After the war the city return to it usual activities, which means the few geisha and tea houses that survived started entertaining again. Saruyi went back to her okiya after Nobu visited her at his friend's place and seek a favour of her, to help safe the electrical company he and the chairman build over the year, which was about to be seize because of their lack of support to the government during the war period and what is expected of saruyi is to help entertainment the New minister, who happened to have fallen in love with her even though she couldn't even remember meeting him and so she was able to help Nodu and chairman but in the process the minister propose to be her Danna which really annoyed Nobu a great deal has he has already promise to become her danna if only his company is restored to them. They got their company back and so he made known his intention to be her danna which she received with a heavy heart and plotted a way of escaping such ordeal, she came up with an idea of seducing the minister and plan on arranging that Nobu will see them together and she knows he won't be able to stand her afterwards as he once got angry at her when the minister suggested just having her for a night since he couldn't be her danna and when Nobu told her this she replied that she will do anything for nobu since she is forever in his debt but rather than be pleased with this response he became very upset that she could say such and told her that if only he knew she is that kind he will never have anything to do with her ever. So you can see why she wants him to see them together so that she can be free and so she sought the help of a Geisha she grew up with known as pumpkin all through the book even though that isn't her really name or Geisha name, as every geisha is expect to changer her name . She ask pumpkin to bring Nobu to a certain place but rather than bring Nobu, she brought chairman as she is aware of saruyi's secret affection for the chairman and she plotted to revenge against her for making her loose her spot of becoming the daughter of the okiya they grew up in. After this incident saruyi became very sad because she felt there is no way of ever wining the chairman's heart after that incident. On a certain day she was to meet with Nobu, it was the chairman that showed up instead and he told her that he was the one that help her become a Geisha and was actually the one who told her elder sister to help her, he also let her know that he has being in love with her but had to act indifference because of his friend and the values he has for their friendship. He told her after he spoke to pumpkin and learnt that Nobu was the one intended to come along and not him, he knew he cant pretend anymore and told his friend about the incident with the minister, he did this because he believe if truely she and Nobu was destined to be together, he will forgive her regardless of what she has done but he never did. She was so surprise to hear all that and Chairman later become her danna but she had to stop being a geisha in order not to run into Nobu and not destroy his friendship with the chairman. Saruyi later left Japan for America where she spent her later year as a tea shop owner and in the company of the chairman. She hinted her reader of having a son for the chairman even though she wasn't explicit about this. The last two paragraph let us know that the chairman died and she still feels so much in love with him even in absentia.
I hope I have done a good job at summarizing the novel and if anyone is interested please drop your mail I will send it to you.# in team spirit of for the love of book grin#
Please can you send it to my mail. Thank you

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